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  • The music is in a time signature of 9/2, modernized as 9/4. There are many instrumental pieces from 16th century France called Branle de Poitou with either 9/4 or 6/4 timing, or else an alternation between the two. Some musical examples of the Branle double de Poitou also exist. [edit]. — “Poitou Branle - Cunnan”, .au
  • Definition of branle in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of branle. Pronunciation of branle. Translations of branle. branle synonyms, branle antonyms. Information about branle in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “branle - definition of branle by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Scarlatti - Salve Regina in La maggiore. Scarlatti - Sinfonia in Do Scarlatti - Sonata K 10 in Re. Scarlatti - Sonata K 41 in Re. Scarlatti. — “Branle de Champaigne”,
  • We found 9 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word BRANLE: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "BRANLE" is defined. — “Definitions of BRANLE - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Description of the dance 'The Horse's Branle', or as a more pronouncable 'Horse's Brawl'. A dance for eight in a horseshoe. — “Webfeet | English Ceilidh | Dances | Horse's Branle”,
  • branle (dance), 12th-century French chain dance adopted (c. 1450–c. 1650) by European aristocrats, especially in France and in England, where the word branle was anglicized as "brawl." Named for its characteristic side-to-side movement (French. — “branle (dance) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Born in Bogota, Columbia, Puyana was the most important pupil of the great Wanda Landowska, who was single-handedly responsible for the modern revival of the harpsichord. Unerring rhythmic vitality, penetrating scholarship and imposing technical 3. Branle de Montirande. — “RAFAEL PUYANA THE GOLDEN AGE OF HARPSICHORD MUSIC 180g LP”,
  • Myspace profile for Branle Tetoun Nyons. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. — “Branle Toutoune !! (Branle Tetoun Nyons) | MySpace”,
  • A branle (also bransle, pronounced brawl) is a 16th century French dance style which The Branle seems to have travelled to Scotland and survived for some time as the brail, but in England it was rarely danced, and of over 2,000 lute pieces from England only ten were called Branle. — “”,
  • A branle (also bransle, pronounced brawl) is a 16th century French dance style which moves mainly from side to side, and is performed by couples in either a line or a circle. Its etymology derives from branler (to shake) and brander (to brandish). — “Branle”,
  • A 16th century French dance [edit] French [edit] Noun. branle m. ( plural branles) shake (act of shaking) wiki/branle" Categories: French derivations | English nouns | Dances | French nouns | French masculine nouns. — “branle - Wiktionary”,
  • Jean-Philippe S se branle à coté de Jimmy. queue un puceau qui se branle mdrby jeje9110014,314 views. 0:10 Add to Added to. queue chien qui se branleby geodu749602,789 views. — “YouTube - Jean-Philippe S qui se branle”,
  • A branle (also bransle, pronounced brawl) is a 16th century French dance style which The Branle seems to have travelled to Scotland and survived for some time as the brail, but in England it was rarely danced, and of over 2,000 lute pieces from England only ten were called Branle. — “Branle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • branle (Fr., swing, shake; can also be spelled bransle).The term for old French folk dances, frequently accompanied by singing. A branle (also bransle, pronounced brawl) is a 16th century French dance style which moves mainly from side. — “Branle: Definition from ”,
  • Branle definition, a lively 16th- and 17th-century round dance originating in France. See more. — “Branle | Define Branle at ”,
  • The Branle [Brahn-lee] is a French (Renaissance dance) that was well documented in the Festival of Nance in 1445, however it was called the Conje' (End) and was also performed on the 'Field of the Cloth of Gold' in 1520 and was a very gay and. — “BRANLE dance page. Streetswings Dance History archives”,
  • Explore work Branle De Bourgogne on 5 classical music works CDs to buy at CD Universe, including sound samples, songs, reviews, and more. — “Work - Branle De Bourgogne at CD Universe”,

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  • Renaissance Dance - Branle de Champaigne Renaissance Dance is an ensemble at Melbourne University. This video was taken in Melba Hall on 26 May 2006.
  • Medieval /Mittelalter Folk Trio plays Branle de Chevaux at Ottenstein Helmut Eberl (hurdy gurdy /drehleier) Patrick Feldner (darbuka) Bernadette Schlembach (violin) playing Branle des Chevaux (Horsedance/ Pferdetanz French /Frankreich 15th/16th Cent/ Jhd) at Medieval Fair/ Mittelalterfest Ottenstein Austria
  • RAFAEL PUYANA Branle de Montirandé ANTOINE FRANCISQUE 1575-1605
  • Claude Gervaise - Branle gay, Je File.. - Renaissance Guitar From a lively song, Je file quand on me donne de quoy. The third section is played slower because it is the way it is sung... Renaissance guitar made by Stephen Murphy.
  • Andrea Damiani plays "Branle de Mantoue" by anonimous A very well known italian piece, "La mantovana", in a french version for baroque guitar
  • Chevallier et Laspalès - On s'en branle Marcel On s'en branle Marcel...
  • Sixiesme Branle de Bourgogne by Adrian Le Roy Adrian Le Roy (c. 1520-1598) was an influential French music publisher, lutenist, guitarist, composer and music educator. Le Roy was born in the town of Montreuil-sur-Mer in northern France to a wealthy family. Very little is actually known about his formative years but he was probably a chorister and studied the lute, guitar and cittern with various teachers. He became an accomplished musician and entered the service of, first, Claude de Clermont, then, Jacques II (Baron de Semblançay and Viscount of Tours), both members of the aristocracy who had influence at court. In 1546 he met the publisher Jean de Brouilly in Paris and married his daughter Denise de Brouilly.
  • Branle des chevaux (hurdy-gurdy, Jembé) My brother playing an old French dance on the hurdy-gurdy with me doing the background percussion. We're sorry for the little mistake at about sec. 20... Recorded in Dublin, August 2006. UPDATE: Check out our latest videoclip, which features not only the great hurdy-gurdy, but also some mandolin and singing:
  • Renaissance - french dance - Branle A simple tune played on a traditional instrument used during the Renaissance period, but still used in folk music of today.
  • Branle d'Ecosse Grade one Classical Guitar Piece by Thoinot Arbeau
  • Renaissance Dance - Branle Gay Renaissance Dance is an ensemble at Melbourne University. This video was taken in Melba Hall on 26 May 2006.
  • Branle Bourgogne - Anonyme Recorded on my Wilson Cornettino with my new mouthpiece by Henri Gohin, selected by William Dongois.
  • Renaissance Dance - Branle du Chandelier Renaissance Dance is an ensemble at Melbourne University. This video was taken in Melba Hall on 26 May 2006.
  • Robert Ballard - Branles de Village - Lute - Luth A new take of the famous "Branles de village" by Robert Ballard (1614) I play the fourth branle, with the 8th course in C. Lute made by Stephen Murphy. Lute, liuto, Luth
  • Branle Anglais Ross Isdale performing Branle Anglais by Emmanuel Adriaenssen. This arrangement is by the French guitarist Jean Francois Delcamp. Ross is a student of Scottish Classical Guitarist Matthew McAllister.
  • Bailia - Horse's Brawl (Branle des Chevaux); La Sansonnette Bailia was the first Portuguese music band that performed traditional European folk music for a dancing audience. It was founded in 1995 with the original idea of playing music that could be danced by a participative public, who would not only enjoy the sound and performance given by the musicians but would also learn the new steps and be part of the concert itself. Gathering melodies, songs and dance styles from different parts of Europe, Bailia promoted and disseminated a new approach to music throughout Portugal (especially in the Lisbon area and at the Andancas Festival, north Portugal), delivering lively, animated and intimate performances in numerous crowded concerts/bals. It was with Bailia that many people came across folk instrumental sounds for the first time. Encouraged by the interception of different music styles (traditional, jazz, classic, Brazilian and African), contemporaneous arrangements and original compositions of the group, they became enthusiastic fans of this new style of performance. Following a trend already observed in France, Italy, Galicia and Catalunya, Sweden and the United Kingdom, young crowds discovered also the new challenge of group and couple dances. Bailia took the Bourré, Schottische, Mazurka, Waltz, Chapelloise, Jig, Circle Circassiens, An Dro (and other Breton dances), Pingacho, Repasseado, Cirigoça and Polska to new cultural and social fields, opening the way for what would become an energetic and significant manifestation of ...
  • Jean-Baptiste Besard, Branle- Branle gay Jean-Baptiste Besard (c 1567; d. after 1617), Branle- Branle gay, Renaissance and Early Baroque Dance Music, Konrad Ragossnig, Laute, Ulsamer-Collegium, Direction: Josef Ulsamer. Painting by Joos de Momper II (1564- 1635)
  • Cassandra Branle The Mixed Branle Cassandra, as performed using art from Arbeau's Orchesography. The video is intended to be silly, but the steps are genuine and could possibly give an idea of how to perform this dance as described. The music was performed (poorly) by myself on a cittern one evening when I was too lazy to find my plectrum. This video is copyright free.
  • Watkyns Ale and Branle played by Phil and friends This ribald ballad was an Elizabethan favorite, although conservative elements in English society assailed at least one publisher for printing such "odious and lascivious" material. This catchy, swinging tune with its ascending midsection had staying power; most often sung in taverns and on the stage to the accompaniment of whatever instruments were at hand, the melody found its way into the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, and from there into William Walton's score for the film Henry V; cast in a slow, funereal E minor, the drinking song became the theme of Walton's "Death of Falstaff" passacaglia. The bawdy lyrics go on at some length. Essentially, they tell of a young woman concerned that she might die a virgin; a randy young man overhears her complaint and offers to give her something he euphemistically calls Watkin's ale, "sweeter farr then suger fine, and pleasanter than muskadine." He takes her aside and gives her a full helping. Afterwards, they chat awhile, but the girl grows tired of talk and asks for more Watkin's ale. Naturally, the lad is happy to slake her thirst again. Nine months later, though, the brew has proven not to agree with her:
  • Narciso Yepes - Passemezzo y Branle by Adrian Le Roy (1520-1598) 3. Narciso Yepes French renaissance guitar solo, part of the Yepes Trio, a music and dance concert
  • Branle This video is dedicated to my Pagan Wife on the Winter Solstice 2010 Music: Traditional - performed by Taverner Consort, Choir & Players Design, Artwork & Editing: Henric C. Jensen ©2010
  • Branle - Georg Leopold Fuhrmann nice barock piece, my first 2 mins+ piece I learned :-)
  • Gaillarde - Branle de Poitou - Pierre Attaingnant - Lute Two small pieces from Attaingnant edition : A Gaillarde and a Branle de Poitou, played on a lute made by Stephen Murphy. V. ;-)
  • BRANLE DES CHEVAUX old famous french dance with diatonic accordion
  • Branle, Anonymous Branle, Anonymous, The Folger Consort. Works by Hans Bol (1534- 1593).
  • Branle des Chevaux by Dutch traditonal groups The top of traditional bands from the Netherlands playing together in Zoetermeer (Holland) a dance-tune called Branle des Chevaux
  • Font et Val on s'en branle.wmv
  • Font et Val on s'en branle.avi
  • Therese Honey - Harp Journey's Concert - 2 - Branle de la Torche The Torche Branle by Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) is performed in Therese's arrangement published in her book, The Royale Harpist. The harp was built by Catherine Campbell, Port Townsend, Washington. It is a reproduction of the "Boston Harp," a surviving northern European harp from the late 17th century, currently in the collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts [see picture on their website]. Therese performed this piece at the Harp Journeys faculty concert in Houston on February 28, 2009, but the video was not suitable, so we are using this version instead; recorded early March.
  • Branle Gay "C'est mon amy" - Pierre Attaingnant - Lute Edited in Paris, 1529 Lute made by Stephen Murphy
  • Claude Gervaise, Branle de Bourgogne, Branle de Champagne Claude Gervaise, Branle de Bourgogne, Branle de Champagne, Renaissance and Early Baroque Dance Music, Konrad Ragossnig, Laute, Ulsamer-Collegium, Direction: Josef Ulsamer. Works by Vincent Sellaer (1500- antes de 1589), Gaudenzio Ferrari (c. 1471- 1546), Francesco Raibolini (c. 1450- 1517), called Francia, Bartolomeo Montagna (1450?- 1523).
  • Helmut, Scott & Pat playing Traubentritt and Branle de Chevaux Helmut Eberl (hurdy gurdy /drehleier) Scott Wallace (trummscheit, flutes /flöten) Patrick Feldner (daf, darbuka, percussion) during the Historical Dance-Tavern in Tympanum, Vienna organised by Eulenspiel. filmed by Kat on 1st March 2008 (PAT's BIRTHDAY!!!)
  • Besard.Branle gay/Galilei.Saltarello A track from "The Dance Album" by the Estonian guitarist Kristo Käo
  • Rond: Branles d'Escosse, Gavotte Czech dancing group Rond The early dance locks, stock and barret performs Branles d'Escosse and Gavotte reconstructed after the french dance treatise Orchésographie by Thoinot Arbeau (1589). Castle of Velhartice, summer 2006.
  • j'ai rien branlé - volo
  • RO J'men Branle ... clip méson made in 64sang
  • Tielmann Susato: Hoboeckentanz & Branle This video is a re-posting. I edited the sound a little and made it suitable for the wide-screen format. I also think this music is very "Christmas suitable" so I put it back. ernst stolz viola da gamba (& recorder)
  • El_7oss: @Hsn_BAyed On s'en branle il est mort \o/ (en supposant que ...) cc @Out__rage
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  • PaulineCherry_: @TheOlish " j'me branle " --'
  • zelink: WATCHOUT GOD SAVE THE QUEEN - marseille (13008): Bon branle bas de combat William et Kate se marient en Anglet...
  • DaKor3: "Moi j'm'en branle j'fais d'la wooble!" #ringard @braukovick @damien_blackb @theboilmusic @CharlyDaSas @PurSim @MistahLuigi @EricDavidenko
  • ImadLaouissi: @Nordinebetoul Il se branle en ce moment meme
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  • autruche_blog: @leGrosCon ou voilà, On S'En Branle Le Cul
  • OhThatsAnneSo_: @xLeaPayne OH YEAH . ( on s'en branle meme :p ) MOUHAHAHA ♥ thnaks you so much baby Léa !
  • artdevivre_com: Follow the #RoyalWedding from the #Paris!
  • CosimaGloria: Williams & Kate, on s'en branle. #lhistoiredontonsefout #petitjournal
  • Troll_Cowboy: @victor_pinget non, "branlé"

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