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  • Official site of the American Booksellers Association. Offers details on author tours, independent bookseller recommendations, and directories for publishers and bookstores. — “BookWeb”,
  • The world's largest BMX sanctioned organization. Information on the locations of the races, series standings, and information on some of the riders. — “American Bicycle Association (ABA)”,
  • What does ABA stand for? Definition of ABA in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “ABA - What does ABA stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by”,
  • Most informative source for ABA basketball The American Basketball Association has just announced its Power Rankings for week #2 and once again, based on its opening 3-0 record and its defending ABA Champion status, the Southeast Texas Mavericks remain the #1 team followed by last year's. — “ABA Basketball, Teams, Scores, Stats, News, Standings - USBASKET”,
  • The ABA Journal is read by half of the nation's 1 million lawyers every month. It covers the trends, people and finances of the legal profession from Wall Street to Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue. — “ABA Journal - Law News Now”,
  • Business development and networking group serving the New York Metro area including Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey. Increasing sales by providing superior business resources and connections since 1988. — “Business to Business Networking Groups - Long Island, New”, aba-
  • Includes info on the structure and governance of the ABA, news, membership information and services. — “American Bar Association Network”,
  • The original ABA was founded in 1967, competing with the well-established National Basketball Association, until the ABA–NBA merger in 1976. ABA officials told potential owners that they could get an ABA team for half of what it cost to get an NBA expansion team at the time. — “American Basketball Association - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Children with autism or a PDD may learn much faster than you expect What schools and specialists don't tell you He will help train the therapists and you in the practice of ABA, and give you (your team) the curriculum ('programming') that tells you exactly what and how to teach. — “ABA Frequently Asked Questions”,
  • Benefits NOW available to ALL APWU Members, Associate Members, Retirees and their spouses as a stand alone benefit or in conjuction with the Value or Advantage Plans! BY AND FOR APWU MEMBERS, RETIREE'S & THEIR SPOUSES. The non-profit. — “Welcome to YOUR APW Accident Benefit Association | American”, apw-
  • Seminar on Afghanistan Construction Companies' Taxation Barriers & Solutions by Afghanistan Builders Association (ABA) with the support of Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and cooperation of Ministry of Finance, Islamic Government of Afghanistan. — “ABA Homepage”, aba.af
  • .Aba mobile. Aba Script. Media. President speech. Press Releases. Theaters. — “ABA- Official web site”, aba.lk
  • The Official Website of the Irish Amateur Boxing Association. — “LATEST IABA NEWS - Irish Amateur Boxing News - The IABA - 99”, iaba.ie
  • a trade association representing motorcoach and tour companies, travel and tourism organizations, and suppliers of bus products and services in the U.S. and Canada. — “American Bus Association”,
  • Official site for the league. Features news, rules, team information, and more. — “American Basketball Association (ABA)”,
  • aba n. A fabric woven of the hair of camels or goats. A loose-fitting sleeveless garment made of this fabric, traditionally worn by Arabs. — “aba: Definition from ”,
  • Birders' Exchange, ABA's world-renowned conservation initiative, provides birding © Copyright 2010 American Birding Association, Inc. No material displayed on the ABA website may be reproduced in any form without. — “American Birding Association”,

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  • The Convention: A new lawyer attends his first ABA Convention. More at The American Bar Association is considering rules to regulate all aspects of attorney marketing on the Internet. we have enough rules, too many rules, and don't need any new ones. This video is a bit of fun but (for attorneys) this is a very serous subject. The ABA has opened a period for commentary through December 15. Attorneys, please tell them we don't need or want more rules.
  • TEDxRiyadh - Maha aba hussain A 16 year old girl, One of the best Female talks in the event! she came with a simple idea,, Free time is when u discover your self. use it, don't waist it doing nothing. it was inspiring, specially considering that she's 16 years old, in my opinion that was the kicker in her speech.
  • ABA-PROTECTION.avi Security Company in Los Angeles, Security Patrol Service in Los Angeles, Armed and Unarmed security guards
  • ABA Dancer "Miles"
  • ABA 1976 Slam Dunk Contest part 2 of 2 1976 ABA Slam Dunk Contest with Dr. J, George Gervin, David Thompson and others Part 2 of 2
  • BMX Crash - Denzel Stein Fork Failure | 2011 ABA Grands Redline bicycles pro rider Denzel Stein has an equipment failure as he is about to hit the pro section. Riley Stair crashes into the back of Denzel and suffers and end over end.
  • Hatton TV - Female ABA Championships Mickaela Machado v Preya Dhandcha The Senior Class B final at 48 kgs. See the rest of the 2011 championships at
  • Jab bhi piyo paani[ENG SUB] - Aba Thar al-Halawaji Aba Thar recites an Urdu noha (latmiya) but I have added subtitles though the timing of the subtitles got abit messed up towards the end... InshaAllah youtube doesn't mess up now.. I hope you like it..
  • Don't Stop Believing - ABA 2012 2012 ABA Battle of the Bands entry
  • Hatton TV - ABA 48kg Final Ben Fowl v Tommy Saunders Exclusive coverage of the ABA Finals from York Hall, Bethnal Green on Hatton TV. The commentators are Phil Duffell & Micky Cantwell
  • ABA English Course Unit 1 Practice your English with ABA English! In Unit 1 "A Day at the Beach" you will learn about personal pronouns and the verb To Be. For more information, visit us at: bit.ly or join the ABA Community on: -ABA Blog: bit.ly -ABA Facebook: on.fb.me See you soon!aba english course academy learning
  • Hatton TV - ABA Final 48KG: Charlie Edwards v Mohammed Waqas Hatton TV provides exclusive coverage of the 2011 ABA Finals from Colchester. Watch the whole show at:
  • Enda Aba Hawi Tigray
  • ma ta aba risauchu mata aba risauchu- movie swarga tara kata kata bhuwan kc ji yaad aayo yo geet sunda yo geet bata bhuwan ji lai euta sandesh hajur risaako suhaudaina....
  • ABA/Discrete Trial Training Instructional Video: When we started ABA/DTI with our son, I had no idea what it was or how to do it. I thought I'd make this to help other families trying to find ways to help teach their children. Please enjoy watching my son learn. It was amazing to me to see how fast he started retaining information once we began ABA/DTI with him! If you would like a DVD copy of this video please let me know and I can mail you one.
  • 1970s: The NBA vs. the ABA The American Basketball Association also succeeded in signing a number of major stars, including Julius Erving, in part because it allowed teams to sign college undergraduates. The NBA expanded rapidly during this period, one purpose being to tie up the most viable cities. From 1966 to 1974, the NBA grew from nine franchises to 18; the New Orleans Jazz (now in Utah) came aboard in 1974. Then, following the 1976 season, the leagues reached a settlement that provided for the addition of four ABA franchises to the NBA, raising the number of franchises in the league at that time to 22. The franchises were the San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers and New York Nets. Some of the biggest stars of this era were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Rick Barry, Dave Cowens, Julius Erving, Walt Frazier, Artis Gilmore, George Gervin, Dan Issel and Pete Maravich.
  • ABA PROTECTION Security Company in Los Angeles, Security Guards in Los Angeles, Security Patrol Service in Los Angeles, Security Company in Santa Clarita
  • Ngaba/Aba swamped by Chinese paramilitary police On Sunday, a widowed mother of four is thought to have died after setting herself on fire in Aba, the small, predominantly Tibetan town in China's Sichuan Province where most of the self-immolations have occurred. Police have detained several foreign journalists attempting to enter the area, but a Sky News crew managed to slip through police checkpoints and film a town under a virtual lock down. Dominated by Kirti Monastery, a sprawling complex that houses several hundred Buddhist monks, Aba has now been swamped by Chinese paramilitary police. Aba lies east of Tibet in the chinese province of Sichuan Ranks of men in anti-riot gear crouch behind the steel barricades that line the town's main street, while camouflaged troops use a field less than 200 yards from the monastery's golden stupa to practice martial arts drills. Though no violent protests have been reported in Aba, unrest in nearby Ganzi has left at least two people dead. Source:
  • ABA 1976 Slam Dunk Contest part 1 of 2 1976 ABA Slam Dunk Contest with Dr. J, George Gervin, David Thompson and others Part 1 of 2
  • Nathan during an ABA session. (Part 1) This is Nathan our son. Nathan was diagnosed at the age of two years old as having Autism. He was a low functioning Autistic child until we started Nathan on a recovery plan. Coming up to three years of therapy and bio-medical intervention, that has made a big difference to Nathan. He is no longer condsidered low functioning on the spectrum and is improving all the time. ABA is one of the best practical therapies you can do for a child who has Autism. It has made a big difference to Nathan.
  • MTH RailKing Scale Jersey Central F3 ABA Hi Train Buds! In this video I will be demonstrating the very smooth, slow speed operation the MTH DCS System offers the operator starting from 0 to the first rev whine @ 5 smph, Some DOPPLER action, and lastly the units whining down to a complete stop. These are GREAT units and nice pullers. The ABA is 40.25" in length and the only powered unit is the Lead A unit. The B unit and Dummy A unit have no wheel friction at all and roll VERY smoothly. This set has the Freight Yard Proto-Effects. Thank you for watching & God Bless! MTH Trains Railking Imperial Premier DCS PS 2.0 O scale layout, PRR, Pennsylvania RR, Norfolk & Western 2-8-8-2, Western Maryland, 4-6-2 Pacific, K-4, Steam Engine, Lionel Fastrack, EMD, 1:43, John Deere, Farmall, Harley Davidson, Caterpillar, Bass boat, Tractor, Trains, Freight, rolling stock, 3 Rail, CSX, Canadian Pacific, Railtown, Mercury, Shelby, Mustang, Chevy, Ford, Mopar, Porsche, Corvette Stingray, Police, Sheriff, Cobra, Geep, NYC, New York Central, GP9
  • Julius Erving: ABA Highlights Before Julius Erving was a legendary Philadelphia 76er, he operated on players in the ABA and was nicknamed Dr. J. He started his professional career with the Virginia Squires and played with future hall of famer George Gervin. After that he played for the New York Nets until the ABA NBA merger occurred in 1976. Erving is credited with keeping the ABA afloat singlehandedly with his signature moves. Dr J won two ABA championships three MVP trophies and three scoring titles. The instrumental used is Hollywood Swinging by Kool and the Gang. All song credit goes to them.
  • The History of the ABA Part 1-6 This is a series of Videos taken from the HBO Documentary "Long Shots: The Life and Times of the American Basketball Association" The hour-long documentary features rarely seen ABA team films, home videos, and footage from local television stations. The feature also contains numerous interviews with ABA players, coaches, and personnel. Among the many ABA movers and shakers interviewed in the HBO documentary are Julius Erving, George Gervin, Larry Brown, Hubie Brown, Louis Dampier, Artis Gilmore, Connie Hawkins, Dave DeBusschere, Dan Issel, Bob Costas, Lloyd "Pinky" Gardner (Colonels trainer), and George McGinnis. There is even an interview with Red Auerbach of the Boston Celtics, who typically demeans the ABA while puffing on his trademark cigar. The documentary highlights the contributions the ABA made to the NBA, including the three-point field goal and the All-Star Game slam dunk contest. The feature is filled with never-before-seen ABA film of the Floridians Ballgirls, the 1975 All-Star game in San Antonio, Darnell Hillman's enormous and unequaled afro, the 1976 ABA All-Star game slam dunk contest (new angles!), and the New York Nets' wild comeback against the Denver Nuggets in Game 6 of the 1976 ABA Finals. If you want to see some NBA Hall-of-Famers playing in ABA arenas (using the ABA's "beach ball"!) look no further: the documentary has footage of Lew Alcindor and the Milwaukee Bucks playing the Kentucky Colonels (at Freedom Hall), Wes Unseld and the Baltimore ...
  • The Last Night Of The ABA by YOUNG (1/2) mini docu about the last game of the ABA the six game of the 1976 Final, Larry Brown and Doug moe coaching history, Julius Earving and his evolution to unknow player to signature player of the league., and the figure of Wendell Ladner.
  • Racing Across America - ABA BMX 13 minute promo video about BMX racing past, present and future from the ABA (American Bicycle Association)
  • Autism Therapy - ABA For more information, visit www.sos- or http
  • Nana Aba and Funny face [chemu] talks awards Funny face shows off his award to mutala on tv3 spotlight.Nana aba also responds to her award for her sports show Diva's edition
  • ABG SOUNDTRACK: "Kill AN****" - Doublemint Twins (feat. Aba Zabba) Song featured in Episode 6 of "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" - Episode 6: "The Stapler" Doublemint Twins (feat. Aba Zabba)'s new track, "Kill AN****."
  • AA Pro Main Events | 2011 ABA BMX Grand Nationals All three main events from the Pro Spectacular show at the 2011 ABA BMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa, OK
  • ABA Dancer "Miles"
  • Hatton TV - ABA Final 67kg Dudley O'Shaughnessy v Glenn Foot Hatton TV brings you exclusive coverage of the ABA Final at 67kg between West Ham's Dudley O'Shaughnessy and Glenn Foot of Sunderland from York Hall, Bethnal Green. Commentary from Phil Duffell & Micky Cantwell
  • Aba under siege after Tibetan monks protest Southwest China's Aba is under a military-like occupation with armed riot and paramilitary police lined up along the main street of this small town famed for its Tibetan Buddhist temples. Duration: 00:59
  • profili gia suramelashvili aba ra saqeifo dardimanduli
  • Robin Hood Jr. #ABA 2012 Robin Hood Jr.. Point Guard. ABA #21 & #5
  • ABA DABA HONEYMOON - Debbie Reynolds 1950 Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter sing Aba Daba Honeymoon, recorded about 1950. Enjoy!
  • Bonse Aba Cantabile Youth Singers at the Glinka Capella in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Ur Luv My Drug By Aba N Lor This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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  • “Multi-authored blog from the American Birding Association with a focus on birding”
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  • “Learning ABA, or more specifically, implementing ABA therapy ABA therapy correctly is directly related to performance. In an earlier blog, I”
    — Lovaas Blog - ABA Treatment for Children with Autism - Lovaas,

  • “256. TECHSHOW > Blog. ABA TECHSHOW Blog. 11/10/2010. Protecting Your currently serving as Chair of the 2011 ABA TECHSHOW and is a founding partner of Affinity”
    — Home - Blog,

  • “Hvis du synes, at ABA-forum.dk er brugbart, så meld dig ind i ABA-foreningen. Et udvalg af dedicerede ABA-skoler og -centre. Maj 2006. Nedenstående liste over ABA-skoler er baseret på oplysninger fra skolerne”
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  • “ABA Advanced Trust Forum Program. This advanced program, designed with practices, and that's why your ABA Advanced trust Forum is newly structured to help”
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  • “Aba's Blog. Main Website: Aba's Place. Aba's Blog: Another spring hol in Spain. May 11, 2010 at 10:43 pm · Filed under Spain, Gadding About. Managed to get home from a lovely week's break in Spain despite the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud. My”
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  • “The Banned Book Blog Trail's End! ABFFE President Chris Finan concludes blogging from his special Banned Books Week Tour for his new book, From the Palmer Raids to IMPORTANT NOTE: SEE THE ABA WEBSITE STATEMENT, POLICIES, AND FORUM AGREEMENT”
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