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  • Rondalla groups are comprised of string instruments namely the Banduria, Octavina, Guitar, Upright Bass and percussion. pwede po bang isakay sa international flights na ang banduria as accompanied baggage?Meron po kasi kaming friend yung guitar nya. — “" Recording of a Rondalla Group " Sound Weavers Recording”, sound-
  • I played the banduria in high school rondalla, a string ensemble utilizing the guitar, bass, lute, octavina, and banduria. The octavina resembles a small guitar, while the banduria is a gentle-toned instrument with conical strings evoking the timbre of the mandolin. — “ : Music Matters”,
  • you are here: guitar / strings / msc. Banduria. GHS - BA-12 $18.50 $8.76. Availability: In Banduria Strings, 12-String Set. Gauges: .011, .014, .020, .023, .029,. — “GHS - BA-12 - Banduria Strings, 12-String Set Gauges: .011”,
  • GHS Banduria 12 String (Spanish) - Loop End Silverwound, .011 - .033, BA-12 -   NOTE DESCRIPTION DIAMETER INCHES TENSION LBS 1st A Plain Steel .011   2nd A Plain Steel .011. — “GHS Banduria 12 String (Spanish) - Loop End Silverwound, .011”,
  • Blogs about: Banduria. Featured Blog. Fronting Club 8. This post maybe tardily published. But the excitement and enthusiasm we felt about our Club 8 experience last May will always be relived thru a series of videos we uploaded on Tags: Concerts, the camerawalls, clementine, law santiago, rondalla,. — “Banduria — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress”,
  • Theodore S. Gonzalves' areas of scholarly interest include: Filipino/American cultures, histories and politics; U.S-Philippine relations; ethnic and cultural studies; cultural nationalisms and the Bobby Banduria - vocals, banduria, octavina. — “Theo Gonzalves | Author, Educator and Musician”,
  • An instrument similer to a Mandolin but sports 14 strings instead of the mandolins 8. It originated in the Retrieved from "http:///gypsyworld/index.php?title=Banduria". — “Banduria - The Gypsy Jazz Encyclopedia”,
  • my chords b xa banduria? SuperJIAP 1 month ago. jozelinaprado. 2 months ago. hello wyrlo, pwede bang makaingi ng copya ng piece na 4:11 Add to Added to queue La Banduria Resisteby bernnieuw1,177 views. 3:11 Add to Added. — “YouTube - Wyrlo's Banduria”,
  • Folk Music Center. Folk Music by Mail. Selected recordings, books, instruments and accessories for folk and traditional music. — “Folk Music Center (909) 624-2928”,
  • Instruments like the banduria and archilaud add new dimensions to the sound whilst the instrumental & vocal arrangements refresh and rejuvenate old songs. Instruments like the banduria and archilaud add new dimensions to the. — “ Pieter "Toypom"'s review of Cohen;Leonard 2008”,
  • #1, adil lmilodi, , Mp3, Music, Download, Lyrics, Concerts, Tickets, Live, Video, DVD, Free, Dicography, Mpeg, Buy, Song, Band, Artist, Album, Tracks, Collection, Archive, Events, Search, CD banduria. — “Search for adil lmilodi in songs #1 - Lyrics, Albums, Artists”,
  • Musica e vita - Editoria e strumenti musicali Banduria. ARROW. MANDOL/elettrico piatto WINM1E ST690. Electric Mandolin. ARROW Strumenti Etnici. Ukulele. Ukulele. ARROW/CARIS. CUATROS Venezuel. 6cord WINED6 ST701. Cuatros. — “Mv - Musica e Vita”,
  • The bandurria is a plectrum plucked chordophone from Spain, similar to the cittern and During the Baroque period the bandurria had 10 strings (5 pairs). The modern bandurria. — “Bandurria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • With two cds released and consistently playing to packed houses in their Bay Area base, this will be Bobby Banduria's Texas premiere. Should one dare to define the "Fil-Am sound," one would be hard-pressed to find anything closer to it than Bobby Banduria. — “Pinoy Rock Stage at Asian American Festival, 2001”,
  • Published October 12, 2010 Songs We Sang- MP3s , Uncategorized Leave a Comment. Our Aunt Fannie was kind enough to shop for a Filipino banduria during her most-recent stay in Cebu Province, The Philippines. This is the 14-string Filipino banduria adapted from 12-string Spanish banduria. — “John's Blog”,
  • - The #1 Philippine Music Website. News, reviews, gigs, & musician community Three months into playing the guitar, I was in the school Banduria - and my Apo was actually able to watch the banduria's recital with me proudly plucking his gift guitar. Ah, the good old. — “Lumanog Guitars: Behind The Strings - - The #1”,
  • Philippine Books, Tagalog books, Pilipino Cookbooks, Philippine Music, Philippine Folkdance props, Philippine Musical Instruments, Filipino Movies, Philippine Maps, Posters, To view a listing of our products click on ../products.htm. BANDURIA out of stock na . all instrument. string instrument. — “banduria”,
  • Joey Ayala: vocals, guitar; Bobby Banduria: banduria; Bong Agung: drums; Fernando Funk: bass; G: violin; Dr. Tags: Joey, Ayala, Bobby, Banduria, Agila, Pusod, Berkeley, drbn,. — “Vídeos de drbn - ViuVideos - The best videos of Youtube!”,
  • Rondalla instruments such as the Banduria, Octavina and Laud were used in the songs "Awit Kay Leandro," "Bilanggo" and her biggest hit song "Oras Na. utilizing their talents as banduria players for her live performances. — “CORITHA - SIERRA MADRE”,
  • Leonard Cohen - singing "Anthem" - at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, PA - 5-12-09. "Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in." Leonard introduces all. — “Leonard Cohen - Anthem - Philadelphia, PA 5-12-09 on Vimeo”,
  • Bandurria A plucked string instrument, a hybrid of the guitar and cittern families, found in Spain and parts of Latin America. — “Bandurria: Information from ”,
  • Hi Ped That is a rare instrument especially the 20 string because usually, they ar 16 strings. The tuning is E-B-G-D" tuned from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4rth string. For your 20-string, you would do E- B- G- D- A- E- F#- G# Basically, the strings. — “How do you tune a Peruvian 20 string Banduria My uncle is a”,

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  • Angel of Banduria My Angel playing the Banduria
  • "Pandanggo ni Bobby," Bobby Banduria Bobby Banduria performs at the Festival for Pilipino Arts & Culture [FPAC], San Pedro, California.
  • The Fight is On - Banduria and Guitar Youth group playing banduria and guitar at berean bible baptist church chula vista
  • SWAY...Nice Plays Banduria & Gifford in Guitar. First time to play their instrument w/o their Teacher.
  • Higher Ground- banduria Magboo brother and sister playing a banduria duet at Berean Bible Baptist Church Chula Vista
  • Paru-Parang Bukid-Banduria and Octovina Me and my dad playing pau parang bukid.My daddy makes lots of mistakes -_-
  • Banduria Team CHCJC - Special No.
  • Flight of the Bumblebee (Banduria) Just editted from the newly transformed music sheet to notes.
  • banduria boys....colo elementary school praktis lang
  • Danny Reyes Playing Banduria Wedding rehersal.....
  • ayeen, the banduria and the song tanging yaman finally, after 9 years i finally got my hands on one of the rondalla instruments again -- the banduria... so yeah, i'm all rusty and i'm pretty sure i wont be able to play fast songs for a while.....
  • Tico Tico no Fuba Banduria I made mistakes,a better one is coming out
  • my vintage 1986 banduria just showing off my vintage 1986 banduria. yes! it's still in excellent condition. a few minor scratches here and there but it still plays and sound well. this is one of my precious things because i had wonderful memories playing it. i was a part of the rondalla team at bethany cubao and when i went to australia, i taught my nephews and nieces to play their own bandurias and formed a rondalla for our church at bethany seven hills. when practicing, they love to use it because apparently, the strings are well used that it's a lot softer to push down to play the notes. 0, 1 and 2 strings have been replaced during its lifetime but the bass brass strings are still original.
  • The Human Banduria Presenting a short video of a Rottenboy
  • Wyrlo's Banduria 1 Banduria
  • Banduria - Church of the Highlands Banduria - Church of the Highlands, San Bruno, California on December 20, 2008 at Eddie Mesa Concert
  • Mabuhay song (instrumental banduria)-Ella Bailon 0305ella's webcam video March 11, 2011 06:09 PM
  • Wyrlo's Banduria 3
  • Leron Leron Sinta Banduria Blending Cover Leron Leron Sinta Blending :D Twitter: IG: /callinsviann_1d Hello! the left girl wearing red is Janileen and at the right is Vianney were from University of San Carlos.. :D.This is my first video Hope you Like it!
  • bobby banduria/mini van bobby banduria w/ rhanny torres on bass @ the hobbit house manila, philippines 2003
  • Kristina Rizon in her Banduria Please feel free to comment... Itz really not a cool video but gawang pinoy pa rin... Hope you EnJoY!!!
  • things i look for when buying a banduria so things you should look for when buying your banduria: -strings has to be glossy and shiny. look out for rust! -when you strum the strings, it ought to vibrate freely and the sound to resonate -strings are evenly placed and position from the neck to the body -strings are not obstructed and not touching the metal frets -the neck bridge and the body bridge should have the right height to support the strings -check the tuning teeths to be solid and not made out of cheap plastic that is hollow -check the body to be firmed, solid, and well made. check for scratches. it should be a nice polish finish. -check the grain of the wood that it doesn't develop to holes later on -buy a hard case with your banduria to house it in when you're not using it. -keep your banduria in a dark cool room. heat and moisture are its enemies. the heat can make your banduria break and moisture weakens the wood.
  • Jesus Loves Me this I know (by FIC Kids Rondalla Banduria Ukelele Guitar - London) Jesus Loves Me this I know at Filipino International Church (by FIC Kids Rondalla Banduria Ukelele Guitar - London)
  • Wyrlo's Banduria great!
  • bobby banduria shiny silver jeepney bobby banduria @ la pena cultural center, berkley,ca. special guest joey ayala
  • Lolo and his Banduria He may be hard of hearing but he still rocks! Haha! (just forgive the out-of-tune banduria na lang). Lolo can't tell if he is playing it right or he is out if tune na.
  • Agila by Joey Ayala w/Bobby Banduria [rehearsal] Recorded at Pusod, Berkeley, California. Joey Ayala: vocals, guitar; Bobby Banduria: banduria; Bong Agung: drums; Fernando Funk: bass; G: violin; Dr. Boogie Nights: keyboards.
  • Banduria by Mang Efren I have just recently learned during my trip to Lapu-Lapu City that what we call the banduria (which Mang Efren is playing is the Chinese Mandolin. They are one and the same, save maybe for some differences. If you are in Cebu, check out the instruments in front of the Shrine where Lapu-Lapu hacked Magellan to death. Mang Efren is in a happy mood, very typical of people from Cebu. Lapu-Lapu City is well-known world wide for the production of good quality guitars. Dried Mangoes too, but in another city.
  • Billy and his Banduria Billy is one talented kid. Here he plays 'Jingle Bell Rock' with his Banduria.
  • bobby banduria brown skin lady bobby banduria at the "balanggiga rocks" concert folk arts theater manila, philippines 2003. special guest rhany torres on bass
  • Piano and Banduria duet Joseph on the piano and Elexus on the banduria playing at Berean Bible Baptist Church Chula Vista
  • Banduria Instrument Halinat Magsaya By: Venny Boy
  • Wyrlo's Banduria 2
  • Banduria Banduria - Church of the Highlands, San Bruno, California on December 20, 2008 at Eddie Mesa Concert
  • NAMCYA 2010 Solo Banduria...CARLO JOSE G. JANOLINO starring: 2010 NAMCYA BANDURIA SOLO CHAMPION Carlo Janolino-banduria/Ember Yanuelle Diestro-guitar Trainor: Mr. Jay Sarita-Dipolog Pilot Demonstration School
  • bobby banduria chin droplets pinoisepop 7
  • bobby banduria-juan tamad/ jam @ pusod/berkeley,ca howie severino invited us to hang out/jam. a lot of friends showed up. it was one of those cool memorable nights....thanks howie
  • Canon in D [banduria and guitar version] Blue guitar- JANLENE Banduria - SHIRNYL Orange Guitar - JANVI ps.. hi guyz... i thinkm my instrument is not in its proper tune so please bare with me... heheh
  • Tuning the 14-String Filipino Banduria Tuning the 14-String Filipino Banduria. Tuned from high string to low string: G -- D -- A -- E -- B -- F#
  • George G. Gange Video Presentation Part 3.m4v : Tuning the Banduria, laud and octavina The 3rd in a series of rondalla video tutorials. This segment deals with the tuning of the banduria, laud, octavina or any of the available string instruments the Philippines rondalla way. Just would like to apologize for the 3 repetitive portion in the video segment of the ways to tune the 2nd set of string D or RE. On the positive note the 3X repetition will help in easily remembering the procedure.
  • HimWhoSheLoves: Sino may copy pa ng silayan - banduria 2? XD pacopy ako!!! :))))
  • HimWhoSheLoves: I missed playing my banduria. :((((
  • Darshiell06: @MyJaps nakagamit ka na po ba ng Banduria Instrument?
  • jj425: The Walking Banduria.
  • zesumikomideum: Nakakatugtog ka ba ng anumang instrumento sa musika? — Yes! :))) Flute tsaka banduria :))
  • Atashinshee: Thanks to Li for teaching me how to play Banduria. Alrighty, another musical instrument to play :))
  • TheDonCastillo: @ohohhmarco HAHAHAHA lagay mo sa INTRUMENTS.. BANJO.. BANDURIA.. HARMONICA.
  • iamgelynmarquez: #100ThingsThatMakeMeHappy playing BANDURIA.
  • chmlns: She's into football. She plays banduria. She doesnt have a facebook account. #stalkerskills101
  • angelayagin: Baket walang naniniwala na tumutugtug aku ng banduria at guitar? #fb
  • Iblogtoglasgow: @sandyschauffeur The Corries were the bees' ba's! I used to travel all over Scotland to watch them! I play a Banduria - same as Roy!

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  • “ rock drummer, and producer Tino di Geraldo, and on select concerts by well-known Spanish musicians flutist Carlos Nunéz, vocalists Kiko Veneno and Luz Casal, banduria player Javier Mas, and others”
    — Zinhof -,

  • “[Archive] Use this forum to discuss all guitars and other instruments that are not Teles or Strats -- Fender, Gibson, PRS, you name it. If it's a Tele or a Strat see the appropriate Tele and Strat Forums here”
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  • “An online community for fans of Anime. Galleries of Anime girls, Anime art contests, and member blogs. There were no banduria classes when I entered high school. - I have TONS of unfinished artwork, mostly paintings and sketches”
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  • “Filipino folk Song The band is called ASIN (tagalog for Salt) and they really put some traditional filipino instruments in their songs like the gong and banduria”
    — Folk Music Forum Discussions | Filipino folk Song,

  • “”
    — Saturday(Night) Live - Browne and Lindley,

  • “Playing banduria with Ayein and Len. Not many people know that I can actually play an instrument. But I do, rather, I did I guess the best way to end this blog is to share what could have been her wish. This poem was part of our”
    — Effervescence,

  • “ - Violin Blogs - Timothy James Dimacali - Blog Entry lolo who died last year he knows how to play the banjo and banduria and there was a time when I played the banduria with him”
    — May. 11, 2005 at 5:05 PM,

  • “It was my second time to see their dance concert; the first was in 2003. Most of the kulintang, gandingan, agong, banduria, octavina and other instruments”
    — Mon Voyage...Ma Vie " Blog Archive " Kababayang Pilipino,

  • “PEP Forum > The chatterbox > Tittle-tattle > POW (PEPster of the WEEK) yes, i play guitar, banduria, octavina, liitle bit of keyboards, lyre, marakas ska ung”
    — POW (PEPster of the WEEK),

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