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  • The flawed characters in Hamlet 2 may offend, but they do so amusingly. Tropic Thunder could learn a lot from Hamlet 2: how to make an actor's life relatable to anyone, how to offend with good intentions and, above all, how to make. — “Flawed characters in 'Hamlet 2' offend amusingly - St”,
  • Watch Amusingly videos from all over the internet. — “Amusingly - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • amusingly. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 14 February 2010, at 05:12. Text is available under the. — “amusingly - Wiktionary”,
  • Pat Ryan, Actor: The Toxic Avenger. Tubby character actor Pat Ryan usually portrayed amusingly sleazy fat guys in a handful of enjoyable low-budget pictures made throughout the 80s. Ryan was born on October 29, 1946 in Pennsylvania. He made his. — “Pat Ryan - IMDb”,
  • Don't be fooled by the TV ads or the trailer: "Kick-Ass" is not for the PG-13 crowd. It's rated R for a reason - lots of reasons. There's a fine line between what's amusingly irreverent and what's offensive, and many moviegoers are likely to find "Kick-Ass" crosses it. — “Amusingly twisted 'Kick-Ass' too raw for kids | ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Amusingly - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • TICK EVERY NOW AND THEN AMUSINGLY* These are some genuine translated That Englishmen tick every now and then amusingly, we know not only since steaks with. — “*TICK EVERY NOW AND THEN AMUSINGLY*”,
  • Amusingly Unpopular. Heh. Facebook has a page for people interested in pencil-and-paper role-playing games. Currently there only 14 people who are fans. I am reminded of the famous nerd venn diagram, although I know that low number really only. — “A Maggids Musings: Amusingly Unpopular”,
  • Watch Movies Online shkarko filma falas online shqip te huaj, portokalli 2010, mp3 2010. kenga magjike 2010, filma shqiptare, te huaj shikoni direkt ne internet. rights with buckets of giddily over-the-top blood 'n' guts in sequences that are as gratuitous as they are amusingly ridiculous. — “Filma Online shkarko Filma shqiptar Falas te huaj portokalli 2010”,
  • Definition of amusingly from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of amusingly. Pronunciation of amusingly. Definition of the word amusingly. Origin of the word amusingly. — “amusingly - Definition of amusingly at ”,
  • Definition of amusingly in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of amusingly. Pronunciation of amusingly. Translations of amusingly. amusingly synonyms, amusingly antonyms. Information about amusingly in the free online English dictionary and. — “amusingly - definition of amusingly by the Free Online”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb amusingly has one meaning: Meaning #1 : in an entertaining. — “amusingly: Information from ”,
  • Amusingly Defaced Fire Hydrants. Posted on Wednesday August 26th by Jebediah Reed | 9,866. Oh my goodness, a Super Mario fire hydrant! Hi-lar-ious! Yeah, well, it's summer, and we feel draggy and not capable of much today except looking at lots of silly pictures on the internet. — “Ha! Amusingly Defaced Fire Hydrants " INFRASTRUCTURIST”,
  • Snow White and the Three Stooges (1961): Olympic figure skating champion Carol Heiss stars as Snow White, and the Three Stooges supply their legendary comic antics in this amusingly absurd rendition of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale. In. — “Snow White and the Three Stooges (1961) - Movie Info - Yahoo!”,
  • The APOCRYPHAL MAGGOTS has always endeavored to make readable (short) yet substantial rink mode rat ely . Amusingly Scarry Local Government Reviewer. — “Amusingly Scarry Local Government Reviewer”,
  • Amusingly definition, pleasantly entertaining or diverting: See more. — “Amusingly | Define Amusingly at ”,
  • Amusingly-Shaped, excellent, spiffing Not as odd tasting as Pocari Sweat and not as amusingly named either although it does sound a bit like 'cow piss' I suppose. — “Urban Dictionary: amusingly”,
  • Definition of amusingly in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is amusingly? Meaning of amusingly as a legal term. What does amusingly mean in law?. — “amusingly legal definition of amusingly. amusingly synonyms”, legal-
  • We found 15 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word amusingly: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "amusingly" is defined. General (14 matching dictionaries) amusingly: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of amusingly - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Wrong Turn At Lungfish is amusingly abrasive and empowering in a deeply familiar way. - Sydney Morning Herald Online. — “Wrong Turn At Lungfish - Arts Reviews - Arts - Entertainment”, .au
  • They "present this advice concisely and often amusingly," our reviewer, Dave Barry, said. "Someone once said about WC Fields that he had the rare ability to despise amusingly. — “AMUSINGLY in English - Google Dictionary”,

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  • (Borderlands 2) How To Kill Savages Amusingly and Effectively yes yes yes yes.
  • The Last Stand -- Movie Review The Last Stand (2013) -- Amusingly gratuitous violence. Arnold's back, 6/10. SIGN UP for your free Netflix trial: http:///Jogwheel SAVE $10 ...
  • My Little Boy Amusing Himself My sweet little pet Ferret doing his version of the Moonwalk, I don't know why he loves doing this so much LOL.
  • 911 Update 2012 Amusingly Explained!
  • Amusingly complex machine pops a balloon in 300 steps The engineering whizzes at the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers have set a world record for the largest Rube Goldberg machine with their 300-step dev...
  • Zoo Banter 21 -- Amusingly goofy reptile
  • Amusingly Unorganized 3DS Review ft Raskas
  • Nataaans - Amusingly Yeah! this was so made by my awesome seriousness :3 If you listen carefully you will here that it´s a little reggae style over it!
  • A Trip to Canada's Wonderland - Amusingly Insane and Insanely Amusing Place On Aug. 21, 2003, Daniel turned nine. 25 days later, on Sept. 15 (his grandpa's birthday) we went to Wonderland. How do NORMAL people survive this place?
  • Amusingly Lame Looks like fun right?
  • [FANCAM] 070811 B1A4 in Singapore - Cute Sandeul looking at the food amusingly Cute Sandeul is cute~! :) Look at how cute is he when he's looking at the foods. And he's using his tongue to somehow clean his teeth. Awww~~~ Cute! (*o*) Th...
  • ChonkyBeatz & Stale Dale (amusingly stupid) The prequal to the lambrini beatbox . This is what happend before our lambrini beatbox session!!!
  • Смешно и забавно / Funny and amusingly / 4 (WATTS 2013) Подборка приколов и смешных видео WATTS ZAP на Евроспорте 2013 A selection of jokes and funny videos WATTS ZAP on Eurosport 2013 04.02.2013 26.02.2013.
  • My 1st 'just-try-try' Video (It's amusingly stupid. U've been warned).mp4 My office room is on progress of renovating. Today it's the 'wiring' progress. Whilst those workers were out to lunch, i just thought i film my room so once ...
  • Extract From Captain Stormfield's Visit To Heaven - Mark Twain Extract From Captain Stormfield's Visit To Heaven (novella) by Mark Twain Twain's witty vision of what heaven "is really like" is told from the point of view...
  • amusingly disobedient.MOD
  • Tess buries her bone (amusingly but inefficiently) I always thought dogs dug a hole before burying their bone. Or maybe I saw it in a cartoon once.
  • Africa Screams When bookseller Buzz cons Diana into thinking fellow bookseller Stanley knows a great deal about Africa they are abducted and ordered to lead Diana and her henchmen to an African tribe. After encounters with lion tamers, giant apes and a wild river, Buzz returns to America. Stanley finds diamonds and buys the store they once worked for, hiring Buzz as its elevator operator.
  • Sonic Colors #1: Amusingly good game, FIRST OF ALL, let me profusely apologize for the really bad sound quality of my voice. There were a couple of reasons that factored into the bad voice record...
  • Shamelessly (But Amusingly?) Promoting Links to Promo Videos for Wait Until Dark Promo Video 1: http:///watch?v=rHuSrPSGO-g Promo Video 2: http:///watch?v=drwQPj_PD7k...
  • Cat Responds Amusingly To Classical Music I put on classical music and filmed Tybalt playing while it did, he appeared influenced by the rhythm, his movements somewhat recalling those of a human dancer.
  • Charlie Brooker rants amusingly about Gaddafi
  • Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy A recruiting video of the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy. 23 minutes long and very amusingly produced. Excellent viewing. This is the same video I...
  • Day of the Boomer Dukes - Frederik Pohl Day of the Boomer Dukes (short story) by Frederik Pohl "Just as medicine is not a science, but rather an art--a device, practised in a scientific manner, in ...
  • Mufasa & Nitro tearing amusingly next to each other.wmv
  • Lika Shubitidze (Kolaj) by Dachi Darchia, Basa Samkharadze Lika Shubitidze, Dachi Darchia, Basa Samkharadze, Kolaj, Video Klip, Georgian Klip, Carol, ლიკა შუბითიძე, დაჩი დარჩია, ბასა სამხარაძე, საქართველო, ქართული კლ...
  • S T A L K E R Of ITZ and amusingly suicidal AI
  • Bawami Velocity-scaling Bug [rev 106 preview] Testing a new feature to scale volume of notes received via MIDI input. Accidentally, it scales many other things, too. Such as pitch-bend sensitivity and re...
  • Toradora! - Amusingly Confusing Scene Wow, I've really been neglecting my Youtube account. I guess until I can think of something to upload, you can watch this.
  • Harrison Ford's Priceless 'Star Wars' VII Response In addition to the new film '42,' Harrison Ford is filling his plate with a number of new projects, including roles in 'Anchorman 2,' 'Ender's Game,' 'Parano...
  • Amusingly Animal A video I made while I was in Costa Rica, including spider monkeys (yes, they do actually exist)
  • Thingyman amusingly drunk impressing random lady.
  • Shatner Dances the Night Away - $25,000 Pyramid, 1974 In one of his earliest appearances on the Pyramid, William Shatner gives it his all, very amusingly and only as Bill Shatner can, in a category about dances....
  • PSEC - 2011 - Amusingly Ironic Discernment DOWNLOADS!!!!! SEE THIS SECTION! CLICK CLICK!!!! PSEC version involving some discernment related comedy :) As if Menards running Windows 98 isn't funny enoug...
  • Birds Amusingly Training Humans! Bali Safari & Marine Park - Part 1 As part of our Bali Tour, we visited the Bali Safari & Marine Park recently and watched how the bird trainers were trained up. This round, it was the birds t...
  • Toddler amusingly discovers water spray bottles and gets it in the face!! The idea was to learn how to use it to spray daddy, but my little boy was obviously enjoying the fact that by pressing the lever he was getting soaked himself, but could not really work out...
  • amusingly [Toknao - learn and teach English pronunciation] 发音 उच्चारण произношение لفظ amusingly This video provides a visual aid for the pronunciation of the word AMUSINGLY . Visit http:// for more info. Este video ofrece una ayu...
  • Amusingly Broken UDK ball project Comicly broken "player as a ball" project in UDK.
  • Смешно и забавно / Funny and amusingly / 5 (WATTS 2013) Подборка приколов и смешных видео WATTS ZAP на Евроспорте 2013 A selection of jokes and funny videos WATTS ZAP on Eurosport 2013 11.02.2013 - CAN.
  • SeenSaid: Whatever PRIMER is doing/did/will do, profound or amusingly puzzling, I have to admire its consistent and resourceful production value.
  • jordan_legit: well, its been awhile. amusingly enough, very little has changed. or rather, everything has changed full circle. i think.
  • MrLeePerry: This is both infuriating and amusingly written, check it out. "Stop shooting wolves, you maniacs!"
  • balcaen: @radballs maybe, where's it at/will it be awesome/amusingly awkward?
  • molesworth_1: Amusingly, a local Labour MP is being unreservedly locquacious on Twitter tonight. I foresee a tabloid furore & a meeting with the whips.
  • DanielOlsn: I made some maths about my project yesterday and it proved its feasibility. Amusingly enough its the same tactic I used as a kid.
  • Goldkin: @Terrana To "pick up veggie chips," amusingly enough!
  • rlwood1: @JustAnotherMo Great. That means you're going to unfollow me! But I'm amusingly insane!
  • RandallJSanders: @Katie_H7 amusingly enough, both started behind schedule this year
  • jackfrost_mom: @freacls *smiles amusingly* Cookies shaped into snowballs?
  • jzeitler: Aaaaaaand Gem/ma have just crossed from “amusingly insane” to “WTF is WRONG with you two?!?!!” #RPM
  • PrincelyCurry: @Cake_Thief_ (( wah.! Ni-chaaan~ //flails. )) .. //amusingly watches.
  • avidbiologist: It turns out work days go a lot more quickly and amusingly if you 1. actually leave your desk for lunch and 2. write fanfiction on the side.
  • TMSJay: Using the official "sound of doom" voiceover guy? @DanBHarris is (amusingly) serious about his #cat concerns. @ABCWorldNews
  • concettafan1: @foxnewspolitics @janawinter I'd like to see that, but I think I'd rather see him play football. He throws very "amusingly."
  • ricketyoldshack: @boostkilla amusingly, I prefer Jesse more, but can do vocals closer to Howard's.
  • robcmorgan: @drivasperez: Thought you were talking about Prometheus, amusingly. @SteveEustice @MikeMcQuaid It’s really boring. But it looks nice.”
  • dbrady: @xunker Heh. Actually I'm amusingly pondering that if I have enough information to stitch the data, doing so would be a DRY violation.
  • alsdjtweets: Amusingly Offensive Time Capsule of the Day
  • GoonerBear93: @BerryGunner8 I like Santos as a person, he seems like a nice guy. Just being a nice guy and amusingly chubby doesn't make you good enough
  • ChrissieBeads: Watching a thing for last night. The presenter is amusingly dire #TakeOffYourShades
  • 2starsandaswirl: @deborabora amusingly earlier I was trying to tweet you @ bitoffluff. But that's erm not you :-/
  • CFSalgado: Glibbery I mean, come on! Somebody follow my blog. It's at least amusingly BAD poetry-like babble!
  • suzyqoo: @gmartin yes! Productivity is happening! Amusingly, was just planning on sending you a fb message before it disappeared!
  • Philip_D_Conrad: Nothing can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own. (Sidney J. Harris) (
  • iGullible: Aww my iPhone and ipad are on the same battery, how amusingly cute
  • DickLaw1: @JamieDalton82 Ha. It's a sad day when the thought of Dick is no longer funny. Gone from amusingly incompetent to infuriatingly incompetent.
  • justplainandy: @Sobtanian @al4omega and more amusingly:
  • rhyannonjanet: Aww my iPhone and ipad are on the same battery, how amusingly cute
  • IshaanRahman: Jamie Redknapp is amusingly biased towards us
  • bazscott: Amusingly some of the BB10 interface looks EXACTLY like an app I'm working on - in gesture and look :)
  • FreyaNiamh: @jen94smith hard cheese - as barnaby amusingly said
  • now__voyager: @That_Athena they did an excellent version of Purple Rain & also amusingly At The Hop
  • AliPitt: I've been saying and practicing these ideas for years (albeit not as amusingly or artistically)!
  • ANJAELIQUE: 24/7 shay im always high [email protected]: lmaoo Angel is just amusingly watching <3 she's probably high.
  • ANJAELIQUE: RT @cojjeewifey: lmaoo Angel is just amusingly watching <3 she's probably high.
  • adam807: @nprmonkeysee I mean, he can be douchey, but he's pretty self-aware about it, and the others will always amusingly call him on it.
  • cojjeewifey: lmaoo Angel is just amusingly watching <3 she's probably high.
  • _DiannBrace: @_fugefam hahaha I found that' amusingly funny-.-:*
  • cakepopprincess: Rather amusingly, I have just received a spam email from someone whose email address begins with ianpcfixer #blindleadingtheblind
  • patituna: also hiroto was amusingly so pissed in that scene
  • AllieMic: To gawkers at OHouse: no, my gender does not affect my ability to drive that truck. Thanks for your amusingly judgmental facial expressions.
  • TheGagaGleek: RT @Popjustice: Amusingly, Lady Gaga just waited for the start of a Madonna webcast, then announced her new film role. 'LOL'
  • jocelyn_lai: Amusingly accurate portrayal of our advertising lives.
  • nidonocu: @MrAdcro @RizzoRattie Amusingly no, they stop at 365 and then restart at 400. XD
  • markmacd: "amusingly written" "charm and depth to match" RT @Jkooza: Game Trailers loves Skulls of the Shogun! Great video review
  • RantingBusKid: Amusingly, almost every frame of Google Streetview at the Fox Run Mall has a shot of a COAST bus in it from several different times
  • WelshPixie: @Erengir Girl. Thanks ^.^ Amusingly her name is Pookie ;p
  • stef: @BillMorrow @joannasaurusrex amusingly @paulbirch99 got carried away with that idea and is investing in a tshirt startup… no joke!
  • nerds_feather: @PhilippeDuhart Scroll down to the bit about the "generally positive, amusingly written but patronizing review"
  • xykotujofid: Both of these weaknesses revealed themselves very amusingly.
  • TheImbecileSam: Some people are amusingly hypocritical :')
  • ronaldsprague: @IngrahamAngle And the #Hispanics look on amusingly...Remember..The 3rd magic word is WIN..
  • Mogotsi: RT @MaryCorrigall: Murray's image: Rainbow over Nkandla - its rather amusingly from the Made in China series @Stevenson_JHB
  • stellabelle: RT @sbadsgood: Adults Amusingly Transformed Into Their Childlike State -
  • furrpurr_: @syakirhanis true that. the video is just amusingly disturbing hahah
  • Davegalpin: I'm in Ikea AGAIN. Amusingly Knowing Me, Knowing you by ABBA can be heard over the PA. #fb
  • MaryCorrigall: Murray's image: Rainbow over Nkandla - its rather amusingly from the Made in China series @Stevenson_JHB
  • YG_Mitchell: Amusingly dismissive things from people too cool for sports like "Go sports team!" and "score a football!" and "Generic sports fun!"
  • lozzie87: @guardianmusic Ooh Stick You by Daphne & Celeste, then: amusingly obnoxious, now: incredibly nauseating.
  • cekbrooks: @tomrussell666 Amusingly, my taxi driver and I were just talking about The Venue. Kharma or what?
  • MusicEditorcouk: @suzyredrec and you thought of me because…I have a problem? Amusingly I've just been snacking on the unfermented @AbbeyRoad grapes
  • jemwhale: But most amusingly Jenson retorts a logical question by referencing 'famous Chinese advice'. Brilliant. @RichardDawkins
  • thepubgeek: @DouglsGL Yes. They amusingly explained that it's not from Cornwall.
  • GrindhouseDave: @FilmLandEmpire Plus I just can't dislike cute and goofy Chow. It's been too long since I saw him so amusingly mug.
  • LDNStreetGames: Which words have you heard amusingly mispronounced?
  • insomniamud: Von bek morks amusingly.
  • marlespo: This tweet wanted to be about something amusingly disgusting. Instead? It is about thick sliced white Hovis with shredded cheddar.
  • BristolBillyBob: Rather amusingly, I'll be seeing Sleeping Beauty twice in as many weeks. Suspect they'll be v different though...
  • 7lusus4: @OxfordWords Amusingly, the geek/nerd article was posted on my birthday. #NerdCore
  • brave_ivf_mama: @Want2bMummy had it above and below my belly button (and amusingly they didn't line up!). not hair.
  • Baalkeeg: @ANI_news #MaheshBhat If at 50+ #KamalHaasan behaves like a child then you must be an infant! Amusingly #funny!!
  • The_Greedy_Pig: Amusingly @DFS_Ltd seem to be sending their fruit and veg to The Greedy Badger! Stu can be as grumpy as...
  • utau_remu: @utau_gyuhwa Ah, if you're going to be amusingly stupid, you should record yourself and post it online. The idiots will sure to love you.
  • enriquemillanfg: thatsoundradio: Imagine that your favorite zine collages came to life. Amusingly, at first, and then graduall…
  • HeyMissSmith: Children are to complete what they have been amusingly referring to as the 'revolutions' of their stories today.
  • uponnothing: Amusingly, @ublocks bio is pro 'freedom' and anti 'immigration'. I think there's a slight problem there.
  • claireemma70: @Tvermar so there is but also amusingly the form to claim if you didn't get the form!! Ha ha
  • JediAnastasia: @brainsinajar Amusingly, that's a video *I* uploaded that has over 5 million hits on youtube. #limitedbraggingrights
  • msjen: @tkoola And they could only choose the most important story of that hour? It could get amusingly random fast...
  • Laddoo7: Also today turns out to be "Hate RSS Day". Amusingly, many who hate RSS for killing Gandhi are no great fans of Gandhi or his principles.
  • fortyseven: Amusingly, some of the original images are uploaded in high res, but browser-shrunk to smaller sizes. **ransacks their upload dir**
  • mush_mush_mush: Whoops named an exercise playlist "rub" instead of "run". Amusingly, were it real, "rub" would have just as much One Direction. Maybe more.
  • TheZotmeister: #CCTP Why stop at one city? Amusingly, there must be a Lawyer on that one tile on the other side of the city XD
  • CFLHistory: Amusingly, there was no hue & cry when Queen's mauled Regina 54-0 in 1923. Pretty much everyone thought they deserved it. #CFL
  • notdangle: @Sanna_Karim the thing is you don't even have to know the reference, I think contextually it's just an amusingly absurd thing to say to
  • JoesterSee: @michyea13 @shaymitchelled my arabic however was the exact opposite, amusingly I got A* but got C in my writing paper i was laffin
  • dickerstevens: RT @Seanchinkhan: #100ThingsThatMakeMeHappy when @dickerstevens openly talks about his religious views in frkmt of ppl and it becomes very amusingly awkward
  • Seanchinkhan: #100ThingsThatMakeMeHappy when @dickerstevens openly talks about his religious views in frkmt of ppl and it becomes very amusingly awkward
  • LadyStyleDMC: @NikkiSparda //Amusingly YES! LMAO!Least I'm good at something =))))
  • j0r1c4: RT @Kaaayvee: Usually, I hate ask.fms. But @j0r1c4 answers hers so amusingly that I can't complain.
  • Kaaayvee: Usually, I hate ask.fms. But @j0r1c4 answers hers so amusingly that I can't complain.
  • tkingdoll: @JimLynn Amusingly, the chances of Derek getting any sort of industry plaudits are low. I hope.

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  • “Itsazoo's Robin Hood is precisely the sort of gleeful anti-establishment theatre that inspires the black-hearted Gordon Campbell and his cronies to slash funding for the arts in British Columbia. You are here: Home / Blog article: Robin Hood squats amusingly in Queen Elizabeth Park”
    — Robin Hood squats amusingly in Queen Elizabeth Park | UQ,

  • “A travel and culture blog from Pology Magazine, a new breed of travel magazine with a focus on cultural exploration. Pologys pages are full of impassioned written vignettes and stunning photo essays. Amusingly, they also have a forum for people to post their poor translations”
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  • “UK Fundraising - improving the effectiveness of charity and non-profit fundraisers Home " Blogs " johnbaguley's blog " Leona leaves $12m to her dog, amusingly called Trouble – ah bless! Recent News. Published on 14 July 2008, by johnbaguley. So, where were you when she also left $8 billion for”
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  • “Technology & Marketing Law Blog " Court Orders Disclosure of Facebook 2) The interest categories are amusingly generic. They aren't provably wrong (though my”
    — Technology & Marketing Law Blog: My RapLeaf Profile is,

  • “For an example, see this thread on Lance and Bill's blog, which is full of knowing comments seeking to minimize Ryan Williams's get their comeuppance from an "outsider." The anonymous blog-commentariat's pooh-poohing of the ACC breakthrough stands in”
    — Shtetl-Optimized,

  • “Facebook's Amusingly Cruel CAPTCHA. http:///31747/ Select Link. techcrunch Literally laughed out loud. We've all social media news on your. phone or mobile device. Point. your mobile browser to. ”
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  • “And, when you verify your blog with Webmaster Tools, it becomes associated with your Google profile! wait a bit, and your blog should then show up as suggestion in "connected”
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  • “The Modern Antiquarian website, based on Julian Cope's epic guidebook of the same name. The web's largest and most popular community-based guide to the ancient sites of the UK & Ireland. News, Images, Fieldnotes, Folklore, Weblinks, Places to”
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  • “Generally when I write about non-geek news, it is because something specific from the story has caught my eye. Let me tell you about today's”
    — John Stockwell Directs Amusingly Summarized Villain - The,

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