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  • Plan your holiday or vacation with insights from real travelers. Find Bauang travel guides, hotels, flights, reviews and things to do to help plan your holiday. — “Bauang Holiday & Tourism Guide - Real Travel”,
  • Bauang is a 1st class municipality in the province of La Union, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 69,837 people in 12,298 households. Bauang also host the South China Sea Regatta, in every other year. — “Bauang, La Union”,
  • Information on Bauang. The hotel we have chosen in Bauang is situated right on the beach and if you like swimming this is the place. The water temperature usually is around 28C and very pleasant indeed. A long sandy beach with very few tourists can be accessed just outside the hotel. — “BAUANG”,
  • Bauang is cultivated throughout the Philippines. The Filipino variety of Bauang is very Bauang is one of our four "power herbs" having a long history and proof of being a very. — “Philippine Herb Index - ”,
  • REASONS: To install the on-line dryer/purifier at 50MVA T1 in NGCP Bauang Substation AFFECTED AREAS: ALL LUECO FRANCHISE AREA (BAUANG, SAN FERNANDO CITY, SAN JUAN LA UNION). — “La Union Electric Company, Inc”,
  • Travel to Bali Hai, the premier Philippine beach resort in the Bauang - San Fernando region. It is a vacation paradise. Here you will find quality, yet cheap accommodation by the beach. — “Bali Hai, La Union Philippines, a Beach Resort for your dream”, .ph
  • Magistarr Philippines Real Estate and Investments - The Philippines Real Estate and Investments Specialist for Bauang, La Union and Northern Luzon. — “Magistarr Philippines Real Estate and Investments”,
  • Say Bauang sakey 1st class ya baley ed luyag na La Union, Filipinas. Say Bauang walay 39 ya barangay. Acao. Baccuit Norte. Baccuit Sur. Bagbag. Ballay. Bawanta. Boy. — “Bauang, La Union - Wikipedia”,
  • Bauang is a 1st class municipality in the province of La Union, Philippines. There are three versions on how Bauang was named. First, the name came from the word "bua", which in English mean beetlenut. — “Bauang, La Union - WikiPilipinas: The Hip 'n Free Philippine”,
  • Magistarr Philippines Travel-Tours - The Philippines Travel and Tours Specialist for Bauang, La Union and Northern Luzon. — “Magistarr Philippines Travel-Tours”,
  • Bauang, Philippines - Southeast Asia - Travel Directory, Information, & Links - Travelers Digest. — “Bauang, Philippines - Southeast Asia - Travel Directory”,
  • Bauang Private Power Corporation. The 225-MW Bauang medium-speed bunker-fired diesel power Bauang, one of the largest bunker-fired diesel power generation facilities in the world,. — “First Gen”, .ph
  • Magistar Philippines Real Estate, Investments, Travel, Tours and Retirement - The Philippines Specialist for Real Estate and Investments in San Juan, Bauang & San Fernando, La Union and All of Northern Luzon. — “Magistar Philippines Real Estate, Investments, Travel, Tours”,
  • Bauang is a 1st class municipality in the Philippine province of La Union. When La Union was created in 1850, Bauang was one of the twelve towns that formed the new. — “Bauang, La Union - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • La Union Road Trip Guide Takes you to trails, beaches, heritage and more sites in this Province. Bauang (La Union) Fast Facts. Sand: Light to dark grey, medium powdery. Sea: Moderately smooth to rough waves, neat and clear but unspectacular. Slope: Gradual to sudden descent. — “Bauang " JustGO! Drive Philippines”,
  • An avenue for all the people of Bauang La Union to communicate and express themselves in cyberspace. — “Bauang La Union Philippines”,
  • Local current weather conditions and extended forecast for Bauang, Philippines, including high and low temperatures, humidity, alerts and more. — “Bauang, Philippines Weather Conditions & Forecast”,
  • Bauang vacations, tourism and travel guide: Comprehensive information on Bauang including hotel reviews, restaurants, attractions, travel tips, maps and much more. — “Bauang Travel Guide - ”,
  • surf- - Bauang surf break in NW Luzon, current swell observations, tides, weather and Bauang swell maps. — “Bauang Surf Forecast and Surf Reports (NW Luzon, Philippines”, surf-
  • For this section we are going to cover Bauang in particular. Poro Point is just north of Bauang beach and that has a recreational nightlife area. There is as well as a fine selection of beach resorts several nightspots as well located along the. — “launion”,
  • A unique small luxurious secluded eco-conscious mountain resort located on a hilltop of Acao, Bauang La Union Philippines overlooking the mountains of Baguio City provinces. — “Home Page”,
  • Add Hotel of any type so Tourists can stay in your Hotel in Bauang, Philippines. Add the Address, Telephone and Photos. the Free Encyclopedia of Travel Rooms with 6.5 million cities across 252 countries. — “Bauang Hotels, Philippines”,

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  • Bauang Hills Subd Landslide Here's the pictures what happened to the bauang hills subdividion during the PEPENG TYPHOON...
  • Southern Palms Paradise Resort Bauang La Union Philippines this video is to show you that we are just few steps from the sea e spend your holidays with us..for bookings and reservations, email us at [email protected] tel/fax +63727003400 +6325095314 +639156400810
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  • Wow Bauang Situated in the Ilocos Region, Bauang in the province of La Union, is named after a favorite Filipino spice, garlic ("bauang" or "bawang in the local language) understandably because the seaside municipality used to grow a lot of garlic. Also the erstwhile "Beach Capital" of the Philippines, the town is now famous for Guapple (a large green and crunchy fruit which is a combination of guava and apple) and the 40 or so by-products which have been developed from this fruit.
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  • deadma rocksteady bauang la union deadma rocksteady last october 31 2009 panagkakararua festival and piso para sa people's civic center project at bauang la union
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  • visit to bauang 2010 part1 we visited manaog in april 2010 when we went back to the philippines
  • PARINGAO BAUANG LA UNION FIREWORKS NEW YEAR 2013 Just enjoy watching fireworks display
  • BP: Tubig sa Bauang river, bumababa na pero baha pa rin sa ilang barangay Balita Pilipinas Ngayon rounds up the top stories from around the PhilippinesGMA's regional stations in Luzon, Visayas, and MIndanao. It's hosted by Mark Salazar and Maki Pulido and airs at 4:30 PM (PHL Time), Mondays to Fridays on GMA News TV Channel 11.
  • Fishing in Bauang on the beach in Bauang, La Union
  • Food Market in Bauang Philippines in Province of La Union near San Fernando - A walk through the market in Bauang Philippines, a nice day. There are some long string beans that are unique and you can see the Philippines people enjoy playing.
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  • Southern Palms Paradise Resort Bauang La Union Philippines 2 this video is taken form the second floor of our establishment, just to show you how great the beach view we is totally paradise!!! come spend your holidays with us..for bookings and reservations, email us at [email protected] tel/fax +63727003400 +6325095314 +639156400810
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  • Street Dancing Champion(Sacred Heart School,Bauang La Union) Bauang La Union Fiesta Celebration Street Dancing Champion, High School Category
  • Xavzo1: Sana Taga bauang nalang ako , para lagi kitang nakikita ♥
  • hazelannepalos: @vicegandako I have a favor to u..Can u come here at La Union(bauang).:-)
  • richardfrilles1: @danixupladita @mhy0629 @ybentotzki hahaha tama wag ng umasa pero may nabili ako sa la union ... bauang at sibuyas
  • thegalcalledCY: I'm at Bauang, La Union Philippines (Bauang, Ilocos)
  • dwayuu: Udahh pake axis nanti otp samaa khayy banyak bonusnyaa lohh ;;) RT @risstyanna: Alay bauang aja m3nya RT ...
  • risstyanna: Alay bauang aja m3nya RT @omenrohman21: Kalo pake axis sayang2 m3 gua-_-
  • oktaarie: Bauang sur ke jurang "@agoez_suryanata: yang1 orangnya kemana ? RT @oktaarie: Smain kyak wktu ini aja "agoez_suryanata: gmana men kata2
  • Fatur_Artdians: Si torres bauang sial rambutnya di botakin wkwkw
  • _MicahBird: Ang 'bauang' pala na root word ng Bauan ay hindi 'yung bawang na gulay. It translates to closed, rocky mountains. #shocker
  • lastcall4chel: @idaGerri bauang 
  • itsMeAlayne: Multi-color timberland RT chukka boots for Angelo :) @ Bauang, La Union Philippines
  • itsMeAlayne: Timberland Bag :) @ Bauang, La Union Philippines
  • JuliElmoSuperJA: @iamalyssaestepa @marctadina Bauang pero sa BHC ako. :)
  • Mamaliaw: @iftikariii @koyass bawang? Apa bauang? Duit? Apa duwit?
  • iftikariii: @koyass kamu bauang beureum
  • nlgatdula: I'm at Bauang Public Market
  • AdhyCharendra: Bauang perasaan.
  • stephanieblasej: LOVE OF MY LIFE! ❤ @ San Luis Del Mar, Bauang
  • i_am_Yayi: Naku! Our Miguel wants a girl Ading na daw! he will name her Angel dw @ Clave Road Calumbaya Bauang La Union
  • Aldi_Ramadhon: Bauang air "@akun_KEPO: Dika diberhentikan Polisi karena ________ saat dijalan Tol."
  • IamYENGorgeous: Supah loads of love to you @StephanieRetuya from bauang, la union, here in the philippines! xx <3
  • drade03: Labanan ang antok!!! @ Bauang, La Union
  • lelandgeorge: I'm at Ariana Hotel (Bauang, La Union)
  • lelandgeorge: I'm at Ariana Hotel (Bauang, La Union)
  • raijunsu: tree must key tears @ Long Beach Resort, Bauang, La union
  • Aristaaakusumas: Emg gue buang sampah sembarangan? Sejak kpn? Hahaha RT @BDiazzzz: Yang sabar, bauang sampah jgn sembarangan makanya *lohh :D
  • BDiazzzz: Yang sabar, bauang sampah jgn sembarangan makanya *lohh :D RT @Aristaaakusumas: Air udah mati eh sekarang listrik ...
  • joniekaputra39: @Lawang_Top Lumayan tu aia karuah cari udang dan mamapeh lauak bauang hahay
  • angelesMIMS: Lunch time at Bauang, Ilocos Sur ☀ Sunny day!
  • lelandgeorge: I'm at Ariana Hotel (Bauang, La Union)
  • VinVanVen: Kita tak hidup selamanya,karena itu jangan buang bauang waktu utk sesuta yg tak kita inginkan

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  • “La Union is the smallest province in Region I whose bustling industries mark the beginning of what used to be called "Marcos Country." It is a lovely Bauang is known for its wide, open beaches and calm waters. Along the highways in Bauang and Caba are grape vineyards, which produce one of the”
    — La Union: Beach capital of the Philippines | Philippine,

  • “We're now in Bauang, La Union, for beer on the beach. The girl in the internet cafe here and the in-between day off in Bauang, staying at Cabaña, a beachside resort that's”
    — myPH - your Philippines - View topic - Boys on big bikes, .ph

  • “Photo shows Ms. Melanie Soriano of FarmOut Training Center manning the FarmOut booth and attending to job applicants at the CICT Job Fair held in Bauang, La”
    — Farmout Joins CICT Job Fair | FarmOut Central Events|Farmout,

  • “Anu-ano ang mga bansa sa Gitnang Asya? posted in forum Jobs and Career by lanceearnerteam on October 23, 2010. Recent Posts. MoneyGram at MF Tabora-Bauang. MoneyGram at M Lhuillier – Bauan 1. MoneyGram at Cebuana 21002 Clh Bayambang”
    — Anu-ano ang mga bansa sa Gitnang Asya? | Araling Panlipunan,

  • “Bauang private power corporation What do you trust me sufficiently to wish to call this Bauang private power corporation. On the rock of class war, a crime whereof I heard plenty afterwards”
    bauang private power corporation 76995 - ooVoo Forums,

  • “The best online travel forum with over 900,000 members. Get worldwide travel and vacation advice from real travelers. Ask travel questions on any aspect of your trip and get real answers from real locals and tourists”
    — Bauang, Philippines Travel Forum - ,

  • “Official Website of the Province of La Union We intend to see the Bauang town Fiesta, see the beaches,visit the casino maybe, etc. Thanks. I hope you had a great time in La Union. No doubt that this is a peaceful province. Ilocos. Back to top. Jump: Back to top. Powered by e107 Forum System”
    — Province of La Union :: Official Website: Forums / Other,

  • “This beach resort area is one hour by bus north of Angeles City, and an hour downhill from Baguio. There are two areas to chase whores: the road along Bauang Beach, and a perpendicular road into Poro Point. My nighttime searching was kept down”
    — Bauang, La Union, northern Luzon,

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