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  • Bandicoot Potatoes (Being the adventures of a Hungry Farmer with a few too many Heirloom Potatoes and a bit less land than needed.*) The plain truth* was that I was clearing a line for late summer melons when it become Bandicooting potatoes is not isolated to Australia. — “"Vegetables of Interest": Bandicoot Potatoes”,
  • I've never heard this expression before, but apparently when you're digging for potatoes in a friend's vegetable garden, the verb is "bandicooting". — “bandicooting for potatoes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Bandicooting is digging up potatoes or other root crops, leaving the top of the plants in place in the soil and able to keep on growing and producing Some children in large poor families lose many or all of their fingernails through bandicooting. — “Bandicooting - .au”, .au
  • It is a first person, semi-autobiographical narrative about two sisters who travel in the 1920s to Gippsland, and other rural ward off starvation by 'bandicooting' pumpkins and oranges from. — “The Pea-Pickers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • List of domains starting with the letter B from to . . 931. bandicoot-lapin-. 932. . 933. . 934. . 935. — “Domains starting with B - page 0362”, v3
  • is a search engine for English words. The dictionary used contains more than 460,000 English words. searches for partial words (both crossword solver and part of word), anagrams, palindromes, words in word, and bandicooting. — “coot :: Information about coot :: ”,
  • Grow your own delicious gourmet spuds in a vertical garden. You can start `bandicooting' for potatoes when the leaves start yellowing. Carefully tunnel beneath the soil or mulch to find potatoes with firm skin, at least the size of a hen's egg. Eat within a day or so. — “Potatoes In Tyres - Better Homes & Gardens Magazine - Yahoo!7”,
  • Mercifully the pump survived so I only needed a new filter - I'm only $263 poorer - could have been a whole lot worse if the pump had blown up. It's "Bandicooting" Potatoes. Garlic Harvest. October (5) Chooky Update. Can You Tell I'm on. — “FOOTPRINT REDUCTION IN THE 'BURBS: It Wasn't Me!!”,
  • Words starting with b: ba,baa,baaed,baaing,baaings,baal,baalim,baalism,baalisms,baals,baas,baases,baaskaap,baaskaaps,baaskap,baaskaps,baasskap,baasskaps,baba,babaco,babacoote,babacootes,babacos,babas,babassu,babassus,babbit bandicooting. — “Words starting with b”,
  • Bandicooting Vegetables. Broadbeans. Eggs. Chicken Kiev. Christmas Fruit Cake. Going Bananas. In Favour of Fat Tree to Table - Cooking with Australian Olive Oil. Clearly, I love extra virgin olive oil; its ancient origins, manifold produce. — “MY BOOKS & WRITING: Patrice Newell”, .au
  • Here you'll find tales of radical homemakers, relocalisation, revitalising artisan skills, I couldn't resist bandicooting for a couple of potatoes from our patch - these are. — “Living The Simple Life :: Permaculture Pathways: Scenes from”,
  • the act of squeezing and twisting a dogs balls until it starts to squeal and yelp pooley enjoys bandicooting eddie because he is a weirdo. crash bandicoot bestiality weirdo mod stinky pirate. — “Urban Dictionary: bandicooting”,
  • Bandicooting the Furnace Creek 508. Oct 15-16, 2000. I first heard of the Furnace Creek 508 while working as a geologist in Bakersfield, California. The route goes through Panamint Valley, where I attended a University of Washington Geology. — “Bandicooting the Furnace Creek 508”,
  • I left it to the expert and in no time we had a lovely couple of handfuls but with a bit of persuasion I was able to convince him to have them. — “Bandicooting”,
  • This sequel to Crash of the Titans, actually brings out a nice blend of monster smashing with Bandicooting – if there was ever such a word. The story isn't that complex, but even after playing that game I still don't really know what is going on. — “ " Blog Archive " REVIEW: Crash Mind Over”,
  • Definition of bandicooting with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of bandicooting”,

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  • Sideways Lara crash bandicooting very nice, i especially like the part where you decided to go backwards.
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  • HossamHA7: Crash bandicooting the local supermarkets bike takes finesse.

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  • “12th Dec 2008 | 02:08 pm | Filed under Diary. Our soft fruit house has Agria are in flower, we did a spot of bandicooting, but didn't find any spuds to eat yet”
    — Millstream Gardens Blog " Blog Archive " Red Currants & white,

  • “A forum for problem solving and exchanging ideas and knowledge related to the edible garden. Now includes sub-forum for sharing After a few months you can grub around and harvest early potatoes without disturbing the main plant - this is called 'bandicooting'”
    — Garden Express Garden Forums • View topic - Growing Spuds, .au

  • “Forum regular. Posts: 32. Location: Bonville. Registered: March 2008. RE: potatoes. Posted 941 days ago. Potatoes like it sunny.Do not Good advice and do wait til the tops have died off some before 'bandicooting' wont you ;”
    — Burke's Backyard > The Message Board > Growing fruit and, .au

  • “ah mid late summer the roasting has nearly finished and nearly time to broil in the now extra humid midday sun . u might have guessed it but yeah”
    — Favourite plants this month - The Corroboree, shaman-

  • “NZ Weather Forum > Community Blog > Babs' Blog > Archive. Rules. View Forum Home. Delete My Cookies. Mark Board As Read. Community Forum Software by IP.Board”
    — Babs' Blog Archive - NZ Weather Forum - Page 2,

  • “pOTATOES push a bit of hay aside (gently)and pull off any potatoes that you want then cover the lot up again to keep growing, it's called bandicooting. You do need to make sure you have the tubers well covered with hay though or they will go green and be toxic but that's easy to see”
    — Forum: POTATOES, .au

  • “I have been trying to regain some interest in my blog by changing the template. I popped over to your blog and noticed that you are of Italian heritage”

  • “The "stealing potatoes from the bottom" thing is refered to as "bandicooting" down here. The "stealing potatoes from the bottom" thing is refered to as "bandicooting" down here”
    — Zombie Squad • View topic - "100lb of potatoes in 4 sq ft",

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