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  • While there are many ways of preparing Boiled Eggs, we suggest below the directions for making eggs which are the easiest to peel and which will not have the dark green discolored coating on the yolk (see step 2 for tips to help avoid the green discoloration). — “Boiled Eggs - ”,
  • CAN'T BOIL WATERCan't Boil Water? It's easy; just take a look through of this cookbook for the Can't Boil Water tips as well as the ext. — “ - Recipes - Boiled Dinner”,
  • Boiled eggs (also known as Dippy Eggs) are eggs (typically chicken's eggs) cooked by immersion in boiling water with their shells unbroken. "If I'm making hard boiled eggs for Easter, I love hard boiled eggs. For years I ate one every morning until my doctor told me that you shouldn't. — “Boiled”,
  • Whipping up some delicious boiled carrots is quick and easy. To begin first wash and rinse your carrots under cool running tap water. Next take out a standard potato peeler, and then remove the outer skin from your carrots. Next take a sharp. — “Boiled Vegetables - Boiled Carrots Recipe”,
  • Boiled definition, drunk. See more. boiled - 7 dictionary results. Boil. Learn Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention on Any Health Issue. . Free Toolbar. Define Boiled Instantly. Faster Page. — “Boiled | Define Boiled at ”,
  • Boiled peanuts - 1,159 results from 349 stores, including The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Green Boiled Peanuts, 8-Ounce (Dry Weight) Cans (Pack of 6), Cajun Boiled Peanuts, Cajun Boiled Peanuts, 7.5oz Can (Pack of 3), Cajun Boiled Peanuts, 7.5oz. — “Boiled peanuts - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • wikiHow article about How to Hard Boil an Egg. Letting the eggs come to room temperature before boiling will help prevent the yolks from turning green. — “How to Hard Boil an Egg: 7 steps (with video) - wikiHow”,
  • To purchase Canned Boiled Peanuts, check out What's Cooking America's Gourmet Food Store. Judging from the many variations on recipes for boiled peanuts, there appears to be no wrong way to boil green peanuts. — “Boiled Peanuts, Boiled Peanuts History, How To Boil Peanuts”,
  • Get fresh boiled peanuts or green peanuts mailed to you directly from a deep south roadside peanut stand to your mailbox from the peanutman. — “peanutman, the”,
  • Boiling is the rapid vaporization of a liquid, which occurs when a liquid is heated to its boiling point, the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid is equal to the pressure exerted on the liquid by the surrounding environmental pressure. — “Boiling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Explore the Secret Life of Boiled Peanuts, Steamed Peanuts and Braised Peanuts around the Globe. Boiled peanuts have a unique taste and texture, not like roasted peanuts, yet tasting like peanuts. — “The World of Boiled Peanuts - Cooking, Buying, Growing”, boiled-peanut-
  • boiling adj. Heated to or past the boiling point: a kettle of boiling water. Very angry or upset; seething. — “boiling: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Need a new mashed potato or rice recipe? Looking for boiled ham, corned beef, boiled tongue, hard-boiled egg salads, boiled fruitcake, fudge, toffee or hard sweet recipes? Maybe you are looking for fresh lobster or a reduction sauce?. — “Boiled recipes - All recipes Australia NZ”, .au
  • Boiled Eggs how to articles and videos including How to Hard Boil, How to Add Vinegar to Boiling Eggs, Why Use Salt When Hard Boiling Eggs? and much more!. — “Boiled Eggs - How To Information | ”,
  • Boiled Clam Meat Manufacturers & Boiled Clam Meat Suppliers Directory - Find a Boiled Clam Meat Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Boiled Clam Meat Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Boiled Clam Meat-Boiled Clam Meat Manufacturers, Suppliers”,
  • Hard Boiled Eggs Article - Cooking | Peeling | Serving Using the term boiled when referring to eggs cooked in the shell can be misleading, because eggs known as "hard-boiled" should never be cooked at a full boil for the duration of the. — “Hard Boiled Eggs: Easy How-To Cooking Tips & Advice”,
  • Definition of boiled in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of boiled. Pronunciation of boiled. Translations of boiled. boiled synonyms, boiled antonyms. Information about boiled in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “boiled - definition of boiled by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Sort by: 1. Hard Boiled Eggs. Clip this. Rated -9223372036854775808 stars out of 5. Recipe Courtesy of Michelle eggs, every time. Learn her secret to hard-boiled eggs, then get easy recipes Read. — “hard boiled eggs : Food Network”,
  • Whether you are using your hard-boiled eggs as a quick and easy breakfast, to make the popular appetizer of deviled eggs, to add some variety and texture to your salad, or just as a high-protein snack, you will need to perfect the art of proper. — “How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs”,

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  • Boiled In Lead - Son O Son (live) Boiled In Lead play "Son O Son" live at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, June 2006
  • Easter,Deep Fried Hard Boiled Eggs,Battered The hippie done already cooked up some sliced, battered, deep fried hard boiled eggs,and they are down right good ! Use up them Easter eggs,Good enuff for the State Fair.Cook something good,quick&easy.The duck tape girl ate them all,none left for a fireside chat. Very good with sour cream at lunch. Better with gravy and bacon or sausage at breakfast.Try them at your next Tea Party. Leave a comment.
  • Alexisonfire - "Boiled Frogs" [Official Video] The official music video for "Boiled Frogs" from Alexisonfire's Crisis. In stores now on Vagrant Records! Purchase on iTunes: Purchase on Amazon: Connect with Alexisonfire:
  • Classic Scene - Hard Boiled (Tracking Shot) John Woo action classic from 1991/92 which put Hollywood action films down to shame. Tequila, a hard boiled cop from the Hong Kong police force, & Alan, the undercover, have tracked the Gun Runners back to the hospital, which in turn, has benn taken under siege. They must infiltrate the gang & save the hostages. Classic tracking shot with lots of gunshots & explosions which is perfectly timed, & by the looks of it, all hand-held camerawork. Again, it must have been a nightmare to film, but it pays off as it is one of the best action films ever. Hollywood stood up & took note of master John Woo after this. Chow Yun Fat in supercool mode througout. Love Movies?? Enjoy.
  • How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs Come Out Right Almost Every Time Getting hardboiled eggs to come out right seems like it should be the simplest thing in the world but if you're anything like me you've spent years trying to come up with a way to get hard boiled eggs to come out right almost every time. Here is a technique that works better than 90% of the time. This video was brought to you in part by http . .
  • Baphomet - Boiled In Blood Death metal from the album The Dead Shall Inherit(1992)
  • Harry Champion - Boiled Beef And Carrots
  • AYA w TAKUYA "WBX ~W-Boiled Extreme" PV AYA w TAKUYA "WBX ~W-Boiled Extreme" Kamen Rider Double(W) Opening Theme PV
  • City and Colour - Boiled Frogs *NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES* City and Colour doing an acoustic rendition of Boiled Frogs for [email protected] Visit: /theverge /theverge
  • Food Wishes Recipes - How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs - Perfect Easter Eggs HELP!!! Chef John Needs Your Vote! Food Wishes has been nominated in the video category for the Saveur Magazine 1st Annual Best Food Blog Awards! Please follow this link to cast your vote now!! ..... How to Hard Boil Eggs perfectly every time! Visit , to get the ingredients and more info, and watch over 350 free video recipes. Thanks and enjoy!
  • Betty's Christmas Boiled Custard Recipe In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make creamy, delicious Christmas Boiled Custard—a Central Kentucky favorite during holiday season. You can use it as a dessert or a drink, or as a dessert drink! Ingredients: 3 egg yolks or 2 whole eggs ½ teaspoon flour ¼ cup sugar 2 cups milk ½ teaspoon vanilla a few grains of salt Scald 2 cups milk in a medium-sized saucepan over low to medium heat. Stir in ¼ cup sugar, ½ teaspoon flour, and a few grains of salt. Return to heat, and let the mixture come almost to boiling. Beat eggs in a medium to large mixing bowl. Gradually add hot milk mixture, beating continually. Pour the mixture back into saucepan and return to heat. Cook until the custard coats a spoon. Remove from heat. DO NOT BOIL. Stir until the custard begins to cool, and add ½ teaspoon vanilla. Pour into a nice bowl for serving. To serve, use a ladle to fill small cups or glasses. This is best served while very warm. Enjoy! From my family to yours, Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family have the best Christmas ever! Love, Betty 
  • Hard Boiled - "Click, Click BOOM" My tribute and music video to John Woo's masterpiece, Hard Boiled, starring Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung. This is guaranteed to be one of the best Hard Boiled fan videos here on youtube.
  • Dr. Allen Lim's Boiled Potato Recipe Dr. Allen Lim shares his Boiled Potato Recipe that he prepares for the Garmin Slipstream team to eat during their races.
  • Hard Boiled - Trailer - (1992) - HQ Trailer for John Woo's film starring Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung, Teresa Mo, Philip Chan, Philip Kwok, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Hoi-Shan Kwan, Wei Tung, Bowie Lam, Meng Lo, Bobbie Au-Yeung
  • How To Cook Boiled Rice - RECIPE Cooking rice can be daunting for people new to the kitchen. With this step-by-step video guide, you'll be making perfect rice every time! DAILY BLOG VIDEOS: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW ME! BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK! =================RECIPE FACT SHEET ================= INGREDIENTS IN THIS DISH: 2 Cups of Regular White Rice (I used Long Grain) 4 Cups (1 Litre) of Water 1 Teaspoon of Butter / Margarine Serves 4 Preparation Time: 2 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes ALL MEASUREMENTS GIVEN ARE AUSTRALIAN STANDARD METRIC (Look up Google for a conversion chart if using Imperial) More cooking videos at: Music by Kevin McLeod (Used with Permission) http
  • Boiled Chocolate Cookies : Trailer Park Cooking Show Jolene Sugarbaker is back inside The Trailer Park Test Kitchen! Today she's making her famous Boiled Chocolate Cookies! No need to turn the oven on to make these sinful chocolate cookies!(without flour even!) Just stir them up on top of your stove! Even if the only thing you can do is Boil water, tonight you can have Cookies! This quick and easy recipe won't heat your kitchen up when you need a chocolate fix! They have tastes of Peanut Butter, Nuts and Chocolate! Sprinkle some powdered sugar on them to make them look pretty! It's like they've been coated in chocolate! I'm sure the Oatmeal is healthy for you too! Be sure to subscribe for more Cooking Shows Coming Soon! Don't forget to send me a picture if you make these! I'll have the printed recipe up on my blog by Friday! Love, Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen Be sure to visit my blog daily for more Trailer Park Recipes: http Thumbs Up! And Share!
  • Tim Ferriss - How to Peel Hard-boiled Eggs without Peeling Baking soda and blowing. Check it out. Part of a post from /blog
  • Alexisonfire - Boiled Frogs [Lyrics] I have no ownership of this song by Alexisonfire. Alexisonfire - Boiled Frogs [Lyrics] Endeli fikk æ lasta ned sangen her ætter copyrights probleman! Please comment for your opinion.
  • Evaporating Water in -30C in Yellowknife, NWT On a winter day in Yellowknife,Northwest Territories, Canada, I boiled water and threw it in the air where it "evaporated" and turned into fog.
  • The Human League - Being Boiled
  • Hard Boiled Hospital Scene Hospital shootout, including the beatass long take.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs host Chef Jason Hill offers a few unique tips about hard boiled eggs. After cooking hard boiled eggs about 15 minutes in boiling water, Hill cools them under running water. This eliminates the greenish brown ring from forming around the yolk. In this video, he offers unique chef tips for peeling hard boiled eggs telling the difference between raw eggs and hard-boiled eggs. To peel hard boiled eggs the easiest way, simply run them under cool running water and remove the shell.
  • Hard Boiled - Teahouse Shootout My favourite action movie of all time and also my favourite John Woo film. Chow Yun Fat just goes gangsta on everyone in this opening scene from Hard Boiled.
  • Rickey Smiley Prank Calls Boiled Rottweiler Lips Boiled Rottweiler Lips & The Weed Man Short but funny Rickey Smiley
  • Best Action Sequence Ever Filmed - HD Hard Boiled - The Hospital Scene. HIGH DEFINITION One take in this sequence is a 2 minutes and 40 second tracking shot following 2 men shooting up a hospital while delivering great performances in-between the action. Remember, this was done without post processing effects. John Woo manually slowed down and sped up the camera while they were rolling. There are no computer animated ballistics. Furthermore, the take was tried 6 times and failed 6 times. It was also supposed to be twice as long. That means all the ballistics had to be reset each time. Tony Leung, the actor in the cop suit, eventually took some ballistics to his eye and filming was stopped. In the last scene of the movie, you can see his real eye injury, no make up. On the commentary, John Woo said the one-take idea was done because of low morale amongst the cast and crew. When he told everyone what he wanted to do, it gave everyone something to look forward to and be excited about. From then on, it was gravy until Tony's injury.
  • Steak-Crab-Potato & Boiled Shrimp Thin Sliced T-Bones (Broill-500)-$10.95 for 2 Dungeon Crab Cook Time 10-15 minutes $6.99lb JUMBO Boiled Shrimp $5.89 lb. Potato Microwave-10 Minutes Paula Deen Seasoning 1 Cup Salt 1/4 Cup Garlic Powder 1/4 Cup of Black Pepper Wild Vines Wine Sunshine Blends
  • Boiled egg V's basset hound funny hound dog
  • HAPPY EASTER FROM GREENPOWERSCIENCE Fresnel Lens Hard Boiled Eggs HAPPY EASTER Hard Boiled Egg Fresnel Lens Music
  • Hard Boiled,hospital shootouts Some scenes from the awesome hard boiled action movie during the hospital bit :)
  • The foursquare Film Noir A tech-savvy detective takes a cold case into his own hands, but is he prepared for answers? Comment and tell us what crimes YOU would want to solve if you were a detective! And subscribe to our new channel!
  • Kazumi Kurigami - Parco - Faye Dunaway Hard Boiled Egg Kazumi Kurigami made a commercial for Parco featuring Faye Dunaway peeling a hard boiled egg
  • 上木彩矢Kamiki Aya w TAKUYA - WBX ~W-Boiled Extreme~ [SUBBED] [字幕] Multi-language soft subtitled version of WBX, available in Japanese (original and kana-only), Romaji, English and Swedish. The video itself is ripped by me from my Video-Boiled Extreme DVD. Buy the CD single on (w/ DVD)
  • Boiling & Shredding Chicken How to boil & shred chicken for recipes that require cooked chicken.
  • Freezing by Boiling - Science Theater 06 It seems unnatural, but the laws of physics don't lie. Liquids require heat to boil, and if the conditions are right one liquid can be boiled in order to freeze a second. Under a vacuum, the water in an acetone/water mixure can freeze while the acetone boils.
  • Hard Boiled warehouse shootout (part 1 ) Warehouse betrayal .
  • TV MegaChef Titli Boils an Egg In this episode, TV MegaChef Titli Nihaan demonstrates her mega-ness by showing us the perfect way to boil an egg.
  • The Human League - Being Boiled 1982
  • The Human League - Being Boiled (1982) The Human League - Being Boiled (Fast Version / Remix 1982)
  • Boiled Peanuts I love Bald Peanuts. We call them that in the south!
  • Alexisonfire - Boiled Frogs Alexisonfire's new video 'Boiled Frogs' 2nd single of the New Album Crisis
  • Miss_Dalisa: Everytime I eat something sweet , gotta eat something salty . right now ? Hard boiled eggs & grapefruit , don't ask .
  • RED_BOMBPEACH: @DMVsQueen But Why Was Boiled Eggs Tweetin Me? Straight Blocked Tht Ass !
  • LatinaMami28: Omg I'm such a #fail. I started putting the noodles in the water before it boiled...and before even turning on the stove -.-
  • HeavyChevyGyrl: Turkey necks and boiled okra coming up!
  • ErikaL09: Its suspenseful when cracking an egg in hopes of it being hard boiled
  • teedub78: "Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a boiled horse." I REALLY love you, Top Gear.
  • KennyNation: Son these boiled turkey necks roooooollliiiiiiiiiin
  • 0106__SJ: should believe in fanfic only~ boiled eggs are good!
  • revellian: I like my ultra-rare moose placenta roped in distended veins boiled in butter and unsalted!!! I'm definitely sending my entree back
  • JaLynnFairchild: Eating boiled eggs. Mmmm yummy I had a craving for this :)
  • KENNYDAKID101: @Jesica_ boil water, once boiled, pour in a cup. drop 2 cough drops, add honey, lemon juice, n tea bag, then stir. My version of thera-flu!
  • BrettRobinsonLA: @sisterdisaster where's the boiled lollies at?
  • KatieKlevgaard: I am beat! Boiled, peeled, and cut 30 lbs of potatoes and 6 dozen eggs for potato salad. These boys better appreciate it!
  • alanbucking: * Steamed Or Boiled Brown Rice Recipe: Brown Rice Recipes is designed to provide information, and inspiration fo...
  • Babseth: @DanniM86 That reminds me, I'm in desperate need of a chicken carcass soon. Also, eggs. I just boiled my last six.
  • CATrusler: RT @James_Thunder: @Animalforce I told you, its not easy to me sharks, wolves and ravens are family, my blood boiled I can't explain it but my temper shot up
  • BelindaCheong: Grandma cooked mian xian plus hard boiled egg for me :D
  • LoveJamieO: Can't wait to have a bf & get him just comfortable making out, then one day eat a hard boiled egg before kissytime to keep him on his toes.
  • nickyholden9988: Dear NEA, it is NOT 33°C out there. You can't cook eggs with that temperature yet I just made an hard-boiled egg.
  • monikamanchanda: @saffrontrail coincidentally my lunch is the same with some boiled eggs added #bglsr
  • CaitsConcepts: Also? The eggs I boiled earlier THIS MORNING? My house still smells like ass. Maybe it isn't the eggs.
  • Rylboslady: I need to get back on my workout plan. I'm going to mess around and end up extra thick. All I've been eating are boiled eggs and potatoes.
  • Darius126: Nigga said she looks like boiled doo... And a fried turds!!! I'm done lmao!!!
  • Quata_YBMG: @CHERRYon_TOP_ @Ayanna_Davis You know Yanna can't cook boiled water!
  • smilliet: @firestonewalker 'dubs jack' boiled brats w/ bleu cheese and @foundersbrewing dubs IPA #letthe weekendbegin
  • _Leonidas: Cooking boiled chicken and rice. Post workout meal
  • oldpoet: Oh, that work? That will have to wait...I'm savoring HARD BOILED with Sir Chow. Suck it, responsibility!
  • esti_d: @astyrred dunno lah. I boiled a house lizard once. The smell so pungent I almost puked.
  • dessBARELYsober: we was throwingg boiled water on each other lls
  • Ti_GOODLIFE: S/o 2all the chickens.... cus them boiled eggs was BANGING #starvingtweet
  • carlyham47: I'm wearing a white shirt & my hubby just said, "come here ya lil hard boiled egg!" I'm lmao cuz that's exactly what I look like!
  • SkankWhisperer1: "is that your breath, smelling like boiled bologna?”
  • ImEatingTacos: Tea boiled. Chocolate opened. Fingernail polish on. #girltime
  • greathollywoods: Review: 'The Big Bang' Starring Antonio Banderas Is More Like A Bad Lay: Why is it that all hard boiled detectiv...
  • realmenwork: Review: 'The Big Bang' Starring Antonio Banderas Is More Like A Bad Lay: Why is it that all hard boiled det... http:///27ufz4
  • FeliciaQuek: Gonna satisfy my half boiled eggs craving. !
  • aynrandnews: ✖ ■■■ Ayn Rand's monomaniacal philosophy can be boiled down to a few axioms. Denver Post #AynRand
  • WordlessChorus: Eating leftovers. I regret any time I have ever made egg noodles and NOT boiled them in vegetable broth. #SOGOOD
  • the7train: @aneguet didn't even occur to me. i guess it's boiled in the balloon.. difficult to maintain consistency. let me know if you succeed :D
  • KennyNation: Waaait.... Club LA really smell like boiled turkey necks!!! Laaawd
  • KissesFrmYan: Well I must say Twitter got LIVE today. Once again, sumthin else that boiled dwn to MINDING YOUR BIZNESS. Glad its back to normal tho
  • techjunky79: @rmxdave Biscuits? Hard boiled egg? Soda in the freezer? Uhhhhh.....
  • c_cordasco: Boiled peanuts at work, metallica covers at trader vic's: I decree this the commencement of summer!
  • arddhu: RT @bschlatter: Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World, do Haruki Murakami.
  • SuckaFree_Livin: Me too RT @YallHoesAintIsh: Swear I can eat boiled peanuts all day
  • YallHoesAintIsh: Swear I can eat boiled peanuts all day
  • getWHITTitbishh: Mom cooked boiled shrimp, crabs, sausage, potatoes, & corn ((: #WINNING
  • saffrontrail: Kiddie #lunchbox in minutes- pasta boiled from last night tossed in olive oil, garlic, few tbsp of finely chopped veg
  • MishelleRios: @ellen_ross1 Are those nail stickers hard boiled egg proof?
  • NYPDMKE: Really?! Was that on purpose?? #CrazyPizza RT @amnflooring: @NYPDMKE hard boiled eggs and oreo cookies.
  • rndx: ✖ ■■■ Ayn Rand's monomaniacal philosophy can be boiled down to a few axioms. Denver Post #AynRand
  • Yumm_CookiesRTW: Cravn broccoli..boiled peanuts..choc.chip cookies..waffle house..n bread..#fattweet
  • amchamy: RT @30_Rock_Quotes: JACK:That smells delicious.KENNETH:It’s an old Parcell family recipe but I like2replace the UnionSolider meat with boiled potatoes.(5.23)
  • beaucoup_MUCH: RT: “@KtJones15: I feel like a boiled egg...” What.. the.. hell?
  • fARRON_NiQUE: .spicy boiled crabs, shrimp, corn, potatoes, &'nd sausage! <3
  • bschlatter: Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World, do Haruki Murakami.
  • organicsmarket: Write a Review: WEDGEY Boiled EGG SLICER gadget tool tools kitchen decor NEW http://anic-/B000GC0A48/organics
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  • maxximillian: How many hard boiled eggs do you think would fit in a … — It depends upon whose eggs they are. Quail, chicken or…
  • anengasca: hungry na me.... no breakfast only boiled banana and gardenia...pity me
  • theblackmaster: okay. in my salad: 2 boiled eggs chopped up, a LOT of lettuce, 2.5 slices of cheese chopped into squares, and luscious creamy mayo on top :)
  • imoleayo_XCVI: @livelove_lola @korede66 white boiled corn on a cob
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  • HungLungBlu: ATL getting cooked, fried, baked, boiled, ect lol
  • lizimina: My life has boiled down to eating porridge and watching Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps at 3.15am.
  • aroonareejhsing: donot throw away the water in which cabbage is boiled it is rich in calcium,iron phosphorus magnesium
  • mandax0_: Boiled peanuts go in..
  • kandabby2: Fml my mom told me to turn off the chile when it boiled && I forgot bout it && it burned-_-
  • clubsilencio: Breakfast: mashed up a soft boiled egg with some jap mayo and sriracha on toast w/ sliced tomatoes and onion. http:///s/101117261
  • breannafiretto: @carly_camps she's a crabby old lobster than needs to be boiled until death. Hahahha
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  • SoJasminSaid: RT @chock215: Lmao ! RT @SoJasminSaid: Hot breathe that smell like booty and boiled hamburgers #moodkiller and they ...
  • chock215: Lmao ! RT @SoJasminSaid: Hot breathe that smell like booty and boiled hamburgers #moodkiller and they really just ...
  • TheLongWayUp: @Mr_UnSorry I hate boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, egg shells, yolks, and anything to do with eggs especially if you laying em!
  • SoJasminSaid: Hot breathe that smell like booty and boiled hamburgers #moodkiller and they really just wanna keep talkin like they can't smell it
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