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  • The adzebills or (in Maori) pokoriki (genus Aptornis) were two closely related bird species, the North Island Adzebill, Aptornis otidiformis, and the South Island Adzebill, Aptornis defossor, of the extinct family Aptornithidae. The family was endemic to New Zealand. Restoration. — “Wikipedia:Adzebill - Global Warming Art”,
  • adzebill Californians: I know you mean well, but this quake killed more people than the 1989 Loma Prieta and the 1994 Northridge adzebill I saw pictures. And I have a friend who lives in SF in the emergency housing that was built after that quake, 105 years ago. 3:09 PM Feb 26th via web in reply. — “Tweedie (Proofer3) on Twitter”,
  • Online shopping for Higher Outdoors & Nature Reference Books from a great selection of Books & more at everyday low prices Higher-Level Bird Taxa Restricted to New Zealand: Moa, Kiwi, New Zealand Wren, Adzebill, Turnagridae, Callaeidae, Mohoua, Cnemiornis (Paperback). — “: Higher Outdoors & Nature Reference Books”,
  • intitle: — within title. Adzebill. The adzebills or pokoriki were two closely related bird species, the North Island Adzebill, Aptornis otidiformis, and the South Island Adzebill, Aptornis defossor, of the extinct family Aptornithidae. More at Wikipedia. — “Adzebill at DuckDuckGo”,
  • The adzebills or pokoriki (genus Aptornis) were two closely related bird species, the North Island Adzebill, Aptornis otidiformis, and the South Island Adzebill, Aptornis defossor, of the extinct family Aptornithidae. The family was endemic to New Zealand. Restoration. — “Adzebill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • New Zealand extinct bird, the Adzbill, adzebill, Aptornis otidiformis, found in New Zealand Birds' bird gallery section, includes general information about the bird, taxonomy, description, where to find them and other useful and interesting. — “New Zealand Birds | Birds | Gallery | New Zealand extinct”,
  • Information Designer Mike Dickison specialises in helping other scientists clearly convey the implications of their data. — “Adzebill Information Design”,
  • Adzebill on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more, Sign up and share your playlists. — “Adzebill”,
  • The adzebills (genus Aptornis) were two closely related bird species, the North Island Adzebill, Aptornis otidiformis, and the South Island Adzebill, Aptornis defossor, of the extinct family Aptornithidae. The family was endemic to New Zealand. — “Gruiformes”,
  • North Island Adzebill. Aptornis otidiformis. From the series: Extinct Birds of New North Island Adzebill. Aptornis otidiformis. From the series: Extinct Birds of New. — “North Island Adzebill. Aptornis otidiformis. From the series”,
  • is a search engine for English words. The dictionary used contains more than 577,000 English words. searches for partial words (both crossword solver and part of word), anagrams, palindromes, words in word, and adzebill. — “adz :: Information about adz :: -- Crossword”,
  • The Holocene extinction event is a name customarily given to the widespread, ongoing mass Since AD 1500, 784 extinctions have been documented by the International Union for. — “Holocene extinction event - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Standing about 80 centimetres tall, the North Island adzebill (Aptornis otidiformis) was a large flightless bird with a down-curved bill. The size of the bill suggests that the bird was a predator, possibly eating large invertebrates, lizards, tuatara and nesting birds. — “Extinctions - North Island adzebill - Te Ara Encyclopedia of”,
  • adzebill : Deutsch - Englisch Übersetzungen und Synonyme (BEOLINGUS Online-Dictionary, TU Chemnitz). — “adzebill : Dictionary / Wörterbuch (BEOLINGUS, TU Chemnitz)”, dict.tu-
  • adzebill (plural adzebills) Either of two bird species of the extinct family [edit] Derived terms. North Island Adzebill. South Island Adzebill. — “adzebill - Wiktionary”,
  • Definitions of words for obscure animals adzebill. prehistoric flightless bird of New Zealand. aepyornis. gigantic flightless bird of Madagascar. agouti. tropical rabbit-sized rodent. amberjack. — “Word List: Definitions of Words for Unusual Animals”,
  • List of all the questions and answers posted by 'adzebill' on Yahoo! Answers. — “adzebill's Activity - Yahoo! Answers”,
  • Really two species, the North Island Adzebill and the South Island Adzebill, the Adzebill is part of the extinct family Aptornithidae, and possibly part of the polyphyletic order Gruiformes, which contains such modern birds as cranes and rails. — “new zealand " Homologous Legs”,
  • LibraryThing catalogs yours books online, easily, quickly and for free. Random books from adzebill's library. Early Greece (Fontana History of the Ancient World) by Oswyn Murray. — “Mike (adzebill) | LibraryThing”,
  • 4tradeit - New Zealand's amazing new low cost auctions|classifieds trading website, plus real estate, motor classifieds and jobs. Browse, buy and sell online on NZ owned & all profits to NZ charities. NZ Extinct Birds - Adzebill - 40c - 1996. — “4tradeit .. best new auction site on the web! - New Zealands”,
  • YFrog - Share your images and videos on Twitter! adzebill. Filename: 7en.jpg. Size: 2422Kb. Resolution. 2560 x 1920. Camera used: Panasonic DMC-F2. Orientation: Horizontal (normal). — “Yfrog Photo : /jn7enj - Shared by adzebill”,
  • Welcome to the Adzebill discussion forum. In this forum, you may ask questions, start new discussions, and view existing posts. Click here to create a discussion account. Click on the Subscribe button to receive email notifications each time a new discussion is added to this forum. — “Adzebill Discussion Forum”,

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  • #36 Sunbittern, Eurypyga helias, garza del sol, Sonnenralle The Sunbittern, Eurypyga helias is a bittern-like bird of tropical regions of the Americas, and the sole member of the family Eurypygidae (sometimes spelled Eurypigidae) and genus Eurypyga. The bird has a generally subdued coloration, with fine linear patterns of black, grey and brown. Its remiges however have vividly-colored middle webs, which with wings fully spread show bright eyespots in red, yellow, and black. These are shown to other sunbitterns in courtship and threat displays, or used to startle potential predators. Like some other birds, the Sunbittern has powder down. They build open nests in trees, and lay two eggs with blotched markings. The young are precocial, but remain in the nest for several weeks after hatching.[2] [edit]Distribution and habitat The Sunbittern's range extends from Guatemala to Brazil. The species may also be present in southern Mexico: it has been traditionally reported from the Atlantic slope of Chiapas, but no specimens are known and there have been no recent records.[3] The Sunbittern is normally found foraging on the ground and scratching for insects. [edit]Taxonomy The wing display of the Sunbittern is shared with the Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) of New Caledonia. The Sunbittern is usually placed in the Gruiformes, but this was always considered preliminary. Altogether, the bird is most similar to another enigmatic bird that was provisionally placed in the Gruiformes, the Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus).[4] Molecular studies seem to ...
  • adzebill: @auchmill I enjoyed the Bakewell so much when I read it last year.
  • adzebill: @fiona_jordan This why a basic knowledge of typography should be in any list of graduate attributes.
  • adzebill: RT @fiona_jordan: Dear student, one reason your plagiarising is so obvious is that your essay switches between fonts depending on where you copypasted from.
  • adzebill: RT @bernardchickey: I reckon @FlyAirNZ may be making 10% of its total profit by overcharging on credit card fees domestically
  • ashleigh_young: @adzebill Excellent! Accepted. We don't have our theme tune yet but you can improvise like everyone else.
  • adzebill: @ashleigh_young I volunteer! Can also be a ukulele troubadour and play your theme tunes.
  • adzebill: @Taji3 Actually if you read that link it seems it is, with exemptions under exceptional circumstances (“mental health” the usual one)
  • jeremygroverboy: Apparently most ships that utilised forced conscription were headed to shanghai @adzebill
  • Taji3: @adzebill It is not illegal in NZ
  • LittleCatDesign: RT @adzebill: “It's sometimes easy to forget that abortion is illegal in New Zealand.”
  • RachelRayner: @adzebill Hey, thanks for the shout out! :D
  • adzebill: “It's sometimes easy to forget that abortion is illegal in New Zealand.”
  • Becs: @robbyhickman @AdrienneRewi @adzebill I bite all the time. :-)
  • robbyhickman: @AdrienneRewi true. If someone tried to stuff my adorable little hooves into a cardy I'd bite them, for sure. @Becs @adzebill
  • adzebill: @AdrienneRewi @Becs @robbyhickman A nice Untouched World-style merino jersey, for a docile sheep. Much more sensible, all round.
  • AdrienneRewi: @Becs @robbyhickman @adzebill And who *wouldn't* want to nip when being put into a cardy like that?
  • adzebill: @VikOlliver I'll bet some mummy milk contains even more contaminants.
  • Becs: @robbyhickman @AdrienneRewi @adzebill I can vouch for this. I was bitten on the shoulder by one.
  • VikOlliver: @RachelRayner @adzebill Badly mis-informed,Traditional farmers are often isolated, and that makes them easier to lie to. Look how they vote.
  • robbyhickman: @AdrienneRewi @adzebill wise to have someone hold the ponies' heads as the jerseys are put on. Shetlands are expert nippers.
  • VikOlliver: @adzebill Aksually, people using baby milk instead of Mummy milk may be even closer to the core issue.
  • adzebill: Be grateful that, no matter how badly your day goes, you're unlikely to be sued for being a fraudulent rasta.
  • adzebill: @AdrienneRewi I would actually love to see an art project where we shear sheep and knit jerseys for them out of their own wool.
  • AdrienneRewi: @adzebill Fair Isle is so very Scottish. A plain, monotone Merino vest for our nation's sheep though? Different matter altogether.
  • adzebill: @AdrienneRewi I can't do colourwork yet.
  • Tikorangi: @adzebill Well stated. Could not agree more.
  • adzebill: Notice how National Radio uses Fonterra's strange PR vocabulary? The contaminated milk powder hasn't been "sold": it has "left the shelves."
  • Becs: @adzebill lol. When I used it I was thinking ‘Crap, I hope that’s the right word!’. I blame Alanis Morrisette for confusing me.
  • KevinHague: @adzebill that's a relief
  • AdrienneRewi: Here you go @adzebill, here's a project for you -
  • jofajafa: @adzebill When dairy farms started appearing on the Canterbury plains ~15y ago, it was apparent the industry not focused on sustainability.
  • adzebill: @Becs I'm too frightened of Twitter pedants to ever use the word "ironic" again, but I think this qualifies.
  • RachelRayner: @adzebill Farmers are jerks. *orders a latte*
  • adzebill: And the whole mess came about because farmers are using chemical solutions to compensate for over-fertilising. It's their own fault. #done
  • Becs: @adzebill Meanwhile dairy farmers NZ-wide help to create environmental damage. Ironic really.
  • adzebill: NZ milk powder in China is heavily marketed on our perceived purity and quality control; this is exactly what Fonterra has been dreading.
  • adzebill: "Fonterra has world-class quality assurance testing." = "It took us six months to notice we had DCD in our milk powder."
  • adzebill: "Don't worry—this was back in August: the contaminated milk powder is no longer on the shelves." = "It's long since been drunk by babies."
  • adzebill: Fantastic pro-Fonterra spin on the radio. No commentary from anyone in the milk industry, just the Green Party moaning about cows.
  • jeremygroverboy: @adzebill @scuba_nurse @rachelrayner and animated gifs by drawing different pictures on a card them spinning it on string!
  • adzebill: @scuba_nurse @jeremygroverboy @RachelRayner In my day we made our web pages out of cardboard and cat pictures clipped from magazines.
  • scuba_nurse: @jeremygroverboy @RachelRayner @adzebill like RADICAL, and cowabunga!!
  • jeremygroverboy: @RachelRayner it was a different time. The only way to describe it would be with words fallen from favour @adzebill
  • RachelRayner: @jeremygroverboy Gee, Pops, tell me what it was like when you were a boy? @adzebill
  • jeremygroverboy: @adzebill @rachelrayner cannot think of a cryptic way to say thirty.
  • adzebill: @jeremygroverboy @RachelRayner Depends how old you are, whippersnapper.
  • jeremygroverboy: @adzebill @rachelrayner pop defined as father or grandfather?
  • RachelRayner: @adzebill @jeremygroverboy When the pimp's in the crib ma / Drop it like it's pop / Drop it like it's pop / Drop it like it's pop.
  • adzebill: @jeremygroverboy @RachelRayner Hypothesis: it's no longer a pop song if it's popular with your Pop.
  • jeremygroverboy: @RachelRayner @adzebill I wonder what point the pop gets dropped. Lets write a paper
  • RachelRayner: @adzebill It used to be a pop song, now it is just a song, I think. #Songs @jeremygroverboy
  • adzebill: @jeremygroverboy @RachelRayner Ahem. Octopus’s Garden WAS a pop song. We sang it in school when I was a bairn. Not Radiohead.
  • adzebill: Nicola Toki @naturevision points out that if we substitute "cat" with "gun" we could be in the USA.
  • scuba_nurse: @adzebill @RachelRayner @joshywicks yaaaaaay!
  • RachelRayner: @adzebill Yes! I'm keen for a stash party! @scuba_nurse @joshywicks
  • adzebill: @RachelRayner @scuba_nurse @joshywicks I have a big box of yarn I need to de-stash prior to moving. Stash party?
  • TheAtavism: @HORansome @adzebill Bit like 30 rock's running gag this season "Homonym, the game show"
  • HORansome: @adzebill Potentially hard to answer though. "C. By which I mean "A.""
  • LittleCatDesign: @adzebill but did he get it right? I'd probably be stumped trying to work out the trick.
  • adzebill: The worst game-show question ever.
  • adzebill: RT @sciblogsnz: Do domestic cats really kill native wildlife?: The commentary of the last few days following Dr. Gareth Morgan’s...
  • adzebill: [email protected] It's also nice not having to keep track of when all those public holidays are. Or worry about using up annual leave.
  • vaughndavis: @adzebill Don't forget the absolute freedom to work every hour of every day! Another little-discussed benefit.
  • adzebill: The nice thing about being a freelancer is that you get unlimited sick leave-without-pay.
  • adzebill: That Dominion Post story is literally a cut-and-paste of the @smcnz web page on #catflap. Better than nothing I guess.
  • adzebill: RT @DomPost: Scientists back Morgan's cat call
  • adzebill: RT @smcnz: Cats’ impact on native wildlife – Experts respond: A campaign launched by economist Gareth Morgan to raise aware...
  • adzebill: RT @ShakingStick: Look who's there in the Washington Post. @TheAtavism , in the role of 'sensible reason' in the kitteh debate.
  • adzebill: RT @TheAtavism: Quick post in which I'll probably annoy environmentalists, cat lovers, "the media" and Gareth Morgan
  • adzebill: Unfortunately, summarising my research without using "bird", "weight", or "egg" would be like summarising Inception without saying "dream".
  • adzebill: RT @BehavEcology: I'm torturing the #phdstudents in the lab by making them do an #upgoerfive research summary. Heeheehee.
  • adzebill: A plot summary of Inception using only the 1000 most common English words. #upgoerfive
  • ellen_pickett: @adzebill It did that to me the other day, think the bus driver fancied a short cut.
  • adzebill: Love this @Powershop ad that celebrates how progressive Catholics fought laws that stopped different races marrying.
  • adzebill: RT @toby_etc: Will Gareth Morgan's "Cats To Go" campaign boost, cloud or compromise the goal of a pest-free NZ?
  • Luciajh: @adzebill oh I don't know. @naturevision did a good column on just this topic last year.
  • ronindotca: @Xeronema @adzebill @garethmorgannz ours have always been indoor. Live for a long long time..
  • Xeronema: @adzebill @garethmorgannz How does one stop a cat being free range ? - Tie it up? Keep it inside - forever? Declaw? Electric collar?
  • adzebill: @micheinnz (Exactly.)
  • adzebill: @robbyhickman Probably not, on balance, but it's a complex question, which is why biologists need to be at least _involved_.
  • micheinnz: @adzebill (Helps if his commentary is informed, though.)
  • adzebill: (Was going to tweet snobbily about Dr Morgan sticking to his economics, but that's unfair; he has every right to comment on public science.)
  • scuba_nurse: @jeremygroverboy @adzebill yep. Veeeery frustrating
  • TheAtavism: (and as @adzebill points out, Morgan's website is about as counterproductive as it's possible to be).
  • adzebill: The goal SHOULD be to make it socially frowned-upon to own a free-range cat. Thanks for setting it back 10 years, @garethmorgannz
  • adzebill: At least the basic message—that cats shouldn't be free-range, especially near native bird habitat—isn't being lost in the furore. Yeah.
  • jeremygroverboy: @scuba_nurse @adzebill and as soon as you start a call for actual science it devolves into opinions. Fact based observation > opinion
  • scuba_nurse: @adzebill right!? I'm personally not a big fan of cats for the reason that they are introduced, but I'm damned if I'm sticking my head up!
  • adzebill: @guardianscience Penguins are lethally efficient hunting machines, video revealshttp:///p/3d8et/tf [#vilepenguins]
  • adzebill: Good to see conservation biologists quoted on the impact of domestic cats on native birdlife. No, wait, sorry, just Gareth Morgan and SPCA.
  • AklTransport: @adzebill cool, thanks for letting us know.
  • adzebill: @AklTransport Sorry, didn't take the bus number but it was at Uni opp 6 Symonds St stop 1 minute before I tweeted. 267 via Dom Rd on side.
  • AklTransport: @adzebill do you have the specific bus number (4 digits) or time it was at a certain point? A lot of 267s out there during peak!
  • adzebill: I bailed, but the rest of the passengers didn’t make a peep. Double-check the destination on the bus to confirm I wasn’t hallucinating.
  • adzebill: The 267 Civic Centre bus seems to have forgotten where it’s supposed to go. Last seen heading towards Britomart. @AklTransport
  • adzebill: RT @YearofBelief: "There may be deep truths in religions but these may not be the truths the religions themselves officially proclaim."
  • AHM_studios: RT @adzebill: Want to learn some ukulele? I'm running lessons this Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon. Book at
  • adzebill: Want to learn some ukulele? I'm running lessons this Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon. Book at
  • adzebill: I got 95% in the Australian Citizenship Test. So close. At least I'll always know now why the Governor General needs a fancy pen.
  • danslevin: @laurenbeukes @adzebill Is there an equivalent word for DVDs? I need that.

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  • “I referenced Yellow-eyed Penguins in my last blog but there are many others as well. The Kakapo is not closly related to other parrots and is not only the heaviest parrot but”
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  • “"Rink Rats blog: Oct. 4 "The Final Quarter" www.rhasserinkrats. "RT @adzebill: Final result from the crowd seismometer: 38 guesses, mean 4.8, mode 5.0”
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  • “RT @rdu985fm: Breakfast With Spanky: keeping Bob Parker honest since Jo started enjoying theroom missed the last funding round, or @adzebill and I could have applied for a Centre”
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  • “Home " Planet Rugby Forum " Planet Rugby Chat " Why does South Africa do nothing to protect it's own enviroment? Show: Today's North Island Adzebill, Aptornis otidiformis. South Island Adzebill, Aptornis defossor”
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  • “I was tracking a North Island adzebill when I was attacked by a rabid Hiding in the bushes, I noticed a Whekau owl engaged in a heated discussion on quantum”
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  • “Ryan Allen from Envato announcing http://, a resource for managing your wordpress blog Ukeleles in the house – tks @adzebill. 15 mins. Posted in Schedule | Tagged timetable | 5 Comments. Melissa”
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