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  • (Bransle des chevaux) Arbeau, Orchesography, 1589. Click here for facsimile. Line of couples Official Bransle (Bransle officiel) Arbeau, Orchesography, 1589. Click here for facsimile. — “Dance Notes”, lady_isabeau13
  • Bransle definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Bransle | Define Bransle at ”,
  • Horse's Bransle. Thoinot Arbeau (1588) (c) Arr Perygen Northmbr & Phaedria d'Aurillac. All Rights Reserved =75. 0. 1. 2. 1. 3. 3. 1. 2. 1. 3. 3. 2. 1. 3. 3. 2. 1. 3. 0. 1. 3. 3. — “Horse's Bransle”,
  • L'ensemble musical Provençal interprète sur la scène du Pasino d'Aix en Provence le branle des chevaux (Toinot Arbaud) 16e siècle. Rappelons toutefois que le. — “YouTube - Bransle des chevaux par l'E.M.P Bernard Rini au”,
  • La Gavotte, le Bransle du Poitou, la Bourrée d'Avignon, le Bransle Double et le Bransle d'Ecosse. La Gavotte, le Bransle du Poitou, la Bourrée d'Avignon, le Bransle Double et le Bransle d'Ecosse. — “Carole Choquet (Rolca666): His videos, favorites and more on”,
  • anon.: Premier Bransle Commune - 2. Bransle - Almande - Bransle de poytou legier - Browse all available recordings and buy from Presto Classical for worldwide delivery. — “anon.: Premier Bransle Commune - 2. Bransle - Almande”,
  • Bransle Gay tab by John Renbourn at Ultimate-, added on August 28, 2003. — “Bransle Gay tab by John Renbourn @ Ultimate-”, ultimate-
  • The largest classical music site on the web. Hundreds of thousands of classical music files. Most composers and their music are represented. Biographies, reviews, playlists and store. — “Adrian Le Roy - Bransle de Bourgongne, No.6 - Classical Archives”,
  • What is a bransle, definition of bransle, meaning of bransle, bransle anagrams, bransle synonyms. — “Word bransle meaning. Word bransle definition. Free crossword”,
  • The Branle [Brahn-lee] is a French (Renaissance dance) that was well documented in the Festival of Nance in 1445, however it was called the Conje' (End) and was also performed on the 'Field of the Cloth of Gold' in 1520 and was a very gay and. — “BRANLE dance page. Streetswings Dance History archives”,
  • We found 11 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word BRANSLE: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "BRANSLE" is defined. — “Definitions of BRANSLE - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Virgin veritas. 7243 5 45313 2 3. Virelai. 1996-1997. Fl, Lt. Bransle de Champaigne (#2) III Year. Instruments. Bransle de Champaigne (#2) IX. a 4, 2/2. Recording(s) CD Title. Label / No. — “GERVAISE, Claude / Sixieme Livre de Danceries 5”, homepage3
  • A branle (also bransle, pronounced brawl) is a 16th century French dance style which moves mainly from side Igor Stravinsky includes a Bransle Simple, Bransle Gay, and Bransle de Pointou (Double) in his Agon (1957). — “Branle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • swing, shake; can also be spelled bransle).The term for old French folk dances, frequently accompanied by A branle (also bransle, pronounced brawl) is a 16th century French. — “Branle: Definition from ”,
  • From Middle French bransle, variant form of branle. [edit] Noun. bransle (plural bransles) (obsolete) A kind of dance, or a song designed for such a dance. 1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, III.x: Now making layes of loue and louers paine,. — “bransle - Wiktionary”,
  • Bransles are the simplest of the known renaissance dances, and a bransle is usually the first dance that is taught of any of the known medieval or renaissance dances. The word "bransle" comes from a French word meaning a side-to-side movement. — “Bransles”,
  • Renaissance Muse is a collection of ballads and courtly dance music of the 16th and early 17th centuries. Drawn from the lute repertoire of Scotland, England and Italy and the French dances of Praetorius and Gervaise, this solo harp recording by Bransle de Montirande. — “Renaissance Muse CD by Deborah Friou: Deborah Friou”,

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  • Anthoine Francisque - Premier Bransle simple - Lute Another dance by Francisque from Le Trésor d'Orphée. 1600 Lute made by Stephen Murphy.
  • Daniel Renbourn - Bransle Gay A lively short French dance written by Claude Gervaise in the 16th century.
  • Horses Brawl / Bransle Janette Clare performing at Belvoir Folk Festival, Belvoir Castle, Rutland, UK, on 18th May 2008, in the Guardroom at the foot of the main staircase. Part of a set themed "A tour of Britain", this was an extra item, where we took a day trip across the Channel!
  • horse bransle - renaissance mandolin "horse bransle" ('horse's brawl') - by thoinot arbeau. 16th c. peasant dance tune from france - played on an american made bowlback mandolin (a. galiano) - given to me by my friend gabriella. ...
  • Praetorius - Bransle Simple From "Dances for Terpsichore." Edit: Gah. Somehow the background picture didn't get uploaded. Well, look up "hans memling angels playing music" if you want to see.
  • Gervaise Bransles Gavotte No.2 (probably by Gervaise) and Bransle (Gervaise) - played by Tapestries, a recorder ensemble led by Sue Riehle and based in New Zealand's Far North.
  • Bransle - Michael Praetorius Bransle by Michael Praetorius
  • michael praetorius - Bransle Simple VII :D
  • Bransle Ballet Des Coqs and Dit Le Bourgignon More efforts at reconstructing the original issue of "16th Century Dances From Court And Village, released on LP in the late 1970's and rereleased in modified format on CD.
  • 634. Donkey Riding & Horse's Bransle (Traditional) - Sue Ellis Donkey Riding Also known as "An Caip Cul-Ard", "Bonny Laddie", Caidhp An Chúil Áird", "Highland Laddie" and "High Caul Cap". It is claimed by some to be a sea chantey, a "donkey" being a type of winch used on a sailing ship. Apparently, long before it became a popular morris dancing tune, it was a Highland regimental quickstep march, going back at least to the 1600s. It is always played at the Edinburgh military tattoo. Horse's Bransle This polka is also known as "Branle Dei Cavalli", "Horse's Brawl." "Bransle" is pronounced "brawl" and the original "s" is often left out these days. This melody is believed to go back to the 13th century. These two tunes are played here by Sue Ellis at a session of the Hong Kong Folk Society at The Canny Man, in Wanchai. If you would like to play along you can find the tunes on my website: You can watch a playlist of jigs, reels and other tunes here
  • Katie Lawrence Senior Recital - Mansfield Brass Quintet - Bransle Quatre Bransles - 11-20-10 Katie Lawrence - Mansfield Brass Quintet - Bransle Quatre Bransles - Senior Recital with Jeff Augustine 11-20-10
  • BRANSLE DE CHAMPAGNE - Raymond Burley & John Mills - 1998 Raymond Burley and John Mills in concert in Somerset in 1998 Bransle de Champagne (Suite Francaise) arr. Burley by Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)
  • Adrian Le Roy - Bransle de Champaigne Short dance for renaissance guitar by Adrian le Roy, from his "Tiers livre de guitarre" - 1552. The lute maker Stephen Murphy made this wonderful little 4 course renaissance guitar.
  • Guillaume Morlaye - Bransle A nice round dance by Morlaye. Renaissance guitar made by Stephen Murphy.
  • Wolgemut plays the Horse's Bransle Wolgemut plays Pennsic 36, in the market. The dance and music is the 'Horse's bransle'.
  • Civilization IV - Bransle Civilization IV Soundtrack (Michael Praetorius - Bansle)
  • mandolin tune - horses bransle - medieval tune This is mick smith's first you tube video - it's me playing a medieval tune called horses bransle. I'm playing a 1922 gibson A2 mandolin
  • Michael Praetorius: Terpsichore (1612) - Bransle de Village à 5 (MPC 14) / Parley of Instruments MICHAEL PRAETORIUS [SCHULTEIß] TERPSICHORE (G. Oberst, 1612) I. Bransle de Villages à 5 (MPC 14) for five-part violin band, pipe, tabor & bagpipe - 0:05 Judy Tarling, Bill Thorp, Ellen O'dell, Henrietta Wayne (violin) Theresa Caudle, Lisa Cochrane (viola I) Paul Denley, Tassilo Erhardt (viola II) Duncan Druce, David Brooker (viola III) Mark Caudle, Katherine Sharman, Helen Gough, Catherine Finnis (bass violin) Elizabeth Kenny (lute) Bill Lyons (pipe, tabor) Raf Mizraki (drum) Giles Lewin (musette) Parley of Instruments Renaissance Violin Band / Peter Holman (conductor) 2001 Hyperion CDA67240 - DDD www.hyperion- [on authentic instruments]
  • Lady's Bransle Live performance by Lucidian and friends at the Mobile Renaissance Faire November 2007
  • Three Bransles by Thoinot Arbeau Tapestries, a recorder ensemble based in New Zealand's Far North, play Scottish Bransle, Bransle des Chevaulx, and Branle de l'Official.
  • Claude Gervaise's "Bransle de Champaigne X" arranged for recorder and strings Claude Gervaise's "Bransle de Champaigne X" arranged for recorder and strings. Performed by David Bellugi as an encore in a concert with the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra on Sept. 23, 2009.
  • Bransle des Chandeliers ~ Harlequin Here is a video of Bransle des Chandeliers, a haunting candle dance, from the Medieval Ball, Wesley Hall, Hobart, 29 March 2008. Harlequin performed the music and Mike Raine did the video.
  • Richard Searles & Gilbert Yslas, Bransle de la Royne Renaissance music taken from the album "Dance of the Renaissance" of Searles and Yslas. The buildings belong to the renaissance architecture. Thanks for listening!
  • Scottish Bransle Medieval French tune performed by The Bardicci Consort (Bill Thorpe, Marie Lutins, allen lutins and Adam Flint) 4 Feb 2007 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Binghamton, NY
  • Lion and Lily: Official Bransle Lion and Lily performs a slightly irreverent version of Official Bransle (Arbeau, 1589) at Atlantian Twelfth Night, 2009. Video by Master Callixtus Gill.
  • Jean-Baptiste Besard - Bransle gay - Lute Another short dance by Jean-Baptiste Besard. Lute made by Stephen Murphy.
  • Metallica - Fuel (PRO-SHOT, Tokyo 2006) Well, finally 3 Pro-Shot Metallica vids from SummerSonic in Tokyo 2006 (Creeping Death, Fuel, Fade to Black).
  • Daniel Renbourn - Bransle Gay/Reynardine Two beautiful traditional songs played by Daniel Renbourn.
  • Cassandra Branle The Mixed Branle Cassandra, as performed using art from Arbeau's Orchesography. The video is intended to be silly, but the steps are genuine and could possibly give an idea of how to perform this dance as described. The music was performed (poorly) by myself on a cittern one evening when I was too lazy to find my plectrum. This video is copyright free.
  • Bransle de la Torche Michael Praetorius
  • Saffron Sect Live "Horse's Bransle" outdoor festival here is a quick clip in very poor sound quality (on both sides, the hurdy gurdy is the only instrument you can really make out) of The Saffron Sect doing a the "Horses' Bransle" a tune popular in 14-15th century France. hmmn too bad you can't hear the other instruments.
  • Montarde Bransle A Renaissance Dance practice set, brought to you by Tudor Rose Court.
  • Tylman Susato - Bransle Quatre Bransles Sofia Brass Quintet, Christmas Concert "Silent Night", Bulgarian National Television, 5.01.1995.
  • Raphael Remualdo - Danza No.7 - Bransle Music: Raphael Remualdo (1593 - ?) Painter: Nederlands: Jan Bruegel de Jonge English: Pieter Bruegel the Younger Deutsch: Pieter Breughel d .J. (1564-1637-8) Painting: Nederlands: De bruiloftsdans English: The Peasants Wedding Deutsch: Der Hochzeitstanz im Freien (1607) (Copy of "The Peasants Wedding" 1566, Pieter Bruegel the Elder)
  • Medieval Maltese bransle small group This is the Maltese bransle, a Medieval piece. Belisha Dance Club hosted workshops with the Argent Lords teaching a variety of Medieval dances (there is more video, just not on youtube). Who? Belisha Dance Club - see .nz . Argent Lords - see . If you wish to learn more, come to Belisha in Tauranga, NZ - third Wednesday of each month; or the the Argent Lords in Auckland, NZ.
  • Civilization 4 Soundtrack: Bransle Music by Michael Praetorius.
  • Beverly Harlton ~ Senior Recital - Nine Bransles from Terpsichore, Michael Praetorius Beverly Harlton, Senior Flute Recital Geraldine Hubbell, piano The University of Louisiana at Lafayette 20 November 2009 Nine Bransles from Terpsichore(1612), Michael Praetorius (1571-1621), arr. Gwilym Beechey According to Greek mythology, Terpsichore was the muse of dance. Terpsichore is a collection of over 300 dances, the majority of which were arranged or composed by Michael Praetorius. A German composer, Praetorius was born Michael Schultz. He later switched to the Latin form of his name. His compositional style, too, defied his countrys borders, reflecting many elements of the Italian styles common in the late Renaissance. A bransle, or branle (pronounced brawl), was a French dance popular among peasants and common folk in the 16th century. It was a couples dance that involved side-to-side movement in either a line or a circle. This arrangement, compiled by Gwilym Beechey, features three Bransle Doubles and a Bransle de Montirande, among others.
  • Bransle Double - Arranged by Andrew Forrest.wmv Bransle Double is one of ten dances from Terpsichore, a very large collection of dances composed or set by the German Composer, Michael Praetorius (1571 - 1621 ) In Greek mythology, Terpsichore (pronounced /tərpˈsɪkəri/) (Τερψιχόρη) "delight of dancing" was one of the nine Muses, ruling over dance and the dramatic chorus. She lends her name to the word "terpsichorean" which means "of or relating to dance". She is usually depicted sitting down, holding a lyre, accompanying the dancers' choirs with her music. She is sometimes said to be the mother of the Sirens by Achelous. Her name comes from the Greek words τέρπω ("delight") and χoρός ("dance").
  • Silver Hammer Maltese Bransle.MPG Dancing at the Barony of Thor's Mountain event Silver Hammer, November 2009. Dancers doing the Maltese Bransle, a fun and easy circle dance that gets faster with each repetition of the music.
  • Bransle -Thysius lute book Nice short easy piece from the famous Thysius book of Dutch music. Lute made by Stephen Murphy.
  • AEsa's Bransle Don Mateo Montero de Madrid (Andrew Heinrich). Recorded on March 19, 2009 at the Green Dragon Inn at Gulf Wars XVIII using a Flip Video camcorder. You can order his second CD from CDBaby at and can learn more about him and his music at www.andrew- This song was written for AEsa Gilesdottir after her first reign as Queen of Northshield.

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  • “Posted by art076 on 29-01-05 at 09:11 AM. In response to message #0 in Agon was her variation in the pas de trois (the Bransle Gay, according to the score)”
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  • “koking03's BLOG. Hello. Thanks for the visit n my page :) Nice place here. I didn't know Barocco baroque bransle C_Reaction Clair creative_commons dogmazic Electro electronic”
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  • “Information on directing small choirs and info on Early Music products. dance tunes, Aaron choreographed a bransle called the "Procrastinator's Bransle" for an event called the”
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  • “TAGS. BLOG. BLUEGRASS. BLUES/CLASSIC ROCK. CLASSICAL. ELECTRONIC. FOLK. FREEFORM. FUNK/SOUL/R&B consisting of four parts; La volonte, Bransle gay, Allemande, and Bransle de Poictou”
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  • “Forums > ABRSM > General Music Forum. Forums Rules. A shortened version of the Forums Rules is given below. The full version can be in the syllabus it said Branle by Phalese, the Bransle by Gervaise in the pupil's book and my accompaniment”
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  • “02. Douce Dame Jolie. 03. I Once Loved A Lad. 04. Tha Mi Sgith. 05. Childgrove/Parson's Farewell/Horse's Bransle. 06. Edi Beo Thu 09. Bransle 3/Almande 2. 10. The Boatman. 11. Thrice Toss These Oaken Ashes. 12. Reis Glorios/Alle Psallite. Margaret Davis' music”
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