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  • PIKEVILLE — A Pike County magistrate seeking re-election is the target of a so-called unauthorized campaign group that is the first formed in Kentucky since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled corporations can support or oppose candidates, not TV ad attempts to link Pike magistrate to KACo spending. — “TV ad attempts to link Pike magistrate to KACo spending”,
  • Definition of attempts in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is attempts? Meaning of attempts as a legal term. What does attempts mean in law?. — “attempts legal definition of attempts. attempts synonyms by”, legal-
  • He succeeds in everything he attempts," they exclaimed; "he even makes deaf men hear and dumb men speak! Luke 1:1 As a number of attempts have been made to put together in order an account of those events which took place among us, (BBE). — “Bible Concordance: Attempts”,
  • (Note: See attempt for more definitions.) Quick definitions (attempt) noun: earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something. noun: the act of attacking ("They made an attempt on his life") verb: make an effort or attempt ("The police attempted to stop the thief". — “Definitions of attempts - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of attempts in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of attempts. Pronunciation of attempts. Translations of attempts. attempts synonyms, attempts antonyms. Information about attempts in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “attempts - definition of attempts by the Free Online”,
  • Numerous escape attempts were made, with people trying to climb under or over the initial Not that this stopped disaffected East Germans continuing to make escape attempts. — “Berlin's Wall triggered amazing escape attempts | TopNews”,
  • The First Attempts to Lay the Transatlantic Cable (1857-1858) But each new attempt was built on lessons learned from previous failures, and each brought Cyrus Field closer to the ultimate realization of his. — “American Experience | The Great Transatlantic Cable | People”,
  • Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens attempted suicide by overdosing on pain medication Tuesday night, The Associated Press reports this morning,. — “Terrell Owens Attempts Suicide | ”,
  • Attempts Quotes. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. After a couple of failed attempts, I came up with a weird tuning where I was dropping the G string down a step so that it became a seventh, and it got me to a place where I could play all these figures fairly easily. It was not an easy thing to work out. — “Attempts Quotes”,
  • Youtube Attempts Video, Search for videos all over the web at Gamesfather, Including videos from YouTube. — “Attempts - Youtube Video”,
  • His attempts to battle inflation resulted in severe recession (1974-75), and he proved ineffective in working with the Democratic-controlled Congress. In attempting to translate his objectives into policy, however, President Ford was frequently blocked by a Democratic Congress intent on flexing its. — “Gerald Ford: Biography from ”,
  • Prisoners made numerous attempts to escape Oflag IV-C, one of the most famous German Army prisoner-of-war There was only one fatality during the escape attempts: British Lieutenant Michael Sinclair in September 1944. — “Attempts to escape Oflag IV-C - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of attempt. wiki/attempts" Categories: English plurals | English third-person singular forms. Personal. — “attempts - Wiktionary”,
  • A deputy was dispatched to a Glass Road residence after a woman reported that her estranged husband had attempted to kiss her. The woman, who currently lives with her father, said she awoke to find her estranged husband leaning over in an attempt to plant a kiss on her forehead. — “Man attempts to steal kiss - Barrow Journal”,
  • Asthma Linked To Higher Suicidal Thoughts With Attempts. Asthma is associated with higher suicidal thoughts with attempted suicide, but does not seem to be linked with suicidal thoughts without attempts, according to a new report in the Annals of Allergy,. — “Learn more about attempts | e! Science News”,
  • Published in Climate, Attempts, Chicago Exchange, climate change, Copenhagen, Crowd, Earth, Excuse, Fortnight, global warming, Inquiries, Salvage, Scare, Scientists, "Regrettably, we have seen attempts to limit Russia's access to the exploration and development of the Arctic. — “Attempts | 1913 Intel”, 1913
  • Attempts - by Matt Burgett .. Attempts they take too long But finish with release Finished off for good or not It still brings me a little peace It gives me some patience After it had all been lost My soul wa. — “Attempts by Matt Burgett”,
  • Learn about each of the presidential assassinations and assassination attempts that have occurred in American history. — “Presidential Assassinations and Assassination Attempts”,

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  • Runescape - Ben Attempts to go Scamming! With Commentary Just did this for fun, I was just showing the peoples in Skype my skillz. Note! scamming is against the rules, do it and you risk being banned. I did this for comedy purposes only :P! SUBSCRIBE!!! *~BEN~*
  • Ben Smith master impregnator attempts to spell father Ben Smith attempts to spell FATHER on Jeremy Kyle Show, with hilarious results
  • Thebe (EARL) attempts kickflips
  • Geoff watches the Dead Island Announcement trailer Geoff, a loving husband and father of a young girl, decides he should watch the Dead Island announcement trailer. See how long he'll last.
  • Gordon Ramsay attempts Indian inspired dish - part 1 Gordon Ramsay attempts to put what he's learned on his travels around India into practise. He tries to cook a dish for some of India's top food critics. He cooks a slow cooked chicken with ginger, cardomen and cloves.
  • Pokémon FireRed - Special Feature - Rival Battle #3 Failed Attempts Something to hold people over for another day!
  • Craig Sager Attempts to Interview Carmelo Anthony - Blocked By Kobe Bryant
  • Campaining journalist attempts citizens arrest on Lieberman in Brussels Irish journalist David Cronin, correspondent for IPS and commentator for The Guardian, on Tuesday attempted a citizens arrest on Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in EU Council, he was quickly escorted from the conference room before the press meeting started. Interview with David Cronin, on his Lieberman arrest attempt. It's the second time that Cronin attempted a citizens arrest in Brussels. In March last year, Cronin attempted to place Tony Blair under a citizen's arrest for his role in the invasion of Iraq, during a visit by the former UK prime minister to the European Parliament for a hearing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Cronin has published extensively on EU relations with Israel. According to the website, David Cronin is the Brussels correspondent of Inter Press Service news agency. Born in Dublin in 1971, he wrote for a variety of Irish publications before moving to Belgium in 1995. After working as a research assistant and press officer in the European parliament, he became the European correspondent with The Sunday Tribune, Dublin, in 1998. He then worked as political correspondent for European Voice, a weekly newspaper owned by The Economist, from 2001 until 2006. He has also written about rock, jazz and world music for The Bulletin, the main English-language magazine targeting expatriates living in Belgium, and for the Wall Street Journal Europe. This video is an excerpt from the official video footage made ...
  • Kitten attempts to defeat cat's plastic fortress Miho (Cat) and Caro (Kitten) playing in and out of a plastic storage box. Miho loves getting into boxes, bags or any new enclosed space and is seen here taking a welcome break from Caro's relentless playfulness.
  • First Flight Attempts A number of spoofs from the beginning of 20. century mostly about flying. Interesting and funny.
  • Sioux - very first piaffe and passage attempts Sioux, 7yrs, Czech warmblood, 8 months of training with us. I dont use stirrups.
  • Cracked TV - The 12 Saddest World Record Attempts Ever Caught on Video Episode # 14 of Cracked TV
  • Avis Vox - Introspection Attemps (Moonbeam Mix) Songbird 255-0 Avis Vox - Introspection Attempts 1.Original Mix // 2.Moonbeam Remix // 3.Desync Remix Avis Vox releases his debut on Songbird and surprises friend and foe with "Introspection Attempts": an amazing down tempo single on the chill out tip. The original version is tailor made for clubs like the famous Cafe del Mar, Cafe Mambo or Buddha Bar. With subtle beat programming, deep, deep bass, smooth synths and lovely, whispering vocals, one might hear some references to the first album of Olive and even Portishead. "Introspection Attempts" truly is a warm, relaxing and comforting track. For the dance floor we asked the guys from Moonbeam to work their magic and their additional production and programming resulted in a beautiful trance cut that manages to keep the warmth and integrity of the original. The Desync remix remains in the down tempo domain, but adds a little bit more percussion and mystery. A perfect track for every sunrise and sunset! More Info: /avisvox
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan 147 attempt, World Ch 2009 (break 105) Ronnie O'Sullivan attempts a 147 against Mark Allen in snooker World Championships 2009. Fails on next to last black. Ends on a break of 105.
  • Hunter Valentine attempts to celebrate Valentine's Day
  • Thailand attempts longest kiss CCTV News Couples in Thailand are marking Valentine's Day by attempting to break the Guinness world record for the longest continuous kiss. The current record stands at 32 hours, 7 minutes and 14 seconds, set in Germany in 2009. Kicking off at dawn on Sunday, each couple was given a space of 1 square meter in which they have to spend the time kissing. They're only allowed to leave the area for bathroom breaks. If the lovebirds' lips part - even for a moment - they'll be disqualified. They're also not allowed to sit or sleep. The winning couple will be rewarded with a diamond ring and a cash prize. Information provided by Thank you http
  • Bro 2.avi i lied. SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT
  • Best drunk dude ever attempts to buy more beer. Fails hard. Drunk guy stumbles into a beer store and tries to get himself another case of beer, but doesn't make it much farther than the floor. lol.
  • Travis Pastrana Backflip Tricycle. ALL THREE ATTEMPTS Travis Pastrana does a back flip on a trike...
  • Mario Attempts Suicide - The Original The video that started it all. I've disabled comments and ratings so I can preserve the video. WOOT over 1 million views now.
  • Crowds resist army's attempts to clear Tahrir square The Egyptian army is struggling to clear Tahrir square in the centre of Cairo, to allow traffic to use the roundabout again, but soldiers are facing resistance from people who are determined not to leave until their demands are fully met. Thousands streamed back towards the square on hearing the military police was moving in to clear away bedding and temporary shelters. Some protestors are attempting to show their desire to co-operate and get Egypt moving again by becoming impromptu traffic police, guiding cars around. ...
  • Russian IL-76 attempts to crash during takeoff Extremely heavy IL-76 takes off from an Australian airfield and barely clears the ground
  • Run for Round 50:: Attempt 1::Part 1::Ascension This is a series were members of the Sn xCommunity clan will be trying to reach round 50. not all attempts will be filmed for example epic fails and pretty good runs will be uploaded. NOTE: later in this attempt i think around round 20 i had to go to a birthday. The host of this series is CptBobblehead aka SN xCookiezz. This part is muted because we were speaking dutch, so my question is do u have any suggestion for music to put on the background we were thinking about an elevator jingle or sumthing like that , just put ur suggestion below and we will pick one
  • The Swiss franc: artistic attempts to make a mint A report on the artists who provide the designs for Swiss coins and notes from the beginning of minting to the present day.(Julie Hunt,
  • World Championship 2010 R1 fr.14 Selby 147 Attempt. Frame 14 of round one of World Championship 2010(世界錦標賽), Mark Selby attempts a 147 maximum break against Ken Doherty, and he enters R2 to play Stephen Hendry after it.
  • Ellen Attempts Ventriloquism! After watching Miss Arkansas perform her ventriloquism talent at the Miss America pageant, Ellen decided she wanted to give it a shot!
  • Oh My!! Bubz attempts to cook for V-Day! =_=;; Hey guys... So today was Valentines Day. It is my boyfriend & I's 8th valentines day together. To be honest- we figured everyday is valentines day to us so we weren't going to do much. If you guys know me well- you'll know I don't have the domestic gene. I am not good at cleaning or cooking. But I decided to cook a meal for my boyfriend because hes the best guy in the world ^_^. I know I'm not capable of cooking anything fancy... But I really put in effort to cook him one of his fav meals- a bake lol!!! I'm not really sure what you call this. A pie? a bake? pasta? Lol.... But all the ingredients are made with LOVE (insert corny). So you guys asked me to film my cooking experience... and I condensed HOURS of cooking into a 6 minute video for you guys. You're wondering "why didn't you cook steak or something posh?". Good question. 1. We already had steak in a nice restaurant day before and 2. You are forgetting I am a cook nOObcake and well.. simply put- will ruin a good steak. I could've just bought a nice cake for bf & I to indulge but he does not like cake (SAY WHAT? I know right?) He only likes to eat jelly!!!!!! No kidding. He is a big kid!! Ps. IT DID TASTE GOOD BTW! or maybe cz i made it so to me its nice... *shrugs*. lol.... Pps. So if you didn't go anywhere- ahh spend ur with bubz as i share my cooking (lol) experience with you guys!! Let me know if you guys wanna see more cooking videos. Or "cooking attempt' videos if you will... Mwah!!! Check out my recent ...
  • Qaddafi: "We will defeat any foreign attempts" Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi held a public rally for his supporters in Tripoli, in which he warned against foreign intervention.
  • DJ Khaled ft Rick Ross/ Kobe attempts to jump over limo - @BYOBEnt Parody of Kobe jumping over aston martin
  • Saudi Arabia: King Abdullah attempts to avoid unrest with $35 billion in benefits for citizens Saudi King Abdullah returned home after three months abroad and announced $35 billion in benefits for its citizens in an attempt to insulate the world's biggest oil exporting country from the popular unrest that is sweeping the Arab world.
  • Whip My Hair(With Me) Whip My Hair by Willow Smith(With Me) My Earbuds Are Courtesy of Zagg. Go to If You Would Like a Pair Like Mine. They're Awesome! California Christiana Republic Provided Me the Custom Jumpsuit & Boom Box TWITTER: WILLOWS TWITTER:
  • Man Attempts To Assassinate Obama, 'But Not Because He's Black Or Anything' Suspect Alex Croft, who has a ton of black friends, planned to kill Obama because of his socialist agenda—not because of his skin color.
  • Dude, Where's My Challenge? Attempt The World Record - Tabasco With Season 3 not starting until the end of March, we thought we would give you a little something to get you by until then. Paul attempted Tabasco back in Episode 9 and now he wants to see if he could beat the Guinness World Record of 2 Tabasco bottles in 30 seconds. The record of most Tabasco sauce drunk in 30 seconds is 120 ml (2 bottles) by Andrew Hajinikitas of Australia How Will He Do? Can You Beat It?
  • Raw Video: Daredevil Attempts High-wire Record Nik Wallenda, a seventh-generation high-wire daredevil, safely cycled more than 100 feet along a wire some 260 feet above the ocean, without a safety net. He did it in the Bahamas, and Guinness will have to verify if he broke his own record. (Aug. 28)
  • Ana Ivanovic attempts Canonball is the pool. Video courtesy of the Herald Sun.
  • Fantasia Attempts Suicide, Kanye West On Nicki Minaj, Prop 8 Overturned In CA The Skorpion Show Links Kevin & Makael's Email Kevin- [email protected] Makael- [email protected] Twitter Kevin Makael Facebook Kevin Makael The Skorpion Show Fan Page Skype Kevin- theskorpionshow Call Us- 267-940-7585 Xbox Live Gamertag Kevin- kevskorp1984
  • 720 Backflip attempts + Super Willy's GO MADDGEAR. Hopefully i can land it but it is super scary and hard
  • Toasty Attempts "I Wanna Be The Guy" This game is hard :(
  • JennaY8S: JennaY8S: After 15 attempts, I managed to wakeboard hahahahah #yayme
  • viahiptop: viahiptop: checked-in @ Golden Pancake Restaurant on #SCVNGR and earned +1 pt.
  • kaelankjsmom: kaelankjsmom: checked-in @ Longhorn Steakhouse (Restaurants) on #SCVNGR and earned +1 pt.
  • ilovethatBOYd: ilovethatBOYd: I like when a boy attempts to sing. Its cute lol
  • Indexma: Indexma: RT @newsworldtoday: Norway's killer describe 8 robbery attempts by muslims as his reason for his hatred #news
  • Dakomich26: Dakomich26: checked-in @ Marble Slab on #SCVNGR and earned +1 pt.
  • CiaraDanelle: CiaraDanelle: I'm not a charity case, I'm clearly not desperate... And you're attempts to "hook" me up are not needed
  • duahia: duahia: Mario Balotelli does it again - attempts a backheel goal, misses, gets taken off -
  • USMOJO: USMOJO: RT @newsworldtoday: Norway's killer describe 8 robbery attempts by muslims as his reason for his hatred #news
  • RobinCook: RobinCook: @Katzedecimal Especially since attempts to make Piper a villain again failed so badly.
  • WSMVKimberly: WSMVKimberly: Man attempts to kidnap woman at Clarksville Walmart - WSMV - Nashville, TN News, Weather and Sports: via @AddThis
  • djbabyex: djbabyex: thats about 7 attempts to write something now and nothing pissing me off 70 mins of nothing over a feckin week
  • bossMINO: bossMINO: @ojetokunkunle yh.u beat arsenal after like eternity attempts.smh.I'm at eagle square.
  • Be_theman: Be_theman: #oomf needs to stop with these futile attempts...its sad
  • rebellove_: rebellove_: RT @DaNotoriousFLEE: RT @ItsJustPrince: Every african has the right way to pronounce their name, the wrong way that they tolerate, and crazy butchered attempts
  • beckyjmiller: beckyjmiller: @jasonbollinger Hopefully they'll be more successful than the previous five restaurant attempts at that location after Jive Turkey closed.
  • brookwarner: brookwarner: just did the social check-in @ Westfield St Lukes with @Al_2c. We both earned 4 pts on #SCVNGR.
  • ImaFakeBro: ImaFakeBro: *attempts to do an awesome dance* *fails* D:
  • amyjcousins: amyjcousins: Managed to get onto Russel Brand's 'For Amy' tribute after a harrowing day of failed attempts. So lovely, you should read it.
  • AdamKilgoreWP: AdamKilgoreWP: In the four games Jesus Flores has started, opponents have stolen seven bases in seven attempts.
  • djkillbill: djkillbill: @lennyndegwa - nigga I've been up. Many attempts by folks to derail me but nilihepa. I'm chilling till I hit the decks.
  • dustandnations_: dustandnations_: I ALSO HATE DAN FORD *attempts to fit in*
  • TL_OnYo_TL: TL_OnYo_TL: your sorry attempts at attention go unnoticed. you fail.
  • JDBRockTheWorld: JDBRockTheWorld: ~le takes two tylenol and attempts to sleep~
  • psychodrew: psychodrew: @CBSBigBrother What new alliance? You attempts to turn B/R against J/J backfired. Dom is leaving this week. #BB13 #CBSBigBrother #SorryDani
  • maevelikesmen: maevelikesmen: @ahelleis3 nvm I haven't seen the bid yet. Is it like cyberrbully right before she attempts suicide?!
  • lorindakirk: lorindakirk: In attempts to replace stolen iPhone, made TONS of bids on eBay, finally "won" @ $400, oh NO the phone is Verizon NOT ATT. Argghhh!
  • KellzXLFam: KellzXLFam: If a human attempts to call out "fakeness" (which technically isn't a word) in a subliminal fashion, what does that make the human?
  • robertcolpitts: robertcolpitts: Anyone else think that questions about how often you travel are thinly veiled (and superficial) attempts to find out how much $$$ you have?
  • SuhailSeedat: SuhailSeedat: Aquilani is expected to agree lesser wages with Fiorentina. He attempts to win a spot in the Italian national team under Prandelli.
  • Mtl4u2: Mtl4u2: Glennzilla surgically quarters Obama's attempts to gut the core principles of the Democratic Party.
  • Longlongtu2: Longlongtu2: my fren olwys fall for my pranks lol......gna plan sum tricks ÄĞÄÎÑ.......wish me luck dat i wud succeed again in my silly attempts!
  • trininox: trininox: I just snapped a pic at Walmart Supercenter. #SCVNGR (Walmart)
  • UNONICKJ: UNONICKJ: RT @LeggoFake: -attempts to act black- Yeah, nigguh. -tilts my math camp cap- Leggo.
  • TomcatSamurai: TomcatSamurai: @NikePurrfectCat @1nf1d3lC4str0 +Beautiful architecture, music, the concept of universitities, their attempts at peace treaties. Lots! ^_^
  • LeggoFake: LeggoFake: -attempts to act black- Yeah, nigguh. -tilts my math camp cap- Leggo.
  • TINAthebarbie: TINAthebarbie: I wish that I could have this moment 4 lifeee *attempts to dougie*
  • harleykat84: harleykat84: checked-in @ The Cheesecake Factory on #SCVNGR and earned +1 pt.
  • RonnieMacKay: RonnieMacKay: @garyharkins1985 three decent attempts from Killie's Zidane ;)
  • angelbabyy: angelbabyy: @bisrockaFLOCKA TOOO LATE MY NIGGGG. but those were my first and last attempts. lol
  • Anjeria: Anjeria: RT @SeverusSQuotes: "If anyone, student or staff, attempts to aide Mr. Potter, they will be punished.." ~Severus Snape, #HPDH2
  • Wikimancer: Wikimancer: @CyberWasteland Is it like when modern English speakers make attempts at ye olde Englishe?
  • jlquackstar: jlquackstar: Last night I was foiled in my attempts to find you and make you mine. Not tonight, Mr. Softee. Not tonight. #thethingsidoforicecream
  • Ricklfc1: Ricklfc1: The attempts of those who try to quantify 'respect'/ lack of it for certain deaths mystifies me. Each to their own. Stop comparing tragedies
  • LeslieJAlmeida: LeslieJAlmeida: After several failed attempts @ dining out, we went to @TruBurger on Oak St. Quite delish. I ordered my single w/ the fried yard egg, natch.
  • _samokay: _samokay: 4 attempts at scoring.. each time hit the post and hit me back in the face or thigh.... #notmygame
  • KaylaaDoee_: KaylaaDoee_: *Attempts to twerk* lmaoo
  • DaNotoriousFLEE: DaNotoriousFLEE: RT @ItsJustPrince: Every african has the right way to pronounce their name, the wrong way that they tolerate, and crazy butchered attempts
  • TuCochitica: TuCochitica: I miss that dance lmfaooo ahhh *attempts to do it* RT @YungCurve: TuCochitica LMAOO
  • ItsJustPrince: ItsJustPrince: Every african has the right way to pronounce their name, the wrong way that they tolerate, and crazy butchered attempts
  • Whoatisashley: Whoatisashley: #thatmomentwhen your good friend attempts to quote @ladyantebellum and messes up the lyrics, but ya don't have the heart to tell them.
  • BrandoHD: BrandoHD: Bill Gates Attempts To Reinvent The Toilet | TechnoBuffalo
  • fedrepa1: fedrepa1: Duke illegally attempts to withdraw Wyvern from OAM
  • OP9: OP9: Girl Attempts To Fly! (Note: keyword is 'attempts') @MikeonTV
  • HeraldSunOnline: HeraldSunOnline: Look not as his creed but his wounds - There seems to be a lot of gloating attempts to blame the horrific murder of ...
  • AxeCo2Tax: AxeCo2Tax: #auspol Look not as his creed but his wounds - There seems to be a lot of gloating attempts to blame the horrific mu...
  • GardenOpus: GardenOpus: Wilhelm Reich must have felt the same, though attempts to control the weather (unconventionally) landed him in prison, where sadly he died.
  • DPEnvConsulting: DPEnvConsulting: The tax cuts & deficit spending of former POTUS George W. Bush's administration were attempts 2 "starve beast." GOP thinks fed Govt is beast
  • stcolumbia: stcolumbia: Attempts to bring solitary terrorists into the intellectual mainstream (for whatever purpose) usually miss the point.
  • 2bBigE: 2bBigE: @Buster_ESPN how many attempts for Palmiero so far ?
  • green_eyed_kc: green_eyed_kc: @morganboling we went to three different locations to chill and all three attempts sucked.. #epicfailofmylife
  • GeekyKink: GeekyKink: Do Bing's attempts to gain marketshare against Google search feel like the desperation of a briefly animate corpse to everyone, or just me?
  • dannyblue91: dannyblue91: Oh #BFBC2... the only thing i dislike about you is the poor attempts at balancing out teams...just played a 2v2 Rush that turned to a 2v4
  • bawwabyyy: bawwabyyy: @RichAnnJack lmfaoo ahah yea it did. And our many failed attempts to get the ride until @dayshimajackson!! Came to the rescue
  • aimeelizaabeth: aimeelizaabeth: RT @SeverusSQuotes: "If anyone, student or staff, attempts to aide Mr. Potter, they will be punished.." ~Severus Snape, #HPDH2
  • Soledadigv: Soledadigv: #AJDiscalaCEO Disciplines � Safari Legend Attempts #ajdiscala Precisely what Occurs Natur�lly
  • MChandler_: MChandler_: RT @MrSugarpants1: I usually like to end my day by thinking I avoided a considerable number of assassination attempts. 
  • Michael_TGIF: Michael_TGIF: @_Jaynet loool *attempts hi5* *misses* *tries again* Hi 5 !
  • RadicalUterus: RadicalUterus: San Diego Reader | "Radical Uterus Shamelessly Attempts To Use Her Elderly Neighbor via @AddThis
  • GrayVictor: GrayVictor: black man running from the cops he attempts to jump over the gate and then.... the gate falls and he is goin to jail
  • NickyQuack: NickyQuack: Thinking about starting a hilariously pathetic blog about my cooking attempts. Hmmm.
  • positivepoints: positivepoints: #Affirmation...The mistakes of yesterday shall in no way interfere with the attempts of today.
  • conwilliams1: conwilliams1: @ElBailey_ 2 attempts, that's cheating
  • iambooINGspired: iambooINGspired: Proofreading helps and I do believe that this iPhone attempts to think for me and is not so quick in correction as it is in sending.
  • mickeybeck: mickeybeck: @OfficialCrimson That's my attempts at getting a man. I'm not a girl about trying to get a man to notice me. My dad taught me to well.
  • 80791: 80791: If one more person with the last name "Tumblr" attempts to add me on Facebook I am going to blew up the internet. I swear.
  • DaniPlanells: DaniPlanells: RT @SeverusSQuotes: "If anyone, student or staff, attempts to aide Mr. Potter, they will be punished.." ~Severus Snape, #HPDH2
  • BobbyInPhoenix: BobbyInPhoenix: That's 2-0 with Joss. If she attempts to prove me wrong again without succeeding I'm running in her spot with the choppers
  • Frances_Coppola: Frances_Coppola: BBC News: Obama meeting with Democrat leaders just ended. They will oppose Republican attempts to impose short-term debt ceiling rise #gfc2
  • bricksoftruth: bricksoftruth: Want proof that speech recognition is racist? Go check out @Glinner 's attempts at getting one to work with his accent. Comedy gold.
  • DKuzNY: DKuzNY: @LorenzoHumor with what? Weak ass attempts at jokes? What you did is get a whole bunch of folks laughing at you.
  • timtfj: timtfj: @yuoaei To clarify: I was trying to say "I shall go to bed. Or I SHOULD go to bed", not two attempts at "I shall".
  • hazed_confused: hazed_confused: Was successfully ignoring 13yo's attempts at bugging me all day, until the whistling started. The longer you ignore it, the louder it gets.
  • MrSugarpants1: MrSugarpants1: I usually like to end my day by thinking I avoided a considerable number of assassination attempts. 
  • mostell3: mostell3: After several attempts its clear I can't beat @gabby_hood in wwf... #ugh
  • Rhythmic_Genius: Rhythmic_Genius: @SoNikeGurl bwahahaha attempts to do all at one time
  • JAGibson88: JAGibson88: I hate when I'm bored and no one responds to my attempts at communication.
  • ladydream503: ladydream503: Your attempts are futile
  • SimplySharaini: SimplySharaini: @Neil38Etheridge you did a great job Neil...!!! 17 blocks over 20 attempts...!!! gosh you're the man...!!! hope to see that in next game..!!
  • FaShiionCase: FaShiionCase: guys u see no wrong in wat u do, but as soon as a female attempts to talk to another guy she's the worst person in the world

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