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  • On each of two chassis, aggregate as many links into a single aggregated link as the device will support, up to a maximum that shall not exceed For devices that support link aggregation, this test will be repeated with an aggregated link consisting of 8 gigabit Ethernet. — “Network World lab test: High-end enterprise switch/routers”,
  • All projects are based on Microsoft's .NET technologies. Posted by View my complete profile. Links. Aggregated Intelligence WebSite. Search This Blog. Loading. — “Aggregated Intelligence: January 2006”,
  • aggregate (plural aggregates) A mass, assemblage, or sum of particulars; something consisting of elements but considered as a whole. A mass formed by the union of homogeneous particles; – in distinction from a compound, formed by the union of heterogeneous particles. — “aggregate - Wiktionary”,
  • Can't see private threads in the Aggregated view. — “Can't see private threads in the Aggregated view - Forum”,
  • Aggregated Indices Randomization Method (AIRM) is a modification of well-known aggregated indices method being aimed at complex objects multi-criteria estimation under The main advantage of AIRM over other variants of aggregated indices methods is its ability to use non-numeric (ordinal), non. — “Aggregated Indices Randomization Method - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Non-aggregated items and joins. The message "more than 1 of the detail folders users non-aggregated items" means that you must have a numerical item using SUM in one folder and using Detail in the other. It could even be the column that you are joining on. — “Learn Discoverer Blog: Non-aggregated items and joins”,
  • Definition of aggregated from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of aggregated. Pronunciation of aggregated. Definition of the word aggregated. Origin of the word aggregated. — “aggregated - Definition of aggregated at ”,
  • Aggregated Magento eCommerce know-how. Subscribe to a single feed, vote on items and share them with others. — “magento syndicate | aggregated eCommerce know-how”, magento-
  • A signal distribution system for a customizable aggregated musical instrument is described. The signal distribution system interfaces with a plurality of individual musical modules secured in a mounting frame having a plurality of mounting. — “Signal Distribution Within Modular Structures Facilitating”,
  • FreakScore is a weighted average of all aggregated professional and user review scores. FreakScore is a weighted average of all aggregated professional and user review scores. — “Find the Best Card Readers - Reviews, Tests & Ratings”,
  • Amazon FPS Aggregated Payments Quick Start enables you to consolidate multiple transactions, including micro-transactions, into a single, larger transaction and reduce This Quick Start offers prepaid and postpaid mechanisms to aggregate transactions. — “Amazon Payments”,
  • For aggregated Ethernet interfaces only, set the required link speed. speed—For aggregated Ethernet links, you can specify speed in bits per second either as a complete decimal number or as a decimal number followed. — “JUNOS 8.5 Network Interfaces Configuration Guide”,
  • Aggregated definition, formed by the conjunction or collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; total; combined: See more. — “Aggregated | Define Aggregated at ”,
  • The initial aggregated tree representation is built with a level of resolution automatically selected to fit meaningful aggregated representations with an ability to adapt the aggregation level. — “BioMed Central | Full text | Visualization of large influenza”,
  • Definition of aggregated in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of aggregated. Pronunciation of aggregated. Translations of aggregated. aggregated synonyms, aggregated antonyms. Information about aggregated in the free online English dictionary and. — “aggregated - definition of aggregated by the Free Online”,
  • The Collaborative Aggregated Multimedia (CAM) refers to aggregation and composition of individual multimedia contents into a content bundle that may include references to content based services and can be delivered as a semantically coherent. — “ITEA2 - CAM4Home - Project”, cam4home-
  • Examples of AGGREGATE. The Web site aggregates content from many other sites. — “Aggregated - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Definition of aggregated in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is aggregated? Meaning of aggregated as a legal term. What does aggregated mean in law?. — “aggregated legal definition of aggregated. aggregated”, legal-

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  • Towards an aggregated profile of the global OER and OCW audience Developing a profile of our global audience through aggregated surveys of OER and OCW users worldwide. Speakers: Mary Lou Forward, Meena Hwang
  • Yu Nakajima Interview (by Shotaro "Macky" Makisumi), Part 2 Part 1: Questions aggregated from and people in the room. Macky's comment: My Japanese accent comes out a bit when trying to talk more carefully. I get better at translating as the interview goes on. I fleshed out or took liberty with some of the audience questions when translating to Japanese. Filmed August 14th 2011 Camera: Canon HF10 Microphone: AudioTechnica ATR-6550 As per request by Nakajima there are some small cuts. Questions in this part: After the first time you solved the cube did you know you would be successful as you are and did you know you would come this far? After you won Worlds 2007 what did you do with the money? Do you have any siblings and if so do they cube? What is the nature of the Japanese cubing community? What is the role in the community? In 2006-2007 was there a scheduled practice time? What will be your next dress style, hair style? What do you think about your fans? How exactly do you pronounce your name? How do you go in Japan? How should we pronounce your name in English? Do you have any pre-solve or pre-competition rituals that you always do? Are there any Japanese cubers that we haven't heard of that will, to us, "come out of no where"? Where did the numbers 1084 on your YouTube channel come from? What advice would you give to cubers, old or new, who want to get faster? Will you look more into advanced solving systems? Other interests? Do you listen to music while practicing or do you prefer the silence ...
  • Go Paperless in Singapore with GreenPost - Interview with Anand Singh, CEO GreenBills Pte Ltd GreenPost is a breakthrough and patent pending online platform, which successfully aggregates eBills for consumers and businesses in Singapore, and helps save paper and precious trees. I talk to Anand Singh, CEO of GreenBills Pte Ltd which has created this single window bill aggregation and payment solution through GreenPost. For more info read the full story at : Eco WALK the Talk is a global green online community from Asia which makes your step count to save the planet. Its all about eco thoughts, ideas and action for a better world. You may download a free e-book called, A Quicklist of 1001 Steps to Save the Planet. Find us on Facebook Twitter:
  • PAYTRONIC LAUNCHES INDIA'S FIRST AND ONLY USSD BASED AGGREGATED RECHARGE/CASH ACCEPTANCE SERVICE This is the test video for USSD for Paytronic Sales persons to know how easy it is to use USSD
  • Aggregated Investments Model launch at IE Business School IE Business School recently acted as Knowledge Partner for the launch of a new white paper, 'Financing Energy Efficiency Building Retrofits', co-authored by Peter Sweatman, CEO of Climate Strategy & Partners, and Katrina Managan, Fulbright Scholar and International MBA Candidate at IE Business School
  • Clustering Aggregation Google TechTalks March 22, 2006 Aristides Gionis Aristides Gionis received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 2003, and he is currently a senior researcher at the Basic Research Unit of Helsinki Institute of Information Technology. ABSTRACT We consider the following problem: given a set of clusterings, find a clustering that agrees as much as possible with the given clusterings. This problem, clustering aggregation, appears naturally in various contexts. For example,clustering categorical data is an instance of the problem: each categorical variable can be viewed as a clustering of the input rows. Moreover, clustering aggregation can be used as a metaclustering method to improve the...
  • FXCBS Bridge Since inception, FXCBS has consistently strived to maintain the goal of being the industry leader in true ECN STP brokerage services. By tapping into the expertise of our technology partners, we have achieved this goal and are building upon our accomplishments by engaging in minute-to-minute updates in order to maintain our lead amongst the competition. As a result, our current spread offering cannot be matched globally, and our investment in technology has guaranteed extremely low latency, and perfect execution processing. FXCBS has managed to forge partnerships with the top 15 FX Banks, large FCMs and prime brokers in order to facilitate our technology with real time price feeds. These prices are aggregated by FXCBSs Aggregation System resulting in the lowest quote for Buy, and highest quote for Sell thus providing our clients the tightest spreads. Our spreads are often consistently as low as a fraction of a single pip. In order to perfect our business model for our retail clientele, we have developed an in-house bridge from our aggregation systems that directly connects to our MT4 platform therefore enabling MT4 to accept and execute ECN feeds. After years of technological ingenuity, investment and testing, we have achieved the elusive goal of developing the most successful ECN MT4 Bridge available on the market.
  • List Ticker and Aggregator Web Part for MOSS 2007 Websio List Ticker and Aggregator Web Part displays aggregated data from multiple lists and/or sites as scrolled marquee The Web Part supports: 1. Single or multiple list aggregation 2. Cross-site aggregation 3. Filter items by specified fields 4. Filter by Audience 5. Sort by specified field 6. All main browser types
  • LTE-Advanced Demo in Kista, Sweden June 2011 Consumers in Sweden were the first in the world to experience commercial LTE services. In June 2011, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) demonstrated the next step of LTE, known as LTE Advanced, to the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS). The demonstration, held in Kista, Sweden, featured speeds more than 10 times faster than those currently experienced by LTE consumers in Sweden. The system, based on commercial hardware, was operating on a test frequency provided by the PTS. This enabled Ericsson to demonstrate LTE Advanced functionality such as carrier aggregation of 3 x 20MHz (60MHz aggregated) over the air in a mobile environment for the first time. The enhancements introduced with LTE Advanced include carrier aggregation and extended multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) functionality. From a user perspective, this means that information can be retrieved and sent much faster, even when the network is congested. This, in combination with the faster speeds, improves the user experience significantly. The demo system was based on Ericsson's multi-mode, multi-standard radio base station, RBS 6000. Live traffic was streamed between the RBS and a moving van from which network performance could be monitored. In the demonstration, 60MHz of aggregated bandwidth was used, compared to the 20MHz maximum that is currently possible using LTE. In the downlink, 8x8 MIMO was used.
  • Google Places Moderator : Aggregated Reporting of listings Kyle Kazak of Petaluma, California, posted,"Allow the reporting to be aggregated for brands who manage hundreds or thousands of individual locations. Users of the dashboard must go (one by one) to get any insights." Joel Headley, of the Google Places team, takes a few minutes to talk about the feature request and what is currently available.
  • Overview of CQG TFlow® Charting, Part 1 Learn about the features and functionality of CQG's TFlow®. This video covers bid and ask volumes, aggregated TFlow bars, and smoothing aggregation.
  • Half hour and daily aggregated graphs.mp4 Meniscus real time dashboard - half hour and daily consumption graphs
  • Aggregation of gold nanoparticles The intensity of scattered light increases (8 times faster than real time) while the gold nanoparticles aggregate. Take notice of that starts from the center of liquid, instead of the wall of container.
  • NBC Local Media Launches "Feast," an Aggregated Restaurant Ratings Tool SAN FRANCISCO--NBC Local recently launched a beta site called Feast. It combines ratings from top sources including the , Zagat, and Yelp to determine overall rankings of local restaurants. Brian Buchwald, EVP of NBC's Integrated Local Media, explained the website to Daisy Whitney at Beet.TV's San Francisco roundtable last month. He equated Feast to "Rotten Tomatoes for restaurants," but also notes that NBC Local plans to expand the composite ratings function to other categories. The ratings are determined by weighing each review according to source credibility. So far, Feast has been debuted in NY, Miami, Chicago, and LA, with ten more markets in the making. Features on the site include the ability to make lists of "must try" restaurants and share them with friends and up to date blog posts about food news in your city. Feast is a step towards NBC Local Media's goal to offer more lifestyle content on its websites--Buchwald calls it a "game changer." News of the launch was reported last month by Mike Shields at Mediaweek.
  • NetApp-2-N90X Creating Aggregates NetApp video training series from Alterkom and N90X. Showing you how to create Aggregates - Aggregates add a layer of abstraction between the physical disks and the volumes. The idea is simple: allocate a certain number of disks to a big aggregate, which is built on RAID groups just like traditional volumes. However, there is no file system within an aggregate; it is just allocatable space.
  • GigaTALK Talks Technical GigaVUE-TA1 Effective network monitoring and security begins with a properly constructed Visibility Fabric at 1Gb, 10Gb or 40Gb. Link aggregation is beneficial to ensure multiple lower utilized segments are combined into higher utilization Visibility Fabric ports. Many of the 10Gb links that are running in Enterprise networks are averaging only 2-5% utilization. The GigaVUE-TA1 Traffic Aggregation node was designed for networks that have a multitude of low-utilization 10Gb links and need to aggregate traffic into the Visibility Fabric. The GigaVUE-TA1 node aggregates many ports of data together prior to feeding the aggregated traffic into either a GigaVUE G or H Series product where sophisticated Flow Mapping filters create a powerful Visibility Fabric.
  • Audio Device Aggregation on OS X This tutorial shows how to create an aggregate audio device on OS X and use it in Traktor.
  • Going Bush - Plantations and Biodiversity Forestry Tasmania established the Warra Silvicultural Systems Trial (SST) to compare clearfelling with alternative treatments in wet eucalypt forests. An important objective for an alternative harvesting system is that it can maintain and/or more rapidly regain mature forest biodiversity elements compared to clearfelling. A series of long-term studies was therefore established in the Warra SST to monitor important types of forest biodiversity in clearfelling and unlogged forest and in the following alternative silvicultural systems: clearfelling with understorey islands, dispersed retention, and aggregated retention. Some groups were also surveyed in stripfell and small-group selection systems. The research focussed on vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens, birds, ground-active beetles and habitat trees. These biodiversity studies found that alternative silvicultural systems were advantageous for many mature forest biodiversity elements, but the degree of effectiveness varied both among biodiversity groups and among silvicultural systems. Aggregated retention was more effective than dispersed retention or clearfelling with understorey islands at maintaining mature forest species and structures in the coupes for the first three years following harvesting. For example, the aggregates provided relatively undisturbed habitat for many birds with habitat preferences for understorey, mid-storey and canopy layers. Beetle species with preferences for mature-forest were also present ...
  • Susumu Hirasawa - Dustoid (Heavy Sting Version) P-MODEL's new musical arrangements album. It is created for "The Aggregated Past KANGENSHUIGI 8760 HOURS", the 20th anniversary of Susumu Hirasawa's solo debut and the 30th anniversary of P-MODEL's debut. Buy here:
  • Yu Nakajima Interview (by Shotaro "Macky" Makisumi), Part 1 Part 2: Questions aggregated from and people in the room. Macky's comment: My Japanese accent comes out a bit when trying to talk more carefully. I get better at translating as the interview goes on. I fleshed out or took liberty with some of the audience questions when translating to Japanese. Filmed August 14th 2011 Camera: Canon HF10 Microphone: AudioTechnica ATR-6550 As per request by Nakajima there are some small cuts. Questions in this part: Why did you come to the US Nationals? Can you tell us a little bit more about your work? Nakajima you left the cubing world after winning Worlds in 2007, almost at the height of your career why did you decide to quit, and why come back now? How many times have you been out of Japan? What do you think of the US, more specifically Ohio? What is your practice regiment now, and what was it in 2007 and 2008? What do you think about new development in finger tricks that have developed since you left and come back? Are you done with school? Before you came to you US did you realize how much a celebrity you would be seen as here? What do you hope to do with cubing in the coming years? What is your favorite drink? What is with your goatee and your mustache? You had blonde hair, why? Was the one handed world record your most favorite record, you seemed to celebrate the most after it? Some translation supplements: 2:15 not damaged 2:18 (right, I have to know not just the main idea but the exact formulation ...
  • (Old) Schema-Oriented Enterprise Web Services with Flex and AIR An updated version of this video is available at See In this video I show an Adobe AIR application that I created for a client which aggregates schemas from multiple web services and then generates value objects and reference classes. Not discussed is a web service framework that I also created which handles serialization and deserialization between SOAP types and ActionScript value objects. Shared schemas are found in enterprise web services, such as those supported by Tibco server software. PS: After completing the video I realized that I did not make clear that the shared schemas are aggregated from the schemas found in each web service's WSDL. Schemas that are shared amongst several web services may not be fully expressed by any given web service. The value objects and collections for shared schemas are aggregated by pooling all of the value object definitions in each web services' WSDL. WSDL for all web services must have at least one schema definition. The venerable Axis generator is widely used, in fact it is by far the most popular code generator. It was developed without regard to use cases for clients that need to develop models derived from the aggregation of schemas expressed in multiple web services. Most of the code generators and the web services books were written about ten years ago, and since then very little new information has been published.
  • Massive amoebae aggregation and multiple slime molds A starved cell population of 10000s of Dictyostelium cells develops on agar to form a slime mold and eventually a fruiting body (latter not shown). Fluorescence microscopy is used to visualize a ubiquitously expressed GFP-fusion protein. The movie shows how the cells aggregate via chemotaxis and subsequently form slime molds which crawl away.
  • Tasktop - Task Aggregation With Tasktop's Task Federation ( status of development level tasks is aggregated to plan items in Project or another PPM tool. Heterogeneous Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) stacks have become common at large organizations needing to leverage best-of-breed ALM solutions, but they are associated with a major problem: they lack visibility across the development and management activities, due to the lack of integration between competing vendors' solutions, and the brittleness and maintenance problems of point-to-point integrations. Tasktop's Task Federation allows for Task Aggregation and provides the only comprehensive solution for management visibility and traceability, as well as developer productivity, for organizations using heterogeneous ALM stacks. For more information see:
  • The remarkable Squidworm - in situ video of Teuthidodrilus samae Compilation of 5 individual observations including 4 collection events (three with the suction sampler and one collection in the detritus sampler). Ventral view of animal followed by movement of the vehicle to the right around the animal giving a lateral, then dorsal view. The animal is slowly swimming initially and eventually becomes still. The second collection event (that with the detritus sampler) shows the animal at the time when it was disturbed to the point where it lost the aggregated marine snow it was attached to when it was first observed. The aggregated marine snow breaks apart and swirls around the animal and sampler as the animal comes in contact with the sampler canister. This research was published in the journal Royal Society Biology Letters: The remarkable Squidworm is an example of discoveries that await in deep, pelagic habitats,by Dr. Greg Rouse, Dr Karen Joyce Osborn, and Dr Laurence P Madin. The doi link for the article is
  • 7 WordPress Killer Plugins: Episode 5 With the help of the awesome ViScript plugin it is easy for anyone to set an automatically aggregated videoblog, using the main videosharing sites as Youtube and Brightcove. This can perfectly make your life easier to run a 'documentation vlog'.
  • Aggregation For The Nation - Born 1989 Aggregation For The Nation - Born 1989 - Spot The Ex Niners From Their 1989 Station Promo ! This video remembers those halcyon days surrounding the excitement of the start of Aggregated TV in Australia. The date 30th. March 1989 - The place anywhere between North of Wollongong, how far North depended on your receive signal & other equipment, same went for The Southern Highlands Of NSW, down to The ACT & beyond, not forgetting Orange to Dubbo & all points that The Aggregated transmissions would propagate too . It was indeed a historic day, or should I say night as it was Midnight on 30th. March that year rural viewers got to see the sort of TV their Sydney cousins had taken for granted over many years. The three new commercial networks were PRIME, WIN & CAPITAL which joined the long standing ABC. It was an added treat for Big Don to have a little more entertainment while gallivanting around certain parts of NSW & The ACT back then. It was sad that the then Prime Minister, Bordertown Boy RJL Hawke's Labour Government's plan caused so much angst among Commercial TV types as only a few short years after the launch large cost savings & cutbacks were made by TV companies, of course crafty old Hawke & The Labour Government of the day could see many country votes in providing the punters with a greater telly choice. It is also sad to see that the 1989 Channel Nine station promo shows a number of TV Notables no longer with us. One can also see that Nine oozed ratings confidence ...
  • Aggregation of Dictyostelium Discoideum Dictyostelium wild type cells (ax2 background) were imaged with 10x magnification every 30s for 24 hours. During this time, the single cells aggregated and formed fruiting bodies.
  • SQL Aggregation queries using Group By, Sum, Count and Having From SQL Queries Joes 2 Pros (Vol2) ch4.1. Learn up to write aggregated queries.
  • How to Configure Link Aggregation on Juniper EX Switches.mp4
  • Susumu Hirasawa - Tokyo I-Jigen Kudou (東京異次弦空洞) Buy here: The live held in Tokyo Jan 2011 as the grand finale of "The Aggregated Past KANGENSHUGI 8760 HOURS." With Neng and Rang from Phuket Simon Cabaret. Setlist: 01: ART BLIND 02: DUSToid 03: CHEVRON 04: MOTHER 05: Another Day 06: MISSAIL 07: SAIREN*Siren 08: Venus 09: Goes on Ghost 10: Dreaming machine 11: Bandiria Travellers 12: LEAK 13: Solid Air 14: ASHURA CLOCK 15: Pacific Rim Imitation Network 16: ISLAND DOOR (PARANESIAN CIRCLE) -----------------Encore 17: WIRE SELF 18: Luuktung or Daai
  • particle aggregation Direct Numerical Simulation was performed to simulate isotropic turbulent flows with partciles. Micro and nano sized particles were aggregated due to the surrounding Vander Waals force. This simulation was performed by Sasi Kondaraju and Joon Sang Lee of Mechanical Engineering at Wayne State University
  • How to set up aggregated divice like blue snowball in Logic Pro This video shows how to set up a microphone like the blue snowball in logic pro
  • The failure of Neoclassical Macro and the Monetary Circuit Theory Alternative In writing Debunking Economics II, I realized a transcendental truth: neoclassical economists don't understand neoclassical economics. They instead have a superficial, textbook appreciation of their school of thought, which makes it appear coherent. But in fact deep research, often done by neoclassical economists, establishes that the theory is incoherent. I outline one essential aspect of this--the Sonnenschein-Mantel-Debreu conditions--and show that they are a "proof by contradiction" that market demand curves can have any shape at all, and therefore that even a single market can't be modeled by a simple aggregation of the behavior of rational agents--let alone an entire economy. And yet DSGE models treat the entire economy as a single agent (or at best two, whose tastes can be aggregated into demand functions that obey the "Law of Demand", in contradiction of the Sonnenschein-Mantel-Debreu results). I then show the statistical power of the Credit Accelerator explanation of the Great Depression and the Great Recession, outline my Monetary Circuit Theory approach, and show that it can simulate both the Great Moderation and the Great Recession.
  • Avatar DIgi - John Witherspoon aka 63 Cent iTunes thank you. We aggregated / did a digital distribution deal with John Witherspoon aka 63 Cent. Avatar Digi received some prominent placement this week on iTunes for Spoon with a brick on the iTunes Hip Hop/Rap page in the states. Avatar Digi, this is chess not checkers. "U Gotta Coordinate" Spoon
  • Monopoly, aggregated preferences and market power this is basically a response to juniorbaconchee who was so kind to pick up my last 2 videos for a response have a look if you like economics
  • Little Changes, Large Results: 5 Things Marketers Can Do Now with Avinash Kaushik In today's tough economic climate, it's increasingly important for marketers to utilize resources effectively in particular, media dollars in order to maximize ROI. But often times, marketers ignore what's immediately achievable. With the right approach and resources, a downturn can actually provide marketers with real opportunities. Avinash Kaushik will lead a discussion to share the "Top 5 Things Marketers Can Do Now". You'll learn how to implement Avinash's tips for using data-driven insights to guide your marketing message and media strategies immediately. And you'll walk away knowing how to improve marketing efficiency, drive insights into consumer behavior, and generate greater returns on your marketing investments.
  • The Truth About FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) Fish Aggregating Devices (or FADs) are still widely used by tuna fishing fleets throughout the Pacific Ocean despite a (temporary) ban. The use of FADs results in the bycatch of many juvenile and unwanted species contributing to the depletion of fish stocks and threatening vulnerable marine species.
  • Growth by Aggregation: The Utah Variation Originally created for the SIGGRAPH 2006 Electronic Theater, this work come from a study of organic natural forms and their relationship to simple mathematical rules. Influenced by the work of D'Arcy Thompson, Alan Turing and Ernst Haeckel, they study how intricate forms of plant and coral like structures can be created by digital simulation of flow and deposition. Website:

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  • “via: http://forum.xda-/wiki/index.php?title=Samsung_Focus. Samsung Focus Diagnostic Mode To access the diagnostic Aggregated Intelligence WebSite. Search This Blog. Loading Subscribe Now. Subscribe in a reader. Blog Archive”
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  • “David Kane over at Eph Blog posed a question on how to create a feed I recently created a page with aggregated news from Dutch political parties and looked at”
    Aggregated blog and news feeds " DeWitt Clinton,

  • “the independent Swyx community Forums Aggregated Forum. Display threads from: Forum Policy. The discussion forums at Swyx Forum are dedicated to the discussion of Swyx, SwyxWare and related topics. For the benefit of the community and to protect the integrity of swyx-form, please”
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  • “Home > The Blog. Van Jones Predicts Civil War, Blames His "Opponents" today: I am thankful that you read my blog and will try this fun and happy exercise”
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  • “WordPress MU is an interesting platform, because the database schema makes it very difficult to do anything in an aggregated fashion”
    — Creating an Aggregated Blog Feed in WordPress MU - The Geek's,

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  • “The Geoweb Guru - Articles, news, forums, and downloads for the geospatial web in all its forms Blog Roll. Sponsored Links. Aggregated Blog Posts for the Geospatial Web. The following articles have been aggregated from a range of web sites. They have been automatically filtered for”
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