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  • The Saturday Sports Club is open to Primary 5 to Second Year pupils in the Auchenharvie Cluster! (Please Download all three Files and print off the Consent Form and hand it into auchenharvie acadmey when arriving thanks!. — “Auchenharvie Saturday Sports Club | Sports Club”, www1
  • Scran is a UK charity with a learning image service: 300,000 images, clip art, movies and sounds from museums, galleries, archives and the media; thousands of learning packs; and web tools to create, design, assemble and distribute. The film shows Auchenharvie Academy, in 1997. — “Scran - Auchenharvie Academy (silent video clip)”,
  • Auchenharvie Leisure Centre in Stevenston Bed and Breakfast Cheap Hotel Guest House Accommodation. — “Auchenharvie Leisure Centre in Stevenston Bed and Breakfast”,
  • Auchenharvie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Auchenharvie is an area of Stevenston, North Ayrshire in Scotland. Lucy Oswald of Auchenharvie House.[1] There are therefore several local institutions, organizations and businesses that use this name. — “Auchenharvie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Auchenharvie Golf Course, Stevenston, South of Scotland, Scotland, 0 reviews of Auchenharvie Golf Course. add a review. There are no reviews for this venue,. — “Auchenharvie Golf Course in Ayrshire - UK Golf Guide”, uk-
  • Auchenharvie rink is going to be ready about a month earlier than originally anticipated. The Magnum rink is to close on Sunday 3rd April and Auchenharvie rink is to open on Wednesday 6th April. — “Auchenharvie Rink Update | Ayrshire Flyers”, ayrshire-
  • I can remember when I was a boy in the 60's,spending a lot of time in Auchenharvie forest. When I was still at school, a long time ago, I had a friend whose grandfather owned and lived in Auchenharvie House. — “Auchenharvie Forest”,
  • K9. Golden Retriever. Auchenharvie Jewel. Five generation pedigree: Back to standard pedigree page. View 5-generation hip pedigree. View 5-generation longevity pedigree. Return to home page. — “Five generation pedigree: Auchenharvie Jewel”, k9
  • Auchenharvie Golf Course Reviews, Search Discount Green Fees for Auchenharvie at . — “Auchenharvie Golf Complex, Green Fee Discounts, Offers, Read”,
  • Auchenharvie Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland. Record your scores and track your handicap, helping you to understand your golf game and improve. — “Auchenharvie Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland”,
  • Site dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity in Stevenston, Ayrshire Perhaps the most interesting thing about Auchenharvie Wood is its exceptional edge habitat: it boasts about a kilometre of southeast facing woodland and scrub. — “Auchenharvie Wood - stevenston”,
  • Auchenharvie Academy in the distance. Pond, Auchenharvie Golf Course. Auchenharvie Academy in the distance. © Copyright wfmillar and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence. — “Pond, Auchenharvie Golf Course:: OS grid NS2541 :: Geograph”,
  • An old ruin nearly 300 years old stands on the site of the long forgotton Auchenharvie Colliery. In the middle of Auchenharvie Golf Course in the Northern portion of the Park, stand the ruins of the Beam Engine House. A Newcomen engine was first. — “Beam Engine House | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Auchenharvie is situated between the town of Stevenson and Saltcoats and is a nine-hole course that can be played as an 18-hole. — “Auchenharvie Golf Club”,
  • Auchenharvie Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club Welcome to Auchenharvie Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club Website. For ice times see club info for details. All members new and old are welcome. Well done to Stephanie Hewitt and Stephanie Symington. on gaining 1st and 4th at the Bracknell competition. — “Auchenharvie Ice Dance & Figure Skating Club”,
  • The Auchenharvie Colliery: An Early History. Document Information: (1998) "The Auchenharvie Colliery: An Early History", Reference Reviews, Vol. 12 Iss: 1, pp.27 - 27. — “Emerald | Reference Reviews | The Auchenharvie Colliery: An”,
  • Auchenharvie Golf Course and Club. Posted on 23 August 2009. The Auchenharvie Golf Course is located in the middle of Stevenson and Saltcoats. This beautiful golf course has only nine holes, but can be played as if it were a regular 18-hole golf course. — “Auchenharvie Golf Club | ”,
  • Entry in Golftoday's comprehensive golf course directory of tens of thousands of golf courses throughout the World. Auchenharvie Golf Club, Moor Park Road, West Brewery Park, Saltcoats, KA20 3HU. — “Auchenharvie Golf Club, Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland”,
  • This is the description as it will appear in search engines. Use most important search terms first (suggest course name then area then 'contact details and information' or similar). — “AUCHENHARVIE GOLF CLUB”, scotlands-golf-
  • Kyle figure skating club Ayrshire's premier figure skating club Will you go to Auchenharvie. Will you go to Auchenharvie during summer break. Yes. No. — “Kyle Figure Skating Club”,
  • Computer and Web Consultants specialising in one-stop solutions - Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Hardware & Software, Networks, Business Strategy, Project Management, Communications, Software & Database Development. — “Kayem Computing | Computer Consultants, Web Design | Ayrshire”, kayem-
  • Things to do in and around Auchenharvie Golf Club, North Ayrshire - at . — “Things to do in and around Auchenharvie Golf Club, North”,

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  • ☽ ₪ ~§~ ♘ Castles of Scotland - North Ayshire - Tribute ♘ ~§~ ₪ ☽ Tribute video to the castles in North Ayshire, Scotland. Enjoy pictures of beautiful castles and castle ruins with building date(s) and person(s) who built them while listening to Celtic music. NOTE: This video does not contain all castles in North Ayshire, Scotland but a selection of those that caught my eye or tickled my fancy. Castles Listing - Ardrossan Castle Auchenharvie Castle Brodick Castle Little Cumbrae Castle Eglinton Castle Kelburn Castle Kerelaw Castle (Kerila or Turnlaw) Kildonan Castle Law Castle Lochranza Castle Protencross Castle (Portincross Castle) Seagate Castle Stanecastle Audio Listing: Return to Firth of Lorn No copyright infringement intended. Created strictly for educational and entertainment. I own and claim nothing. ©justalady9 ☽ ₪ ~§~ ♘ JustALady ♘ ~§~ ₪ ☽
  • Ian Robertson Auchenharvie- quads 25th november 2012 Small clip from quad workout in Auchenharvie Gym, Stevenston, Ayrshire.
  • Stevenston Sabres vs Ayr Storm 13/12/2009 Sabres vs Storm @ the Magnum,Irvine
  • ayrshiree champs auchenharvie cheerleaders
  • Auchenharvie Academy Trampolining Club - Hollie's Backflip Hollie White's first recorded backflip.
  • Bandstand winners - St Mark's Primary! Irvine's bandstand is to have a new home at St Mark's Primary school following an exciting and closely fought competition. St Mark's Primary School has walked away with the unusual prize of an original bandstand, which will be relocated from the Bridgegate to their school. The Rethinking Bandstand competition, which is part of Irvine Bay's award-winning education programme, invited local schools to pitch their ideas for how they could make best use of the Irvine bandstand and where they would relocate it. However, the three short-listed secondary schools are all winners too. Auchenharvie Academy, Greenwood Academy and Irvine Royal Academy have all been offered support which will allow them to improve the spaces around their school and in one case create an outside performance venue. Reacting to the win, pupils at St Mark's commented "We will use the bandstand for choir, outdoor learning, reading, art... and other stuff." "We were against three secondary schools, so we thought we had no chance of winning, because they were all bigger." "We just felt so excited that we'd won and that it was a real privilege as the others were all high schools." Find out more about the school's reaction to the win in our podcast. Kirsty Innes, Marketing Manager at Irvine Bay, who organised the competition commented, "We were overwhelmed by the standard for the entries. When we visited, the energy, enthusiasm and motivation of pupils and staff at all four of the ...
  • Strog (Sergio Garcia) Birdies The 2nd At Royal Auchenharvie Strog Sinks A Putt For 2 At The Par3 2nd Hole At Royal Auchenharvie! And Beats Tiger Woods While Doing It....Westwood Sucks Lol
  • Charleigh and Kieran sliding down a banister at auchenharvie:-L
  • Auchenharvie Syncro Troup =] [Rehersal Number 1 =) ] Figure Skating Xmas 07 In Style ;]
  • SLAMBALL @ AUCHENHARVIE! back at school playing slamball !
  • Stephen Dickins double front.3gp Ma double front flip in auchenharvie academy wae murfy
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  • Chick Fight 2 - At Symo's House Yeah, One night we were kinda bored and we decided to well fight :D to put it simply... Rate, Subscribe, Comment !!
  • Musk In Training Musk In Training at Auchenharvie
  • Stevenston Art Project - Display 'Artist Heather Gray delivered the first set of workshops with pupils from Auchenharvie Academy and Ardeer, Glencairn and St. John's Primaries with amazingly colourful results.'
  • Glasgow Grinders v North East Nomads 07/07/12 Glasgow Grinders take on the North East Nomads at the 2012 Magnum Mariners Tournament at Auchenharvie
  • Ayrshire Champion Once Again - cheerleading squad from auchenharvie 3rd yeer group ! the bestt
  • Ian Robertson Auchenharvie Gym Deadlifting on Back Workout
  • Glasgow Grinders v Edinburgh Lions 08/07/12 Glasgow Grinders take on the Edinburgh Lions in the second day of the 2012 Magnum Mariners Tournament at Auchenharvie
  • AuchenHarvie Teachers Doing Thriller x Most of the teachers doing the talent show - Thriller Micheal Jackson x
  • auchenharvie cheerleaders auchenharvie cheerleaders , when i grow up , we won the comp (i) !
  • Stephanie Symington - Exhibition Skate - Bring Me To Life - Evanescence My Exhibition skate to Bring me to life, Please ignore the single cherry and single salcow, they were supposed to be doubles :S oopsie. mistakes happen. 2012
  • Fiona Davidson dives on "Fairweather V" Ullapool Scotland Fiona diving wreck of the "Fairweather V", Ullappool during Auchenharvie Sub Aqua Club trip , 2005
  • SABRES JUNIORS vs STEWARTON ACADEMY (28/03/11) Stevenston Sabres Juniors vs Stewarton Academy Monday 28th March 2011 Ardrossan Academy Friendly Game
  • Video Exclusive Pupils tour Irvine Bay http:/ At Irvine Bay we are committed to helping young people understand more about regeneration, and learn key skills for their own futures at the same time. Through learning and training we aim to provide young people with the knowledge of how regeneration works and how it affects the place where they live . Our new Regeneration Youth Forum gives participants access to expert practitioners in regeneration, show examples of successful regeneration from around the world and enable them to take an active role in the regeneration of their area. The key elements of the Regeneration Youth Forum include 1. Four senior pupils from each secondary school to join our programme as representatives of each learning community. 2. Initial meeting for the group to meet experts and experience a tour to see first hand examples of regeneration taking place in Irvine Bay. 3. A follow up practical regeneration workshop (5th December) that will develop deeper knowledge and understanding of the regeneration process including how to consult with and engage other young people in the process to generate ideas for use. 4. On-going support for participants to work with young people in their learning community to promote and involve them in regeneration from January to summer. 5. Pupil group to make recommendations and develop a full programme for the school year 2013/14
  • Hole In 1 LIVE on Camera UNBELIEVABLE What a shot by Lion Forrest or is it Tiger Woods or @strogdogg Hole In.....
  • Glasgow Grinders v Aberdeen North Stars 08/07/12 Glasgow Grinders take on the Aberdeen North Stars at the 2012 Magnum Mariners Tournament at Auchenharvie
  • S5/6 are grotesquely offensive Gordon details us about Alzheimer's and mothers toothbrushes
  • Trampolining - Stephen's Tricks Auchenharvie Academy Trampolining Club - Stephen's Cool Tricks
  • auchenharvie teachers dancing to party rock anthem it was funny
  • Auchenharvie Academy | Miss World 2011 "MAN, a feel like a woman! DA DAAA DA DA DAA DA DAAAAAAHHH" A small number of senior boys at Auchenharvie Academy (ayrshire, scotland) hosted a mock 'miss world competition' in order to raise money for prom. ***Robert Kirks act was not intended to be cut short at the beginning of it, however there was a problem with the sound. sorry robert*** No copyright infringements intended. I do not own anything. - think that's what you say when there is copyrighted music included, correct?
  • Auchenharvie Gym Ian Robertson chest and legs at Auchenharvie Fitness Centre Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Rigging on the Fairrweather V - Ullapool Dive trip Jul 05 Rigging on the Fairweather V covered in plumose anemones. Auchenharvie Subaqua Club dive trip Jul 2005
  • Slamball at Auchenharvie Academy (the one where i fall) I made a mess of this one
  • Figure Skating - Combination Spin My Sit Change sit back y catch :) Y catch could be better but still :D
  • KALeisure: PlayTalkRead roadshow is at Auchenharvie LC tomor,bring your wee ones along for free songs,stories &play activities!
  • KALeisure: The PlayTalkRead roadshow will be at Auchenharvie Leisure Centre tomorrow – bring your wee ones along to the...
  • kyrakantas: @juliemcgheexox secretly they all go to auchenharvie gym
  • Auchenharvie: S5/6 prelims begin tomorrow. Best of luck to all pupils. #getstudying
  • davieconn: @weejerdi_94 auchenharvie I think
  • Auchenharvie: Follow to keep up-to-date with the latest news from Auchenharvie Academy.
  • Milesybaby: Els swimming competition again. Serving lunches this time not medals!! (@ Auchenharvie Leisure Centre)
  • cameronbeard98: @Columba1400 any ideas when Auchenharvie Academy will be receiving our mugs?
  • Ross_Taggart94: That was surreal going back into Auchenharvie!
  • SlapshotScot: RT @NorthAyrIHC: This weekend sees the Wild take on Solway Sharks at auchenharvie. This looks to be a tough game, but also...
  • NAyrshire_Wild: RT @NorthAyrIHC: This weekend sees the Wild take on Solway Sharks at auchenharvie. This looks to be a tough game, but also...
  • LaurennElliee: I shall be stepping into auchenharvie today for the first time since june..
  • ScottLennon_LFC: @amcgavin_ Fair enough! Let's you into the other KA campus's doesn't it, like Auchenharvie and Greenwood?
  • bigjamiek2: RT @NorthAyrIHC: This Saturday sees the Wild take on Solway Sharks at Auchenharvie. This looks to be a tough game, but also...
  • NorthAyrIHC: This Saturday sees the Wild take on Solway Sharks at Auchenharvie. This looks to be a tough game, but also...
  • NorthAyrIHC: This weekend sees the Wild take on Solway Sharks at auchenharvie. This looks to be a tough game, but also...
  • _heyimhayley: @kerinaclarkk auchenharvie I think
  • gemmaa__x: @kerinaclarkk mine! auchenharvie haha x
  • wiltonchelseaa: @DannyBell_AFC_ don't be then gosh we don't want a big headed child wandering the corridors of auchenharvie academy!
  • xemmalynn09x: @rydenferguson just auchenharvie!

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  • “Jym's Blog. Vacancies. Talk to us. Our Centres: Magnum. Auchenharvie. Vikingar. Garnock. K:A Welcome to Jym's Blog End >> Page”
    — Jym's Blog,

  • “Shadowing home Librarians & Teachers. Login to edit your group home page. Auchenharvie Academy. Ayrshire, There are no blog posts for this group yet! BACK TO OUR GROUP PAGE”
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  • “ - Scotland's largest kite related website. Offering kite and land yacht lessons at St Andrews and other locations around Scotland, a kite forum, kite reviews and much more.. Chill and Ride - West Coast. (1/9) - Meets and”
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  • “View this blog in Google Blogger. WoS Junior League Division 1 Winners. Thu, Mar 31 2011 04:20 | Permalink. P W L F A. 1 North North Ayrshire Schools Championships are being held at Auchenharvie Academy on Sunday 29th January 2006.This is a qualifier for”

  • “Auchenharvie Coal Mine. Discuss all aspects of the three towns in the Threetowners' Lounge. Forum rules. Please auchenharvie coal That will return results from the web pages and from this forum. Good”
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  • “Bebo provides an open, engaging, and fun environment that empowers a new generation to discover, connect and express themselves”
    — Blog,

  • “Auchenharvie Academy in Stevenston has been working in partnership with TACT to deliver project which was developed in partnership with Auchenharvie Academy's 6th Year Pupils”
    — Youth Work Section,

  • “Taken from his website. The italics, though, I put in: Grae's Profile Grae full name: Graeme Sillars age: 16 D.O.B 8/6/87 school: Auchenharvie Academy, it sucks marital status: single, always have been, always will likes: I read more  Forum”

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