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  • (3) Wed 25 Mar 92 105 By Bentor To All Re Part 1 Proposed FDA legislation INFO (forwarded, Bentor To: All Re: Part 2: Proposed FDA legislation INFO (forwarded,. — “(3) Wed 25 Mar 92 105 By Bentor To All Re Part 1 Proposed FDA”,
  • Book the Bentor Rural Hotel, Los Realejos with your Tenerife Expert - Bentor Rural Hotel - ABTA K8637. — “Bentor Rural Hotel - Los Realejos - Tenerife - Bentor Rural”,
  • Embroidery" Wildflowers of Israel" Left Hand Works" Other Works" Artist Statement " Biography " Shows & Media " Contact " "Sabres in a Pot (Homage to Assam)" January 1996. Acrylic on Canvas. 32′′ × 32.′′ See more Copyright © 2006 - 2011 Orna Bentor. http://. — “Orna Bentor”,
  • Bentor Rural Hotel is an old restored house dating back to the 18th century. Bentor Rural Hotel comprises of 19 rooms spread over 2 blocks, one block is brand new with modern decor and the other is in the original main house. — “Bentor Rural Hotel, Los Realejos, Tenerife, Canary Islands”,
  • Preview and download songs from Waiting on a Shelf by Noa Bentor on iTunes. Buy Waiting on a Shelf for just $9.90. — “Waiting on a Shelf by Noa Bentor - Download Waiting on a”,
  • Hotel Bentor Rural Hotel, Los Hoteles Canarias, Apartamentos y hoteles en Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Gomera, Vuelos a Canarias, viajes y hoteles Canarias. — “Hotel Bentor Rural Hotel”,
  • It is an alkali (reactive and does not occur in nature; Bentor, 2009, http:///groups/alkali.html) metal in Group 1 (1A) It is an alkali (reactive and does not occur in nature; Bentor, 2009, http:///groups/alkali.html) metal in Group 1 (1A). — “How to Understand Lithium”,
  • Its abbreviated Tibetan title Rab-gnas Cho-ga Dge-legs Rgya-mtsho'i Char-'bebs Bentor renders as The Consecration Ritual, Immense Downpour of Virtue and Goodness. Bentor's point about the study of texts is unassailable, but the philosophical position. — “Sparham, Gareth. Review of Consecration of Images and Stuupas”,
  • Hotel Rural BENTOR in Los Realejos, online reservation Hotel Rural BENTOR in Tenerife. C/ del Campillo de Abajo, 6 - 38410 - Los Realejos - Tenerife Information and price of Hotel Rural BENTOR. — “Hotel Rural BENTOR - Tenerife”,
  • Under the agreement, Bentor will market and support Engate's connection management anti-spam products for 'Since Bentor has installed the Engate system, we have experienced a 99% reduction in spam email traffic at our desktop PCs,- said Spyros Volonakis, Executive Director,. — “Partnership Empowers Network Child Care Services to Achieve”, pr-
  • boleh mo sewa bentor ka pasar calaca? Btw,ini masih bentor pe FS toch? ih' kage. artis pula!!jadi kalo ngoni. perlu dubo2,cari jo pa dia..btw,bentor itu. — “Friendster - Wilham”,
  • Eli Bentor's (Art) article "Aro Ikeji Festival – Historical Consciousness and Negotiated Identities" has just been published in an edited volume titled "Repercussions of the Atlantic Slave Trade: The Interior of the Bight of Biafra and the African. — “Eli Bentor " News Archive " Appalachian Scene”,
  • No art gallery anywhere else in the world can boast of such a location. The work by Oshrat Bentor is a nexus, a nerve centre of the female experience; a tormented identity, aware of future victims. — “The New Gallery - Sacrifice”, .il
  • Mendidik cinta negeri, kabarkan keindahan. BENTOR GORONTALO. DI DEPAN MASJID AGUNG. 22 Tag:BENTOR, GORONTALO. Tidak ada Komentar. Komentar tulisan or leave a. — “BENTOR GORONTALO " Photoblog Dedi Dwitagama”,
  • Konvoi Bentor. Favorites. Added. Posted Dec 27 2007. by Ahmad Lukman. 33 01:07. Konvoi Bentor. 00:26. Konvoi Mulai Bergera 01:11. Taman Ria. 02:43. Salman baca Iqra. — “Konvoi Bentor Video by Ahmad Lukman - Myspace Video”,
  • Play Games - Shockwave Profile bentor has not won any trophies yet. Tokens. Current Balance. 32. Lifetime Earned. 4,732. Friends (3) Current Friends. armagedd0 Brisbane. xGothFi. — “Play Games - Shockwave Profile”,
  • Corona Holidays specialise in holidays to Tenerife and to the Bentor Rural Hotel in Los Realejos. Bookings protected by ATOL and TTA membership. — “Bentor Rural Hotel in Los Realejos, Tenerife - Bentor Hotel”,
  • Interactive periodic table created especially for K-12 students. This page was created by Yinon Bentor. Please visit this site's license agreement and. — “Chemical ”,
  • 146:14. 644 views. bentor. This video is rated: Rate this video: Share advantage of this feature! Comments. bentor has disabled commenting on ReignofAssassin Eng. — “ReignofAssassin Eng Sub - Stagevu: Your View”,
  • Situed in the Canary Island, Tenerife The Hotel Rural Bentor, is situed in the incomparable frame of the Old Town of Los Realejos, specifically in el Realejo Bajo,at five minutes off the known Playa del Socorro Beach(paradise of all the surfers. — “ACCOMMODATION Hotel Tenerife Canary Island - Hotel Rural”,
  • Turismo de Tenerife Bentor Bentor led the last battle against the conquistadors. — “BENTOR - The Guanches - Official Website of Tenerife Tourism”,
  • In February 28, 1996, eighth grader Yinton Bentor presented his science project to his class at school. It was an interactive periodic table of chemical elements In the months that followed his class presentation, Bentor's project took first place in his school science fair's brand new. — “Educational Technology Article, Page 1”,
  • bentor. This is the default WWW page for the user bentor. It can be changed by replacing the file: WWW/index.html in the user's home directory. Configure your Server. — “bentor”,

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  • Noa Bentor - Thirty thousand feet Noa Bentor opening for Suzanne Vega Tel Aviv 2009 נועה בנתור מופע פותח לסוזן וגה תל-אביב 2009 Added: August 13, 2009, 06:38 AM
  • Fixing a Bent / Broken Pins on a CPU (NCIX Tech Tips #36) In this episode of NCIX Tech Tips, Linus shows you the steps to "hopefully" fix a bent or broken pin(s) on a CPU.
  • The SPINE Paintball Feed System by KM at 2010 PSP Chicago Open Leif Kellenberger of KM (KM Straps) shows us the all new Spine Feed System by KM. They debuted at the 2010 PSP Chicago Open. This are perfect for the Dye Rotors, as you can see in the demonstration the Spine is very durable and holds in paint. The most surface cover then any feed system on the market. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Multiple colors available. Russian Legion, LIFT and many pro players currently use the SPINE. Manufactured by Globesouldiers Features: - Lifetime Warranty - Virtually Indestructible Material - High coverage area to protect from the elements - Excellent Memory / when the flaps are bent or stretched they will go back to their original shape and not sag or droop. - Currently available in five colors: Black, Red, Orange, Pink and Clear For more visit: or http More HD paintball videos at
  • Parting Time (Live Cover) - Warren Bentor Love Songs
  • Suspeseous Tourists: 04 America Suspeseous Tourists - live concert. Performance by Tami Ben Tor, Sinichkin, Boom. Tel Aviv, Kosmonaut club, 14 August, 2004
  • Noa Bentor new single MODERN GRACE
  • Kotamobagu Bentor Ride
  • nike music shoe HIFANA Some where in a top secret location in Tokyo, break beat music duo, HIFANA (composed of KEIZOmachine and JUICY) discovered that Nike Free Run+ running shoes can drop beats like realtime samplers and no other. HIFANA eschewed a part of their regular break beat set up and hooked up the mixers and sound systems to Nike Free Run+ shoes. When bent or twisted, the ultra-flexible Nike Free Run+ drops different tunes and sounds. Furthering proving that every pair of shoes is different and there is a pair for everyone, and that the great performance Nike Free Run+ is flexible enough to fit any feet and running style or activity, the Nike Music Shoe video is not just about shoes as instruments. Check out the hopping performance from HIFANA which is signature of their creative and original live performances, and see how Nike shoes can sing different tunes. Just take note, the actual Nike Free Run+ sold in stores is absolutely and exclusively a running shoe, and will not sing when bent or twisted, so dont rush to throw out your mixers just yet.
  • my love is far away video clip shot acted and edited by fyodor makarov and tamy ben tor in new york. music and lyrics by fyodor makarov
  • Wonderwall - Oasis cover by Noa Bentor Noa Bentor live cover for wonderwall by oasis
  • Home Repair : How to Replace Cabinet Hinges Replace cabinet hinges that are bent or rusted shut by removing old cabinet hinges and installing new cabinet hinges. Learn how to replace cabinet hinges using the home repair tips in this free video. Expert: Ryan Parker Contact: Bio: Ryan Parker is the owner of Parker Home Renovations in New Braunfels, TX. Filmmaker: Todd Green
  • Keeping up with the bent - or maybe not! The lower profile means much better aero = higher speeds. No idea how fast this was. garmin is being repaired.
  • Is this knife bent or is it just me? british much?
  • Hell Bent, Or Heaven Sent A person wakes up in an unknown location, with nothing to guide him in his search for man. He begins hallucinating and looses all sanity. Without thinking, he ignores all humanitarian ways and his life is ending by his own hand.
  • Main shaft CopterX 450 SE V2 Bent or straight? Just trying to find out before tracking my blades if they are the issue or the main shaft can be issue?
  • No Complaints-Noa Bentor From the album "Waiting on a shelf", 2005
  • Mama - Noa Bentor Performance at "Ozenbar" Tel-Aviv 4-Feb-11 Video: Dekel Eizenberg
  • - Hotel Rural Bentor Tenerife - Discover all that Los Realejos has to offer with Hotel Rural Bentor as a base. All hotel's guestrooms have all the conveniences expected in a hotel in its class to suit guests' utmost comforts. All of the guestrooms are replete with non smoking rooms, daily newspaper, desk, hair dryer, television, shower, balcony The basic amenities provided at this Los Realejos accommodation comprise bar/pub, laundry service/dry cleaning, restaurant, tours, babysitting, business center. The hotel offers massage, golf course (on site), outdoor pool , garden to provide extra pleasure and relaxation for all guests. The hotel creates a balance of rich culture and modern convinience to ensure you a memorable stay. To book a room easily at the Hotel Rural Bentor, please submit your travel dates and proceed with our secure online booking form.
  • 1999 Buick Regal for sale in Horsham PA - Used Buick by - 1999 Buick Regal VIN 2G4WB52K4X1602801 - Used Buick for sale from Ben-Tor Auto Sales by
  • TEL HAZOR Archaeological Dig in Israel Five minute intro in the definitive land of archaeology, Israel, with the rookie digger...
  • Noa Bentor- ain't ready to grow נועה בנתור בהופעה חיה באוזןבר 11.11.10 Noa Bentor live @ OzenBar
  • "Beautiful Tree" - Rain Perry - LIFE UNEXPECTED theme song — Beautiful Tree words by Rain Perry; music by Rain Perry & Mark Hallman Bent or broken Its the family tree Bent or broken Its the family tree Each branch a part of a part of me This is my tree And Its a beautiful tree Dwarf or giant Its the family tree Dwarf or giant Its the family tree Growing just as tall as it was meant to be This is your tree And its a beautiful tree What a beautiful tree Strong or fragile Its the family tree Strong or fragile Its the family tree See how the sun shines through the leaves This is our tree And its a beautiful tree What a beautiful tree Sure, its broken But Its the family tree Sure, its broken But Its the family tree I can feel the sap running through me This is my tree And its a beautiful tree Rain Perry - "Beautiful Tree" - Cinderblock Bookshelves - Precipitous Records - Directed by Noah Crowe - with special appearances by Mark Hallman, Danny B. Harvey, Sasha Heslip, Kim Maxwell's feet and Sarah & Stella Slaughter (daughters)!
  • Tamy Ben Tor - Gewald A clip from Tamy Ben Tor's film Gewald shown at Zach Feuer Gallery in March 2008.
  • Damien Rice -NEW SONG - unreleased 2011 Damien Rice rare song......this is from May 8, 2007 @ Verison Wireless Theater, Houston, TX...the 1st 6 minutes is the new song and then he goes in to nine crimes....I noted 2011 as date because it wasnt offered or seen by anyone (except concert goers) until Jan 2011..... here are the lyrics which were transcribed by 'Spamlet1' and included in the Damien rice fan forum. If not perfect, pretty close... unofficial Lyrics: She opens her eyes And it is cold And she tries to cry But she feels too old And I have bent (or "been") over this before And I walk between your hands Through the loneliest embrace Til the dregs are like an ether can I push in aside just for... For the mate of the space within it Replace the bedding for a fool's So they can spit in it And chased in all amongst some doubt (or maybe "down" to recall the bedding?) Where the tears go to be forgotten And placed all that I've become Into a place where it goes rotten. Oh tear and throw this in on me, darlin' Oh tear, tear this and throw it all over me And now put (or "get") it all over me All over me And push it down. Just light (or "like") the match Burn it out. Watch the wood (or "world") turn black. Then I can hold you With my sin. Can I console you or help this hole (or "hold")? Is it easier now?
  • Main Shaft bent or Stright?
  • Suspeseous Tourists: 03 Exotica Suspeseous Tourists - project by Tami Ben Tor, Daniel Sinichkin and Boom TLV, "Cosmonaut", 14 August, 2004
  • TKO - Get Bent or Die Violent 1st official track off my album Satisfaction is the Death Of Desire
  • Pellets, Effecting Your Shot? This video is of some testing on pellets to show you just some of the variables that pellets can have that can effect your shot, shot to shot. BENT: If your like me, I don't think most people check there pellets for being bent or out-of round such as the skirt of the pellet. I usually just grab a pellet and load in in the gun, but being my pellets are held in a piece of pipe insulation on the scope, I can see the bottom of th skirt verly clearly before loading it. If I see a pellets skirt bent or way out of roundness, I just pitch it. Even if you carry your pellets in a different manor, you can probably feel the skirts shape before loading it into the gun. By being out of round can cause slower fps and in accurate shots. Slower because the pellet will be tight as it travels through the barrel when fired, and in accurate because the pellet won't spin as it should and probably even wobble. PELLET IN THE BARREL: I think a pellet should be loaded in the barrel so it's "flush" with the parrel, not protruding and not pushed into the barrel as shown in the video. If the pellet protrudes, the shirt will get smashed when you close the barrel. If the pellet is pushed to far into the barrel, it can give you slower fps of 50+ and maybe even a lot higher. That's because when the pellet is to far in the barrel you have a bigger space behind the skirt which the same amount of air has to compress in to push the pellet out of the gun. A bigger space behind the pellet makes for lower PSI ...
  • how to buy a used bike THIS IS NOT A COMPREHENSIVE LIST this is a quickly thrown together illustration of things to check for. buying a used bike can be a huge rip-off if you don't know what to look for. i forgot to mension many of the super obvious things like: *are there pedals? *does the bike roll *make sure all the pieces are there *don't buy a bike with a bent or cracked frame *don't buy a bike with a bent or cracked fork don't buy a bike with out checking it out first chances are, if you buy a used bike, you'll have to spend some money to fix it up even if you get your bike for free, invest in a good $40+ lock, especially if you are in an urban enviroment figure about average $15 to fix most of the issues mentioned in the video: loose bottom bracket wheel true hub adjustment head set adjustment new brake cables brake adjustment thing that probably can't be fixed include: wrong size bike seized seat tube cracked or bent frame
  • Bentor with Hula hoop
  • Ruben Bentor Slow rock
  • In your eyes - Noa Bentor Performance at "Ozenbar" Tel-Aviv - 4-Feb-11 Video: Dekel Eizenberg
  • Drag Bentor
  • How To Maintain a Garage Door Opener Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates how to maintain a garage door opener. To find the printable instructions for this video, visit First you need to determine what type of garage door opener system you have: Chain - Uses a metal chain to raise and lower the door Belt - Uses a steel reinforced belt and are typically very quiet Screw - Uses a threaded steel rod (usually tilt-up doors) Make sure to check the owner's manuals first for maintenance instructions. The system Mike Kraft is working on today is a belt drive. Do a visual inspection of the key parts and check for any bent or loose parts. Tighten down any loose bolts or screws. Also replace old batteries in the remote and opener. If your garage door opener was manufactured after 1993, you will have auto-reverse and a photo electric eye functionality. Test these features every couple of months. To test the electric eye, open the garage door fully. Then close the door and wave an object, like a broom, in front of the eye beam. If the door doesn't reverse and return to the open position, try wiping the eye with a dry soft cloth and check that the eyes are aligned. To test the auto reversal feature, open the door all the way and place a piece of wood on the floor. Now push the button. If it doesn't automatically reverse when it hits the wood, your door might be out of balance. Contact a trained technician. If your door opener don't have these safety features, you might want to invest in a ...
  • Pilot Bentor (Chako 5) Pop Manado (Album Basah-Basahan Chako 5)
  • Tami Ben Tor [email protected] An excellent one by Tami )
  • Noa Bentor - Left Behind Noa Bentor opening for Suzanne Vega Tel-Aviv 2009 נועה בנתור מופע חימום לסוזן וגה
  • How-To Build a Square-Cut Screen or Storm Window Kit This video demonstrates how build a window screen to replace your bent or damaged screen frame using a PRIME-LINE Products Make-2-Fit window screen kit. PRIME-LINE's product number being built in this video is PL-7839 For purchase locations and other products, please visit. Spreader Bar Clips http
  • AmankSyamsu: Hah naik bentor?!!! RT @primanez: Bentornato! RT @ValeYellow46: First Blue press conference #jakarta
  • AikTamboto: Nae bentor :D
  • IndahDeathmetal: Bentor aja RT @DebbyRositalia: IndahDeathmetal tp kamu bawa motor sendiri ya? :D
  • evhy_muchtar1: "diatas bentor" daeng | ... | WOYY DAENG,MATIKANGI ITU LAGU' NU,TURUNKAH ITU | TURUN LALOKO DAERAH TEXAS INI KAU EHH | -_- piss daeng,lanjut
  • hnfkzwnwt: Pengalaman paling riweuh. Hampir telat naik kapal, bentor kampret, porter mahal. What we call have fun @vandeballoy @fikriifs
  • nanaule: RT @Yha_Yhaha: "@nanaule: Hey bentor mna bentorrr.____."
  • Yunians0301: Pergi jalan* tawwa"@PutriIrahayu3: Mana bentor mu guppa ???=D"
  • PutriIrahayu3: Mana bentor mu guppa ???=D
  • HerjunotAli_MKS: #pickone diantar ke skolah sama bang junot naik becak/bentor?._.V
  • DindutAdin: bentor RT @uda_KEPO: Dari pada pusing mikirin beli BBM pak tarno memutuskan naik _______ kalo mau ke kantor #UdaKepo
  • steyfany: @panglima01 pammoporanga senior.. ngapa miee kowodong... naik bentor mmka sy ini ke kantor...
  • yusufzamhuri: @ikaardika mdedeh nagombal mki sde' -,- naik bentor mko deh nanti sy yg bayarkan
  • ikaardika: @yusufzamhuri banyak bentor ._. Tapi maunya kau #eaaaa
  • yusufzamhuri: @ikaardika nda ada bentor disitu kah? Naik itu mko
  • Indahhyana_: @annisapriliaa @rezkyaml knpa itu bentor kahh?-_-
  • annisapriliaa: @Indahhyana_ @rezkyaml itue rezkay slah plih bentor-_-
  • annisapriliaa: @rezkyaml itu mi dibilang pilih ko bentor yg mukanya meyakinkan, kau iya main naik saja.
  • pittlyyyy: @Nilanurfaulinsa udehh anu kak naik pete" moo atau bentor. Nda prnhma liatki ikut latihan kak :D
  • rezkyaml: Nisaaaaaa jengkel ka sama tukang bentor yg tadi weeee >;o @annisapriliaa
  • putriardallah: Songkolo hahahaha"@IsrtllaNtsya: Nda' di hitung itu,mcd ku mo haha RT @putriardallah: It uang bentor hahaha"IsrtllaNtsya: @putriardallah we
  • IsrtllaNtsya: Nda' di hitung itu,mcd ku mo haha RT @putriardallah: It uang bentor hahaha"IsrtllaNtsya: @putriardallah we manami teraktirannya=))"
  • putriardallah: It uang bentor hahaha"@IsrtllaNtsya: @putriardallah we manami teraktirannya=))"
  • nisose: Deh ini semua tukang bentor di kampus na tau semuami rumahku hahaha
  • hikmacynksiwon: RT @panaicera_: Honda jazz full modif tp playlist lagunya lagu dangdut semua :| se kira bentor tadi :/
  • StellaTasha: dpa riki ba to trang tdi -,- =D RT @Annabella_G_T Jdi pgi p glo? RT"@BayuUno_: Bentor" tdk tahu diri!! Anjing"
  • hardiyantisaid: @indyemjey kenapa bisa nakanaiko tukang bentor itu? muapai? O_O
  • shellywulandari: Tadinya mau makan di kfc eh ma tukang bentor malah dianter ke bentor itu gk dengar apa suaraku yg terlalu pelan yaa :D
  • Mymithata: Hahaha:p"@rez_vic_tor: Apa sih yg nggak bisa buat kamu haha:p"@Mymithata: Bisa juga:p"@rez_vic_tor: Oalah bukan tukang bentor? Haha
  • mrs_indahtea: Betor mbak,,becak motor^^ "@rinaulfaW: Belum nyobain naik ini,entah nama nya becak atau bentor #medan #indonesia"
  • Cha_YhuQhen: Mana Ȋ̝̊ηȋ̝̊ bentor , bentooooooooooooooorrrrrr
  • martshariesta: @mecharsyad :s tdk b lia t om bentor p muka itu bgmn
  • piet_pusung: maaf ketua pangkalan perkamil > RT @BrianJSumual: Adoh ja bw bentor slama ini nda pk sim? :)
  • indyemjey: Dan ironis adalah ketika kau baru saja dikatai sun*ala sama tukang bentor, tau2 berpapasan sama cewek yang bilang sun*ala smbil ketawa2.
  • indyemjey: Asu adalah sejenis keadaan dimana seorang tukang bentor mengataimu sun*ala. Oh yeah. Bless you, man!
  • chikaNAC4: @AniikML itulaa nik, mntk balekke duet kau dimamang bentor itu (┌_┐) wkwk
  • ThebluesAgus: Brrr"@Komangnata_: Motor , mobil , kaki , bentor ,. Apa ajak @ThebluesAgus: Naik apa saya ke sana"@Komangnata_: Yo mih @ThebluesAgus: Hmmm"
  • alifmansyahS: @triatriadammar banyakna ji bentor, taxi, pete-pete
  • AniikML: Atek uet ka:) tadi blek naek bentor abes uet ku :D @chikanac4
  • Gracelia11: Panas tabakar qt nae [email protected] @ivananirwanto ,nni 2 ta sgin2 enk qt tabakar angus melungus>.<
  • meisetiawati: @13lue_Cloud hahahaha , naik bentor kah gang
  • BrianJSumual: Adoh ja bw bentor slama ini nda pk sim? RT @piet_pusung: Akhirnya... Setelah 3 tahun nda ada SIM :)
  • Indahnada21: @VirginBeMantow gin blng pa mama qt m plng naik bentor atau pa rakmat m jemput?
  • rez_vic_tor: Apa sih yg nggak bisa buat kamu haha:p"@Mymithata: Bisa juga:p"@rez_vic_tor: Oalah bukan tukang bentor? Haha"@Mymithata: Tukang becak kali
  • Mymithata: Bisa juga:p"@rez_vic_tor: Oalah bukan tukang bentor? Haha"@Mymithata: Tukang becak kali yah?"@rez_vic_tor: Ohaha syapa tuh yg
  • rez_vic_tor: Oalah bukan tukang bentor? Haha"@Mymithata: Tukang becak kali yah?"@rez_vic_tor: Ohaha syapa tuh yg dibilang victor?"@Mymithata: Viktor. Bu
  • BelaKhalilah: Dilempari ban bentor RT @Torotasa_: Liat Mantan Kehujanan! baiknya Di_________?? #ErokErokNu
  • yuniartimiftah: @shintasabriina bah iyo, tanjak orang bentor ki bela ohoho
  • BayuUno_: Wkwwkkwkwkwkkkk =D "@VheLahay: Haha so Om bentor Moo suruh lia =D (n) "@BayuUno_: So lampu merah pi trus!! Tdk berpendidikan memang!!
  • faaated: Ojek.....petepete....bentor.....okesip, melotongkan diri._.
  • BayuUno_: So lampu merah pi trus!! Tdk berpendidikan memang!! "@VheLahay: Haha . =D knp s? "@BayuUno_: Bentor" tdk tahu diri!! Anjing
  • iyasintya: Ciyee ciyeee yg pacaran naik bentor berdua .. Romantis wkwkw (ʃ⌣ƪ)
  • cipahcipah: @dittditaditoz iyah bagus skli apalagi sama dita naik bentor darimana kmana=))
  • yuniartimiftah: @shintasabriina jammko naik bentor pa', bentornya andis xx
  • Annabella_G_T: Jdi pgi p glo? RT"@BayuUno_: Bentor" tdk tahu diri!! Anjing"
  • anggunsiswanda: Haha sbar pak guru :D"@BayuUno_: Bentor" tdk tahu diri!! Anjing"
  • setiyanniiiii: Emang lu lg gatel mpo ampe bentor gitu ? RT @YuliDiggory: Bukan mpok! Gua khusus bentor :O RT setiyanniiiii
  • BayuUno_: Bentor" tdk tahu diri!! Anjing
  • kikooy: Miring sana miring sini-_- RT @amaliah_: Setelah jilbab beterbangan di bentor xD [email protected]: Akhirnya sampai juga di kamar fiuuhh
  • riskhaaayantii: Mmg paballe:p "@asrimonikD2: Jgn moko pae :D "@riskhaaayantii: Edd tejak:p "@asrimonikD2: Mndk , tp bwka Bentor ,
  • bentor_96: flw pcs
  • asrimonikD2: Jgn moko pae :D "@riskhaaayantii: Edd tejak:p "@asrimonikD2: Mndk , tp bwka Bentor , mauki ikut :D "@riskhaaayantii: Sudiang !! Bawa
  • amaliah_: Setelah jilbab beterbangan di bentor xD [email protected]: Akhirnya sampai juga di kamar fiuuhh
  • bentor_96: ahhhhhh lelek lek lek lek lek
  • riskhaaayantii: Edd tejak:p "@asrimonikD2: Mndk , tp bwka Bentor , mauki ikut :D "@riskhaaayantii: Sudiang !! Bawa motorko kah? "@asrimonikD2:
  • bentor_96: só pra mandar o tempo inteiro
  • bentor_96: vou aprender esse passinho
  • asrimonikD2: Mndk , tp bwka Bentor , mauki ikut :D "@riskhaaayantii: Sudiang !! Bawa motorko kah? "@asrimonikD2: Jalan.y sotta :p "@riskhaaayantii:
  • bentor_96: quero ver dançar é o passinho do volante
  • bentor_96: ignorando os elogios da talita
  • bentor_96: só vou ouvir mais uma musica e vou partir
  • bentor_96: pior que eu tenho mesmo que dormir...
  • bentor_96: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • bentor_96: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • bentor_96: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • bentor_96: KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK olha minha irmã velho kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • bentor_96: @s_caroliner é passinho do volante agitando o baile tooooodo
  • AndreeGauthier: @bentor_96 anotado.
  • ifyrengntarii: HahaRT @tintonkk: Siaaal><"@ifyrengntarii: Pacar baru kah tong?haha pj duleRT @tintonkk: Bentar ke sekolah bareng tukang bentor (lagi) pffff
  • bentor_96: @AndreeGauthier retirei*
  • bentor_96: @AndreeGauthier não gostei, então reiterei
  • bentor_96: @talitasabino dava p ter ido ver a dm
  • AndreeGauthier: @bentor_96 a seta ta indicando
  • bentor_96: @AndreeGauthier o arroba abaixo é, eu não
  • tintonkk: Siaaal><"@ifyrengntarii: Pacar baru kah tong?haha pj duleRT @tintonkk: Bentar ke sekolah bareng tukang bentor (lagi) pfffffttt:]xx"
  • bentor_96: @AndreeGauthier qual? kk
  • ifyrengntarii: Pacar baru kah tong?haha pj duleRT @tintonkk: Bentar ke sekolah bareng tukang bentor (lagi) pfffffttt:]xx
  • Audiautari: Bajai jiRT @rizksparrow: Haha ad ji bentor kah? Rt @Audiautari: Ih ndada kereta disini pete2jiRT @rizksparrow: Hahha, naik kereta maki k s
  • bentor_96: @AndreeGauthier agora, o porque da pergunta?
  • bentor_96: @AndreeGauthier não.
  • AndreeGauthier: @bentor_96 tu é gay?
  • fadhillanadia: tukang bentormo saja:'3wkwk"@andinovan13: Tukang bentor aja atau tukang becak hhh "@fadhillanadia Gatau pulang sama siapa huft-___-"
  • bentor_96: @talitasabino verei
  • talitasabino: @bentor_96 coloca amanhã cedo!
  • tintonkk: Bentar ke sekolah bareng tukang bentor (lagi) pfffffttt:]xx
  • bentor_96: @talitasabino to sem créditos, mas pode mandar rsrs
  • talitasabino: @bentor_96 nao more, to indo dormir mais tarde te mando uma sms <3
  • bentor_96: exalta é fera

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