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  • Allocutio for the Month of May. The Daily Recitation of the Catena. The second item of the Standing Instruction that we are reflecting on in this year of going back to basics in the Legion is the Catena. Catena is the Latin word for link or chain. — “Legion of Mary Dipolog: Allocutio for the Month of May”,
  • allocution n. A formal and authoritative speech; an address. [Latin allocūtiō, allocūtiōn- , from allocūtus , past participle of alloquī , to speak The term allocutio was used by the ancient Romans for the speech made by a commander to his troops, either before a battle or during it, to. — “allocution: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Allocutio brings you the oppressive atmospheres from the trenches. Allocutio is a nice record but the genre itself has nothing new to offer and so does Surma but Surma can. — “Allocutio press-release”,
  • ALLOCUTIO. CURIAE / PRAESIDIA. LINKS. CONTACT US. 3 ½ Hours a Week. Changed Our Lives My wife and I were looking for something more The answer was inescapable. Mary could! She gave Him to us. We learned that Mary has an Army of Souls highly. — “Legion of Mary Comitium, Archdiocese of Vancouver”,
  • ( Handbook Chapter 18 Section 11: The Allocutio.) Welcome to our Allocutio page. On this page we have links to the Acies talk in March 2009 that our Spiritual Director Fr Paul Churchill gave us and to the allocutios he has given us at our monthly Curia meeting. — “Allocutios”,
  • February 2006. January 2006. Allocutio 2005. December 2005. November 2005 February 2005. January 2005. Allocutio 2004. December 2004. November 2004. — “Allocutio index”,
  • Judas Kiss magazine, dark ambient, noise, alternative reviews. — “JudasKiss - Surma – Allocutio' CD (The Eastern Front)”, monkeyhouse-
  • The Papal Allocutio of March 20, 2004. The March 2004 papal allocutio is the latest and most authoritative statement of the Catholic position on MANH, although it only applies the earlier teaching on MANH to the specific and vexing question of MANH in PVS. — “A Brief Ethical Primer on Medically Assisted Nutrition”,
  • Surma - Allocutio (2008) Style: Martial, Industrial. Year: 2008. Country: Ukraine. Label: The Eastern Front. Catalog: Front 019 Kreuzer + Surma - Viltis (2008) Surma - Allocutio (2008) Compilado Brasileño - Necronomusick II: Obscure. — “Tragedy: Surma - Allocutio (2008)”,
  • Definition of allocution from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of allocution. Pronunciation of allocution. Definition of the word allocution. Origin of the word allocution Origin: L allocutio < alloqui, to speak to < ad-, to + loqui, to speak. — “allocution - Definition of allocution at ”,
  • The teaching of the Holy Father in his allocutio of March 20, this year, will touch our lives significantly. There are issues not fully addressed in this allocutio, such as the role of intention in removing nutrition and hydration, in what the Holy. — “May 14, 2004”,
  • EQM - :: Surma - Allocutio Digifile CD discography reviews MP3 limited edition merchandise vinyl label homepage official website distribution mailorder shop buy Ambient Industrial Dark Gothic Neo-Classical Neo-Folk Darkwave Equilibrium Music. — “- EQM - :: Surma - Allocutio Digifile CD”,
  • Allocutio on "The President of the Praesidium" by Rev. Francis G. Lendacky. Chapter 34 of the handbook describes the duties of praesidium officers, including the Spiritual Director, who on page 210 is called the "very mainspring" of the praesidium. — “Allocutio on”,
  • Concilium Allocutio September 2010 in Allocutio | September 2010 By Fr. The Daily Recitation of the Catena in Allocutio | April 2010 Concilium Allocutio April 2010. — “allocutio - Legion of Mary”,
  • The Legion of Mary is perhaps the most successful lay movement in the Church devoted to the pastoral work of the Catholic Church PENTECOST: IT'S MESSAGE FOR LEGIONARIES ALLOCUTIO BY GERALD CANON HEALY, MAY 2005 SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR, VENERANDA CURIA DUBLIN. — “Allocutios and writings - Legion of Mary Senatus of Ontario”,
  • View translations for "allocutio" allocutio. Choose a language in which to display definitions. show user translations (what's this?) English. encouragement. to. — “View translations for "allocutio"”,
  • allocutio, an address) Online Encyclopedia. Originally appearing in Volume V01, Page 698 of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica. allocutio, an address) Do not copy, download, transfer, or otherwise replicate the site content in whole or in part. Links to. — “ALLOCUTION (Lat. alloc... - Online Information article about”,
  • II Allocutio in urbe "Luanda", ad tertium Congressum Consilii Secretariae Generalis Coetus Specialis pro Africa Synodi Episcoporum, 5, die 9 iun. Paulus VI (EIUSDEM Allocutio Kampalae, in symposio Conferentiam. — “Ecclesia in Africa, Adhortatio apostolica, De Ecclesia in”,
  • Legion of Mary Latin Terms Allocutio. An allocutio is a Short address by the Spiritual Director or the president, given at each Legion Meeting. Auxiliary. An Auxiliary member is someone who supports the Legion work by the daily recitation of the rosary and the Legion prayers. — “Latin Terms used by the Legion of Mary”,
  • Facts about Allocutio de iis quorum Latini incusantur, In his Allocutio de iis quorum Latini incusantur (c. 1090; "Address on Matters for Which the Latins Are Attacked"), Theophylactus sharply criticized his Greek co-religionists for slandering. — “Facts about Allocutio de iis quorum Latini incusantur, as”,
  • Spillane's Allocutio. There is much division in society and a risk that his may happen in he Legion. Spiritual Other Allocutio's by Fr. Spillane. Dependence On Mary. Mary's Legion. Interior Life. Liturgy Of The World. — “Fr. Spillane's Allocutio”,
  • sfsenatus, Legion of Mary, San Francisco Senatus Allocutio at Senatus. About SF Senatus. Contact us. Join the Legion. Links. Monthly Senatus Meeting. Officers of the SF Senatus. Pro Life Calendar. PPC, Stockton, Ca, 2010. — “The San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary”,

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  • Vespers Opening Vespers and Allocutio of His Eminence, Archbishop Mosley, Primate of Traditional Roman Catholic Church.
  • Au revoir - Valéry Giscard d'Estaing - version
  • exojae: @blanche_seize wushu! ikaw pala sa allocutio ha?:p
  • RevivallActu: Zapping: Tous les vœux de Hollande en un discours: VIDÉO - «20 Minutes» a écouté toutes les allocutio... @20Minutes

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  • “I have complained on your blog and to this forum in. the past about their practice of vigorously applauding XVI, "Allocutio ad Romanam Curiam ob omina natalicia," 22 Decembris 2005, Acta Apostolicae Sedis, 98 (2006), pp. 45-52; and Benedictus PP. XVI, "Epistula ad Episcopos Catholicae Ecclesiae”
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