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  • - Globalising Islamic Knowledge, The Prohibition on Abbreviating the Salaah and Salaams upon the Prophet (sallahu 'alayhi wa sallam). — “|| Globalising Islamic Knowledge - The Prohibition”,
  • Bill asks: When abbreviating something, such as the United States, when did it become acceptable to abbreviate it to US instead of U.S.? Abbreviations can be shortened versions of words (etc.) which we pronounce in full (et cetera); they can. — “Ask the English Teacher: Punctuation in Abbreviations”,
  • As you work in the insert mode of the vi editor and you finish typing one of the abbreviated words you have declared in your list, the abbreviated word switches to the definition you have set up in your abbreviation table. Place your definitions. — “Chapter 8: Editors: 8.5 Abbreviating vi Commands”,
  • Paragraph 9.64: Abbreviating, or condensing, inclusive numbers from the Chicago Manual of Style Online. — “The Chicago Manual of Style Online 9.64: Abbreviating, or”,
  • abbreviation n. The act or product of shortening. A shortened form of a word or phrase used chiefly in writing to represent the complete form, such. — “abbreviation: Definition from ”,
  • Most of the abbreviations are in fact based on notations used in other areas of computing and mathematics. Each extension abbreviates a commonly occuring construct in Z. In most cases the proposed abbreviation is in common use in some other branch of mathematics or computing. — “Abbreviating Z”,
  • Abbreviating long repetitive words/sentences. As you may know, in Trados 2007 you can abbreviate long words just like in Word, as follows: 1) select the desired text 2) press Ctrl + F3 3) MultiTerm, making two entries for each term, your abbreviated version. — “TW_users : Message: Re: [TW] Re: Abbreviating long repetitive”,
  • Abbreviating. Learn about Abbreviating on . Get information and videos on Abbreviating including articles on optic disk disorders, capitalizing, tad and more!. — “Abbreviating | Answerbag”,
  • Scholarly societies have contributed to the development of bibliographic standards in two principal ways: the development of standards for abbreviating journal titles, and the development of bibliographic style manuals for their constituencies. Standards for the Abbreviation of Journal Titles. — “Bibliographic Projects and Bibliographic Standards”,
  • Definition of abbreviating in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is abbreviating? Meaning of abbreviating as a legal term. What does abbreviating mean in law?. — “abbreviating legal definition of abbreviating. abbreviating”, legal-
  • We found 10 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word abbreviating: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "abbreviating" is defined. General (9 matching dictionaries) abbreviating: Wordnik [home, info]. — “Definitions of abbreviating - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of abbreviating in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of abbreviating. Pronunciation of abbreviating. Translations of abbreviating. abbreviating synonyms, abbreviating antonyms. Information about abbreviating in the free online English. — “abbreviating - definition of abbreviating by the Free Online”,
  • Use Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary or for German the Duden as the reference for abbreviating words. In the case of different abbreviations for words which consist of. — “Texts”,
  • Abbreviating definition, to shorten (a word or phrase) by omitting letters, substituting shorter forms, etc., so that the shortened form can represent the whole word See more. — “Abbreviating | Define Abbreviating at ”,
  • Definition of abbreviating from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of abbreviating. Pronunciation of abbreviating. Definition of the word abbreviating. Origin of the word abbreviating. — “abbreviating - Definition of abbreviating at ”,
  • Abbreviating. Web Destinations. These links can help you master materials in this chapter by directing you to even more online resources. As a general rule, it is best first to exhaust all the resources that are provided by your Abbreviations. Look up the meaning of an acronym or abbreviation by. — “long_anson_lhbwc_3|Writer's Companion Student Resources”,
  • abbreviating. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 1 September 2010, at 01:41. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “abbreviating - Wiktionary”,
  • An abbreviation (from Latin brevis, meaning "short") is a shortened form of a word or phrase. The concept of abbreviating was first employed by Kianna Eberle in 2008. — “Abbreviation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Learn to take fast notes to make news reporting more accurate. Half-day to learn. Apply immediately. User-friendly to create custom abbreviations. Combine with any shorthand method. Proven successful since 1990. Software to transcribe into. — “Unique idiot-proof shorthand for reporters to take fast notes”,
  • This is a page about abbreviating. This page includes the Etymology and sound of this word, as well as some additional information. This page also contains information about: learn english, pronunciation of, audio, .WAV, speak english,. — “abbreviating - definition of abbreviating - ”,

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  • Abbreviating (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) to (S) or (SAW) or the like Fatwa by the Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Fatawa
  • Let's Play Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Serrated Scalpel 01 Welcome to the Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes (who looks nothing like RDJ or Jeremy Brett!) After this one I'll be abbreviating this to Serrated Scalpel.
  • Are you a Serial Monogamist? Urban Dictionary says "one who spends as little time as possible being single, moving from the end of one relationship to the beginning of a new relationship as quickly as possible although the relationships in which many serial monogamists find themselves are also often short lived, the defining aspect of serial monogamy is the desire and ability to enter new relationships very quickly, thus abbreviating any period of single life during which the serial monogamist may begin to ask questions of an existential nature"
  • Zorina abnegate Abey Abe abbreviates Z�rich abidance abbreviating Zukor Zukor abolish Abba aboveboard Abilene abjuratory abort abjure
  • TATU-Vremya Luni with translation on video PLEASE READ! okay there are a few typos. first, in the chorus the last line is meant to read: "We are, with you does not change" not "We are with you does not chan" the whole sentence didn't fit thats all :) second typo, at one point it says "We don't need to extinguish" or something along that line and the last bit of "extinguish" got cut off :) sorry also this WAS a direct translation (well, as direct as possible) from the cyrillic lyrics of this song, but I did fix up a few things, like when the song says "Nam naplevat" which I think translated to "we do not care" but a few times I think I changed it to "we don't care" just little things like that, abbreviating and such were my little tweaks to the lyrics other than that, this was as direct as I could get :) okay hopefully that made sense :) please tell me if there are any more mistakes so I can correct them :) Here are the lyrics translated without my tweaks: Start over, do not look at the mirrors, do not inhibit Contacts and coils are burning, we have no reason to extinguish The fire and wind, too late to stop us Start over, we take off and will not planted Time of the moon Clouds not abolish Fear of heights We are with you does not change Start again Revut Motors Contacts are burning Fire and wind Do not put Do not slow We do not care We do not get it Time of the moon Clouds not abolish Fear of heights We are with you does not change Start again, we are ahead, but all back, we do not care Revut motors, we are flying ...
  • The Gits - In the early 1990s, Seattle was the focal point of an emerging musical underground. The Gits helped spearhead this new scene. Their sound was proto-grunge and all-out punk aggression. The earnest, blues wail of front woman Mia Zapatawas its center. Mia was the very embodiment of riot grrrl intensity, talent, and humanity. Her uncompromised integrity epitomized a way of life that influenced an entire generation of female artists to follow. Upon returning from a successful European tour -and at the height of The Gits' popularity- singer Mia Zapata was found raped and murdered, unfairly abbreviating the band's fable. Incredibly, more than a decade later, new evidence would surface, Mia's case file would be reopened, and a suspect would be brought justice --as cameras rolled. The Gits is an account of overcoming adversity, addiction, love, loss and pain. It's a punk rock mystery, but not merely a tale of tragedy. It's the mythic story of a great American Rock N Roll band.
  • Pay It Forward: March 2010 Once a month, GWI (Grown Woman International- yeah ya girl is about to start abbreviating that!!) will feature one fellow YouTubers page and their video will be a featured video on my channel. For the month of March the person is.... MUCHLOVEFROMKY: (YouTube channel link below) Thanks for bringing us great videos and having me ROTFLMAO! I love you much!
  • Smile TextExpender: Demonstration & Overview In this video, we give an overview of the comprehensive featureset of a Mac-only productivity utility that is called TextExpander and developed by Smile. It is a small application designed to increase your typing efficiency by abbreviating commonly used blocks of text and allowing the shorthand version to trigger the full version in any text field. We give a brief user interface walkthrough, demonstrate how the functions can be used and conclude by talking about whether it's worth your hard-earned cash.
  • Yonaguska Addresses NJ Indian Commission 9.17.08 Ronald Yonaguska Holloway, chief counsel and spokesman for the Sand Hill Band of Indians, was scheduled to speak for twenty minutes before this commission. As it turned out there was some kind of mis-communication/snafu (and that's being quite generous) and the commission tried to impose a strict 5 minute limit on Mr Hollaway despite what Mr Hollaway and the Sand Hills believed was a prior arrangement. After some 13 minutes of last minute consultations/negotiations/wrangling, the Commission allowed Mr Holloway 10 minutes to give the 20presentation he had worked on/prepared. (Here's an extended excerpt from the wrangling that consumed/wasted so much time. As you will/can see Yonaguska did a great job of extemporaneously abbreviating his presentation despite the obstacles in his path. Even with half the originally allotted time Mr Hollaway manages to make a concise and overwhelmingly powerful case.
  • Cingular BFF Jill Commercial The best part about abbreviating sentences is adding extra "f's"
  • Bring Me To Life (Cover duet) So yeah I did a duet with percyolympus123 and it sounded way cool! Tell us what you think and I like to give Percy (sorry for abbreviating) half credit for helping. what you think and maybe we'll do more duets.
  • Let's Beat Herocore! - 05.1 - 100th Video Bonanza Cont'd! If abbreviating with apostrophes is cool, consider me Miles Davis! Also, check the previous video for links to cameos on Argumentable's stellar Let's P of Mega Man X, pea shooter style!
  • Praise & Worship: TW3 Taster This is the praise and worship band - TW3, from the Hounslow RC Parish, performing at Catholic Underground London at Holy Ghost RC Church in Balham. Abbreviating 'Truth, Way, and life through the Trinity' (along with it being their parish postcode), the newly formed TW3, with an acoustic set-up, endeavour to share their music ministry live with other Parishes in London.
  • Abbreviating the term 'sal Allaahu alaiyhi wa sallam' Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts Shaykh `Abdul-`Azeez Bin Baz Shaykh `Abdullah bin Ghudayaan Shaykh `Abdullaah bin Qu`ood Shaykh `Abdur-Razzaaq al-`Afeefee
  • #1 - Opening After Effects Hey guys! We will now begin our journey in Adobe After Effects (I will be abbreviating from now on and use AE) as we dive into the interface and get familiar with the look and feel of AE. Be sure to be ready to explore the aspects of AE as we go on with upcoming tutorials. Enjoy!
  • Leadlight Review: Part 1 2010 Interactive Fiction Game Competition Review. Leadlight by Wade Clarke. Part 1/2 Part 2: CORRECTION: When I complain about having to keep typing "attack *person*", this can be remedied by abbreviating the command to "att *per*". You can also repeat the last command you enter by typing "Return". This was mentioned in the game manual.
  • Education: Teaching & Writing : How to Abbreviate Master Abbreviating the word "master" is generally not done, but it has developed into the word "mister" over time, which is abbreviated by writing "Mr." before a name. Understand title abbreviations withadvice from a former classroom instructor in this free video on writing. Expert: Laura Minnegerode Bio: Laura Minnigerode is a writing instructor and former classroom teacher. Filmmaker: Todd Green
  • Abbreviate When I speak, I'm too lazy to say the entire word.. Therefore I only say the first letter of random words. Don't h me just because I'm c.
  • Gastonia, North Carolina: 2010 All-America City A short video abbreviating Gastonia's 2010 All-America City presentation, June 18, Kansas City, MO
  • Silver Chaos Walkthrough - Lorence Route Part 1 First, I'll be going through Lorence's route, first of all because it was probably my favourite, and second because I haven't finished witnessing all of the others yet (not looking forward to Pam's... o_o) I do not own Silver Chaos... whoever made it owns it, and it isn't me. Please support the official release and go get a copy of the game for yourself. That way you can see what they're really saying instead of me abbreviating for you.
  • Silver Chaos Walkthrough - Lorence Route Part Two Fritz Crackers :) I do not own Silver Chaos... whoever made it owns it, and it isn't me. Please support the official release and go get a copy of the game for yourself. That way you can see what they're really saying instead of me abbreviating for you.
  • Destination signs abbreviating Colorado Springs Many signs for highways show the direction of travel as well as where the highway is bound for. But the sign that meant to say "Colorado Springs" is often spelled "Colo Spgs", which could be confusing to some people.
  • Silver Chaos Walkthrough - Lorence Route Part Three Yugi... I think I'm pregnant, and Yami's the father D8 Btw, if any of you are wondering, I did draw and handpaint the Phoenix Wright cutout myself. Acryllics are fun to work with ^^ I do not own Silver Chaos... whoever made it owns it, and it isn't me. Please support the official release and go get a copy of the game for yourself. That way you can see what they're really saying instead of me abbreviating for you.
  • The Texting Lingo... mom, do i really have to explain you you why i got a 37 on my spelling test? is this REALLY what "abbreviating" has come to? TIQC - figure that out and you'll get ANYTHING :)
  • Phil Stamper/Nate Stein #4: Zombies (& Oh Yeah Ninjas) Abbreviating the title a little bit. Yup, I got a part in a movie. Once I get the ok, I'll send you the link. And there's some zombie wrestling madness from Inter-Species Wrestling (ISW), Pro Wrestling Syndicate, & even a dash of Ron Zombie for a good kick. Also, thanks to James for this link: - be very afraid. You can visit IWS's YouTube channel at & PWS Underground TV at Plugs for , http & Oh yeah...and boo.
  • 3x22 lacey sabra fox Speaking of foxes, I'm at a loss to think that certain people -- notably a couple of people (and I use the term "people" loosely here, especially since one of them is 90% botox now) in particular -- complained that they didn't get Wade's fox dance. Animal-like movements, one tentative dancer, the other supportive -- what's so abstruse about that? To show what an advanced thinker he is, Nigel dusted off the same criticism he had for Hok and Jaimie's "Mr. Bojangles" piece, that if he hadn't been told about the piece's conceit prior to its performance, he wouldn't have known that Hok was a geezer, or that Sabra and Lacey (I'm abbreviating them as Saucey) were of some vulpine persuasion; in either case, this criticism is bunk.
  • GMWS: [Mickey and Donald: Magical Adventure 3] I'm going to start abbreviating "Game Music Worth Sharing" so get used to it. I blurbed about Capcom's Magical Quest/Adventure series not to long ago, so I thought I'd share just ONE of the reasons why these games kick ass. Yoko Shimomura eat your heart out! Not sure the track names would fit in the title. This would be "The Woods of Downfalling Spores" and "The Rocky Mountain of Sand" respectively. This one's a two-fer, since I couldn't decide. Chances you'll see a lot of those since I'm trying reduce the amount of vids for my favorite tracks on the same game. NOTE: One screenshot IS from the GBA version, even though these are the SNES tracks. I was going to include the boxart for the US release on GBA but the art was just...crap. Composed by Mari Yamaguchi (山口真理) And Tatsuya Nishimura (にしむらたつや) Game, Scenario and Code © Capcom, Tokuro Fujiwara Mickey Mouse, Donald and other such likenesses © The Walt Disney Corporation
  • Let's try Kwirk A video in the "Because i(likebeingsmart) can!" series: Within, my brain struggles to talk and puzzle solve at the same time. I didn't do too bad of a job, as I talk about tutoring, bowling and upcoming ideas for the "Because i(likebeingsmart) can!" series, which I am, from here out, abbreviating at the BIC series. I might want to buy a hard copy again, which apparently is easier to find than I would have thought: video-
  • SMW2+3 TES -15- Abbreviating the title now :o TES is not to be confused with TAS. I think that should be obvious by now.
  • Noam Chomsky on Y2K and MAI - The New World Order Part 8 (1998) November 30, 1998 Watch the full lecture: The Year 2000 problem (also known as the Y2K problem, the millennium bug, the Y2K bug, or simply Y2K) was a problem for both digital (computer-related) and non-digital documentation and data storage situations which resulted from the practice of abbreviating a four-digit year to two digits. In computer programs, the practice of representing the year with two digits becomes problematic with logical error(s) arising upon "rollover" from x99 to x00. This has caused some date-related processing to operate incorrectly for dates and times on and after January 1, 2000 and on other critical dates which were billed "event horizons". Without corrective action, it was suggested that long-working systems would break down when the "...97, 98, 99, 00..." ascending numbering assumption suddenly became invalid. Companies and organizations worldwide checked, fixed, and upgraded their computer systems. While no globally significant computer failures occurred when the clocks rolled over into 2000, preparation for the Y2K bug had a significant effect on the computer industry. There were plenty of Y2K problems, and that none of the glitches caused major incidents is seen as vindication of the Y2K preparation. However, some questioned whether the absence of computer failures was the result of the preparation undertaken or whether the significance of the problem had been overstated. Many banks have responded ...
  • Let's Replay Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories 4: Leon's Teachings Slights and Stcoking Cards are go! I'm thinking about abbreviating these episode titles.
  • Let's Play FF Mystic Quest Part 8 Part 8 of FF MQ. I really should just start abbreviating it like that. Otherwise it's way too long. We defeat the main monster, head back to Aquaria, and rush over to the Falls Basin.
  • Never abbreviate your name with just taking the letter of your first name and ... هیچگاه اسم خود را اختصاری ننویسید
  • SSBBMM 3: Bowser's In The I ran out of space in the title, so I'm going to start abbreviating. To finish the Paper Bowser trilogy is this one, called (For some reason) "Bowser's In The". Odd name, eh? For the first (and probably last) time, I'm doing this on a custom stage I made, cleverly named 1-4. The ladder and dropthrough platform are the axe, the falling blocks are the bridge, spikes are lava, and the three blocks in the middle of the bridge are Bowser. OK?
  • RUSH. XzoTiicZ | by xRGD Yo guys this is my entry to XzoTiicZ's edit contest took me a couple of days on and off. Rendering is so slow for me lately Anyway enjoy and lemme know what you think xD btw im abbreviating my name now to xRGD cause im cool. :D
  • TLTH ... a JB story ... Chapter 1 [5,6,7,8] A/NI decided to start a week early. Happy summer :) And I'm abbreviating my story "This Love This Hate" because I don't want people finding my story when they want to hear a song by a band that most JB fans would grimace at. *Lizzie's POV* "5, 6, 7, 8!" My favorite words. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. I find such comfort in those words. Those are the words you hear or say when the music gets loud, when music flows through your body and you respond rhythmically and soundly through motion. I live through my motions by dancing. I've been dancing for as long as I can remember. Tap. Jazz. Hip-hop. Ballet. Modern. Lyrical. Pointe. More. And now, at 17 years old, I am performing in Troupe, a Chicago dance company where the best dancers in the Midwest perfect and perform dance. Each of us has an agent to get us spots in music videos, movies, broadway, and in the best dance competitions in the world. Though, I personally prefer dancing with Troupe because my two best friends usually stay in Troupe instead of going off into other projects. Since my best friends Catherine and Jessica and I are all 17, we will be going off to college after next year's school year and that summer will be packed with preparation, so we decided that this will be our last year in Troupe. During the school year, or "off season" as we call it, we perfect our dancing by taking long dance classes that amass to at least 12 hours each week. During the summer, our "on season", we compete and learn new routines. We ...
  • Army Dreamers - Kate Bush It's difficult to find a Kate Bush song that works on solo guitar. I tried this a couple of years ago, but gave up, as it sounded thin. Kate's stuff is so multi-layered that abbreviating it onto a solo instrument is almost pointless. Anyway, I had a change of heart about this one. This arrangement is in the song's original key, B minor. The intro works well on the guitar, and to an extent the first part of the melody. It's the last part that sounds thinnest - but hey, so what. Of course, the Holy Grail would be a working arrangement of 'Babooshka' . Anyone wanna have a go?
  • I'm So Sick [flyleaf] [edit] Tied for 1st in UchihaItachi5678's AMV contest =] --WATCH THIS IN HQ by changing the TV-thing under the vid. The quality is horrible if you watch it normally.-- NARUTO © TVTokyo Corporation!! The anime does not belong to me in any way, shape, or form!! Well...this was going to be my 100th vid, but after taking down all my episodes yesterday, it's not...ohh well. My 4th [full] amv! It has tons of little mistakes that WMM wouldn't let me fix...not to mention that movie maker also threw off the timing by about half a second in certain gets really obvious around the beginning [0:24, 0:38-0:50] and the parts where I attempted to lipsync :O so sorry about that. I have a storyline-ish-thing for it, but...I'm too lazy to type the whole thing out atm xD Basically, it's just about how naru&sasu [abbreviating for obvious purposes] are 'so sick' because of the kyuubi&curseseal. It ended up focusing more on sasu.., but...whatever lol. I'll edit the description later, but for now...remember to comment! constructive criticism is welcomed =3 ...on a side note, I'd like to kill youtube for murdering the quality yet again...but without them I wouldn't be able to post this anyways, so I'll refrain from doing so at the moment xDD #61 - Top Favorites (Today) - Film & Animation
  • missyjenga: @gomm3rs to sound stupid other than syg what does all the abbreviating stand for? X
  • TNLNYC: @novaspivack good question but then, abbreviating of a quotation would be treated in the same way
  • talkn_ken: @kbrosas @alanmfontanilla abbreviating doesnt mean being disrespectful..
  • KiddyKicks: Abbreviating words such as 'Think' and making it 'Fink' is stupid! Wot r u finkin? Y wud u do dat???
  • micwinter: Will try harder to bbm and text without abbreviating words from now on....
  • sarahloubielou: RT @JoeGrindSN1: @sarahloubielou thats my son #BBH :^) < dnt fink just abbreviating it will make me go less hard on u looool
  • vevytarigan: My name is vevy :) , RT @Vevy: @vevytarigan do you mean to @ me all the time? i thought you were like abbreviating your name or something :P
  • keeperdesign: So the kids are abbreviating "something" as "sth". Is that a thing now? Did it happen 2 years ago, but I missed it? #oldfart
  • iDoTheMostt: RT @imLilmamaTRIA RT @TakeYoHoe_ RT @Jay_Reyes 140 Characters Be Having Me Abbreviating My Ass Off.
  • Jorieanne: RT @Jay_Reyes: 140 Characters Be Having Me Abbreviating My Ass Off.
  • Breeezzzyyyyy: RT @Jay_Reyes: 140 Characters Be Having Me Abbreviating My Ass Off.
  • Bethel314: RT @Jay_Reyes: 140 Characters Be Having Me Abbreviating My Ass Off.
  • yin_yangg: RT @Jay_Reyes: 140 Characters Be Having Me Abbreviating My Ass Off.
  • imLilmamaTRIA: RT @TakeYoHoe_ RT @Jay_Reyes 140 Characters Be Having Me Abbreviating My Ass Off.
  • jackstackz: RT @Jay_Reyes: 140 Characters Be Having Me Abbreviating My Ass Off.
  • TakeYoHoe_: RT @Jay_Reyes: 140 Characters Be Having Me Abbreviating My Ass Off.
  • BlazinBri_: RT @Jay_Reyes: 140 Characters Be Having Me Abbreviating My Ass Off.
  • Jay_Reyes: 140 Characters Be Having Me Abbreviating My Ass Off.
  • CeyTrip: Hoes on my dick cause I'm not abbreviating it to #HOMD like @Bankx_FreshNG is doing
  • Tony_TurtIe: @mikeyfuentcs Can I just interject to say that abbreviating words is very gay.
  • ProudWithBieber: T.W.I.T.T.E.R. That Thing You Socialize On Yeah,.. Its Slow... D: & I Am Not Abbreviating LETTERS>
  • AZbeerPresident: i understand abbreviating since you only get 16o characters, but wtf is up with everyones ghetto ass grammar??
  • LaVie_Dior: @BrittLott22 lol I'm tired of ppl abbreviating every damn thing sometimes I be lost in the sauce
  • ninjaVEGAS: @JakeUno yep, abbreviating an abbreviation is retarded
  • Cee_Solo: I feel like abbreviating things #LEGGO
  • GottaloveeBella: “@ES_Tezz: If yu have a #TC B-)..” lol niggas always abbreviating
  • _AshaNicole: since when did we start abbreviating that?
  • lindseymonica: If I start abbreviating stuff,, I am not happy.
  • amandathomass: @CharlieMassie @caseyrfitz haha, but it's presh. We will continue to use said word on a regular basis. Also abbreviating "obvious" to "obvs"
  • druidlove: @EllisFan14 are they abbreviating it like "f*ck", or using the full word and the word alone?
  • gracaroo: #31 I hate to abbreviate words like fav, or eva, or other slang/abbreviating things like that but I sometimes to it anyway
  • miszlobabii: #oomf need to learn how to spell - i understand abbreviating words but just str8 spelling it all wrong - smh.
  • TierraChardae: One day #Twitter gone get enough of this 140 character mess ! Thats like 1/2 a thought. & I be gettin tired of abbreviating lol
  • elisaloynazzy: Stop abbreviating everythingggg
  • Zuriahz: @AgentJargon Oh god I'm horrible at abbreviating words.
  • chloeeearnold: @amybdecks no it was an abbreviation. abbreviating there is no such thing as 'abbreving' or an 'abreve' #thatisall
  • chloeeearnold: @amybdecks cute that wasnt abbreviating though because cute is only one syllable doesnt work sto abbrev you wor than
  • chloeeearnold: @amybdecks *abbreviating
  • Ki2_YourHeart: @Boats_N_Hoez when did abbreviating #imjustsayin to #ijs start? lol
  • _RiahTooReal: abbreviating is one thing....
  • idontnogoogleit: RT @JillianVita: If you spell words like "busy" as "bizee", thus adding more letters instead of abbreviating, you are a whole different kind of stupid
  • zakariah: @_littleITALY_ I feel like I'm in the circle outside your circle, so I'll just keep abbreviating your nickname. B.I.G.
  • mrpiedpypah: RT @Misskhloekk: @mrpayperview no its BAWSE :p***what kraa r u ppl abbreviating LOl..
  • amandaha: Is it just me, or is it weird to use 'M' for abbreviating thousands? I always thought it was 'K,' like kilo?
  • jamanie: #youknowyoureanerdwhen you mistake "Snr" abbreviating "senior" for "signal to noise ratio." Engineering #winning #nerdrage @BlackoutBobo
  • iRobYoPantiez: I don't like abbreviating words if I don't have too #fact
  • Tiffani_G: @chrissnguyen totally. I have this thing of abbreviating everything... Totes lol
  • swagzbimpe: Seen RT @faa_deke: Learn To Stop Abbreviating Words.
  • faa_deke: Ehn.. Me. *raising collar* @AkinloluDamon: Wus markin d tweets RT faa_deke: Learn To Stop Abbreviating Words.
  • AkinloluDamon: Wus markin d tweets RT @faa_deke: Learn To Stop Abbreviating Words.
  • faa_deke: Learn To Stop Abbreviating Words.
  • dnyback: @laurenbullivant Why you be all ghetto speaking and abbreviating like a mad woman in this tweet? #SmallTwitterSeizure?
  • MillyxStrachan: @esharrock yeah can't be doing with people abbreviating EVERYTHING lol x
  • MrzHighSociety: And im not talkin abt abbreviating
  • mitoticspindle: Please stop abbreviating "follow up" as "F/U". #editinghell
  • meredithdake: @jriles They were talking about discrimination cases. I was abbreviating. @lizragland
  • Alana72461: Abbreviating Energy Capacity in Aftermath of Natural Disasters
  • annawhybrow: Abbreviating Nandos to 'nan' is a crime and should never be done again @michaeldavis92
  • TheKevinByrne: Kim Possible def started the whole abbreviating words fad: "What's the sitch?" #MindBlown
  • marvelice: Wats up with darkies and abbreviating ppls names_eg my name z an abbreviation as is, and they wanna abb it more_can't u take my name as is??
  • toxic_Tj: my biology teacher tried abbreviating homogeneous and heterogeneous: "students who wants to show the difference between homo & hetero"
  • dan_bowman: It is moderately difficult to get an entire Twitter message out in 140 characters without abbreviating, yet practicing proper punctuation.
  • JENNontheRocks_: RT @Mike_Step: where is #oomf?? << the lazy blac ppl way for abbreviating #oneofmyfollowers
  • emmaraleighh: i think abbreviating words when it's unnecessary just makes you look stupid.
  • funkypancake: save time writing 'colon dash closed bracket' by abbreviating it to CDCB. Also works for the sadder CDOB if needed.
  • La_MachoMama: I wish ppl knew how to spell, I understand abbreviating things "their there they're" & "two to too" didn't we learn that in elementary?
  • BrandonNelson: @Therealmattbaum hey pdiddy quit abbreviating everything. its gone too far when youre last name gets cut
  • hinotesnharmony: What is it with folks abbreviating three letter words???? Ha DOES NOT equal Her!!!!!
  • _SamanthaaMarie: RT @SheCaresWhy: People stay abbreviating things , I never know what they mean -.-
  • SheCaresWhy: People stay abbreviating things , I never know what they mean -.-
  • cakelin1990: neologism: what a fantastic word especially in this world where people seem to be constantly abbreviating and conjoining words willy nilly
  • nkrafft: @chrislhayes classic Chuck. He's just abbreviating Tea Party slogan, "taxes really eat a d***"
  • LuSalman: the whole point of abbreviating is to make the word shorter
  • JustTOOFlyy_: @AmbitiousBaller dats abbreviating my words So hellup.
  • newclasstraitor: RT @amy_vrwc: "If it starts looking like a text message, you've gone way too far." ~Dean Payne, on abbreviating during exams
  • _andrewspeirs: abbreviating musical concepts AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. AH
  • Alexandria_kay: You don't sound smart, you look dumb. Plus you shouldn't really be abbreviating big words anyways.
  • amy_vrwc: "If it starts looking like a text message, you've gone way too far." ~Dean Payne, on abbreviating during exams
  • PropertyOfAsh: @jonoBLITZ The note over the snare parts are frustrating the crap out of me! What are they?! I thought that too when i was abbreviating it!
  • hillabeean: Dear girls abbreviating every word ever, STOP IT. I tend to adopt the habits & mannerisms of people I'm around a lot. It's totes annoying.
  • nazarri_: RT @NICH0LAY: @nazarri_ shat is dumb... bec u not abbreviating no word smh mines well keep the A«Exactly!.
  • I_amFatdaddy: theres a difference between abbreviating and just not being able to spell
  • daiiziimae: Everyone is abbreviating everything!!! Soon enough complete words are gonna dissappear
  • NICH0LAY: @nazarri_ shat is dumb... bec u not abbreviating no word smh mines well keep the A
  • MikeFantastico: Its hard to tell when you're at work and somebody writes "till" instead of "until" if they were serious or just abbreviating
  • iKickMunchkins_: RT @Dha_YuniqOne: #Guilty lol “@iKickMunchkins_: ppl who be abbreviating wrong be pissin me off lol”
  • Dha_YuniqOne: #Guilty lol “@iKickMunchkins_: ppl who be abbreviating wrong be pissin me off lol”

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