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  • Bodyflight Mobile Systems manufactures custom, mobile vertical wind tunnel Bodyflight skydiving simulators for sport, recreation, and training. — “:: Manufacturing Mobile Vertical Wind Tunnel Skydiving Simulator ::”,
  • Bodyflight, Bedford on Monday On Now at 31 Dec 20. Venue (Bodyflight) info, reviews, ticket prices, map & phone no. for Bodyflight event. (58821). — “Bodyflight, Bedford | Monday On Now - 31 Dec 20”,
  • Copyright © 2009 . All rights reserved. Created by IG Web Development. — “Body Flight”,
  • Welcome to Bodyflight University. Vertical Wind Tunnel / Indoor Skydiving Tunnel Please check back soon for our. NEW website! Contact [email protected] with questions. VWTs WorldWide: . — “Bodyflight University Vertical Wind Tunnel Training”,
  • The BodyFlight is a contemporary scale designed to measure both weight and body fat for multiple body types. As with all of our body fat scales, the Bodyflight has standard features such as STEP-N-WEIGH, bright blue backlit display, 10 user memory, athlete. — “Bulk Nutrition - My Weigh BodyFlight at discount prices!”,
  • Vertical Wind Tunnel Sales & Rentals. Indoor Skydiving, VWT, Skydive Simulators, Bodyflight Facilities; Bodyflying. — “Bodyflight Concepts Vertical Wind Tunnel Sales & Rentals”,
  • 5:15 Add to Added to queue Tunnelcamp Bodyflight Bedfordby flipp809025,110 views 3:27 Add to Added to queue Learning Head Down in Bodyflight Bedfordby rossdagley10,487 views. — “YouTube - Bodyflight”,
  • The skill of bodyflight makes it possible for skydivers to fly closer to each other while Bodyflight is accomplished via increasing/decreasing the drag of your body, using arms. — “Vertical wind tunnel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Indoor Skydiving Vertical Wind Tunnel Bodyflight Network. Skydive Simulators Worldwide, Photos, Videos, Manufacturers. — “In Memory & Honor of Gus Wing; Husband, Skydiver, Mentor & Legend”,
  • Locations: Facilities are not very common, but they can be found in the US and all over the world http:///wind_tunnels.h Sometimes refered to as bodyflight, this activity can be done for fun or for training for real skydiving. There are a few indoor. — “Indoor Skydiving”,
  • Bodyflight - the worlds largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel and the first FlowHouse indoor surfing venue in the UK!. — “Bodyflight UK | The Worlds Largest Indoor Skydiving Centre”,
  • Indoor Skydiving, Vertical Wind Tunnel and Skydiving Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets & Gifts for the skydiver or tunnel flyer in your life! Collect Pink Mafia Gear & Indoor Skydiving Souvenirs & Gifts. — “Bright Bodyflight : Bodyflight, Skydiving & Vertical Wind”,
  • SmartyHost is an Australian based company offering affordable Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, E-Commerce, Website Design, SSL Certificates and Reseller Services. — “MYOB Business Web Hosting - Welcome Pages”, .au
  • Mobile bodyflight vertical wind tunnels allow for fun, fitness, and skydiving training at all levels and ages without a permanent simulator facility. — “:: Fly Zone Bodyflight | Mobile Skydiving Simulator Vertical”,
  • Sorry, the site you requested has been disabled © 2010 Homestead Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved. — “Website Disabled”,
  • Indoor Skydiving Vertical Wind Tunnel Bodyflight Network. Skydive Simulators, Photos, Videos, Manufacturers. If you want to learn about Vertical Wind Tunnels, Indoor Skydiving and Bodyflight, you've come to the right place. — “Bodyflight Network Vertical Wind Tunnels; Indoor Skydiving”,
  • . — “”,
  • Our team at Bodyflight would like to welcome you and let you know our centre aspires to deliver all treatments with care and consideration of your individual needs. We are confident that your experience at the Bodyflight Health & Beauty Centre will be a wonderfully memorable & relaxing one. — “Welcome to Body Flight Health & Beauty Centre - Massage”, .au
  • An exhilarating new attraction will be opening in the UK on the 6th of September in Bedfordshire. Bodyflight, the World's largest indoor skydiving win. — “James Bond + Vertigo = the UK's newest tourist attraction”,
  • ©2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 International Bodyflight AssociationTM. INTERNATIONAL BODYFLIGHT ASSOCIATIONTM TRAINING AND RATING PROGRAMS. The IBA's primary goal is to maintain the safety of affiliated facilities worldwide for both the flying customers and the flight instructors. — “International Bodyflight Association”,

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  • Body Flying Trapped Man In Wind Tunnel A poor flyer got trapped in a wind tunnel. The other people in the tunnel were thought to be english only to find out they were russian secret police then the tables turn has jeremy clarkson tried this i wonder "The reason for this video is to bring the viewers attention to my sons videos" He has completed 2 tandem skydives please visit www.sponsor-
  • Bodyflight and indoor skydiving in the wind tunnel See how bodyflight and indoor skydiving looks from the perspective of AERODIUM performers during the show. This very cool video was shot in the Pavilion of Latvia at the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China in the closed recirculation wind tunnel manufactured by AERODIUM company. Height of glass flight chamber is 9 meters. We used GoPro's HD Helmet HERO to shoot this video. www.aerodium-
  • Progression of Bodyflight Ever dream of flying as a child? Here is were you can make those dreams a reality and be a part of the newest and most exciting sport out there! The sport of body flight!
  • CHARGED Magazine: Featuring Carlos Douh at Flyzone Bodyflight Simulation CHARGED Magazine comes together with Carlos once again to give you this exclusive feature at Flyzone Bodyflight Simulation! More from CarlosDouh at his channel! Want more? Check us out at these outlets! Website: www.ax3 Facebook Twitter: Weibo: Want more? Pick up your copy of January's edition of CHARGED Magazine at these outlets! UBC Student Clubs (YOURS, CSA, TA, NTG, HKSA, UBCLE, AIESEC) -- 2329 West Mall Vancouver BC SFU Student Clubs (YOURS, CSU, CAC, C-LINK) -- 8888 University Drive Burnaby BC Vancouver Footo Delights -- 820 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC East Fusion -- 1021-88 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC Pearl Drops -- 22 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC Richmond K Fever 1018-8300 Capstan Way Artistic Space Studio -- 140-4140 No. 3 Road Waves Coffee -- 5951 No 3 Road Monzter -- 190-4151 Hazelbridge Way Burnaby S&W Pepper House -- 1821-4500 Kingsway KR Media (Crystal Mall) -- 2602-4500 Kingsway Surrey Bubble88 -- 10209 King George Hwy Delta Ming Shing Restaurant -- 7158 120th Street Powered by AX3 Multimedia www.ax3
  • Monkey Missions Bodyflight Bedford Banana Winners!!!! awesome vid of our banana raffle winners @ bodyflight bedford & the tower jump
  • Flyzone Body Flight on The Richmond Reel Richmond Reel got the opportunity to experience 'body flight'. This is simulated skydiving. Check it out!
  • Bodyflight Storm Tandem Tv presenter Mary from ITV Meridian does a tandem at Weston on the Green with Bodyflight Storm
  • Body Flying... Body Flying (Indoor Skydiving) at 'Body Flight' in Bedford. The warm up for my Skydive on 14th Sept, my 21st Birthday Pressie :)
  • The Bodyflight Bedford World Challenge 2010 The top freefly routines and action from the 2010 World Challenge.
  • Sean @ Bodyflight Bedford UK Indoor skydiving experience in a vertical wind tunnel, near Bedford in the UK ()
  • Attempting to indoor surf at Body Flight Bedford This is a really fun way to give yourself a head injury.
  • Bodyflight
  • Bodyflight World Challenge 2011 Highlights and Winners
  • AERODIUM Recirculation wind tunnels for bodyflight AERODIUM recirculation vertical wind tunnels are the best design tunnels in the world. Innovative technology, outstanding architecture, contemporary interior, functional design and careful customer experience are the cornerstones of AERODIUM success worldwide. Want to share happiness with city dwellers and tourists? Attract shoppers at Your mall or add value to Your in city property? AERODIUM recirculation vertical wind tunnels is ultimate solution which allow You to work 24/7/365 and is super efficient even when there is rain outside. Non stop business wherever You are.
  • BodyFlight: How James Bond Trains iGIZMO checks out the freefall simulation chamber that led to scenes from Quantum of Solace. For more, check out the FREE online magazine at
  • Voo #46, Bodyflight Bedford - Leonardo Fialho Leonardo Fialho com o instrutor Stephane Fardel (BaByLoN FreeFly). Voo #46, Bodyflight Bedford.
  • Bodyflight: Indoor Skydiving: Raw Video What the heck is Bodyflight? It's an indoor skydiving sport! Competitors test their flying and diving skills in a vertical indoor wind tunnel which simulates the free fall experience of skydiving. VIEW more Current TV & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here...
  • Body Flight at Copenhagen Air Experience MaseratiFan, aka Henrik Hoff, flies in the vertical wind tunnel at Copenhagen Air Experience! I was there with my colleagues from We flew 2x2 minutes, and it was the first time for everyone, except Olle who arranged the trip and is a seasoned parachute jumper.
  • Windchill at Bodyflight world Challenge 2010 Ladies intermediate freefly tunnel team at Bodyflight World Challenge 2010.
  • Bodyflight Bedford World Challenge 2009 The top freefly routines and action from the 2009 World Challenge.
  • GTA 4 Swingset - Epic Dead Body Flight Very far launch of Nikos dead body off the swingset.
  • Bodyflight Mamba Take Gold Mike Mackenzie & Fabian Raidel take the Gold Medal in the 2 way freefly event at the Bedford World Challenge 2008
  • Bodyflight Bedford 10 minutes pre AFF training 10 minutes in the wind tunnel with Katie Woods prior to taking on the AFF skydiving course. The wind tunnel is a great way to prepare yourself for AFF. It gives you a bit of confidence knowing that you can at least do the freefall bit! This was at Bodyflight in Bedford - its a really awesome place and Katie was a very good coach!
  • Body Flight @ airkix- Milton Keynes My first flight "AirBorn"( 2x2min) +high fly
  • Bodyflight World Challenge 2012 Join us on Facebook: Varial Freefly Follow our blog at: / And see loads of other cool stuff on our website at:
  • Chiltern FM at Bodyflight Bedford Chiltern FM Breakfast Show presenters Andy Gelder and Little Miss G fly in the Bodyflight Bedford Indoor Skydiving Wind-Tunnel. Instructor: Bernd Blobaum Video: Nigel Holland
  • Body Flight - first 3 flights My first outing at Airkix, Xscape in Milton Keynes. More flights and videos to come.
  • Skyventure Orlando Bodyflight Here's my second time in a vertical wind tunnel. I fell exiting the tunnel the first round(I think I grabbed too low on the door jamb). It looks pretty funny. It didn't hurt. LOL. Then I got a little better. The instructor was great. He tests my stability later in the video showing me how to recover from turbulence and air pockets. That was pretty interesting. Set to a cool Vangelis tune.
  • Bohus / Bodyflight Bedford 28.05.2011
  • Body Flight Two, Segment One This is the first segment I completed for Body Flight Two. The music is "The Cat" by Randy Rush. Featured fliers in order of appearance are: Phil Henderson, John Suiter, Tina McCoy, and Chris Landon. Featured wind tunnels in order of appearance: The Airodium in Zurich, Fly Away in Pigeon Forge, Sky Venture in Orlando, The Flight Dynamics Laboratory in Dayton, The Matos Facility in Fayetville, and Appalachian Amusement Center in Waynesville. The helmet shots are mine. In the early 2000's I was visiting as many Vertical Wind Tunnels as I could. I wanted to see how they compared. I was doing research for The Vertical Wind Tunnel Directory , and shooting video for Body Flight , and later for Body Flight Two. Unfortunately I never sold enough copies of Body Flight to pay for even one of these trips. Now it seems unlikely I will ever complete Body Flight Two. So I am showing this to promote the sport.
  • Bodyflight Bedford: World's Largest Skydiving Wind Tunnel (Promo) The 2006 promo video by Liam J. Holland
  • AERODIUM bodyflight & skydiving show in Mexico On 15th of September, 2010 the world top skydivers - AERODIUM wind tunnel acrobats - performed a stunning bodyflight show at the state of Mexico 200 years' anniversary event. The AERODIUM acrobatic performance called 'Angel of Independence' was the central culmination episode of the anniversary event in the main square of the Mexico City.
  • Best 3 min so far! Bodyflight Bedford 6way All credit goes to Fabian, Havard, Killa, Gregor, Markus and Fabian. Literally the best 6 way FF routine in a windtunnel
  • Indoor Skydiving at Bodyflight Bedford UK! Doobie and Jules indoor skydiving at Bodyflight near Bedford
  • Bodyflying Practising Skydiving in a wind tunnel
  • Bodyflight Bedford, FreeFly, Fabian, Dave, Brend and Albert Fabian R, Dave D, Brendon and Alberto Fuertes
  • Bodyflight Storm - the best bloopers! Hannah asked me to dig this one out. Featuring; my dodgy exits and openings, Hannahs birthday balloon jump, Sparky's driving, Smithy's freestyle landings (the lazygirl is special), Kates dislocated shoulder (ouch!) Dan's tracking / frontlooping / bootie taking off, The crashed Caddy (RIP). Hope you like it - the bumpy road to greatness indeed!!
  • 1st Body Flight Me and Dad on our first attempt at Body Flying (indoor skydiving type stuff)
  • Tunnelcamp Bodyflight Bedford Skywalkers Tunnelcamp in january 2007. With help from Nigel Holland on camera, some flying from a one hour session.
  • Learning Head Down in Bodyflight Bedford Learning head down in Bodyflight Bedford, 12-09-2007. Flyer: Ross.
  • WomericanMonkey: The Bodyflight Bedford World Challenge 2010
  • teofly75: Mi è piaciuto un video di @YouTube da @teofly75: Bedford Bodyflight - fly in progress
  • teofly75: I uploaded a @YouTube video Bedford Bodyflight - fly in progress
  • murraysjm: @lynncrouch she going bodyflight in Bedford
  • jesssucksx3: @embocowbo
  • Quinney007: @crazykoi ur welcome to come up my gym mate at bodyflight #class #dontwanttobefatanymore
  • georgiacromwell: RT @Livvy_GC: @georgiacromwell GURL.
  • Livvy_GC: @georgiacromwell GURL.
  • celinegur: RT @ErkanSer: #208bodyflight Please watch and RT my amazing Bodyflight Experience Serhadli 208BodyFlight: via @youtube #Tomorrowland
  • ersaguny: #iFlyDubai #indoorskydiving #bodyflight #windtunnel #iFly #iFlyDxb #instalike #fun #bellyfly # @ iFly Dubai

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  • “Blog. Context Navigation. Previous Post. Next Post. This blog does not yet have an 'About' Then we drove to Bodyflight, a wind tunnel in Bedford. After signing up and some more dirtdivng the fun began. We started with a”
    — Blog: FS Coaching at Bodyflight, Bedford – Jan-Klaas Kollhof,

  • “Blog. Donate to Breast Cancer Research. thru . . OFFICIAL JFTC click here to open our Blog In A New Window (Removes Frame) Jump For”
    — Jump For The Cause Blog,

  • “Sports Sunday - Indoor Skydiving / Vertical Wind Tunnels - Virtual Globetrotting It is a recreational wind tunnel, frequently advertised as "indoor skydiving" or "bodyflight"”
    — Sports Sunday - Indoor Skydiving / Vertical Wind Tunnels,

  • “Just another IGG blog. Return to IGG BLOG. Home. Album. Profile. Forgot Password? acvgdsf underground, but the action is very flexible, bodyflight, two of the sword to stab her”
    — acvgdsf,

  • “Bodyflight Bedford indoor skydiving [or how to fly around a room and not having a The Bodyflight facility is situated in a generally abandoned ex”
    Bodyflight Bedford indoor skydiving [or how to fly around a,

  • “Blog. Blog. Friday 26 March 2010. Cookie. The Body Flight Bedford wind Tunnel compettition is The Bodyflight World Challenge has come to an end. Last years winners Arizona Airspeed”
    — Cookie Composites,

  • “Posted by: bodyflight, February 25, 2004, 12:19pm. Hey thanks for the AWESOME forum software which is working So I want my forum to be centered and constrained to 824 pixels in width to match my header”
    — Constrain Width on output - Print Topic - Archive,

  • “Although we understand that there are a limited number of organizations involved in providing these services, and that their names will be prominent in this forum (not unlike the Wing Suit forum) this is not a place for companies to peddle their wares”
    — Skydive Forums: Skydiving: Wind Tunnels: Welcome,

  • “but if you hover over the full stop you can see a link to http:// , it actually looks amazing!!! ( It requires 3 exclamation marks)”
    — " Blog Archive " Projector conundrum,

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