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  • He wasn't crying when we returned = win.[/url] by [url=http:///people/erikbenson/]Buster Benson[/url], on Flickr. — “8:36pm Went to Zoë while cousin Marla babysat. He wasn't”,
  • Looking for Childcare Jobs? See currently available job openings on . Browse the current listings and fill out job applications. — “Childcare Jobs on ”,
  • babysat. Simple past tense and past participle of babysit. [edit] Related terms. baby. babysitter. babysitting /wiki/babysat" Categories: English simple past forms. — “babysat - Wiktionary”,
  • Lucas Cruikshank Fans - fred gets babysat - Video. — “fred gets babysat - Video - Lucas Cruikshank Fans”,
  • (click to enlarge.) Labels: babysat, colour, comics. posted by Jillian Babysat: Jessica. Situational Readymades 3. Situational Readymades 2. Brooklyn Comics and. — “Jillian Tamaki Illustration: Babysat: Rachel”,
  • 4. The house where Jamie Lee Curtis babysat, and where the Shape pursues her after she finds the bodies of her friends in the other house. But the two babysitting houses are actually located in Hollywood, right across the street from each other. — “Halloween Filming Locations”, seeing-
  • Katrina Kaif babysat Farah Khan's kids. Filmmaker & Brand Ambassador Farah Khan at the launch of Prevenar 13, an advanced pneumococcal conjugate vaccine to protect infants and young children from pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis. Wyeth, a subsidiary of Pfizer Inc. launched it in India. — “Babysat - Zoki Videos”,
  • **SEASON 1 FRED shirts! Now at HOT TOPIC!!**Fred has to deal with an annoying babysitter! IT'S HACKIN HERE!! http:// !!http://KevBlazeStuff. — “YouTube - Fred Gets Babysat”,
  • I am looking to babysit Tuesdays, Thursdays and occasional weekends. My job as a babysitter: I have been babysitting for various families since I was 10. I have had experience with many different. — “Nanny and Family Classifieds, Nanny Jobs Michigan, MI”,
  • We asked SIL's stepDD (13-14yr) to babysit our DS (1.5yr) when i babysat (early 90s) i charged $5 per hour, plus $1 for each extra kid (one kid would be $5, 2 would be $6, etc). lot of times, parents would give me $30 or $40 and i didn't haggle with them if it were. — “OT-First time paying for a babysitter”,
  • Man jailed for abusing two boys he babysat for. Published on Wed Apr 07 15:55:54 BST 2004 A not guilty verdict has since been entered in respect of the allegation, but the article prompted the mother of the two boys he babysat for to ask whether anything untoward had happened to them. — “Man jailed for abusing two boys he babysat for - Local News”,
  • Definition of babysat in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of babysat. Pronunciation of babysat. Translations of babysat. babysat synonyms, babysat antonyms. Information about babysat in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “babysat - definition of babysat by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Find Babysitting. Get Babysitting. Need Babysitting. Related Searches. Internet Provider. Wireless Internet. Internet Dating. Popular Categories. foster care. — “ | Babysitter Rates | Babysitter Checklist”,
  • News: Woman gives kidney to man she once babysat | bryan, williams, kidney, bond, didn, one, need, procedure, age, donate. — “Woman gives kidney to man she once babysat | bryan, williams”,
  • babysit. babysat. babysat. be. was / were. been. beat. beat. beaten. become. became. become. bend. bent. bent. begin. began HANG - Hang has two different meanings. The first is "to attach (or hang) something in a high position" (e.g. on the wall or on a. — “Past Tense Irregular Verbs List - English Grammar - Verbos”,
  • Babysat definition, to take charge of a child while the parents are temporarily away. See more. — “Babysat | Define Babysat at ”,
  • Get everything Paula Abdul straight from America's #1 celebrity brand, PEOPLE. The latest Paula Abdul news, a full collection of photos, fun facts and her complete bio all in one place. Michael Bolton babysat Paula Abdul when she was a child. — “Paula Abdul : ”,
  • More on Tiki's Alleged Affair: Gal Pal Told Family She Babysat His Kids According to multiple reports, young Traci Johnson's family thought she was babysitting for the former NFL star's children — not dating him. — “Star Magazine | News | More Details About Tiki's Alleged”,
  • Broadcaster Jim Bohannon and wife Annabelle dished on babysitting now-Sen. Claire McCaskill during the Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner last night. — “VID: Broadcaster Jim Bohannon's Wife: I Babysat Sen. Claire”,
  • Babysat: Jessica. Oct 15th, 2009. Bad Babysitter. (Click to enlarge) Info. This is the babysat (3) books (26) chat (280) collage (32) colour (247) comics (137) contest (6). — “Jillian Tamaki Sketchblog " babysat”,
  • He was DEFINTELY contagious yesterday. The incubation period for a common cold causing virus is about 5 days so he has been contagious for a few days even before you babysat. You can try as of now taking high doses of vitamin C, but don't. — “Babysat a child yesterday who now is sick with a cold...?”,

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  • I babysat for Jonathon Franzen By Carol Schwilck
  • Funny Girl Babysat A Bulldog (2/10/10-20) Finally its the Day After Tomorrow and Tiffany gets to babysit a Bulldog! Louis has arrived. Thanks for watching and please subscribe, watch and rate 5 stars! Thank YouDONATE TO BURKELIFE: Follow BurkeLife on Twitter Friend me on Facebook /shawnpatrickburke If you would like to contribute to our ministry please visit click on the "give" tab, sign in and pick "Burke Family." Thank You and remember JESUS LOVES YOU BurkeLife is daily Christ based Vlog showing a Christian family in San Diego California sharing the love of Christ with the world through our daily family friendly videos.
  • Fred Gets Babysat **SEASON 1 FRED shirts! Now at HOT TOPIC!!** Fred has to deal with an annoying babysitter! IT'S HACKIN HERE!! !! http [Original Post Date - 9/29/07 (3.94M views)]
  • this one time I babysat my sister This was like- May, or something. Run Free by Marked As His Equal is playing in the car.
  • Ted Figglehorn Gets Babysat! Twitter: 1.3 - See what happens when Ted get's babysat! Is the babysitter nice, or mean? And what about that doll?! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe! ADD ME ON FACEBOOK! ADD ME ON MYSPACE! TedtheTwin Ted Figglehorn Fred Figglehorn...
  • The People's Court- "Destroying a Pet" [Despicable defendant euthanizes babysat dog!]
  • Babysat Bloopers Thees ar tha blupers from tha videyo thet mi an mah fren braer meyd. I uploded them so yu cud C them. Pleez teyk uh luk at mai chanel becuz ai nede tha vyus.
  • Fred Gets Babysat fred
  • Re: Fred Gets Babysat Video Cam Direct Upload
  • Fred Gets Babysat **SEASON 1 FRED shirts! Now at HOT TOPIC!!** Fred has to deal with an annoying babysitter! IT'S HACKIN HERE!! !! http [Original Post Date - 9/29/07 (3.94M views)]
  • Westies resting and listening - dogs I babysat Spectacular Westaculars Barnabus Westicles(Archie) Sir Frosticles (Oscar) These Westies are not mine. You may have seen my comments on videos about my Westie. He passed in 2004 and was another dog from these. These two I babysat for a few days and were happy reminders of my old friend.
  • Revenge of the Babysat! Kids get revenge on the "evil" babysitter keep your mean comments to yourself(:
  • My Mom babysat Ashton Kutcher It's Mom babysat Ashton Kutcher when he was about three years old.
  • Re: Re: Fred gets Babysat Video Cam Direct Upload
  • Commercial: Revenge of the Babysat An innocent high school babysitter tries to earn money for college babysitting two darling little angel's turns out their grade A hoodlums. Entry for's video contest highlighting how their website helps college bound seniors find the best student loans to pay for college. Director: David Reynosa Cinematographer: David Reynosa, Micheal Arn Producer: David Reynosa Editor: David Reynosa Boom Operator: Miles grow Gaffer: Micheal Arn Actors: Joel Smith: Jacob Fletcher Billy Smith: David Reynosa Marisa Donelson (Baby Sitter): Rachel Khatter Mrs: Smith: Perla Reynosa Man in suit: Monty Roy
  • We babysat a pug Frankie might have sleep apnea.
  • Oxegen 2010 - Muse intro - Plug in Baby - Sat 09/07/10 Muse coming out on stage at oxegen 2010. Used my 808 Car Keys Micro Camera to record this so apologies for poor recording skills. Surprised by the overall quality to be honest considering the cost. Nevermind the time and date tag, Ive not set either.
  • Fred Gets Babysat
  • FRED GETS BABYSAT BY OLGA ASTRONOMINOV Fred gets a babysitter who is Olga (Lala Vava). *lightning* I OWN NOTHING!!!
  • The ugly dog that we baby sat Shows the world's uglest dog. Who is Mo. Then it also has Grady. The other dog we baby sat. I think that he is really cute! It also has my dog, Zoe. Mo would pick fights with Zoe, and I don't know how Grady put up with him. whenever i tried to pet Grady Mo would come over push grady away with his teeth, that were hanging out. Then he would demand attention. Check this pretty funny film!!!
  • Emma's First time Being Babysat by Mommom and Grandpa! (5mos) September, 6, 2008 - Emma laughing at her mommy get food ready for her before her date with Daddy (their fifth wedding anniversary!), Emma talking to her animals, her first bottle, and laughing when Mommy and Daddy come home! 5 Months Old
  • April Gets Babysat April had a "sore throat" so her mom caslled the doctoe, not only to check on her but to babysit her (it didnt go so well) And ther is a secret thats revealed by the doctor!! Please comment and subsccribe! :)
  • Arnold gets babysat part1 Arnold gets babysat part 1 is the first of 3 histerical videos.
  • Lego Fred Fred gets Baby sat Fred gets Baby sat in lego
  • Ashley and Presley getting baby-sat we hate our baby sitter!
  • Katrina Kaif babysat Farah Khan's kids Filmmaker & Brand Ambassador Farah Khan at the launch of Prevenar 13, an advanced pneumococcal conjugate vaccine to protect infants and young children from pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis. Wyeth, a subsidiary of Pfizer Inc. launched it in India.
  • Fast Forward - Fred Gets Babysat! Fred Gets Babysat, Oh And In This Video, It Sounds Like There Speaking Japanese, Lol!
  • fred gets babysat by a vampire song NEWCOCO123's webcam video March 21, 2011 12:18 PM
  • The Babysat Special thanks to my cousins, my aunt, and my future Emmy winning uncle. :]
  • The Revenge of the Babysat robby is babysat by two evil babysitter! time to get rid of them....
  • Babysat You can help me out by liking this video, saving to favorites, and posting to your facebook wall! Small efforts help a lot! :) Thanks for watching, and if you like it, subscribe! Also, no [living] babies were harmed in the making of this video. ;)
  • QVC - Kim talks about the first time she babysat Mason Kim Kardashian tells us about the mistake she made, bag wise, when she babysat her nephew Mason Dash Disick for the very first time. Oops! 27/06/2011 © QVC. This video does not belong to us.
  • SBP: Ernie Gets Babysat Ernie gets babysat by Jordan.
  • Lego Indiana Jones - Mutt Gets Babysat Mutt Williams gets Babysat by Irina Spalko
  • Episode 3: "Babysat-squatch" Bennett gets a new job to earn some money.
  • Sonic N' Ali Episode 34: The Cat is Baby-sat Part 1 What happens when you leave a retarded cat with a hedgehog? I don't know either, but watch this video anyway.
  • JUDY episode 8: LOL FRED had just been babysat hahahahahahahaha!!!!! (updates too) JUDY is annoyed by FRED once again with noise across the street meanwhile he gets babysat by some goon.....contest announcement at the end of the video (YEA YOU HEARD THE GIRL SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL TO GET AN PRIZE, THE RULES ARE SIMPLE FIRST YOU NEED TO HAVE AN YOUTUBE ACCOUNT, SECOUNDLY NO HATERS, CRINGERS, JUDGERS (ETC), THIRD IN THE COMMENTS SECTION TELL ME WHY YOU'RE IN THE X-MAS SPIRIT THIS YEAR, AND LASTLY FOURTH PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU SUBBED {send msg through private msgs only} tnx) [CONTEST ENDS DEC, 1st] i will deterimine who the winner is on that day, XOXO - picklegal1
  • Michael Rosen turns into a floating ball, malfunctions yet again and rants about being babysat my a woman called May
  • Fred Gets Babysat (Double Speed) Sub Rate Comment
  • Monster Demon Baby in Crib babysat by Asian becomes Tormented by his Surfer Father Welcome to Inside the Crib staring Joey Arnold, Lincoln Hawk, Chris Toy, Luke R., about an overgrown adult baby man dude being baby sat by Asian Chris Toy until father or guardian Lincoln Hawk surprise visits just to check on the baby.
  • Babysat.mp4 Babysat official video.
  • ChloeIsParamore: ChloeIsParamore: Read my response to "Have you ever: babysat?":
  • OnWestHam: OnWestHam: What next, Dein? Anyone on the OPLC who once snogged someone who once babysat the child of someone who went to a West Ham game in 1992?
  • diego_kills: diego_kills: RT @OFWGTRF_Vitalx3: @diego_kills Yo' Momma So Old She BabySat Jesus. xD
  • OFWGTRF_Vitalx3: OFWGTRF_Vitalx3: @diego_kills Yo' Momma So Old She BabySat Jesus. xD
  • HowesFOUR: HowesFOUR: @Monsieur_Badger Friday had a late change of plans n babysat. And Saturday I had no sleep, 12 hour shift n was dying. N just felt rough. X
  • KSU242: KSU242: That moment when you realize one of your parents need babysat #priceless???? #Vegas #takeErEasy
  • MudieJunqd: MudieJunqd: Snapshots...: Last week we babysat the neighbor n. quick. Hide.One two three! run faster!SerenaKurtisBrys...
  • Koodzie: Koodzie: Babysat my beautiful niece Natalie & after hours of playing & watching countless ep of Dora the explorer she is finally exhausted....
  • taylerbabyy: taylerbabyy: Todayy was chill <3 i trained, babysat sukie & went to @arcealan09 & joey's game :)
  • HeKissedAlyssa: HeKissedAlyssa: #thatawkwardmoment when your brother's friends try 2get w/yu &your Like nigga, you babysat me xD
  • ICONicVinnyC: ICONicVinnyC: @ICONicAlexis aww tell her I say happy birthday. I babysat 6 kids today and there was an adorable three year old she's my favorite
  • iShyyMarie: iShyyMarie: Its Time i Put him on a ddecent sleeping schedule. especially if i think he gon be babysat
  • aimeejordan21: aimeejordan21: @CaitlynTLove: lol I don't think I ever told you (I might have) but the last time I babysat, I played #EvenIfItKillsMe and it them both to
  • Mona_Leeee: Mona_Leeee: Meet my baby: Kailani. She's my daughter & I love her already. Shes currently getting babysat with her brother in GA<8
  • dancerluv97: dancerluv97: you know you've babysat too much when you see train tracks and automatically think of thomas the train chugging along.
  • alisadiane1: alisadiane1: Babysat a 35 year old alcoholic this weekend. Listen, if you lack the basic ability to cope with life...just don't bother. #growup
  • xoxo_Jessikah: xoxo_Jessikah: Babysat with Kaitlyn today, she's coming over tomorrow morning for a girls' day. c:
  • AmoreLovesYou: AmoreLovesYou: @EricEmpire really ? o: i was like never around mexican people when i was little. but, my gardener babysat me one time if that counts (x
  • _ic0niclove_: _ic0niclove_: I babysat for 2 months & all I get is $50 NOOOO . -.-"
  • lookin4me1993: lookin4me1993: Had fun at my cousins wedding then babysat when I got home now I'm soo tired haha
  • RyouheiInadayn: RyouheiInadayn: A new look at life: Life has a funny way of working out sometimes... I babysat Alex for Katie and Rob today... I...
  • TamaraKenyon: TamaraKenyon: @MotoUp @SkryNEWS12 @DonLDay I actually babysat my 15mo-old niece all weekend. I feel like a pro. Oh, also, not having kids. Ever :P
  • reylynnn: reylynnn: Specialisation track question: Describe previous experiences. I'm tempted to say "Babysat for 6 cousins fm 8 years old till nw and still gg"
  • Juliana_Marie: Juliana_Marie: omg Dragon Tales is streaming on Netflix. A kid I babysat watched that show nonstop. Weird stuff.
  • delicious50: delicious50: Scratching Post - SGA - Five Times Rodney McKay Babysat the Athosians
  • Deecat37: Deecat37: Spent the day floating the Battle then went and babysat my buds Read and Rhett
  • _samjohnson2: _samjohnson2: @BriannaClark yeah :( I babysat wednesday thursday and friday,
  • SuperJaay: SuperJaay: @_DamageINC oooh you babysat? ;o
  • alyshaaann: alyshaaann: babysat friday and saturday night, went shopping saturday, and took senior pics today:)
  • Little_LadyJay: Little_LadyJay: fyi if you need to be babysat please don't go out with me...
  • tuqutino: tuqutino: On Tuesday I babysat for two crazy boys,: On Tuesday I babysat for two crazy boys, they would not listen to me. ...
  • CiscoRulz08: CiscoRulz08: @Kpfan72491 The kid I used to be "married" to when my sister babysat him a long time ago is going into 5th grade. Yeah, I feel old xD
  • annakatehogg: annakatehogg: @BrandiBrownlee I have not met Chapel yet!! I only babysat Po with a few other kiddies. I'll have to tell her next time that i know her B:)
  • choccolatta: choccolatta: i just babysat for another family here and got 45 dollar for 3 hours!! :) shopping time xD
  • ms_emilyblythe: ms_emilyblythe: babysat 14monthold donovan while visiting friends saw a broadway. luckily ben and i saw how sweet it is to care for a baby and not how awful
  • FollowDMA: FollowDMA: @Andrizleee :D then dnt complain i babysat when you peed :p
  • AllyssaMccleery: AllyssaMccleery: How am i lucky enough to LOVE every family i have ever babysat for? Theyre all so sweeet :)
  • L0ve4HaiR: L0ve4HaiR: @kimmy5532 I wanted to but did a lot today went to ihop movies and babysat lil nephew I'm tired
  • xo_Mattice_xo: xo_Mattice_xo: Babysat tonight. Don't get to leave for another hour but im super tired
  • BAXXox: BAXXox: @47agoddard you knucklehead we don't haaaave a cat! Lmao I babysat for a couple of days that was it. He went home todayyy
  • BieberFever24x7: BieberFever24x7: babysat my cousins and sleepin ovr. went to bed at 9:15 and woke up at 10! just in time for #KUWTK @KourtneyKardash
  • BAXXox: BAXXox: @jessicalee712 can't waaait! And nooo, no cat ! I babysat one for a bit but that's alll :)
  • mandajaneee: mandajaneee: Babysat allll weekend, and now I'm off to school with no one alll week. whhyyyyy does my life suck so much?
  • branlynn: branlynn: @PerlaAlyssa @LexxyLuvv we got it in on Friday when lex babysat
  • shannenknight: shannenknight: i feel like i'm being babysat with all these rules. #lame
  • Karis_Leigh: Karis_Leigh: Babysat 12 kids for the last time in awhile tonight. #bittersweet #notreally #justsweet #bedtime
  • princessb106: princessb106: @kdrake47 how do you remember that!! And Jess babysat her yesterday #memories
  • kdrake47: kdrake47: @princessb106 exactly a year ago today we babysat that girl we almost lost #memories
  • jordan_rimmer21: jordan_rimmer21: @jmoyer96 i wish i babysat with you, im so bored. #regrettingmydecision
  • YeaImShortxD: YeaImShortxD: Its been a while since I babysat kevin. Kinda miss him :)
  • APB95: APB95: Babysat 4 three year olds #challenge
  • Oh_IsThatSo: Oh_IsThatSo: I don't need to be babysat anymore...
  • larafrazier: larafrazier: Youngest babysat just went to bed choosing Nirvana on the radio.
  • _SamNash_: _SamNash_: Left my phone at the house I babysat at today #nbd
  • Jaebeautyy: Jaebeautyy: Nigga wants to be babysat, 24/7 attention.
  • Jilly_Bean89: Jilly_Bean89: Just babysat my niece and nephew and we all three survived.#success
  • sarahbelle3: sarahbelle3: Babysat 3 little ones for 2 hours. Whew. #tired #needmycowboys
  • ilovecailfronia: ilovecailfronia: i babysat today OMG why do i keep saying yes to these things?
  • gleekerific: gleekerific: @PolishAndBlonde awwwww... I would have babysat but I understand. Whose gonna bail @drunkvet out of jail this week???
  • TellMe_When2GO: TellMe_When2GO: @Only1MeKB she is. Brandon is nice. Chance slapped brandon's glasses off his face when I babysat them
  • almostohara: almostohara: I babysat a little girl the other day that didn't know how kim possible was. #generationgap
  • caprialeagle: caprialeagle: When someone's going out with someone that is older imma say their being babysat just to be a lil nasty ☺ mateyas words be growing on me!!
  • Kahaver97: Kahaver97: Dear Summer, Cuz of you.. My bestfriend moved, summer reading, and I babysat from 9 to 5 for like 6 weeks. Love, never repeating you. (:
  • Mel_Apple: Mel_Apple: I love how this past week was my week off yet I babysat probably over 40 hours.
  • Asshleyyxo32: Asshleyyxo32: Babysat all day
  • TayTayyy23: TayTayyy23: @OmgitsBeee Ahh, Hahah I just babysat my niece yesterday(: you should just take them with you! Hahah
  • traceylala: traceylala: @pammmgiocha I am OBSESSED with that movie. The boys I babysat wanted to watch it every single day!
  • saroox: saroox: @MDee14 I babysat a 5 yr old all weekend. What's your excuse/celebration?
  • thelovelybrandi: thelovelybrandi: I told her I would if you babysat while I worked and finished my doctorate.
  • hanaaaa16: hanaaaa16: ahhh worked yesterday, babysat tonight and work tomorrow, ahh i need sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep =/
  • snowbs123: snowbs123: @mattjwillis I wod of babysat 4 u!!!x
  • vannnahhboo: vannnahhboo: Glad today when i babysat i had to wear a 10 year olds bathing suit and couldnt breath! Lmao
  • deelque: deelque: @kathygee1 i babysat for a coworker's infant and 2 y.o. when he lost his wife. The grief in that house... it was overwhelming.
  • neeeevis: neeeevis: @KeziaRose was on some middle of nowhere island off galway (in ireland)nd last week i babysat the worlds scariest kids...for a whole week :/
  • QueenOfJewelz: QueenOfJewelz: When I was 12 I could stay home by myself, but times have changed. Dara still gotta get babysat.
  • aubreypeters: aubreypeters: So i've never babysat boys before.. I'm scared.
  • xoLexi_Love: xoLexi_Love: Just got lunch with kids I babysat when they were 3-6 yrs old. Now they're 11. So cute!!
  • dottiehallows: dottiehallows: @markh0ppus both lol. nah i'm kidding i babysat my cousins last night and then went to see one of my aunties all day so now it's 10pm
  • veraweatherly: veraweatherly: The text I just got from one of the boys I babysat this summer makes me tear up #maternal #molly
  • MaliciousBrute: MaliciousBrute: from the drop off of @ImpulsiveRoza. Pathetic, really; the miraculous Strigoi slayer needed to be -babysat!- An apathetic ~ (@RavashingVixen
  • AyaAcademy: AyaAcademy: #mybestweekeverrecap #9 Babysat and feel in love with a six month old boy.
  • Zsadists_Bella: Zsadists_Bella: @Payne_Manello planning a second shopping trip very soon] You can tell my Hellren you babysat us very well, Butch [She grinned as >
  • Amanduhh_Marie: Amanduhh_Marie: @Mamma_Zee it's been really good. Babysat and made some $$, bachelorette party, and now relaxing!! yours?
  • Cassadillaa_: Cassadillaa_: @lvhbic_ luckies! I stayed home & babysat Paris!
  • P_Bomb: P_Bomb: RT @Ash_Costello: my mother was Elvira and my father was Freddy Krueger, Alice Cooper babysat me after school and I learned from Walt Disney. #ME
  • nini_fm: nini_fm: RT @Ash_Costello: my mother was Elvira and my father was Freddy Krueger, Alice Cooper babysat me after school and I learned from Walt Disney. #ME
  • mizzylee: mizzylee: RT @Ash_Costello: my mother was Elvira and my father was Freddy Krueger, Alice Cooper babysat me after school and I learned from Walt Disney. #ME
  • RaquelBligenTET: RaquelBligenTET: I just realized I've babysat every day this week and the lady gives me 50$ a day to watch her little evil child. .
  • KatieLewis7: KatieLewis7: Since thurs I've had 2 concerts and babysat last night til 1 this morning. Now I have 4 quizzes tomorrow and feel like crap. #screwed
  • HeyItsHeatherH: HeyItsHeatherH: went to church and babysat this morning, came home and cleaned my car for 2 hours, now about to clean my room =/ ugh school tomorrow ahh
  • Canslow1991: Canslow1991: Serious props to all the moms out there..Babysat a 2 and 4 year old this weekend, and I'm sooo tired!

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  • “Who babysat Misty? - Windows Live Who babysat Misty? Talk about a leg up. Not only did women's beach volleyball champion Misty May-Treanor come from athletic parents, but her babysitter Karch Kiraly won Olympic gold in volleyball. Is it any wonder these small-world sitter connections fascinate us?”
    — Who babysat Misty? - Windows Live,

  • “Babysat. I'm recycling a piece I wrote a few years ago. The sentiment still holds. My 12 And yet my blog gets spammed like 100s of times a week by the same horrid spammers yet”
    — Jenny Gardiner's Blog " Blog Archive " Babysat,

  • “Soldotna woman babysat Pres. Obama Pages: 1. Jump to: Show unread posts since last visit. Show new replies to posts you've made. Return to forum index”
    — Soldotna woman babysat Pres. Obama,

  • “319546 - 08/14/08 09:26 PM Re: Babysat bird update [Re: Faith says hi] Please make sure you have read and understood our Forum Guidelines before posting. Who's”
    Babysat bird update - Lisa Shea Forum,

  • “At Breathing Room we offer a fresh, progressive approach to well-being that redefines what it means to be fit, healthy and strong. Our unique program—a personalized combination of strength training, nutritional coaching for weight control, stress”
    — Ever Babysat Your Kids?,

  • “Babysat: Jessica. Oct 15th, 2009. Bad Babysitter. (Click to enlarge) the sketchbook blog of Illustrator and cartoonist Jillian Tamaki. To view my illustration”
    — Jillian Tamaki Sketchblog " babysat,

  • “REVENGE OF THE BABYSAT. 24 March 2009 9:23am / Writer: Saryn Chorney I don't sit on park benches and offer them candy bars post-soccer practice, nor have I”
    — MADATOMS - REVENGE OF THE BABYSAT by Saryn Chorney - Artist,

  • “This blog contains the miscellaneous ramblings, thoughts and interests of Dan G. Switzer, II.: Babysat last night”
    — Babysat last night,

  • “Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. Welcome to Gaia! :: concept album on being babysat by a television | Forum”
    — concept album on being babysat by a television | Forum | Gaia,

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