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  • Includes supermodel galleries, slideshows, fashion tips, travel, and other bikini goodies. — “”,
  • Designer lingerie, swimwear, mens underwear, and gifts website featuring both well known and brand new lingerie designers from around the world. Bikinis. — “”,
  • The woman who went through airport security in a bikini explains the message she wanted to send. — “Sonoma County's 'Bikini traveler' recounts her TSA experience”,
  • As thousands of passengers dealt with full-body scans and pat-downs at Los Angeles International Airport last week, one young woman breezed right through security. She wore only a bikini. — “Woman Wears Bikini Through LAX Airport Security - AOL Travel News”,
  • A bikini is also often worn as an undergarment to the wetsuit for waterskiing, scuba diving, surfing, and wakeboarding. The shapes of both parts of a bikini resemble women's underwear, and the lower part can range from revealing thong or g-string to briefs and modest square-cut shorts. — “Bikini - Wikipedia”,
  • Jennifer Aniston once again (not that we're complaining) donned a bikini to lay out in yesterday while she hung out with a few friends in Los Cabos,. — “Jennifer Aniston in a Bikini -- Day Two | ”,
  • Please Visit http://best-tv-/watchtvshow/watch.html , to see Jennifer Aniston TINY Black Friday Black Bikini - See Her NIP SLIP and Get ShyBikini,Jen. — “YouTube - Jennifer Aniston TINY Black Friday Black Bikini”,
  • Brooke Hogan was keen to show off the results of her diet and exercise regime when she posed in her bikini on the beach yesterday. — “Brooke Hogan paw-ses to pose on beach in tiger print bikini”,
  • NOT everyone stands on their balcony in a tiny striped bikini with the paparazzi across the road. — “Geri Halliwell shows off figure in bikini from hotel balcony”, .au
  • How much would you pay to have an ersatz drill sergeant demand you "drop and give me 50, fatty"? Well, for $300 you can pay for a slice of discipline at bikini boot camp. Its organizers promise you will be berated and harassed into shape. — “Bikini boot camp - ”,
  • Watrch as this woman goes through an airport security checkpoint wearing just a bikini. — “Woman wears bikini through TSA checkpoint - ”,
  • Watrch as this woman goes through an airport security checkpoint wearing just a bikini. — “Woman wears bikini through TSA checkpoint - South Florida Sun”, sun-

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  • The Big Match -- Soccer Girls Can models play football/soccer? You be the referee in 's Ultimate Blonde vs. Brunette Bikini Soccer Match! Move over World Cup, there's a new game in town!
  • São Paulo Fashion Week, Summer 2010: The Bikini For this season's video documenting São Paulo Fashion Week's summer shows, we narrow our sights on the the bikini. With help from a few fashion types—editors, models, designers and others—we take a look at the most quintessentially Brazilian wardrobe staple.
  • The Cramps - Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
  • Bikini Beach in Sicily www.BodyRock.Tv We took a Vespa scooter for a ride down to Giardini where we had tasty sea food lunch. After lunch we chilled out on the beach and had a great swim. On the way back we had a little accident with the scooter and we had to hike up to Taormina in incredible heat.
  • Maximum The Hormone - Bikini Sports Ponchin PV
  • How to Make a Dissolving Bikini as a Prank Someone pull a fast one on you? Make them squirm -- and get your revenge -- with this sneaky prank.
  • MARY - JUNKIES BIKINI CONTEST JUNE 2001 - 106.7FM WJFK SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CLASSIC JUNKIES VIDEOS! This is a video I shot when I (Backdraft) first started with The Junkies (formerly the Sports Junkies) of 106.7FM WJFK in Washington, DC In 2001, The Junkies were in the evening time slot on WJFK and this was one of the first Bikini Contests they held in the board room at the station located in Fairfax, VA. Check out the young CK walking around the room as well as all the other Donkeys you know from the show. Be sure to subscribe to this channel for other contestants of the Bikini Contests as well as other classic Junkies vids. WEBSITES: Junkies - WJFK - http - Backdraft
  • Hot Bikini Body Workout To follow all of my home workouts and diet tips, visit my fitness blog: www.BodyRock.Tv
  • geena davis bikini nips nips in bikini
  • Gummibär - Itsi Bitsi Bikini English Version Visit Gummibär online at . Itsi Bitsi Bikini - from the album "I Am Your Gummy Bear" Artist: Gummibär Title: Itsi Bitsi Bikini Album: I Am Your Gummy Bear Website:
  • Will this bikini fall off? Could this be the most attention grabbing bikini on the beach? No strings attached -- but who needs those pesky bikini strings anyway, now that Perfect Tan Bikini has come up with a way to cover up those important bits with no tan line. Yvelisse shows off her bikini -- could this be the new shape of swimwear?
  • Miami Ink - Bikini Model Chris Nunez is only too happy to help Summer, the bikini model, with her first tattoo.
  • Bikini Shakespeare - Macbeth Witches (4 of 4) Thanks to everyone who participated in the Munch Better Contest! Winners to be announced soon!
  • Bikini Pool Hosts Bridgetta and CC try to keep the girls under control in a game of Cut Throat.
  • WZZO's Bikini Snow Angel! ZZO listener Heidi was willing to do *ANYTHING* to see Linkin Park! So this is what the Bearman and Keith decided!
  • SI Swimsuit 2008: Jeisa SI Swimsuit 2008 took swimsuit rookie Jeisa.
  • I'm in Demi Moore's Bikini?!! Fun and... interesting weekend! Watch the music video we made: Thanks to the Kutchers for letting us hang at their place! Links: Website (more bikini pics!): DailyBooth Twitter: Facebook:
  • Eenie Meenie Bikini (Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber Parody) New videos every week, subscribe now! Behind The Scenes: Original Song Eenie Meenie by Sean Kingston feat. Justin Bieber: Created by The Station Extra Channel: Follow Our Twitter: Become a Fan on Facebook: STARRING: HiImRawn DOWNLOAD SONG iTUNES ShayCarl Song by HiImRawn and Nice Peter DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE!! iTunes Bikini girls: Devyn Howard Samantha Tinsley (black and white bikini brown hair) Alice Gardin (red bikini) Allison Sciulla (black and white bikini black hair) http Emma Duty BIKINI BOYS Ian Crossland (pink Bikini) VinVlog (blue Bikini) COW Diego "THE DISCO" Shay's MOM CECILEY Directed by Johanas Bartholomew Neckstarian aka 20K Camera by Layne Pavoggi PA/Sound Jonathan Na Edited by Blake ONeal LYRICS When I first wore it It felt so right this guy in a cow suit said I looked out of sight My Friend's comin over They were so suprised Playin like they Never Had Seen My thighs I just can't describe The Wonderful Feeling That comes along with wearing a thong It just cant be right wearin shirts and Pants how Could a Hundred million women be wrong I think I lost my mind, mind, mind mind mind I wear it all the ...
  • How to Wax Your Bikini Area To view the previous video in this series click: In this video, Esthetician Laverne Onike describes the techniques required to get started waxing. This video is designed for the beginner but includes a variety of tips and techniques that would be useful to do them professionally too. This video series includes an overview of the basic equipment and techniques on how to wax your eyebrow, lip and bikin area.
  • Serena Williams Lacy Bikini Cool Off! Tennis ace Serena Williams enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach with friends on a scorching afternoon. Serena sat with friends on lounge chairs and ate a snack before heading into the water to play a game of football in her green lacy bikini.
  • The Bikini Czar with her new coverup piece before editing for 3D The piece on her Roadkill Ranch cover up before the editing and has been converted to 2D from 3D for here, ,
  • Bikini waxing what our women do to please us.. eye watering stuff LOL
  • April Bowlby - Bikini April Bowlby plays as Candy in Two and a Half Men
  • Bikini Girls + Epic Dance Battle (Vlog #109) i was in las vegas for the past couple days shooting a music video for Midi Mafia with The Station, check it ouuuuuuuuut people featured in this vlog Midi Mafia The Station JR Aquino PDFLO Hiimrawn What A Day Derek Bret The Intern Andreas Choice
  • Bikini-közeli helyeken ...
  • 2009 Spocom Lingerie and Bikini Contest - WheelsTV In this episode of WheelsTV First Auto News we present the 2009 Spocom Lingerie and Bikini Contest which was held in Long Beach, CA. Spocom may be about hot cars but it's really about all the hot girls! Visit to see more! Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • bikini nothin
  • SI Swimsuit 2008 Body Painting See the most beautiful girls during their body painting SI Swimsuit shoot. For more SI Swimsuit photos and videos visit /swimsuit.
  • Kirstie Alley's Bikini Shock Things turn ugly when Kirstie shows up on "Oprah" in a bikini.
  • Hot Bikini Girl Cooled Off with Ice-water Prank John is on a rampage against Nikki, but you know she'll get him back for this. Still cool to see she's more concerned for his safety than she is mad about the prank. Upload your pranks to Break and get paid And check out Nikki and John's channel:
  • Going Topless - Bikini Photo-Shoot with Katie Price aka Jordan Katie Price aka Jordan's Photo-shoot in Ibiza with a strange request from the chasing paparazzi.... TOPLESS!?! Dont forget to give your rating, post your comments and subscribe for more videos, if you already have not done so.
  • _AddictedToReal: _AddictedToReal: Bikini Isnt Meant For Everyone #BluntDay
  • TheBikiniNation: TheBikiniNation: More Shark, Even More Bikini in New 'Shark Night 3D' Stills: A slew of new stills have hit international waters ...
  • HamidaTCole23: HamidaTCole23: Okay it aint blazing hot outside for you to be walking around in a bikini top and skin tight booty shorts .... I'm sorry !
  • cuberunner1: cuberunner1: RT @super_syed_28: “@RBrownn1: Making your lamb wear a bikini so neighbours think you have a Lamborghini :')”<<IM DEAD LOOL WTF!
  • americascreams: americascreams: New blog post: More Shark, Even More Bikini in New 'Shark Night 3D' Stills
  • fergusonfit: fergusonfit: Ferguso fitness will be at the bodybuilding/figure and bikini in greensboro tomorrow
  • LaurenMiyazaki: LaurenMiyazaki: I'm pink panthering it tonight. With a little SOHO + bikini BAY... and water. @jordanneflorio @Jackiebeach04 @HeatherDietrich
  • RBrownn1: RBrownn1: RT @super_syed_28: “@RBrownn1: Making your lamb wear a bikini so neighbours think you have a Lamborghini :')”<<IM DEAD LOOL WTF!
  • ClothingStoreOn: ClothingStoreOn: New at Clothing Store Online: Calvin Klein 3-Pack Patterned Bikini Underwear (Sizes 7 - 16)
  • BWRealTalk: BWRealTalk: As I did my Facebook creeping during half time, some of you girls need to watch your bikini bottoms. Many camel toes flying around the book.
  • Cat_The_Hottie: Cat_The_Hottie: @MeBeChadDCooper ok!:) let's go* gets into my bikini and we go*
  • super_syed_28: super_syed_28: “@RBrownn1: Making your lamb wear a bikini so neighbours think you have a Lamborghini :')”<<IM DEAD LOOL WTF!
  • SaraMendoza14: SaraMendoza14: you're looking kinda cuteeeee in that polka dot bikini girrrrrrrlllllllll
  • Ashleyy_Bankss: Ashleyy_Bankss: Debating if I should do this bikini contest... It's gross out but that $$ would be nice!
  • RBrownn1: RBrownn1: Making your lamb wear a bikini so neighbours think you have a Lamborghini :')
  • ttjohnston: ttjohnston: @JasonMBrennan @jennajameson @iamttommy I follow her too. She's strong in the face of adversity. And looks hot in a bikini....
  • ItsLannette: ItsLannette: @Reesuh follow me to see my latest custom bikini designs <3
  • Chels2Pretty: Chels2Pretty: My Boyfriend Just Picked Out The Bikini He Wanted Me To Wear : )) #WaterPark2marr
  • Angel_Fac3: Angel_Fac3: RT @shonsawyercapo @Angel_Fac3 send me some bikini pics please ; Gotcha
  • WhiskeyKittey: WhiskeyKittey: @RawSugarBakery Did u end up going bikini?
  • WongSammi: WongSammi: Dailymotion - Ring Bikini Shooting via @Dailymotion
  • GoalsToSucceed: GoalsToSucceed: RT @ispeakTRUTH____: Patrick from Bikini Bottom #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney . His debut album: "I'm Not A Star"
  • locham: locham: Looking good @BarRefaeli! She's back in a bikini on the beach!
  • popsugar: popsugar: Looking good @BarRefaeli! She's back in a bikini on the beach!
  • HairRemovalLase: HairRemovalLase: Laser Hair Removal Raleigh Getting Smooth Down South with Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal
  • G_Nastyy_: G_Nastyy_: Ctfuuu, Mikhaila took her bikini bottoms off in the water and almost lost them
  • CatfishSoupFTW: CatfishSoupFTW: Fun fact: the bikini was created by an engineer around 1939-1943. (Can't remember :( )
  • TomCatDaddy: TomCatDaddy: RT @Anthony_Lazzaro: Beach bash was crazy! Bikini contest, those girls went off!
  • OOVOOtv: OOVOOtv: E! News Now - Lady Gaga Shows Off Bikini Bod: The singer ditches her usual over-the-top fashions for a simple tw...
  • Aaerelon: Aaerelon: Apparently the bikini was invented in 1946 by a French Engineer. Who'd've thought?
  • AutumnSky99: AutumnSky99: RT @Diamondveinz: if a woman is in her pants and bra, it's not acceptable, if she's in a bikini then its ok? I mean, whats the difference? #justsaying
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Julie's Feet in Pantyhose Taken By a Very Good Friend
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: The Purchasing 0nline
  • MaddiyaM1st: MaddiyaM1st: RT @_samchop: Making your lamb wear a bikini so neighbours think you have a Lamborghini #sofunny #mademeLOL
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Shana Luxury - Behind The Scenes
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Role of Technology in Mens Underwear
  • killiand1: killiand1: going to bikini bottem for a crabby patty......want one??
  • bookworm987654: bookworm987654: "Thank you Bikini Bottom!!"
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Need For Steed
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Mens Underwear Has Started To Play Its Major Role
  • King_LeeLeeBck: King_LeeLeeBck: @jlolow lol. Wat??? Friends are supposed to stay on the phone for those convos! Lol. Bikini wax tlk. Lls.
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Sig Sauer P228 Review
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Social Media for Managers
  • Clothing__: Clothing__: Vanity Fair Women's My Favorite Pants Illumination String Bikini #18108 Vanity Fair 409…
  • marcbaumm: marcbaumm: RT @jshmn7: Spring bikini and swimsuit trends from Shopping for Bikinis
  • Brad82x: Brad82x: Wow @LilianGarcia in a bikini! This is gonna be one hot music video!!
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Dancing with the ED Hardy Cloth and the caps
  • peenanoannana: peenanoannana: #bikini #Win #blackfriday #cybermonday
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Goindeff's First shoot with the Glock 19
  • morgansuzanne4: morgansuzanne4: studyn,gym in the AM"im tryn 2get my ass real tight like Alessandra Ambrosio so I can wear those scrunchy up ur ass bikini&be like uh huh"
  • call_me_santana: call_me_santana: RT @Big_Kiese4: The bikini bottom #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney for their new mix tape "I can get you wet"
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Go for Right Style of Wear in Mens Underwear
  • MonieeeBagg_: MonieeeBagg_: Bikini top under my shirt, it's one shoulder & matches perfectly with the bikini.
  • sugarmaplesml: sugarmaplesml: Running errands in my bikini. What? MY summer just started!
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Hot Girls: The More the Merrier
  • GoogalyBear1: GoogalyBear1: I hate when fat people wear bikinis and complain about how fat they ate the whole time…dude if your so fat why are you wearing that bikini?
  • OceanPlazaTybee: OceanPlazaTybee: Bikini Time! Tropic Beauty Contest starts at 11 pm in the Dolphin Reef Bar ... come dance with our celebrity DJ's. #Tybee
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Brazilian Waxing Made Clear
  • Big_Kiese4: Big_Kiese4: The bikini bottom #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney for their new mix tape "I can get you wet"
  • GlassHLFfull: GlassHLFfull: @mmmDRkChOcolAte i usually get a bikini never a brazilian so im scared lol
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: News of the beach fashion 2009
  • G_Nastyy_: G_Nastyy_: RT @_Mikhailaa: #lrt I saw Gabrielle booty when she took her bikini bottoms off at the beach ;)
  • SallyLyndley: SallyLyndley: Beach survival kit: H&M bikini & matching jumpsuit, flannel, 50's shades, Bose headphones, pepper spray, towel. Done.
  • cindymwilliams2: cindymwilliams2: Tips to Keep Yourself Hair Free and Bikini Ready During the Hot Summer Months
  • Bikinibathingsu: Bikinibathingsu: Getting A Brazilian Wax
  • nijasaidwhat_: nijasaidwhat_: me too but i didn't wanna go by myself RT @_PrettyNPinkMac: I wanna get a brazilian bikini wax'
  • BODYSLAM: BODYSLAM: RT @arlenejames: Getting ready for @BODYSLAM Beach Party tomorrow. Got my bikini packed right next to my wrasslin boots. Its gonna be a great show!
  • nwaonfire: nwaonfire: RT @arlenejames: Getting ready for @BODYSLAM Beach Party tomorrow. Got my bikini packed right next to my wrasslin boots. Its gonna be a great show!
  • Raechelie: Raechelie: Bali is probably the only place in Indonesia where you can walk around with a bikini and no one will think you're crazy.
  • CindyWilliams69: CindyWilliams69: Tips to Keep Yourself Hair Free and Bikini Ready During the Hot Summer Months
  • megans__world: megans__world: @valerie_g @kyrst1103 I took my boss hostage with a bikini
  • RavenLashay: RavenLashay: RT @Ramanyyy: Patrick from bikini bottom #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney with that new single called "Im not a star"
  • Angelface41: Angelface41: "@freakzappeal: Lady Gaga's Bikini Body"She looks great!
  • arlenejames: arlenejames: Getting ready for @BODYSLAM Beach Party tomorrow. Got my bikini packed right next to my wrasslin boots. Its gonna be a great show!
  • TanyaLove1: TanyaLove1: RT @SPOCOM: SpoCom Hawaii anyone interested in participating in the go-go contest or bikini contest, please hit me ...
  • SPOCOM: SPOCOM: SpoCom Hawaii anyone interested in participating in the go-go contest or bikini contest, please hit me up at [email protected]
  • Cloth_Shopping: Cloth_Shopping: Cloth Shopping Online - Joe Boxer Junior's Braided Side Panel Bikini. Read it now at
  • C3RTIFIED_BOSS: C3RTIFIED_BOSS: RT @Mcneil_201: Patrick from Bikini Bottom #IsNowSignedToYoungMoney . His debut album: "I'm Not A Star"
  • itsjustroyce: itsjustroyce: RT @CourtneyStodden: Throwin on a white string bikini, fluffy light up bunny ears, 7in heels, & a rhinestone bow tie while bakin cookies. Don't Put It On Me Girl
  • _LimitEdition: _LimitEdition: RT @Orangekid15: Have you always that why Mr.Crab live in Bikini Bottom for??? #Jus Think About It! Lol
  • JazzyTravelSize: JazzyTravelSize: RT @GodMadeTone: It's wetter than Bikini Bottom out here lol
  • malinelonana: malinelonana: #bikini #anniversary #blackfriday #cybermonday

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  • “Bikini – Podictionary Word of the Day. permalink. Posted on Thursday, June 4th, 2009 at 8:39 am. Standard Podcast [3:29m]: Play Now | Play in Popup of the fad and introduced their skimpier style swimsuit and named it a bikini on the theory that it was going to attract as much attention as”
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