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  • We found 17 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word blistery: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "blistery" is defined. General (14 matching dictionaries) blistery: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of blistery - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Hi, Can gasoline cause blisters if it contacts your skin?like a chemical burn or red blistery rash? Hi, Can gasoline cause blisters if it contacts your skin?like a chemical burn or red blistery rash?. — “Hi, Can gasoline cause blisters if it contacts your skin?like”,
  • Definition of blistery in the Medical Dictionary. blistery explanation. Information about blistery in Free online English dictionary. What is blistery? Meaning of blistery medical term. What does blistery mean?. — “blistery - definition of blistery in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • I'd like to ask what "blistery weather" implies in the following context: Not like the blistery weather you are now experiencing on the surface, where there are huge amounts of snow and ferocious winds pounding on your body and buildings. — “blistery weather”, english-
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective blistery has 2 meanings: Meaning #1 : hot enough to raise. — “blistery: Information from ”,
  • Interestingly, by1 -- the mutant allele of the gene blistery (by) -- also shows a blistered wing phenotype, but fails to complement the wing blister phenotype of the Drosophila tensin mutants, implying that they are alleles of the same gene. — “blistery”,
  • Stupendously Long Commute on a Blistery Winter Morning. I knew it was not going to be a It was blistery cold and windy standing on the concrete platform. — “Train Stopping: Stupendously Long Commute on a Blistery”,
  • Definition of blistery from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of blistery. Pronunciation of blistery. Definition of the word blistery. Origin of the word blistery. — “blistery - Definition of blistery at ”,
  • Definition of Blistery in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Blistery. Pronunciation of Blistery. Translations of Blistery. Blistery synonyms, Blistery antonyms. Information about Blistery in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Blistery - definition of Blistery by the Free Online”,
  • Causes and diagnosis of medical symptom Blistery with references to diagnosis, testing, and other symptoms. — “Blistery - ”,
  • Blistery pimples . Hi,I have gone on the pill 3 months ago and started getting a patch of blistery pimple like things on the side of my face and side of chin, I did get some cortozone cream to try and fix it but they went away for a bit (not all. — “Acne and Skin Disorders Forum - Blistery pimples”,
  • I woke up with the rash the day after I washed some towels I had used while boating about 2 weeks earlier. I also noticed that sand from the beach (which was in the towel) was also in my bed, where I laid the laundry before I washed it. I am. — “I have a blistery rash on my leg...any advice? I woke up with”,
  • Blistery - Example Usage. Emmalong1390: Morning Blistery chills. Hedonia: @urbanstomach I sorta liked Blistery better. :) Doobydum: Despite Blistery feet, random rainy weather and a 18-2 loss, Clowntown totally was the coolest nd bst dressed team out there @ netball 2day!. — “Blistery - Define Blistery at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • My buddy nancita sent me an interesting article featuring images of a female artist who has a skin condition called dermatographia. This means that her skin frequently breaks out into red, itchy and sometimes blistery hives. The hives are caused. — “Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: Skin Art”,
  • Blistery definition, having blisters, as paint or glass. See more. — “Blistery | Define Blistery at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Blistery - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • 2010 This Year in Baseball Awards. 2010 MLB Awards. Opinion. 2010 Events. Photo Galleries on your iPhone & iPod Touch. on your Apple iPad. on Your BlackBerry. — “Kerry Wood Stats, Bio, Photos, Highlights | : Team”,
  • blistery (comparative more blistery, superlative most blistery) This page was last modified on 10 April 2007, at 21:28. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See. — “blistery - Wiktionary”,
  • Expert articles, personal stories, blogs, Q&A, news, local resources, pictures, video and a supportive community. Blistery - Health Knowledge Made Personal. — “Blistery - a comprehensive view - Wellsphere”,
  • Chickenpox (varicella) is a common and extremely infectious childhood disease that also occasionally affects adults. It produces an itchy, blistery rash that typically lasts about a week and is sometimes accompanied by a fever or other symptoms. — “Chickenpox Information on Healthline”,

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  • Tryout To Blistery Crew | 5aindr1ft [ Accept ] this is my app to blistery crew.wish me luck ignore tags : patodr1ft ilusion necroshade nakamura bc blisterycrew KassiKDoriftar shadowdriftar96 Shady Shadou uknowus3r Gtajonata KaiiJaiie R30 5ain SAMP drift dreeft
  • Appclip for Blistery Crew By Luis hope you like it ;o
  • Blistery Badman, Fumey, Reaper ...
  • How to Knit a Scarf: Double Basket Weave 1 of 2 Watch Onix Terevinto show you how to knit a scarf with a double basket weave. Not only is this scarf stylish, but it's the perfect accessory for a blistery winter. For more tutorials, tips and all things knitting, please visit
  • How to Strip a Broken Umbrella Has the blistery rain storm just broken your favorite umbrella and you just can't bear to throw it away? No worries! You can send it to Recycling Zychal! This tutorial describes how to strip the nylon off of the metal frame work of a broken umbrella in order to send it inexpensively, to Recycling Zychal HQ in Philadelphia, PA to then be upcycled into something new. Recycling Zychal turns broken umbrellas into chic, stylish, functional softgoods and apparel for people and pets. For more information, please visit our website: or feel free to message me with any questions!
  • Darkness with the Angel I was inspired by the hurt and pain in my life to create a video to express how I feel and how others may feel as well. I found this great poem that speaks volumes to the souls on a journey alone. Through betrayal, loss,depression and all the other torrents of cold blistery winds that this life puts us through it's hard to just ignore them. I wanted this video to express my pain and hopefully others as well. I also found Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" to inspire and fitting for this video. Please respect the direction in which this video comes from, and hopefully you will find expression of your own pain in this video. ***the pictures in this are not mine, I do not claim ownership of them or the song***
  • Itchy!!!!! [EDIT: since i made this video i'd been to the docs and they said it was PUPPPs and gave me steriod cream, which superheated on my skin and left me with 3rd degree burn looking weeping horribly painful and itchy blisters all over my legs and stomach, bum and back. it was even on the souls of my feet! FOR PEOPLE SUFFERING WITH PUPPPS - SUDOCREME and Bandages! It was the ONLY hing that took the sting and itch out of my rashes. I lathered on the sudocreme (nappy rash cream) and then put 'tubeygrips' as we scots call them (the kind of bandages you'd get for a sprain) over them. I looked like a proper ancient egyptian mummy, lol, but it was worth it for the pain relief. ] 4 Days PostPartum. My rash has turned into an explosion of itchy, blistery, firey, scratchy, irritating, burning, scabby, horrendous looking boily type blisters and has spread all over my entire stomach, both legs and feet [soles included], both arms, one hand and bum. Not happy :'( I can't take anything for it either as i'm breast feeding - the things i'm going through for this boy... i tell ye. Yet i just have to look at him sucking away and it is ALL so very worth it. :D x
  • Nicolette & Bruce : Edmonton Wedding An outdoor ceremony with reception following at the Edmonton Derrick Golf & Winter Club - the ceremony even included their dog summer as the ring bearer. Gorgeous fall colors added warmth to the room on this blistery autumn day.
  • Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat - Cherry Kingdom (Platinum) Man, what a drastic change. From the blistery days of winter, to the blistery days of summer... although the latter should only happen if you get burned.
  • Blister Beast on the Tonight Show This oozing lava-like creature toy is exploding on the Tonight Show in all its blistery bubbling glory. Gross, but kinda cool.
  • GTA SA: AKADE - Tryout To Blistery Crew.[ACCEPT]
  • Shaquille O'Neal and Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander in New York Shaquille O'Neal and Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander kissed for the paparazzi outside the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN. It appears that they wanted to announce to the world that they're a couple. Despite the blistery cold, Shaq signed a few autographs for fans before hopping in his stretch limousine.
  • Blistery winds at Vail 10350' high. In Eagle's Nest just before skiing onto the Game Trail into the Game Creek Bowl
  • Jerry Rider: Standing Up for Short Bus January 25, 2009. It was a blistery, windless night, and a delicate fog of anxious anticipation had fallen over The Hotel Scottsdale. Even the beneficiary of the forthcoming charity extravaganza was visibly concerned about how the events of the evening were going to unfold. A crowd of handsome drunkards and hysterical buffoons had gathered in support of the inimitable Steve Krause and the inebriated throng had no idea of what was yet to unfold. The show began with a veritable smorgasbord of hilarity. It was then that I valiantly took the stage and began to spray my comedy into the face of the unsuspecting audience... In all seriousness, this was a great show for a great cause and I'm honored that I was able to be a part of it.
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Magic Kingdom Come along as we join Pooh on a very blistery day!! You even get to ride in a jar of honey!
  • Blistery, Revolver pt 2 ..
  • Spray Painting Styrofoam - A Horrible Blistery Nightmare! Can I spray paint Styrofoam Centerpieces? How can I decorate Styrofoam without ruining it? Tips and Tricks for painting Styrofoam. Pink Styrofoam, blue Styrofoam, and white Styrofoam all melt from Spray Paint.
  • Morning Pink - song always A dear friend was describing how she like beautiful flowers, and scenes of landscapes, and how that a pink sky seem to clear her senses and make them keen, so I threw this little video together so she could have pink skies any time she like. Hope you all and her especially enjoy the morning cool blistery sunrises it take to make such a beautiful masterpiece, I was delighted to find under the definition for sunrise, it gave daybreak or dayspring, kind of like first day of the rest of your life with a spring full of help getting you there. It is my greatest delight to see someone walk away from my videos with a smile on their face and warm spot in their heart. Please let us know if we've touched that part of you that makes today a better day, if not I've failed. enjoy!
  • New in Town Movie Review The wintry New Ulm, Minnesota is the setting of the film New in Town. But this supposed warm romantic comedy left me cold like its arctic backdrop. Renee Zelwegger stars as Lucy Hill, an ambitious female executive based in Miami. Shes trying desperately to climb the corporate ladder so when the opportunity arrives for her to ascend, she gladly takes it. But that opportunity will make Lucy move from the warm Miami to the blistery cold New Ulm. Whats a tropical girl to do? Written by Kenneth Rance and C. Jay Cox, the script is so steeped with Minnesota clichés that I felt bad for its inhabitants. All the residents talk like Frances McDormands character, Marge Gunderson, in Fargo. Incidentally, Lucys assistant in the film is named Blanche Gunderson (Siobhan Fallon Hogan). Is this the filmmakers homage to the far better Fargo? In New Ulm, Lucy must learn to work with the employees of her company, Munck Foods. Theres the foreman Stu Kopenhafer (the underused JK Simmons) and the union representative Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick Jr.). It doesnt take a rocket scientist to predict that Lucy will fall in love with Ted, the town, and the residents. But the journey from the start to the end of the film is not without its merits. I adore Zelwegger as an actress. Her charisma and comedic timing shine through most parts of New in Town. My two favorite funny scenes with her involve some tricky incidents about genitalia that they would have been hard to pull off ...
  • Blistery Revolver .
  • Visit to the Alpaca Farm! On one of the most blistery-cold days of the year, what would you and YOUR friends go do? Stay inside by a warm fire? OF COURSE NOT! You would go to an Alpaca farm to learn all about the fun and exciting ways of the Alpacas, and try spinning some of their fur as well. Well, thats what I did at least! I hope you all enjoy this video, I'm going to start making a lot more in the near future! :]
  • Driving the supra[Short] Car by: Takata Line by: Avail fx: newbluefx looks display: i51 TAGS: gaming "video game" games short driving atlanta drive georgia "short film" reborn birmingham road alabama gameplay driver safety traffic drivers highway cars marietta jim seat athens savannah rpg duluth while macon pelham freeway license drives augusta roswell "atlanta georgia" range psa mountain decatur Nothing GTA Drift GTA[Dw] [Dw] Server [Nw] GTAjonata drift drifting samping samp drifter world nos mix nitro nós 0.3b 0.3a 0.3c r1 r2 r3 nrg elegy [Dw] GTA SAN ANDREAS ONLINE DRIFT MAX ANGLE FRAPS PATODR1FT TWIN ELEGY DORIFTO 2011 HAAAAA patodr1ft Line Drift s13 by jinn sa-mp sk8patosk8 color correction 1337 Dw Nw Blistery Crew
  • Animation Lookback: Walt Disney Animation Studios part 5 Here's, once again, what I talk about in this part: -The Jungle Book (1967) -Walt Disney's Death -The Aristocats (1970) -Robin Hood (1973) -The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) If you guys enjoy this and the other videos, come and join the Animation Lookback page on Facebook here:
  • Rockefeller Center Skating Rockefeller Center Skating on a cold blistery day RK Productions
  • It's a Blistery Day! A friend of mine just moved from TX to TN and this is the fist snow she has seen in 35 years.
  • The Old Baby Show - Season 1 The Old Baby Show - Season 1 Starring/Directed by Captain Funeral and The Boarlord Edited by Osaka Entrails Produced by Gary Opening music: Summer Beard Also includes the song Vaginal Tractor Pull Through Raw Sewage from the Vagical Blistery Whore CD, 2011 Grime Machine All songs by Old Baby
  • Tryout for Blistery Crew Wish me luck dudes xD thanks to - black and keks ;p ;d
  • Blistery Crew Appclip [FINALLY][CLICK TO SEE PINKYD GET OWNED BY A CAT] tnx to avail for teaching me how to remove background on fire effect
  • Blistery Crew Application | by Black hope u like it blistery,guys :)
  • Blistery Fish - Black Ops Game Clip Game Clip
  • Pokemon Battle Revolution - 13 April 10 "A Blistery Situation" Hey guys and girls. I know that I said I wouldnt be uploading from this computer anymore but I had this battle the other day and I just wanted to get it up! This will be my final upload from this computer. I will not be posting any more videos until I get my new computer on Monday. This team I have here is brand new! I came up with the idea of a sandstorm team about 2 weeks ago and since then I have been training my butt off trying to complete the team. Now this team is not so much on what sandstorm does to my pokemon but to my opponents. There is only one pokemon on my side that benefits positively from the effects of sandstorm. Now as for the pokemon. Please dont comment on Agility being on Empoleon I was trying out a different moveset and forgot to replace it with the standard Swords Dance lol! This battle was hard for me. I had to predict correctly as I knew that Abomasnow would be brought along. The trouble is can I predict correctly in order to pull off a win? Wait and see. Enjoy the battle and I will gladly answer any questions you guys have. I use: Empoleon, Hippowdon, Cacturne & Flygon Opponent used: Rotom, Bronzong, Abomasnow & Starmie *DISCLAIMER* - I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHT TO THE SONG. THE RIGHT S BELONG TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST! Song used BlazBlue OST - Blazblue OST - Awakening The Chaos (V-13 s Theme) Artist Uknown at this stage
  • Blistery ft si-kik - unknown number unknown number remix
  • Action at Aldershot Catch a CN local, VIA train and GO train all at Aldershot station on a blistery December afternoon. Filmed with: osrx1 - RailfanWaterloo -
  • Camp Lake St Joseph Ontario Canada Fly-In Fishing Q, Smitty, and Ron set off a drive in adventure to CSJ located on Lake St. Joseph in Ontario, CA to do some fishing for a week. Weather when we arrived was in the 60F but dropped 2 days later to highs in the 30's and snowing. Old grand-dad walleye was caught on this day of intense cold and blistery winds. A big lake with some great fishing holes and great wild life scenery.
  • THRUSTER PROJECT GOES QUAD Thruster project episode 3. Snow pretty much down to sea level in a blistery southerly lead more time to work on a next vid, after being out and about all morning. Plus it was way too cold to windsurf!. Trying to emphasise in this vid that before you rig your gear at the beach you no longer have to worry or decide what size sail to rig... instead worry about what fin setup to use!!!! Oh yea, and the quad is revealed and ready. STOCKED!!!!
  • Jay's Vlog - Sorry Blister Preview? Jay has blistery feet. and he's been busy. so he's here to let you guys know he's still making videos and he's been quite busy. so subscribe, friend and follow on tumblr! just search philliflippy ;]
  • How to Knit a Scarf: Double Basket Weave 2 of 2 Watch Onix Terevinto show you how to knit a scarf with a double basket weave. Not only is this scarf stylish, but it's the perfect accessory for a blistery winter. Missed part 1 of this video? See it here: For more tutorials, tips and all things knitting, please visit
  • James Wright: On a Blistery Day [LIVE] On a Blistery Day
  • blistery spittin barz
  • chasingnikki: sore, blistery feet. signs of a good night.
  • rlwalker1: @uknesvuinng I think this WAS masking tape...with super glue! I have a blood blistery looking spot in the crease of my arm!
  • maddyrayne03: True friendship: massaging anothers blistery feet @shannonstat
  • terra_walker: @LoganZoltan ew! 4 hours? YUCK! I'm sorry you have to do that. I had to do that for a time. :) big hug from blistery PHX
  • TheAntiM: I seem to have a medical condition under which I have weird little blistery bumps on the ends of some of my fingers. #WhatTheHell
  • thomasdenneytn: My fingers are blistery to say the least
  • 68share: What are some of the Common Cold Sore Causes?: Anyone who has ever endured a inflamed, blistery sore on their li...
  • 68share: What are some of the Common Cold Sore Causes?: Anyone who has ever endured a inflamed, blistery sore on their li...
  • hipcheckhamhuis: Blistery and gloomy looking day today. The clouds are out. It's pretty chilly. Very un-summer-esque weather.
  • Greenwitchlady: Off to do a week walk and gather plantain. Found out I'm allergic to the seed I put in the bird feeder. Right hand is a blistery mess.
  • Roxyy_J: @mingxiwoo ahahaa, what are we like?? xD Fooking hurts though >.< *lifts up wet towel* AHHHHHH IT'S GONE BLISTERY! D:
  • ChristyRae75: Still traveling back from Christy & Amiee's angry, sweaty, blistery tour of our nation's capital. U2 show was amazing 2 more in next 10 days
  • AoifeGr: Blistery feet FTW. I'd love the see a guy wear a pair of heels for a night, just for the reaction.
  • LalalaEvarlyn: My dog's with me and I'm so cold. BRRR. Hello blistery Friday morning.
  • STEAMYOWANGE: Oww:( holding baby is KILLING my sunburn. He keeps scratching at the huge blistery part and it hurts so freakin bad. :(
  • Hannah_JLS04: I now have a red blistery kinda thing on my neck :(
  • eliesheva: @mominisrael it's very much blistery... just one, before the diaper starts. I'm guessing it's diaper related or the seatbelt was hot.
  • Joshthebrocorso: RT @YasmeenShh: I just stubbed my blistery bloody toe. Fucccccck. I hate shoes and objects that get in the way of my feet.
  • YasmeenShh: I just stubbed my blistery bloody toe. Fucccccck. I hate shoes and objects that get in the way of my feet.
  • LindseyJay: Solar Dermatitis SUCKS. Covered in red blistery spots AGAIN. FML. #ILoveTheSunAndTheSunUsedToLoveMe #MedicalMystery
  • Vell_30: @Miss_JoJo_23 with my blistery feet :(
  • whitMN: Day 3 in NYC: Have broken in 2 pairs of new shoes! Also, new shoes + walking city = blistery fail. #LessonLearned
  • UrBarbieDoll_xD: *blistery >:)
  • Donteatacowman: I really am a weakling. -_- I'm all shaking and blistery from 20 minutes of work. Like I've had five cups of coffee and... got blisters.
  • Keeeeeegan: I ask @becci_bailey hows the weather. She responds "It's sunny but blistery and it sometimes feels like a pigeon has peed on me. Brilliant!
  • IqyeSetan: Just finished soccer-ing and my feet are blistery. Paiin
  • BenjaminToft: Got proper blistery fingers and sweat patches going on. I know that sounds like I've been doing some furious wang exercises, but I haven't.
  • JustBriE_Z: @livefromphilly :( Neosporin and Aloe... I hope it doesn't get all blistery and scar :/

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  • “Prelude to "The Biggest Loser": We are all fat. Fatter than ever, in fact. Even Michelle Obama thinks so. Also, Bill Clinton, who himself is”
    — 'The Biggest Loser' recap: The Magical Blistery Tour - It, blog.zap2

  • “e's blog. Travel, photos, awesome people, good beer, and most of all FOOD! This is where share my experiences Blistery B'ham! While the bulk of the AEG-Toshiba-Jetnetworks Professional Cycling Team was racing in blizzard conditions at the”
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  • “Breast Cancer Discussion Forums - Access the shared knowledge of thousands of people affected by breast cancer Forum Index Forum: Lymphedema After Surgery Topic: blistery thing over knuckle?”
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  • “A single bite of this treat brings back so many wonderful childhood memories and how we spent it as a family. Amazing how a simple dessert prepared in an unusual way can bring you back to a simpler and safer time”
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  • “Sign up to be a blog reader to hear all about hair style news, trends and everything going on in the fashion world. We fell in love with their new collection of jackets and outerwear to keep us warm in the blistery Northeast winter”
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  • “ESL Forum | English Vocabulary, Grammar and Idioms. Proper uses of "in I'd like to ask what "blistery weather" implies in the following context: Here in Telos”
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  • “Blog " Back to Blog " Older Entry | Newer Entry " Blistery Day!!! Posted on December 22, 2008 at 9:40 PM. Here in Nebraska we are experiencing sub zero temps and high winds, has been like this for about 2 weeks. Temps like -11 with -37 wind chill”
    Blistery Day!!! - PlayRiteFarm,

  • “”
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  • “Welcome to . This is the website to visit to share all your rollercoaster creations. Forum Code is ON. Check here to include your profile signature. Check here to subscribe to this topic. You”
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  • “I'm lovin' Morgan's senior pictures. She was awesome to work with (on kind of a blistery day). Here's just a few from our session here in Omaha”
    — Morgan's senior pics | Lane Weddings - the blog. - Omaha,

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