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  • The Alaska Club is a full service family friendly health and fitness center with gym facilities and so much more, including personal training, child care, swim lessons, tennis, racquetball, basketball, high-tech exercise machines, and fitness. — “The Alaska Club”,
  • 11/15/10 Best Warrior competition strengthens Alaska Army National Guard unit | Photos 11/08/10 Alaska National Guardsman perform joint airborne operation | Photos. — “Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs”,
  • Find a wealth of information to plan your Alaska Travel or Alaska vacation including transportation cruises hotels lodges attractions tours activities fishing wildlife communities and more. — “Travel Alaska - Official State of Alaska Travel & Vacation”,
  • Official site for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air Industries. Features flight quick search, web check-in, travel deals, and info on mileage awards plan. — “Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air”,
  • Go- is your Alaska travel and vacation guide with over 5,000 pages of info on hotels, hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, camping, national parks, etc. — “Alaska Travel Vacation and Recreation Guide”, go-
  • Information about the mandatory Alaska Bar and the activities of the Alaska Bar Association. — “Alaska Bar Association”,
  • The AlaskaCam, a live shot looking east on Fourth Avenue in Anchorage, Alaska, toward the beautiful Chugach Range. — “AlaskaCam”,
  • Information about services provided, such as road construction bids and plans, ferry reservations and access, international airports, and general aviation information. — “Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilites”,
  • Open source travel guide to Alaska, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more. Free and reliable advice written by Wikitravellers from around the globe. — “Alaska travel guide - Wikitravel”,
  • The destination for cruising, fishing, traveling or finding a job in Alaska. — “”,
  • Get the latest Alaska News, Weather, Videos and Events right here at KTVA CBS 11 News | Anchorage, Mat-Su Valley, Kenai Peninsula. — “KTVA 11”,
  • Alas definition, (used as an exclamation to express sorrow, grief, pity, concern, or apprehension of evil.) See more. — “Alas | Define Alas at ”,
  • Article containing history, politics, geography, economy, transportation, demographics, social issues, notable Alaskans, colleges and universities, and important cities and towns in Alaska. — “Alaska - Wikipedia”,
  • Governor Sean Parnell expressed disappointment today that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designated more than 187,000 square miles in Alaska as critical habitat for polar Full Story > Governor Parnell Backs Susitna Dam Project. Governor. — “Home, State of Alaska”,
  • Features Alaska travel information and vacation reservations for hotels, tours, and rail tours. Also offers videos, maps, and local advice for Anchorage, Denali, Seward, and Fairbanks. — “”,
  • Alaska information resource links to state homepage, symbols, flags, maps, constitutions, representitives, songs, birds, flowers, trees. — “Alaska State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags Maps Song”, 50
  • Alaska: Modern living on the edge of wilderness. What's special about living in Alaska? Perhaps nowhere else combines the conveniences of the modern age with the freedom and adventure of living on the edge of a vast, unspoiled wilderness as do Anchorage and Alaska. Alaska's a young state. — “Internet Alaska”,
  • Alaska's Volcanoes. Boating Safety Education. Firewise in Alaska (PDF) Project Archaeology Alaska Historical Commission Meeting November 30 in Anchorage. — “Alaska Department of Natural Resources”,
  • The Department of Revenue administers and enforces the state's tax laws and is responsible for collection, accounting, custody, investment and management of all state funds with the exception of revenue that is incidental to a program of. — “Alaska Department of Revenue”,
  • Alaska tourism and travel information such as accommodation, festivals, transport, maps, activities and attractions in Alaska, USA - Lonely Planet. — “Alaska Travel Information and Travel Guide - USA - Lonely Planet”,
  • Alaska ( Abbr. AK or Alas. ) A state of the United States in extreme northwest North America including the Aleutian Islands and Alexander. — “Alaska: Map, History from ”,
  • Choose Best Western Hotels for all your AK accommodations and lodging needs. Plan your Alaska Vacation or Business Trip Today. — “Best Western Alaska Hotels | Reservations, Packages, Deals”,

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  • Alaska Brown Bear Trapped National Geographic researchers trap an Alaskan brown bear for research, and the bear is not at all happy. See All National Geographic Videos
  • Aerial Hunting of Wolves in Alaska (short version) Each year, the state of Alaska permits private citizens to chase down and kill dozens of wolves using low-flying aircraft and high-powered rifles. Find out what you can do to stop this brutal and unnecessary killing.
  • North To Alaska ~ Johnny Horton North To Alaska ~ Johnny Horton The Klondike Gold Rush The Klondike Gold Rush was a frenzy of gold rush immigration to and gold prospecting in the Klondike near Dawson City in the Yukon Territory, Canada, after gold was discovered in the late 19th century. In August 1896, three people led by Skookum Jim Mason (a member of the Tagish nation whose birth name was Keish) headed up the Yukon River from the Carcross area looking for his sister Kate and her husband George Carmack. The party included Skookum Jim, Skookum Jim's cousin known as Dawson Charlie (or sometimes Tagish Charlie) and his nephew Patsy Henderson. After meeting up with George and Kate who were fishing for salmon at the mouth of the Klondike River, they ran into Nova Scotian Robert Henderson who had been mining gold on the Indian River, just south of the Klondike. Henderson told George Carmack about where he was mining and that he did not want any "damn Siwashes" (meaning Indians) near him. The group then headed a few miles up the Klondike River to Rabbit Creek, now Bonanza Creek to hunt moose. On August 16, 1896, the party discovered rich placer gold deposits in Bonanza (Rabbit) Creek. It is now generally accepted that Skookum Jim made the actual discovery, but some accounts say that it was Kate Carmack. George Carmack was officially credited for the discovery because the "discovery" claim was staked in his name. The group agreed to this because they felt that other miners would be reluctant to recognise a ...
  • Sarah Palin and Alaskan Independence Party (AIP) This video shows the connection between Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and the AIP (Alaskan Independence Party)
  • Alaska: Lonely Planet Travel Video Experience Alaska with Lonely Planet author Greg Benchwick. You'll see more than 80 straight days of 24 hours of sunlight giving you plenty of time to admire the icy white landscapes of the Arctic ocean that's been home to the Inupiat people for thousands of years. Special note from Greg: Oops, I called the sealskin boat an 'upiak', but actually it's an 'umiak', 24 hours of sunlight can really mess with your head! Produced by Lonely Planet TV
  • Why Alaska A film about alaska
  • Oil Spill in Alaska Rachel Maddow
  • Alaska, Silence & Solitude - "Alaska Silence & Solitude" is the follow up to "Alone in the Wilderness", filmed about 20 years later. Bob Swerer and Bob Swerer Sr. visit Dick Proenneke at his famous cabin on Twin Lakes where wildlife is still abundant and the scenery is spectacular. Bob Swerer has taken the best footage from Dick's films and he has created 3 videos about Dick, "Alone in the Wilderness", "Alaska, Silence and Solitude" and "The Frozen North". You can purchase all of them in DVD or VHS format from the website.
  • AC/DC - Back In Black "Back in Black" is a song by AC/DC (written mostly by Malcolm Young with co-writer Angus Young), appearing as the first track on side two their 1980 album, Back in Black. Known for its opening guitar riff, the song was AC/DC's tribute to their former singer Bon Scott. It peaked in the US at #37 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1981 and was #51 on Billboard's Top Tracks chart, which debuted in March 1981. "Back in Black" received the RIAA's Master Ringtone Sales Award (Gold and Platinum) in 2006 and reached 2x Platinum status in 2007. The song was ranked #4 by VH1 on their list of the 40 Greatest Metal Songs[1] . It was also ranked #187 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. A number of artists have sampled "Back in Black" without permission from the copyright holders. In 1984 the Beastie Boys sampled "Back in Black" without permission for their song "Rock Hard". In 1999, when they wished to include it on an upcoming CD compilation release, they sought permission but AC/DC refused. Mike D of the Beastie Boys quoted Malcolm Young's reason for refusing as: "'Nothing against you guys, but we just don't endorse sampling.'"[3] Back In Black was also sampled in the 2003 song "Work It" by Nelly. Art Brut usually begin their song "Formed a Band" with the intro to "Back In Black" when they play it live. A recorded version of this can be found on their 2006 "Nag Nag Nag Nag" EP. Eminem released a version of his hit, "My Name Is", with "Back In Black" as the ...
  • Alaska Knows the Real Story of the Bridge to Nowhere A local newscast about Sarah Palin's history on the infamous pork project.
  • Alaska Sorry idk what's wrong with me but I can never keep these short! But I'm in Alaska for the state fair here! It's my first time here so it's coooool. I've been recording this week. Got to spend time in Utah and see my family and hang out with them! Got to see my friends a little bit too. The tour is over for the Summer, but I'm looking forward to the shows in a couple of months!
  • Alaska Nanooks 2010 Hockey Intro - HIGH QUALITY Produced by Mike Martinez Directed by Jon Dorfman and Szymon Weglarski Written by Mike Martinez, Jon Dorfman and Szymon Weglarski Visual FX by HiFi 3D www.hifi3 Character Animation by Shayne Ryan, Roger Aasheim, Sam Crees, Jon Dorfman, Szymon Weglarski Lighting by Szymon Weglarski Modeling by Jon Dorfman Character Rigging by Steve Mann Dynamic simulations and FX by Jon Dorfman and Szymon Weglarski Read about the production at: and
  • Springtime In Alaska ~ Johnny Horton
  • BBC Nature: Mega Tsunami - Alaskan Super Wave - Amazing Survival Two survivors of a Mega Tsunami tell their stories of the day the 1/2km high wave hit Lituya Bay.
  • LaRouche supporter assaulted by Alaska State Fair Security *** If you think YouTube needs a duplicate copy of this exact video, please email me asking permission before hand. Provide your full legal name, YouTube account, contact information, and a description of the manner in which you intend to improve upon or modify the original work. Exact duplicates and works not otherwise improving upon the original will be denied. YouTube simply does not need more than one copy of the same work. Thank you. *** This first day of the 2010 Alaska State Fair starts with sunny skies and a brutal assault by security personnel on a LaRouche supporter who non-violently, though quite vocally, refused to leave the private property of the Alaska State Fair, Inc. At about 5pm Alaska Time, Thursday, August 26, 2010, security personnel approach Sidney Hill, a lone man peacefully displaying an impeach Obama sign near Pioneer Plaza on the Alaska State Fairgrounds in Palmer. Minutes later, a crowd assembles, additional security arrive, and they physically assault the man holding the sign after he refuses to leave. He's taken to the ground with force and detained. An unidentified Alaska State Trooper arrives to physically disperse the crowd, and at several points during the conflict, crowd members yell in support of the demonstrator's right to speak his message. The demonstrator's personal firearm is confiscated by fair security, and he is held captive until Palmer police arrive to escort the man away in cuffs. The state trooper leaves before the police ...
  • Alaska Cruise Highlights Highlights while cruising the Inside passage, southbound, aboard Diamond Princess. 09-08/15-07 her last cruise of the season.
  • First Descent (snowboard) Alaska backcountry Peak 7601 Terje Håkonsen's first descent
  • Naughty Alaskan librarian Alaska makes Craig an honorary citizen The Governor of Alaska sends Craig Ferguson a personal video offering honorary citizenship to the host.
  • Seward Alaska Seward Alaska travel video from Alaska Tour & Travel ( ). For more information or help planning your Alaska vacation including Seward Alaska lodging, tours and transportation as well as Kenai Fjords National Park, Kenai Fjords tours and Kenai Fjords cruises please visit us at or call us at (800)208-0200. Footage provide by Alaska Video Postcards () .
  • Man vs. Wild - Alaska Fishing Salmon Check out Bear's Ten SCARY SURVIVAL moments: Bear Grylls is stranded in Alaska and manages to catch a salmon, which he eats right out of the river.
  • Hand feeding Hummingbirds - Taming The Alaskan Hummingbird A hand fed Hummingbird video that amaze you. These hummingbirds were filmed at our lodge in Alaska. Our lodge in Alaska has TONS of these little birds in the summer. Did you know their hearbeat can be as high as 1200 beats ber minute! Mother nature is amazing! These adorable hummingbirds eat right out of our hands here at the lodge. While setting up the cameras for some more handfeeding, these two little hummingbirds gave us "the shot". Though I love the hummingbirds in Alaska, The majority only arrive after migrating from Mexico. Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere where we could watch baby hummingbirds in their nests. Some of those videos are amazing! NOTE: We don't use red dye anymore. We use 4:1 Water to sugar only. More information about Saltery Lodge: * Sign up for our Saltery Lodge mailing list at * Purchase "the shot" at . * Visit http for more information on the lodge. * Cuise ship visitiors: Consider a day tour at the lodge if you are coming by cruise ship: * Visit our latest creation... ( ) and talk about.... Dogs! Man's BFF. Help get the community started.
  • Anchorage Alaska Anchorage Alaska travel video from Alaska Tour & Travel ( ). For more information or help planning your Alaska vacation including Anchorage Alaska lodging, tours and transportation please visit us at or call us at (800)208-0200. Footage provide by Alaska Video Postcards () .
  • Alaska Fishing - Salmon Halibut LIng Cod - Seward, AK All day charter fishing trip with for multiple species. We got halibut, salmon, ling cod and more all in one day. We also saw a Humpback whale and orca, and enjoyed the Alaska mountains and landscape on a beautiful day. The crew was very knowledgable, friendly, and experienced. They made sure everyone had a good trip. I highly recommend http Alaska Northern Outfitters out of Seward, Alaska! They are the best!
  • Breed All About It - Alaskan Malamute Uncover the history of the Arctic sled dogs named after a native Inuit tribe. During a competition they pull heavy sleds - a skill more important than any other. Learn why, without exercise and firm training, Malamutes become bored and destructive.
  • Cruise Alaska on Holland America Line Imagine standing on your private verandah and watching whales breach and eagles soar. Imagine being among the lucky few to spend a whole day in Glacier Bay National Park. Imagine traveling through Alaska's sublime beauty and frontier ports in unsurpassed luxury and comfort. On Holland America Line's spectacular 7-day Alaska cruise vacations -- imagination meets reality. We offer a greater selection of Alaska cruise itineraries than any other cruise line and are the only cruise line to offer Glacier Bay National Park on all three major cruise itineraries. And our spacious, mid-size ships carry fewer guests ensuring quiet corners and unfettered views.
  • Fairbanks Alaska Fairbanks Alaska travel video from Alaska Tour & Travel ( ). For more information or help planning your Alaska vacation including Fairbanks Alaska lodging, tours and transportation please visit us at or call us at (800)208-0200. Footage provide by Alaska Video Postcards () .
  • Alaska Railroad Alaska Railroad travel video from Alaska Tour & Travel ( ). For more information or help planning your Alaska vacation including Alaska Railroad tours to Seward, Whittier, Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali Park and Fairbanks please visit us at or call us at (800)208-0200. Footage provide by Alaska Video Postcards () .
  • Fairbanks, Alaska Recorded June 13-17, 2000. Fairbanks is the largest city in the Interior region of Alaska, and second largest in the state behind Anchorage. According to 2007 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 34540. The video begins in downtown Fairbanks on the Bridge of Flags over the Chena River. I then spend some time at Golden Heart Plaza, the focal point of which is Malcom Alexander's statue "Unknown First Family" which is "dedicated to all Families past, present and future, and to the indomitable spirit of the people of Alaska's Interior. Next I drive north of the city and view the Alaska Pipeline and Gold Dredge No. 8. The video concludes with a short tour of Alaskaland. From:
  • Man vs. Wild - Alaska Icebergs Check out Bear's Ten SCARY SURVIVAL moments: While stranded in Alaska Bear Grylls tries to maneuver an old boat through the iceberg filled water. The boat starts to take in water and Bearis forced to swim.
  • Glacier Surfing Alaska World champion big wave surfers, Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala rode into surfing history last week when they towed into a monster tsunami created by Child's Glacier in South-Central Alaska. The creator/producer, Ryan Casey, "disovered" the wave in 1995, while on location shooting in Alaska. Then after finishing his last film, Quest, a documentary on big wave surfing, he showed Garrett the wave... that was six months ago. So after a short scout in June, we went up in August to film this... For more information contact: [email protected] or Ryan @ [email protected]
  • 2007 Alaska Cruise You want to see what an Alaskan Cruise is about? E-mail us at [email protected] if you are interested in selecting the perfect Alaska Cruise for you.
  • Mystery, Alaska Trailer Tis a good'un.
  • Looking for Alaska at My High School Read Looking for Alaska: Indian Springs School: It's a really wonderful place to go to high school. In which John Green returns to his high school alma mater, Indian Springs School, to investigate its connections to his first novel, Looking for Alaska. (LfA is set at a fictional school called Culver Creek, but the physical place is very similar to Indian Springs.) Also, he gets stung by a bee.
  • Ravenstoke Alaska The tiny town takes drastic measures to increase its woman to man ratio.
  • ALASKA AIRLINES B737-200 Clips from the ALASKA AIRLINES B737-200 Double DVD (245mins) in the World Air Routes series. You can find out more about this and other DVDs by going to
  • Anchorage, Alaska Some video I took from Anchorage, Alaska set to John Mayer's "Waiting for the World to Change"
  • Losing Alaska Alaska's Arctic coast is eroding at up to 100 feet a year in some places as the warming climate thaws tundra and open water raises waves that pound shores. Researchers from the Univ. of Colorado created a video showing 30 days of erosion. More at
  • Alaskan Black Bear In Our Car An Alaskan black bear climbs through our car door window to get a pack of gold fish and a bit of trash. Comment on this.
  • Alaska_Guide: Alaska_Guide: 35TH FIGHTER WING MAINTAINS PERFECTION AT ALASKA - Military & Aerospace Electronics
  • TedAVieira: TedAVieira: RT @Alaskachic907: Snow creeping down the mountains #Alaska.
  • _2_GO: _2_GO: 2- Cheap Flights 2- Cheap Car Rentals 2- Cheap Hotels 2- Cheap Motels ALASKA
  • BiebersCumUK: BiebersCumUK: RT @alwaysonJbiebs: "Hey" "Hey" "You awake?" "Buddy, it's 4 a.m. What do you think I'm doing?! Riding my unicorn to Alaska?"
  • GlittarBabe: GlittarBabe: I wish i could dye my hair cherry red, move to alaska and completely start over.
  • UltraBieberFan: UltraBieberFan: RT @alwaysonJbiebs: "Hey" "Hey" "You awake?" "Buddy, it's 4 a.m. What do you think I'm doing?! Riding my unicorn to Alaska?"
  • jusShayMarie: jusShayMarie: “@UknoJelila: Alaska weather> Miami Weather” >< Imma stop complaining then! Lol :)
  • 215: 215: World Earthquakes: M 2.7, Kodiak Island region, Alaska M 3.1, Central California M 2.6, Puerto Rico region M 4.8, near the east...
  • DosMasCervezas: DosMasCervezas: RT @RedBrightandTru: William Seward purchased Alaska knowing someday it will someday help secure our nation. #energy #ew #palin
  • bozinatatiana: bozinatatiana: Alaska Photo - National Geographic Photo of the Day:
  • RedBrightandTru: RedBrightandTru: William Seward purchased Alaska knowing someday it will someday help secure our nation. #energy #ew #palin
  • MechaSos: MechaSos: What would it take to get @arminvanbuuren to play Anchorage Alaska?
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  • MahomiesRawk: MahomiesRawk: RT @alwaysonJbiebs: "Hey" "Hey" "You awake?" "Buddy, it's 4 a.m. What do you think I'm doing?! Riding my unicorn to Alaska?"
  • MusicsMyLife18: MusicsMyLife18: "Hey" "Hey" "You awake?" "Buddy, it's 4 a.m. What do you think I'm doing?! Riding my unicorn to Alaska?"
  • edeckers: edeckers: You can drive south from Detroit into Windsor, Canada. Not sure about Alaska.
  • XxKayBaby1xX: XxKayBaby1xX: RT @alwaysonJbiebs: "Hey" "Hey" "You awake?" "Buddy, it's 4 a.m. What do you think I'm doing?! Riding my unicorn to Alaska?"
  • examiner_m8y: examiner_m8y: Top 10 Cities in the US : Anchorage, Alaska #examiner
  • ShopInPJs: ShopInPJs: History Channel DVD: IRT, Dangerous Missions, AxMen, Tougher In Alaska $12.60
  • SwagForMahone: SwagForMahone: RT @alwaysonJbiebs: "Hey" "Hey" "You awake?" "Buddy, it's 4 a.m. What do you think I'm doing?! Riding my unicorn to Alaska?"
  • microskirt: microskirt: @boar Treviolo Detjen posted a photo: blackstone bay alaska submitted by feelemotion thanks; 281.0401
  • UknoJelila: UknoJelila: RT @iiDoWhatiiWant: @UknoJelila i totally wana visit alaska!>> U should
  • Uuyangqulria: Uuyangqulria: Love you Dad from Southwest Alaska to where ever you are in Peru
  • being20: being20: Caterpillar Men's Silverton 6" Lace To Toe Soft Toe Boot: Caterpillar Men's Silverton 6" Lace To Toe Soft Toe Bo...
  • ali_achee: ali_achee: @LizGillies Q: have you ever been to Alaska? :) Pleaseeeee answer xD
  • oneprettilady: oneprettilady: @iAmDelorean you know that piece gone be in Alaska somewhere
  • earthquaketrack: earthquaketrack: Recent Worldwide Earthquake List - USGS : M 2.7, Kodiak Island region, Alaska Full
  • Michael_Anth0ny: Michael_Anth0ny: Ooh I got that white, its Alaska in the summa .. *Juiceman voice*
  • AKnewswire: AKnewswire: 35TH FIGHTER WING MAINTAINS PERFECTION AT ALASKA - Military & Aerospace Electronics #alaska
  • Alasiahill: Alasiahill: I am a bitxh ass hoe and I suck dick ph yeah this Alaska
  • qydsugalb: qydsugalb: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • brxbikerb: brxbikerb: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • gspyinj: gspyinj: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • inmylife4747: inmylife4747: RT @AKRNHSNC: @JulesPSpencer Governor? Of Alaska? You fans are delusional. She's not wanted & she quit for fame & fortune. Give it up already.
  • jhsdaymnm: jhsdaymnm: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • TedKeller: TedKeller: @NastyMcT Thanks for the add! Been to Alaska once, very cool. I assume you know @davesnider is up there now.
  • osadrev: osadrev: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • fishingmaven: fishingmaven: Seized vessel in Alaska shines light on illegal fishing: JUNEAU, Alaska - The recent seizure of a stateless ship...
  • s0phiewelch: s0phiewelch: RT @AllieVogel: @jackjanigian @LaurenCrabill It took me a while but I finally realized that Alaska is not a country #duh #brainfart
  • guruhnurcahyono: guruhnurcahyono: RT @quaked: M 2.6, Kodiak Island region, Alaska: Saturday, October 8, 2011 19:21:17 UTCSaturday, October 8, 2011 11:21:17 A...
  • DonaldDostie: DonaldDostie: @EricDSnider Is this Kathy Chambers governor of Alaska?
  • AKRNHSNC: AKRNHSNC: @JulesPSpencer Governor? Of Alaska? You fans are delusional. She's not wanted & she quit for fame & fortune. Give it up already.
  • quakedater: quakedater: New Earthquake: M 2.7, Kodiak Island region, Alaska: October 08, 2011 19:21:16 GMT
  • quakealerts: quakealerts: #earthquake M 2.7, Kodiak Island region, Alaska: October 08, 2011 19:21:16 GMT #alert
  • SEISMOinfo: SEISMOinfo: #EARTHQUAKE (USGS): M 2.7, Kodiak Island region, Alaska #Past_hour
  • donrearden: donrearden: Alaska Quarterly Review, an amazing journal, with the most stunning covers! Now available on Amazon and as an eBook.
  • JUSTINBIEBERRRD: JUSTINBIEBERRRD: @justinbieber DOSNT NOTICE ME BECAUSE IM NOT SPECIAL AT ALL!:( i just want to see him preform n concert!! but he wnt cme to alaska #iSad
  • wielechowski: wielechowski: Stopped by this morning and met with the Alaska Veterans Organization for Women, who are working to empower the 8,500 women #Veterans in #AK
  • JENNiSHELTON: JENNiSHELTON: Wow! Free Alaska Travel Guide. Get it before it is gone. via @theClothspring
  • sabrinagrande: sabrinagrande: @imallworried lol why alaska?
  • AKDancerEmporiu: AKDancerEmporiu: Looking for something new and fun to do for Halloween with the kids. Check out Alaska Dance Theater's Sorcerer's...
  • okirhav: okirhav: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • Wasilla_Gorilla: Wasilla_Gorilla: (KTUU Alaska) Bicyclist in Critical Condition After Fairview Collision: Anchorage police say a bicyclist who... #AK
  • KristyRGates: KristyRGates: Have a Hearty Meal with Alaska Fishing Resorts: One of most beautiful states in our country is Alaska. The place offers fun activitie...
  • jvoofb: jvoofb: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • LateCruiseNews: LateCruiseNews: Princess Cruises Announces Winners of 2011 Alaska Region Shore Excursion Awards
  • Paeak: Paeak: RT @Paeak: Check this video out -- Paeak Status - "Feeling Evil" via @youtube #Alaska #Anchorage #Thai #bkk
  • uvvamfoaa: uvvamfoaa: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • nicolemason65: nicolemason65: my kitty just ate my leftover ben & jerry baked alaska ice-cream #soodd
  • kiazgrharkness: kiazgrharkness: anchorage alaska escorts Results 1 - 10 of 20 ... Keyword:<<strong>> escorts columbia.</<stro
  • CanadaStore1: CanadaStore1: Indigenous Languages of Alaska: Eskimo-Aleut Languages, Tlingit Language, Tanacross Language, Coast Tsimshian,...
  • InouyeFedro: InouyeFedro: @OBEY_MY_SWAG Tops From Alaska to Wyoming, here is a place to share gardening stories... Fair
  • Claudiedvkst: Claudiedvkst: Alaska Cruises - Enjoy the Cold Weather in the Heat of Summer
  • ujjexcnm: ujjexcnm: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • UknoJelila: UknoJelila: Alaska weather> Miami Weather
  • phatryderekpan: phatryderekpan: Mall shopping with my ~princesses before housewarming. Last night for them before they return to Alaska tomorrow :'(
  • ElmerWoodyard: ElmerWoodyard: @savethebreezy Keep trying From Alaska to Wyoming, here is a place to share gardening stories... Loving
  • s99ofd: s99ofd: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • colmjaubla: colmjaubla: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • JamesJNixon: JamesJNixon: Soldotna surgeon changed by overseas charity work: KENAI, Alaska - Of all Dr. Jason Lattin's patients, she stand...
  • taylorummlacy: taylorummlacy: Southern Alaska tech and Georgia tech in the ACC championship.. Hahaha
  • mangalindak00: mangalindak00: Where To Get Alaska Marriage Records
  • worthtosphere: worthtosphere: Where To Get Alaska Marriage Records
  • membangun: membangun: Where To Get Alaska Marriage Records
  • Nazaruddin1978: Nazaruddin1978: Where To Get Alaska Marriage Records
  • membangunbrsma: membangunbrsma: Where To Get Alaska Marriage Records
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  • Alaskansalmon: Alaskansalmon: Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge: A Fisherman's Dream
  • fbwgirlj: fbwgirlj: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • ILLYCITIZEN: ILLYCITIZEN: Wait. They went home and I'm here alone until 7pm. I'm so ready to move to a different district. Pacific northwest / Alaska sucks. #PRESSED
  • anchorageistops: anchorageistops: Anchorage News: Anchorage man indicted on charges of PFD forgery: JUNEAU, Alaska - A 64-year-old Anchorage man h...
  • khhtanto: khhtanto: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • AprilRDenton: AprilRDenton: I gave @AKMamma +K about Alaska on @klout
  • Brandi_Aliza: Brandi_Aliza: I wonder how it feels living in Alaska . #randomThought
  • PlataformaChile: PlataformaChile: QuakeReports: earthquake: M 2.6, Kodiak Island region, Alaska
  • ujbeyef: ujbeyef: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • jitterymoose: jitterymoose: @priesett @MoonZoo Us, too in Craig Alaska.:-( But, we all got together and watched Destination Moon & First Men on the Mooon & had a blast
  • ak_chloe: ak_chloe: The IKEA catalog has some fantastic ideas for the home. I hope they open a store in Alaska someday!
  • jipnighf: jipnighf: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • xdbgemron: xdbgemron: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • vulgarimplement: vulgarimplement: @ChoonPengz Great job From Alaska to Wyoming, here is a place to share gardening stories... Determined
  • LynneElmira: LynneElmira: RT @AmIndNews: Health of American Indian or Alaska Native Population. #CDC
  • qastatk: qastatk: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • bsthearl: bsthearl: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • uDIGSmySteelo: uDIGSmySteelo: Lastnite wz 1 of the most suckish effin nites i've ever had in Alaska..& Alaska is pretty effin suckish already
  • dhrosen: dhrosen: Just found the gift I bought for @kegluskin in Alaska (2 months ago). Guess safe keeping place I picked was a little too good... #oops
  • hzdflaf: hzdflaf: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers
  • ibxgohaio: ibxgohaio: School preps next generation of rural Alaska farmers

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