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  • Aviculture is the practice of keeping and breeding birds and the culture that forms around it. Aviculture The most modern accurate definition of the word Aviculture is given by Mr Michael A Wetherall. — “Aviculture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Aviculture Productions are proud to announce that the Live Food for Finches DVD is now available to purchase. Please consider signing up to our newsletter on the right side of this page to keep up to date with news from Aviculture Productions. — “Welcome to Aviculture Production | Aviculture Productions”,
  • The Society for Conservation in Aviculture - Caring Hands Preserving Wings The Society for Conservation in Aviculture (S.C.A) was formed in 1993, when a need became apparent to start to conserve avian species before they were lost forever. — “The Society for Conservation in Aviculture”,
  • Or at least was, be­fore the exten­sion with even smal­ler coun­tries like Estonia or By : Jonathan M. Thompson (USA) and Aviculture Europe. 13 pages - 1000 kB. Click here to. — “Aviculture Europe”, aviculture-
  • Lories & Lorikeets in Aviculture Lories and Lorikeets in Aviculture. by Dick Schroeder (printed with permission) Fallbrook, California. It is unfortunate that most species of birds kept in US aviaries today are those destined for the pet trade. There are some truly wonderful. — “Lories & Lorikeets in Aviculture”,
  • Translations of aviculture. aviculture synonyms, aviculture antonyms. Information about aviculture in the free online English dictionary and Amongst those risks are loss of investments in farming and aviculture, aircraft crashes, and bacteriological and viral contamination. — “aviculture - definition of aviculture by the Free Online”,
  • OPA, the Organization of Professional Aviculturists, is a trade organization for bird breeders, bird feed and bird cage manufacturers and suppliers, avian veterinarians, hand-feeders, and interested pet bird owners. Aviculture is Given Full Farming Rights in Florida. The OPA has now received a landmark. — “Organization of Professional Aviculturists, Inc. HOME”,
  • Fundamentals of Aviculture. AFA Watchbird. Calendar. 2011 Calendars Now The American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) submits that there is insufficient scientific and/or commercial data to support the. — “American Federation of Aviculture”,
  • The Arizona Aviculture Society aims to serve the needs of bird enthusiasts while advancing and encouraging the knowledge, protection, care, and propagation of captive birds as well as those that are threatened or endangered in their natural. — “The Arizona Aviculture Society | Dedicated to Preserving a”,
  • Definition of aviculture from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of aviculture. Pronunciation of aviculture. Definition of the word aviculture. Origin of the word aviculture. — “aviculture - Definition of aviculture at ”,
  • Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture. Welcome to the best bird club in Colorado. Our meetings are a great place to meet other people with one of the same interests as yourself, find out new information about your birds, buy new toys and other bird items and have a fun and social evening. — “Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture”,
  • aviculture n. The raising, keeping, and care of birds. Aviculture is the practice of keeping and breeding birds and the culture that forms around it. — “aviculture: Definition from ”,
  • Aviculture is the practice of keeping and often breeding pet birds, generally companion "Aviculture- The worldwide hobby of keeping and breeding numerous. — “Aviculture”,
  • Aviculture definition, the rearing or keeping of birds. See more. aviculture. raising and care of wild birds in captivity, for the breeding of game stock, the perpetuation of declining species, or for display and education. — “Aviculture | Define Aviculture at ”,
  • The Model Aviculture Program, also known as MAP, is a voluntary prgram for the certification of aviculturist through a veterinary inspection process. — “Model Aviculture Program, Inc”,
  • rearing and care of birds. [edit] Translations. Bulgarian: птицевъдство. French: aviculture fr(fr) f. wiki/aviculture" Category: English nouns. Personal tools. Log in / create account. Namespaces. Entry. Discussion. Variants. Views. Read. — “aviculture - Wiktionary”,
  • Watch our first live broadcast on aviculture.tv. An eclectus egg that is way overdue is Have a product and want to have a commercial on Aviculture.TV?. — “aviculture.tv”, aviculture.tv
  • AFA promotes the advancement of aviculture through educational programs that support improved husbandry practices, conservation, Development of Fundamentals of Aviculture was made possible by a grant from Pet Care Trust, and by funding and other support from the Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center,. — “AFA Campus”,

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  • AFRICAN GREY PLAYING LIKE A DOG! This is the result of giving your pet bird a choice. Phoenix was raised by us and has never been locked in a cage for any long stretch of time. Phoenix has the option to always be free and free flighted. This makes him rambunctious and destructive, but it makes him trusting and always looking for attention. We only lock him up when we have to leave and no one is home. PLEASE let your bird have some freedom, it will make him/her more confident and loving. All animals want to be free so if you love them give them as much freedom as you can.
  • Birds in Sri Lanka.(Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-100) The Common Hill Myna (Gracula religiosa), sometimes spelled "mynah" and formerly simply known as "Hill Myna", is the myna bird most commonly seen in aviculture, where it is often simply referred to by the latter two names. It is a member of the starling family (Sturnidae), resident in hill regions of South Asia and Southeast Asia. The Sri Lanka Hill Myna, a former subspecies of G. religiosa, is generally accepted as a separate species G. ptilogenys nowadays. The Enggano Hill Myna (G. enganensis) and Nias Hill Myna (G. robusta) are also widely accepted as specifically distinct, and many authors favor treating the Southern Hill Myna (G. r. indica) from the Nilgiris and elsewhere in the Western Ghats of India as a separate species also. (wikipedia)
  • bbiapromo2. British Birds in Aviculture is a dedicated bird keeping website for breeders' & exhibitors' of British / Eurasian hardbills & softbills, mules & hybrids, canaries & related species. Join the Forum & learn from the successful breeders & exhibitors of British birds & within a friendly online community. British Birds in Aviculture is built & run by passionate bird keepers for bird keepers of any experience level!
  • Avicultural Society of America 4th Annual Conference President's Message The Avicultural Society of America's President, Steve Duncan describes what conference attendees like most about the ASA conferences. This year's conference is being held in San Diego at the Towne & Country Resort. The conference is sponsored by Mazuri and hosted by SeaWorld. Conference attendees also receive free passes to the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. See the ASA website for current information. /conference.htm
  • lorikeet Bali playing with her ball This is Bali, my female handfed Weber's lorikeet. She is actually the first one of her species to be on youtube! I was actually lucky on finding her because this species is extremely rare in aviculture. She is really playful and loves to pick on my ear (ugh)... enjoy!
  • Congo African Grey Parrot This is a Congo African Grey Parrot at Orøstrand Petting zoo Info ------------- Congo African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus erithacus): This is the nominate subspecies, larger than the Timneh at about 33 cm (13 in) long, with light grey feathers, cherry red tails, and an all black beak. Immature birds of this subspecies have tails with a darker, duller red towards the tip (Juniper and Parr 1999) until their first moult which occurs within 18 months of age. These birds also initially have grey irises which change to a pale yellow colour by the time the bird is a year old. The Congo grey parrot is found on the islands of Príncipe and Bioko and is distributed from south-eastern Ivory Coast to Western Kenya, Northwest Tanzania, Southern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Northern Angola. In aviculture, it is often called a "CAG".
  • Asian blue or Chinese Painted Quail with sound Here are some of my red- breasted Blue Quails CB 2009. This species is the smallest "true quail" and is quite common in aviculture worldwide. In the wild they range from southeastern Asia to Oceania with 10 different subspecies. Size: 14 cm weight: up to 70 grams Incubation: 16-17 Days
  • gouldnest03312010.avi March 31, 2010 8:30 AM Gouldian Pair Building Nest. Yellow Head, White Breast, Green back Male, Red head Purple Breast, green Back female. Nesting material: Abaca Fiber, Coco Fiber. BELLA's AVICULTURE
  • NEWS FROM PA - NANDAY CONURES WILL NOT BE BANNED The Coalition of Pennsylvania Aviculturists (TOCPA), and members from American Federation of Aviculture (AFA), attended meetings at the Pennsylvania Game Commission January 27,28,29 to fight for the rights of bird owners to keep their Nanday Conures and other exotic birds in Pennsylvania. The proposal to amend 58 PA Code Section 137.1. was removed from the proposal which means, Nanday Conures WILL NOT BE BANNED IN PA.
  • Avicultural Society of America The Avicultural Society of America Education Conference is a not-to-be-missed yearly event. This years conference is hosted by Sea World and sponsored by Mazuri. Cream-of-the-crop International speakers share their knowledge and experience with attendees in a relaxed and fun setting. The luxurious Towne & Country Inn offers deeply discounted rates for attendees. Free passes to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, San Diego Zoo and Sea World are just some of the perks that make the conference a tremendous value. A behind the scenes tour and BBQ at Sea World is sure to be one of the highlights to be remembered. ASA strives to make their conferences fun and exciting. Dont miss it! More information and registration may be found at
  • Baby Green Cheek Conures Baby Green Cheek Conures from TinyFlockAviary. Dieppe, NB www.tinyflock.ca
  • dawajine de casablanca Salon d'aviculture de casablanca,
  • Pheasants 7 and Swans from the past... Some of the pheasants and swans I raised years ago. Ukranian music called the "Hopak" and some of the many pheasants and waterfowl I raised years ago... Disclaimer - I do not own the rites to this music. All credit goes to the original artist. No copyright infringement intended, uploaded purely for entertainment purposes.
  • Gunnedah Bird Show 2007 All of the highlights of the 2007 Gunnedah Annual Bird Show and Sale. The Biggest Bird Show In Australia where aviculturalists come from all over New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia to Sell, Swap, Show there birds and talk about aviculture every year (Filmed Sat March 31st 2007) Shows most of the birds on display and for sale.
  • Zebra finches eating Zebra finches eating seed I threw onto the floor.
  • GilliganConference
  • Fashion Show 2009 - UBC Culture Show UBC Culture Show Exhibition India 2009
  • Von der Deckin Hornbill Feeding Mate We are aviculturists who specialize in softbill birds. At the Davis Lund Aviaries, we raise several species of hornbills. These beautiful softbill birds make great aviary subjects and can be seen in many zoos. Although they look similar to toucans, they are unrelated and quite different. Tockus species are native to grasslands and dry woodlands of Africa. They eat mainly invertebrates. In captivity, they eat a mixture of fruit and softbill pellets (no seed-they can't digest it) and insects such as mealworms. During breeding, they feed lots of insects to their young. Their breeding habits are extremely interesting and unique, with the female sealing herself in a hole in a tree in the wild. Aviculturists mimic this by offering nestboxes in which the birds can act out this unusual behavior. Handraised birds become quite tame, and can even be kept as household pets. For more information on hornbills and other softbill birds, please visit our website at We are proud members of AFA (American Federation of Aviculture), NFSS (National Finch & Softbill Society), and ASA (Aviculturial Society of America).
  • Temminck Tragopan Pheasants Temminck Tragopan pair and Amherst pheasant hens got along great till a male Lady Amherst was introduced, then all hell broke loose.
  • ASOP Bird Show 2010 Aviculture Society of Pakistan Bird Show held at race coarse Park, Lahore, Children Painting competition was held on 28th March 2010
  • Bucharest Show Tumbler A pair of Bucharest Show Tumblers in Castropol Aviculture Show. 10/11/2007
  • The Night Before Christmas Steve Duncan narrates an avicultural adaptation of the Clement Clark Moore classic.
  • Wild Turkey Squaredance? I recently had some visitors outside my studio door and decided to video tape them. After reviewing the shots I took, I thought they looked like they were square-dancing. Okay, so I am a little odd - you knew that! Enjoy and support www.aviculture.tv Thanks!
  • Aquaculture : arrivée de poissons reproducteurs en Haiti Don de poisson de cuba a haiti
  • To Breed or Not to Breed Parrots? There are great courses offered for Certification on birds. Here are a couple I would recommend that are very affordable. The American Federation of Aviculture offers a course by writers, Rick Jordan, and Barbara Heidenreich at: I would recommend to anyone. Its only $35 if your a member. Also Universal Class Online, offers a course offered by Katlyn Thomas on Basic Bird care at: Recommended for any bird owner, and a must for someone considering purchasing their first bird. Course cost is a steal at only $20. Both courses offer Official Certification. If people are required to be licensed to operate a gun, or even own a dog, why would no one be required to be at least certified on basic bird care to own a $500 - $25000 bird? Many that are on the extinction list. It's boggling! We do not breed at FCBS, Nor do we adopt to breeders. We feel that the birds surrendered to us have been put in our trust to find loving homes as pets or to live out their lives in comfort. We realize their is a huge issue with people farming birds, because it is easy to breed and make money without claiming to pay tax. If you are going to purchase from a breeder please make sure you are using a reputable one. Not someone trying to make a buck off of cramming 500 birds in a shed in their backyard. We do understand the conservation of breeding to those endangered species, that are not being bred fraudulently with the excuse of conservation, just to make a buck. I ...
  • Waterfowl Collection Video of a collection of captive bred wildfowl species (mostly native) belonging to some good friends of mine and owners of Schuylar Farms, Cambridge MD. I ended up taking home a pair of Northern Pintails and Wood Ducks, as well as a NeNe gander (thanks Norm!). I've also bought a number of Canada geese from them, never lost any, all very healthy, top notch birds.
  • Parrots International Symposium 2009 Slide Show A brief slide show summarizing the Parrots International Symposium 2009 May 29-31, 2009 at the "M" Hotel Resort in Las Vegas. The Parrots International Symposium is the largest annual parrot conservation conference. Each year we gather experts in parrot conservation, field research, welfare, aviculture and companion parrots and create a perfect venue for the exchange of knowledge and expericences. Please join us in 2009 in Las Vegas or 2010 in Puerto Rico.
  • Handfeeding a Red Crest Turaco Chick We are aviculturists who specialize in softbill birds. At the Davis Lund Aviaries, we raise several species of turacos. These beautiful softbill birds make great aviary subjects and can be seen in many zoos. They are native to forests and woodlands of Africa. They eat fruit and other plant parts. In captivity, they eat a mixture of fruit and softbill pellets (no seed-they can't digest it) and some insects such as mealworms. Handraised birds become quite tame, although we do not recommend them as household pets due to their extremely active nature. They do best in large planted aviaries. For more information on turacos and other softbill birds, please visit our website at We are proud members of AFA (American Federation of Aviculture), NFSS (National Finch & Softbill Society), and ASA (Aviculturial Society of America).
  • Pheasant chicks Pheasants from the past. Young pheasant chicks and yearlings. Raising young birds from egg to adult was an experience, pleasure, and an education. Disclaimer - I do not own the rites to this music. All credit goes to the original artist. No copyright infringement intended, uploaded purely for entertainment purposes.
  • VIDEO.MMITE.MPOUX.ENGLISH MITE POUX.wmv -Mite -mites -mittes -Mitte -Red mite -Problem of mite -Problem of mite in poultry farm -Mite in poultry farm -solution Red mite -solution mite -Mmite solution -Killed the mite -Destroyed the mite -Resolved problem of mite -How to killed the mite -How to killed the red mite -Olmix company - Mmite Poux = PADUCHE - Poux rouge = PADUCHE ROSU -Problème de poux = PROBLEMA PADUCHILOR -Problème de poux en aviculture (poultry farm) = PROBLEMA PADUCHILOR IN AVICULTURA -Problème de poux en ferme de volaille= problema paduchilor in fermele de pasari -poux en ferme de volaille = paduchii in fermele de pasari -solution contre les poux rouge = solutia impotriva paduchilor rosii -solution contre les poux = solutia impotriva paduchilor -tuer les poux = omorarea paduchilor -détruire les poux = distrigerea paduchilor -résoudre les problèmes de poux = rezolvarea problemelor paduchilor -comment tuer les poux = cum omoram paduchii -comment détruire les poux rouge= cum distrugem paduchii rosii -Mite = Čmelík(?) -Red mite = Čmelík kuří -Problem of mite = Problém se čmelíkem -Problem of mite in poultry farm = Problém se čmelíkem na drůbežích farmách -Mite in poultry farm = Čmělík na drubeží farmě -solution Red mite = Řešení problému se čmelíky -solution mite = ??? -Mmite solution = Řešení je M-MITE -Killed the mite = Zahubit čmelíky -Destroyed the mite = Zničit čmelíky -Resolved problem of mite = Vyřešit problém se čmelíky -How to killed the mite = Jak zabít čmelíky? -How to killed the red mite ...
  • Avicultural Society of America Education Conference trailer This is a title page I am using as a test for my first youtube video.
  • Riversway Aviculture Products. designers and suppliers of the finest avian utensils! more information can be found at
  • Live Food for Finches - DVD Promo A promo of the "Live Food for Finches" DVD by Aviculture Productions (). A step by step guide showing finch breeders how to produce and manage fly maggots, meal worms and white ants which will improve your breeding results greatly.
  • Avi Gill as Gurdas Mann - UBC Exhibition India 2009 Exhibition India 2009
  • Diamond doves Family of diamond doves. My website:
  • White Back Mousebird (Tame Pet) White Back Mousebirds (Colius colius) are native to Africa and make delightful household pets when handraised. They love to play and be cuddled, and rival the affection of any pet parrot. Mousebirds are softbill birds who eat fruit and pelleted diets - no seed. Here at the Davis Lund Aviaries we have been raising mousebirds for almost twenty years and have worked with five of the six species. To learn more about mousebirds, check out the book "Mousebirds In Aviculture" by Kateri Davis published by Birdhouse Publications.
  • Madagascar Pochard Aviculturists Floriot & Phil Tovey weighing Madagascar Pochard as part of an ongoing biometric recording process for the Onji conservation breeding program.
  • 100DirectoryUK: Farming aviculture propolis chemical fertilizers: Ya fermer ru farmer portal rabbit breeding fish... http:///3taq787

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  • “The whole of the bird fancy has been represented at National level by an umbrella organisation called the NCA. It's never had an easy path with all the”
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  • “ - Il Forum su Avicoltura, Allevamento e Accessori P.S. Excuse me for choosing "http:///regole-del-forum/" to leave a offer for you about woman already ovulates takes clomid”
    — Pagina di stampa - cancer clomid ovarian 52,

  • “Which Aviculture Society? - Parrot Link Forum Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 6:46 am Post subject: Which Aviculture Society? While I have had parrots most of my life (even raised with them), I have never joined a society”
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  • “Read Karen's latest blog about parrots. protecting and preserving the very animals that have paid the bills for so many years before they, and the aviculture industry, disappear forever”
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  • “The Society for Conservation in Aviculture - Caring Hands Preserving Wings Action must be taken now to ensure that aviculture plays its part in the conservation of such species”
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