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  • One day, aid agencies will brag about the bloggers they have on staff. This will happen when they realize the best aid agencies are platforms for conversations and learning. — “Dennis Whittle: Free the Aid Bloggers”,
  • toy companies are usiing mommy bloggers to help their brands go viral Mommy blogger Lori Cunningham isn't paid for writing about how to make technology simple for busy moms, but her children -- a 5-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl -- reap the benefits and look forward to the mailman arriving. — “How Mommy Bloggers Are Helping Pick the Hottest Toys of”,
  • The landing of Tu-154M in Russia's northern republic of Komi in September was hailed a miracle. The pilots were virtually flying blind, as all the But bloggers believe there is one person who should have received the honor too, and since he did not, they are now gathering money for a "people's. — “Bloggers campaign for unsung hero of miraculous crash landing”,
  • Bloggers: Dude, this is your first choice in blogger news! Get it here before it rots away man For the past 6 years I have been managing and updating — “Bloggers - News that matter to people”,
  • BLOGGERS. Community. Classifieds. Classifieds. Post Free Ad. Stuff for Sale. Cars. New. Used Bloggers. Featured Writers. Melissa Griffin. Ken Garcia. Glenn Dickey. Tim. — “Bloggers | San Francisco Examiner”,
  • DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable with Col. John Buck Surdu military deputy for the U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Commands communications-electronics center RDECOM CERDEC. He will discuss the role that research and development plays in. — “DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable Army Research and Development 11”,
  • The Iloilo Bloggers meet-up last Wednesday, June 30th at Bluejay's Coffee and Deli – Gen. The Iloilo Bloggers meet-up last Saturday, June 19th at Dulgies – La. — “Iloilo Bloggers Organization”,
  • BLOGGERS and youths celebrated winning moments with Muzic Wafer's Mimic to the Muzic Contest. The winners' announcement was made at Munchy's office in Klang recently. — “Bloggers and youths win contest”, .my
  • BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. The Some critics worry that bloggers respect neither copyright nor the. — “Blog - Wikipedia”,
  • A court in Azerbaijan has ordered the release of the second of two jailed bloggers whose case has sparked an international outcry. — “Court Orders Release Of Azerbaijani 'Donkey Bloggers' - Radio”,
  • BLOGGERS. Community. Classifieds. Classifieds. Post Free Ad. Stuff for Sale. Cars. New. Used Examiner Connect. Bloggers. Featured Writers. Michael Barone. Byron York. Timothy P. Carney. — “Bloggers | Washington Examiner”,
  • We've got a special Christmas bloggers meet up – so come and join us for a glass of Cava and a mince pie. This is a purely social event and we'll be back in the new year with something to get your blogging. — “Cardiff Bloggers Christmas Meet-up | Cardiff | ”,
  • Blogger hosts and publishes blogs for free. Create your own blog, or explore a new or notable blog. Also offers image hosting, blog updates from your mobile phone, and making blog posts from Microsoft Word. — “Blogger”,
  • Bloggers around the country will meet in Sydney in March for the first ever Aussie Bloggers Conference. These five passionate women and successful bloggers – Brenda Gaddi, Veronica Foale, Nicole Avery, Tina Gray and Karen Andrews – between them share. — “NewsMaker - Aussie Bloggers Unite for First Conference”, .au
  • Read Social media: Know your Bloggers and other PR and public relations news online. Social media: Know your Bloggers from PR Week. PR Week magazine - news and information from the PR and public relations industry. — “Social media: Know your Bloggers - PR and Public Relations”,
  • For the third year running, many health care bloggers across the country are participating in what they call a "blog rally" to focus attention on. — “Bloggers nationwide give thanks, and pose five questions”,
  • 11,000+ Mom Bloggers Strong. Join Us! Glenda Cates commented on Working Mama Julia's group 'Working Mommy Blogger Group' Hello, I am Glenda and I just completed my Blog Mommies Point of View http:// and I do reviews and giveaways if your a business. — “Mom Bloggers Club: Connect With Over 11,000 Mom Bloggers”,
  • Bloggers Community: Know the best bloggers around the world, discover them and connect yourself with this friendly bloggers community. — “Bloggers - Meet Millions of Bloggers”,
  • Parka Party - the power of bloggers. Bloggers are starting to get the credit they deserve. . A battle between journalists and bloggers began when the weblog medium started becoming popular after 2000. — “Parka Party - the power of bloggers - ”,

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  • Buchheit at Facebook Steve Gillmor talks to FriendFeed co-founder Paul Buchheit in the wake of Facebook's acquisition. Recorded Wednesday, August 19, 2009.
  • Meet the Bloggers with Henry Rollins Join in: Punk rock icon, actor, and spoken word artist Henry Rollins fills in for Cenk as host of Meet the Bloggers and talks about how FOX News and the corporate media have failed to cover the election properly, along with bloggers Jonathan Kim (), Liliana Segura () and Paul Waldman ().
  • Larry Fitzgerald takes bloggers camera & shoes in foot race Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals races a blogger for his video camera and then races him again for the new Nike Trainer1 shoes that aren't even out in stores yet.
  • Bloggers your free speech is now threatened If you simply post a police brutality video, politician's making statements video, do your own independent documentary or share any other video or picture to talk about the New World Order thebn you can be sued for copyright infringement for that. We are becoming corporate cattle slaves for the corporate factory farms. We have to stand up to Righthaven before it's tooi late for us bloggers!
  • FOX ATTACKS BLOGGERS FOX has declared war on the blogosphere and it's time to fight back!
  • Uwe "Raging" Boll challenged by 4 bloggers - Tired of the media taking jabs at his films, German film director Uwe Boll took on four of his critics in boxing ring, in Vancouver. This last match is between youngest fighter Richard Kyanka.
  • Can Bloggers Collapse the Great Firewall of China? The recent capture of protesters in China has raised questions about censorship in the country. But savvy bloggers are finding ways around Big Brother, and some say they could bring about the crumbling of the Great Firewall of China. Digital Journal - China loves crackdowns. On activists, bloggers and anyone with a dissenting opinion. And so with the Olympics only one year away, critics are now concerned about the Chinese government's censorship of the Internet and media. The government has promised Western media the freedom to report and travel around the country, but locals have not been given the same rights. In China, Internet searches filter out content not permitted by the country's "Propaganda Department", bloggers are restricted from accessing certain domains and some reports suggest Chinese citizens have even been sent to jail for speaking out against the Chinese government. In this episode of Digital Journal TV, we look into the growing concerns about the Asian giant's censorship and how savvy bloggers are now starting to evade Big Brother. Using techniques similar to North American spammers, and by connecting to computers in the West, the population of 30 million bloggers (and growing) in China are finding ways to get around censorship. And with the Olympics around the corner, the Chinese government could see an explosion of citizen journalism throughout the country; voices no longer satisfied with being smothered by political censorship. Some now say this ...
  • World Professional Blogger-Journalist Association The inaugural convention of the association for the fast-growing, one-man media blogger-journalists, 'World Professional Blogger-Journalist Association (WPBA, )', will be held at the Youido Hanwha 63city Convention Centre in Seoul, Korea, on November 17, 2008. Representing the WEB 2.0 era, bloggers have reached a total of 80 million in numbers worldwide, and their roles and influence in the society continue to expand, calling for an establishment of an association that will protect and promote the rights and interests of professional bloggers. The objectives of WPBA are to establish blogger-journalists as a professional media, promote and protect their rights and interests, present new income-generating models, and to lay the groundwork for building a network of worldwide blogger-journalists. The convention's slogan is "Open, Share, & Contribute," symbolizing WPBA's goal to satisfy worldwide consumers' rights to be aware, to know, and to share information on business, product, and market, and to protect the environment by keeping a close watch over behaviors that destroy the environment and its natural order. Furthermore, WPBA intends to contribute to the development of a global culture and society through sharing of issues and cultural contents from around the world. Fifty world-famous blogger-journalists from 30 nations representing the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and emerging nations, will attend the convention to discuss the establishment of the ...
  • Blogger Tutorial - How to Start Blogging with Blogger How to register and join the popular and free blogging service, Blogger. Step by step and through to your first post. More later.
  • Digital Pamphleteer Political writer and commentator Steve Benen blogs at as well as for and Talking Points Memo, among others. Steve talks about what his work day is like, what inspires him politically and how blogging is helping to change politics.
  • Iran: A nation of bloggers Rocketboom spotlight: Iran: A nation of bloggers by Aaron Chiesa, Toru Kageyama, Hendy Sukarya, and Lisa Temes, students the Vancouver Film School. For story links and more info visit
  • Iran mulls death penalty for offensive blogs - 24 Mar 09 The number of state-sanctioned executions almost doubled last year. A report by Amnesty International shows Iran, Saudi Arabia and China as being responsible for 90 per cent of all executions in 2008. Now, Iran is proposing a new law that could see the death sentence imposed on internet bloggers who post offensive material on the web. Al Jazeera's Nazanin Sadri reports.
  • Israel is paying internet workers to manipulate online content READ FULL DESCRIPTION: As many of you may have suspected, Israel is paying and training internet bloggers to delete, rewrite, and revise internet content to shape public opinion to Israel's benefit. Video of the Israeli-sponsored training programs have been leaked to the web (like the video here). Additionally, investigative reporters that infiltrated these groups have reported that Israelis are being trained to spread disinformation and to try to create conflicts among different religious, racial, and ethnic groups if it would benefit Israel. Some of the seminars also encouraged the workers to spread disinformation on the internet and to attempt to recruit free (unpaid) labor. For example, many of these bloggers have been trained to attempt to make friends with you by pretending that they share an interest in your favorite sports team or movie, or that they went to the same school, but they will ultimately try to recruit you to attack other groups or individuals that Israel thinks is against its national interests (eg, 'Muslims,' 'Russians,' 'Germans,' 'Latinos,' 'United Nations representatives' and 'human rights groups'). Others have been trained to personally attack, stalk, and harass anyone personally that does not agree with Israel. Not only is this type of behavior a terrible injustice to the accuracy of content (it's actually state-sponsored propaganda), it is also damaging to the public trust because people are being misguided into working as unpaid servants of a ...
  • Meet the Bloggers with Simran Sethi Live every Friday at 1pm ET: This week on Meet the Bloggers, journalist and author Simran Sethi is our guest to discuss the environment, sustainability, and Big Oil. Joining Sethi is bloggers Kevin Grandia (), Brad Johnson () and Kate Sheppard () who discuss where the Presidential candidates' stand on the environment.
  • Blogger Sweatshop In the world of the 24/7 news cycle bloggers are forced to work under horrific conditions.
  • NASA | The Smog Bloggers Has pollen got you sneezing? Wondering what's causing that mysterious afternoon haze? How do you find out what's in the air you are breathing? For the thousands of people who visit the University of Maryland Baltimore County's "Smog Blog" each day, the answer is just a web click away. The Smog Bloggers combine laser measurements of current air quality with NASA satellite data to paint a daily picture of air pollution across the US. To date, the blog has received over two million hits, and is itself a big hit with weather forecasters, astronomers, asthma sufferers, and those with just a healthy curiosity about what kinds of pollution they may be breathing in. How's US air quality right now? Go check the Smog Blog: Like our videos? Subscribe to NASA's Goddard Shorts HD podcast: Or get tweeted by NASA: Or find us on facebook:
  • Blogger Speed Dating by and meebo What happened when and meebo invited 8 celebrity bloggers to an online speed dating event? See which blogger found a date for the holiday party!
  • Conservative Blogger Wants To Assassinate Obama? Vote for TYT Once A Day: (3/22/10 - 4/11/10)
  • Bloggers Throwdown Game 3 All-Star Weekend February 20, 2011 This was game 3 at the Bloggers Throwdown.
  • Revolution Church Blogger Installation - Part #1 This is part one of the step-by-step tutorial on configuring the Revolution Church Blogger Premium Template. This episode covers backing up your existing Blogger template and then begins to show you how to setup your Feedburner gadget.
  • NYLON TV + BEAUTY BLOGGERS PT 1 Check out part 1 of our Beauty Blogger coverage with Michelle Phan and Jessica Harlow
  • Whoopi Goldberg Diss Bloggers, Christina Milian & The Dream Split, Monica Love All Over Me Video The Skorpion Show Links Kevin & Makael's Email Kevin- [email protected] Makael- [email protected] Twitter Kevin Makael Facebook Kevin Makael The Skorpion Show Fan Page Skype Kevin- theskorpionshow Call Us- 267-940-7585 Xbox Live Gamertag Kevin- kevskorp1984 Don't forget to rate and comment!
  • How to Do Social Media Marketing: Bloggers, Social Networ... Hear Sally Falkow of Expansion Plus and Chris Abraham of Abraham Harrison talk about the best practices in social media marketing. Not only is social media marketing the hottest thing in marketing, it may well also be the most effective marketing tool available to anyone doing any form of outreach.The meteoric rise of twitter and the slower but just as large groundswell of blogging have combined to shake communications of all kinds to the core. But social media marketing isn't monolithic and it covers a lot of ground. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. But there are best practices, there are tools and tricks and techniques to achieve greater success.
  • WES 2010: Bloggers Reactions on BlackBerry 6, Pearl 3G and More! We caught up with some of the web's most popular tech bloggers at WES 2010 and asked them to give their reactions to BlackBerry 6, the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G and more! Check out the video to see guys like Chris Ziegler from Engadget, Eric Zeman from Phone Scoop and Andrew Munchbach of Boy Genius Report and others shed light on the news coming out of Research in Motion's annual big show, WES 2010
  • Bloggers feat. Matteo- What are You Waiting For (Original song) Bloggers feat. Matteo- What are You Waiting For (Original/Official song) Trupa Bloggers featuring Matteo- What are You Waiting For
  • PBS MediaShift | Egyptian Blogger "Sandmonkey" Revealed | PBS The Egyptian blogger who was only known as "Sandmonkey" for years finally revealed his identity in Tahrir Square on February 6. He felt emboldened by the bravery of his fellow pro-democracy activists and wanted to come out to the media in order to seek justice for his assailants. He revealed his identity for the first time to Eliot Spitzer on CNN in an audio-only interview. MediaShift's Jaron Gilinksy's interview with Sam Adam, aka the Sandmonkey was his first on-camera interview. It turns out his real name is Mahmoud Salem.
  • 3 Bloggers Share their Blog Tips from Blog World Expo While at Blog World Expo this year I asked bloggers for their tips on how to build a successful blog. Here 3 successful bloggers answer that question.
  • "I hate them all" (Olivier Zahm, Purple Magazine, about Fashion- Blogger) We met Olivier Zahm (Purple Magazine) and Terry Richardson in New York ...this is what they think about blogger..:-)
  • Integrating Feedburner in This is a podcast/vlog tutorial for bloggers who would like to learn how to switch their blog feeds to Feedburner. More reference can be found at
  • Meet the Bloggers with Michael Moore Take part: Academy Award-winning activist filmmaker Michael Moore is the guest together with bloggers Cheryl Contee and David Sirota discuss Mike's Election 2008 Guide and what Democrats should NOT do if they want to win the election. Michael Moore returns as guest on August 29th at 1pm ET at http
  • The Mommy Bloggers A big group of "mommy bloggers" were in town for the BlogHer convention, so we decided to invite a bunch of them to CBS for an informal meeting. It was a lot of fun and a great way to meet some new friends face-to-face, not just in cyberspace.
  • Blogger: How to start a blog Step by step instructions for starting your own blog. Visit www2 to start a blog.
  • Are Bloggers Journalists: Are Blogs new Journalism? - Is blogging the new form of Journalism? Should bloggers be held to the same standards as the media? Those questions were asked of me recently in an email, and raise a lot of food for thought.
  • Meet the Bloggers with John Cusack Live every Friday at 1pm ET: Celebrated Actor and filmmaker John Cusack was our special guest this week, discussing an issue neither presidential candidate is talking about war profiteering. War, Inc., Cusack's latest film which he starred in and co-wrote with Jeremy Pikser and Mark Leyner, satirized the outsourcing of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cusack discussed his thoughts on the war and his influences for the film, including the works of Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill. Joining Cusack were bloggers Marcy Wheeler (Empty Wheel) and Liliana Segura (AlterNet)
  • Meet the Bloggers with Nancy Pelosi Live every Friday at 1pm ET: This week our special guest, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses the economic meltdown and the $700 billion Bush-Paulson bailout plan. Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be joined by bloggers Roberto Lovato (Of America) and Matthew Yglesias (Think Progress). Both have written extensively about the bailout, and they will talk about the dire need to amend Paulson's plan to benefit taxpayers and victims of the financial crisis, as well as calls for strong regulation and public oversight to prevent another crisis like this from recurring.
  • Bloggers - Ma doare o luna

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  • “Taking their provocative online discussions face to face, leading U.S. economic bloggers are attending the first Economics Bloggers Forum at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation today. The experts will share perspectives on the business of”
    — Kauffman Foundation Holds First-ever Economics Bloggers Forum,

  • “Last week I put out the call for video posts on the topic of 'Why I Blog'. This is a Filed Under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips Tweet. Last week I put out the call for video posts on the topic of Why I Blog'. This is a group project' of sorts and my hope was to see bloggers experiment with producing”
    — Why Bloggers Blog – [VIDEO MASHUP],

  • “For bloggers who want to develop a relationship with readers, user feedback is essential. The "blogosphere" (blog universe) has become such a forum for public expression that it is routinely searched for reactions and opinions about”
    — blog: Definition from ,

  • “From time to time I research a blog directory or index to help bloggers invest their time on submitting blogs to fair directories. Before I give a bad recommendation on a directory, I approach them via email a couple of times and post their response, if any Tuesday, August 24, 2010”
    — A Blog for Bloggers - Blog Directories Reviews, blog-

  • “Blog | What do science bloggers blog about? My study of the Wikio Top 100:As a former scientist, I like evidence-based blogging so I needed a dataset to test my theory”
    — What do science bloggers blog about | Gene Expression,

  • “Overview and definition of a weblog or blog, online publications in the form of a log or journal. Discusses blogs' history, their impact on culture, common blogging terms, and the many types of blogs”
    — Blog - Wikipedia,

  • “”
    — bloggers,

  • “Visit the Aussie Bloggers Blog. Welcome to the Aussie Bloggers Forum! The Aussie Bloggers Forum Has Closed. After a number of disappointing months as far as new posts on the forums and increasing amounts of spam, We would like to thank our blog readers and forum members – we have enjoyed your company”
    — Aussie Bloggers Forum, .au

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