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  • The Albanian Language is an Indo-European languages, though its exact origins are uncertain. Interestingly it was not until 19th century that it was conclusively proven of Indo-European origin.There are two main dialects of the Albanian language. — “The Albanian Language”,
  • Information and Resources for Albanian - One of more than 150 languages and dialects translated & interpreted by ALS International. — “Albanian - Language Information & Resources”,
  • Albanian definition, pertaining to Albania, its inhabitants, or their language. See more. — “Albanian | Define Albanian at ”,
  • The Albanian language uses the Latin alphabet. There are 36 letters that correspond to the 36 sounds (7 vowels and 29 consonants) There are two main dialects in Albanian: Gheg or northern dialect and Tosk or southern dialect. — “Learn Albanian Language”,
  • Materials for Teaching and Learning Languages Dictionary Albanian-Spanish / Pablo Nieto. Vocabulary audio / Vocabulary TravLang. Vocabylary Virtual Tourist. Vocabulary single-serving. — “E. L. Easton - Languages - Albanian”,
  • Albanian or Gjuha shqipe is a language spoken by more then six million inhabitants of the western Balkan peninsula (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece) in the south-eastern Europe (Albanians) and by a small number of people in Calabria, southern Italy. Albanian (Gjuha shqipe). — “Albanian language - Definition”,
  • Albanian language Indo-European language spoken by five to six million people in Albania, Kosovo, western Macedonia, and enclaves elsewhere, including. — “Albanian language: Information from ”,
  • The origins of the Albanian people are not definitely known, but data drawn from history and from linguistic, archaeological, and anthropological studies have led to the conclusion that Albanians are the direct descendants of the ancient Illyrians. — “Albanian (people) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • The Ottomans had urbanized the landscape creating new cities, Bazaars, garrisons and Mosques throughout the Albanian regions. The Ottoman period also saw the rising of semi-autonomous Albanian ruled Pashaliks, and Albanians were also an important part of the Ottoman army and Ottoman. — “Albania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Information about Albanians and the lands where they live. — “”,
  • This tutorial will cover the unified version of the language called Standard Albanian, taught in Albania after WWII (which was also taught in Yugoslavia from about 1960 onward). Standard Albanian uses aspects of both Gheg and Tosk and is understood by speakers of any dialect. — “Albanian - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks”,
  • Web Pamje Përditësime Grupe. Rregullime | Hyni. Kërkim i Avancuar Mjetet e Gjuhës. Gjithcka per Google in English ©2010 Google. — “Google”,
  • Buy albanian at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “albanian - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Lydig Avenue in the Bronx is home to the most highly populated Albanian community in New York City. However between 1995 and 1996, Albanian immigration to NYC increased by 154.9%. This is mainly due to the escalating violence in the region of Kosovo. — “Voices of New York”,
  • is a free Albanian SHqip Albanisch Albanes Albanais Albanese online social networking site for bloggers that also provides a free video and photo hosting service allowing users to view, upload, and share videos ,photos. artcles. — “AlbanianMTV”,
  • Albanian is the official language of Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. It is also spoken in small communities in the following countries: Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, United States, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Sweden, Ukraine, EgyptThe. — “Albanian”,
  • " is home of the award winning Albanian Home Page where you will find information about the Albanians and the lands where they live: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and others. also hosts several other sites relevant to Albania and Albanians". — “SEELRC : Albanian Webliography”,
  • Albanian language courses, audio CD, CD ROM, tapes learn, speak, instruction, lessons, dictionary, phrasebook. Easy and fun!. — “Albanian Language Course, Audio CD, Learn, Speak, Instruction”, maps2
  • Albanian Overview - text-based introductory guides to the Albanian language, covering Albanian dialects, the history of Albanian, its classification, Albanian grammar, Albanian vocabulary, Albanian phrases and more (Rating: 6.93 Votes: 1290) Rate this site: 5 6 7 8 9 10 Read Comments (11). — “Learn Albanian - ”,

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  • Kosovo-Albanian Police against Organized Crime
  • King of Queens -Albanian beauty Zana Doug and Carrie try to get Deacon and Kelly to buy the house next door to them, but a couple with eight kids moves in instead. Elsewhere, Danny and Spence become rivals when they try to woo an Albanian beauty. Zana: Sanya Mateyas. Vasili: Steve Franken. Jeff: Cooper Thornton.
  • albanian music musik populora
  • Divorce Albanian Style trailer Divorce Albanian Style trailer Watch it here soon: This is a story about love and separation. It happened in Albania, a small poor country in the Balkans in the sixties of the past century. Through the eyes of a few of the many thousands of people who experienced this extraordinary period, our film tells the story of the families that were forcefully separated by the Communist regime of Enver Hodja - the longest lasting European dictator of the 20th century. When in 1961 Albania broke off relations with Soviet Union, Albanian men married to non-Albanian women were forced to split up with their wives and drive them from their houses. The official reason: fear of espionage. Those who did not obey spent years in prisons. Our film tells the stories of three couples - only three of the many couples of Albanian men married to foreign women.This was their only crime. The executioners of these outrages against them also participate in the film: the prosecutor Pandi Konomi, the investigator Dolores Veliay and the officer of the Albanian secret police "Sigurimi" - Yuli Hilla.
  • Xinxilushe - Albanian Folk Song Xinxilushe - Fatmira Brecani
  • ALBANIAN AIRLINES BAe146-300 Clips from the ALBANIAN DVD (204mins) in the World Air Routes series. You can find out more about this and other DVDs by going to
  • Albania protests turn violent Albania's opposition leader has asked the world not to forget his country, after anti-government protests turned violent, killing at least three people. Tens of thousands of opposition supporters fought riot police in the worst violence in a decade. The prime minister accuses his opponents of trying to trigger a Tunisia-style uprising. Selina Downes reports.
  • Rakia e Kuqe , Albanian music, muzik Shqip the red and black will leave u hopeless Director of Situation: (AAF) AlbanianAgentsFederation. branch of UUF in assisiation with MMM and AAH
  • Albanian Victory Dance An old albanian dance
  • Etno Engjujt - Albanian
  • Albanian rap stars Vs Young O Albanian
  • Albanian Wedding: Madrit & Ajshe Valle Madrit & Ajshe Kurtishi's Wedding Valle- Bride & Groom with Bridesmaids & Ushers. July 5th, 2009
  • Picnic in Albania Not Your Typical Picnic But an ALBANIAN PICNIC!!!
  • Top Gear - Albania Police Car Chase The Top Gear trio rob a bank in Albania, and try to escape the Albanian police. Pic of the cop with the cigarette: s1137 Watch/shiko Top Gear ketu:
  • Eliza Dushku - Regis Philbin Famous Albanians February 12 2009 Eliza Dushku on Live with Regis and Kelly this Morning. Eliza will be promoting Dollhouse as the second guest on Live with Regis and Kelly today Eliza Dushku was born in Watertown, Massachusetts, the daughter of Philip R. Dushku, an administrator and teacher in the Boston Public Schools, and ex-wife Judith "Judy" (née Rasmussen), a political science professor at Suffolk University in Boston.[Dushku's father is Albanian American and her mother is Danish American through both of her grandfathers and English American through both of her grandmothers.Dushku attended Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill, and graduated from Watertown High School. She was raised a Mormon, the faith of her mother (though she is not actively practicing). She has three older brothers: Aaron, Benjamin (Ben) (born February 5, 1976), and Nathaniel (Nate) (born June 8, 1977, in Boston, Massachusetts), the last of whom is a model and actor. Her parents divorced when she was still an infant. In 2005 she visited her father's family in Albania after being personally invited by the president. While there she also visited the Kosovo and got an Albanian Eagle tattooed on the back of her neck.
  • Tirana, Albania Explore the Albanian capital city of Tirana by car and foot, with a side-trip to the beach at Durres.
  • Video of angry riots in Albania: Cars torched, cops stoned, 3 dead In the Albanian capital Tirana, at least three people have been shot dead and several others injured during a rally. Thousands of protesters gathered outside the Prime Minister's office demanding the government step down over corruption allegations. Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds who called for fresh elections. The country has been in a political deadlock since the opposition rejected the result of the ballot two years ago.
  • Famous Albanians - Albanian Celebrities a non-exhaustive list of reknown Albanians outside their native country
  • Eliza Dushku-James Belushi - Albanian late Show Albanian Americans are United States citizens of Albanian ancestry. According to the 2000 US census, there are 113661 Americans of full or partial Albanian descent.List of Albanian Americans John Belushi,James Belushi,Eliza Dushku,Joseph J. DioGuardi,Bill Kovach,Ferid Murad
  • (Albania) Eurovision 2011 - Aurela Gaçe - Feel The Passion HD Aurela Gaçe Feel The Passion. Kenga ime. Eurovision Albanian 2011. Per te shkarkuar kengen MP3 Shqip
  • World in America - Albania (Part 1/2) Season 2 Meet a culture with a desire to seize all of life's offerings -- the Albanian Americans. Whether pursuing their educational aspirations, expressing themselves through vibrant folk dance, or sharing their deeply held values, this community throws all their energy into every endeavor.
  • High Speed Albanian Police Chase - Top Gear Series 16 Episode 3 - BBC Two More on this programme: Testing the speed of the super luxurious Rolls-Royce Ghost and Mercedes S65 AMG, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May decide to rob a bank. But with the Albanian police hot on their heels can the team escape to the ferry in time?
  • Aurela Gace - Feel the Passion (Making Of) - ESC 2011 Albania Eurovision 2011 Albania Aurela Gace - Feel The Passion Behind The Scenes MAKING OF
  • Albania Coach sings Albania!
  • Kosovo Albanians Kick Boxers albanians fighter , kick box , thai box , kosovo , kosova 4 ever ,
  • James Belushi Speaking Albanian
  • Albanian Language Translations teaches you how to learn Albanian with simple translations.
  • Albanian Anthem National Anthem of Albania
  • Welcome 2 Albania music by 1st track Sunshne By Dance Nation 2nd track Supermode - Tell Me Why 3rd track Benny Benassi - Every Single Day
  • Serbia's "Albanian Problem" Graphic evidence of brutality against Albanian civilians in this 1999 Panorama film, "The Killing of Kosovo". Reporter Jane Corbin traces Belgrade's "Operation Horseshoe" ("Potkovica"). A much disputed plan to use the army and paramilitary forces to drive the Albanian population out of Kosovo. Some rare admissions by General Wesley Clark, then NATO Commander Europe. Spring 1999, BBC Panorama
  • Painting the House Red - Albania may 2006 Mayor Edi Rama has transformed Albania's capital from a crumbling, Mafia dominated slum into a vibrant cosmopolitan city. His ideas are shaping Albanian society today. With a bit of careful planning and lots of colourful paint, mayor Edi Rama is revitalising national pride. Gone are Tirana's decrepit grey buildings -- replaced with bright, multicoloured walls and open spaces. "There was a big discussion in the country about the colours", he explains. Tirana has become an architects' Mecca. But questions are being asked about the source of so much new construction money. As Kreshnik Spahiu from the corruption watchdog fears: "Some companies are laundering money through construction." Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • Aurela Gaçe - Feel the Passion Albanian Entry Eurovision 2011
  • World in America- Albania Season 1 They speak one of the oldest languages in Europe. Their culture draws from Muslim and Christian roots. To the United States, they bring a unique experience. Albanian-Americans take center stage-- on this episode of World in America.
  • Obama Dancing on Albanian Music Video editing : making obama dancing on albanian song
  • Aurela Gace - Kenga ime - Albania Eurovision 2011 Composition: Sh. Saraci, Lyrics: Sokol Marsi, Arrangement: Sh. Saraci
  • Discover Albania This Video gives a better idea of the situation of Albania in our days. As you will see, Albania is a very dynamic growing land, with beautiful peaceful people, great nature for the tourists and a stabile economy and security for the investors. Feel free to comment it and if you like it, please recommend it to others that may be interested in visiting or investing in Albania. Copyright:"Net Vision Studio" vision- Original Title:"Albania more than a gateway" Made Possible by: Albinvest GTZ Gruppo EdilCentro Mercedes Benz Auto Star Albania
  • Jews saved by Albanians Albanians that saved Jews
  • Albania - Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Semi Final 1 - BBC Three Juliana Pasha sings Albania's entry, "It's All About You".
  • Dancane17: Stop drunk tweeting and your Albanian ass did not have that much to drink @DenisIsufaj
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  • PeteMcOMG: Spiderland. The coldest. Though GY!BE Albanian on heavy repeat, blasting, is an option.
  • BuyHGHToday: Is Kosovo Albanian? Should it be given Independence?: I don’t think it should from following the history for man...
  • AlbaniaUnitedSC: American-Albanian soccer league play-offs 2nite 8pm kick off game 1.. ..q.k.f vs mass united game 2... dutch masters vs north stars
  • MonicaPalushaj: This guest asked if I was Albanian today.. #thatsafirst that someone guessed I'm something other than arab #thankgod
  • GlassJohn: Shout to @ArditaSatka she's a hot Albanian !! She's a star too !! lol
  • ArditaSatka: @GlassJohn I m Albanian,why don't I get a shootout lol :) just kidding
  • putrimorteza: How to say "I Love You" in 100 Languages - › English – I love you Afrikaans – Ek het jou lief Albanian – Te... http:///x5d1tpty6u
  • AngelinaDezZ: @DealShkrelz LOLL I like the sound of it in Albanian better than English!!
  • HeavenlyJay: Some guy walking past my house sounded like he was rapping in Albanian. He sounded a cross breed between D Double and Alan Carr! lol
  • eurosocialite: I'm obsessed with you RT @drittiebaby: Middle eastern music sounds SO MUCH like Albanian music. Basically... I'm a terrorist.
  • alexmariexlove: i think Albanian guys are highly attractive and i am not just saying that because i'm going out with one, but they really are (:
  • J3PHC0L: @ADk93 nah bullsht is when u go on vaca and end up kidnapped by the albanian mafia
  • coupon4save: ECTACO FlashCards English - Albanian for Nokia coupon: http:///coupons/coupon-l/lingvosoft-coupon.html
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  • rodney_mcphail: Waiting for the Black Chocolate Stouts to chill down, also picked up a bottle of Elector Imperial Red from New Albanian Brewing Co.
  • martingoldie: @sazzy Re: Taken. That movie freaked me out because I moved from Canada to Paris and married an Albanian girl. :-p Good movie though haha.
  • wasswasswass: @SensuousGourmet which European? Swedish, French, Albanian...?
  • Tygermelillie: RT @Yona__: @tygermelillie ohh really :) in Albanian it means "she's ours"
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  • TrishKahle: @thisisbree An Albanian on an American TV show? Please tell me he's not a brutal, woman-beating rapist.
  • MrzStealYeMan: Teaching @ashlovesush6 albanian before our big trip. :)
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  • JoeyPacman422: Forgot anjas dad used to be in the albanian CIA...I wonder if he's ever #killedaman
  • svydal7: Had the best time with Teo and someone we met there and heard us speaking Albanian.He was born in US and spoke Korça dialect #KudosToHim
  • Mechelonian: RT @Andreaoid: #ECHELON: Looking for native speakers in ARMENIAN, ALBANIAN, HAITIAN, VIETNAMESE, TURKISH, BENGALI, ARABIC, HINDU-URDU! Please RT, thank you
  • __ARROGANT: :| RT @SpaceTruckin92: Dead DJ's > live DJ's RT @__ARROGANT: Jamaican/Albanian DJ's >>>>> Palestinian DJ's
  • SpaceTruckin92: Dead DJ's > live DJ's RT @__ARROGANT: Jamaican/Albanian DJ's >>>>> Palestinian DJ's
  • KejsiKuraniJB: Too bad I can't see "Dollhouse" tonight!I'm proud to know that @elizadushku is also Albanian(origin) just like me!
  • xallsouledout: "Do it the Albanian traditional way..." Hahahaha...
  • juruk: @nbccommunity you know that you got Albanian actor to play Serbian character, that actually got Croatian name? "Podvarok" was nice touch :)
  • vasjenkatro: #shqip 5 ALBANIAN PIN-UP POLITICIANS – 5 postera te ndryshem per cdo politikan!
  • leung_mike: " When you have given nothing, ask for nothing Albanian Proverb "
  • FatosMorina: @meritatralala No problem. Your twitter username is really a bit funny in Albanian.
  • vasjenkatro: 5 ALBANIAN PIN-UP POLITICIANS – 5 postera te ndryshem per cdo politikan!
  • donika_dona: I uploaded a YouTube video -- talking in english and albanian to wish celine good luck ...
  • agapenetwork: RT @Rom1520: Pray for Unengaged (no one is reaching them) Unreached Albanian,Tosk of Turkey pop:66,000 Become aware,pray,obey
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  • eventlisting: New Albanian Bottle Release Party (Mar 24 @ The Keg Liquors) via @BankStBrewhouse
  • iDreamingJB: @DianaMSadek Good!! I know albanian, english,italian and a little bit spanish =]

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