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  • bandonion (musical instrument) A variant of both the accordion and the concertina is the bandonion, a single- or double-action instrument with square shape and finger buttons, invented by Heinrich Band of Krefeld, Ger. — “bandonion (musical instrument) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Watch Bandonion 1982 trailer, read reviews, view photos, full cast, and see interviews at . — “Bandonion 1982 | Movie Trailer, Reviews, Photos, Cast”,
  • (picture)Bandonion 142 - tone bi-sonoric. Finished in "rosewood" veneer (Rio Palissander) French polished. student bandonion home concertinas hybrids collection. foot bass links. — “bandonions1”, bandoneon-
  • maker of bandoneons, bandonions and concertinas OUR COMPANY HAS MOVED TO BELGIUM. in case the above entry button does not respond , please click here !. — “bandoneon-maker”,
  • Free Reed Musical Instrument enthusiast plays various button accordion fingering system. Harry Geuns Hybrid C-System Bandonion. Harry Geuns, Free Reed Maker supplies us with the following images of a C-System Hybrid Bandonion which has the physical form and. — “Jax RCFB Button Accordion Page”,
  • First album recorded by Juan José Mosalini in France with solo bandonion. The selection of titles matches the high quality of the interpretations and highlights all the possibilities of this so complex instrument in the hands of a musician who. — “Don Bandoneon - CD - Tango to listen - Tango Music Art and”,
  • Bandonion 1982. Plot: The bandonion (or bandoneón) is a hand-organ that was invented in the 19th century by Heinrich Band (1821-1860) and then brought with him to Argentina. Visit for Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary. — “Bandonion: Information from ”,
  • Bandonion (1982) overview: synopsis, movie reviews, photos, trailers, movie clips, cast and crew,news, dvd, user reviews, message board and more. — “Bandonion (1982) - Overview - MSN Movies”,
  • instruments parts fingering bellows News partner/references company. contact. imprint. Home. Our AA-Bandonions are played by: Michael Zisman. Miran Vaupotić. — “Bandonion- & Concertinafabrik”, bandonion-
  • The Additive synthesis constructs complex sounds by controlling the level of individual sine-wave components. The bandoneón, called bandonion by its German inventor, Heinrich Band. — “Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments .:. Software Synthesis”,
  • Bandonion Cast, Actors, Directors, Producers and Writers. — “Bandonion Cast and Directors - Moviefone”,
  • Buy bandonion, Musical Instruments items on eBay. Find great deals on Antiques, Collectibles items and get what you want now!. — “bandonion items - Get great deals on Musical Instruments”,
  • Definition of bandoneon in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of bandoneon. Pronunciation of bandoneon. Translations of bandoneon. bandoneon synonyms, [American Spanish bandoneón, from German Bandonion, Bandoneon : Heinrich Band (1821-1860), German inventor + (Akkord)ion, accordion; see accordion. — “bandoneon - definition of bandoneon by the Free Online”,
  • Bandonion synopsis, trailers, reviews, galleries user comments and ratings all here at Yahoo!7 Movies. — “Bandonion (1982) - Yahoo!7 Movies”,
  • bandonion Definition, Meaning of bandonion on Portuguese Dictionary, Portuguese Dictionary, Dicionário Português, Portuguese - English Dictionary, Dicionário Ingles Português, Portuguese - English Translation - . — “bandonion Definition, Meaning of bandonion, Portuguese”,
  • Free BANDONION Related Ástor PiazzollaThe bandoneón is a type of concertina particularly popular in Argentina and. — “BANDONION Related Articles Ástor PiazzollaThe bandoneón is a t”,
  • Alfred Arnold bandonion, ca. 1949. The bandoneón is a type of concertina particularly popular in Argentina and Uruguay. It plays The bandoneón, called bandonion by its German inventor, Heinrich Band (1821–1860), was originally intended as. — “Bandoneón - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Bandonion 1: Deutsche Tangos on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. — “Bandonion 1: Deutsche Tangos (1981) - DVD details”,

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  • Bandoneon Tango "Fracanapa" Astor Piazzolla Tango concert Piazzolla and his group.
  • Bandoneon Tango Candombe Alberto Castillo Tango Show en Buenos Aires
  • Bandoneon Tango "La Cumparsita" Alberto Castillo Tango show en Buenos Aires
  • Bandoneon Tango "Pasional" Ruben Juarez Tango show en La Plata.
  • Bandoneon-Tango en Kimono- "Caminito" en Japones Canta Anna Saeki. Tito Castro's Quartet in Japan
  • Bandoneon Tango "Chacabuqueando" Color Tango Tango show en Buenos Aires.
  • Bandoneon Tango "Mumuki" Astor Piazzolla Great performance of the Master and his group. This song Piazzolla wrote to his wife and his dog.
  • Accordion Bandoneon Bandonion Concertina Accordion video
  • Bandoneon's Woes (Tango) Harmodion VSTi, Bandoneon Preset And Syntheway Strings - Bandoneón's Woes (Quejas de Bandoneon *) Demo using the following VST instruments - Syntheway Harmodion VSTi (Bandoneon preset) - Syntheway Strings http Software Description: ----------------------------- Harmodion is a Drawbar organ and free reed aerophone instrument emulation, including Reed organ, Harmonium, Accordion and Bandoneon. It uses Additive Synthesis allowing to manipulate harmonically the sine waveform components to produce pitched sounds, as well as to individually detune those components to produce inharmonic timbres. Features: - 9 Drawbars. By sliding drawbars in or out, the user can mix various pitches and create the richly distinctive sounds of an electric organ or of a free reed aerophone instrument. - The Additive synthesis constructs complex sounds by controlling the level of individual sine-wave components. The sound can be reshaped by alterations made to timbre. A harmonic sound could be restructured to sound inharmonic, and vice versa. - The rich harmonic content of their sound allows to generate the widest palette of tonal variations for Drawbar organs, Reed organs and Squeezeboxes emulations. - Vibrato effect. - Adjustable Key Click simulation to add the percussive effect for distinctive organ sounds and button click noise in Accordion and Bandoneon presets. - Configurable Drive level. Accomplished by clipping the input signal, this effect adds sustain and additional harmonics and overtones to the ...
  • Astor Piazzolla: Bandoneon Joseph Brent, mandolin Ken Robinson, clarinet http Eddy Khaimovich, bass
  • Bandoneon Tango " Adios Nonino" Astor Piazzolla Great performance
  • Tango Fusion Club - Bandoneon Acorazad (DJ Malente Remix) Tango goes Electro
  • Bandoneon- Historia del Tango- "Master Class by the Master" Astor Piazzolla the Master, explained how the Bandoneon works.
  • Alfredo Marcucci, Bandoneon Alfredo Marcucci plays this solo piece for bandoneon during a tango workshop in 1992 in Borzee, Belgium.
  • Bandoneon -Tango - 78 RPM - Percal-Victrola Orquesta de Miguel Calo
  • Bandoneon Tango "Nostalgia" Dyango Bonita interpretacion de Dyango.
  • Bandoneon -Tango - Margot- Alberto Castillo Canta Alberto Castillo
  • Bandoneon Tango "Al Galope" Color Tango Tango show en Buenos Aires.
  • Bandoneon Tango "Decarisimo" Piazzolla-Komatsu Featuring Ryota Komatsu as guest artist in New York, great work.!!
  • Bandoneon Tango "Yira Yira" Julio Iglesias Julio Iglesias interpreta "Yira-Yira"en tango show en Acapulco.
  • Bandoneon Tango "Yira Yira" Sarita Montiel Sarita Montiel interpreta a Discepolo.
  • Bandoneon Tango "Jealousy" Gade/Adrover El Maestro Bertero en solo de violin y Orquesta. Tango show in Boston
  • Piazzolla & Bandoneon Piazzolla is talking about bandoneon. Piazzolla bandoneonu anlatıyor.
  • Bandoneon Solo "La Casita de mis Viejos" Tango performing at Bandoneon meeting in Carlsfeld/Germany. Arrangement of Astor Piazzolla.
  • Bandoneon Duet "Gran Hotel Victoria" Tango Tango en New York.
  • Pina Bausch Bandoneon
  • Che bandoneón (Aníbal Troilo) Performed by Osvaldo Barrios, March 27, 2009 in Atlanta, GA
  • Pablo Veron - "Quejas de Bandoneón" In the film 'The Tango Lesson'
  • A. Piazzolla: Concerto for bandoneon (Aconcagua) 1st mov't Astor Piazzolla's Concerto for bandoneon (1st mov't) performed by Ivano Battiston and the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra (artistic director: Michael Beniumov) conducted by David Bellugi. You can see a much higher quality version of this video by going to and clicking on "Video Files"
  • Bandoneon-Tango-Julio Iglesias "LA Cumparsita" Julio Iglesias interpreta "La Cumparsita"
  • Bandoneon-Tango - "La Milonga y Yo" Tita Merello Canta Tita Merello
  • A. Piazzolla: Concerto for bandoneon (Aconcagua) 2nd mov't Astor Piazzolla's Concerto for bandoneon (2nd mov't) performed by Ivano Battiston and the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra (artistic director: Michael Beniumov) conducted by David Bellugi. You can see a much higher quality version of this video by going to and clicking on "Video Files"
  • Astor Piazolla: About the bandoneon / Zero Hour Astor Piazzolla explaining his musical instrument, plus a performance of Zero Hour
  • Musicvideo | The Sunclub | Bandoneon | 2000
  • Alma de Bandoneon & La Maleva - Tango - Orch. Romanticos de Cuba Two more tangos with interpretation of Romanticos de Cuba, the group from....Brazil ! - Alma de bandoneón (1935) Músic: Enrique Santos Discepolo (1901-1951) - La Maleva (1922) Music: Antonio Buglione (1899 - 1978) I did not know that Santos Discepolo was also composer, as he is well know for being author of lyrics of famous tango like UNO and Cafetin de Buenos Aires, but he was author also of music and lyrics of Yira yira, one of best interpretation of Carlos Gardel. Images are from furniture and lamps of years twenties and thirties most of them in art deco style, with some precious lamps with venetian glass, and others in brass or copper. You can easily find these items in the antique shops of Buenos Aires !
  • Bandoneon Tango: Tito Castro's Quartet "Adios Muchachos" Performing at Argentinean Consulate in New York City.
  • Mi Bandoneon Y Yo - Rubén Juárez & Damn! Swedish funk/latin group Damn! joined up with argentinian tango legend Rubén Juárez for a studio session. This is a clip from the re-recording of one of Juárez hits from the 60´s. Another track from the co-op, "Man Is Not A Bird", ended up on Damn!´s CD "Let´s Zoom In". /damntheband
  • Bandoneon Tango - Duo Jaurena / Aslan "Canaro en Paris" Interpretan "Canaro en Paris"en Granada/España.
  • Bandoneon-Tango- "Libertango" A. Piazzolla Alfredo Marcucci Bandoneon
  • AccordionBuyUK: Old, Unusual “chromaciphon” Concertina Bandoneon Bandonion Accordion: Starting price: £499.00
  • AccordionBuyUK: Very Unusual & Old Concertina Bandoneon Bandonion Accordion? ” G.c. Meinel”: Starting price: £499.00

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  • “I believe AA changed the grille design to "Bandonion" when all the xtra buttons were added. I regularly posted on a certain polka forum. They "upgraded" to some super-duper new and improved format that”
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  • “Includes bandonion, piano, hard synth and spectral chorus. TIME LENGHT 7'24'' Forum Index -> DJs and Remixes. Go to: Powered by JForum 2.1.6 © JForum Team. Copyright © 2006 eSnips Ltd”

  • “Welcome to the Dance Music forum. Join the conversation. The "Bahia Dream" title is a melody with the "French touch", plus a shade of melancholy, in an exotic universe made of bandonion, rap and pop”
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  • “The Forum Calendar is based on information received from the event organizers. Mejoueva (piano), Ryota Komatsu (bandonion), Pocho Palmer (bandonion)”

  • “Joomla! - el motor de portales dinámicos y sistema de administración de contenidos but not well-known tango entitled "Noches de Montmartre" with music by the bandonion player Manuel Pizarro”
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  • “Mandragora Tango Website and Blog ( I've written about this in an earlier blog post). There is a lot of tango concert music (i.e. Piazzolla) available, but this is not suitable for dancing”
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