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  • The purpose of this website is to help you to understand your child's anaesthetic and to assist you in making informed decisions about your child's care. It contains a lot of information and you may need to read it more than once. In Australia, most anaesthetics are provided by specialist. — “PREOP - Information For Parents Of Children Having An Anaesthetic”, .au
  • This page explains the process of having an anaesthetic and tries to answer common questions along the way. If you wish for more detailed information, please refer to our second document More about your anaesthetic. If you are having an operation you will need some form of anaesthetic. — “Bath Anaesthetic Group LLP”,
  • Epidural anaesthetic - a regional anaesthetic to numb the lower half of your body, which is often used for childbirth. the type of anaesthetic needed - general anaesthetic can have more side effects and. — “Anaesthesia - Definition - NHS Choices”,
  • ANAESTHETIC APPARATUS Field of Invention The present invention relates generally to an apparatus for delivering anaesthetic to a human or animal patient, and in particular to an anaesthetic apparatus facilitating the delivery of inhalation anaesthetics. — “(WO/2001/043803) ANAESTHETIC APPARATUS”,
  • Definition of anaesthetic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of anaesthetic. Pronunciation of anaesthetic. Definition of the word anaesthetic. Origin of the word anaesthetic. — “anaesthetic - Definition of anaesthetic at ”,
  • BBC Anaesthetics A look at anaesthesia, how it is administered and how it affects your body. — “BBC - Health: Anaesthetics”,
  • anaesthetic (comparative more anaesthetic, superlative most anaesthetic) Wikipedia has an article on: Anaesthetic. Wikipedia anaesthetic (plural anaesthetics) A substance that causes reversible loss of sensation or loss of consciousness; used to perform surgery. — “anaesthetic - Wiktionary”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Is a Local Anaesthetic? Most people have experienced a local anaesthetic if they have ever visited the dentist. — “What Is a Local Anaesthetic?”,
  • A general anaesthetic is a mix of medicines that puts your child into a deep sleep. Read about side effects, tips, and the way it may be given to your child. — “AboutKidsHealth: Epilepsy: Anaesthetic”,
  • Anaesthetic Manufacturers & Anaesthetic Suppliers Directory - Find a Anaesthetic Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Anaesthetic Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Anaesthetic-Anaesthetic Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,
  • Decide on the concentration of the local anaesthetic that is required for the block to be performed. Injection of a test dose of 2-3ml of local anaesthetic containing adrenaline will often (but not always) cause a significant. — “Toxicity from Local Anaesthetic Drugs”,
  • Tumescent anaesthesia is carried out by injecting large amounts of fluids containg diluted local anaesthetic and adrenaline (epinephrine) What types of local anaesthetics are there? There are basically 2 classes of local anaesthetics, the aminoamides (amide ethers) and aminoesters. — “Local anaesthesia. DermNet NZ”,
  • Team develops potentially safer general anaesthetic. A team of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) physicians has developed a new general anaesthetic that may be safer for critically ill patients. In the August issue of Anesthesiology, they describe. — “Learn more about anaesthetic | e! Science News”,
  • Click now to view and read interesting information on the Anaesthetic Examination, brought to you by Miracles for Men. — “Anaesthetic”,
  • anaesthetic A substance that produces partial or complete loss of sensation either in a restricted area (regional and local anaesthetics) or in the. — “anaesthetic: Information from ”,
  • Once you have been anaesthetised a breathing tube is normally placed into your mouth which keeps you connected to the anaesthetic machine. anaesthetic thereby limiting the side effects you may get from the general anaesthetic,. — “Anaesthesia Information Page”, .au
  • An anaesthetic is used to temporarily reduce or take away sensation, usually so that otherwise painful procedures or surgery can be performed. — “Anaesthetic”,
  • Conscious is community generated environment for the discussion, debate and retelling of testimony centered around experiences of Anaesthetic Awareness and connected topics. Conscious contains a series of visual and aural representations (vignettes) of an anaesthetic awareness experience. — “Conscious - - retelling anaesthetic”,

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  • Novel anaesthetic breathing system A clip of a novel anaesthetic breathing system invented and developed at the University of Manchester (UK). The device allows exhaled gases to be scavenged in paediatric patients without compromising patient safety. This device will protect operating theatre staff from the significant adverse effects of prolonged exposure to exhaled gases.
  • Anaesthetists PROPOFOL SONG - Steve Low Video in which New Zealand anaesthesiologist Steve Low writes and records his first drug song. After 20 years of injecting the induction drug propofol it is time to sing its praises. Painting by Lloyd Harwood (Nelson).
  • Paeredoks - Anaesthetic Another Instrumental Idea, Again We Used Eastwest Colossuss. Enjoy! If You Like It Check Us Out At Our Myspace Website /thepaeredoks For More! Bass And Electric Guitars - Shayne Ernst Drums And Programming - Tyler Snow
  • no anaesthetic = hysterical crying and hyperventilating im in so much pain i can hardly breath
  • Scream - the History of Anaesthetics p6 - Cocaine and Curare.avi While chloroform had its merits, it was a general anaesthetic, with the risk of fatality. There was a search for a good localised anaesthetic. Explorers to far-flung places like South America brought back native remedies like cocaine and curare.
  • Feeder - Anaesthetic the intro to the YWTS album this is quite a unique song for Feeder: quite slow in the chorus, fast and "grungy" in he verses, although it is nothing like the "Polythene" sound. Very good track!
  • Tunde Baiyewu - Anaesthetic by Luis Carvalho
  • Anaesthetic Blues (for Andrew) Adam Connelly Brisbane Guitar Teacher (Brisbane) plays a little melody composed entirely from blues scale. Useful as a solo or a 'head'.
  • Gods Gift Anaesthetic From the Gods Gift CD: Pathology 1979-84 Released on the Messthetics / Hyped2death label November 2009
  • Clair gets the first of several anaesthetics. Clair gets the first of several anaesthetics. Clear mask and Diprivan injection. Close up of face relaxing as she goes out.
  • Grandaughter anaesthetic Grandaughter getting IV anaesthetic. Seems to be mouthing "Oww", then starts to call nurse a bully just as she goes out. Gran is getting anaesthetised at same time in seperate video
  • Hitman 2 Basement Killing Fireman disguise/NEW WAY + secret with Anaesthetic! Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Basement Killing Fireman disguise/NEW WAY (100% without guards) + secret with Anaesthetic!
  • Vaccine - Anaesthetic - HF015ii © 2007 Hotflush Recordings
  • Going under general anaesthetic I don't even recall the "takes deep breaths" part D:
  • Psyclon Nine - Crwn Thy Frnicatr - 04 - Anaesthetic... Track 04 from Psyclon Nine's "Crwn The Frnicatr" I upped the video quality so Youtube doesn't rape the sound quality quite as much over the upload, so sorry if the load times are a little long.
  • Suturing: 1 Infiltrating local anaesthetic Suturing, Part 1 of 3, Infiltrating local anaesthetic, Mounting the needle in the needle holder
  • "Anaesthetic" by Tunde A soulful song everyone must hear at least once. One of my favourite songs from the former Lighthouse Family frontman. Property of RCA Music Group
  • Encephaloid Disturbance - Anaesthetic Influx Audio only, Track 2 from "Fragments" EP
  • Scream - the History of Anaesthetics p2 - Ether.avi It made you vomit and could blow up the operating theatre, yet for years ether was used as an anaesthetic.
  • Anaesthetic (for the Pathetic) - Psyclon Nine with Lyrics Song: Anaesthetic (for the Pathetic) Artists: Psyclon Nine Album: Crwn Thy Frnicatr with some timed lyrics to go along with. Done with Sony Vegas Pro 9. Comments and critique is appreciated =)
  • Acylum - anaesthetic effect (remixed by die braut) bah uploading random industrial electro ebm music injoy rate comment subscribe for good industrial, ebm, hardstyle ,ect
  • Evelyn - Anaesthetic Spectrum (fragment) - Live Frankfurt/Oder (Germany) 13.02.2010 Evelyn - Anaesthetic Spectrum (fragment) - Live Frankfurt/Oder (Germany) - Gewölbe - 13.02.2010
  • Anstalt - Anaesthetic From the LP "Brilliance without phase" from 1995
  • ANAESTHETIC What it does to Shaneene. Alternate title: Shaneene's Application For The Mental Ward (and how she socially alienated herself).
  • Vaccine - Anaesthetic [HF 015ii]
  • Anaesthetic Mavericks Part 2 Medical Mavericks: part 2 of the anaesthesia episode in the BBC series.
  • Hitman 2 Anaesthetic fun this vid shows me wasting anaesthetic on a civiian. check it out
  • TEASER TRAILER - No Anaesthetic - Punk Rock Documentary First teaser trailer for upcoming documentary about Melbourne punk band Backyard Surgeons. 31 days, 18 shows, 14 cities, 4 countries, 1 band. Melbourne punk-rock five-piece Backyard Surgeons decided in 2010 that with no money, no label and no help they wanted to go on a road trip tour through post-communist China and South-East Asia. They walked, they ran, they drank, they fell, they fought, they swore, they laughed, they sang, they dreamt, they reflected, they learnt. They had the time of their lives. What started out as a DIY touring holiday became much, much more and I was there to catch it all on camera. No managers, no money, no limits, no regrets. NO ANAESTHETIC. Written and Directed by Qiao Li For more information follow us at:
  • Child triping out (high on anaesthetic after visiting dentist)! (Greek subtitles) Child triping out (high on anaesthetic after visiting dentist)! Very funny! USA
  • Fantasy Trance - Under Anaesthetic HI *wave* Yes, newwwwwwww!!!!! also I don´t say much enjoy and subcribe Nolita - III Because of some ask^^ Here the link: i739
  • Local Anaesthetic
  • Claire gets her 3rd anaesthetic
  • Anaesthetic Mavericks Part 1 Medical Mavericks: part 1 of the anaesthesia episode in the BBC series.
  • Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Tracking Hayamoto SA/SO/Crossbow (No anaesthetic) Without sliding, map glitch, any warning and anaesthetic.
  • bethany IV anaesthetic induction Bethany puts herself to sleep by pressing the syringe. Drifts off quickly looking very peaceful
  • Anaesthetists anaesthesiologist Song - STEVE LOW SATIRICAL original song depicting a work-shy, maverick anaesthetist / anaesthesiologist. Content is NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. The kind of behaviour depicted here doesn't happen, and is not condoned at the hospital where filming took place.
  • pulpthorn: @Weirdmage Maybe try again after a full anaesthetic :) Friend of mine loves the film, loaned me the DVD, had to admit I couldn't watch it.
  • rencrux: Anaesthetic,pain killer,sleeping tablet...what a day!
  • jbmthill: Win Garnier Pure Clean @anaesthetic. enter the #giveaway: http:///2011/04/garnier-pure-clean-styling-products/ Ends 5/6
  • Dons3: @TMCphotographs no probs! & I'm fine, just sore now where the anaesthetic has started to wear off! But @ZecRich ...
  • Kim65456: @vckbee wow you were under full narcosis?I just had local anaesthetic &was completely awake!Hopefully you'll have not much pain afterwards!
  • dcbedwards: @celaV @NellieNeutron ask if that's under anaesthetic.I recall sthing about the first cut in an Op being a shock to the body #corkscicafe
  • Miss_E_L_thomas: I had a thing recently where I had to have anaesthetic - I worried that if I died I would never see the end of ER. Thats my life right there
  • Dons3: @lizziejack a bit sore now the anaesthetic has started to wear off, so now on the painkillers that they gave me! Just wait for results now!
  • blacknotebook: @fluffosaur Ha Ha! :-) No,it's 2 weeks since the anaesthetic and painkillers so I could tell it was real. I was away with the pixies post op
  • GlobalAngelista: @Claybles @anthillmob74 @tempestjt I never want to have stitches again. The anaesthetic's wearing off now :(
  • kylieinverse: @kylieminogue @SallyDanFan @DanniiMinogue @BabySmithogue came round after the anaesthetic singing all the lovers start to end apparently
  • harrietta3: Post-work anaesthetic...a VERY large Black Russian ;) http:///4u7k0u
  • jerrywxu: However cruel an Osama cud be, they sudnt shot him dead, instead they sudda used anaesthetic 2put him into sleep then investigate thoroughly
  • AchieveHypno: Scottish physician, Dr. James Braid, who coined the term #hypnosis, pioneered it as a surgical #anaesthetic
  • scoop_121: Aww you floatin RT @lelLove314: Epinephrine and anaesthetic got me tweeting wit Buddha nem
  • surfing_cat: RT @manrider: Parents have abandoned me in my childhood bedroom to come down off the anaesthetic. Bit like Trainspotting. No dead babies yet. Still time!
  • manrider: Parents have abandoned me in my childhood bedroom to come down off the anaesthetic. Bit like Trainspotting. No dead babies yet. Still time!
  • lelLove314: Epinephrine and anaesthetic got me tweeting wit Buddha nem
  • SympoPediatrics: Discussion on the results of the first global independent study of paediatric anaesthetic procedures using the i-gel.
  • lillafriend: @meggjensen1 noooooo! That is horrid. Go to pharmacy and ask for amethocaine cream/ointment. Local anaesthetic
  • anaesthetic: Remember this?: Tonight is the night - (is the night of love? LOL) Actually, it's the night Wendy comes! http:///c4rbeo
  • afewgoodsperm: @thisispersonal Thank you sweety. I am being forced to rest. Recovering from general anaesthetic is taking way longer than I expected.
  • KevinB_: "Religion is the antithesis of science, an anaesthetic for the mind that disables critical thought." - P. Z.... http:///xvj2eqa07a
  • TheOnlyGara: Dentist today - "2 options if the anaesthetic doesn't work. I pull the root out anyway and you ride the pain which should last 2 minutes or"
  • danni0908: ; .....without anaesthetic.
  • nicolejjonas: "A man undergoes heart surgery but suffers anaesthetic awareness, remaining awake during his surgery unable to tell the doctors."
  • XBloodlustX: Getting the kids out of bed in the morning is akin to pulling teeth, without anaesthetic. Painful at best. Why couldn't I have morning kids?
  • leftridge173s: Having a day off to get my crown sorted. No anaesthetic. Far too brave for that :)
  • planettimba: #tech #news ! American woman speaks properly []: An Oregan woman who woke up from a dentist's anaesthetic sudden...
  • ThisIsKerrie: Put anaesthetic gel on my lips like a lip balm to see if it works...pretty numb
  • technologynew: American woman speaks properly: An Oregan woman who woke up from a dentist's anaesthetic suddenly had the abilit...
  • MissCathO: And that'll be the anaesthetic wearing off. #mydentalhell
  • Feedjunkie: American woman speaks properly: An Oregan woman who woke up from a dentist's anaesthetic…
  • hodsey77: @_cathyj_ thanks, I will :) The anaesthetic is wearing off now so gonna tuck myself up on the sofa :)
  • kyleszikora: @about_a_ben three days until the deadline? i sympathise. i work about as well under pressure, as i would under general anaesthetic.
  • EstherArens: @cjclib Do you think so? That's cruel! I remember going to dentist soon after 2nd baby and thinking I didn't need anaesthetic... I was wrong
  • ScofieldTM: RT @TechL0G: American woman speaks properly: An Oregan woman who woke up from a dentist's anaesthetic suddenly ... |
  • cjclib: @EstherArens they won't do anaesthetic I think til after baby born. Is bit better today, surviving without painkillers #indenial
  • Razewaltz: #Dental #Anaesthetic feels like I'm wearing #Jay-Z lips. :@
  • re_producer: So far the anaesthetic throat spray has numbed my tongue, cheek and lip but not the actual throbbing area in question. #squirtdamnyou!
  • vmlemon: Waiting for dental anaesthetic to wear off, after having yet another filling replaced...
  • anamkhan1929hot: Reading 'Allspice Berry Oil As a Warming Anaesthetic' here: http:///6239201
  • maxsec: Dog unwell. Will be At vets all day for a general anaesthetic and lots of tests hopefully he'll be home tonight :-(
  • anaesthetic: And hey, I won a book from GoodReads!
  • s1jobs_med_gla: #jobs Anaesthetic Lead Practitioner, Glasgow, £22000 to £34000 per annum: Our Client is one of the leading Priva...
  • Bacon_FTW: Chicken bacon ranch wraps it is!
  • anaesthetic: Chicken bacon ranch wraps it is!
  • GlenBMulcahy: RT @blathnaidhealy: #circom2011 Session shocked by footage from Ken Fogarty's doc on kids being operated without anaesthetic in Belarus. Brutal but powerful.
  • janeewilkinson: @jamessuttonfans this anaesthetic has done something to your brain. You now mainly speak in rhyme!! Lol
  • waysidehealer: @saradanesin take it easy... It takes weeks for anaesthetic effects to get out of your body... Hope u r drinking lots of water?
  • blathnaidhealy: #circom2011 Session shocked by footage from Ken Fogarty's doc on kids being operated without anaesthetic in Belarus. Brutal but powerful.
  • andypic: @marcusbrig Am happy to stick with idealism in spite of pain. Knowing it's right thing to do is an effective anaesthetic. #keepyournervelad
  • helenium: Ouch. @fooksstuff is getting his wisdom teeth taken out today. I'm fully expecting him to arrive for general anaesthetic very, very drunk.
  • DivaBowwow: @digbythedog Yes, but his heart stopped whilst under anaesthetic for neutering this week . They restarted it but he has to have more tests
  • janetfaye: Win a Freschetta pizza coupon and cutting board from @anaesthetic. Visit Reviews by Cole to enter the #giveaway: http:///3c4k9gq
  • anaesthetic: Reviews By Cole: Save the Day (Giveaway)
  • anaesthetic: @pvponline I concur!
  • esolaniubo: RT @JaumeSolaC: @JaumeSolaC USA committed a crime of state. He was unarmed and they didn't want to keep him alive. Lions are reduced by shooting anaesthetic
  • darac: @badger_jescar I presume you had anaesthetic?
  • cookiemonsteruk: @CityAndMakeup don't worry, it might just be a reaction to the anaesthetic - I was sick for 48 hours after my op last week xx
  • RufaroMapfumo: They need to make black girls salons like surgeries... With anaesthetic and everything :( :(
  • karinb_za: @peanutt112 @hennokruger No, really, rather get it over and done with. And tell him you want extra anaesthetic, lol.
  • Horley_Jobs: Horley Job: Anaesthetic Practitioner/ODP: Horley, Surrey - Spire Healthcare is the second largest provider of... #Jobs
  • Horley_Jobs: Horley Job: Anaesthetic/Recovery Team Leader: Horley, Surrey - Description Spire Healthcare is the second... #Jobs
  • ManDDiShaw: Had a filling today, Dentist asked me If i wanted to bother with Anaesthetic.....ummm of course.
  • keziab79: @keziab79clove oil from over the counter at boots may help as natural anaesthetic rubbed on gum,stinks to high heaven but does give relief
  • JohnnyBoy63: #vote2011 - What's the difference between a general election and a general anaesthetic - nothing - they both cause people to fall asleep
  • anaesthetic: Remember this?: Gotta Shop Around - And boy, have I (we) been shopping. Definitely related to my previous... http:///64wonfz
  • burgerdrome: @Jickle Hope you're getting a general anaesthetic for it! Getting it done in the chair is not fun.
  • LemonSugar80: and for dessert, I'll be having the Blackcurrent Strepsils with 'gentle anaesthetic'. mmmm. please #knockmeout
  • tursiae: @KibaSwiftpaw Ouuuuch, not looking forward to mine coming out. General anaesthetic kthx.
  • NewZealandJobs2: Band 5 Anaesthetic Practitioner - Jobs in New Zealand - http:///4yq3geq
  • rabbits_told_me: @sonnyjoeflangan did you know coca cola originally contained cocaine? And cocaine was used in medicine as an anaesthetic.
  • irradiatedsoup: co-worker telling me in placating, soothing tones about the local anaesthetic they give you before the implanon. fretting down almost %100
  • EricSoetrisno: @davidlamveta yepp vid! Aui done!! But I still got a final report to do. I Need more anaesthetic to hide all the pain!!
  • mybrightidea: @ActuallySM lol awww I'm the's involuntary. Doctor injected my foot with local anaesthetic and I kicked her in the face :-S
  • brandonmsides: My new least favorite words are "scalpal," "draining," and "forceps." "Anaesthetic" remains the best word ever. Ever. EVER.
  • lasscosmetics: which is a #naturalantiseptic, #bactericidal, #fungicidal with #anaesthetic qualities ..
  • SarahAlex: @FrauHopkins Thanks Stef, yes all went well-v sore & still v groggy from anaesthetic but ok. Hoping he'll be home tomorrow. Are u all ok? xx
  • WedvertJobsUK: Anaesthetic Nurse / ODP - North #job #jobs #hiring #career
  • LondonHealthJob: Anaesthetic Nurse / ODP - North #job #jobs #hiring #career
  • dlw447: Win new Garnier Pure Clean products from @anaesthetic at http:///2011/04/garnier-pure-clean-styling-products/ Ends 5/6
  • OsianGingeEvans: HY1 better get some anaesthetic tomorrow, cause i'm gona rip it a new one ;)
  • TheOnlyGara: Working from home tomorrow. Dentists at lunchtime to get this root pulled out! Anaesthetic didn't work the last time! Nearly smacked dentist
  • AdamShellard: @charlsam91 Yes, though they obviously give you regional anaesthetic.
  • fionahansford: @Cathansford I meant Shrek, woops! Lol I can't wait to hear all about it :) Jake is ok, sleeping off his anaesthetic xx
  • layabrown: Nar id standardly ask 'can i hav an anaesthetic for the epidural' about needle in my spine yur havin a lauf rnt cha!
  • JaumeSolaC: @JaumeSolaC USA committed a crime of state. He was unarmed and they didn't want to keep him alive. Lions are reduced by shooting anaesthetic
  • staff1973: @leesummers is it just a local anaesthetic too ;-) #outwithfairies
  • loolaboo: @melkg34 he could have op but I'm scared cos he might not make it through anaesthetic so will let him live his days! Many more I hope :)))
  • justin182: RT @subtchicago: BIG SCIENCE / COLOR RADIO / AN AESTHETIC ANAESTHETIC - May 6 @ Subterranean | LIsten- | Tix-
  • AntiMatterGuy: Uncut guys have no fear… a new circumcision device is available… you can use it at home with no anaesthetic… http:///
  • ciararyandreams: @chelsea_horan aha not really, I was so nervous this morning that I vomitted :L but once they gave me the anaesthetic I was high as a kite
  • JadedChicago: RT @subtchicago: BIG SCIENCE / COLOR RADIO / AN AESTHETIC ANAESTHETIC - May 6 @ Subterranean | LIsten- | Tix-

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  • “I'm going to have to have a general anaesthetic, and will be talking to the anaesthetist about prednisolone, What I wanted to know from anyone on the forum is to do with the effects of the anaesthetic on pmr”
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  • “Dupytrens operation; local or general anaesthetic - Hi, I have had DP for years now and am about to have my third op on my hands. The thing is that I always have a terrible reaction to the anaesthetic and heard recently that in the US it was”
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  • “Forum. Memories. Podcast. Store. anaesthetic. OCTOBER 6, 2009, 6:48 pm. What is sinister also else did they do to him when he was under anaesthetic. ( Blackmail can spring to mind)”
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  • “Has anyone got any advice on how to best help a dog recovery from an anaesthetic? Zuki had an anaesthetic for hip xrays last month and it was very traumatic for her and us afterwards, she howled for the whole day and night and nothing we did”
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  • “The NobleDentist Blog. New anaesthetic is red hot. Posted in Dental Health News by Dion Kramer on October 29, 2007. This is an article published The chilli anaesthetic was created by scientists from a combination of capsaicin (the natural compound that”
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  • “Rest and lots of cool drinks are the best things as an anaesthetic is hard on the body. Forum Moderator. Posts: 24,621. Joined: Dec 2006. Post: #3. RE: Anaesthetic. Only had a”
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