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  • I still belly-laugh when visualizing the bandoleered Abdul wearing an "I HAD A CLIMAX AT ROCKY'S PLACE" t-shirt over his dishdashah. Luigi can tell a tale— and there are plenty of them to be told. The Honourable Andrew Stuart, Gentleman Farmer. Scotland. Luigi's stories are all fiction. — “The Duke of Dubai - A Novel by Luigi Falconi”,
  • outpost31 is THE site for fans of John Carpenter's The Thing. News, rumors, conversation, graphics, and more!. — “Outpost #31 - Fan Fiction - Bad Blood”,
  • 1: molding in the form of a ring; at top of a column [syn: annulet, dict_web2_robot: bandless bandlessly bandlessness Bandlet bandman bandmaster bando bandog bandoleer bandoleered bandoline bandonion Bandor bandore. — “Bandlet - Define Bandlet at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • On the steeple clock the overlapping hands pointed to a time that did not exist. Military police troops, camouflage-uniformed, bandoleered, steel-helmeted, clamored clumsily out of the truck. — “ - Candlelaria at Twilight - William Brazil”,
  • This pack includes five of virtually each value from 1 Ohm to 10 Meg. All resistors are bandoleered for easy sorting. Values supplied are 1,. — “1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistors - 300 Pieces - Jaycar Electronics”, .au
  • "I was put in charge of 30 or more weapons company headquarters men, each carrying their own weapon plus a metal box of bandoleered machine gun ammunition to resupply the first waves, the machine gun being the major fire power of the advance ashore. — “Echoes of the Last World War”,
  • Westside ladies, their purses carefully bandoleered across their chests, gasp at the sight of Japanese eggplants for 50 cents a pound and ask the patient counter clerks to explain the subtle. — “Grand Central Market Cooks Up Changes - Los Angeles Times”,
  • And by integrating cost-effective automation and expertise in material handling, we deliver value-added multi-component assembly Bandoleered wires allows for precise placement of selective precious metal plating yielding tremendous. — “Assemblies by Stewart EFI”,
  • Fred Carlson is a stocky, sandy-haired man whose yellow rain suit gives him the appearance of a fire hydrant. Yeah," concurs his companion, a mustached, bandoleered desperado manqué who identifies himself (unnecessarily) as "Red. — “In New Jersey: Venison and Bloody Fenders - TIME”,
  • As a global technology partner in the stamping sector, BRUDERER is a one-stop shop for comprehensive support and market-oriented solutions. Specifically developed for the production of Bandoleered pins, the DAB 722 features several unique design features. — “DAB-722 Wire Off-Coiler | Pay-Off - Light Duty”,
  • "Neuroscientists are the rock stars of the future," my friend Sam the neuroscientist told me, without a glimmer of arrogance or sarcasm in his eyes. This is the same Sam who wears black cowboy boots bandoleered with live ammunition, and whose jet hair chooses its own asymmetric angles at which. — “Making The Leap To Another Field - Advice - The Chronicle of”,
  • The New York Times and Los Angeles Times lead with the completion of Israel's departure from Lebanon, an event that produced an unanticipated surge into Israel of Lebanese refugees--fearful of their fate under the bandoleered Hezbollah guerrillas. — “United Lands One - Scott Shuger - Slate Magazine”,
  • Micro Matrix Systems is a precision, high-speed stamping company producing light-gauge, medium-to-high volume metal stampings specializing in banoleered wire products. We specialize in bandoleered wire products for customers that require selective plating capabilities and/or. — “Micro Matrix Systems - About Us”,
  • ShopWiki has 6 results for 33k resistor, including 0.6W 33k Metal Film 0.01 PK 10 Resistor, 0.25W 33k Carbon Film 5% PK 10 Resistor, Resistor 0.25W Carbon 33K 5, and SMD resistor 33k 5% 1206 All resistors are bandoleered for easy sorting. — “33K RESISTOR”, .au
  • Up the Mekong by fast boat from Vientiane to the old imperial capital of Luang Prabang crossing into Thailand and visiting Ban Chiang, once thought to be the cradle of civilization of travelers—the women wearing sarongs, local jewelry, and bandoleered with embroidered shoulder purses. — “Hanoi,Laos and the North of Thailand”,
  • Bandoleered definition, a broad belt worn over the shoulder by soldiers and having a number of small loops or pockets, for holding a cartridge or cartridges. See more. — “Bandoleered | Define Bandoleered at ”,
  • LinguaDict is a comprehensive, free online German-English/German-French dictionary with over 1,000,000 entries. bandoleered (adv) Stange (n) rail (n) von der Stange (adv) ready-to-wear (adv) von der Stange (adv) off-the-shelf (adv) von der Stange (adv) shrink-wrapped (adv) Other results. Stange. — “Linguatec - LinguaDict Online Dictionary German-English”,
  • Wire Form Tooling manufacturers, service companies and distributors are listed in this trusted and comprehensive vertical portal. Specialized in bandoleered wire products tha require selective plating capabilities & assembly. — “Wire Form Tooling in Southern California (CA) on ”,
  • MetFab Tech is a industry leader in manufacturing electropolishing equipment ,reel to reel plating, and plating equipment. Alternatively, parts can be presented in reel or bandoleered format. — “Electropolishing Systems, Electropolishing Equipment, Reel to”,

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  • Chiquitaszn49: only if Foradori bandoleered

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  • “I did a search and couldn't find any numbers, has anyone done gelatin a symbol of the crossed bandoleered, sombrero wearing, vaquero/guerilla fighter”
    — Forums - 357 Carbine performance,

  • “Here, shadowed feline curosity stalks the floor. The murdered red barn impaled by the Quiet the bandoleered trumpeter, that we may hark disposal of a new term”
    — Trickster Union,

  • “Gotta make room so WTS 1942 springfield armory M-1 Garand. Appears to be all original.(All numbers and stamps are correct) But I'm not an expert. 975 With an unopened spam can of clipped, bandoleered M2 ball ammo + 3 loaded clips (216 rounds total) or $850 for the rifle, $140 for the ammo”
    — SOLD M-1 Garand SOLD - Northwest Firearms Community,

  • “I'm not much of a drinker, but I've found I don't mind at all having a camera bandoleered to my body at all times. thanks for the forum entertainment part. At least I know one person who reads posts the whole way through. Although I was going”
    — Pure Nuttiness - FM Forums,

  • “Discuss Leica and Rangefinders on the forums with topics ranging from best accessories to how-to advice. material sewn into the strap so it sticks well over your shoulder when not "bandoleered" across your chest”
    — Velocity style pack or waist type bag? - Leica and,

  • “Ammo is about as cheap as can be had at around $75 per 192 round can or enblock clipped and bandoleered ammo. Hey, just came acroos this thread- been off the forum for awhile”
    — Whats a good rifle? [Archive] - BHM Forum,

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