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  • Asian Arts, the on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia. — “Asian Arts”,
  • Article about the history of different styles of cooking and cuisine of various Asian countries, the health benefits of traditional Asian foods, and how Asian restaurants and fusion dishes have developed in the U.S. — “Asian Cuisine & Foods : Asian-Nation :: Asian American”, asian-
  • The online community for Asian Americans. Dating, jobs, professional networking, community, culture, music, entertainment, politics, business, family, sports and romance. — “ - Login”,
  • Definition of Asian in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Asian. Pronunciation of Asian. Translations of Asian. Asian synonyms, Asian antonyms. Information about Asian in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Asian - definition of Asian by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Asian American also Asian-American n. A U.S. citizen or resident of Asian descent. See Usage Note at Amerasian. — “Asian American: Definition from ”,
  • Most recent, accurate and authoritative news and prices on steel, ferroalloy, rare earth, indium, gallium, bismuth, germanium, silicon, magnesium, tungsten, antimony, arsenic, selenium, vanadium, titanium, molybdenum, chrome, cadmium, cobalt,. — “Asian Metal-The World Metals Information Center”,
  • Asian-American students are one of the fastest growing populations of students in the United States. So, why not seek out funding for college? Our list of Asian American scholarships will point you in the right direction for valuable funding. — “The Best Sources for Asian American Scholarships”,
  • Asian Dating site, Asian Personals, Beautiful Asian Girls, Asian Girlfriend, Asian Marriage,Foreign husbands, Asian Brides, Asian Singles. — “Asian Dating - Asian Women seeking Europe and America friends”,
  • Where Asian America Gathers Asian American National Seniors Top NAEP Math AND Reading in 2010 what I find that they missed is that like on the SAT, Asian. — “Asian Week”,
  • Asian definition, of, belonging to, or characteristic of Asia or its inhabitants. See more. — “Asian | Define Asian at ”,
  • 491,389 Asian stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,800,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art. — “Asian Stock Photos and Images. 491,389 asian pictures and”,
  • Hyperlinked, in-depth article about the largest continent in the world, covering the history, population density, and economy of Asia. Also describes the different Asian regions and religions. — “Asia - Wikipedia”,
  • A distinctive Asian gift line including paper lanterns, hand fans, paper umbrellas, paper parasols, Japanese gifts, kimono, Chinese clothing, Chinese dress, kimono robes, chopsticks, paper hand fan, Japanese clothing & paper lantern as well as. — “Asian Ideas”,
  • Asian Movie News, Videos, Bios The best place to find the latest Asian movie news, photos, movie trailers, videos, bios, celebrity images, movie reviews, movie. — “AsianPopcorn, Asian Movie News, Videos, Bios”,
  • Asian recipes, Asian food and Asian cooking - The complete online culinary guide. — “Asian Recipes, Asian Cooking, Asian Cuisine and Recipes from Asia”, asian-
  • Collection of Asian food recipes, Asia recipe, Asian food, Asian recipes Asian cooking, free Asian online recipes, Asian cuisines, Asian cooking guide from Asia. — “Asian Food Recipes : Asian Food, Asian Recipe, Free Cooking”, asianfood-
  • It's easy to follow traditional Mediterranean and Asian dietary and lifestyle practices in your own life. Answers a range of frequently asked questions about incorporating Mediterranean and Asian dietary and lifestyle practices into your life. — “”,

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  • Chinese Guy says Asian Women Don't Shave All the hairy girl do not shave downstair so when I go to take shower t so it is become hard to wash because I am gross out by pubice leave on soapbar. Connect with Peter Chao: PETER CHAO'S OTHER CHANNEL! PETER CHAO TWITTER FIND ME ON FACEBOOK Become a Fan of Peter Chao on Facebook:
  • You Know You're Asian When... (A Vlog on Asian Stereotypes) Asians have certain characteristics about them that make them different from others. Add "you know you're Asian when..." before each statement and you'll see if you have the symptoms of being Asian. Music provided by:
  • HOW ASIAN PARENTS REACT WHEN A JUST A B+ ON REPORT CARD LOL Luckily my parents aren't like that, lol they want me to try my best to get great grades. But I've known a friend whose parents are like that lol.
  • Ridiculously Hot LATINA girl dancing, not asian! (ORIGINAL) lose-10pounds-in-21 Over Holidays Eating Your Favorite Junk Foods!
  • Nobody's Asian In The Movies - 10 The tenth track of Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog's Commentary: The Musical, That's Me. Main Part by Maurissa Tancharoen. Lyrics: Maurissa: I wrote all Penny's lines in the song, you know... I even sang her part up on the demo. But when it's time to cast the show, Do they want somebody yellow? Hell no. Noooooo... Nobody's Asian in the movies, Nobody's Asian on TV. If there is a part there for us, It's a groupie in the chorus, That's me. I begged and I pleaded, "Please don't pass me by" They say, "Hey, give us a hand Go and stand in the back with That fat guy" My role, though be it brief, at least It isn't Viet Cong, It's comic relief. Ohhhhh! Nobody's Asian in the movies, Nobody's Asian on TV. If there is a part there for us, It's a ninja, a physician, or a goofy mathematician, or a groupie in the chorus, That's me. Who do they want before they want an Asian? A Mexican. Who do they want before they want an Asian? A Black. Who do they want before they want an Asian? A Persian or a Cajun, or an Indian or an American Indian, Played by a Mexican, Or, if you're lucky, someone Asian Like me. JW: (But Maurissa! Movies couldn't even be made without Asians. We need them to play the parts we're not willing to.) MT: (You're right, Jed!) Without the Asians in the movies Without the Asians on TV Who'd play the goofy mathematician? The computer technician? A wise old healer from Japan? A short but wealthy businessman? Sell Korean groceries? Do your laundry "Thank you, prease" We're the ...
  • How to do the Asian squat "How to Do the Asian Squat" 4.9 mb, 5 minutes, MiniDV color, 2002 Written and directed by Daniel Hsia
  • Hot Asian Girls Beat Down White Guy Hot Asian Girls give rude guy beat down in dry cleaner Jawbone is a noise-eliminating Bluetooth headset technology.
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  • Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys Duma Vision Productions
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  • Asian Dub Foundation - Flyover - flyover!!
  • Asian and White Parents Sup GEE! Mychonny back with another ASIAN video! more stereotypes! more laughs! same old bs! LOL still fun to watch! no means to offend white or asian people ^^ hehe cough Thanks to all my fans who've subscribed! 60000 subs! THANKS! Hope you enjoy this little video! More to come! xoxox chonny Check out my other vids on my 2nd channel /yourchonny Subscribe! and Enjoy!!!
  • My Dad is so Asian (Ep.12) *Update* The poll has closed! Invisible Children won! the money from the month of July will go to this charity! Thanks for voting :) More info about the event on July 31st at Magic Mountain! Download the coupon! My Website: Thanks for watching and subscribing to JumbaFund, every view on this video counts toward charity! If you like this video, go watch Follow me on Twitter!:
  • My Dad is Asian My dad loves being in my videos, I decided to make a little show for him. *Yes, I know this videos different from what you're used to. Don't worry you will see all types of videos from me in the future, doesn't hurt to try something new right? Website: My Second Channel Tweet: Add me on facebook: Thanks to: Derrick Lee for the intro and transitions David Choi for the Music
  • Psycho Asian Girlfriend IF THE VIDEO ISN'T WORKING, CLICK HERE: Check out my Facebook: Your mom follows me onTwitter: Equals Three t-shirts are here: Follow me on DailyBooth: ********************************************* Here are the links to the content discussed in this video. Please don't harass the content creators or send them hate-messages. Thanx: "Girl Backflips Off Bed:" "Self-Potato Answer on Wheel of Fortune:" "Asian Girlfriend Breaks PS3:" "Another Cool Vid to Watch": *********************************** The Equals Three theme song "Doin' Your Mom" was written and performed by me. DOWNLOAD "Doin Your Mom Song" FOR FREE HERE:
  • Rant on Asian Dramas This video contains the best asian drama but instead of being 20 hours long, its like a couple minutes. yay. No that wasn't a real language. PS Not hating on K-Dramas! Just making fun :) PEACY OUTU Twitter: Myspace: Facebook
  • American Boy Parody-"First Asian Boy" IF THE VIDEO SAYS NOT AVAILABLE JUST REFRESH OR PUSH HIGH QUALITY! FREE DOWNLOAD this is my remix of estelle and kanye's "american boy." starring my lovely girlfriend iliana. lol and for everyone who's asking, if you can't figure it out already... i'm THAI. get it? in the song.. she said she loves "My Thais" but not what she's drinking... LYRICS Ahem, let me introduce Myself cuz I know that you aint used To an asian dude stepping to you like me But hey give it a chance I just might be Just the refreshin squeeze of lemon Ya need in ya life when it gets depressin Come wit me and decrease the stressing A new type of dude lemme teach ya a lesson Babygirl dont trip, come on just take my hand Ill introduce you to my world, stop in Thailand I really want to show you how we do I can be your first asian boy She said, its really nice to meet ya- likewise I never had a boy like you wit tight eyes Step to me quite wit a game like yours I said pack ya bags and come on my tour let down ya hair while I cook some rice And I swear that we dont all look alike And no, Im not no math expert But you plus me I know It just works So pause ya life and start to rewind And leave all them other lame dudes behind show you how I do in my continent Where the ladies get respect and compliments Confident, not gon be starin all night Cuz Im not yo average stereotype More than makin shoes and makin toys I could make you smile, yo asian boy Wanna get away? Watcha got to lose ...
  • Asian Guys= Small Penis? wanna shirt? follow me! my music! buy my cd!
  • Asian kid cries over Justin Bieber watch this first to get the joke =)
  • Arguing With My Asian Mom (Vlog #133) i'm thai.
  • Asian Girlfriend Destroys PS3 BUY THE SHIRT!! loser bum of a boyfriend learns a lesson.
  • Funny Prank Calls - Angry Asian Restaurant Prank Call - OwnagePranks I call this guy back to back numerous times. It's a hilariously funny prank call, and no, I am not asian. He owns an asian restaurant, and we basically argue for 3 minutes. Hope you enjoy! Part 2 of this prank here: Please become my facebook fan! ...
  • Epic Asian Drama Parody I LOVE ASIAN STEREOTYPICAL DRAMAS! This is for all the drama fanatics out there! How many stereotypical moments can you spot? Love triangles, illness, CEOs, average looking main girl, evil ex girlfriends, dramatic bg music, etc! You name it! Its here! My friends and I decided to film this during my trip to England. Please remember that we did it for fun so please be nice about my friends. They rock! I hope I dont offend anybody in this parody video. I was just pointing out the irony/stereotypical scenarios of asian dramas. Cast (Thank you guys so muchies!) Main girl: Bubz aka Me! =D Main guy: Eric Sub guy: Annie Evil Hot Ex Girlfriend: Kevin The random thug with a sock in his head: Tomo The bodyguard/father: Will Written by Eric and I This is quite a long video but do bear in mind that I squeezed an entire drama storyline into one video! It took us DAYS to film this!!! I cut my elbow when I pretended to faint and I didnt even use that scene! I dived myself into a dirty bin! I drooled on my friends pillow n everything for you guys! XD! Ahwell! All for fun! FYI: I did not know the penguin!! LOL! He was a random penguin in the street and he asked if he can star in my video. He kept interupting my filming XD! So I let him in o_O Oh I know the quality is crap! We used a webcam! Sowee! Hope you guys enjoy the randomness! Much love! Bubz
  • ☆Guide to Asian Emoticons☆ Post your emoticons in the comments! : D And go to White Rabbit Press to get your own Kanji poster:
  • Angry Asian Restaurant PART 2 Prank Call, VERY FUNNY -OwnagePranks You guys liked the first one, so I put together PART 2 of the Raged Asian! I can never get enough of this guy.. If you haven't seen part one, you might want to watch that one first here: Please subscribe, and register on my site @ ! Please become my facebook fan! http
  • Asian Lady Gaga Check out my Facebook: Your mom follows me onTwitter: Equals Three t-shirts are here: Follow me on DailyBooth: ********************************************* Here are the links to the content discussed in this video. Please don't harass the content creators or send them hate-messages. Thanx: "Bike Back Flip into Lake": "Popular Cat Video": "Lady Gaga Bad Romance Parody": "Another Cool Vid to Watch": *********************************** The Equals Three theme song "Doin' Your Mom" was written and performed by me. DOWNLOAD "Doin Your Mom Song" FOR FREE HERE:
  • Asian Friends Rock! Join the Live Stream: Stalk Me: Stories Christina Hendricks is MMM: Are You a Snitch?: Sarah McCain Baby: Death and You: Airplane HiJack: Walmart Laptop Credit Card Thief:
  • best asian prank ever! the best, funniest, smartest, non ofensive prank I've ever seem!
  • being grateful asian style and my mum is awesome my mum will read this video so tone down the comments for this one :) Just thinking all presents are lovely, no matter what they are lol. Hope you're all well. Sorry this is such a relaxed video but i'm guessing most of you are away etc during this time or prepping for new years so i figured it would be alright. Be happy and safe, x
  • What Kinda Asian Are You?! Those crazy people at The Station try to figure out my nationality. Check me out in The Station vid Rock and Roll! Subscribe to The Station, gonna be in lots of vids over there- Check out the YouTubers in this video: KassemG ShayCarl LisaNova Michael Gallagher
  • Nosy Asian Parents
  • How To Be Asian the wasabi thing was a joke, dont put it in ur tea this video isn't meant to insult anybody just a joke so lighten up people video response of How To Be English the sequal How To Be Hispanic press the high quality button at the bottom of the video :D there's a new channel that me and HelloHenro made together. the channel is where i will be putting the newer videos i make so if you want more of TehAznMan, it's going to be on the new account, /AHsketches. Our videos on the new account are in HD.
  • My New Haircut: Asian Edition SUBSCRIBE The ORIGINAL parody of my "new haircut" Created by Duke University Improv: Please favorite, rate and comment!
  • ASIAN INVASION Join the NEW Bubzbeauty Facebook fanpage! I connect with you guys one-to-one here A SURVIVAL GUIDE for Hong Kong! YER! You guys requested this! Long time no video! My bad! I have been settling in Hong Kong =DDD. This video is made based on real experiences of myself & my friends in Hong Kong although it is highly exaggerated =D. It is all for fun/jokes and hope it offends nobody. Im not trying to tease Chinese people. I am chinese myself ^_^ so I hope you all dont take this video seriously. For sure, I am having a blast in Hong Kong. Mini buses flying at 50kmph around corners and all. Kick ass chinese grannies and awesome food. Hong Kong is really a place everybody must visit. So please dont kick me out =) If you see a short chinese girl looking sickly form motion sickness on the train, its me ^_^. I need help. I have been in HK for a month and still don't know how to use the Hole on the Floor toilets. please tell me the correct way to use them. Holding in pees are not good for health ^_^ Yes, I can understand and speak Hakka aswell. I'm not ashamed. Without it, i won't be able to communicate with my grandma. & also, Merry Christmas to everybody! ^_^ Wish you all have a Happy New Year.
  • ChoiAdriana: RT @JOEYCHO960503_: Blonde Asian People aren't blonde anymore. Me gusta.
  • Onie_48: vote yuk JKT48: Best Asian Pop Artist:
  • dazmando: @DanielFurrUK there are some great county level players who are Asian who don't get signed up where as black and white players of the same
  • lysa_cookie: RT @JOEYCHO960503_: Blonde Asian People aren't blonde anymore. Me gusta.
  • justanuglyboy: #nowplaying "Gekkou" by Asian Kung-fu Generation
  • Corehhh: RT @machinegunkelly: That awkward moment when your being hit on by a group of asian foreign exchange students that speak 0 english so they just giggle...
  • DinosaurMaine: @Asian_Fool @ernesthahaha who knows , maybe you did . Come on admit it Royston . You promised us you'll tell us whn you get tgt for a month
  • ShmopKing: RT @machinegunkelly: That awkward moment when your being hit on by a group of asian foreign exchange students that speak 0 english so they just giggle...
  • Aris4_: RT @BadLuckrian: Marries an asian, she doesn't love him long time
  • TafakariHayo: Asia Fuel Oil-Aug/Sept at 1-week high; stocks fall: Asian fuel oil intermonth swaps inched higher on Thursday as @samsungmobileke
  • akinsanya_o: ☹@MsSharonSmooth: As long as the guy that puts the ring on my finger isn't Nigerian, Jamo, Asian, Somali, or Oyinbo I'm cool lol (Y)"
  • fernsvlp: RT @BangMirTH_Bot: [Asian Place Vol.] G.O: ตอนที่มีร์ยิ้ม เค้ายิ้มออกมาจากใจครับ เวลาที่เค้าทำอย่างนั้น รอบตัวเค้าก็จะดูสดใสขึ้นมาเลย #ByungMirFacts
  • _KelseysWorld: RT @TaylorMatson1: #CheatingIsOkayIf you didn't study for a math test and you're sitting next to an Asian because that is obviously a sign from god
  • amandameilynn: RT @IAm_RobotJones: @amandameilynn is my favorite Asian #Yup
  • requireshate: @aliettedb I wonder what artistic value it added to her novel to call an Asian character "exotic" several times
  • hana_ca0521: いつだって何かを失って その度に僕らは今日を知る 意味も無く何となく進む 淀みあるストーリー ∥君という花(ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION)
  • Axelfinance: LME SALE: LME-HKEx deal could be “very positive” for Asian exchanges – SGX ceo: If the London Metal Exchange and...
  • Asian_Queenlida: You dont have to ask question like if you your mans detective if you trust him youll just be happy when hes home
  • AriqR_11: @TElitaA9 jadian top asian pop skrng masih urutan 30-an kayanya
  • adityaafr28: RT @JKT48Lovers: Yuk Vote JKT48 di “Best Asian Pop Artist” (^▽^)-σ
  • jkt48mamujufans: sdah disangka sdh di dugah jkt48 pasti bisah jdi yg terbaik ttp://www.the-top-/lists/best-asian-pop-artist.asp
  • karin_kim16: @Asian_Fool @ernesthahaha @DinosaurMaine erhem Royston u are ALWAYS with her! always see you 2 esp in the morning ;)
  • JOEYCHO960503_: Blonde Asian People aren't blonde anymore. Me gusta.
  • onhomo: i swear me and amy spent an hour talking about what kind of asian she was
  • will_chau: @annelise_08 likewise! It won't be hard to spot an asian at Brookie with a thousand banners haha
  • traceyb65: @SuperTriviaGuy think i've let off steam … every time someone wails about Australia 'becoming Asian' i kinda smile! @mattiethereader
  • sbowerman23: Sitting with an Asian and a black woman have Indians behind me and the old people. Loving life right about now
  • DinosaurMaine: RT @AlyciaChee: @Asian_Fool @dinosaurmaine @ernesthahaha Royston trying to deny tht he is dating Jy! Tsktsk! We all know it alr!
  • TheMain_Event26: RT @machinegunkelly: That awkward moment when your being hit on by a group of asian foreign exchange students that speak 0 english so they just giggle...
  • Edourdoo: 佛教徒相比基督教徒宗教上更加宽容:Asian-American Buddhists are less inclined than Asian-American Christians to say religion is very important in their lives.
  • aw_rizal: RT @Nabilaholic_INA: RT @JKT48Lovers: Yuk Vote JKT48 di “Best Asian Pop Artist” (^▽^)-σ

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  • “The purpose of this Forum is to promote mutual understanding and collaboration among Asian nations in order to prepare Proposal of Asian Forum.pdf (40k) The 5th ASIAN FORUM Conference was closed successfully!”
    — ASIAN-FORUM, asian-

  • “Asian Finest Blog. Ethnorotica. Fleshbot / Asian. add link At the moment we have 148 total visitors, of which 1 are members and Meng Lau was previously featuerd on Asian Sirens, but I completely missed out on her when that article was published”
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  • “The Asian Social Forum was a left-wing conference held by members of the alter continuing the same concept but without the title "Asian Social Forum”
    Asian Social Forum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

  • “Reel Asian Main Site. Twitter. YouTube Channel. Blogroll. Akimbo. Angry Asian Man. Channel APA Movie Moxie. My Mom is a FOB. Planet in Focus Blog. Schema Magazine. The Banana Times. The”
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  • “Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) is a membership-based regional human rights organization in Asia and presently, it has 42 member organisations across Asia. It was founded following a consultation among human rights and”
    Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development - Home, forum-

  • “Respect is key in this forum! Racism is strictly forbidden, although you're allowed to Other Asian Entertainment. This is the forum for entertainment in the rest of Asia, like”
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  • “A list of the top blogs in the Asian Food category based on 20+ different factors including RSS membership, Number of incoming links, social media, monthly visits”
    — A list of top 25 Asian Food blogs by Blog Rank,

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