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  • bait n. Food or other lure placed on a hook or in a trap and used in the taking of fish, birds, or other animals [Middle English, from Old Norse beita, food, fodder, fish bait. — “bait: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • If you've been fishing for any period of time you must realize that the question posed in the title of this article is all but unanswerable. There is probably no best fishing bait, but rather there are individual anglers favorite bait for fishing. — “The Best Bait - Is There a Best Fishing Bait?”,
  • Definition of bait in the Dictionary. Meaning of bait. What does bait mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word bait. Information about bait in the dictionary, synonyms and. — “What does bait mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation”,
  • Bait definition, food, or some substitute, used as a lure in fishing, trapping, etc. See more. with malicious remarks: a nasty habit of baiting defenseless subordinates. — “Bait | Define Bait at ”,
  • Live Bait in the Metro. If you are going fishing in the Metro area, If you sell live bait in the Metro area and would like to be included in the above list,. — “Live Bait in the Metro: Minnesota DNR”,
  • wikiHow article about How to Make Fish Bait Without Worms. There are a several other bait options to consider, some that you would even find in your own kitchen. — “How to Make Fish Bait Without Worms - wikiHow”,
  • Bait may also refer to: Dog-baiting, using dogs to worry or torment a chained or confined Bait car, vehicle rigged by the police to catch auto thieves. Bait and switch, a form of fraud. The Bait, a. — “Bait - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Walker County Lake is a 163 acre lake located 3 miles southeast of Jasper off US Highway 78 in Jasper, Alabama. Live minnows used for bait shall be limited to goldfish minnows (Indiana minnows); golden shiners (shiners) and fathead minnows. — “Walker County State Public Fishing Lake, near Jasper, Alabama”,
  • Bait net - 3,098 results from 384 stores, including Cumings Bait Dealer Net - 16"" x 9"" Steel 20"" Wood 7"", Cumings Bait Dealer Net - 16 x 9 Steel 20 Wood 7, Betts Tackle Betts 1/4"" Mesh Professional Series Bait Nets Net, 5'", Bait. — “Bait net - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • Devils Lake simply has some of the best fishing in the world. It is one of North Dakota's only natural lakes and provides excellent year round northern, walleye, perch, and white bass fishing. Come and experience the great fishing on Devils. — “Eds Bar, Bait & Convenience is UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP !!!”,
  • Buy bait, Sporting Goods items on eBay. Find great deals on Clothing, Shoes Accessories, Home Garden items and get what you want now!. — “bait items - Get great deals on Sporting Goods, Clothing”,
  • Bait, Catfish Bait, Carp Bait, Catfish Chum. — “Bait, Catfish Bait, Carp Bait, Catfish Chum”,
  • Fishing lures shop at E-Bait. Offering bass fishing lures, crappie fishing lure, muskie and walleye fishing lures. We have a complete line of fishing lures and fishing gifts kits from 11 manufacturers of quality fishing lures, bait & tackle shop Most convenient Spinner Bait storage solution. — “e-Bait The Online Tackle Shop”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. bait implies wanton cruelty or delight in persecuting a helpless victim. — “Bait - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Welcome to Vados Bait Express & Tackle. Celebrating Over 60 Years of Live Bait Experience! We started selling live bait and fishing tackle in 1947 in Minneapolis, MN. Through our web-site store you can order live bait and fishing tackle and have it shipped to almost anywhere in the continental US. — “Vados Bait Express: Home page”,
  • Definition of bait from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of bait. Pronunciation of bait. Definition of the word bait. Origin of the word bait. — “bait - Definition of bait at ”,
  • Zoom Bait Company - Buy Online, Huge Color Selection. Zoom Baits are long lasting, salt impregnated, and best of all Zoom Baits catch fish. — “Zoom Bait Company”,
  • Definition of bait in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of bait. Pronunciation of bait. Translations of bait. bait synonyms, bait antonyms. Information about bait in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. fish bait. — “bait - definition of bait by the Free Online Dictionary”,

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  • Channel Catfish Bait For Beginners catfish bait for beginners - Talking about various channel cat baits and showing how we tie up our chicken liver sacks to keep e'm on the hooK
  • Bait Car #7
  • Fishing Bait & Equipment : How to Bait a Fishing Hook When baiting a fishing hook, bait the worm a half centimeter off of the side, and thread the point of the hook through the worm. Learn about the ball method of baiting a fishing hook with help from a commercial fisherman in this free video on fishing bait and equipment. Expert: Brian Lee Bio: Brian Lee has been fishing for over a decade, including time as a commercial fisherman. Filmmaker: David Pakman
  • Fresh Water, Live- Bait, Striped Bass/ BASICS-Old School How to fish with live bait for Striped Bass. Using Planer boards, floats, split shots.
  • Jail Bait Young Don Gregor is pulled into a life of crime by Vic Brady. Brady then blackmails Gregor's plastic surgeon father into changing his face so he can evade the cops.
  • US Snipers use "Baiting" techniques to kill innocent Iraqis CBS story: about the planting of 9v batteries, wiring, timers, and rounds of ammo by US Military Snipers to persuade or entice passers-by to pick them up. If they are unfortunate enough to leave with the item... they are gunned down without provocation. Visit ; ;
  • Wishbone Ash - Jail Bait - 1971 Wishbone Ash live in 71
  • Bluefin Tuna Eat Bait Ball A giant school of mackerel mass together for protection as they are picked off by tuna and dolphins.
  • How to rig a bait (Ballyhoo)
  • Nike Elite Series: The Agüero Bait & Switch In the tough head-to-heads, you need cunning to beat your man. Master your game with Nike Football+ A quick-sharp combination of explosive acceleration, deceptive feints and cutting changes of direction give Sergio Agüero the edge in any one-on-one. Whichever way Kun cuts, the result is inevitable.
  • sharkbait
  • Smoking Gun: Obama took the bait says Corsi Read the article here Speaking today on the Alex Jones Show, investigative journalist Jerome R. Corsi dropped a huge bombshell. Dr. Corsi provided proof that he was alerted to an on-going plot to release a fake more than two months before President Obama released his purported long-form birth certificate. Corsi supplied with time-stamped Microsoft Word documents [.ZIP] of five unpublished World Net Daily investigative drafts, written between February 23 and February 24, 2011, two months before Obama's April 27 birth certificate press conference. The unpublished reports confirm that moles inside the Hawaiian State government, including one inside the Department of Health, had warned Corsi of a plan by Obama operatives to plant and then publicly release a forged birth certificate. The veteran investigative journalist released more details during a live appearance today, two hours and 8 minutes into the three hour broadcast.
  • Wishbone Ash, Jail-bait. Wishbone Ash on the Old Grey Whistle Test.
  • Easy catfish bait for everyone! Catfishing bait for anyone.....From beginners to the ole pro, you'll catch um with the Secret 7 catfish bait. Secret 7 never has to be's always ready to go when you are.....Check out the video for all the info!
  • Gator Bait trailer And the movie is as good as it looks.
  • TCB - Bait TCB 7/2/10 Double Disk Entitled "We Still Here LIKE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE
  • Basic Freshwater Fishing Tackle: Baits & Lures Nick Basok of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC explains baits and lures you may wish to try when doing trout fishing in British Columbia. For more information on freshwater fishing in British Columbia, Canada, please visit
  • 1956 World Champion Bait Casting Demonstration From 1956, an instructional video of Johnny Dieckman using an ABU Ambassadeur 5000 Bait Caster fishing reel. Presented by Wayne Real of Real's Reels. Visit his historical website for more information on all vintage ABU RECORD fishing reels. Visit us at or Ask Questions at on the Mitchell Mates International Discussion Group website. Tight Lines, Wallace Carney, The Mitchell Reel Museum In 1956 Garcia; the exclusive North American distributor for ABU made three 16mm sound demonstration films to teach people how to use an Ambassadeur 5000 bait caster, a Mitchell 300 spinning reel and how to fly fish. The instructor in this film is Johnny Dieckman, the World Casting Champion! These amazing 16mm films were recently found and have been converter to video and now were showing them to the world. These three are just the start, much more to come!!!
  • Fishing Lures & Baits : How to Work a Spinner Bait Spinner baits are a versatile tool in fishing, and they have a lead head for weight that allows them to be cast a long way. Learn about the skirt on spinner bait for purposes of attraction with help from a fish biologist and fisherman in this free video on spinner bait. Expert: Wayne Gustaveson Contact: Bio: Wayne Gustaveson is a fish biologist by trade and a fisherman by choice. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips
  • Blacklug as Bait Few people who provide their own black lugworm these days dig for it, preferring instead to use a pump because they see it as faster and more efficient. This short piece of archive film shows how quickly an expert digger can get black lugworm out of the sand.
  • HD: Bait Ball Feast - Nature's Great Events: The Great Feast - BBC One Playlist: Find out more: In late summer the plankton bloom is at its height. Vast shoals of herring gather to feed on it, diving birds round the fish up into a bait ball and then a humpback whale roars in to scoop up the entire ball of herring in one huge mouthful.
  • Nina Simone - Good Bait Good Bait is a wonderful instrumental piece penned by Count Basie. Here it is being performed by the wonderful Nina Simone.
  • Catching Live Bait The Easy Way Captain Joe Ward shows us how easy and fun catching your own live bait can be. From The Dockside Inn in beautiful Fort Pierce Florida.
  • KMFDM - Bait And Switch. KMFDM - Bait And Switch
  • "Prehistoric" Shark Seen Attacking Deep Bait July 22, 2010—A sixgill shark—a species often referred to as prehistoric because of its resemblance to sharks living hundreds of millions of years ago—is seen biting on bait at a camera trap deep off Australia. It's part of a project to learn more about deep-sea creatures and possible correlations with human sight and brain development.
  • Fishing - How to Cast a Bait Casting Reel NExt video in series: Captain Steve begins at the beginning! Casting is the first step to enjoy and become successful at bass fishing. After teaching spinning and casting techniques with either hand, Captain Steve takes a look at a few of the fishing techniques and the basics of different lure categories. Beginners and advanced beginners will benefit from the step by step instruction provided by Captain Steve. A top to bottom approach for fishing all season will take the tangle out of your tackle box.
  • Wale - Bait ft. TCB (Prod. Tone P) (Download Inside) 2011 Wale - Bait (Prod. Tone P) (Download Inside) 2011 Wale & TCB - Bait (Prod. Tone P) (Download Inside) 2011 Wale & TCB - Bait (Prod. Tone P) (Download Inside) 2011 _____________________________ Add Me On Facebook Please (; MP3 Download: dd7aa969
  • Bait Car Meth addict steals a bait car and does some insane stuff in it
  • Man Bait Don't forget to RATE, COMMENT and FAVORITE! Google sponsored this one which paid for the ridiculous costumes. Thanks Google! I've been dying to do this. MY TWITTER: to see all my latest updates and teasers to my upcoming videos!
  • Fish bait ball in open water - Blue Planet - BBC Small fish swim at phenomenal speed and form a daunting bait ball in a desperate attempt to ward off hungry predators. Brilliant wildlife video from BBC natural history show, Blue Planet. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here
  • Police Bait Car: Bad Joy Rider Two men steal a police bait car and struggle with the gears. Uknown to them they are being filmed and tracked by police. The thief is a really bad driver.
  • IZUMI shad live bait Propably the best fishing lure ever seen made by IZUMI. Underwater video footage. Pike catch!
  • Arnold Calls A Bait Shop - Crank Call
  • Bait car cam catches confused thief A car thief caught on camera in a bait car but forgets how to use a manual gear box.
  • EGG SACKS / TROUT BAIT how to HOW WE TIE OUR MAGIC BAIT FOR TROUT FISHING. TIE YOUR OWN CATCH MORE FISH. backgroung music by kevin mcleod at incompetech .com With Credit Given (Creative Commons) - Free! By default, they are licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. To use this license, simply attribute the music in your piece (website, film, phone system, etc.) as is reasonable to the medium. [more info on attribution]. Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049 by kevin mcleod
  • Bait ALsaidi In Yemen Beautiful views of bait Alsaidi in yemen. with Ayoob tarish's song in the backround. Me and my friends and family enjoying the best country of yemen. beeer Al baseer. Almiratha al gadis bait Ali Muhammad Alsaidi. yemen life List of cities in Yemen Aden Ahwar Al Qasha Baraqish Ba3dan Al Bayda', Yemen Beihan Ad Dali' Dhamar, Yemen Furah Al Ghaydah Hadiboh Hajjah Al Hudaydah Ibb Jibla Kawkaban Lahij Ma'rib Al Mahwit Makram Mocha, Yemen Al Mukalla Mukayras Nishtun Qishn Sa'dah As Salif San'a' Sayfaf Seiyun Shibam Ash Shihr Shuqrah Steroh Ta'izz Tarim, Yemen Thamud, Yemen Yarim Yafa Zabid Zinjibar Djibouti Qatar United States United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia Bangladesh United Kingdom Bulgaria Algeria
  • Squirrel Bait - Sun God - 1985 Squirrel Bait was a pop punk band that came out of nowhere in 1983 from of all places, Louisville, Kentucky. At first, the Squirrel Bait record released in 1985 by small indie label Homestead, did not cause much of a stir in the music world. But after receiving raving reviews from Bob Mould (then of Husker Du) and Evan Dando (of The Lemonheads) among others in the music press, people began to take notice. Spin Magazine quickly hopped on the bandwagon and proclaimed that lead singer Peter Searcy had the best voice in rock and roll next to Paul Westerberg. Even with all of these accolades, the band was able to only stay afloat until 1988 and release one more record, 1986s Skag Heaven. By then it seemed to be a case of too much too soon for the members of Squirrel Bait, considering that the average age of the band members at this time were an amazing 17.
  • Beer,Bait,and Ammo By Kevin Fowler
  • How to rig live bait with Steve Waters Sun-Sentinel outdoors writer Steve Waters is joined by captain Corey McBride, as they discuss how to rig live bait for deep-sea fishing.
  • ApSciTrainee: ApSciTrainee: @OEC_GLaDOS Right. I'll... Be there soon to check up on him. We need him. For bait.
  • Monrowe: Monrowe: RT @ChrisColeSays: @Monrowe can I give u a tip Charlotte Olympia and Jimmy choo sell nicer shoes n less BAIT
  • i80equipment: i80equipment: @Computertek1 a nice rock bass, sunfish and bluegill (size) otherwise little stuff. Helped a nice couple and their older mom catch bait
  • uneamino: uneamino: *sigh* Guess I'll have to bait a hobo to get an argument :/
  • Shadeyhhh: Shadeyhhh: RT @TheRealPrince91: Nahh I was never this bait. <<< -______________-
  • armondwakeup: armondwakeup: no shots, but Bait & Chain Music sound a LOT better w/o Wale on em...
  • AleshaLiyanahPD: AleshaLiyanahPD: RT @MrTreatYouGood: @MsFreakiee Its So Bait Its You,Delete Them Account And Go See Your Doctor You're Mentally Disturbed.
  • alexandrahedin: alexandrahedin: Cook it :: Blackberry Boy Bait
  • Conor_51: Conor_51: Shark Bait is sleeping with the fishes
  • FauxAmoureuse: FauxAmoureuse: I hate a bait relationship!!!!!!! im in love with keeping things between 2 people :)
  • Angel66Essence: Angel66Essence: #Nowplaying spider bait - on my way ~(o_o~) ~(o_o)~ <---- "bunny dancing in joy"
  • MagicBlueberry: MagicBlueberry: RT @MrTreatYouGood: @MsFreakiee Its So Bait Its You,Delete Them Account And Go See Your Doctor You're Mentally Disturbed.
  • SportsGrid: SportsGrid: Sorry @SportsNation, but @ochocinco is not easily duped.
  • markedpolo: markedpolo: RT @JayBayBay07: Work, work, work, work. Yea you know I got that work. #Bait
  • begilson: begilson: I used to be jail bait. My bait was very jail.
  • OneOfThe7Dwarfs: OneOfThe7Dwarfs: RT @MrTreatYouGood: @MsFreakiee Its So Bait Its You,Delete Them Account And Go See Your Doctor You're Mentally Disturbed.
  • Fergzilla: Fergzilla: @dieselshouse22 you useing @KcWoodman cell phone as bait again on fishin boat? #NoWakeZone Hope you guys packed a lunch!
  • HypeManSage: HypeManSage: @INCSTAR basically I'm going bestival back on saturday u on a sat night jam, u gonna bait me up on some double date flex..
  • KEENology_: KEENology_: i got that bait
  • laupiFrpar: laupiFrpar: I liked a @YouTube video HD: Bait Ball Feast - Nature's Great Events: The Great Feast
  • TheRealPrince91: TheRealPrince91: Nahh I was never this bait.
  • Joyouscomms: Joyouscomms: RT @jackiedanicki: If I didn't know better, I'd think this whole mess was link bait. RT @TechCrunch: TechCrunch As We Know It May Be Over
  • DavidWhe: DavidWhe: RT @DavidAllenGreen: My quick @NewStatesman post today on #HackGate - with nerd-bait pic of @tom_watson ;-)
  • KatsHockey: KatsHockey: Not really, but its possible RT @ilsheriffo: @KatsHockey @curtis_tudor does that make kadri trade bait?
  • MrTreatYouGood: MrTreatYouGood: @MsFreakiee Its So Bait Its You,Delete Them Account And Go See Your Doctor You're Mentally Disturbed.
  • AlShaya_32: AlShaya_32: 7ayaaach allah la wzeedch min esh3eer bait bacher sky diving inshallah ;p
  • CashmerThought: CashmerThought: Oomf has a verrryyyyy nice beard. I would @ him but he has enough bait
  • albenali98: albenali98: Gettin ready to go to bait yadity
  • Universal_Amore: Universal_Amore: Beauty is the bait which with delight allures man to enlarge his kind. - Socrates
  • NYPinTA: NYPinTA: RT @NewYorkology: "Highlander” screens for free tonight courtesy @redhookfilms at Valentino Pier (or Bait & Tackle in case of rain)
  • Room204GMedia: Room204GMedia: If have no bait u cant get the fish on the hook..
  • robuk21: robuk21: RT @jakeyrainbow: Using reddit to push off page content and link bait #linkbuilding #seo #onlinemarketing
  • pinkiipromisee: pinkiipromisee: RT @ituuneskamara: facebook is just so bait now gaahhh, people just post anything and everything like anyone cares tbh
  • AF_Rio: AF_Rio: @_LOVEashleyRAE_ No maam lol, yall playing with the wrong bait, thats all lol...
  • BiebsterX: BiebsterX: Just finished 1st day at high schwl it was bait boring but I like the ties and uniform !
  • mayyXO: mayyXO: Fake accounts doe. & its so bait who made it smh
  • DavidAllenGreen: DavidAllenGreen: My quick @NewStatesman post today on #HackGate - with nerd-bait pic of @tom_watson ;-)
  • SmoKee_R: SmoKee_R: When I had a girl I was gettn hit up evernight by different chicks. Now a nigga single where da bait go??!!
  • I_see_y_u_envy: I_see_y_u_envy: Lol but u know what i want :-( RT @RachRacks: @I_see_y_u_envy so u admit it! U do have all the bait! Lol
  • SupermanHF: SupermanHF: As an Irish born NIgerian i proudly say this.... #FreshNijiaBoysMakeMeWannaWishThatIWasFromGhana u guys r bait with ur 419 fraud
  • lionholme: lionholme: “@ActionChick: Ever wonder at what moment you must have started wearing online lunatic bait?” Thankfully my only loonies are ad bots.
  • SuicidalZebra: SuicidalZebra: I'd love Wolfheart to be a massive bait-and-switch, with Greymane as the man hinted to in Tyrande's vision rather than Varian.
  • ilsheriffo: ilsheriffo: @KatsHockey @curtis_tudor does that make kadri trade bait?
  • TopFlightDee: TopFlightDee: Newaayz..i jusy saw #oomf in ma store doin a lil shoppin..nd shes say she dont get da bait..smd liiiesss haha
  • its_RobinRenee: its_RobinRenee: She gets all the bait, lol RT @TButchYP: @Ms_Norfolk Asia know all the pretty janks too! Put me on phew lol
  • Mazworth: Mazworth: @S_TypeBeats If I wasn't back at my mums with a bait 2mb connection I'd upload it for ya! grrrrr
  • Skinny_N_Tatted: Skinny_N_Tatted: “@PretiBlckBarbi Bait... #”
  • MagicBlueberry: MagicBlueberry: its so bait as well...the terrible grammar etc etc
  • justmrfields: justmrfields: I was jokin im hip that he gets no bait RT @_itsTiana Not at all lol “@justmrfields Aye tre gettin the bait! ...
  • Jorrdz: Jorrdz: Everboody knows each other on Twitter how bait.
  • rachelcavanaugh: rachelcavanaugh: this KA bait is so hot.
  • ituuneskamara: ituuneskamara: facebook is just so bait now gaahhh, people just post anything and everything like anyone cares tbh
  • _AmorMi_: _AmorMi_: Blasting @wale ..bait..chain music..lets chill..ambitious girl
  • PretiBlckBarbi: PretiBlckBarbi: Bait... #
  • ohsoyoumadhuh: ohsoyoumadhuh: I'm expecting some random artist to win the #mercuryprize like last year (when Florence deserved it), not someone bait like Adele or Tinie
  • ayoo_iva: ayoo_iva: bait bait bait bait bait bait bait ...... the drums in that @wale beat just screams at me (:
  • byyron_lopez: byyron_lopez: 2nd period, photo; NO BAIT:(
  • Toogangster: Toogangster: @jonemmans @metro_sport I'll take the bait. I won the uefa cup with the Hibs in 4 seasons.
  • JayBayBay07: JayBayBay07: Work, work, work, work. Yea you know I got that work. #Bait
  • i80equipment: i80equipment: @twitsanon did some simple fishing yesterday, which in the much cooler temps was AWESOME. Helped some folks catch "bait" for bank poles :)
  • J_aka_Julio: J_aka_Julio: RT @BishoptheKing: Lol bet! RT @FLIPP_24: I'm tryna hit WSSU homecoming this year! On 2s and on bait! Lls @dat_dude_marc @I_Wear_RayBan
  • UnKnownIE14: UnKnownIE14: "Bait, who's on my line?"
  • I_see_y_u_envy: I_see_y_u_envy: All the bait be texting me but I just want him
  • mmmaiko: mmmaiko: the #vuelta japanese commentator: "use wiggins as bait and play the froome card." #teamfroome
  • ShooterNia: ShooterNia: WHO GOT THE BAIT MY MAIN MAN @cmassey15 YEAAAA BUDDYYYY
  • nellieho: nellieho: #saynotosharkfinssoup go watch Gordon Ramsay Shark Bait in #youtube
  • Baitless_Guy: Baitless_Guy: “@UrSweetestSin_ Tony Got All The Bait But Mad Cause I Wouldnt Take Him Serious Why Would I Set Myself Up Like That...Please Tell Me Shawty”
  • Iyeisha: Iyeisha: Don't let them bait you...remember a soft answer turns away wrath....
  • tbird632: tbird632: RT @NewYorkology: "Highlander” screens for free tonight courtesy @redhookfilms at Valentino Pier (or Bait & Tackle in case of rain)
  • Tickle_MyyFancy: Tickle_MyyFancy: This nigga look like my cousin @YeaMyiaSaidit old bait. With the up-do and all...but no bigass chain llsssss
  • s3aiwed76: s3aiwed76: @3baidSALAsousi bait ;p ba3ad ishway bamshi
  • Vegas_WTF: Vegas_WTF: #BAIT
  • _WeHateYouKae: _WeHateYouKae: My son & niece are bait.
  • Peter_YME: Peter_YME: @FayWilliamss so why not bait it?;)
  • corysparks: corysparks: I can't believe nobody in the city is playing this @Wale "Bait" record smh....
  • ItsTreTre: ItsTreTre: RT @_itsTiana: Not at all lol “@justmrfields Aye tre gettin the bait! RT @ItsTreTre Kill lls.RT @_itsTiana @ItsTreTre some (cont)
  • mlee2324: mlee2324: RT @Dizzle1128 "@mlee2324: RT @Dizzle1128 @mlee2324 salt in the game in Wat situation???" Talkin bout dat work bait ! #ushouldknowidonthate!
  • GuardianCats: GuardianCats: Reading: Deconstructing “Bait and Switch”: Concept and Voice
  • i_PrettyKee: i_PrettyKee: norcom is so boringg . . Ithought idt was gone be some new BAIT ; taaah ' same oLe ugLy booys :/ loLs
  • BishoptheKing: BishoptheKing: Lol bet! RT @FLIPP_24: I'm tryna hit WSSU homecoming this year! On 2s and on bait! Lls @dat_dude_marc @I_Wear_RayBan @BishoptheKing
  • PrinceBell: PrinceBell: “@KingLeyne: @PrinceBell my guy said if we link our bday we'd have to name it Bait vs Bait :(” who said this -_-
  • NoouraAS: NoouraAS: @S_727 ! Rou7i laish btg3den bl Bait ;p shwrach ;p
  • KoldKuts: KoldKuts: RT @NewYorkology: "Highlander” screens for free tonight courtesy @redhookfilms at Valentino Pier (or Bait & Tackle in case of rain)
  • ahbissi: ahbissi: @lynsssss Thanks. Uyy first time, ang bait mo sakin. HAHAHAHA
  • SMOKY_ROBINSON: SMOKY_ROBINSON: @MON3Y_CH33KS don't bait me Pitts..cuz I respect your taste in things
  • FayWilliamss: FayWilliamss: @Peter_YME loool i'll tell youu on dm, cant bait out my failuress on twitterr ahaaa
  • VictorNinetyTwo: VictorNinetyTwo: Just seen some feds in unmarked car. Bait much?

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