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  • Translations of anaesthesia. anaesthesia synonyms, anaesthesia antonyms. Information about anaesthesia in the free online English general anaesthesia, general anesthesia - a state of total unconsciousness resulting from anesthetic drugs (as for a major surgical operation). — “anaesthesia - definition of anaesthesia by the Free Online”,
  • Articles from Update in Anaesthesia, an educational journal for anaesthetists in developing countries, arranged by issue number. — “Update in Anaesthesia Issue Index”,
  • Anaesthesia Manufacturers & Anaesthesia Suppliers Directory - Find a Anaesthesia Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Anaesthesia Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Anaesthesia-Anaesthesia Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,
  • Definition of anaesthesia in the Medical Dictionary. anaesthesia explanation. Information about anaesthesia in Free online English dictionary. What is anaesthesia? Meaning of anaesthesia medical term. What does anaesthesia mean?. — “anaesthesia - definition of anaesthesia in the Medical”, medical-
  • Anaesthesia UK FRCA: A site for anaesthetists in training. Contains summary pages that will help with revision for the primary FRCA examination in anaesthesia. Includes multiple choices as well as topic summaries. — “Anaesthesia UK”,
  • List of 13 disease causes of Anaesthesia, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Anaesthesia. — “Anaesthesia - ”,
  • A large interactive resource of tutorials, forum, exam questions and links for anesthesia trainees. — “Anaesthesia MCQ”,
  • Offering arguments against anaesthesia in surgery, dentistry, and childbirth. Surgeons were grateful as well: within a few decades, controllable anaesthesia would at last give them the chance to perform long, delicate operations. — “Utopian Surgery”, general-
  • In this new series, invited authors select papers from the entire back-catalogue of Anaesthesia and describe why they have special significance to them and/or the specialty of anaesthesia. Both the commentaries, and the original papers they describe, are freely available to read in fulltext. — “Anaesthesia - Wiley Online Library”,
  • Anaesthesia On-Line - the anaesthesia journal from Priory Lodge Education Ltd. — “Anaesthesia On-Line”,
  • College of Anaesthetists of Ireland The College of Anaesthetists of Ireland exists to promote high quality practice in the fields of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine through its training, examination and educational programmes. — “College of Anaesthetists of Ireland”,
  • Instead of searching the whole net, browsing a dedicated anaesthesia site can give you a great overview of 'what's out there'. The Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook is an international, organised, comprehensive and accessible listing of anaesthesia resources in a textbook style format. — “Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook - Education, Textbooks etc”, virtual-anaesthesia-
  • Anaesthesia information for the general public Anaesthesia is a word derived from the greek which literally translated means lack of feeling. — “Anaesthesia Information Page”, .au
  • All about Anaesthesia Your role as a parent during induction of anaesthesia. Emergency induction of general anaesthesia. Maintenance of anaesthesia ("keeping you asleep") Emergence ("waking up") induction ("going. — “General anaesthesia”, .au

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  • Indications of General Anaesthesia in Pediatric Dentistry Indications of general anaesthesia in Pediatric Dentistry, Clinical Pediatric Dentistry By Prof. Ahmed ElNassry
  • Gonioscopy without Anaesthesia This is a demonstration of Posner Gonioscopy without any anaesthesia. Instead, a One Day lens is used. This has the advantage of allowing gonioscopy to be performed on a diseased or damaged cornea, of isolating the cornea from contamination, greater patient acceptance while allowing comfortable gonioscopy, reduced risk of cross infection, reduced practitioner anxiety, and no risk of side effect from any anaesthetic. It is also very quick. In use, we have never seen any increase of any corneal staining with this method. Popping the lens on and off the eye every ten seconds allows normal reflex blinking - which helps people to feel relaxed and in control of whats going on. The whole process becomes one of mutual co-operation, like a conversation. If the Posner is at body temperature or slightly above - it is most comfortable. A criticism will be whats so wrong with anaesthesia? Nothing, of course. This is an alternative way which is safer and perhaps more suited to learners and High Street practice. Thank you for being a great subject. Thank-you to Wallace LM Alward's fantastic site , I would suggest this site to anyone. The inspiration came from a desire to find a way to make Gonioscopy safer. All the contact lenses were by Ciba (thank you) with their Aqua series being most comfortable. No contact dislodged in all the trials. The technique left no increased corneal staining or any other side effect. Patients said they prefered it over anaesthesia (they ...
  • Anaesthesia by Maximilian Hecker Maximilian Hecker Live Concert at Absolute House, Shanghai, on Jul.22, 2007
  • gran get IV Anaesthesia Induction Grans gets IV anaesthesia, followed by black oxygen mask. Her Grandaughter is getting anaesthetised at the same time for a kidney transplant.
  • Regional anaesthesia for hip surgery Regional anaesthesia for hip surgery - Regional anesthesia (also known as nerve blocks or peripheral nerve block) is used to block the sensation in a specific part of your body during and after surgery. It offers numerous advantages over conventional general anesthesia, including faster recovery time, fewer side effects, no need for an airway device during surgery, and a dramatic reduction in post-surgical pain. Regional anesthesia is appropriate for a wide variety of procedures, from orthopedic surgery such as knee replacement to facial plastic surgery.
  • Precautions in General Anaesthesia in Pediatric Dentistry Precautions in General Anaesthesia in Pediatric Dentistry, Clinical Pediatric Dentistry By Prof. Ahmed ElNassry
  • Anaesthesia (the Church Band) "Anaesthesia's numbing....... Anaesthesia's coming to you...... I don't know why....... Seems like I'm flying....... On the ground, in the air......." Anaesthesia, from Hologram of Baal.
  • Clouds "Anaesthesia" This live version of "Anaesthesia" was filmed at the Phoenician Club, Sydney in December 1991 as part of a showcase of Red Eye Record acts (including Cruel Sea, Beasts of Bourbon and Killing Time). The song is one of four from the Clouds' first release, the "Cloud Factory" EP.
  • STONE - No Anaesthesia No Anaesthesia! (1989) "A white bodybuilding man looking for a delicate boy Who wants to get submited and be treated as a cheap toy Looking for a real adventure? I´m all that boy needs I got rubberboots, leatherwhip, everything! Balls full of seeds C´mon fear me boy, taste my fire, I´m gonna give it to you with no anaesthesia You read this in one of those magazines And begin to feel really tight in your jeans At once you know this one is for you Your chance to be loved and show your love too Get down, down on your knees Make it slippery with grease This dreams been going on every night You´re sure he loves you `cos you got it so tight Chorus: How do you want it? No anaesthesia He´s the dentist, you are a patient in pain No anaesthesia You´re a special client so he locks the door Please dear doc, drill my hole with No anaesthesia Let´s see what you can take `cos he´s no fake Obey what he says! Take off your clothes and he´ll tie you to the floor He´ll give you a lesson that You couldn´t have dreamed of before Fear what he says! Cry you´re hurt, beg mercy, yell your skin is burning For him this is just a start, wait `till You see his little dog [Chorus] [Chorus]"
  • CSE (combined spinal epidural anaesthesia) needle to needle tecnique
  • lumbar plexus block spinal anaesthesia The lumbar plexus block is an advanced nerve block technique. The block has significant clinical The lumbar plexus block is an advanced nerve block technique. The block has significant clinical applicability and because of this, it is used commonly in our practice. However, this block has a relatively higher potential for complications and should be practiced only after appropriate training. Due to the placement of the needle in the deep muscle beds, the potential for systemic toxicity is greater than in many other techniques.
  • Anatomical Consideration for Dental Local Anaesthesia Introduction and Anatomical Consideration for Dental Local Anaesthesia
  • Local anaesthesia technique Local anaesthesia technique for Middle ear and Mastoid surgeries.
  • Intubation during General Anaesthesia This 3D Medical animation shows you how the intubation is done during the process of general anaesthesia before surgery. visit my website for more medical animations and their downloads:
  • Anaesthesia CME - RSI - Rapid Sequence Induction RSI is a method of inducing anesthesia in a specific group of patients, this video can be used to understand the steps and the actual procedure of RSI and can also be used to teach medical and non-medical professionals.
  • Hypnotic Anaesthesia and Pain Control by Medical Hypnosis Expert David Power Pain Control Withour Drugs,cds, david power, david-, david-/blog, Davidpower, , hypnosis and smoking, Hypnosis and Success Thinking, hypnosis and weight loss, hypnosis anxiety, medical hypnosis expert, hypnosis expert
  • Self Hypnosis - Pain Control Self Anaesthesia www.adam- Volunteer participants at Adam Eason Seminar enter self-hypnosis and anaesthetise their own arm. A needle is pushed through without any pain. More at www.adam-
  • Anaesthesia Keith Myerson, an anaesthetist, explains the different types of anaesthetic, the complications involved, and what happens to you after surgery.
  • Orthopaedics vs Anaesthesia (Orthopedic or Orthopedics vs Anesthesia) By slowK This work is fictional and any resemblance to reality is completely coincidental. No orthopaedic registrars, anaesthetic registrars or patients were harmed during filming.
  • Ultrasound Use in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine Promotional video for education provided by the University of Melbourne in ultrasound use in anaesthesia and critical care medicine (distance education).
  • GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL ANAESTHESIA/ ANESTHESIA Hi, This video was uploaded a few months, but was removed by youtube for some reason :/ Not quite sure why. I have had several requests to reupload it, and have only just got round to doing so. I hope by showing this video that it gives some insight into what goes on just before you have surgery. Hopefully it shows that there is nothing to be afraid of. This surgery was in Dec 2009, for treatment of hydrocephalus/arachnoid cyst.
  • dental operation with general anaesthesia طب أسنان dental operation
  • Topical Local Anaesthesia Phaco basic techniques Topical Local Anaesthesia Phaco basic techniques
  • Anaesthesia Mavericks Part 4 Medical Mavericks: part 4 of the anaesthesia episode in the BBC series.
  • Paediatric anaesthesia using i-gel Discussion on the results of the first global independent study of paediatric anaesthetic procedures using the i-gel. Interview with Professor Pierre Diemunsch. Chairman of the European Airway Management Society. Consultant. Surgical Anaesthesia Dept, Hautepierre University Hospital, Strasbourg.
  • Orthopaedics vs Anaesthesia, Round 52 There was one Anaesthetist sacrificed in the filming of this video, one Anaesthetic registrar maimed - but do not worry there was an Orthopod on hand to fix him, with no regional anaesthesia
  • maximilian hecker anaesthesia i edited it and my roomie appeared in the video, doing silly actions, lol
  • Anaesthetic Mavericks Part 1 Medical Mavericks: part 1 of the anaesthesia episode in the BBC series.
  • Anaesthesia Mavericks Part 5 Medical Mavericks: part 5 of the anaesthesia episode in the BBC series.
  • Dental Procedures Under General Anaesthesia, Pediatric Dentistry Dental Procedures performed under general anaesthesia in pediatric dentistry,Clinical Pediatyric Dentistry by Prof. Ahmed Elnassry
  • Hypnotic Anaesthesia for a Dental Filling When Viv needed a filling, we decided to put our mouth where our money is and experiment with hypnosis to reduce pain. Thanks to Alison and Zara at The Dental Clinic on Western Road, Brighton. To find out more about our training in communication skills, stress management, leadership, hypnosis & NLP, visit Andy's therapy site is at Viv's therapy site is at Filming: Michael Lank:
  • Anaesthesia Mavericks Part 3 Medical Mavericks: part 3 of the anaesthesia episode in the BBC series.
  • Anaesthetic Mavericks Part 2 Medical Mavericks: part 2 of the anaesthesia episode in the BBC series.
  • Acupuncture Anaesthesia Cesarean section operation performed by Prof Anton Jayasurya 1978. Documented by Dr Gabriel Stux, www.akupunktur-
  • Going under general anaesthetic I don't even recall the "takes deep breaths" part D:
  • Anaesthesia CME - How to do a Ultrasound Guided Interscalene Block? Ultrasound guided
  • Maximilian Hecker - Anaesthesia
  • Anaesthesia Mavericks Part 6 Medical Mavericks: part 6 of the anaesthesia episode in the BBC series.
  • Metallica - Whiplash Metallica Playing Whiplash in 1983 , plus an interview with Donna Davis
  • Loreathan: Loreathan: #yuki had her neutralization surgery today:/ she is still trying to recover from anaesthesia #cat
  • marabastadt: marabastadt: Bacterial filters that prevent spreading disease from 1 patient to next during anaesthesia run out of stock #legalimplication?
  • AmzDeDeals: AmzDeDeals: #Amazon #Deals : The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book
  • cat_astrophe: cat_astrophe: Can I just take a nap while the dentist works? Save them some anaesthesia? #foodcoma
  • AcupuntureGuide: AcupuntureGuide: In the 2006 film Alternative Medicine, a patient undergoing open heart surgery allegedly under acupuncture-induced anaesthesia was filmed
  • EwanMcridz: EwanMcridz: To crash into another car and never wake up! To indulge in anaesthesia! To be motionless! To yell with no voice!
  • mirthawcarswell: mirthawcarswell: Basics: Anesthesia Intensive Care and Pain in Neonates and Children: This volume, the first of a new series, dea...
  • DitwinEmploi: DitwinEmploi: Offre d #emploi Regional Business Manager - Anaesthesia #job
  • Pattyqdjje: Pattyqdjje: BUY NOW! Pkg: Prof Med Asst & Prof Med Asst Wkbk & MA Notes 2e & Tabers 21st Index & ACTIVSim (Clinical Anaesthe...
  • downmattp: downmattp: Tomorrow, October 16th, is 165th anniversary of #etherday, first public administration of general anaesthesia, in Boston Mass. by WTG Morton
  • margenexjbdinee: margenexjbdinee: Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia: The additions and amendments to this new edition reflect developments in anaesthe...
  • ItsMaddie13: ItsMaddie13: music is like anaesthesia.
  • MacTingz: MacTingz: @Bridbox Haha. I can't be held responsible for that. I was under anaesthesia!
  • jolynnicornwell: jolynnicornwell: Anaesthesia Science: Anaesthesia Science presents the scientific foundations upon which the clinical practice of...
  • DentalTalkNow1: DentalTalkNow1: Dental Did You Know: The Risk of Dying from Anaesthesia #Dentistry
  • gopjay_blaze25: gopjay_blaze25: @erEEkajane no... pero nong first time ko kay, naturukan ako ng anaesthesia and they get something.. tama na hehehe
  • kiramaind: kiramaind: Kirama Group of Industries Diagnostic, Anaesthesia, Scalpels & Knives
  • deeannrlliggins: deeannrlliggins: Fundamentals of Anaesthesia: The third edition of Fundamentals of Anaesthesia is the gold standard text for the ...
  • Karrijn395: Karrijn395: Internet Security On Sale.Buy now and available more.Offer best In[email protected] @Medicine @And @Anaesthesia
  • PedroGrigsby: PedroGrigsby: Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia, Second Edition: The use of safe and effective anaesthetic techniques can have a m...
  • SylviaAmede: SylviaAmede: Ve often wondered what wud happen if I inject anaesthesia into my chest cavity #randomtweet
  • Angleaww241: Angleaww241: Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency A.P.I.C.E.: Proceedings of the 22st Postgraduate Course in Criti...
  • JadedSho: JadedSho: ow. Bloody hell. Painkillers plus anaesthesia have worn off. Ow ow ow. Have taken painpill, gimme 20 minutes and I'll be better....
  • DaneYeager: DaneYeager: Painless Tooth-Extraction Without Chloroform; With Observations on Local Anaesthesia by Congelation in General S...
  • zanybolrrain: zanybolrrain: relay strikes at mgm hospitals, warangal....yes'day was dept of its the nurses
  • allmbjobs: allmbjobs: General Duty Nurse(NII)-Women's Health-Post Anaesthesia/Post Procedure Care Unit - WINNIPEG, MB: G... #jobs #mbjobs
  • Cletawillis2576: Cletawillis2576: There are various examples from vaccination to anaesthesia; blood transfusions to organ transplant; birth control pills to abortion
  • EngieZaki: EngieZaki: @Sala7eldin Sure.... In pharma may be or anaesthesia...
  • ffolliet: ffolliet: Note top timeline, FYI tweets to @welsh_gas_doc @MissSophieH @icuchris this Eve re: itu/anaesthesia were tongue in cheek faux fight
  • directorhsc: directorhsc: Multimodal system designed to reduce errors in recording and administration of drugs in anaesthesia: prospecti… (cont)
  • MissSophieH: MissSophieH: RT @ffolliet: @welsh_gas_doc @MissSophieH @icuchris itu/anaesthesia? egos to challenge even neurosurgeons. + fueled by little pricks. With syringes. *bam*
  • ffolliet: ffolliet: @welsh_gas_doc @MissSophieH @icuchris itu/anaesthesia? egos to challenge even neurosurgeons. + fueled by little pricks. With syringes. *bam*
  • fakenad: fakenad: @giovanillan @Mummybee6 @secretssshhh anaesthesia!! Hold her hands while surgeon cut it out! Emma was very brave. Now she has a bandage and
  • allmbjobs: allmbjobs: General Duty Nurse(NII)-Women's Health-Post Anaesthesia/Post Procedure Care Unit - WINNIPEG, MB: P... #jobs #mbjobs
  • Zoeyve: Zoeyve: Phew! Praise the Lord, the surgery is over. The surgeon was so nice and friendly! The nurse held my hands while he injected anaesthesia.
  • thealexbrooks: thealexbrooks: @DiggyScott the best cure for hangovers: anaesthesia
  • mjncommunicate: mjncommunicate: #Noddy #Naudi out of anaesthesia after knee op at MDH. Being kept overnight & will be home tomorrow. Meanwhile it's #Paula's 18th tonight!
  • emileebakerzipp: emileebakerzipp: Nurse Anaesthesia Training School holds graduation
  • rama_pierce: rama_pierce: I prefer insomnia to anaesthesia
  • msozcan: msozcan: Frequency band of EMG in anaesthesia monitoring
  • hardyrx: hardyrx: Dental Anaesthesia. Painless tooth extraction by congelation. Fourth edition, enlarged Reviews: Dental Anaesthes...
  • COLL143SHER: COLL143SHER: RT @FreeBenghazi: Tunisia: Ali, just out of the OR & under anaesthesia,repeatedly calls for #Libya & #Misrata. He lost both legs, Jul25
  • amiliafarahin: amiliafarahin: @nurlailymy ko kat labour ward ke? Anaesthesia eh
  • anaestricks: anaestricks: Post anaesthesia apnoea in neonates/premature babies: IV theophylline 3mg/kg or caffeine 20mg/kg may help
  • FolkestoneDent: FolkestoneDent: New post: Dental Anaesthesia. Painless tooth extraction by congelation. Fourth edition, enlarged Reviews
  • LivingCentre: LivingCentre: Infants given 2 or more general anaesthetics in their first 2 yrs are twice as likely to develop learning difficulties
  • o_kenzua: o_kenzua: Dis dr na mumu oooo, e gimme anaesthesia for my tongue ooo, kai
  • anaesthetists: anaesthetists: Diving and anaesthesia: Physiology and physics at work. Human factors and similar problems. #jaw2011
  • isabelle0812: isabelle0812: I think I need liquor / beer or maybe anaesthesia myself.
  • Sports_Books1: Sports_Books1: Obstetric Anaesthesia (Oxford Specialist Hand -
  • VomitsHerMindUp: VomitsHerMindUp: @Z0mbie__ BRITTZ AND I WANTZ TO GET OUR ANAESTHESIA ON. I am too. My liver hates me.
  • Haaaaaawwwwwwww: Haaaaaawwwwwwww: A man was just waking up from anaesthesia after surgery, and his wife was sitting by his side. His eyes fluttered...
  • BobRamsay: BobRamsay: @vanOnselenP Cmon guys you better get the gloves off. This is anaesthesia. I might switch the soccer if you don't liven up. #contrarians
  • GemskaF: GemskaF: Sir James Young Simpson, Edinburgh's pioneer in anaesthesia via @digitaljournal and @GemskaF #Edinburgh
  • epoch_jeph: epoch_jeph: hehehe RT @barbarjihde: Anaesthesia class n boiz are feeling sleepy! Lmao!
  • barbarjihde: barbarjihde: Anaesthesia class n boiz are feeling sleepy! Lmao!
  • murielpyjgunthe: murielpyjgunthe: Painless Tooth-Extraction Without Chloroform; With Observations on Local Anaesthesia by Congelation in General ...
  • theophilusloi: theophilusloi: @NanaAzmi it's anaesthesia. hope you get better. drink some cold water :D
  • euroteksurgical: euroteksurgical: Surgical, Anaesthesia Orthopaedic ,Dentail, holloware, Eye, Veterinary Beauty care instruments , Avalabel
  • Cherrihwxld: Cherrihwxld: Cpd Anaesthesia:
  • joshlipana: joshlipana: Anaesthesia Nurse Job Vacancies in Abu Dhabi, UAE | Lipana
  • sabaw_ng_balot: sabaw_ng_balot: My sweet lil angel Bien, your anesthesiologist told Nanay and Tatay that general anaesthesia would be risky for...
  • astriddare: astriddare: @LordDunalley That one. My excuse is anaesthesia. (;
  • PiN3AppL3FLvRd: PiN3AppL3FLvRd: I feel so f'd up from this anaesthesia...liked i'm allergic&high.... 24hrs ago i felt like i was poisoned, so i'd say i'm doin' much better
  • renaypfxmccubbi: renaypfxmccubbi: Painless Tooth-Extraction Without Chloroform; With Observations on Local Anaesthesia by Congelation in General ...
  • stacini: stacini: Haha when my dad came out of anaesthesia he was referring to his intensive care nurse as a unicorn. What a champ. So proud.
  • ObesityNewsNow: ObesityNewsNow: Immersion and branchial/transcutaneous irrigation anaesthesia with alfaxalone in a Mexican a... #diet #health #food
  • AcupuntureGuide: AcupuntureGuide: In the 2006 film Alternative Medicine, a patient undergoing open heart surgery allegedly under acupuncture-induced anaesthesia was filmed
  • hbpmed: hbpmed: Anaesthesia and Hypertension
  • CoCoShanelley: CoCoShanelley: In other news dis damn anaesthesia lecture is sooo poorly constructed steupes
  • KJjournalist: KJjournalist: Sir James Young Simpson, Edinburgh's pioneer in anaesthesia: At his birth people undergoing surgery or child bir...
  • TibidyUS: TibidyUS: #Sir #James Young #Simpson, #Edinburgh's pioneer in anaesthesia:
  • GemskaF: GemskaF: Sir James Young Simpson, Edinburgh's pioneer in anaesthesia via @digitaljournal #whyEdinburghrocks #Edinburgh
  • Debra_Myers: Debra_Myers: Sir James Young Simpson, Edinburgh's pioneer in anaesthesia (Includes first-hand account) via @digitaljournal
  • Kash__Tweets: Kash__Tweets: They were all highly qualified specialists in cardiology or anaesthesia or sleep. So, no arguing with them on the medical side. #MJTrial
  • KayM36555: KayM36555: @ObakengObieWan I hear the anaesthesia is giving u a bit of headache??? lmao..
  • GlaSmlAnimlHosp: GlaSmlAnimlHosp: Hope all the nurses enjoyed their internal CPD tonight given by Derek Flaherty our Head of Anaesthesia. At GUVS...
  • otsilecompton: otsilecompton: Anaesthesia Expert Dr Steven Shafer- What a Briliant individual. This Man does not forget.
  • KatieJudd_GA: KatieJudd_GA: @crobertson_x it was used to knock people out before anaesthesia :L
  • Chahali: Chahali: #nw The #Jacko Trial: Wow!!!This anaesthesia expert Dr Steven Shafer holds THREE different PROFESSORSHIPS at THREE different universities.
  • Riderofrohan: Riderofrohan: it will be vital - far too many questions have been referred to anaesthesia and pharma ( #conradmurray live at
  • ceasetherapy: ceasetherapy: Contributors to autism: vaccination, xylometazolin, antibiotics, antiepileptics, antacids, smoking, anaesthesia, glutamate, phthalates...
  • AQ521: AQ521: @BQurban haha...we are very LUCID today.....effects of general anaesthesia???:P
  • CynicalRhubarb: CynicalRhubarb: Before anaesthesia and aseptic technique speedy surgery saved lives - but also led to the only 300% fatal operation:
  • TeamAndIRC: TeamAndIRC: Son just came out of anaesthesia, little guy IS NOT happy
  • ttord123: ttord123: Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine - A.P.I.C.E.: Proceedings of the 20th Postgraduate Cou...
  • eugenione: eugenione: 'Metallica' '(Anaesthesia) Pulling Teath' 'Kill 'Em All' #nowplaying
  • austinPAOwers: austinPAOwers: Haha, 'lil sis quotes "Does anaesthesia cause amnesia?" hahaha, you're too young for that, Sam. :))
  • jewelsebastian: jewelsebastian: @stephenbonite nope :O nilagyan daw sya ng anaesthesia ehhh :P
  • lauren__peabody: lauren__peabody: @MissKirzt nope nothing, cause I'm getting general anaesthesia.. Nothing is allowed to be in my stomach. I can't even smoke a cigarette.
  • filmsulike: filmsulike: spider in Spider-Man was a Steatoda spider, not a black widow. The spider was given anaesthesia, was then painted blue and red. #moviefacts
  • dr_siva: dr_siva: Finished the Anaesthesia rotation , probably the most boring speciality unless the patient is a high risk one and the vitals are all off !
  • Kieshaaczwx: Kieshaaczwx: Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia, Second Edition: The use of safe and effective anaesthetic techniques can have a ...
  • sueferguson: sueferguson: Course today: local anaesthesia update + workshops on electrosurgery, laser, ultrasound + ankle block technique
  • AmyHeydenrych: AmyHeydenrych: Being at work without my earphones is like an operation without anaesthesia, excrutiating and possibly an infringement on my human rights.
  • Ohai_Its_Eryn: Ohai_Its_Eryn: "Mrs Addams, would you like anaesthesia?" "No thankyou, but do ask the children."

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