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  • BioShock is a first-person shooter video game developed by 2K for the Xbox 360 and PS3 gaming consoles as well as for the PC. In it, players assume the role of a lone survivor who stumbles upon the entrance to Rapture, a failed underwater utopia. — “BioShock”,
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  • View BioShock video game trailers, exclusive features, and online reviews. View exclusive interviews, actual BioShock gameplay and more. — “BioShock - ”,
  • BioShock for PC - GameSpot offers reviews, previews, cheats, and more. Count on us for all of the latest on the BioShock Computer Game. — “BioShock for PC - GameSpot”,
  • Learn about Bioshock on . Find info and videos including: How to Play Bioshock, How to Use the Bioshock camera, Bioshock PC Problems and much more. — “Bioshock - ”,
  • User-created article for the video game BioShock. Includes gameplay details, storyline, game development, and links. — “BioShock - Wikipedia”,
  • BioShock Xbox 360 at GameSpy - Check out the latest BioShock cheats, cheat codes, walkthroughs, guides, videos and more!. — “BioShock - Xbox 360 - GameSpy”, xbox360
  • GameStop: Buy Bioshock, Take 2 Interactive, Playstation 3, Find release dates, customer reviews, previews and screenshots. — “Bioshock for Playstation 3 | GameStop”,
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  • If you're a PC Gamer who has brought immeasurable amounts of shame upon yourself and your immediate family by having not played BioShock yet, then you can rectify your terrible mistake for just $1.99 today, thanks to a Games for Windows weekend sale. Continue Reading. — “Bioshock | Joystiq”,
  • Buy BioShock,Cheap BioShock 2,BioShock Xbox 360,BioShock PS3, Best Video Game (Page 1). — “BioShock,BioShock 2,BioShock Xbox 360,BioShock PS3:”,
  • Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. BioShock (2013) Action | Horror | Sci-Fi - In Production. Own the rights? Add a poster. Not yet released (voting begins after release) A plane crash survivor falls into the ocean and discovers an underwater city fallen from grace. — “BioShock (2013) - IMDb”,
  • Gaming magazine offers videos, screenshots, message boards, and news for the PC version of BioShock. — “PC: BioShock - IGN”,
  • BioShock Wiki is a comprehensive database for the ''BioShock'' video game series. The wiki is dedicated to preserving all information related to the worlds of Rapture and Columbia, including characters, enemies, weapons, items, walkthroughs and. — “The BioShock Wiki - BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite”,
  • 1UP is the best BioShock for PC resource, with reviews, trailers, cheats, walkthroughs, and more. — “PC: BioShock - 1UP”, 1
  • BioShock is the Genetically-Enhanced, First-Person Shooter. — “BioShock”, 2
  • Review site offering various sources for reviews of the Xbox 360 version of BioShock with an overall metascore and rating from users. — “360: BioShock - Metacritic”,
  • This week, The Escapist's Zero Punctuation reviews BioShock. — “Zero Punctuation : BioShock”,
  • Publisher: 2K Games Developer: Irrational Games, 2K Marin, Feral Interactive Modes: Single player Genre: Computer role-playing game, Adventure, First-person Shooter, Horror, Science fiction, Survival horror game,. — “BioShock Videos - Metacafe”,

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  • BioShock Video Review IGN gives a full review to the water-logged title.
  • BioShock Soundtrack Main theme (The Ocean On His Shoulders) BioShock Soundtrack Main theme (The Ocean On His Shoulders). Game; BioShock. Xbox360 and PC If you want that i upload more songs of the album of BioShock the game, just tell me!
  • E3 09: Bioshock 2 Trailer E3 09 has given us many wonderful videogame gifts, but not all are as great as this all gameplay trailer for Bioshock 2. Step into the boots of a Big Daddy, fire up your drill arm and enjoy the show. Go to G4 for more!
  • Bioshock For Xbox 360 - G4 A revolutionary FPS that goes beyond "run and gun corridors," "monster-closet AIs" and creates a living, unique and unpredictable world. For More Coverage Of Bioshock Go Here: g4
  • Bioshock - All 3 Alternate Endings Achieved depending on how you choose to play the game. Edit (25/9/08) - I'm getting tired of the 'what's the difference' and 'there is no difference' remarks regarding Endings 2 and 3. Anyone with eyes can see that they are visually identical, however (as stated in the video between 2 and 3) there is a difference in the tone of narration, 2 is angry while 3 is sad. Anyone who is not deaf or does not have broken speakers should be able to pick up on this, otherwise you're lost! Ok fine this is a small difference and the game writers could have probably put in more effort to distinguish them more. Nevertheless they are still different endings in their own right because they have been achieved by playing Bioshock in a different way. If you get the sad ending (Ending 3) then you saved some little sisters but probably killed a few out of curiosity, so the narrator is sad that you gave in to temptation. But if you get the angry voice ending (Ending 2) you have probably rampaged your way through the game killing every little sister you came across with a big smile on your face as you plan which plasmid you'll get next, so the narrator is angry that you have been so selfish and greedy. Edit 11/2/2010 - Over 1 million views - thanks for watching!
  • Bioshock Infinite,Columbia In Minecraft Pt1 We based everything off of the Screenshots, Trailer, and imagination+ some Concept Art. Now go watch Part2 We worked on this for about 2 weeks, Decided to post the first video. Credits to.. Purplehistory Whylife Ibiinky DMPuffy Pkplox Smallishone(Sorry I forgot to mention you in the credits) Hutch Sawrge Soviet Russia Danp(Forgot to mention you as well) mR_sammy (Landscape) Enjoy, and remember, We have no idea what the final version of columbia will look like, this was purely for fun, and I will post more vids as it progresses.
  • GF Bioshock Non gamer GF is back and under the sea! BIOSHOCK *MAY CONTAIN SOME EARLY SPOILERS* (mostly level Arcadia) GF started a game in Bioshock a few months ago and has returned to it. This is very impressive as she is terrified of the game! *Contains swearing!* Acoustic Music played by the GF Other music from the fantastic Bioshock orchestral Score See the original GF TF2 at part 2
  • BioShock - Introduction The BioShock intro to Rapture.
  • BIOSHOCK FULL PC GAMEPLAY some cool scenes of me playing this game.
  • Bioshock Movie Update - Follow Us! Gore Verbinsky provides new details on the BioShock Movie. We have the update next. Welcome to Clevver Movies. I'm Amanda Janner with your BioShock update. When we first heard about the video game movie BioShock, the film was planned for a 2010 release. But budgetary issues have substantially delayed the film's progress. Universal put the brakes on the project to reduce its estimated cost of $160 million. When they moved the production's starting location from LA to London, Gore Verbinsky jumped ship from the director's chair to a producing role, leaving Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to take the helm. With his work on the animated movie Rango, Verbinsky couldn't commit to an overseas schedule. Well now, Verbinsky tells reporters why the film still hasn't gone into production. It seems they're still struggling with the budget, while trying to keep the film true to the video game. As an underwater horror film with a hard R-rating, Verbinsky says it will be an expensive movie to make. So for now, BioShock is still in pre-production. As always, we want to hear from you. So leave us a line in the comments section below. Thanks for watching Clevver Movies, and stay right here for the latest movie updates.
  • BioShock 2 Multiplayer Interview!! (Kill em and take pics!!!!) Be sure to let us know what you thought about the first one and what you think about the sequel!!----- We got our hands on BioShock Multiplayer and it was sooo fun. Then we got a chance to do this unexpected interview. Also make sure to 5 star us for our ADD cameraman Charles for moving so much ;) Be sure to subscribe to see more of the awesome stuff we saw at CES.
  • Bioshock halloween This is me and my daughter as bioshock. Side note: daughter saying Scaaawy is off camera and is the youngest, who was also a little sister. disclaimer: no little sisters were harvested in the making of this video or when walking rapture looking for treats...
  • Bioshock- Hunting the big daddy video The new Bioshock gameplay video. Is this awesome, or what?
  • Classic Game Room HD - BIOSHOCK review Part 1 Part 1. Classic Game Room HD reviews the amazing BIOSHOCK. This version of the game is for the Xbox 360. This review should also cover the Playstation 3 PS3 release, so this video should excite everyone about Bioshock by reviewing the game, audio and amazing adventure contained within. PS3, PC or Xbox 360, Bioshock is awesome! Bioshock is a first person shooter style FPS game that sinks your character into an amazing underwater city called Rapture. Who are you, why are you there, what's up with this messed up place and how do I get out?? All things you'll learn in Bioshock. Classic Game Room reviews Bioshock with a close attention to detail because Bioshock has an amazing attention to detail. The music is stunning, the graphics thrust you into a crumbling 1930's era art deco environment and the voice acting is top notch... not to mention the awesome story and incredible gameplay. You wield a variety of weapons like pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers and crossbows in Bioshock, but it is not a standard first person shooter like Halo 3 or Resistance Fall of Man. Bioshock vs those other games is not the same, Bioshock on Xbox or PS3 is an experience wrapped around a FPS (presumably, we haven't played the PS3 version but imagine it to be similar to the 360). Do you want to learn how to defeat and beat Big Daddy's, save the little sisters and bring down Andrew Ryan? This isn't a walkthrough or playalong with Bioshock, this is a review, but shold give you an idea of the ...
  • Bio Shock 2 - Big Sister Trailer [HQ] Developer: 2K Games Release: 11/30/2009 Genre: FPS Platform: PS3/X360/PC Publisher: 2K Games The game takes place during the fall of Rapture; players take on the role of a Plasmid test subject for Sinclair Solutions, the provider of Plasmids and Tonics in the underwater city of Rapture from the original BioShock. Players will have to use all of the tools from BioShock in order to survive the in the newly transformed and refined multiplayer experience.
  • Bioshock Trailer
  • BioShock 2 Video First Look See how Rapture's evolved in 2K Marin's sequel.
  • BioShock 2 Launch Trailer The launch trailer is a realization of the elements that BioShock 2 fans have been clamoring for. Breathtaking action set against the backdrop of a decaying underwater Utopia provides players with the slice of Rapture that awaits them next week. For more on BioShock 2, go here: g4
  • Bioshock 2: Part 1 of 5: Senior Character Designer Bioshock 2: Art of the Game Part 1 of 5 with rest of episodes exclusively on Xbox Live and on Zune. Search for Art of The Game in the Zune Gamer TV section on Xbox Live to download the full series! In the first episode of the five-part Art of the Game series about the making of BioShock 2, 2K Marin senior character designer Collin Fix reveals how his own personal art style was a perfect marriage with what the creative director Jordan Thomas was looking to achieve in the sequel. See how the Big Sister evolved from the inspiration of a little girl with broken wings into the formidable foe you will face in the game. Collin also discusses the new Splicer class called the Brutes and how they are like previous Splicers on steroids. ------------------------------------------ Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high Bioshock 2 Bio Shock 2 Shock Irrational Games 2K UPC 710425315510 MPN 39553 splicers big sister Art of the Game AotG Senior Character Designer Collin Fix colin ficks Jordan Thomas jorden tomas
  • Bioshock 2 - Capture a Sister Trailer New trailer showing off the new multiplayer mode called Capture the Sister. See more IGN videos at
  • Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams - Teaser (Game Trailer HD) BIOSHOCK 2 : The teaser trailer for Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams.
  • BioShock: Developer Commentary Irrational Games shows a 15 minute demonstration based on the Xbox 360 build narrated by President and Lead Designer Ken Levine
  • Bioshock Soundtrack: 02 Welcome to Rapture Track 2 from the official Bioshock soundtrack. The entire soundtrack was free to download from the official Bioshock website for several weeks following the game's release but is no longer available.
  • Bioshock Intro ...
  • BioShock - PS3 Launch Trailer (Game Trailer HD) Barely surviving a plane crash, the player lands in icy uncharted waters and discovers an undersea city called Rapture, a failed utopia whose citizens had embraced genetic engineering before the city descended into pure anarchy. Power and greed have run amok and the city has succumbed to civil war. Fans have embraced BioShocks mysterious world filled with powerful technology and fascinating characters. BioShock is also renowned for its rich visual detail depicting a gorgeous Art Deco world set deep beneath the sea.
  • BioShock - Gameplay Little gameplay of BioShock.
  • Bioshock Gameplay: Andrew Ryan Plot Twist WARNING: Extreme Spoilers The players confrontation with Andrew Ryan, the founder of Rapture, about 2/3 into the game as well as the segment leading up to it. Do not watch if you haven't played Bioshock yet and don't want the plot ruined for you! Also you might notice a jump in the movie about half-way through, the original recording became de-synchronized with sound and video so I just re-recorded that particular scene and continued where the original left off. You're not missing anything! Playing the game on Hard on my computer, recorded using FRAPS. For those asking for a brighter version with the Atlas speech, here you go: Still fairly dark, but I can't do much about that, it's a dark scene! But I did turn up the brightness a fair bit and adjust my settings some so it'll hopefully be easier to see for those with darker monitors than my own. Enjoy!
  • Classic Game Room HD - BIOSHOCK 2 review Classic Game Room HD reviews BIOSHOCK 2 for Xbox 360, also for Playstation 3 PS3. Return to Rapture as a Big Daddy and tear the place apart with a drill, minigun and new Plasmids! Fans of the original will enjoy this one because it's more of the same but more of the same is fine by me as long as it's Bioshock. While CGR has a few gripes and complaints, I dig this game like a ditch and welcome any adventure in Rapture. This CGR review of Bioshock 2 has gameplay from Bioshock 2 for Xbox 360 (and PS3 is similar) showing Bioshock 2 game play during the reviewing process of the review of Bioshock 2 as it is reviewed.
  • Exclusive! Bioshock Movie Trailer Juan Carlos Fresnadillio (28 Weeks Later) will be directing the REAL movie. In 2008 I posted this imaginary trailer for what a Bioshock movie might look like. Movie clips I used: "City of Lost Children," "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," "Casshern" "Dark City," "Cast Away," "James Cameron's Aliens of the Deep, An IMAX Film," "iRobot," "Silent Hill," "Artificial Intelligence." No deception implied, just some fun, inventive speculation.
  • Bioshock 2 Video Preview We take you back to Rapture.
  • BioShock 2 Review Read the full review at xbox360 - 2K Marin makes its mark with a big, metal boot.
  • Playthrough for BioShock welcome to rapture part1 Playthrough by tolkki32 Let's start the BioShock what everybody wants me to do.
  • Bioshock 2 Xbox 360 9 Minute Walkthrough High Quality an ign walk through of bioshock 2 on the xbox 360. no copyright infringement intended.
  • BioShock Infinite - Gameplay Name: BioShock Infinite Release date: To Be Announced Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Publisher(s): 2K Games Developer(s): Irrational Games
  • BioShock In Five Minutes See more IGN videos at - The story of Rapture, really fast.
  • Bioshock Infinite Debut Trailer [HD] Bioshock Infinite Debut Trailer [HD] Developer: IrrationalGames Release: 2011 Genre: FPS Platform: PS3/X360 Publisher: 2K Games Website: BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter currently in development at Irrational Games, the studio behind the original BioShock (which sold over 4 million units worldwide). Set in 1912, BioShock Infinite introduces an entirely new narrative and gameplay experience that lifts players out of the familiar confines of Rapture and rockets them to Columbia, an immense city in the sky. Former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt has been sent to rescue Elizabeth, a young woman imprisoned in Columbia since childhood. Booker develops a relationship with Elizabeth, augmenting his abilities with hers so the pair may escape from a city that is literally falling from the sky. DeWitt must learn to fight foes in high-speed Sky-Line battles, engage in combat both indoors and amongst the clouds, and harness the power of dozens of new weapons and abilities. Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: Bioshock Infinite Debut Trailer [HD] machinima videogame video game games xbox360 xbox 360 microsoft playstation 3 ps3 playstation3 sony computer ...
  • BioShock 2 Preview Diving into detail about how Rapture has evolved. Read the full preview at ps3
  • Bioshock Launch Trailer The trailer that debuted on August 12 on Spike TV with the annoucement of a Bioshock Demo to be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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