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  • In Malaysia, the language is known as Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia , which means the Malay, or Malaysian, language. The Indonesian name for the language is Bahasa Indonesia (literally language of Indonesia ); this name is sometimes used in English as well. — “Bahasa language resources”,
  • Bahasa literally means "spoken language". It descends directly from the Indo-Aryan word Bhasa. In many modern languages in Southeast Asia, bahasa and The Malay language, or Bahasa Melayu; called Bahasa Indonesia as the national language of Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia as the national language of. — “Bahasa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Laman Web Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Kuala Lumpur. — “DBP - Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka”,
  • In Malaysia, the term ''Bahasa Malaysia'', which was introduced by the National Language their national language as Bahasa Malaysia once 2009. — “Featured content page about: bahasa melayu”,
  • Wisma Bahasa is a Ning Network. — “Photos - Wisma Bahasa”, wisma-
  • sebelumnya, Teknik-terknik cepat dan praktis menguasai bahasa Inggris berdasarkan bahasa inggris sejak 1987 Tapi saya juga menyediakan waktu secara khusus untuk. — “Cara Cepat Belajar Bahasa Inggris”,
  • bahasa flashcards at Flashcard Exchange. The largest on-line source of printable flash cards. Study online, print, download and share. — “bahasa Flashcards”,
  • Wisma Bahasa is a Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian Language School in Yogyakarta, Jakarta and E-Learning or Learn Indonesian Online. — “Wisma Bahasa Indonesian Language Training Center”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun Bahasa has one meaning: Meaning #1 : the dialect of Malay used. — “Bahasa: Information from ”,
  • Learn basic Bahasa Indonesian, geared toward travelers. Offers 8 lessons with sound samples, a dictionary, and cultural notes. — “Indonesian in 7 days page”,
  • Bahkan, di Barnsley, orang berbicara lebih dari 45 bahasa yang berbeda. Beberapa orang yang tidak memiliki bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa pertama mereka telah memilih untuk tinggal, bekerja, kunjungi. — “Google Translate”,
  • Bahasa definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Bahasa | Define Bahasa at ”,
  • Introduction to Bahasa with sound clips and learning tips. — “Bahasa Indonesia”,
  • Bahasa Melayu Translation services from Applied Language Solutions high quality, professional, award winning Bahasa Melayu Translation. — “Bahasa Melayu Translation Service”,
  • Akhbar online Malaysian Insider dalam Bahasa Melayu, memaparkan berita tempatan dan sedunia, terutamanya berita politik Malaysia. — “Malaysian Insider BM”,
  • Ivan Lanin Pakar Internet Indonesia, pemerhati bahasa Indonesia http:/// Keempat istilah yang menjadi judul tulisan ini sering membingungkan orang yang belum sempat mempelajari linguistik: termasuk saya. Definisi yang. — “Bahasa Kita – Learning Bahasa Indonesia/Indonesian Language”,
  • Malay Idiom, is simpulan bahasa. Simpul is to tie a knot. You tie two or more words in Bahasa Malaysia into a knot to bring them together, making it a simpulan. Simpulan is also gist. This group of two words of entirely different meanings represents a gist of an idea. — “Malay Idiom”, bahasa-malaysia-simple-
  • Translations of Bahasa. Bahasa synonyms, Bahasa antonyms. Information about Bahasa in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. bahasa Bahasa - the dialect of Malay used as the national language of the Republic of Indonesia or of Malaysia. — “Bahasa - definition of Bahasa by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • is a language agency specializing in services relating to the Indonesian and Malay language - also known as bahasa Indonesia, and bahasa Melayu. Our services include a range of translation services including translation of web sites, video script translations and voice overs. — “Bahasa Indonesia Language Services”,
  • Bahasa is the word for language in Indonesian and Malay. Related words meaning language are also found in other languages. Bahasa Melayu as it is called in Malaysia is spoken usually at home and English is spoken during the day at work or all around. Etymology. — “Bahasa - Wikinfo”,

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  • *Cover* - Walau Seribu Rebah (In Bahasa, English, Mandarin) Pardon my pronounciations... but you get the idea how to play it :) chords are found here: www.guitar4
  • bahasa Indonesia
  • Katanagatari OST - 01 Bahasa Palus Composed by Taku Iwasaki
  • Ozzy Ozone (Bahasa Malaysia) Ozzy Ozone is an animation created by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on the ozone layer protection awareness campaign. In this video, Ozzy Ozone and Alberta the Albatross, take a voyage of discovery to find out exactly who and what is attacking the ozone layer and how children can play an important role in making a difference. It now comes in 4 languages, English, French, Spanish and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • JOWO SpongeBob Bahasa Jawa Gara Gara TV Lucu tenan
  • Tutorial Asik Rubiks Cube Bahasa Indonesia (Part 4) Tutorial Asik Rubiks Cube Bahasa Indonesia (Part 4) step 3 of 7. pengen tau orangnya,
  • Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia ? More on Ramli's Video Journey series-This is Ramli Abu Hassan's thoughts series. This video shows the recently completed event"Pertandingan Pidato Peringkat Antarabangsa"held successfully in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Many orators from countries like Australia,China,Russia,Indonesia,Brunei and others were also present and presented their "pidato" or presentation with their Malaysian conterparts. Finally,the Austrailain participant emerged as the Champion in the International category followed by China and Russian won the third placing. In Malaysia,there is this "slight confusion" among the professionals or Language experts whether to called the Malay Language as Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia. Like in Indonesia,they called their language as Bahasa Indonesia,in England it is known as the just English like the rest of the world does it,in Philippines it is known as Tagalog and many other countries.Of course some countries may not have their own original language like Singapore or Brazil,they adopt the language of their forefathers like Bahasa Melayu,Mandarin,Portuguese and English that have become so popular and so common among the country's inhabitants. Of course,there are efforts like in Singapore to called "Singlish" a mixture of Singapore local dilect and English etc.. Again in Malaysia,some experts love to use Bahasa Melayu as what is NOW excepted in the schools where the text book or subject is now known as Bahasa Melayu (like my youngest son,Zaim Bukhairi in his Form 1 ...
  • Negaraku (Versi Bahasa Melayu) [email protected]
  • Speaking Bahasa Indonesia A humorous attempt by the members of The Emmanuel Quartet to learn a simple phrase while we were in Jakarta, Indonesia. Pastor Sam was very patient with us!
  • WB 8 | Wisma Bahasa | Bahasa Indonesia | Indonesian Language Course Wisma Bahasa - Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian Language Course - Interview with BBC. These photos are the student activities during their study bahasa Indonesia. The voice is a BBC's reporter voice. He reported from Wisma Bahasa.
  • Fi Lailati (with lyrics in Bahasa Malaysia) Muhammad Hussayan...
  • Budi Bahasa tv prog
  • Garuda Indonesia ( Commercial My Pride / bahasa Indonesia)
  • Bigbang ft 2ne1 Lollipop Bahasa Version Finally, this is the introduction video of 2WiN Members! This is the Bahasa Indonesia Version of lollipop by 2WiN. This song is about Traditional lollipop candy in Indonesia aka Gulali. Although it has different meaning from the original, it still sounds catchy and funny. please don't be harsh on your comment because it's just for fun! the Purpose of this cover is we want to introduce kpop in our country! Enjoy it! artist: Wina Winda Nikki download link: www.4
  • Sembelit 2005 (A funny mimic in Bahasa Sarawak) A funny mimic film "Sembilu 2005" done by the UNIMAS students. Language spoken is Bahasa Sarawak.
  • Julio Iglesias & Anggun - All of you - Bahasa Indonesia Romantic classics version for Asia
  • lawak sarikata bahasa melayu(malay) .3gp It's a malay video, but it will also speak...uh..I don't know what type of language is that.Btw thnx to my fren boiboi72 in YouTube also..Just enjoy the vid...
  • samsons - bahasa cinta (love language) Asian song (Indonesia) samsons - bahasa cinta indo-pop Indo-rock
  • Learn Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu) 4 A short overview of Malay Vowels Pronounciation. Also simple vocabulary. Learning how to say (Good) Morning, Afternoon, Night in Malay. Brief description of certain irregularities.
  • Doraemon (bahasa) Disclaimer: I do not own this video. This video was uploaded for the discussion purpose.
  • System of Rice Intensification SRI Bahasa Indonesia Pt1 SRI is a system of increasing the yield of rice farming. Typically increases of 200%- 300% are seen. This video is in the Bahasa Indonesian language. Brought to you by ADRA, an NGO who has worked in Indonesia for many years and has had great success with the techniques.
  • Esoteric Agenda (Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia) 4/13 Esoteric Agenda - Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia. Klip 4 dari 13
  • Tutorial Asik Rubiks Cube Bahasa Indonesia (Part 3) Tutorial Asik Rubiks Cube Bahasa Indonesia (Part 3) Step 2 of 7. pengen tau orangnya,
  • Hillary Clinton Can Speak Bahasa Indonesia Very Good... Hillary_Pandai_Berdiplomasi_dan_Hangat.
  • Manchester United players learn Bahasa funny.. From one of phone service provider of Manchester United promotion for their tour to Asia..
  • Learn Malay Language-Belajar Bahasa Melayu Ep.2 Learn Malay Language-Belajar Bahasa Melayu Ep.2 Second episode...
  • Telkomsel "bahasa isyarat" Telkomsel bahasa isyarat
  • Odie Project Pop tries to speak Bahasa Malaysia! Odie tries to speak Bahasa Malaysia with hilarious results! I was guiding him through his crazy stammerings of the Malay language in his very Indonesian accent. :) Full story: UPDATE (19 Oct 2008): I noticed this video has been racking up on insensitive and pointless comments - it was getting tired and petty so I've disabled commenting.
  • Bahasa cinta Anang & Syahrini
  • mike mohede - bahasa kalbu
  • DENDANGAN NUSANTARA - Bahasa Terindah DENDANGAN NUSANTARA Event: Islamic Cultural and Arts Night Venue: Harry Perkins Lecture Theatre Curtin University of Technology Date: 14 October 2006 Title: Bahasa Terindah OA: Ramli Sarip Song: Ramli Sarip Lyric: Dato' A. Samad Said
  • Smallvillage - Bahasa Melayu smallville dlm bahasa melayu sarawak...hahahahaha
  • Ust Azhar BAHASA ULU
  • Kamen Rider Bahasa Jawa Kocak Choy ntn pake volume yg pol pol pol y ^^
  • You Are The Music In Me: Bahasa Malaysia Version BONUS TRACK FROM HSM2 Kau Muzik Di Hatiku (You Are The Music In Me Bahasa Malaysia Version) Performed by Vincent Chong (Vince) and Jaclyn Victor (Jac) Song : Jamie Houston BM Words: Loloq Used the Asian version videoclip but dubbed over the BM version...the same person singing also though. I prefer the BM version coz the words are more "flowery" and powerful although it means the same. Enjoy!
  • Bahasa Terindah - Ramli Sarip A song dedicated to all muslim brothers and sister all over the world especially in Iraq and Palestine.
  • drama indonesia'08 spring SEILOR MOON (bahasa indonesia) kelas bahasa indonesia APU '08 spring drama 《SEILOR MOON》
  • Justin Bieber Speaks Bahasa Indonesia yeah! Justin speaking Bahasa!! :D Subs? Like? Favorite? Thanks guys :) Hope you like it :D This video is very popular in Indonesia :D :D go to this page and get more INFO :) LOL he said "whaddup to all my fans in Indonesia you guys are awesome thank you for all the support and i will love to see you soon TERIMAKASIH" LOL :P thankyou JustinBieber for tryin' to speak Indonesia though thats look really difficult :) :) #IndonesiaWantsBieber ever become TT on twitter ;D We're waitin' for you! :) ComeToIndonesia! -Vera&allIndonesianBeliebers ♥
  • Alinddarin: EhhhhRT @FikryEm: Ohhhh RT @alinddarin: U speak in Bahasa first! So i was followed u-_-RT @FikryEm: English please !! RT @alinddarin
  • rima2904: Yups let's we stay tun on twitter,halah bahasa w :)) RT @RTSS501:
  • FikryEm: Ohhhh RT @alinddarin: U speak in Bahasa first! So i was followed u-_-RT @FikryEm: English please !! RT @alinddarin: DihRT @FikryEm: Jbit...
  • mevelynvp: Mampus ngmg pake bahasa dewa .. Wkwkkww RT @stelacynthia: @mevelynvp not heavy me , it just a words :D .
  • intansetiap: Bahasa inggris namanya mbah.. RT @febrialams: Bohoso opo iki ndo ? RT @intansetiap: That might be something real between us two.. I wish we
  • bimszone: bahasa C++ mei. hahaha RT @meitanisyah: bhasa mna tu yak ? haha @bimszone Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure
  • sashaa7x: indonesian language, u know?? 17 years old.. u?? where r u from?? RT @What_I_Know: @sashaa7x what's bahasa? I speak English.
  • Blaze672: Gw pengen ngobrol tp takut die g ngerti bahasa ind » RT Like this few! I can look to it the whole day! Yes im livin a dream
  • DoaShandi: Gw pengen ngobrol tp takut die g ngerti bahasa ind » RT @IrfanBachdim10: Like this few! I can look to it the whole day! Yes im livin a dream
  • what_I_know: @sashaa7x what's bahasa? I speak English. How old are you?
  • sashaa7x: english n bahasa.. u?? RT @What_I_Know: @sashaa7x what language are you speaking on your TL?
  • Alinddarin: U speak in Bahasa first! So i was followed u-_-RT @FikryEm: English please !! RT @alinddarin: DihRT @FikryEm: Jbitu indah kawan RT
  • menxyz: Ada lagi cekidot=chek this out, bahasa kaskus itu unik2 loh..hehehe ;D RT @maharaniezy: @menxyz Astagaaaaaaaa~ (cont)
  • fatrick_hi: i love it when people talk in bahasa indonesian/malaysian AND I CAN UNDERSTAND THEM. ITS SO SATISFYING.
  • tiffannyvinsky: (¬˛¬") mau diartiin pake bahasa apa yng? RT @eddoAFR: ArtinyaRT tiffannyvinsky: you may not always get what you WANT,but God will always
  • whiteromantic: i wonder who teach you bahasa,thats why i give you reprimand RT @vickyvette: I just got a reprimand for using (cont)
  • mkurniawansyah: Kira2 bahasa apa ya selanjutnya? The future of English: English as she was spoke | The Economist via @theeconomist
  • Ragilwidiantono: pliiss, make it easier for me to read it!!!! *gemes liat artikel bahasa perancis*
  • msShawty_Bieber: i'm start 2 learn english now ,, prepare 2 met JB ! laugh kalii RT @charissa_siscaa begaya pke bahasa inggris ... ""
  • anayamamasayuki: n? MNC tv... now It's broadcasting Japanese program in bahasa... wow!
  • maiiimputri: thanks GOD you give me good rapot :) haha dua bahasa
  • adianputera: Ritut?? Bahasa mana lagi it?? Hahaha beuds :p RT @blupicha: Wooh RITUT abess , emberr hri gni kolot .RT (cont)
  • diniafaf: (///-) <~ who is that? *bahasa inggris ancor*
  • realisma13: do you understand what I've said? :o RT @ShanaDespande: Hah! xD RT realisma13 maap dia mau kawin sama saya RT @lleeyyaa: eh, bisa bahasa Ind
  • tigerwheeze: S-a-f-i-r-a RT @safiraindria: How to spell poo in bahasa? Eeq? Or eek?
  • silvajuuuuuu: bahasa indonesia it njilet #rollingeyes #rollinghead
  • mellymly: Pocong bisa bahasa inggris good RT @Poconggg: Tell me teddy bear. Why love is so unfair? will i ever find a way and answer to my pray..
  • safiraindria: How to spell poo in bahasa? Eeq? Or eek?
  • vandrenugraha: Sok bahasa inggris lo ---> RT @RandiPramana: see you at the finish line << BACA
  • dsulistiyo: Your Indonesian more good, you're good student. Next step tell your condition with Bahasa RT @lorenzo99: Selamat sore Indonesia! Apa kabar?
  • phoenixx22: Omigoodness, this youth bahasa is epic win I don't even understand. Lalala~
  • taro_nerd: Too much bahasa aint good for the eye's @[email protected]
  • anom_danas: RT @LilDian: I wish they understand the meaning of those words (in bahasa).. LoL http:///p/63684377
  • vindaimemitzura: maaf -,-v RT @AyuniGermanotta : Najis bahasa gua *eaRT @vindaimemitzura: so? whocares?!
  • oliveryanniWH: aw aw aw RT @freddwi_keylo you're face so far. hahaha *bahasa @oliveryanniWH :P
  • vinc_vinc: This is LOL RT @ivonny_elf: My cousin laughed when he listened to 2NE1's it hurts! It sounds like apa-apa(in bahasa Indonesia).
  • G2Danish: @laurakaylaaa yeaahhh I'll try.... :) Keep trying to speak Bahasa, You'll enjoy the way you express some idioms in Bahasa :D
  • venomiudfreak: ciee bisa bahasa inggiris #tepuktanganRT @siscariani: Go wherever you wanna go, do whatever you wanna do ,BIG DREAMER ! :D
  • octafcious: « 5 most craziest gaga's outfit (text in bahasa)
  • tarikolopaking: Mnurut aku bner it has the meaning of noun not verb..'dunia entertain' slh kaprah bahasa qt :) RT @shanty78 'entertainMENT world'
  • xoristyyyxo: Oops. My bahasa teacher in the middle school is calling my sister. She left her cellfone here. I'm just scared to pick it up.
  • bella3344: Bahasa inggris?RT @SafiraSabila: @bella3344 test conversation gitu bel ehehe
  • revoltamba: @feeh11y here is the link me singing in bahasa Indonesia ;)
  • soravrs: Thanks honey :---* <-- gimana bahasa inggris gue? Rada mening kan;) RT @marsyachh: Get Well Soon my twin @soravrs ☺
  • cynthcola: kaga tau jga gw . hhe RT @BerylAlberik: Bahasa opo to? RT @cynthcola: ith bkan bhsa mand coyy . hhe RT (cont)
  • sitikarinaputri: Iyeee dongRT @meilaaa: Eseeeh bahasa inggris ni yeee :p RT @sitikarinaputri: for me, you are men of very extraordinary
  • meilaaa: Eseeeh bahasa inggris ni yeee :p RT @sitikarinaputri: for me, you are men of very extraordinary
  • bilashs: Sebelah gue pada ngomong bahasa cina, gue sama kakak gue? NGIKUTIN. Let's annoy the crap out of these people.
  • BarryGRussell: @Liva_Love_Vale Bon apetito! How do you say that in Bahasa??
  • Mayarsss: Onthephone-_-RT @nessaavillaa: @Mayarsss RT @ghifariakbar: Bahasa suku maya:otp (on the process)
  • nitalstr: RT @nessaavillaa: @Mayarsss RT @ghifariakbar: Bahasa suku maya:otp (on the process)
  • secondhandbooks: EPB Publisher: Pancaran Bahasa 1A (yourstruly)
  • nessaavillaa: @Mayarsss RT @ghifariakbar: Bahasa suku maya:otp (on the process)
  • riditaulia: @HarisuxxMonster haha sorry jus't forget it -_- and can you speak bahasa?
  • ghifariakbar: Bahasa suku maya:otp (on the process)
  • dekaabjad: Wahahahahaha RT @LilDian: I wish they understand the meaning of those words (in bahasa).. LoL http:///p/63684377
  • nicodony: Bahasa planet -->RT @jooviwow: Sikit lagie we boardings at Ciboeboer Janksen mazbroow anyoonee ? I don't know ! :9
  • demy_three: nuhun a RT @rubyuntoro: Aku ra ngertoss le koe spik opo ―˛― RT @demy_three: ха-ха киску би Lu RT @rubyuntoro: Ngmg pake bahasa bebek lo ye
  • demy_three: ха-ха киску би Lu RT @rubyuntoro: Ngmg pake bahasa bebek lo ye ? T @demy_three: คุณมีเพศสัมพันธ์สาว
  • vianafsi: curang lo pake bahasa indonesiaaa :( RT @risqiamallia Finally social psychology .. \(´▽`)/ \(´▽`)/
  • pikriee: Weseses bahasa lu ul RT @muaal: sorry, I love you
  • araa_araa: X: "excuse me, you know toilet where? where where?" Bule: "English lu jelek, udah bahasa indo aje." hahaha~
  • Ryu170997: ah.. ok ;) RT @JangLi97: sure,you can do it! LOL,you're funny RT @Ryu170997 I want make tweets with Bahasa Indonesia. Can I?
  • deaardya: Gue yg ngetweets pake bahasa campur2 knp lo yg repot sih? Emg lo rugi ya? Hah
  • freddwi_keylo: you're face so far. hahaha *bahasa @oliveryanniWH :P
  • addaashar: @mrmohdnazar who is SHE? RT @mrmohdnazar she is trying so hard to rape bahasa melayu...
  • nessaavillaa: Bahasa gaul baru ~(o_o)~RT @ghifariakbar: On the proccesRT @nessaavillaa: Otp?on the phone tobat?lah?RT ...
  • PoppaBelle: Like what i expose last night,Taib married a Lebanesse woman!!! http:///2dxtlnf
  • mrmohdnazar: she is trying so hard to rape bahasa melayu and turn out pronounced "marsuk" instead of masuk. wow.and she is behind me. #fb
  • JimAyson: @jazznixkeoninja - do a twitter search for "younghusband" and all you get are bahasa tweets
  • sheraiido: I LOVE YOU (hahah -bahasa inggris- RT @AarinSL
  • KristoGeorge: B E G O ! Ja RT @chatherinewu: It's really weird! They talk in difficult bahasa,,,I can't understand a thing..u_u
  • mileetown: RT @angeluciferr: @mileetown yep, bahasa of course, and I learnt arabic in high school and now I'm learning french in college ;) you?
  • angeluciferr: @mileetown yep, bahasa of course, and I learnt arabic in high school and now I'm learning french in college ;) you?
  • fionnyadeline: B-) RT @BeeAnneChang: I feel foreign when speaking in bahasa and my bestie likes to mock me for it @fionnyadeline --"
  • lutfibali: hehehe, ini bahasa english, you no? kompeni.. RT @little_bear369 Ngomong opo toh sampean?? RT @lutfibali good,, remember for tomorow holiday
  • MeyJun92: RT @TheSalahGaul: A: excuse me, you know toilet where? where where? Bule: English lu jelek, udah bahasa indo aje. A;.... #salahgaul
  • chah0307: @Yang_Seobie our language. Bahasa Malaysia. hmph T_T i'm doing the Komsas, u know in english Literature. Hav to read the novel n buat ulasan
  • MaulineDella: Hoho thanks :D vin, bisa bahasa indonesia gak? *mintadigampar* RT @KevinSasi: @MaulineDella haha I miss you all too,
  • arikavrgn: RT @abiyogagung: Bahasa jermannya : eyy du scheisse,was los mit dir? Schlampe RT @arikavrgn: There is something wrong with you...,and I don'
  • LovelyTaemints: Wekekeke RT @Rhieackbar: its up to you?really? Hhah RT @LovelyTaemints: Tsaptuyu <-bahasa apa coba? RT ...
  • tanrodey: Thanks for ur support dude! That's really relieving. LOL RT @banquetluno: gausah pake bahasa penghiburan, (cont)
  • banquetluno: gausah pake bahasa penghiburan, failures are falling failed :D "@tanrodey: I deserve at least 3 different kinds of success. RT @banquetluno"
  • rizkiheru: Waduh no comment jare -___-" RT @syifamputt: *no comment RT @rizkiheru: Emang tau anak bahasa kayak gmana? (cont)
  • lilianpedrova: @BarryGRussell wow great! I read ur tweets, Bahasa Indonesiamu bagus :)
  • cheliosa: Bahasa apa itu? RT @agungkubon: *Wink-wink [email protected] Homed and alone
  • derylfrokk: Just woke up,and read somebody timeline..its really shock me out..apa bahasa inggrisnya "gamau ngaku lagi" ?? Its suit you xp
  • sarahbebyfoya: @Vikkkay i don't still single ? bahasa u lae vikay i'm not single or i don't want to be single
  • brigittanadia: Anak ibu sudah jago bahasa inggrisnya*\(´▽`)/*RT @yukelenggana: In life, its not about being who everyone else wants you to be. It’s about b
  • ini_hendrik: Boy,bahasa nya horor --"RT @dui_agcount: Ok, just call me if u needRT @ini_hendrik: @dui_agcount boy,makasih buat ...
  • ifan_ipankk: sialan kau yee RT @uxoxexy Ihh,, udh jago bahasa inggris'a yaay!! :D RT @ifan_ipankk: because a girl like you is impossible to
  • melionette: How many languages do you speak? — I speak both English and Bahasa fluently. Because I have Asian parents I was en…
  • CestRavie: doh anakku isin"i RT @MariaRiche: #eaaa salah haha RT @gracepars: @MariaRiche @CestRavie mmmmm "stlye" tu bahasa mana pik??
  • BarryGRussell: @lilianpedrova Ah, understand :) I love Muse too - absolute class. Don't speak Chinese, but learn some Bahasa from my Ina friends here :)
  • Venty_venven: Kereeeeen ...... Bahasa...!!!RT @JurekVandiHakki: Life is not about being a winner or being a loser, it's about ...
  • fanilaa: RT @Tracytrinita: The word "Lalalalala..." It could mean: A. Someone singing. B. Someone happy. C. Someone kepedesan (bahasa bali Lala=pedes).
  • lenkashan: @whovj yes so i can speak to all of my fans in indonesia, i learn bahasa. Hahahahahahahahaa lol
  • Rhieackbar: its up to you?really? Hhah RT @LovelyTaemints: Tsaptuyu <-bahasa apa coba? RT @Rhieackbar: yasudahlah,aQ milih minho

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