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  • ( AREA), is one of the preeminent accredited real estate schools and now serving Virginia residents - AREA offers a comprehensive real estate sales school, appraisal school, and home inspection school, along with business development courses. — “AREA Virginia Real Estate School, va appraisal courses, va”, area-
  • Area 51 Paintball is Northern Michigan's premiere paintball site. — “Area 51 Paintball, Northern Michigan's premiere paintball site”, area51
  • Area is measured in "square" units. The area of a figure is the number of squares required to cover it completely, like tiles on a floor. Area of a square = side times side. Since each side of a square is the same, it can simply be the length of one side squared. — “Area Formulas”,
  • The Aquatic Resources Education Association is a non-profit organization of local, state, federal, industry, fisheries and educational professionals involved in aquatic resource education programs. AREA provides decision makers at the national, AREA is organized for educational purposes. — “AREA”,
  • Area = πab. Sector. Area = ½r2θ. r = radius. θ = angle in radians. Here is What is the area of this rectangle? The formula is: Area = w × h. w = width. h = height. — “Area of Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram”,
  • AREA Chicago Announces a New Web Project: Report Back. 2008-02-11 AREA actively gathers, produces, and shares knowledge about local culture and politics. — “AREA Chicago”,
  • Definition of area from Webster's New World College Dictionary. a part of a house, lot, district, city, etc. having a specific use or character: dining area, play area, commercial area. — “area - Definition of area at ”,
  • Area is the source for the best in modern travel. The insider's guide to memorable and original places and things to see and do around the globe. Browse Area Archives for inspiration and recommendations, book customized trips through Area Valet, get discounts and deals, share travel. — “Area Daily – The Insider's Guide to Modern Travel – Boutique”, area-
  • Area 10D - High Desert Communities. The AYSO National Coaching Check out this video birds eye view of Area 10D. Charlie Johnson, Area Director. We are the American Youth Soccer Organization serving communities within three counties. We have enthusiastic, fun, and positive youth soccer programs. — “AYSO Area 10D”, area10
  • Area 3 Quarter Horse Promotional Club offers quality, welcoming horse shows where fun, success and personal growth are our primary focus. Area 3 offers quality, welcoming horse shows where fun, success and personal growth are our primary focus. — “Area 3 Quarter Horse Promotional Club - Ontario, Canada”,
  • On this page, we hope to clear up problems that you might have with area of polygons. The area A of any rhombus is equal to one-half the product of the lengths d1 and d2 of its diagonals. — “Geometry: Area - Math for Morons Like Us”,
  • Area is a quantity that expresses the extent of a two-dimensional surface or shape in the plane. The area of a shape can be measured by comparing the shape to squares of a fixed size. In the International System of Units (SI), the standard unit of area is the square metre (m2), which is the area of a. — “Area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Wikipedia area (plural areas or areæ) (mathematics) A measure of the extent of a planar region, or of the surface of a solid; it is measured in square units. A particular geographic region. The photo is a little dark in that area. Figuratively, any extent,. — “area - Wiktionary”,
  • Area is a small New York-based textile company with emphasis on ease, durability and natural beauty Area duvets, sheets, blankets and tabletop. — “Welcome to Area, Inc. :: New York”,
  • (Click to enlarge) area To calculate the area of a rectangle, multiply the length by the width. The area of this rectangle is 50 square feet. — “area: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • AREA is a visualization tool that allows friendly-graphical browsing of data and creation of intuitive representations. Currently AREA has 3 available databases: E-library: a compilation of articles about Social Moviments in Europe since 2000. Made inside Memory. — “Welcome! | AREA”,
  • AREA is an Autodesk online community for 2D and 3D artists -- with free tutorials and downloads, movie and image galleries, professional industry artist interviews and job posting boards. AREA members also have access to Product-specific. — “Area :: Homepage”,
  • Area definition, any particular extent of space or surface; part: See more. any particular extent of space or surface; part: the dark areas in the painting; the dusty area of the room. — “Area | Define Area at ”,
  • Watch videos & listen free to Area: Luglio, agosto, settembre (Nero), Consapevolezza & more, plus 24 pictures. Area is a name shared by many artists: An Italian avant-progressive and free-jazz/fusion band, an American 80s dream pop band,. — “Area – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures at”,
  • The Capital Area Humane Society will open at 12noon on Friday with 50% off the adoption fee of predominately black pets until 2pm. Copyright ©2007 Capital Area Humane Society. All rights reserved. — “Capital Area Humane Society”, cahs-
  • Definition of area in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of area. Pronunciation of area. Translations of area. area synonyms, area antonyms. Information about area in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. surface area. — “area - definition of area by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of area in the Medical Dictionary. area explanation. Information about area in Free online English dictionary. What is area? Meaning of area medical term. What does area mean? auditory areas two contiguous areas of the temporal lobe in the region of the anterior transverse temporal gyrus. — “area - definition of area in the Medical dictionary - by the”, medical-

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  • Math Made Easy: Finding the Area of a Circle In this video, I show you how to use a formula to find the area of any circle.
  • I-BE AREA (Hunter Pasta Mayflyflowna) #/#
  • UFONAUT News - The Story Of Dan Burisch: Area 51 Scientist Michael Schratt is a private pilot and military aerospace historian. Michael currently works as an aerospace draftsman in Tempe AZ. Michael has lectured across the country on the unique subject of "Mystery Aircraft", and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex. A recent guest speaker at the "OSHKOSH" AirVenture 2006/2007 event, (world's largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts which have had first hand experience dealing classified "black programs", including former USAF pilots, retired Naval personnel, and aerospace engineers that have maintained a TOP SECRET Q "MAJIC" clearance. Michael has been studying top secret military planes and has developed first hand contacts with people who have worked on "black projects". He has also studied hundreds of UFO cases reports from the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) files and others. Schratt has lectured around the world regarding mysterious and secret aircraft. He is currently a private pilot and aerospace draftsman. Become a UFONAUT and Subscribe to the UFONAUT Radio Members Club for Unlimited Access to the UFONAUT Radio Show Archive, LOADED with Bonus Features and FREE Downloads - Go to
  • Area of a Rectangle - - Math Help For a complete lesson on area of a rectangle, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn that the area of a figure is the measure of how much surface is covered by the figure. The formula for the area of a rectangle is length times width, so the area of a rectangle that has a length of 7 centimeters and a width of 3 centimeters is 7 times 3, or 21 square centimeters. The formula for the area of a square is side squared, so the area of a square that has a side of length of 9 feet is 9 squared, or 81 square feet.
  • humans working along side aliens at area 51 this is very informative
  • Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Area 51 Part 1 of 6 Questions surrounding the military's secret research base in the Nevada desert have been swirling around for years. Jesse faces off against guards at Area 51, to find out why the Joint Terrorism Task Force raided the homes of two Area 51 watchdogs and to review alleged evidence that the government has been faking UFO sightings and alien abductions in order to cover up darker secrets at the base.
  • As Close to Area 51 as You Will Ever Get This is as close to Area 51 (Groom Lake, Dreamland, etc.) as you will ever get without clearance.
  • Math Made Easy: Finding the Area of Rectangles In this video, I show you how to use a formula to find the area of rectangles, including squares.
  • Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Area 51 Part 2 of 6 Questions surrounding the military's secret research base in the Nevada desert have been swirling around for years. Jesse faces off against guards at Area 51, to find out why the Joint Terrorism Task Force raided the homes of two Area 51 watchdogs and to review alleged evidence that the government has been faking UFO sightings and alien abductions in order to cover up darker secrets at the base.
  • Area - Site Moi Sliki Area Song - Site Moi Sliki Album - Vrati Na Imaginacija
  • I-BE AREA (Adoption Audition Tapes and Head-PArent) I-BE AREA Intro All Parts Out Of Order 1 of a lot
  • AREA 51 - RARE FOOTAGE Rare, unseen footage of Area 51 excerpted from the documentary Alien Highway directed by Michael Dale Brown, Roger Mexico and Robert Fowler. Music by Drayfus Grayson and Kraig Grady. Contact: [email protected]
  • FLUIDO JAM 5 SEMIFINAL: ALL AREA (JAPAN) VS SKILL METHODZ (USA) Fluido Jam 5 SemiFinal: All Area Crew (Japan) vs Skill Methodz (Usa) Winner: Skill Methodz (Usa) More infos: - Video & Editing by
  • (Deep House) Metro Area - Miura
  • Infiltrate! Area 99 (Sub) Sonic, having been saved from drowning by Chris, stays at his house in order to figure out his situation. After being introduced to Chris's grandfather, Chuck Thorndyke, they learn that Cream and Cheese have been captured by the government and taken to a military base called Area 99 for experimentation. The two help Sonic infiltrate the base, and he is able to rescue Cream and Cheese after the electricity goes out. The laser cameras attack Sonic, Cream and Cheese, but they successfully escape. Afterwards, Tails, who had shut down the electricity earlier, rescues them with his bi-plane, the Tornado. They travel back to Chris' home, and realize that more of them must have been transported, including Dr. Eggman, who has decided that the new planet will be the start of his new empire.
  • I-BE AREA (Tonyah, Iyah, and the Original ONxy) #/#
  • Storage Area Networks (SANs) 101 When I was a database administrator, I saw the SAN as a fancy, expensive black box. Well, it is, but in this podcast I give you some insights into that black box, tell you what kinds of things to ask about when moving your databases into that box, and how to refocus your SAN concerns from raid levels towards more basic things like response times. Links from the presentation include: Linchi Shea's blog on SQL Server and storage: Scott Lowe's blog on storage and virtualization: Stephen Foskett's blog on storage: You can view this video in higher quality or your favorite portable formats at:
  • UFOs & Area 51: The Bob Lazar Video - Alien Technology Bob Lazar shatters the cloak of secrecy surrounding the Unites States military's most highly sensitive operations located at an area known as S4 of Area 51, in the Nevada Air Force Range. Lazar gives a full account of Alien spacecraft the Government has hidden at S4 as well as details on their propulsion systems and how they operate. Bob Lazar was part of the reverse-engineering team. As chief physicist on project "Galileo", Lazar reveals what the US Military has known and held secret for decades. The Lazar Tape - describes and portrays the components and capabilities of an extraterrestrial vehicle used for interstellar space travel; a gravity propelled disc. Between December 1988 and April of 1989, as a young nuclear physicist, Bob Lazar was part of the back engineering team. As part of this team his job was to understand and attempt to duplicate the propulsion systems of these craft. NOW on DVD - Go to . UFOs & Area 51 The Bob Lazar Video -- Cat# U536 UFOs & Area 51: Secrets of The Black World - 3-DVD Special Edition - Cat# U551 1. How is it possible to travel vast distances of space without exceeding the speed of light? 2. How do you generate a gravitational field? 3. What is the power source for interstellar travel? All of these question are answered and more in the Original and Official -- Bob Lazar Video. NOTE: This is a rare archival video. Portions of this video have been restored however the information contained in this program remains intact from ...
  • Area 51 - Game Area 51 is the only action-packed 1st person shooter set in the US governments most secret and secure military facility. The US Army has received a distress signal from Area 51 where a viral outbreak has just shut down the research facility and the automated quarantine procedures have locked all scientific and military personnel inside. A small Special Forces unit led Specialist Ethan Cole of HAZMAT (hazardous materials) Division is sent to investigate. As Cole, players will delve into five massive levels within the confines of Area 51, discover a mutagenic side effect of the virus that controls the minds of those infected, as well as an ancient alien colony buried beneath the facility. With a multitude of human and alien weapons, players must explore chilling conspiracies such as the extraterrestrial crash at Roswell and the faked lunar landing, in order to solve the enigmas of Area 51 before the viral mutagen is released and irrevocably mutates all life on earth. For: Playstation 2 Xbox PC
  • I-BE AREA (Double Jamie, Ramada Omar, and Sally Man Pause) 1/#
  • Breaching Area 51 YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED! CHECK OUT MY VIDEO OVER THIS VIDEO HERE: This video is now sponsored by Sheath Underwear. Visit Sheath's Site at Sheath - The Most Comfortable Men's Underwear. Deadly Force Authorized. Photography Prohibited. See Area 51 like never before. The closest, most disturbing footage to ever be posted on youtube on topic of Area 51. Revealing footage of the Cammo men. Real footage of two people trespassing onto the Nellis Bombing Range, also known as Area 51, Groom Lake or Dreamland. After trespassing, the military men, known as cammos or cammo dudes, spring into action and go in high pursuit after the trespassing vehicle. Video equipment will be confiscated if seen by the surveillance tower or cammos with binoculars. You are very lucky to be viewing this rare footage of something no one should ever do. You will see exactly what happens if you breach Area 51. You will be stopped by the Cammos, by deadly force if necessary and/or handed over to the police to face very strict trespassing punishments of up to 6 months in jail AND a fine of up to 1000 dollars. All of that for stepping foot over the boundaries. Also includes an undercover interview with owners of the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel. We were caught on camera, I'm sure. We were very lucky to get away with this unprecedented footage. Includes the white mailbox and footage of the mountain top observatory as well as the secretive military men (security agents ...
  • Area 51 - Strange activity Strange and unusual activity occuring within the nuclear testing area of Area 51
  • How to Wax Your Bikini Area To view the previous video in this series click: In this video, Esthetician Laverne Onike describes the techniques required to get started waxing. This video is designed for the beginner but includes a variety of tips and techniques that would be useful to do them professionally too. This video series includes an overview of the basic equipment and techniques on how to wax your eyebrow, lip and bikin area.
  • Area of a Triangle - - Geometry Help For a complete lesson on area of a triangle, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn the formula for the area of a triangle, and are asked to solve problems using this formula. Note that right triangle formulas and trigonometry are used extensively in the problems in this lesson.
  • The Grey Area Choices choices choices choices. ___________________________________ NEW SHIRTS WID MA FAAACE! ___________________________________ PRANK HOUSE! http ___________________________________ My Rock band of more than 10 years: http ___________________________________ Follow me: ___________________________________ Alternate Channel: ___________________________________ Website: ___________________________________ Thanks for the wink Anderson
  • I-BE AREA (Craig-Ricky I-Be the Original I-Be2) #/#
  • Ludacris - Area Codes Ludacris featuring Nate dogg. One of the best rapsongs. Tell me what urs 'area code' is and if there r some 'hoes'. Westside!!!
  • David Adair at Area 51 - Advanced Symbiotic Technology Space technology transfer consultant and former rocket whiz kid David Adair speaks out for the first time on camera in this interview about his remarkable encounters with an alien engine, DOD agents, and Air Force General Curtis Lemay in 1971 at Groom Lake, Nevada (Area-51). Hear first hand testimony about advanced alien technology and our military's most closely guarded secrets surrounding the UFO phenomena. Adair explains how at age 17 he built an electro-magnetic containment plasma fusion rocket engine and was invited by Air Force bigwigs to launch it at White Sands Missal Range. That led to his being taken to Area 51 where he saw an engine that was light years beyond anything on Earth - so sophisticated it responded to the thoughts and emotions of it's pilots. Now, comfortable with the way UFO information is starting to be accepted by the American public, Adair has decided to reveal the amazing truth which he held to himself for over 25 years. Also revealed are his meetings with renowned physicist Stephan Hawkings. NOW on DVD - Cat# U537 - Go to .
  • The Futureheads - Area Video From The Single
  • CGR Undertow - AREA 51 for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Area 51 from Midway for the PlayStation 2. Area 51 is also available for the Xbox and PC, but Area 51 made a much bigger splash on Sony's system. Frankly, games like this were more common on the Xbox, a shooter-heavy console which also happened to be the generation's most powerful. But on the PS2, Area 51 was a striking release in 2005, a fantastic shooter with graphics you wouldn't expect from this system. This video review features video gameplay footage of Area 51 for the PlayStation 2 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
  • Area 51
  • AreA ~ Luglio, agosto, settembre (nero) AreA ~ "Luglio, agosto, settembre (nero)" - 4:29 Album: Arbeit Macht Frei (1973) Track No: 1 Genre: Progressive Rock Label: Cramps Records HQ: Song description: "Luglio, agosto, settembre (nero)" ("July, August, Black September") is an anti-war song with lyrics written by Frankenstein (Gianni Sassi) and music composed by Patrizio Fariselli. The song begins with an Arab voice ("Poem for peace" from a pirate recording in a Cairo Museum (see below for the translations into English and Italian). The second intro is pure poetry. Demetrio Stratos was able to reach the 7kHz and possessed the gift of triplophonic voice. He seems to be three singers because of his great ability. Lyrics: (English translation) Intro (Arabs) My love With peace, with peace I have placed Loving flowers at your feet With peace, with peace I stopped the seas of blood for you Forget anger Forget pain Forget your weapons Forget your weapons and come Come and live Come and live with me my love Under a blanket of peace I want you to sing, beloved light of my eyes And your song will be for peace let the world hear, my beloved and say (to the world): Forget anger Forget pain Forget your weapons Forget your weapons and come And live in peace Second part (Italian) Playing with the world, leaving it in pieces Children that the sun has reduced to old age. It's not my fault if your reality forces me to fight your conspiracy of silence. Maybe one day we will know what it means to drown in blood with ...
  • Re-investigating "Dreamland" - Secrets of Area 51 (Part 2) 1) Please visit and support the above listed web link I have provided for their heroic efforts in distributing all of the wonderfully educational broadcasts/ prgrams to the World populace. It is extreemly vital that all of us watch these programs and keep an open mind to what is told within the segments. Also I hope you all support "The Discovery Channel" and also if you have any sort of doubt or confusion pertaining to the content covered within this broadcast I urge you all out there to go out and do your own research to further benfit yourselves. This program covers the explosiove cover up of the now infamous Area 51. It is also known as Dreamlan, that term stands for the air forces flight limits in the skies above Area 51. If they enter "Dreamland" they can be shot down immediately without any warning whatsoever. This is the type of measures that are taken on a daily basis at the so-called "non-existent" base. It has been said to be non-existent since the year of 1997. This is simply not true in any way, shape, or form. This is a very startling new evidential study into the events and also the projects that are occuring at the secret base of Area 51 in the Groom Lake dry lake bed. The base is growing each and every day in proportion and also there are rumors and there are former employees coming out, staking their repututations and also lives to tellt he World more about the covery, top secret clandestine programs that are being carried out at the ...
  • Luniz featuring Bay Area All Stars "I Got 5 on It" (Re-Mix) Luniz is a platinum-selling Oakland rap duo formed by rappers Yukmouth and Numskull. They released an internationally successful hit in 1995 entitled "I Got 5 on It", two versions of which appear on their album Operation Stackola. A third version of the song, featuring Oakland rappers Dru Down, Shock G, Richie Rich, E-40, and Spice 1 and often found on the Internet as the Bay Area Ballas Remix, has also garnered radio play. Luniz were going to be featured on Tupac Shakur's One Nation project. Due to Shakur's death the album was never released. During Master P's rise to national fame, Luniz attempted to spark an argument over the use of the concept 'the Ice Cream Man'. Due to their waning popularity which was overshadowed by P's skyrocketing exposure, the argument was not taken up by the media and they eventually fell into obscurity. Luniz also had a major row with Too $hort, deriding him on their song "Playa Hata" and saying in the song "thats why the town got rid of $hort." This led to an altercation at KMEL Summer Jam in 1996, between Too $hort and some posse members of Luniz. Too $hort was banned from KMEL radio for a brief period of time as a result of the fight at Summer Jam.
  • Area Code 615 "Stone Fox Chase" (1970) Stone Fox Chase Area Code 615 Nashville Instrumental Harmonica 1970 From Wikipedia: Area Code 615 was the name of a Nashville country rock band active in the late 1960s and early 1970s, taking their name from the telephone area code, which at the time covered all of Central and Eastern Tennessee. The band was made up of session musicians, recording only two albums before resuming normal session work. Several of the members were backing musicians for Bob Dylan (Nashville Skyline) and Billy Swan. Moss and Buttrey went on to play with Nashville based Barefoot Jerry. David Briggs later worked with Elvis Presley and Joan Baez. Their best known work was "Stone Fox Chase", which was used as the theme to the British Broadcasting Corporation's music programme The Old Grey Whistle Test. Musicians: Mac Gayden, Lead Guitar, Vocals Charlie McCoy, Harp, Vocals Bobby Thompson, Banjo, Guitar Wayne Moss, Guitar, Bass Buddy Spicher, Fiddle, Viola, Cello David Briggs, Keyboards Norbert Putnam, Bass, Cello Kenny Buttrey, Drums Discography: Area Code 615, 1969 Trip in the Country, 1970
  • namosofts: District hosts electronics recycling drive: SAYRE — The Sayre Area School District’s Community Relations Committ...
  • AbsoluteEden: @edenriegel chose @HPP_SF because of the vital work they do in the San Francisco area helping disadvantage families and children.
  • Mike_Meikle: Great list. I've consulted for quite a few. Top 50 Richmond-Area Employers 2011 | Richmond Times-Dispatch via @AddThis
  • heathpostdotcom: RT @espn4d: Quite the spring coaching tumult in Va/DC/Md area: Maryland, GW, GMU surprisingly open ... Richmond and VCU surprisingly didn't ...
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  • halijani: @malene04 Treme is an area in New Orleans, close to The French Quarter, where the music started, it has suffered a lot from Katrina.
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  • ToyotaScionVT: We hope you're safe and dry as all the bodies of water in the area have risen well above flood stage. If you have...
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  • SAMxzxc: Anyone know of any photo editing tool for android that can blur out an area?
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  • vampireknight: It's still playing click on theatres for showing in your area 13 Assassins - On Demand Everywhere March 25th and In Theatres April 29th
  • jobsinkentcom: DRIVERS in Sevenoaks and Surrounding Area: http:///twitter/379934/ #jobs #kent
  • SachaChicken: Just been told that God is a conspiricy theory Area 51 is real and that the illuminati exist WHAT THE HELL? :/
  • kingsknollhotel: @niallmcteague anytime your in the area feel free to pop in for a chat
  • S_Ratliff_WCTI: @PaulNBlake not a clue. I haven't heard of any fires n the area
  • Ladiies_Love: All the lesbians in the 305/954 area know each other & have either had relations or know someone that had relations with every single person
  • fxdocs: going long eur/usd here in 1.4295 area with 1.4450-1.45 target
  • L_E_official: RT @BookEndsJessica: I wonder how much time I spend each week rejecting queries that aren't even close to my area of expertise
  • bbkerv: Part 2: And your friends stink, too. You all staying in one area makes for something stronger than the bomb at Hiroshima. Seriously.
  • AkronCanton: Driver (Akron area): Driver wanted full time - Local - Home daily. Class A,with doubles-triples min 1 year driv...
  • sofa_Kendal: A hand picked listing of seating retailers in your area http://www.sofa-sofa-/231-sofa-wimbledon
  • SeeCamden: On a journey to the NJ or NYC area. We'll see what happens
  • iwasawildone: RT @Furrystoat: Veteran died alone: Did you know him? (Detroit area) #tcot #usnavy #mil #military #veterans PLEASE RT
  • SalamaBakhit: RT @OMGIDoThisToo: When I'm walking in a dangerous area, I imagine every car is a sniper. #idothistoo
  • markfrison: RT @StarfmBrandon: HERE"S A MAP OF Brandon's EVACUATION AREA
  • Malia09122: Buying the Best Home, For the Best Price in the Best Area!
  • RandomSale: @The_Caz I keep using this site, , it gives a map of the area and an awesome price. You can try it out.
  • thomasstanley: Do I have any twitter friends from the Manhattan, KS area? Let me know, I've got a question.
  • HugATreeWithMe: this campaign for muslims living in prescribe area - ad
  • RealLarryDavid: @MGOTT26 Ahh rehehehally I may send my Nephew down there then what area, all he knows is poweline road areas
  • catsiradio: Area Round Best of 3 series Game 1 Thursday @ Victoria 7:30pm/Game 2 Friday @ Calallen 7:00pm/Game 3 if necessary Saturday @ Victoria 2:00pm
  • jamesmintram: This is in a suburban area too!cheapest unlimited package requires you to take out top phone package (which I won't use) for £38 p/m.
  • iamnoellieparty: PUNYETA! Globe subscribers in the area may experience some difficulty sending text, phone calls, and using mobile Internet.
  • stormtracker9: For Monday: Expect another hot, dry, and breezy afternoon across the area with widespread triple digit highs. Red...
  • DayaYunus: @LimDuncan alaaa... I was just abt to go tht area esok ni yang..errrr..okay reschedule soon. Thanks!
  • _Sandro_Santos: Tô na area! rs
  • GLaDOS_AICS: @junshenc Make no further attempt to leave the testing area
  • annerhea: Chit Chat - Gupshup Area • DO U KNOW THIS??
  • aglasem: Chit Chat - Gupshup Area • DO U KNOW THIS??
  • avantika_s17: Chit Chat - Gupshup Area • DO U KNOW THIS??
  • sg_job_marketin: Business Development Manager -- Accredit HR Consultancy Pte. Ltd. -- East ARea #marketing #jobs @sg_job_marketin

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