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  • Back to John Coyne Babbles. RSS Feed. Archives for October, 2009. RPCV Lawrence Lihosit John Coyne Babbles is a collection of comments, opinions, musings,. — “John Coyne Babbles - 2009 October”,
  • Princess of Babbles Tuesday, August 10, 2010. Salam all! *ececey mentang-mentang Ramadan bakal menjelang, rajin lak bersalam-salam Princess of Babbles Monday, August 9, 2010 "Seseorang tidak dibebani melainkan menurut kadar kemampuannya". — “Princess of Babbles”,
  • "Babble" redirects here. For other uses, see Babble (disambiguation) Babbling (also called baby talk or twaddling) is a stage in child and. — “Babbling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • RE/MAX Masters is a full-service real estate company offering residential and commercial services in New York. — “RE/MAX Masters- Serving the Greater Syracuse Area - New York”,
  • Travel Babbles is a great place to stop by, lose yourself in some wonderful travel Our vision is that Travel Babbles can extend this cosy armchair. — “Travel Babbles | Travel stories from around the globe”,
  • is the Web page of the Famous Bulgarian club Babbles. — “ - BabblesClub, Babbles, Bar, House Music”,
  • Content: Ringtones Wallpapers Joining the fanlist helps you keep up with Babbles via text message and e-mail announcements. Artist Information. QR Code: About Myxer QR Codes. The image presented here is a "QR code," don't be scared, it looks mean, but it doesn't bite! It's. — “Myxer - Artist - Babbles”,
  • Babbles N Bibs Baby Boutique featuring unique baby gifts, tutus, hand painted wall letters, diaper bags infant & toddler car seat covers, baby bling, nursing covers and so much more. — “Baby Boutique| Unique Baby Gifts | Children's Boutique”,
  • An online parenting magazine and community. — “ - For a new generation of parents”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Babbles - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Barbara and Barry Simmons unique music influenced by jazz, rock and spiritual sources. We are Barry and Barbara Simmons (aka Buster and Babbles), a music duo that groove with rock/jazz/pop sounds to bring healing and inspiration. — “Buster n Babbles - Groove. Heal. Inspire”,
  • What is a babbles, definition of babbles, meaning of babbles, babbles anagrams, babbles synonyms. — “Word babbles meaning. Word babbles definition. Free crossword”,
  • Don't miss any of Bobbi Babbles crazy antics. Don't forget to ask yourself "When did I go Don't miss any of Bobbi Babbles crazy antics. Don't forget to ask yourself "When did I go. — “Bobbi Babbles”,
  • But I babbled about that and there were 30 other people who wanted a turn and he had this listening to me babble about whatever it was I babbled about and for. — “Viki Babbles”,
  • Power Core Combiners DOUBLE CLUTCH with Rallybots. Want New Games? Visit for A Special Place for Parents and Kids to Play Together Online. — “BABY ALIVE”,
  • Translation of babbles in English. Translate babbles in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. — “Translation of Babbles in English”,
  • Site currently under construction. — “Bubbles and Babbles”,
  • Definition of babbles in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of babbles. Pronunciation of babbles. Translations of babbles. babbles synonyms, babbles antonyms. Information about babbles in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “babbles - definition of babbles by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of babbles in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is babbles? Meaning of babbles as a legal term. What does babbles mean in law?. — “babbles legal definition of babbles. babbles synonyms by the”, legal-
  • View Peter J. Babbles Jr.'s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Peter J. Babbles Jr. discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and. — “Peter J. Babbles Jr. - LinkedIn”,
  • Welcome to Babbles and Babies, where luxury meets trendy tots and hip mommies like to Many more unbelievable brands like Kaos Recycled, Disney Couture, Mini FIne, and Jamie. — “Babbles & Babies - Childrens Boutique”,
  • Random Babbles. Thursday, November 18, 2010. High-Fiving A Million Angels. Random Pop Culture: Even with no Shirley and only a very strange two-second appearance by Pierce, tonight's Community may have been the best non-paintball episode of the show. — “Random Babbles”, random-

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  • layla babbles baby 10 months talk
  • Senseless Andrew McMahon Babble So, here's how it goes. Jack's Mannequin left the stage in an attempt to have a great little encore. So, Sarah, who was in front was like, "Molly! Cavanaugh Park!" and I did not hear her, and then everyone started screaming ANDREW, and then he comes out and Sarah tells me about this song and she was probably like dying, which you can hear in the video, then McMahon babbles about The Glass Passenger. And then, the beginning of Dark Blue. SO...Yeah. Greatness. October 15. Charlotte, NC. Visulite Theater.
  • 2010 Hasbro Baby Alive Bounce & Babble Ages 3 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99 /Available: Fall 10) With her big eyes open wide and a loveable smile on her face, BABY ALIVE BOUNCIN' BABBLES doll can't wait to play with her "mommy!" Hold her hands and watch this adorable, energetic tot bounce up and down while giggling and making playful baby sounds. BABY ALIVE BOUNCIN' BABBLES will also "chuckle" and "coo" just like a "real" baby when "mommy" comes near. Requires 2 AA batteries, included. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on
  • Hasbro's Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles With her big eyes wide open and a loveable smile on her face, the Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles doll can't wait to play with her "mommy". When girls hold the doll's hands, Bouncin' Babbles comes to life. This energetic tot bounces up and down while giggling and making playful baby sounds. Bouncin' Babbles will also chuckle and coo just like a real baby when "mommy" comes near. The doll requires two AA batteries, which are included.
  • Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles | A Perfect Toy For Christmas Gift Get Best Deal and Read Their Customer Reviews Here : Your Bouncin' Babbles doll is so happy to spend time with you that you can see it in everything she does. Hold your little one's hands and she'll bounce up and down, just like a real baby. But this bouncing bundle of joy wants to "tell" you how excited she is, too — as she bounces she'll make happy baby sounds. Let your baby doll bounce to her heart's delight and then cuddle her close with lots of love.
  • McCotter on Cavuto: America must stand with her ally Egypt (1.29.2011)
  • Kill Streaks Babbles Ep.1 Just rambling on about nothing...I was tired =]]
  • SteveZissou vs Babbles match1 1/2 on Red Comet (XTA) Hi, this a first attempt to make a commented replay for a game of Spring. Made by TheMightyOne and FlorisXIV SteveZissou (yellow) vs Babbles(red) Map: Red Comet Mod: XTA_balancetest 9.59 part: 1/2 Feel free to give commentsabout the game, or the way it is commentated. For more information about the springengine goto : Sry for the missing Energy and Metal bars, they were cut of during the conversion of the video to avi. Note that neither of us are native english speakers, so you get the funny accents for free. (And, yes, my microphone needs fixing)
  • Babbling Baby says "na na na!" 7 month old baby babbles "na na na!" while rolling around in her pink car walker.
  • Bethia Babbles Bethia - 2nd Jan (11 weeks)
  • Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles Doll product reviews at
  • The SeanDretta Show Ep. 4 "Babbling" The SeanDretta Show Ep. 4 "Babbling" SeanDretta babbles about forgiveness, touches on relationships, & babbles. Follow me on twitter. /fearlless message me, or comment for new topics! Make sure you leave comments people! : ) lol
  • (Girl Babbling - Boy With...) Morrissey @ Ruth Eckerd Morrissey hands mic to girl who babbles. Moz looks befuddled. Mic snatched by stage hand and given back to Moz. Into Boy With A Thorn In His Side
  • American Born Adam Yahiye Gadahn Speaks Of Terror Amazing how he contradicts himself. He is upset at Americans for collateral deaths in Afghanistan yet he supports his thug "brothers" in Iraq who commit mass civilian murder every day. Hypocrite.
  • 90SecondsOfNature #1, "A Brook Babbles". Absolutly no suprises. Possibly relaxing if combined with regular slow breathing, headphones, and a general realization that things might in fact be OK I was hiking in New Hampshire's Pisgah State Park today, on the Kilborn trail, when I came upon this wonderful brook. I thought maybe some of you out there who are stuck on computers might want a minute or so break from it, so I set my mini-tripod on a rock in the brook and recorded 90 seconds. It was mid-foliage color mania on the trail (see slide show: This little babbling brook reminded me of the fleeting nature of the turning leaves. New England's brooks flow soothingly most of the year. So get some headphones and take a deep breath or three. 90 seconds isn't that long, but it might seem like it after being spun up to Web/work speed!
  • Basket Babbles Twins Austin and Trinity Babbling away. 20mon old
  • Breakfast Babbles with Natalie, Episode 1 peanut butter on toast and what it means to be pretty
  • Bathtub Babbles 3: Big Ass Spider and Old Men. The Farting Preacher Christina Me, myself and I
  • Larken Baby's First Words Baby Babbling Babble Talk Larken's First Words Daddy and some baby babbling
  • Fat kid eats candy and babbles incoherently This is a response video to YellowNudge's video,' Sure, Pick On The Girl With The Funny Accent' I hope you kiddos enjoy!! Kitten video: ______ "The world looks mighty good to me 'cause Tootsie Rolls are all I see Whatever it is I think I see Becomes a Tootsie Roll to me Tootsie Roll how I love your chocolatey chew Tootsie Roll I think I'm in love with you Whatever it is I think I see Becomes a Tootsie Roll to me." ____________________ Heeeeeeeeeeey! Wanna check out other vloggers? Are you interested in vlogging? Do you? WELL DO YOU!?! HEY I AM ASKING YOU A QUESTION HERE!! Well you should totally check out . There are tons of people there you should check out, and if you vlog join us. We're not that much of a cult!
  • 5-month-old baby babbles Baby Logan turns 5 month old. He is excited and talks aloud in his crib.
  • BRITTANI"S BABBLES WARNING! DONT WATCH IF YOU DONT WANT NEW MOON SOMEWHAT SPOILED FOR YOU! this is what ill name the videos where i talk about random stuff lol
  • The Love Babbles of a Brave Toaster The Brave Little Toaster is one of the best movies for little kids ever. This video clearly shows why. Song: Chobits - Love of Babble
  • Aidan Babbles Babbling Aidan with his snowman
  • Mickey Budgie babbles clear 1 1)Baby 2)your a funny bird 3)your a good boy 4)Barbies barbie boy bird 5)woopsie 6)whats ya doing 7)yells BARBIE 8)Aw thats a 9)Ya thats my bubby 10)Hello ya
  • In which Chris randomly babbles about colorado and Pokemon. For 4 minutes. BTW: If you know what book the title is from, I will give you an internet cookie.
  • Babbles at 12wks 2days old Talking to mommy... *NOTE: My camera was stepped on the morning before my daughters birth, and its LCD screen was shattered. We don't have a view finder either... So, sorry for the odd views at times, I can't see where I'm pointing. Thanks for watching!*
  • Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles *Musics and sounds by IMovie! Isn't by me!!!! This is my Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles! Her name is Mia and she is so sweet! When I get her (10/12/2010), I start to film she in divers differents places. Watch me other videos here: More informations here: Thank you to watch my video and please subscribe! TheLittlePauline (2010). Please don't download my videos without my authorize.
  • babbling baby osker osker benjamin babbles! he's almost 5 mos. old.
  • Baby Babbles at 11wks She just got done eating and wanted to babble... No, Im not exposed. I had on a breastfeeding bra. *NOTE: My camera was stepped on the morning before my daughters birth, and its LCD screen was shattered. We don't have a view finder either... So, sorry for the odd views at times, I can't see where I'm pointing. Thanks for watching!*
  • Baby Alive Bouncin Babbles - HOT CHRISTMAS GIFT 2010 Visit to www.babyalive- Find out where to get the best deals on Baby Alive Bouncin Babbles
  • Jake babbles like a pro Jake, 7 mo. tells us all about his ba ba!
  • Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles Review Girl Gone Mom 2010 Holiday Gift Guide
  • Baby Dude Babble Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting shares the babbles of her youngest, Baby Dude. It's moments like these that we'll look back on in amazement in the future, wondering the age old questions "Where did the time go?" and "When was he ever that small?" I want to be able to document the day-to-day to reflect back on with my children when they grow older. Plus, he shakes his butt, and it's cute. Lisa can be found blogging regularly at
  • Karl babbles about Education and Bonobo's - S02E26 Tomorrow: 'The Last' Rockbusters... Yeah, right Taken from XFM S02E26.
  • Riley The Roofer Babbles About Youtube an old video where jim riley the roofer bashes johnswackyworld on not attending a friends funeral and his breast feeding video response to tom kennedy. rile the babbles on and on about haters on youtube.
  • Full House Moments - Baby Michelle Babbles DISCLAIMER: No Copyright Infringement Intended. Jesse & Joey are having an argument over who is liked by a certain girl, Corina. Jesse runs after Joey & Joey holds up Michelle as a defence against the on-coming Uncle Jesse. Danny mistakes the whole argument in a rather funny way. And the whole time Michelle keeps on babbling. Guess by then she knew she was a star on this would-be classic sit-com & was enforcing her mark by blurting out her own dialogues! (Jesse actually smiles at the end, probably in contrast to the script which would surely have prefered he rather stayed stern.) Season-1 :: Episode-08 :: Jesse's Girl (Aired on November 6, 1987) I will upload more such favorite moments from this amazing show. So please do check my channel. Also, Rate & Subscribe. :-) Cheers, Enjoy!
  • Baby Babble or Secret Language 03-30-11.wmv
  • Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles Review TOP 4 Best Seller Click Here For Details Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles Review TOP 4 Best Seller From Amazon No 1 Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles - Blonde No 2 Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles - Brunette No 3 Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles - African American No 4 Baby Alive Baby All Gone - Blonde
  • Aleeia Babbles Leela babbling @ 7 months. It's like this everyday!
  • Twits_McGee: Rachel Ray wastes so much water when she makes pasta because she babbles on while the water runs. #ineedalife
  • BabyxAva: @TeamNikkiSixxAM *flails my arms at you* Unn...unn...*baby babbles* n_n
  • princesatomate: @el_jefe_tomate @buonobuonooooh *babbles at them*
  • addi_montgomery: @Ami_Shepherd *answers the door* *Emily babbles* Emily's saying hi. *waves her little hand and gives you a hug* So, Spill!
  • whoreYunho: @WhoreOnew @WhoreHero DUBU! *makes babyjae wave at you as babbles*
  • MrsCheddies: @marshallexi she just babbles opinions without engaging brain. But don't want to expose self to possibility of slapping her
  • HellOnHeels_: @BabyTristan *babbles back at you, holding you up so your standing in front of me* I think its time we went home buddy.
  • BabyTristan: @HellOnHeels_ *smiles brightly and babbles, pouting, wanting to be able to talk*
  • whoreHero: @WhoreYunho *he babbles as he pats your face with his hand* I agree Babyjae he should at least called >.>
  • raznad: says the emission system is completely borked, can't fix until he can get many parts in from toyota japan...babbles on and on....
  • BabyTristan: @SethClearwater9 *smiles and babbles*
  • babbles: RT @SYSKPodcast: Dear, sweet Android users, your @HowStuffWorks app has arrived. Our sincere apologies for its tardiness.
  • A_G_man: Never send Babbles to get food #takingforever
  • whoreHero: @WhoreAoi (babies age fast here) yup ^^ and thank you, say thank you Jaehwannie *he giggles and babbles*
  • BrensEyebrows: @RyRocaine *giggles, looks at you* She's the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. "*babbles, bounces*"
  • kerli_breathes: Billa Babbles: billyrae: Has something really dangerous happened to you once... - billyrae: http:///xoe2a0edn1
  • iSmarti3z: Billa Babbles: billyrae: Has something really dangerous happened to you once... - billyrae: http:///xdr2a0dp5n
  • MonkeyandTheBug: @HollyES congrats on the mention on babbles tweet list! You are hilarious!
  • RubyWagnerM: @TwoFace_Dent really... I would be happytoo if I got some *her baby girl cooes and babbles* so where were you off to in a hurry?
  • sasscmom: Berns Babbles: The Cat from Hell Jason took these photos!
  • toyschristmas: Hasbro Baby Alive Bouncin’ Babbles Electronic Doll
  • charlottebanks9: Phew! Just finished one of those LONG phone calls from rupa, where she babbles on about her plan, to get to the next party lmao!!
  • WhipperBerry: Did you know that WhipperBerry is in the running for Babbles top 50 craft blogs of 2011. Right now we are number...
  • LittleWamb: @Chord_Sam she babbles. I hear mama some times... she tries walk. She uses the furniture to get up and around.
  • SmashTheGod: So @AmyBellone3 is sleepy face on her desk while mrs butler babbles and she just woke up like a zombie
  • princesatomate: @tomatecorazon *squeals and babbles back at him*
  • princesatomate: @tomatito_italia *babbles at him and keeps playing with the flower*
  • travel_babbles: Send in all Q's for my A's by Wednesday morning to KY [@] travel- & be featured on my #blog --> http://travel-
  • kimbykat: @JstCallMeFrank had to stop reading. *heart racing* oh if only mmm something. I get the sleep thing, to some extent. *babbles randomly*
  • princesatomate: @buonobuonooooh *babbles at him while they dance*
  • BrensEyebrows: @Spencerstummy *giggles* Yeah, you're cute, that's why she likes you! "*babbles, giggles*"
  • BrensEyebrows: @Spencerstummy Thank you :') "*points at you, babbles*" You wanna hold her?
  • BabyTristan: *babbles, looking for someone to talk to*
  • BabyTristan: @Lovely_ChelseaD *smiles at u and babbles*
  • rawkP31: @OHMYjesika sorry if I confused you hun :) I had a case of the post run babbles lol
  • princesatomate: @tomatecorazon *giggles and babbles over at him*
  • DemonXDiantha: @VampMatheus Where did you get it? ~kicks your foot under the table as she babbles on about the skirt I would totally fill out better~
  • hoorayitsjordan: @_BlondeMoment LOL! this is true. scott steiner just babbles and never makes sense. flair is the same way.
  • KidtoGrownUp: Working on an awesome new post for Bobbi Babbles or so I think .
  • tee_chinaa: lol he babbles and babbles and babbles but i love him and i know he'll never disappear.. #daddy
  • travel_babbles: Q+A with ME ... click in --> http://travel-
  • mollyyy11: @SuperteamNC too bad it had already been disturbed by babbles of adorablitis...
  • SuperteamNC: @mollyyy11 i didnt want to disturb ur sausage love with mindless babbles
  • xsimplySPiCY: li li rolls everywhere. kicks everything. touches everything. babbles 24/7. she's going to be a problem when she starts crawling in a month.
  • ryanssidelook: @HayleysVoice Yes, sure *nods* go ahead ''*babbles, walks around*''
  • TheOutlawJosie: @travel_babbles Ummm yes hello I am interested in Guest Posting at Travel Babbles IS THE POPE CATHOLIC?
  • abeemvaccaro: in class till 6 and this teacher speaks about NOTHING IMPORTANT....he babbles and i want to throw my arnold palmer at him...#irritated
  • thejoysofjess: @lizzie9208 I just love when his babbles match up to actual words.
  • ryanssidelook: *bounces Jacob on my lap, grins at him* How are you, baby boy? ''*babbles, grabs my nose*''
  • ahouseofwolves: @aoifeatthedisco @Beware_Of_Spock *babbles incoherently*
  • sasscmom: Berns Babbles: A True American Citizen Oma became a citizen the old-fashioned way
  • EllieStainrod: I might do a twitcam, its been a while! Would anyone watch my babbles? Hahaha
  • travel_babbles: Q+A with ME .... click in --> http://travel-
  • LilMonsterRuby: @_Zafrina_ *babbles as i smile, attempting to talk to you* @LiviTheMonster
  • MashaDowell: I started this acct so I will not have to add my personal babbles & views on what my vision of The Culturatist is... its not all about me :)
  • IndiaHirie: Doing my fafsa in class as Mitra babbles on about who knows what. #ThugLife
  • JaXplainstheAll: Ok so he's back again...apologizing...but still going back n telling me about his dream...n yes I'm tweeting while he babbles...
  • MelanieGoddard: First Tweet, No followers, LOL, Just babbles for now.
  • davidtracey: ...listen to stephen quinn's #onthecoast btw 4-5pm on cbc1 to hear if i've been reduced to babbles.
  • RoboHoney: RH-DI16940 // athletics slathering fustian jobholder leafy spinabifida shufflingly demecarium gnawn hall acephalous forecasted babbles
  • fullupcious: Know if he was just caught up n the laid bck atmosphere or wat but it was funny 2me and I loved it so in my Kirk Franklin voice i's babbles
  • fullupcious: I have almost 15000 tweets and almost 300 followers--I babbles about nothing to nobodies lol
  • whoreHero: @WhoreYunho *babyjae claps and babbles*he likes that idea
  • WillEmma4ever: @Brandonxx93 lol. im watched charmed now. lets see if you can guess this one. "when shes nervous shes babbles"
  • kayleighmorin: bryan just babbles on when were on the phone & he thinks im listening..;)
  • babbles: As a scientist I think the scientific industry is generally screwed up:
  • CindySJohnson: Bubbles and
  • chiffonlau: @LimeIsntSour omg nooooooooo lol~ but i guess it'll be fun. at least all 4 are there. lesser danger XDD yoong will kick him if he babbles XD
  • iMufti: He gibbers best who babbles last.
  • SubstituteKira: @BowToKira *apologises and babbles more thank yous*
  • Emily__House: @Dr_Lisa_Cuddy97 *babbles excitedly* @DavidHouse_
  • rachaelnorthrop: @Mollywoodz babbles is so cute <3<3
  • whoreHero: @WhoreReina hi Reichan, look babyjae you Reina-nee is here *watches him babbles at you and waves* @WhoreYunho
  • travel_babbles: Is anyone interested in guest posting @ Travel Babbles????
  • yellowcoatgirl: no babbles, no flatteries, no excuses, no gestures, no plots, and no commitments: that's why I like being with my male friends
  • rosievsworld: RT @katersoneseven: It must be strange as a puppy, being taken from your mother and given to a large hairless creature that constantly babbles another language.
  • pian0: RT @StackGaming: What are all the facts that Core 3 babbles about in Portal 2? #portal2
  • LadyLeaNY: @FrankenCory E: *pulls his leg* I love you, daddyyyyy. So pretty. Miss mommy. *babbles on* -after show- *walks quickly, spotting them*-
  • Emily__House: @evenyoulie *babbles to the hippo* @DavidHouse_ @Dr_Lisa_Cuddy97
  • coco_fuerte: RT @LiveFreeKi: When the head of kabletown walks up to Liz and asks her where Tracy is and she babbles.
  • sasscmom: Berns Babbles: Herr Gruenwald about my Opa
  • PeachCheeeeks: My History teacher babbles on for AGES! about random crap she always tells us about wars as if she was there blah blah blah..
  • WhoreHyunmin: @WhoreHeenim @whorejiyoung you hear that?! SHE SMILED! *looks at Geng* happy first Easter! How is it?..*grins when he babbles*
  • Hannaaaah: 140 characters aren't enough to explain all my rants and babbles. :/
  • BabyOfBells: @IAmEdward_ *sucks on my thumb, babbles* jwake is gwone
  • LouTommoArmy: RT @meg1D4eva: @LouTommoArmy well if thats babble i think babbles amazing! Its really really good cant wait for the next bit! Xx
  • celticjewelryri: Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles - Blonde Review #dollhouses #babydoll #babyalive #dolls #dogs
  • meg1D4eva: @LouTommoArmy well if thats babble i think babbles amazing! Its really really good cant wait for the next bit! Xx
  • BabyOfBells: @SeductiveKate *snuggles close to you, babbles* jwake is gone
  • xJessicaBarnes: RT @katersoneseven: It must be strange as a puppy, being taken from your mother and given to a large hairless creature that constantly babbles another language.
  • redtedart: @liveotherwise i will look into that! Good idea! ;-) i guess its babbles way of getting continuos traffic!
  • Loweack: RT @katersoneseven: It must be strange as a puppy, being taken from your mother and given to a large hairless creature that constantly babbles another language.

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