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  • Ada Magazine - Fall 2010. Subscribe. Contact Us. AEN Media Kit. Homepage in ada. Pizza in ada. Realtors in ada. Restaurants in ada. Storage in ada. — “Homepage " - Ada, Oklahoma”,
  • ADA Resources & Publications. The ADA National Network is your This guide covers the basics of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other disability related laws; published by Southwest ADA Center. — “ADA National Network: Your Resource on the Americans with”,
  • This 28-page booklet is designed to provide military service members who have been seriously wounded in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom a basic understanding of their rights under the ADA and where to turn for additional information and assistance. — “ADA Home Page - - Information and Technical”,
  • Contains nutritional information and resources. Also offers a directory of dietitians. The American Dietetic Association Foundation (ADAF) is the world's largest charitable organization devoted exclusively to nutrition and dietetics. — “American Dietetic Association (ADA)”,
  • Sanctioning body for a nationwide centrally controlled amateur dart league. ADA 2010 Rep of the Year Award. Darts Across the Sea From an American Perspective. Darts Across the Sea An English Perspective. — “ADA - The American Darters Association”,
  • Under Title III of the ADA, all "new construction" (construction, modification or alterations) after the effective date of the ADA (approximately July 1992) must be fully compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act fact that nothing in the ADA amends, overrides or cancels anything in. — “Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • This commitment involves ensuring that those officials responsible for ADA compliance possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to be successful in their duties. It is our hope that this tutorial will open a new frontier for transmitting information and sharing resources. — “ADA Title II Overview and Login”,
  • ADA Document Portal. Welcome. The Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center (DBTAC) - Great Lakes ADA Center's mission is to increase awareness and knowledge with the ultimate goal of achieving voluntary compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. — “DBTAC - Great Lakes ADA Center”,
  • ADA: American Dental Association, Professional and Public resources. Find a dentist in your area. News and Events. Find an ADA member dentist. — “American Dental Association (ADA)”,
  • After pleading poverty, the Ada County commissioners miraculously found enough spare change under their cushions to restore their $250,000 commitment to Allumbaugh House, the local rehabilitative center for substance abuse victims. — “Alan Shealy: Ada County needs to address its double taxation”,
  • Local news for Ada, OK continually updated from thousands of sources on the web. — “Ada News - Topix”,
  • ADA. Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is committed to serving the disabled community visiting its airports. To arrange for needed assistance along a travel route, the passenger should call the ADA Assist Line 48 hours in advance of departure. — “ADA”,
  • Ada has struggled with weight her entire life, and was shy growing up in Gilroy, Her hard work continued at the University of San Francisco, where Ada earned a bachelor's degree in business administration with a focus on. — “Ada - Contestants - The Biggest Loser - NBC Site”,
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to voluntarily comply with the ADA. Definition of Disability under the the ADA. The ADA has a three-part definition of disability that is based on the definition. — “DBTAC: Southeast ADA Center - Americans with Disabilities Act”,
  • ADA-OHIO information, materials and technical assistance are intended solely as informal guidance, and are neither a determination of your legal rights or responsibilities under the Act, nor binding on any agency with enforcement responsibility under the ADA. — “ADA Ohio”, ada-
  • The American Diabetes Association is leading the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fighting for those affected by diabetes. — “American Diabetes Association”,
  • the nation's oldest independent liberal political organization, dedicated to individual liberty and building economic and social justice at home and abroad. ADA Ed Fund holds Post-Election Symposium at Harvard. — “Americans for Democratic Action”,
  • Weather Underground provides weather information for worldwide locations, including current conditions, hourly forecasts, radar and satellite maps. Specialized weather products include severe weather alerts, hurricane tracking, ski and sports. — “Ada, Oklahoma (74820) Conditions & Forecast : Weather Underground”,
  • The ADA National Network provides information, guidance and training The ADA National Network consists of ten Regional ADA National Network Centers located throughout the United States that provides personalized, local assistance to ensure that the ADA is implemented wherever possible. — “ADA Home”,
  • Ada n. A programming language, based on Pascal and developed for the U.S. Department of Defense. [After Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace. — “Ada: Definition from ”,

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  • Les Dawson - Cissie & Ada - Honeymoon Memories... This time Les & Roy are discussing their honeymoons. More of these wonderful clips to come...
  • Les Dawson - Cissie & Ada - Waitress! Les & Roy as tea room ladies! Thanks boys for the many hours of entertainment you provided. RIP Les. It's a great pity these gems are not available on commercial discs. More to follow...
  • Ada Band - Haruskah Ku Mati
  • bracket ft j martins-ada owerri 2009 new songs really nice tune by the one and only bracket l
  • MELINDA ~ ADA BAYANGMU { WITH LYRICS } { SUPER WIDE SCREEN } ╔══╗╔╗ ★★★★★ ╚╗╔╝║║╔═╦╦╦═╗ ╔╝╚╗║╚╣║║║║╩╣ ╚══╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ╔╗╔═╦╗ ║╚╣║║╚╗ ╚═╩═╩═╝ ╔═╗ ★★ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ★★ ║═╬╦╦═╦═╦═╦══╦═╦═╗ ╠═║║║╬║╩╣╔╣║║║╬║║║ ╚═╩═╣╔╩═╩╝╚╩╩╩╩╩╩╝
  • Nea obedi ada - Appiah Kubi, Agya Koo hiplife music
  • AR Rahman - Meherbaan (Ada) High Quality Latest 2008 Hit! ENJOY!! Ripped at 320kpbs..
  • Maps - Ada Ada's cover of Map's by the yeah yeah yeahs.
  • Bio Hazard / Resident Evil 4 Assignment Ada / Ada the Spy No Damage Quick Play
  • Ada Wong: The Worst Spy Ever ---------------------------- Ok, so it's not really a musical more than it is a skit of sorts. A visit to RE2... The good times. Back when plot holes or bad moves were just plain funny, and didn't ruin an entire storyline like SOME current RE games... But anyway! For those who don't know, 'John' is an RE character mentioned in RE1 and RE2. The only picture of him you ever see is in Adas inventory; A special photo item. He is Ada's old boyfriend who *lol spoiler alert Snape kills Dumbledor* she basically used to get inside info on Umbrella. Don't get me wrong here, for some reason I like Ada, even though she is a sneaky little beyotch who toys with hearts and does anything to get what she needs. I think I like her for that soft side that says: "Hey! You know what? I'm gonna fall in love with this rookie guy over a span of 24 hours!" I love it. It's so awesomely awesome. But I could never bring myself to get over the fact that in all the missions we see her on, she insists on using her whole real name. Don't spies usually try to like... not do that? And when Annette says she did a 'background check' on Ada, I imagined her finding something like a Myspace account of Ada's like LAWL hai, I'm Ada Wong and this is mah next mission! So yeah, I don't mean to seem like I'm hatin' on Ada, cause she's ballin'. RE5 on the other hand, can go to hell. But that's another story. Donations: ---------------------------- Visit the site that Annette ...
  • 2009 ADA Partial Tour of ADA Gallery Partial Tour of the ADA Aqua Design Amano Gallery In Japan 21st October 2009 by George Fallon - Aquariums Australia Pty Ltd - Slippery Little Suckers.
  • ADA Workshop 2/6 ADA Workshop held in Malaysia. Special thanks to Slippery Little Suckers who were the organisers.
  • Boards Of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy (HD Unofficial Video) A video I made by editing footage from Planet Earth for the song Dayvan Cowboy by Boards Of Canada. Make sure to watch in High Definition. Enjoy! I just uploaded a video similar to this focusing on the sun if you're interested :)
  • Resident Evil 4 - Assignment Ada W/ Commentary P.2 Part 2 Difficulty Normal Gamecube
  • Les Dawson - Cissie & Ada - New Neighbours This time Les & Roy are spying on their new neighbours across the road! More of these gems to follow....
  • Yahaan - Naam Ada Likhna One of my favourite songs..!
  • Bracket ft J. Martins - Ada Owerri
  • Ada - Lovestoned A Music Video by Mark Kempken / KHM , Jakob Weiß / KHM & Axel-Juhani Redlich /chromatroniks 2009 Lovestoned Remixes now available at
  • Les Dawson - Cissie & Ada - At the Doctor's Surgery Les & Roy again - this time poor Ada has just seen her Doctor! Classic comedy - more to follow...
  • ADA Aqua Design Amano Nature Aquarium Gallery A tour of the Nature Aquarium Gallery in Niigata, Japan. Very professional gallery with over 20 tanks that were designed by Takashi Amano.
  • Geisha - Tak Kan Pernah Ada Lyrics.wmv HO HO HO guys ! Im back . Love this new song from Geisha . Hope you enjoy it . =) Any requests for Indonesia song lyrics ? Well if you want to, send me the title of the song && the band or singer thru PM (personal message). && Dont forget to comment && rate ! oh ya , subscribe as well ! Favorite it ? Sure ! Avril227
  • Les Dawson - Cissie & Ada - The Art Gallery My favourite Cissie & Ada comedy sketch... Les & Roy admiring 'everything' in the art gallery! 'Don't get too close - it might spring at you'... perfect! More to follow...
  • Bracket-Ada Owrri Ft J Martins(Official Video) Here Bracket Gives Us The Brand New Video Of Smash Hit Ada Owerri Ft J Martins Who's Also On The Beat Check It Out
  • ADA....a way of life ADA is the tale of Ayaan, son of a Noble human being Anil Anand, and a Spiritual Mother, Aamina. Ayaan's gentle world is turned upside down when Anil starts receiving death threats if he goes ahead with his testimony against some criminals. The world of moral certainties crumbles in the face of contemporary disarray, as the murder of his father sets Ayaan on a course of revenge and killing against the criminals of Mumbai, as he becomes a contract killer. The conflicted character of Ayaan Anand is a modern tragedy as he becomes part of the criminal stream, even as he searches for truth and happiness. ADA is a film of the moment, as it compels us to re-examine the youth-crime phenomenon in a very poignant and freshly told story.
  • Ada Band - Nyawa Hidupku Nyawa Hidupku
  • NFAK - IS KARAM KA KARO SHUKR KAISE ADA-PART 01 OF 02 Part 01 Of 02 BAZM E SHUBBAN E MUHAMMEDI(Pbuh) Great Qawalli From Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan
  • Ada Bikini Mod for Resident Evil 4 HD Someone requested a new version so here it is. This is a little demo video I made of a mod for the PC version of Resident Evil 4. The quality isn't that good because I had to turn AA off to capture it at 1280x720 and because of youtube encoding, but it's much better than the old one. The mod can be found at: Credit for the mod goes to mariokart64n and mercenario713 (you can find them on the forum linked above)
  • Loda Niemirzanka - Ada! To nie wypada! "Ada! You shouldn't do it!" by Loda Niemirzanka in the same name film from 1936.
  • ADA MP1 MIDI PREAMP Sound Test Ada Mp1 Sound test, through Tc Electronics G Major (for reverb, delay and noise gate), a non tube carvin power amp and a Carvin Legacy 4 X12 cab btw (I forgot to put this on the video) the clean sound has a little bit of compressor on it.
  • Ada - Summer Of Love (Radio Club Song Music 2011) New HIT Single Ada - Summer Of Love (Radio Club Music 2011) New HIT Ada - Summer Of Love (Radio Club Music 2011) New HIT Ada - Summer Of Love (Radio Club Music 2011) New HIT Ada - Summer Of Love (Radio Club Music 2011) New HIT Ada - Summer Of Love (Radio Club Music 2011) New HIT Ada - Summer Of Love (Radio Club Music 2011) New HIT Ada - Summer Of Love (Radio Club Music 2011) New HIT Single 2011 Ada - Summer of love (club version)
  • Michael Mayer.& Tobias Thomas. Ada Maps Ada Maps Micheal Mayer And Tobias Thomas Mix
  • Ada - Cool My Fire (I´m Burning) Ada - Blondie - Cool My Fire fine electro
  • The National Ada Ada dont talk about reasons why you dont want to talk about reasons why you dont wanna talk Now that you got everybody you consider sharp all alone, all together, all together in the dark leave it all up in the air leave it all up in the air leave it all up in the air Ada put the sounds of your house in a song try to be speechless for a minute if you think you gonna faint go out in the hallway let them all have your neck Ada dont stay in the lake too long it lives alone and it barely knows you itll have a nervous breakdown and fall into a thousand pieces around you Stand inside an empty tuxedo with grapes in my mouth waiting for Ada Ada hold onto yourself by the sleeves I think everything counts a little more than we think leave it all up in the air leave it all up in the air leave it all up in the air Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada I can hear the sound of your laugh through the wall Ada dont talk about reasons why you dont want to talk about reasons why you dont wanna talk now that you got everybody you consider sharp all alone, all together, all together in the dark leave it all up in the air leave it all up in the air leave it all up in the air Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada I can hear the sound of your laugh through the wall Ada Ada Ada Ada Ada, Ive been hoping you know your way around The Song: Ada By: The National CD: Boxer
  • Semenjak Ada Dirimu You Must See !!
  • Cinta Ada - Jaclyn Victor/Sheila Majid/Karen Kong (with lyrics on screen) Song by Fred Chong /Lyrics by Asmin Mudin Caller Ringtone Code for Maxis User: Cinta Ada(Verse1) 143328 Cinta Ada(Verse2) 143329 Cinta Ada(Chorus1) 143330 Cinta Ada(Chorus2) 143331 Cinta Ada(Chorus3) 143332 Caller Ringtone Code for CELCOM user: Cinta Ada  67653 Cinta Ada (Verse) 67654
  • Pak Long Selagi Ada Rindu thanx kt u all yg comment lgu nih...... hope u all enjoy dgar lgu nih.......
  • af6 9th konsert - STACY & NUBHAN - Ada Cinta more about Stacy:
  • Ada Milea - Sa injectam slanina in gaina prostilor
  • Uff Teri Ada - Karthik Calling Karthik in HD FULL SONG Please subscribe and comment :)
  • dickykardja: Uupsss.. Kebakaran dong :) RT @SFladyana: Ada api nyamber (´▽`)[email protected]: Sejak dia berpikir positif RT @SFladyana: Sej
  • atom36930066: Di kamusku ga ada kata menyerah yg ada give up
  • SthefaniaU: Awwww comadre <3 yo a ustedes RT @Ada_Lua: @SthefaniaU Te amoo comadreeee
  • 3rasem3: “@F0reignDrugs: "@3rasem3: “@F0reignDrugs: Ada > every1 doe” #str8lykdhat"*train face*”u mean dhissss face?
  • BBCKhi: Active Shia Jawan Shaheed Maqbool Hussain Ki Namaz E Janaza Aj Bad Namaz E Zohrain Old Rizvia Imambargha Me Ada Ki Jaegi. Fwd 2 All
  • AdaYangBAru: Hy... @dimasprakoso_1 mohon waktunya sebentar. Ada yang baru ni. Follow @jingklongg ya. Ada tweet lucu, gokil & unik...
  • ParibanQu: @Karina68tweeter Ɣªª krn ada rasa sayang dan kecocokan mungkin,krn perasaan tdk bisa di bohongi..
  • priliputri1: RT @Balikpapanku: 21.Lalu salah seorang kakak kelas berteriak "ssttt jangan berisik orang shalat",eh tiba" ada ade kelas ada yg nyeletup "kakak aja disolatin"
  • linglingdn: RT @mbeyyesz: Suatu saat akan ada jalan, dimana, cinta akan menuntunmu untukku... Percaya aja sama keajaiban allah...
  • EenHerliani: "@petikanbuku: "Aku pasti bisa melewati semua persoalan, tak ada masalah yang berat selama aku yakin dan tenang" -Pemulihan Jiwa"
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  • SyahiraFitri: @Villelia simsimi kata kau cantik ada anak sorang hahahahaha
  • Bilqismawarf: ... Rt"@maulidaysss: Sering nge save dpnya ka bilqis yang ada krlnya\m/"
  • rheno_fs89: Datangnya Banjir Ada Yg Bilang Anugrah , Ada Jga Yg Bilang Bencana.. Yg Bener Yg Mana ya???
  • wilmanshobara: @nadashofia ada pelajarannya ga hri ini?
  • PashAdityaa: seandai nya mreka tahu, ada pengaruh apa di dlm diri kam? RT @AdeliaAlmorra Mksdnya ªQ biasa (cont)
  • Eric_Istyadi: @yupiiyupay @estukeikoku @DinarHanani : : Kl ada slah, aku minta maaf ya! Dan sukses buat kamu & selalu dalan lindungan dan berkah-Nya!
  • FarryAndik: Pep ke München... Bundesliga juaranya ada 2? Tidak
  • Suchira_13: @T_Naaaa : Aduh, ada yg lagi #mabukCinta nih kayaknya?? Wkwkwk...
  • elly_fera: Ada yg aneh :' di kmu
  • TantriWitantrii: wkwk ntaran jak brngkat mel :D @AyuMeilyani : asdghfjkl harus brangkat skolah sepagi ini ntar nyampe sana juga ga ada org
  • MFaaz: @FrhAzhr lahh yeke? i tak nampak you pun letih i intai tapi tak nampak haha. mana ada lahh -,- hahahahahahaha
  • YBS_Siwon: @YBS_JiJiyeon yaaps, tp kan belom taken, masih ada kesempatan dong
  • dosenssul: Hwhw ada dm
  • AfiskaPS: "@DUNIA_KPOPERS: Bahkan ada juga yang menjadikan foto bias nya jadi foto profil di facebook bahkan jadi avatar di twitter dan sebagainya."
  • fery_cniel: Ada dikulkas.. #eh "@avriel_liani: Pntsn gk ada, mna pin.a fer? "@fery_cniel: @avriel_liani re-invite gue pril.. Ga sengaja ke dellcont..""
  • mezlun: @ariefAG gan, gofar tanya lu lagi dimana? soalnya dia mw ke kosan lu bro. di skr ada di bdg tepatnya di rs hasansadikin lagi nungguin lu..
  • ahmadulilalbab: RT @MerryRiana: Dalam sebuah kepahitan, mungkin ada banyak keindahan yang belum kita sadari. 
  • TamiRaksawinata: Tumben si @pemalasberat gak ada di TL btw ada yg nyariin elu nih si @rereeoktaviani (ʃ⌣ƪ)
  • NadhirahSazali_: RT @MyraFiryal: ouh , lupa *tutup muka pakai kuali* haha . Eh , sch awak ada kain jumaat tak ? RT @NadhirahSazali_: @MyraFiryal sekolah kak........
  • Pe_1811: @ada_oliver @KUVEMUSIC @L_Imaginaria qué nervios!!!
  • Apikkudin: @cewani aku ada bank kat switzerland .payoh nok wak keluor duit
  • rokta: Ya udah , nter kalo ada yang gimana gue tanggung jawab (˘o ˘") .
  • VindyAirina: @tyassmitywerben emang kenapa gaboleh? Cowo emang ada halangannya? :|
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  • Maysarah__: RT @IngatanSekolah: Di kelas pasti aja ada temen yang bisa bikin ketawa ngakak karena tingkahnya.. #IngatanSekolah
  • Denis_rauf: RT @RatuLDR: Ketika komunikasi mulai terhambat, masihkah ada aku yang berkelebat di pikiranmu?
  • tikatkaa: selamat subuh yg ada di TL ☺
  • ZakiyaRahmi9: Dimna2 org lesung pipitnya 2, yg ada ni cuma 1 beda sendiri--"
  • widityaqiwii: Dunia udh kebalik balik emng. Ada saatnya lo KELEWAT bahagia sampe ngelayang layang dan pada saatnya jatoh. Lo kelewat NYUSRUK dan susah bgn
  • arbifahrozy: Bawa baca komik langsung tepar tuh RT @Pramray: Udah ada kok cuy,tapi kalau ngerokoknya Alone kurang apdol nh ...
  • farrel_derlcy: Cara lo mencari perhatian itu basi banget! Norak tau gak, yg ada orang malah jijik sama lo, bukan nya tambah peduli! cuiih.."
  • hellahello: Ga mngkin klo hari ini ga mssuk, ada ulangan biologi sama renang-__-
  • RizkyVebry: Hidup sederhana lebih indah ketimbang hidup serba ada namun penuh hinaan...
  • sitiua: Ooiiohh no !!! Ujan lagi ,, Ada apa dengan Jakarta
  • eviitaa_cha: Hahaha perhatian bgt lh beb gue nieh :D RT @therifine: Hah..? Streess..?? Jgnlah beb.! Gag ada nnti beb q lgi... :( RT eviitaa_cha: @therif
  • Lsiregar_45: @heri_osd @hari_md @ivan_osd RTotomatis Tweet Teratas Favorit Saya Diakhir Bulan Ada Pulsa 50k..Thx #RT
  • iLuuyim: @NadhirahSazali_ haha . Tak pun isi surat cadangan kat sekolah ,"sy rasa sekolah kena ada lif , pasal kkelas sy atas skli , so plis la buat"
  • willy_exe: Ada nemuin sweeter coklat, pny u bkan? Bsok deh tak tanyain anak2 RT @ghantyuwiie: @.willy_exe wil sweter q ad ketinggalan ga di gubuk"
  • Iandatmadibrata: Ape bile ada cacing, ada kail jngan di makan itu umpan. "@FKMUNJA: Aduh mate mimin ni kenape tak mau tiduk #aspalela"
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  • Vincent_Deus: Tq coy @a1deto kalo gak ada lw gak tau nasib gua gimana tadi hahah
  • RusdaaliyaB: RT @NurullitaSeptaH: Haha gapapa da RT @RusdaaliyaB: Hahaa nah kenapa say? "NurullitaSeptaH: Nah RT @RusdaaliyaB: Karena tidak ada orang yang sempurna..."
  • fernidia: Saha hahaha RT @candr_: fernidia @bsyukur tai pagi2 udah ada yg munculin spesiesnya "cetar" +_+
  • thimthamNRG: 40 . Saat kita sedang mengalami kesusahan . Berfikir bahwa allah pasti selalu ada buat kita #berfikirpositif #gurubksmkn50 @dwitagama
  • nisa_mrz1: Sebagian orang telah menikmati indahnya persahabatan, namun ada juga yang begitu hancur karena dikhianati sahabatnya.!
  • dennydebblong: RT @AmiliaMayang: Selalu ada poin +100 buat setiap cowo yg sederhana, manis.
  • shafiqahahmad: @AsrafVii mana ada mana ada :( hahahhaa
  • ghoyakbakero: RT @Handa_Merry: @ghoyakbakero follow @fun_trips dong :) ada paket wisata murah lhooo. persiapan untuk liburan :D Bantu RT yak
  • alidasabilla: @muthijahara @Dilasilvana udah gt aku tunggu gada yg nelpn nlpn gada sms ada jg dr no three gtw siapa baru nyampe skrg pagi pagi
  • MadrasahBunda: Sbda Rasul, apbla dtg suatu hri& tdk btambah ilmuku yg mdkatkanku pd Allah,mk tdk ada kberkhan u/ku dlm tbitx mthari pd hr tu @PejuangSubuh
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  • Ayu_Paramitha: Sy kembali lg, ini ttg vonis hakim yg sdh ada tp tetap menjadi perdebatan krn msing2 punya penguatan tersendiri @dyt_saputra
  • dersyong: @mba_anggun hahahaha iya de , sdh kaka ambil ijasah kaka ko... Masih sibuk nti pas ada senggang kskolah
  • ketutcatur: Gw mah mau mau aja, tapi gak ada yg koordinir -_- paling juga nanti suram bgt wkwkw @fikriiabhi @ferizenith @BChaynof @dimasmuhammadd
  • ngyusup: RT @lewatmana: sebaiknya siapkan waktu untuk arah bandara.ada antrian di exit kamal.selapas itu normal. (via @singmbahurekso)
  • szerlotine: RT @luiza_zerlotine: que foto linda da Ada e suas irmãs
  • MyraFiryal: ouh , lupa *tutup muka pakai kuali* haha . Eh , sch awak ada kain jumaat tak ? RT @NadhirahSazali_: @MyraFiryal sekolah kak........
  • hermawanaza: udah RT @Lsiregar_45: melilavigne @duwi_ajah @hermawanaza RTotomatis Tweet Teratas Favorit Saya Diakhir Bulan Ada Pulsa 50k..Thx #RT
  • TariErly: Shalat subuh nya jgn lupa bang RT @rizaldisandi: Semoga tak ada lagi kesedihan yg tercipta.. Selamat Pagi semua.. #rizalart
  • Indobokepz: #indobokepz Ada yang mau nemenin ni cewe mandi gak gan,,,,,,,,,,, #igo
  • jrs_arra: @vrenza87 RT @kampungperawan: Ini Dia Jalan Tol Atas Laut Yang Ada di Bali
  • FazzzMee: rasa macam nak buang semua pun ada gakk, semua ni macam tak betol jaaaa
  • Indobokepz: #indobokepz Ada yang mau bantu remes gak gan?????????? #igo
  • aamarsupi: @msyhrr @syakircarlito ohh ok ok tkpa . tak td ada mintk tolong dia pass kat achong. dia ckp tknk tido haha
  • RiandaJingga: RT @dewagilangp: Hndk RT"@RiandaJingga: ada ae hndk kaj"@dewagilangp: Fto kita mna mang"@RiandaJingga: #gueemangkeren #banjarmasin #likeforlike acara dede h
  • RyanSevenfold_: RT @ecowpuguh: Didunia ini g ada smuanya yg sempurna.. bgtu jg dg cinta, g ada cinta yg bnr" sempurna jika menikmati kelebihan secara trus menerus.
  • goyangi07: @widey_ Hey! Ayo follow @SajakGalau_ tweetnya keren dan kece badai. Lagi ada kuis iPhone5. Tunggu apalagi buruan follow dan cek FAVnya!
  • SashaNuarisa: RT @dwitasaridwita: bukankah tidak memiliki status tapi memiliki rasa yang sama lebih baik daripada ada status tapi bertepuk sebelah tangan?
  • tyamha: #tbt grandma Ada 106 #rip
  • BellaRWidagda: Hari ini semoga berjalan semestinya ga ada hal buruk yg terjadi, I have a nice day O:)
  • sabriahrazak: Selamat pagi juga. RT"@rizaldisandi: Semoga tak ada lagi kesedihan yg tercipta.. Selamat Pagi semua.. #rizalart"
  • Malcri_ada: :(
  • Eric_Istyadi: @lizakazu @muflihatul_lita @ekoheru87 : Kl ada slah, aku minta maaf ya! Dan sukses buat kamu & selalu dalan lindungan dan berkah-Nya!
  • iweeeeeeeee: Emang kpn amu acih espon ke akuuh? RT @addipamungkas: amunya aja ga ada respon. di hati amu lah :p RT
  • GALEH_: eh. Ada Sinta tuh. :D
  • INDOBARCA_BTG: Eh ada mimin nya IBCS,salam knal dri admin baru haha"@INDOBARCA_BTG: Selamat Hari Jum'at Berkah, semagat sekolah,semagat kuliah,semagat
  • fahmiderashid: Terbaik shial hostel ni, minum kopi dan ada orang jamming sebelah
  • nhadwirat: RT @dwitasaridwita: Pengorbanan adalah menabung kebaikan. Saat kaumencintai tanpa balasan, maka akan ada waktunya kaudicintai tanpa alasan.
  • Lustyoreb: RT @ChoiMamel: Udh telat dftar yg tgl 27, yaudh tgl 10 feb aja di UGM [email protected]: kamu itu ikut? tgl 10 feb juga ada kan di ugm RT @ChoiMamel:
  • RiekaJerry: @POLRES_BPPN Pak, mau tanya.., kalau ada org dpat surat tilang, terus yg pas saat tgl sidang orgnya sakit, apa bisa diwakilkan? Trmksh
  • AfiskaPS: "@DUNIA_KPOPERS: Kalau di handphone minimal ada +30 itu tergantung dari kapasitas memori handphone nya juga sih, hehehe"
  • dedykurniyawan: RT @SemuaFilm: Hukum Newton I : Suatu benda tidak akan berubah sampai ada benda lain yg memaksanya untuk berubah - Cin(t)a
  • dededebon: RT @nickzname: Dunia ini tak lagi sama, hidup ini menjadi asing, aku sedih untuk sesuatu yang tak kutau, aku galau untuk sesuatu yang tak ada. - dee

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