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  • In fact, marking the day Bhogi is more of a English custom: Spring cleaning. People clean The event of putting the junk on the fire is called the Bhogi Neruppu (Bhogi fire). — “Thai Pongal: The Tamil thanksgiving festival”,
  • The Pongal festival series consists of Bhogi Pongal, Thai Pongal, Mattu Ponal and Kanum Pongal. The first day of Pongal is celebrated as Bhogi Pongal. It is celebrated in honour of Lord Indra the 'God of Clouds and Rains' who provides abundance. — “Pongal Festival Kerala”,
  • Our site is currently under maintenance. We will be back shortly. Please visit us again. — “YOGI VS BHOGI”,
  • Human body is considered to be the best (door way to Divinity): 'labdhva sudurlabhamidam bahus He who is a Bhogi i.e., a seeker of sensual pleasures, to him the circumstance is of dual. — “Gain from Unfavourable Circumstances | RiiTi :: धर्म, अर्थ”,
  • Ask Questions on Bhogi and answer other’s questions on Bhogi at ibibo Sawaal. Ask & get Bhogi Answers, Ask & Answer Questions on Bhogi. Get Answers from Real Indians on various topics at ibibo Sawaal. — “Bhogi Question & Answers - Ask & Answer Questions on Bhogi”,
  • Bogi Festival - bogi festival, bhogi festival, first day of pongal, indran festival, bogi puja, bhogi mantalu, pongal, pongal 2011, pongal festival India, pongal in India, pongal celebrations, harvest festival of south indian, tamil festival. — “Bogi Festival,Bhogi Festival,First Day of Pongal,Indran Festival”,
  • Smoke, smog engulf Cuddalore on Bhogi day. Special Correspondent. CUDDALORE: The air hung thick over Cuddalore on Wednesday because of smog and smoke. The traditional practice of burning discarded things on a large scale on Bhogi day was the cause for the smoke that engulfed the atmosphere from. — “The Hindu : Tamil Nadu / Cuddalore News : Smoke, smog engulf”,
  • . — “Suchit Nanda: Bhogi to a Yogi - Journey to Perfection”,
  • Bhogi. The first day is celebrated as the BHOGI PONGAL and is usually meant for domestic activities and of being together with the family members. This first day is celebrated in honour of Lord Indra, the supreme ruler of clouds that give rains. — “Bhogi”,
  • The festival begins on the last day of the Tamil month with Bhogi Pongal followed by Surya On Bhogi all people clean out their homes from all corners, and collect all unwanted goods. — “about Pongal Festival,Pongal in India,Festival of Pongal”, india-
  • Bhogi Pandigai / Bhogi Pallu / Lohri / Indra Vizha போகிப்பண்டிகை / போகிப் பள்ளு / லோஹ்ரி / இந்திர விழா This tradition in observed on the same day in Andhra Pradesh as Bhogi Pallu, in Punjab as Lohri and in Assam as Magh Bihu / Bhogali Bihu. — “Thai Pongal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • India is pre-dominantly agrarian in nature, and here comes the importance of Bhogi Lohri in India. The origin of Bhogi Lohri festival is focused on the story of 'Dulla Bhatti'. — “Bhogi Lohri, Bhogi Lohri Festival, Golden Harvest Festival”,
  • A Pure Mind - Bhogi Festival -- AUMzine Issue 10 -- Agasthiar's Universal Spiritual Magazine Thus Bhogi is that time period when the Devas complete their important early morning worship procedures and as they prostrate their divine. — “A Pure Mind -- AUMzine Issue 10”,
  • A rogi or a bhogi can become a yogi. That is because the true quality of a yogi is not just to be able to stand on our head, but to be able to stand on our feet. And this is something every one of us can attain!. — “Ed and Deb Shapiro: Are You a Yogi, a Bhogi or a Rogi?”,
  • :: connecting developers You can reach me at [email protected] Sign in Recent Site Activity Terms Report Abuse Print page | Powered by Google Sites. — “ :: connecting developers”,
  • Bhogi - Telugupedia Collaboratively Authored Wiki About Telugu, Telugu People, Ugadi Telugu Greetings 2010, Telugu Films News, Telugu Newspapers, Eenaud Newspaper, Sakshi Newspaper, Live Telugu TV Channels, Free Telugu Magazines, Free Telugu. — “Bhogi - Telugupedia Download Telugu Calendar 2010, Ugadi”,
  • Indian Festivals Bhogi Festival - Hindu Festivals In 2008, Indian Festivals, North Indian Festivals, South Indian Festivals, Indian Festivals Calendar 2008 - Bhogi festival or Bhogi (Telugu Festival) is the first day of Pongal and is celebrated. — “Indian Festivals Bhogi Festival - Hindu Festivals In 2008”,
  • `Don't burn tyres, plastic materials on Bhogi day' Staff Reporter "Poisonous substances are released into air" Tuticorin : The public should not burn tyres, plastic materials and refuses while celebrating the Bhogi festival on January 13,. — “The Hindu : Tamil Nadu / Tuticorin News : `Don't burn tyres”,
  • Nim gavan bhogi, Mhase Khurd Nim gavan bhogi, Ralegan Therpal Nim gavan bhogi, DONGARGAN THE DREAM VILLAGE Nim gavan bhogi, khol wodha Nim gavan bhogi, SWAYNBHU SANGAMESHWAR MANDIR Nim gavan bhogi, Juna Shirur Nim gavan bhogi, Murma vasti- Vijay Karkhile-Patil and (Sarpanch. — “Nim gavan bhogi”,
  • On the first day which is called the Bhogi Pongal the day begins with a til (sesame) oil bath. The day is devoted to the Rain god, Indran (Bhogi). Legends say that on this day that Krishna lifted the Gobardhan mountains on. — “Pongal Recipes - Pongal Food And Dishes - Recipes For Pongal”,

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  • Akshaya Gold CMD Bhogi Sir Speach About All Fake News Don't Trust on Fake News Belive our Company Our CMD Bhogi Sir Speck about All this Fake News Please Trust Akshaya Gold Company
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  • 0682 KRISHNA STORY -- BHAGWAT GITA -- BHOGI AND STABLE MINDED A person who is involved in Bhoga or physical happiness all the time and just pretends to do God's work can never achieve the target of life. Instead, a person who concentrates in God and is cool and calm, and who does not waver will achieve the target of life.See it fantastically presented in Krishna serial by Ramanand Sagar. NOTE : ALL THE VIDEOS 176 VIDEOS AND EXPLAINATION OF BHAGWAT GITA IN DETAIL CAN BE FOUND IN THE SAME CHANNEL ON CLICKING THE URL GIVEN BELOW OR GOING ON TO THE PLAYLISTS, AND CLICKING 06 BHAGWAT GITA LESSONS:
  • Bhogi Pallu function We celebrated Bhogi pallu function for all the sweet kids on Bhogi day(14th Jan 2007) here in NJ, USA at our dear friend Sridhar's place
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  • Santharao Bhogi Testimony Part 3 Bro. Santha Rao is an Indian and an orthodox Hindu. He hails from a chaste and well to do Vysya (Merchants) family and the Vysha's are next only to the Brahmins in the caste oriented Indian society. He graduated from the Madras University as a civil engineer (Btech) and by sheer dint of hard work rose to become the Managing Director of My Home Builders a construction company in Visakhapatnam. There was no stopping this builder and businessman even as he took up and completed many prestigious (Apartments) projects. He soon diversified into steel business and became the Managing Director of Navodaya Steel Tubes Pvt., Ltd. It was all smooth sailing till on a faithful night the business and the reputation he built painstakingly brick by brick crashed: A very prestigious apartment complex under construction in a busy and posh locality came down crashing. Four people were trapped under the debris of the collapsed multistoried complex and for all practical purposes were considered dead. Various agencies of the local administration and the police swooped down on him and the media had a field day. Suddenly the Hindu millionaire's myriad dreams began to evaporate and life took a U turn and changed drastically. At this difficult juncture when he was cornered and there was no way out and all hope was lost he turned to the God of the Bible and challenged Him to show a sign that He was the true God. And instantly he saw a light come down upon a particular spot amidst the debris and ...
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  • Dera Sacha Sauda{Pita Ji Bhajan} Aare Bhogi Fassa Hai Tu Maya Ke Jaal{9416315952} SS
  • BDUTT: @Tinku_bunny happy Bhogi
  • Tinku_bunny: @BDUTT also Happy Bhogi for South Indian States :P especially #AndhraPradesh #Karnataka #TN .. :)
  • Supermasvj23: Theatre managers can celebrate the bhogi by burning alexpandian reels:-D
  • Kvp_sayz: Telugu vaarandariki #Bhogi subaakankshalu...andharu haayiga bhogi mantalu daggara chali ni kaasukondi..nenu maatram miss ayipotunna :(
  • Supermasvj23: Bhogi:-D
  • raki2all: Andariki Bhogi subhakankshalu...
  • sanjeev02oct: RT @VamsiPannala: Drained out..time for tweeple..Happy Bhogi..Enjoy
  • nandumits: Wana through some waste materials in home into fire to celebrate "BHOGI" our fest started let's start raising Kites in sky
  • VamsiPannala: Drained out..time for tweeple..Happy Bhogi..Enjoy
  • itzurvali: @actorbrahmaji happy BHOGI sir:-)
  • chandra9050: @mallik_pappula Arey svsc day1 2cr less than NAAYAK in nizam.APlo day1 4cr nidra po..bhogi wishes bye baa @sknonline
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  • dtollywoodmovie: Telugu varandariki Bhogi subhakankshalu...
  • Kalpesh1987: Ok.. Happy Bhogi / Lohiri !!!! And wish u a very polluted morning..
  • UrsfrndlyAKM: @sravea Bhogi pandaga subhakanshalu :)
  • DharmicTechie: @Sootradhar sir, it is bhogi time. one loses all the old trash and receives new gems ;) @madhukishwar
  • Chittaranjan: Happy Bhogi, Sankranthi & Pongal
  • suresh_akkala: happy bhogi frends
  • SudhaKanago: @Meetasengupta thank you and to you too :) Bhogi celebration also involves a bonfire:)
  • saignec: wish you hpy bhogi <3<3
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  • SudhaKanago: Greetings of Bhogi! May you enjoy a bountiful harvest of your hardwork!
  • sai_forever: @Samanthaprabhu2 sam Bhogi-Sankranthi-Kanuma Subhakankshalu.
  • S1thK: Wishing every one A happy bhogi :) May god give you lots of harvest !! :D
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  • INVINCIBLEKBC: Good morning friends.. wishing everyone " happy bhogi " ..have a wonderful weekend and festival ..
  • djrebels24: Celebrate this day of the ride with lesser diesel emissions and fumes. #Bhogi #rm2013
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  • Isumanthadicted: @Isumanth Have nice 2marw with Bhogi Mantalu ;) take care :)
  • orange655: 2day is a unforgetable day (bhogi) for me as i made a big mistake in my life which cannot be regreted. Sry for doing so my frnd.
  • iamvigu: Do ppl still burn old stuff for bhogi? #JusAsking #GoneAreThoseDays #SaveEarth
  • simeethi: @iDhanya innaikku thaan pongal start agiduchea. Apparam enna advanced pongal wish??? Happy bhogi pongal!!!
  • nirutots: I now go to bed with the fear of waking up in a smoke filled room #bhogi
  • RaghuramAdiraju: Bhogi 13th Jan Signifies end of Dakshinayan & Begining of Uttarayanam followed by Sankranti on 14th.Ushering in change of season n new crop.
  • yamakinkarudu: Andariki Bhogi - Sankranthi - Kannumma subhaakaankshalu from midemigod @PriyaWajAnand gari fans
  • varunshridhar: Bogeys result from hazards elsewhere, though, in India hazards are a consequence of Bhogi. #Howzzzat Kindly Excuse.
  • ashwinicn: Oh. I don't have anything old to burn for Bhogi. Any suggestions people? #fb
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  • Manju2102: @subodh1945 tomorrow is the pre-Pongal day called 'Bhogi'. and Pongal is the day after on 14th, uncle. tomorrow we light bonfire, fly kites
  • ShubhamBhuyaat: @Manju2102 For Bhogi 2014, we can hopefully burn the Congress, thanks to @swamy39 and @narendramodi !
  • Manju2102: @ShubhamBhuyaat for boys Bhogi is the fun coz they hang around the fire. for girls it's mainly the rangoli decoration, flowers, dressing up
  • salvachn: Burn fat, not tyres and trash. Bhogi wishes!
  • Manju2102: @ShubhamBhuyaat wow! true. we burn a big bonfire on Bhogi, so we need all the stuff we can use for the fire. Lol..
  • ShubhamBhuyaat: @Manju2102 Bhogi is fun..wake up early..light the fire..go take a shower,,eat the prasadams..go fly kites. Awesome time!
  • ShubhamBhuyaat: @Manju2102 We just pulled out a huge pile of old stuff to do away with, to burn for Bhogi tomorrow!
  • Yamiskr6L: Eeuuu I need to so dat I can wake up early to celebrate bhogi :l
  • pradeepnarasimh: Bhogi is celebrated on eve of Pongal. Bhogi is celebrated 2get rid of bad& evil. Bhogi is1st day of Pongal celebrated in honor of Lord Indra
  • sureshponraju: Have a pollution less #bhogi
  • urssrilu666: Bhogi bhoga bhagyalato , Sankranti siri sampadalato , kanuma kalasi melasi kanuvinduga , Sankranti sambaranni jarupu kovalani korukontu ...
  • balajitech2007: On this Bhogi, Lets also burn some bad habit of us... I'm gonna burn little Procrastination that i feel has developed!! and u ?? #Bhogi

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  • “Bhogi is often referred as Lord Indra, the Vedic God of thunder and rain. It is also On the Bhogi Pongal day people, decorate their homes and buy new vessels and other”
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  • “Searching for new Job. srikanth bhogi | Posted On: March 30 2007 My aim is to get the Non voice based BPO Job like Transaction processing executives, etc”
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  • “According to the popular legend, the first day of the festival known as Bhogi Pongal was once dedicated to Lord Indra. Scholars have often compared Bhogi to the Indra Vizha celebrated by the Chola kings at Kaveripattinam, also known as Poompuhar”
    — Pongal,

  • “[Archive] false attachments.. General In this situation, we find three persons Mr. Bhogi, Mr. Tyagi and Mr. Yogi reacting in three different ways. The actions of Mr. Bhogi are certainly considered criminal because he was enjoying others property which is criminal”
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  • “Bogi festival or Bhogi is the first day of Pongal celebrated in honor of Lord Indra, "the etc. The event of putting the junk on the fire is called the Bhogi Neruppu (Bhogi fire)”
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