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  • Avocado definition, a large, usually pear-shaped fruit having green to blackish skin, a single large seed, and soft, light-green pulp, borne by the tropical Ame See more. — “Avocado | Define Avocado at ”,
  • The two most widely marketed avocado varieties are the rough-skinned, almost black Hass and the smooth, thin-skinned green Fuerte. To test for ripeness by cradling an avocado gently in your hand. — “Avocado, Avacado, All About Avocados, History of Avocados”,
  • avocado n. , pl. , -dos . A tropical American tree (Persea americana) having oval or pear-shaped fruit with leathery skin, yellowish-green flesh,. — “avocado: Definition from ”,
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about avocado at . Make research projects and school reports about avocado easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “avocado Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • The avocado (Persea americana) is a tree native to Mexico and Central The name "avocado" also refers to the fruit of the tree, which is characterized by an oval or pear-shape, with a rough or leathery skin, and a large seed; it is sometimes known as the avocado pear or alligator pear. — “Avocado - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • The avocado (Persea americana) is a tree native to the Caribbean, Mexico,[1] South America and Central America, classified in the flowering plant family Lauraceae along with cinnamon, Avocado or alligator pear also refers to the fruit (technically a. — “Avocado - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find avocado recipes, food and cooking techniques from Food Network. — “Avocado : in season now : Food Network”,
  • Definition of avocado in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of avocado. Pronunciation of avocado. Translations of avocado. avocado synonyms, avocado antonyms. Information about avocado in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. avocado. — “avocado - definition of avocado by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The fruit of the avocado tree is the duck-billed platypus of the plant world. Most domestic avocado varieties are grown in California, including the most popular variety, Hass, often misspelled as Haas. — “What is an Avocado?”,
  • The Hass Avocado Board proudly presents Avocado Central -- discover Hass Avocado recipes, learn avocado nutrition information, tips and techniques. When used instead of other fats, avocados contribute nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and. — “The Hass Avocado :: Hass Avocado Recipes, Avocado Nutrition”,
  • Avocados are fruits that contain 60% more potassium than bananas; they are also sodium and cholesterol-free. An avocado has a higher fat content (5 grams per serving) than other fruit, but the fat is monounsaturated fat, which is considered. — “avocado : Information on Uses, Dosage & Side Effects on”,
  • The avocado, unflatteringly known in the past as alligator pear, midshipman's butter, vegetable butter, or sometimes as butter pear, and called by Spanish-speaking The avocado tree may be erect, usually to 30 ft (9 m) but sometimes. — “Avocado”, hort.purdue.edu
  • Avocado has many health benefits. Learn how it can help lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. Also learn the ways to eat an avocado. — “Health Benefits of Avocado”,
  • Avocado nutrition information - the world's most nutritious fruit. Scientific name: Persea americana Avocado provides more than 25 essential nutrients such as protein, potassium, vitamin E, C, B-vitamins, folic acid, iron, copper, phosphorus and magnesium, just to name a few. — “Avocado Nutrition Information”,
  • The avocado (Persea americana) (from Nahuatl Aguacatl: agua-kah-tl), also known as aguacate, butter or alligator pear) is a tree native to Mexico, Central and northern Avocado trees were cultivated in pre- Incan settlements with archeological evidence dating to 750 B.C. — “Avocado”, schools-
  • Spinach and Avocado Salad Prep Time: 10 min Total Time: 10 min Makes: 2 servings 1/2 cup sliced avocado 1 tsp. lemon juice 3 cups baby spinach leaves 1 small blood orange or naval orange, peeled, cut into sections 1/4 cup KRAFT. — “Avocado Recipes? i would like to know easy things to make”,
  • It's true that avocados have a high oil content, but they are also packed with vitamins A, C, and E--primary vitamins in the antioxidant group that protect the cells in human tissue. A high protein content makes avocados a good meat substitute, and unlike animal fat, the fat is not saturated. — “Avocado”,
  • With their flavor, texture, and nutritional value, California Avocados might be nature's highest achievement. Check out our continually updated list of avocado and guacamole recipes. — “California Avocado Commission”,
  • Avocados Avocado Oil. diy. oil benefits. sponsored product. SIGN UP. FOLLOW US. Find healthy tips, interesting facts, delicious recipes and more! LEARN MORE. Have fun and make a difference! ENTER TO WIN "Like" on our Facebook Page to enter!" LEARN MORE. Learn about our sponsors!. — “Welcome to the source for Avocado recipes and information”,
  • Common Name: Avocado, Alligator Pear (English); Aguacate, Palta (Spanish) Adaptation: Avocados do well in the mild-winter areas of California, Florida and Hawaii. Some hardier varieties can be grown in the cooler parts of northern and inland. — “AVOCADO Fruit Facts”,
  • The Avocado tree is a tropical evergreen tree distantly related to the Laurel bush (bay leaf bush). — “Avocado”,
  • Avocado is a fruit in terms of biological classification. Since it is predominantly used in savoury dishes it is referred to as a vegetable. All about Avocado. An avocado is closer to a berry in botanical terms. In some respects it is a tropical fruit akin to a banana, but its oily content. — “Avocado - CopperWiki”,
  • Avocado -- the fruit that would make butter and meat obsolete. If you love fatty, creamy, Avocado is more than just a tasty treat to be enjoyed in guacamole. — “Everything you wanted to know about the avocado and more!”, living-
  • Non-profit foundation providing reliable, scientifically accurate, personalized information for convenient and enjoyable healthy eating. Although the creamy rich Hass avocados are generally available throughout the year, they are the most abundant and at their best during the spring and summer in. — “WHFoods: Avocados”,

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  • Avocado Thought I'd switch it up and give you a glimpse behind the scenes... Meet Avocado, he's one of the people responsible for a lot of what happens at Grind Time. He shoots, edits, and comes up with all the motion graphics for the GT battles. He also Co-Directed the Fresh Coast documentary with Phillip Drummond. Fresh Coast DVD
  • VegNewsTV: Chef Chloe's Avocado Pesto Pasta Right in time for summer, vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli shares her signature fresh, flavorful avocado pesto pasta perfect for quick, everyday dinners or backyard cookouts. Want the recipe? Get the details here:
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  • How To Cut an Avocado Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from 88al88 and more videos in the Produce category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Successful avocado slicing depends on not following the banana model of peel first, then slice. Avocados are best sliced with the skin still on. To complete this How-To you will need: An avocado A reasonably sharp knife A kitchen towel A spoon (optional) Step 1: Cut lengthwise Cut the avocado in half lengthwise, from stem to bottom. Don't try to slice through the pit—guide the knife around it so the avocado is separated into two halves, each still stuck to the pit. Step 2: Twist two halves apart Twist the two halves apart. The pit will stick to one half. Step 3: Stick blade in pit Hold the half with the pit in the palm of your hand and thwack the knife down onto the pit just hard enough so that the blade edge sticks in the pit. Step 4: Detach pit Twist the knife to loosen the pit, which will detach cleanly from the flesh when you lift the knife. Tip: A sharp, heavy knife is safest—because you'll have to thwack much harder with a light, dull knife. Step 5: Remove pit from knife Remove the pit from the knife with a kitchen towel, which will protect your fingers and give you a grip on the slippery pit. Step 6: Slice through avocado flesh Slice ...
  • Avocado Ad Executives An actual commercial - this is NOT a parody, a social commentary, or anything like that. Avocados are funny to me, though.
  • 100% Natural Avocado Hair Mask Recipe, Ep174 Learn how to make a hair mask out of all natural ingredients, and have beautiful, shiny, healthy hair! FREE Juices & Smoothies Recipe eBook Health & Wellness Coaching http 10-Day Juice Fasting Program: Acne Program: Website: Blog Facebook: Twitter: Donations: To learn more about the Raw Food Diet and individual, group or donation based coaching to lose weight, have more energy and get healthy, go to:
  • Raw Kale Avocado Salad #87 - First off, thanks for all of your posts and support from yesterday's show... Also, thanks to those who criticized me as well. Even to the guy who said I'm a health fraud since I got a bacterial infection. ;-) Everyone is entitled to an opinion, whether I agree or not! Though I will publicly disagree with him... Last night was tough... I had a massive fever, sweats and didn't get much sleep at all. But today is much better and I'm positive that I won't have those symptoms again. (I have no idea if they were due to the Lyme or the antibiotics!) Annmarie was ready to do today's show on her own in case I didn't feel well, but I feel much better today... so you get both of us! This raw kale salad was contributed in part by one of our faithful watchers, Bernadette! Thanks, Bernadette for being a true superhero with your comments and support! This is one of those great meals that you can make and take with you, so go ahead and take a look...
  • Will It Blend? - Avocados Some of you have recently seen a guy on TV unsuccessfully try to make guacamole by blending an avocado. Obviously he wasn't using Tom's Blendtec Total Blender. If you want to be with Tom on a future Willitblend? Episode, go to for more details.
  • Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989) HD trailer Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989) trailer
  • Avocado appetizers and ginkgo nut skewers My full recipe is here:
  • Avocado Tips We are addicted to avocados! Check out this video. In this video we provide some insight on the nutritional benefits of avocados. Also, if you've ever wondered how to properly cut an avocado, you'll want to tune in. For more great video blogs and unbelievably delicious recipes check out our website at .
  • Avocado Harvest The price of fresh produce is determined by a number of factors with weather and availability being just a couple. Then there are fruits like these avocados, which pound for pound are more expensive than other produce. This is because there are often so few harvested that the price is high. After all, it takes 18 months to bring avocados like these to market. At the Fairview Road Ranch in Soledad California, Kirk Williams and his family grow about 100 acres. Kirk Williams, Avocado Grower, Soledad California: With avocados starting out in the spring there is always a crop on the tree. There is a bloom that takes place in about March or April of the year and that is the crop that you are trying to keep the pests away from going through the summer. And you have also got to get through the winter up to the following September or October when you actually harvest them. Everybody wants a ripe avocado for tonight and I wish there was a way to maximize that possibility because we handle them all and they are rock hard. Getting them to the consumer when they are ready for tonight's meal is a real challenge. There is really no substitute for delicious avocados like these after maturing slowly on the tree for so long it's no wonder that they are such a delicacy. From the garden, I'm Allen Smith. Copyright: 1999 P. Allen Smith Gardens Hortus LTD.
  • Huell Howser, Avocados and a Dog that Eats Avocados
  • Mitchell and Webb - Avocado Bathroom 20th March 2007 That Mitchell and Webb Look =]
  • Avocado Ocarina:"Mary Had a Little Lamb" I succeeded in making an ocarina with avocado. The music that I played is "Mary Had a Little Lamb". Always I'm sorry in the same music.
  • How To...Eat an Avocado Mike demonstrates the best way to cut open and eat an avocado livelife365 www.livelife365.com
  • Face Masks & Body Scrubs : How to Make an Avocado Face Mask To make an avocado face mask, mash up half of an avocado, which is rich in vitamins A, D and E, and add a tablespoon of either olive oil, sesame oil or almond oil. Create a homemade avocado mask, letting it sit on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes, with beauty advice from a clinical aesthetician in this free video on skin care. Expert: Keeley Selvage Contact: Bio: Keeley Selvage has been in the skin care industry for more than five years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
  • Homemade Avocado & Olive Oil Facial Mask So not only are avocados super yummy but yummy for your face! I loved this mask it made my skin very soft and felt refreshing. Avocados contain potassium which is known as the youth mineral. This homemade facial mask was very simple and is used for all face types: Oily, Dry and normal. It is especially great for dry skin. Apply on face an neck to achieve a healthy glow to your skin. *Shout Out & Much Love to manena101 for giving me the inspiration to do a normal face type facial YOU ROCK!*
  • Healthy Cooking: Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe Make this quick and healthy chicken salad recipe with just 5 ingredients - Avocado, celery, onion, Greek yogurt and Chicken! *Sponsor: Lose More in Less Time - This recipe tastes great as a sandwich filler with some greens and whole grain bread, as a dip with crackers for an appetizer or pile a scoop onto a bed of lettuce for a yummy salad! Check Out Video! : Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel - Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah's Blog- Twitter Facebook: iTunes: Sarah's Fitness Blog -
  • Avocado Sushi Recipe - Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video Recipe: The rolling may take some practice, but of all my healthy vegan recipes, this avocado sushi recipe is my favorite for taking to a pot luck. It travels very easily, and people who have never made it before are impressed. Sea vegetables are an incredibly rich source of minerals, and nori sheets made into sushi are a yummy way to eat this highly nutritious food. Experiment with different fillings, make a variety and have fun sharing them with friends and family!
  • Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach: Kale and Avocado Salad
  • Easy Avocado Dip Recipe, Ep138 Learn how o make a simple, easy & delicious avocado dip with all fresh and natural ingredients! Full recipe at FREE Juices & Smoothies Recipe eBook: Health & Wellness Coaching http 10-Day Juice Fasting Program: Acne Program now available, go to: Website: Blog Facebook: Twitter: Donations: To learn more about the Raw Food Diet and individual, group or donation based coaching to lose weight, have more energy and get healthy, go to:
  • Broccoli Avocado Dill Soup ~ RAW FOOD RECIPES! *BLENDERS BLEND.life- RECIPE Creamy Broccoli Avocado Dill Soup Recipe 1 cup Almonds (blended with some water) To get truly raw almonds send an email to Bruce [email protected] $60 for 5 pounds 2 cups Broccoli Handful of Dill 1 Zucchini 4 cloves of Garlic 1/8 Onion 4 Dates 1 Avocado Italian seasoning/Himalayan Sea Salt Blend Almonds with some water to make some good 'ol fashioned almond milk...Don't forget your NUT bag! Strain, use milk and add the remaining ingredients to blender Enjoy! * STORE STORE.life- * JUICERS http * BOOKS BOOKS.life- * WEIGHT LOSS http * ENZYMES ENZYMES.life- * PROBIOTICS http * DONATIONS GIFT.life- * RAW HEALTH STARTER KIT http
  • Gardening Plant Care : Avocado Tree Care Homegrown avocados make great gardening trees. Learn all about avocado tree care withgardening tips from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. Expert: Stan DeFreitas Contact: Bio: Stan DeFreitas, also known as "Mr. Green Thumb", has experience as a urban horticulturist working for the Pinellas County Extension Service and has taught horticulture at the St. Petersburg College. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
  • How to Grow avocado plants .
  • Jesse Cook- Avocado Yet another song by Jesse Cook, this one is from the album Vertigo, and the song is called Avocado.
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  • Avocado Face & Body Soap Introducing FLP's new Avocado Soap.
  • How to: Avocado Hair Mask Tutorial (Repairing hair mask) This is a hair mask that I tried and I got to say it has made difference to my hair. It feels softer and shinier!!!!! I have yet to try a different recipe for dandruff conditions but for now I have to share this avocado hair mask with you all. The hair mask smells amazing and gives wonderful results. I can't believe it never occured me to use hair masks on my hair until now. Im always a firm believer of natural remedies so I took it up a notch. You will only need 1 half of an avocado for the hair mask and for the other half; simply mash it up (mix honey, yogurt etc) and apply it as a soothing face mask. Avocado is rich in beneficial oils good for our skin, body and health which is why some cultures call the fruit 'Green Gold'. Its not only delicious as a healthy treat but also to our hair and skin. The mask has enough for 2 applications. I highly reccomend you guys to experiment in your own time and find the ingredients that suit you. Its so much fun and you learn alot about your body, skin and hair at the same time. PS Do not try if you are allergic to any of the ingredients Much love, Bubbi
  • Avocado Video 3 in our superfood library. Learn how avocado's can superpower your health through a myriad of vitamins discussed. Check what all this is about at
  • Video Recipe: Tomato & Avocado Sandwich Chef Keith Snow from creates a delicious & healthy sandwich from fresh tomatoes & avocado.
  • Michael Hedges - The Funky Avocado 8/1/87 performance at the Mahaiwe Theater in Great Barrington, MA. Tuning: B1A2D3G3A3D4. See for information on Hedges and a fund for his children.
  • Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen: Kreamy Avocado Soup -Join me and I'll show you how to make a fast, easy, delicious, raw food soup recipe using a blender. This recipe is from my uncookbook "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. Visit my raw food blog for more raw food recipe ideas, more videos, and organic ingredients:
  • avocado conditioner i used one avocado 3tbs of jojoba oil 3tbs of olive oil and 1/2 cup of water. put in blender till smooth. no chunks left in my hair. got the idea from curlychronicals
  • Cutting an Avocado Learn how to cut an avocado, an extremely delicious and versatile fruit.
  • Homemade Salsa & Guacamole Recipes : De-Seeding Avocados for Guacamole Learn how to de-seed avocados for this homemade guacamole and salsa recipe in this free cooking video clip.
  • Veggie Meals- Avocado Sandwich Hey everyone, here is a simple sandwich involving an avocado music used w/ permission myspace twitter blogtv If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment or email me at [email protected] Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • sharonstars: sharonstars: dont really care for the multigrain bread that comes w the turkey avocado sammich at boudins. it's sweet & not a fan of the bagillion grains
  • missprettyaf: missprettyaf: Avocado nail polish #thebest http://t.co/k9C9zTec
  • SirFlamingo: SirFlamingo: Blast and damn! Forgot the bloody avocado. You care. I know you care.
  • ashleysiracusa: ashleysiracusa: Tried to get an avocado seed out with a spoon and it flew out and hit my face, then landed on my fresh white tee. How embarrassing.
  • GreenThumbing: GreenThumbing: How to plant an avocado pit and grow a plant indoors… http://dld.bz/VqTM
  • Gavinskywalker: Gavinskywalker: Lambchops,jasmine rice,avocado,monkey bread,coca-cola, and a really relaxing massage. Life can't get better
  • Kieffer3287coor: Kieffer3287coor: Multi-Craft Rack System, Avocado Base with Purple Lid/Gold Handle: Multi-Craft Rack System, Avocado Base with Pu... http://t.co/Q0M4oouA
  • trevorjurgens: trevorjurgens: Does it get any healthier than this? @iamkimu Avocado sprinkled with #hemp hearts!?! http://t.co/mhchwfC5
  • AngieStroza: AngieStroza: Cannot wait to wake early tomorrow morning and watch #sonsofanarchy and #workaholics eating my egg sandwich with avocado #thingsilookfoward2
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  • svannguyen: svannguyen: sashimi & avocado salad w/ yam temp. Let's see how this goes :)
  • JAYRIOS_FH: JAYRIOS_FH: LMFAO RT @animevgamelover: “@JAYRIOS_FH: Who remember Abby from JHS with the avocado butt yea @Mr_Bizness_4 ate that” omgggg you guyssss
  • BuZzPuMpA: BuZzPuMpA: @_Feebz_ You're the devil's avocado, i cant be mad cause you're getting me a present but the suspense is killing me!
  • BreZTweets: BreZTweets: JB was being a good hubby and fixing me a snack when the top came off of the salt he was sprinkling on my avocado. Stillateit. #thatslove
  • animevgamelover: animevgamelover: “@JAYRIOS_FH: Who remember Abby from JHS with the avocado butt yea @Mr_Bizness_4 ate that” omgggg you guyssss
  • animevgamelover: animevgamelover: RT @JAYRIOS_FH: Who remember Abby from JHS with the avocado butt yea @Mr_Bizness_4 ate that
  • thatsmysandmich: thatsmysandmich: I'm so hungry but my phos and avocado milkshake will be arriving soon #yay
  • lochnessaus: lochnessaus: Amazing what a bit of avocado can do to a boring wrap. Yum!
  • mariaclaudiar: mariaclaudiar: RT @MrazGal: Jason Mraz Interview: Cat Testicles, New Music, Avocado Smoothies http://t.co/DtcdsH9l
  • Sifalhanan: Sifalhanan: Capcay anget, avocado juice ... Mantep #wiskul
  • littlebirdblack: littlebirdblack: @fone_orz The devil vegetable made its way into some shrimp and avocado salad yesterday. Uggghhh
  • GlynisTN: GlynisTN: @KerryParnell Behold the GTN special: avocado, grated carrot, alfalfa, mayo - and the 5th magical ingredient, warm chicken schnitzel. Mmm.
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  • OhMyPardonMe: OhMyPardonMe: an avocado sounds yummy right now
  • Standup_Guy11: Standup_Guy11: LMAO RT @JAYRIOS_FH: Who remember Abby from JHS with the avocado butt yea @Mr_Bizness_4 ate that
  • IdaNordahl: IdaNordahl: Photo: ffoodd: http://t.co/GcMZ0Uha
  • Mr_Bizness_4: Mr_Bizness_4: RT @JAYRIOS_FH: Who remember Abby from JHS with the avocado butt yea @Mr_Bizness_4 ate that
  • JAYRIOS_FH: JAYRIOS_FH: Who remember Abby from JHS with the avocado butt yea @Mr_Bizness_4 ate that
  • _greenpills: _greenpills: Wholegrain toast with avocado > whatever the last thing you ate was
  • klumzybiri: klumzybiri: @MariahFnCrazy treseme shampoo & conditioner for curly hair & after i put hair silk that has avocado oil ! haha
  • MonsterDoorHang: MonsterDoorHang: RT @WholeFoods: Save this one for the weekend......SHRIMP & AVOCADO OMELET: http://t.co/76UixuRs #Pescetarian #Brunch
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  • Sharzz06: Sharzz06: @salnjiriri Breakfast: Dry bread 3sclices, half avocado, no spreads today, a mug of tea one teaspoonful of sugar.. Nanitamu like u sed!
  • Clay_WM: Clay_WM: #puttwowordstogethermakeaninsult avocado dick
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  • jillianwalker: jillianwalker: Went grocery shopping tonight. Bought an avocado, blackberries, cream cheese + kettle chips. That's kinda healthy right? :) #SkinnyPhat
  • MamaGrizzz: MamaGrizzz: Bread. Turkey, ham. Bread. Avocado, cheese, bacon, lettuce. Bread. Amazing.
  • xO_aleMaria: xO_aleMaria: @salvi_mami89 usually the Cali rolls are the first for everyone to try. It has crab avocado seaweed and rice
  • fluffymiffy: fluffymiffy: Turkey breast w/o onion, adding avocado, extra olives&jalapenos @ subway, non fat extra hot grande cappuccino @ starbucks. #pickylunch
  • elenisokos: elenisokos: RT @WholeFoods: Save this one for the weekend......SHRIMP & AVOCADO OMELET: http://t.co/76UixuRs #Pescetarian #Brunch
  • IndiV85: IndiV85: yellow raw shea butter + avocado oil = skin like butter
  • wizardQi: wizardQi: RT @1rawgirl: Breakfast-herbal tea an water. Lunch and dinner were boiled potatoes. An cabbage salad w/avocado dulse flakes sesame oil
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  • LIMONEY: LIMONEY: yea moms has huge avocado tree and she says people always want to buy them but she always give em away @da13thsun she look out for everybody
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  • joleen12misery: joleen12misery: @DrBrent_ #avocado I had and amazing tuna avocado sprout melt at the Hilton in Salt Lake. Yummy. Now you made me hungry :)
  • DanisetteT: DanisetteT: what? a lettuce and avocado dinner wasn't filling? odd...
  • EatingMadeEasy: EatingMadeEasy: This is probably how I would react to mashed avocado too, if it weren't mixed into guac & served w/ a marg http://t.co/HAc41y1e
  • NakoKgabi: NakoKgabi: Like? RT @dimpskg: So avocado does work wonders!
  • PeeRvert: PeeRvert: Craving for mango and avocado shake...
  • Arroyo_Alee: Arroyo_Alee: Hamburger with bacon and avocado >>
  • shelbo9: shelbo9: @madisonpaige I want to try the avocado ones!! I bet they are real good!!!!! I want to go again sooooonnnn like nowww! haha
  • dimpskg: dimpskg: So avocado does work wonders!
  • vegprescteacher: vegprescteacher: closed @SeabirdsTruck tonight lol- glad they served me at the last minute, I'm in avocado taco heaven! http://t.co/HzKYP3la
  • lazochris: lazochris: After being in 3 major cities today, I've discovered that outside of California, when you order "avocado" you get guacamole, not avocado.
  • crotchfat: crotchfat: PICS PLEASE @Cackowski Well, totally missed the narrow ripeness window on THIS avocado.
  • racerwoods: racerwoods: http://t.co/f0iHvj6M anybody know what I should do with this avocado seedling
  • ChrisAllure: ChrisAllure: @LUSberry lol i just ate avocado with mayo nd bread lol smh
  • lillypeppermint: lillypeppermint: We have no mushrooms or spinach in the house so I have to have a toasted cheese and avocado sandwich instead. Not as nice but it should work
  • Ataner17: Ataner17: Avocado dip recipe | Health food recipes: This is a great avocado dip, very tasty and very healthy food recipe. ... http://t.co/MuzFSOeD
  • missgreisey: missgreisey: Ok, Avocado is fattening. You're out of the list.
  • danmannes: danmannes: Pretty sure I just ate a two whole avocado, thanks big star. where were you @juliajukeboxx?
  • MummyMaggie: MummyMaggie: @the236 - these aren't spring blossom, but I thought of you when I saw this: http://t.co/35276ey2 #pyrexia
  • pippppppy: pippppppy: Best lunch ever  mushroom avocado salad #farmersmarkets http://t.co/2ZDOQUT8
  • lamarmeekins: lamarmeekins: to day was all about the avocado .
  • alookatsports: alookatsports: RT @DocSpallone: Avocado and honey, delicious for your hair too. http://t.co/FtG2fDsL
  • Finnsspace: Finnsspace: @shriekhouse avocado roulette is the worst!!
  • NotaSkordaki: NotaSkordaki: 8 Beauty Tips From Around The World http://t.co/9nIcoipt&title=Avocado
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  • Phyllispyh: Phyllispyh: Avocado Benefits â' More Than a Super Bowl Dish http://t.co/EpPJDtwd
  • JohnnMorales: JohnnMorales: Bacon Turkey Sandwich w/ Avocado and Lettuces #Yummy <3
  • Advtseek: Advtseek: While making my tomatillo topping I slathered my palms with the excess avocado, they are so soft now.
  • mendongco: mendongco: Shredded chicken with balsamic mushrooms on a bed of avocado and salad. Good brekkie.#getfitbrunei #getfitcrossfi http://t.co/nft2lz5U
  • audrey_cs: audrey_cs: I may never get an avocado on this mountain :(
  • tinysparkles: tinysparkles: GüdMüdFüd with Nick Sweet: Cold Avocado Pasta Salad http://t.co/PEHpk5AQ #foodies #recipes #recipeoftheday #
  • blackmalcolm_: blackmalcolm_: avocado, roast beef and tomato sammich nom nom nom nom
  • taramaes: taramaes: This place has the best Avocado Toast. http://t.co/tzaweaet
  • the_real_kacey: the_real_kacey: Just made a batch of avocado salad dressing, only to discover my lettuce turned red and goopy. #fml #fail
  • FashionableeME: FashionableeME: Healthy take on nachos! Flaxseed chips, fat free refried beans, low fat cheese, avocado and salsa!! #yum http://t.co/blYl6WrC
  • Rosalindagsn: Rosalindagsn: Women's Lotus Canvas Short Shorts - Womens Avocado Green 10 Regular by The North Face: The North Face Women's L... http://t.co/D3WmtfyU
  • Roadietogo: Roadietogo: At Linda's. Doing my stretches, gettin ready to play some drinking songs. First stretch, the Turkey Avocado over under. #seattlefood #djdj
  • royalselangor: royalselangor: RT @FriedWontons4u: 4 down, 26 more to go. Day 4 of @royalselangor #getyourjellyon challenge! New Post: Coconut Milk Jelly w/ Avocado Cream http://t.co/sDPiHN0s
  • jaybeeech: jaybeeech: Avocado face masks w| @itsluchXD. Wow we look embarrassing af! >.<

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