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  • Definition of abbreviation from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of abbreviation. Pronunciation of abbreviation. Definition of the word abbreviation. Origin of the word abbreviation. — “abbreviation - Definition of abbreviation at ”,
  • For guidelines on making and editing abbreviation articles on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Disambiguation and abbreviations. An abbreviation (from Latin brevis, meaning short) is a shortened form of a word or phrase. — “Abbreviation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Abbreviations, both of single words and of phrases, having a meaning more or less fixed and recognized, are common in ancient writings and inscriptions (see Palaeography and Diplomatic) A distinction is to be observed between abbreviations and the contractions that are frequently to be met with. — “Abbreviation - Wikinfo”,
  • Searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military. — “Acronym Finder”,
  • Abbreviations. If you are frequently confronted with decisions regarding abbreviations, get hold of a copy of either The Chicago Manual of Style or The Gregg Reference Manual. Notice that Miss is not an abbreviation, so we don't put a period after it. — “Abbreviations”,
  • Encyclopedia article about abbreviation. Information about abbreviation in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “abbreviation definition of abbreviation in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Find definitions for acronyms and abbreviations from A to Z. Search by letter, or browse abbreviations and acronyms used by the government, doctors, scientists, and the Internet. — “”,
  • abbreviation n. The act or product of shortening. A shortened form of a word or phrase used chiefly in writing to represent the complete form, such. — “abbreviation: Definition from ”,
  • We found 39 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word abbreviation: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "abbreviation" is defined. General (29 matching dictionaries) abbreviation: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of abbreviation - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of abbreviation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of abbreviation. Pronunciation of abbreviation. Translations of abbreviation. abbreviation synonyms, abbreviation antonyms. Information about abbreviation in the free online English. — “abbreviation - definition of abbreviation by the Free Online”,
  • Encyclopedia article of abbreviation at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Abbreviation encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • An abbreviation is pronounced identically to the long form of the word. Abbreviations are often used to save time and space. Some abbreviations are followed by a period (such as Mr. — “Abbreviations (Abbrev.): ”,
  • Abbreviation definition, a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, used to represent the whole, as Dr. for Doctor, U.S. for United States, lb. for pound. See more. — “Abbreviation | Define Abbreviation at ”,
  • History Abbreviation has been used as long as phonetic script existed, in some senses actually being more common in early literacy, where spelling out a whole word was often avoided, initial letters commonly being used to represent words in specific application. — “Abbreviation - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • Abbreviation. Learn about Abbreviation on . Get information and videos on Abbreviation including articles on lol, usage, word and more!. — “Abbreviation | Answerbag”,
  • abbreviation (plural abbreviations) A shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, "abbreviation" in The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth. — “abbreviation - Wiktionary”,
  • a shortened form of a written word or phrase used in place of the whole Examples of ABBREVIATION "USA" is an abbreviation of "United States of America.". — “Abbreviation - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-

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  • The Mind-Benders: LSD and the Hallucinogens (Part 1) 1970 Watch the full film: Lysergic acid diethylamide, abbreviated LSD or LSD-25, also known as lysergide and colloquially as acid, is a semisynthetic psychedelic drug of the ergoline and tryptamine families. LSD is non-addictive, non-toxic, and is well known for its psychological effects which can include altered thinking processes, closed and open eye visuals, synaesthesia, a sense of time distortion, ego death and spiritual experiences, as well as for its key role in 1960s counterculture. It is used mainly by psychonauts as an entheogen, recreational drug and as an agent in psychedelic therapy. LSD was first synthesized by Albert Hofmann in 1938 from ergot, a grain fungus that typically grows on rye. The short form LSD comes from its early code name LSD-25, which is an abbreviation for the German "Lysergsäure-diethylamid" followed by a sequential number. LSD is sensitive to oxygen, ultraviolet light, and chlorine, especially in solution, though its potency may last for years if it is stored away from light and moisture at low temperature. In pure form it is a colorless, odorless, and mildly bitter solid. LSD is typically delivered orally, usually on a substrate such as absorbent blotter paper, a sugar cube, or gelatin. In its liquid form, it can also be administered by intramuscular or intravenous injection. LSD is very potent, with 2030 µg (micrograms) being the threshold dose. Introduced by Sandoz Laboratories, with trade ...
  • Learning English - Lesson Thirty (Abbreviation) In this lesson we look at abbreviation and give some examples with a little help from Mr Steve!
  • Relearning Everything - Recovering From Traumatic Brain Injuries / Educational Documentary Video (2008) Abbreviation Version Relearning Everything (abbreviated selection) (2008) Producer: jarrod whaley This is an abbreviated version of the documentary Relearning Everything, which offers an intimate and truthful portrayal of the lives of individuals recovering from traumatic brain injuries, a population served locally by the Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association. Recovery is revealed to be a lifelong process in which many of the most basic tasks we all take for granted must be remastered—and in the strength and determination of these survivors is a powerful message of hope which applies to us all. Production Company: oak street films Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States Traumatic brain injury (TBI), also called intracranial injury, occurs when physical trauma injures the brain. TBI is one of two subsets of acquired brain injury (ABI, brain damage that is not congenital); the other subset of ABI is non-traumatic brain injury, or injuries that do not involve external mechanical force (eg stroke, meningitis, insufficient oxygen). TBI is usually classified as mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the extent of loss of consciousness, loss of memory, and score on a neurological scale following the injury. TBI can result from a closed head injury or a penetrating head injury and may occur in a specific location or may be diffuse, occurring over a more widespread area. Head injury usually refers to TBI, but is broader because it can involve ...
  • My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - The Devil Does Drugs My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult video for The Devil Does Drugs
  • Journal Names Captions: English, 日本語, Português, Español How to set EndNote to substitute full journal names for abbreviations or abbreviations for full journal names in the bibliography without changing the record.
  • 2011 Audi S5 Sportback [HD] The abbreviation "S" stands for sports and also high efficiency - characteristic Audi features. The Audi S5 Sportback is the top model of the new Audi A5 Sportback model series. The five-door coupe is powered by a highly efficient, supercharged V6 engine with an output of 245 kW (333 hp). Power is delivered to the wheels via the seven-speed S tronic and quattro drive; the innovative sport differential is available as an option. The Audi S5 Sportback is powered by a three-liter V6 with a mechanically driven supercharger. The supercharger sits in the 90 degree V formed by the banks of the cylinders and produces up to 0.8 bar of pressure. Two downstream intercoolers lower the temperature of the compressed intake air for improved filling of the combustion chambers. The six-cylinder unit, which displaces 2995 cc, embodies the Audi philosophy that performance and efficiency are not mutually exclusive but rather complement each other perfectly. The engine delivers a constant 440 Nm (324.53 lb-ft) of torque between 2900 and 5300 rpm. The Audi S5 Sportback sprints from zero to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in only 5.4 seconds (provisional figure) and accelerates up to an electronically governed top speed of 250 km/h (155.34 mph). The spontaneous response, the powerful thrust and sonorous sound make for a thrilling driving experience. The supercharged V6 unit consumes only 9.7 liters (provisional figure) of fuel per 100 km (24.25 US mpg) on average - a top figure in this performance class.
  • How much Gold do you have in Pennyweight? A pennyweight (abbreviated dwt) is a unit of mass that is equal to 24 grains, 1/240 of a troy pound, 1/20 of a troy ounce, approximately 0.054875 avoirdupois ounce and approximately 1.555 grams.Historically, a British penny's weight was literally, as well as monetarily, 1/240 of a troy pound of sterling silver. The troy pound and the pennyweight lost their official status in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in the Weights and Measures Act of 1878. Only the troy ounce and its decimal subdivisions remained official after the 1878 act. The troy ounce enjoys a specific legal exemption from metrication in the UK. The pennyweight is the common weight used in the valuation and measurement of precious metals. Jewellers use the pennyweight in calculating the amount and cost of precious metals used in fabricating or casting jewelry. Similarly, dentists and dental labs still use the pennyweight as the measure of precious metals in dental crowns and inlays.The most common abbreviation for pennyweight is dwt; d, for the Roman denarius, was the abbreviation for penny before decimalisation of the British monetary system. Alternate abbreviations are pwt and PW.
  • FDA/ISMP Campaign to Eliminate Dangerous Abbreviations FDA and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) have launched a nationwide educational campaign to eliminate the use of potentially harmful abbreviations in all forms of medical communications. That includes written medication orders, computer-generated labels, pharmacy entry screens, and commercial medication labeling, packaging, and advertising. It is important not to use error-prone abbreviations, even in printed materials for several reasons. First, they can still be misinterpreted. Second, they could be copied into handwritten orders, where they are liable to be confused. And finally, using these abbreviations in print perpetuates the idea that they are acceptable. As part of the campaign message, FDA and ISMP are recommending that whenever medical information is communicated, individual practitioners and institutions refer to the "do not use" list of abbreviations, symbols, and dose designations -- those are the ones most often associated with medication errors. Here are some of the items on that list. First, the abbreviations "U" and "IU". The "U" can easily be mistaken as the number "0", particularly when the "U" is written too closely after the number. This can lead to tenfold overdoses. And "IU" can be mistaken for "IV" or the number "10". So instead of using "U" and "IU", use the terms "unit" and "international unit". Next, there's "qd", meaning every day, and "qod", meaning every other day. "qd" can be mistaken as "qid", meaning four times a day ...
  • Define Type Abbreviation in F# Short explanation for defining a type abbreviation in F#.
  • Darkest Before Dawn - Why Is The Word Abbreviation So Long? New song from DBD.
  • Sheikh Feiz : 17. Q2. Using abbreviation when praising Rasul saw? - TIOTHOR Sheikh Feiz- Kitabu Tauhid - Muhammad Abdul Wahab - Lesson 1 - The Importance of The Path of Rasulullah
  • Street Fighter IV Voice Actor Interview Part 1 Why I fansubbed this: I was looking for an alternative to Windows Movie Maker , which was pretty bad for subtitling. I heard that most anime fansubbers these days use Aegisub, so I tested it out with this Street Fighter IV Voice Actor Interview(bundled as a pre-order special in Japan for the original SFIV) lying around. Before I knew it, I already had 5 minutes done. So I figured I might as well keep going and finish it up, seeing as no one else had fansubbed this. There's borders on the right and left, I'm not sure why Virtual Dub added them automatically. The original file didn't have those borders. --- Translation Notes: The term "Suto 2" comes up a lot. That's the abbreviation Japanese people use for Street Fighter 2. Japanese abbreviations for games are rather common, like Kingdom Hearts - KinHaa, Tales of Radiant Mythology - Maisoro, Dragon Quest - DoraKue, Crisis Core - KuraKoa, Subarashiki Kono Sekai(You guys probably know this as TWEWY) - SubaSeka, etc. 5:19 The term "iromono," originally a term used in the show business, is fighting game jargon. I don't know if "third-rate" is the right translation, but it's probably close enough. I could only find documentation on this term in Japanese, on a fighting game website: 8:04 -- Dhalsim's VA is obviously referring to the shoto characters. The term he uses "sanshu no jingi,"is a reference to the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan. You can read more about that here: 9:11 Sakura's VA knows ...
  • Chat Acronyms chat and text messaging abbreviations commonly used in online chatting etc. it's so annoying when ppl are all like 'what does jk mean ??' on yahoo answers and stuff that's why i made it lol. enjoy.
  • ANTI-ACTA - What Can You Do? ACTA is the abbreviation for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. ACTA is an international agreement to establish new standards on enforcing intellectual property rights. ACTA would create a separate governing body outside of existing international organizations, including WTO (World Trade Organization), WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and the UN (United Nations). Though the bulk of the negotiations and resulting documents have been kept secret with virtually no transparency, it is clear from both the leaked and released statements and documents that ACTA has the potential to infringe upon privacy, civil liberties, legitimate commerce, innovation and freedom on the internet. Currently Australia, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, United States, the EU, Switzerland and Japan are the countries involved in the negotiations. www.anti- Original Uploaders liekmudkip & DefendYourFreedom
  • Knitting Abbreviation: psso, or Pass Slip Stitch Over This is just a quickie to show what a psso or "Pass Slip Stitch Over" is. It's a common abbreviation in knitting patterns and another way to decrease. Note: The video indicates that you slip 1, knit 1, and then pass the first stitch over the second. When you "knit 1" - you can also "purl 1" as that is what is shown in the video is a purl. It depends on wha your pattern is calling for; a knit stitch or a purl stitch. For more info on increasing/decreasing stitches, check out: This video does not teach you how to knit. Ifyou are new to knitting these additional resources may be helpful to you: How to Knit - the Basics: We also have knitting instructions for Left Handers here: To learn more about knitting, sewing, crafting and to get project ideas and patterns, visit us at !
  • Let's Start A New Abbreviation! Grandpa Schmenke submits "H2B" as a new internet abbreviation.
  • NES Metroid - NAR PASSWORD Code This is the God Mode cheat code for the original Metroid. You don't need any Game Genie or other devices to use it either. It's believed that this code was used during the production of the game and was never taken out when the final version was released. NARPAS SWORD0 000000 000000 This is sort of a montage of what you get when you play with this code. Update: There is a lot of speculation over what NARPASSWORD actually means. Some think NAR is an abbreviation of "Not A Real," however NARPASSWORD is most likely "North American Release Password" abbreviated since the American version and later were the only games that were cart based. The Japanese version was actually on the disc system and had saves rather then a password system.
  • hype, abbreviation, random stuff My first vlog (is that what its called, i'm new to all of this), hope you guys like it.
  • The America Show Stop The Talk Abbreviation Recently some of friends been talking in text Abbreviation or as I call it Talk Abbreviation. STOP THE MADNESS! Also I making another sketch video either on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Monday. I am making a video a challenge video for my 50 subscribers on Monday Leave Suggestions if you want me to do something crazy! NOT TO Crazy. Links Dailybooth- Youtube- twitter- Facebook- Non-important Stuff ↓
  • Knitting Abb's: psso, or Pass Slip Stitch Over - Left Handed This is just a quickie to show what a psso or "Pass Slip Stitch Over" is. It's a common abbreviation in knitting patterns and another way to decrease. ** Note: This is the Left Handed Version - if you are right handed, you can find that version here: For more info on increasing/decreasing stitches, check out: This video does not teach you how to knit. Ifyou are new to knitting these additional resources may be helpful to you: How to Knit - the Basics: To learn more about knitting, sewing, crafting and to get project ideas and patterns, visit us at !
  • New Abbreviation Trend The 25th vlog by AFCross on friday, 5/28/10. Features: "Superfast Jellyfish" by Gorillaz. Also: Fan art, Fun Fact Friday, and the new trend sweeping the world...and of course Mark Twain.
  • Bringin Safety Back JCAHO "Do Not Use" Abbreviation List Song This is an educational video I made for a class project. JCAHO has a "Do Not Use" abbreviation list to promote the reduction of medication errors. Please leave feedback and let me know what you think. I want to Thank my friend Jim for being a good sport and starring in the video for me.
  • Burn Us Both- Abbreviation Is The Way Forward Taken from 2008's 'Fortissimo' EP; Burn Us Both- 'Abbreviation Is The Way Forward' I realise a 2 year old could have made a better stab at a video, but this was done out of boredom and insomnia!! ***Burn Us Both don't condone or partake in football related violence!! We find it all a bit nonsensical really...
  • Buying Rare Books: Condition & Value : Sizes & Abbreviations in Rare Books Anexperienced book dealer and online seller explains sizes and abbreviations in collectors terminology in this free series of book collecting videos. Expert: Molly Mackey Bio: Molly Mackey has been an independent book dealer for more than 10 years. She gained her book knowledge as a used book buyer for Bodhi Tree bookstore on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan
  • STUPID SKITS: Cellular Abbreviations The guide to what we all do and know: text messaging and its usages. This vid is supposed to be stupid because the abbreviations are being said out loud....ENJOY! SONGS ARE NOT COPYRIGHT INTENDED! ALL SONGS BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS!
  • Business English - 7 Common Workplace Abbreviations An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase. In written English, we use abbreviations to shorten common sentences to save time. This lesson will explain some common written abbreviations that are used in a business setting.
  • GunZ: Divine Gates Old vid, when i still had my level 50. Monk Style: Termed by Monk, Influenced by SenseofTouch. This is defined as Advanced Korean Style. It has nothing to do with the Divine Gates. This does not help you with the Divine Gates in anyway. Monk Kung Fu: The Secret of Life dealing with the ultimate nature of becoming greater than a God. Divine Gates: A set of Styles categorized by its Gate. Numerous of strategies in each gate. It has nothing to do with other Gunz Styles. Founded by Monk in 2005, came to reality in 2006, known to public in 2007. Dragon Gate: The best offense with sword. It is defined by number of slashes per second. Tortoise Gate: The best defense with sword. It is defined by number of blocks per second. Tiger Gate: The best speed of movement with sword. It is defined by number of slashes and dashes per second. Phoenix Gate: The best attacks without jumping. Unlike Dragon Gate, this technique is based on intelligence rather than power and speed because you can switch from 100% offense to 50% defense 50 offense very easily. Giving you an advantage of more ways out than other gates. Secret Gate: Very powerful styles that Monk does not dare show the community. Korean Garbage: A insulting term for Korean Style because of its limits. DBF TBF, QBF: These terms are based on the number slashes per jump, has nothing to do with the Divine Gates. This is complete different, out of context. Learning these won't help you learn the Divine Gates properly. MK: Abbreviation of ...
  • New abbreviation for "assorted" approved by Disney At our local Food Lion grocery store. Disney would be so pleased.
  • How to use abbreviation expansion in Co:Writer 6
  • Knitting Abbreviations: yo or Yarn Over Knitting Abbreviation: yo for Yarn Over. These are common abbreviations in knitting patterns and another way to increase and also used in making eyelets and decorative stitches. For more info on increasing/decreasing stitches, check out: This video does not teach you how to knit. Ifyou are new to knitting these additional resources may be helpful to you: How to Knit - the Basics: To learn more about knitting, sewing, crafting and to get project ideas and patterns, visit us at !
  • Origini Origini is a kind of abbreviated version of a lengthy ballet that, in turn, was a bold choreographic attempt to go into the depth of creation - in a nutshell. A great British physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking did basically the same in his books - and succeeded admirably. Not unlike Stephen Hawking, choreographer Lucia Chemello used only dots and hints depicting the most abstract matters. She relies on her audience's intelligence, imagination and ability to connect the dots and get a whole picture of Things. This version made for HD presentation goes even farther as an ultimate abbreviation; a piece custom-made for fast people with a very short, or no attention span.
  • DEMOCRACY is the abbreviation of Dont Escape Manage Old Chaining Rules And Compulsively Yeses Let's build democratic world DEMOCRACY is the abbreviation of Dont Escape Manage Old Chaining Rules And Compulsively Yeses Music is the national song of Iraq
  • braking off abbreviation
  • The Super, Fantastic, Marvelous Song About Pi This is the most amazing rap about pi ever created. It is a fact. LYRICS: Apple Pie is America's favorite dish If you don't like it you hate America That's why I'm singing this song 3.14's an abbreviation, for the longest decimal in the nation there's no reason for ya'll to be hatin' it's the cause for all your shakin My name is Danny and this is a rap this rap in fact is all about math math is my favorite thing to do I'd have to say it's pretty cool There's one thing about math that i love the most If you think its lame you're gonna be toast What is this favorite thing of mine? Its 3.14159 3.14's an abbreviation, for the longest decimal in the nation there's no reason for ya'll to be hatin' it's the cause for all your shakin My name is Myles and I gots to say I'm the next big thing comin' outta LA I make really good pie I'll show you the way You take the C of a circle and divide it by DI do my math homework evry night If you dont do yours we'll get in a fight I go to Perkins and order it up They're like 'we only serve baked gooooooods' 3.14's an abbreviation, for the longest decimal in the nation there's no reason for ya'll to be hatin' it's the cause for all your shakin
  • Learn Every Msn Abbreviation! [I] Hey! Welcome to a Quick tutorial! ------------------------------------------ In this tutorial I will be showing you Every Msn abbreviation you will need to know! this is for those people who are confused when somone says Lol and think what the hell is this guy on or some people who already are masters of msn abbreviations but want to see if there are any more ones out there! Be sure to watch this one! ------------------------------------------ This tutorial is rated [I] (Intermediate) ------------------------------------------ Programs used in this video: Microsoft Office Word 2007 ------------------------------------------ Links: 4c846a75 (A List of the abbreviations used in the video) ------------------------------------------ Please Subscribe to our channel, this way you can keep up to date with all the tutorials and soon become a computer Guru! Thanks for watching and see you on the next video!
  • Knitting Abbreviations - yfwd sl1 k1 psso k2tog yfwd - Yarn Forward sl 1 - Slip 1 k1 - Knit 1 psso - Pass Slipped Stitch Over k2tog - Knit 2 Together These are common abbreviations in knitting patterns. For a full list of knitting abbreviations, visit: For more info on increasing/decreasing stitches, check out: This video does not teach you how to knit. Ifyou are new to knitting these additional resources may be helpful to you: How to Knit - the Basics: To learn more about knitting, sewing, crafting and to get project ideas and patterns, visit us at ! Music Credits Awakening Nery Bauer shockwave- Blue Skies John Radford shockwave-
  • natekuester: @luvtogolf1 oops just noticed the wrong abbreviation I had. That's what happends when you multi-task. #DevilIsInTheDetails
  • LeBronsFather: If u don't know what team abbreviation stand for, just ask me
  • NURSEBADAZZ: @NeNetwotimzfive one of my #abbreviation
  • CauseDeeSaid: @xoxo_Ruthless lol right like why would someone make such a lomg abbreviation ?
  • keepBeingRandom: ROFTL is seriously the most hilarious abbreviation -ever. #banana
  • CauseDeeSaid: I know I'm late . but I just now saw the full abbreviation for OFWGKA . so now I know .
  • BTITOPS: (1304046306) 261. The name Jeep came from the abbreviation used in the army for the "General Purpose" vehicle, G.P.
  • AngelBopByeYa: @TEA_DaNcEorDie Ahhhh! Was it one of the ones they did during the life stream? Sounds familiar but I didn't get the
  • KeLsEy31ily: U have no idea how much one word and one abbreviation hurt me! #immacry :'-(
  • scottpj13: @Sanjana1812 haha hey sanj!!! sorry if that is not an acceptable abbreviation....
  • Reginee_: @Bk_Bred_SLim well yu know they abbreviate almost every word now including abbreviation. Lol
  • tosheikh: RT @Hafsa_Khawaja: - Misbah did not do MBA. MBA is actually an abbreviation of Misbah. #TeamMisbah
  • ThatNigga_Kwasi: Ii Havent used That Abbreviation Inna Longest
  • kevinmmullin: RT @erik_hansson: Did you know? Abbreviation "OMG" dates back to 1917 #acronym #oed #english
  • MyCobraDiscoFOB: @yougoyouare Britt the Awesome...abbreviation: BA
  • SouthBaySparklz: @Ms_APayne haha I only use that as an abbreviation for supervisor
  • lasty52: “@seeker401: it's an abbreviation just like Aussies for Australians. So is the word Aussie racist ? #auspol
  • LifeAsLachelle: i was texting @hellooitssarah and she made a typo, and i thought it was some new abbreviation i didn't understand. #iamsodumbsometimes
  • AmberChereau1: @pretty_TEMPtin lmaoo yess.& we had another abbreviation but i forgot what it was!! lol
  • brookiiecee: Why is abbreviation such a long word?
  • DeadSpider: @KoingWolf damn... i make more than her. Mil is an abbreviation for thousand right? :-p
  • KristineManheim: Why is abbreviation such a long word?
  • The_Critic: @edroso I especially like his use of the "W" in his "quick" abbreviation. It's sharp with a capital K.
  • rachelzummo: Thanks to my abbreviation for equal protection, my government notes are peppered with emoticons. =p
  • Big_bolly: RT @adeSMILEZ: RT @OnToTheDexOne: LBYD. // this abbreviation reminds me of NYPD
  • TerrHimself: people include "the" in the abbreviation for The Vampire Diaries only so it doesn't look like they talk about VD all the time
  • iamMariaam: Wtf is up with all these abbreviation ?
  • ARoss910: Whats an abbreviation for milkshake? Mlkshke? Mlkshk? Mkshk? HAHAHA why is this crackin me up right now?
  • Mediate: @AndrewEichner Congratulations. Was going with State abbreviation, realize multiple UTs out there.
  • stephaniehowell: @GussySews unprofesh??? Haaahahaha best abbreviation evah.
  • BrandySsSs: “@miguelantoniojr: Rustys w @_robrich and @Lando_Coffy. Abbreviation lessons on deck” you're drinking without me!? Rude... Haha
  • Brisamm: @JERzEEY_A lol people always making up some new abbreviation for something
  • _pandanamacha: @eijisapi @meawonnie It's an abbreviation of Physical Education
  • sprinkelss: Hahaha the abbreviation of students is STD Hahaha well we r all stds :p (:
  • Mandieoum: Why is abbreviation such a long word?
  • inkoheart: @jaywalkings Ah, it's just an internet abbreviation for "nein du", German for "no you". SO NO U
  • supercalz: @D_hatezPork Never heard that abbreviation before hahah.
  • PKamalanathan: @AlaramKalai Public Relations sir and it's an international abbreviation that has been accepted by all practitioners all over the world.
  • mdoulton: @tc_pete except in French where it's not an abbreviation...
  • GinnyMenousek48: Why is abbreviation such a long word?
  • _robrich: RT @miguelantoniojr: Rustys w @_robrich and @Lando_Coffy. Abbreviation lessons on deck <------ yup yup
  • Lando_Coffy: RT @miguelantoniojr: Rustys w @_robrich and @Lando_Coffy. Abbreviation lessons on deck
  • sllabnippirt: the hornets fans are all wearing shirts that say "beat LA" they not realize that's louisiana's state abbreviation? #comeonman
  • Mr_Watkis: RT @JuliiCheyenne: RT @KhoriJon: i think the word "abbreviation" is too long for what it means
  • miguelantoniojr: Rustys w @_robrich and @Lando_Coffy. Abbreviation lessons on deck
  • ShannonTanea: RT @KhoriJon: i think the word "abbreviation" is too long for what it means
  • janetvasquezz: RT @KhoriJon: i think the word "abbreviation" is too long for what it means
  • istealyogirl: RT @KhoriJon: i think the word "abbreviation" is too long for what it means
  • JuliiCheyenne: RT @KhoriJon: i think the word "abbreviation" is too long for what it means
  • KhoriJon: i think the word "abbreviation" is too long for what it means
  • JamieMilbourne: @CharGuitarGirl yes, it's spelt "people". ppl is a gay abbreviation
  • RawrEchelon: Never using the abbreviation "30STM" again, since Jared said it was kinda "old-school". It's MARS now. x)
  • _DiamondBreezy: i've always wondered why that guy called himself a 'Splackavelli' ...... is that an abbreviation for something ?
  • penny215: RT @Lord_Voldemort7: Why is abbreviation such a long word?
  • AlaynaMoake3848: Why is abbreviation such a long word?
  • Steff14_says: "hookie is an abbreviation for hooker" "oh, i gotta get myself one of those" XD
  • sweetzchazz: Just like their abbreviation says..."NO" lol
  • naitlite: @lastingdreams They probably originally called America something like "Meirika" and then started using 美 as the abbreviation...
  • Misty2k: @Queen_of_Snarks Your full name or just an abbreviation? Maybe just Suz or have they gone the whole way...& what it's written with? Felt tip
  • HauntedSwift: People use it as an abbreviation for Big Time Rush. #JustRealised.
  • NishaAndDeanna: gtfot. my new abbreviation so i can vent without people knowing what's wrong!!!!!!!!
  • Joannes21: @leafduo abbreviation for tainiule
  • Ebbie28: @joongieluv33 OOO O.O I went to the one in 2006. LOL.. I didn't recognize that abbreviation. wow.
  • Daraknk: Why is abbreviation such a long word?
  • Hazington: My issues with the new Transformers movie began with the title being 'TF3'... 'Transformers' is one word, that's just bad abbreviation.
  • VAis4blumpkins: Why is the abbreviation for "number" "no."?
  • hamishjt: 'Learning' about medical abbreviations in law of torts. Lecturer: "A 'GLM' is a good looking mum; a sort of medical abbreviation for 'MILF'.
  • Ashwards00: Why is the word abbreviation so long? #abv
  • neonnailvarnish: @JazzHbordUK its not a typo if its an abbreviation. :)
  • Anettevkq: Why is abbreviation such a long word?
  • BoYe_A: *swear RT BoYe_A: I sweart I don't understand! People forget "LOL" is an abbreviation, not a word. -_- RT @Nessa95_: Wtf is ' lolz' ?
  • 7synapses: The birth of the "FWT" abbreviation, for tweets by f**kwits. MT @mjrobbins "Interesting, RTing this, but I don't necessarily agree w it."
  • BoYe_A: I sweart I don't understand! People forget "LOL" is an abbreviation, not a word. -_- RT @Nessa95_: Wtf is ' lolz' ?
  • fashionjunkey: RT @BobbiCool If your username has a celebrities name/abbreviation/nickname/annotation.....YOU ARE NOT ORIGINAL. #BCYAF
  • TayRayCrazyAss: @COAKKK i aint up on the lastest PC Abbreviation Slang
  • Jhaber26: I almost want to take "Studies in Women and Gender" because the abbreviation is SWAG
  • LaCunaPoetry: "NesQuick is just an abbreviation for Nestle Quick?" A thought I've had, more than once and was surprised @UsherRaymondIV #confessiontousher
  • cassidy527785: I've came up wit a new abbreviation! It's ala; as long as. Lol
  • BinnyD: @darklyss At the risk of sounding like a nerd, TARDIS is an abbreviation. #TimeAndRelativeDimensionInSpace
  • BaseballGuys: So everyone knows, the abbreviation for rest of the year is Rest Of The Way - #ROTW
  • MariKhalid: @OllieKhan hahaha worst abbreviation of all time
  • mountain_duwe: Was POTUS not a common abbreviation until The West Wing?
  • cimstoned: @kyawkeyway That was brilliant! I have never used the abbreviation for laughing out loud but I did. A laugh and a snort, glad I'm home alone
  • BobbiCool: If your username has a celebrities name/abbreviation/nickname/annotation.....YOU ARE NOT ORIGINAL. #BCYAF
  • MrBarrau: Why is the word abbreviation so long? #ThinkAboutIt
  • Rache_StillBadd: @KhadijaRenee Its Pointless Abbreviation
  • ErynMoreton_x: my name is a modern abbreviation of 'Erin' and it means Ireland Peace... k.
  • Schminggss: @1boonguan Maybe its the abbreviation for Libya? HAHA.. omg, blardy deactivated my fb and here i am now on twitter. Ultra fail.
  • ThingsBurtSays: #funny #humor Why is abbreviation such a long word?
  • gregerz11: @cdamers the abbreviation is hill in danish.
  • DistantWindow: I get a sense of extreme satisfaction when the thought I want to tweet comes out at exactly 140 characters, without abbreviation or editing.

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