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  • Former British PM Tony Blair and author, skeptic and professional oppositionist Christopher Hitchens debated the question: is religion a force for good in the world?. — “Ex-British PM, Hitchens take debate to a higher plane”,
  • British Prime Minister David Cameron believes the BBC's probe into FIFA's affairs will not affect England's 2018 World Cup bid although he said he was frustrated at the timing of the Panorama documentary. — “Probe won't hurt England bid - football - sport |”,
  • Waste bins on wheels are a German invention, but the British have given them a typically idiosyncratic spin since they were introduced here some 30 years ago. — “Minor British Institutions: The wheelie bin - This Britain”,
  • For the thousands of British troops serving in Afghanistan, being able to open presents from home on Christmas Day is a big boost to morale. — “BBC News - Christmas parcels for British troops in Afghanistan”,
  • British intelligence agents were responsible for promoting an impostor who they believed was a senior Taliban commander key to the. — “British intelligence promoted Taliban imposter - Times LIVE”,
  • A 15-year-old British girl has been arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred after she allegedly set fire to an English-language copy of the Koran and posted footage of the incident on Facebook. — “British Girl, 15, Arrested Over Alleged Koran Burning Posted”,
  • Earlier this week, British author Alan Shadrake stated in court documents that he. — “TODAYonline | Singapore | Judge asks for British author's”,
  • The British Museum will help set up the UAE's national museum through the loan of art and assistance with exhibits on falcons and the oil and pearl industries. The British Museum will counsel on the museum's design, construction and operations. — “Expert help from British Museum”,
  • Details of how British Intelligence promoted an apparently senior Taliban commander as the key to an Afghan peace process only to learn later that the man was an impostor were revealed Friday in a report by The Times of London. — “Report: British Intelligence Agency Funded Taliban Impostor”,
  • British spies accused of bringing Taliban impostor to peace talks AFP - British spies promoted an impostor whom they believed was a top Taliban commander key to the Afghan peace process, paying him several hundred thousand dollars, reports said Friday. — “France24 - British spies accused of bringing Taliban impostor”,
  • 1. People who identify of full or partial British ancestry born in to that country. 3. British citizens by way of residency in the British overseas territories; however, few have ancestry from the United Kingdom. — “British people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A senior Afghan official has blamed the British secret service for bringing a Taliban impostor to take part in top-level peace talks with the Afghan government, newspapers reported Friday. — “British agents blamed for Taliban impostor - CTV News”,
  • Man Posing as Taliban Leader in Negotiations Brought By "Naive" British Secret Service, Says Karzai's Chief of Staff. — “Afghans Blame British for Taliban Imposter - CBS News”,
  • President Hamid Karzai's chief of staff on Thursday said that British authorities were responsible for bringing a Taliban impostor into the presidential palace and that foreigners should stay out of delicate negotiations with the Afghan. — “British faulted for Taliban impostor”,
  • British Prime Minister David Cameron has joined criticism of a BBC investigation into FIFA because it could potentially harm England's bid to host the 2018 World Cup. — “British PM criticizes BBC for FIFA story - Yahoo! News”,
  • Scrooge Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials canceled Christmas for British troops by banning morale-boosting parties, The Sun reported Friday. — “Ministry of Defence cancels Christmas for British troops”,
  • British intelligence agents were responsible for promoting an impostor who they believed was a senior Taliban commander key to the Afghan peace process, according to reports. — “British intelligence blamed over Taliban impostor - Hurriyet”,
  • Cooper Tires is to continue as title sponsor of British Formula 3 until at least the end of 2014. — “ - F3 News: Cooper extends British F3 deal”,
  • Widowed British honeymooner Shrien Dewani will not be returning to South Africa, his publicist Max Clifford said today. — “British businessman says he is NOT a suspect in wife's”,
  • KABUL Afghanistan - President Hamid Karzai's chief of staff on Thursday said that British authorities were responsible for bringing a Taliban imposter into the presidential palace and that foreigners should stay out of delicate negotiations with the Afghan insurgent group. — “Karzai Aide Blames British for Bringing Taliban Imposter to”,
  • London investors face a hectic return to work on Monday after the weekend break amid key updates on Ireland's bailout, official British growth forecasts and a planned tie-up between BA and Iberia. Also on Monday, the British government will give its latest forecasts. — “British investors await manic Monday - Yahoo!7 Finance”,
  • British PM criticizes BBC for FIFA story British PM criticizes BBC for FIFA story. — “British PM criticizes BBC for FIFA story - World Cup News”,

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  • Smithy (James Corden) Coaching the Best of British Sport. Sport Relief 2010 (part 1). HILARIOUS!! 'Smithy', aka James Corden, 'coaching' the cream of British sport to glory including David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Andy Murray, to name just a few.
  • 'WikiLeaks exposed US, British govt lies about Iraq casualties' US commanders in Iraq ignored evidence of torture and often failed to investigate the killing of civilians. These are the major findings from the leak of 400000 secret American military files from the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. For more insight, RT talks to Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan who's alleged his country's complicity in human rights abuse.
  • How to Be British Here's a video on how to be British! Sam's childhood friend came to visit us, and has the most amazing accent in the world! (PS this video is not meant to offend anybody. we love the british people! we just asked joy what would be good tips to how to be british!!) SONGS USED - London Bridge - Fergie Comments, favorites, views, and subscriptions most appreciated!! OH & thank you JOY for being in our video!!!
  • British got talent Paul Potts
  • British are also NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES This is a video response to "Americans are NOT stupid" This video was NOT MADE TO INSULT BRITISH!!!! I am british myself!!!!! It is a response, not because the same questions were asked to british people, it is a response because british people were questioned about britain and their general knowlegde, just like in the original video and also because scenes were faked. there are idiots in every country. its just a popular thing to be hypocritical against america. the other countries don't think and follow like sheep. they say "dumb Americans" because it's the thing to do and to point out the most uneducated Americans. There is no perfect country. France, Germany, England...they all have idiots. This video was not made by american people, it was filmed and edited by european people. From 13 people that were questioned, 12 or so were used in the video. We tried to film a different age group of people. 4 kids, 1 pair of elderly, 6+ middle aged people. Two kids in the video knew about the questions and they were in the video for a joke. The other two are aged 14 and 13. If you say you can't expect them to know how many sides a triangle/square has, it's up to you! Just because some people don't know the answer to a few questions doesn't make a whole nation stupid! The purpose of this video is NOT to insult british, it is simply here to prove that neither americans nor british are stupid. It is also here to prove that a few scenes in the original video were used in a fake way ...
  • Cycling Legend Rails Against British Reporter A Sacramento news conference took a dark turn Thursday when cyclist Lance Armstrong ripped Paul Kimmage, a reporter from The Sunday Times.
  • Marco pierre white Great British Feast Ep4 part1 marco pierre whites great british feast
  • Real English Lesson 14a Long Version British CC Double The Lesson for this video begins at www.real- then click on "Execise 1". This Long version of "What are the British like?" for Intermediate students. The short version of same video is for beginners containing only "is", "are", and adjectives. The short version is here: Note: A "CC Double" video is composed of two parts: 1 - The regular video, followed by 2 - The same video with subtitles.
  • What Does It Mean To Be British? You like it when Charlie winks, right? Charlie McDonnell: Sam Caplat: Special Thanks to: Kasey Gooden Craig Benzene
  • Webmatch: British Invasion vs. Rhino & Jesse Neal Visit for more info
  • Marco pierre white Great British Feast Ep1 part3 marco pierre whites Great british feast
  • British v American Slang 2 Email: [email protected] Twitter: (follow me!) Tumblr: The second part of my 'British english verses American english' video!! Just for fun of course ;) Take a look at my channel... oh and subscribe while you're there *shamelessplug* ;)
  • Webmatch: Beer Money vs. The British Invasion Watch the Superstars of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
  • Scary 1970s British Public Information Films Things shown on the telly that made me hide under the sofa seat. Horrible to think these things were shown during daytime. Films starring or narrated by Donald Pleasance, Jon Pertwee, David prowse, Edward Judd and Jimmy Saville. SPLINK!
  • British Want Their Guns Back Spread the message of freedom and individual liberty by rating and commenting on this video, as well as reposting it. Please visit the following sites for more information: http http Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson
  • (Lyrics Included) Susan Boyle British idol Britains Got Talent A Star is Born Singer Opera Another Song from SUSAN: Susan Boyle from Britains got Talent show stuns audiences. British idol Britains Got Talent A Star is Born Singer Opera
  • British Marines In Afghanistan - Dawn Assualt Part 2 of 2 Royal Marines in a dawn assualt, Afghanistan.
  • Marco pierre white Great British Feast Ep1 part1 marco pierre whites great british feast
  • London Riot: Tory HQ smashed by British students Tens of thousands of students marched through London on Wednesday against plans to triple university tuition fees, and violence erupted as a minority battled police and trashed a building containing the headquarters of the governing Conservative Party. Organisers said 50-thousand students, lecturers and supporters demonstrated against plans to raise the cost of studying at a university to 9-thousand pounds a year - three times the current rate - in the largest street protest yet against the government's sweeping austerity measures. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • Vanessa Redgrave Receives BAFTA Fellowship - The British Academy Film Awards 2010 - BBC One More about this programme: Prince William and actress Uma Thurman presented this year's Bafta fellowship to campaigning actress Vanessa Redgrave.
  • Charlie Brooker on British and American TV News A clip from Charlie Brookers Newswipe (8th April 2009) in which Brooker discusses the working of TV News on either side of the pond
  • LSD Testing (British Troops) A crew of British military men were each given LSD-25 (Acid) while on the field. Here is what happened:
  • Ke$ha's British? I'm aware that I am a horrible dancer...don't hate me for trying to be cool.. BUY MY T-SHIRTS: Twitter: MySpace: Facebook: Song I danced to was Midnight Beast :D
  • British Slang I Explore British Slang! - Thanks To All My New Subscribers, Really Means Alot! The More The Merry'er! Feel Free To Subscribe! :) Thanks.
  • Marco pierre white Great British Feast Ep1 part2 marco pierre whites great british feast
  • I'm not British I'm not British, but I know a thing or two about British culture! Watch and learn Michael Aranda... Watch and learn... A response to this video: ///TWITTER/// ///SPOTM/// Store: Music courtesy of Mars Argo:
  • British Stereotypes Stereotypes - Tea & Crumpets/Bad Teeth/London/Football Hooligans/ Old Time Sayings This Video Was Featured In A Japanese Magazine For The December/January 2009 Edition. Find out more Here! -
  • British Humour Kid decides to run away from home
  • British v American Slang Email: [email protected] Twitter: (follow me!) Tumblr: I made this (what will hopefully be) two part video in order to outline the differences between British-english and American-english. Its all for fun!! Oh and correct me if I get any wrong or something
  • British Leyland Challenge Highlights - Top Gear - BBC autos The Honda Civic Type R is put to the test on BBC smash hit motoring show, Top Gear. Watch this video in full on the high quality BBC Top Gear YouTube channel. Visit for all the latest news and car reviews.
  • Russell Brand talks about British prejudice towards the US Russell Brand and Craig Ferguson talk about hill-billies, Coca-Cola, and their new drink!
  • Hugh Laurie: the British accent vs the American The fantastically talented Hugh Laurie paid a house call to Ellen, and they played an exciting game of American slang versus English slang -- and the game was bloody brilliant!
  • British Daughter Prank Call - OwnagePranks This is a prank call I did longg ago, when my British accent wasn't really too amazing. I call offering this father a solution to his daughter's weight problem, but it doesn't go over well. His reaction is hilarious, and mainly the reason why I had to upload this. Enjoy Become my facebook fan! Follow me on Twitter! Add me on MySpace! Subtitles by DjMuffs http
  • Frankie Boyle at the British Comedy Awards 2009 Frankie Boyle makes a couple of controversial jokes at the British Comedy Awards 2009 accompanied by David Hay and introduced by Jonathan Ross.
  • REM - Nightswimming (British Version) (Video) © 2006 WMG Nightswimming (British Version) (Video)
  • Charlie McDonnell presents BAFTA to The Inbetweeners - British Academy Television Awards 2010 - BBC More about this programme: Channel 4's raucous sixth form comedy The Inbetweeners wins the YouTube audience award, the only prize of the night to be voted for by viewers.
  • davemcinneny: Haha...too true! “@stats_canada: The average British Columbian will spend 19 years of their life waiting for the ferry”
  • desyaadwi: @likaluisa lik berarti elo pake british accent dong? gmn susah ga?
  • jrwalker90: A very well written article and worth a read #ukconservation
  • Teachric: @LaceUpBoxing I'm British and I was not telling you that. Muppets were telling you that.
  • hazzandthekazoo: RT @DirectionerShay: LOOOOOOOOOOOOL=)):'(@YummyHazza_: Taylor(British accent) : "He calls me up and he's like 'I still love you'" Harry :
  • NazraZahri: RT @JapanToday: Opinions › Why aren't Japanese dating and mating?: At dinner with five British friends, a spark suddenly sizzl...
  • sconcerto: British farming in crisis as crop losses from 'relentless' floods pile up woes via @guardian
  • HannahKeilyy: Kinda over this summer it's been so hot and now I want rain! Argh I just want to be British ...
  • kiddyqpr: British heavyweight scene is shambles not a decent fighter out there
  • pewbuscus: British people have the sweetest voices why am I not there rn
  • MacKenzie0803: RT @onedirection: So you've probably heard 1D are up for British Group at the @BRITAwards - right?! 1DHQ x #BRITsgroup
  • Mysterious_Wala: RT @LaceUpBoxing: British fan where telling me this dude was the next champ?
  • sarbear_ann: talking in a British accent with @CallieMauston >>>> #hahaha except for scaring away cute boys
  • Amcgregor21: Too many British Boxers are talkedup to theMax and get found out when they face a real Fighterprime example is Ricky Hatton
  • neilcford: @garethlpowell Shift 3 gives you £, alt 3 # on a British keyboard. Reversed on a US keyboard. There are quite a few alt combinations.
  • johnmckenzie2: RT @stats_canada: The average British Columbian will spend 19 years of their life waiting for the ferry
  • citycops: Who would have thought it- received a 'demand' letter from the British library requesting my book or else little elfs will kill me
  • Joanaiglesias64: RT @VogueSpain: La Alice in Wonderland de Aquilano.Rimondi, el viaje british de Trussardi... Todo #MFW en
  • JaymesT4: @rachel_vd How very British of you.
  • sansregarde: @ErikaTsang lol too bad I can't do a British accent. French yes though.
  • TiredofSheep: I love how, on British interview shows, the method is, just everyone get drunk.
  • Jhewitt90: RT @Maughano: Cannot believe David Price just got sparked out. Another disappointment for British boxing. Is it really over to Tyson Fury?
  • Gul3948: Gutted for @DavidPrice_1 but I don't think the British public will ridicule him like quite a few did to @AmirKingKhan , he will be back
  • AlexaMaynes: @Julia_KOfficial I was watch one of ur videos & I see u have a British ascent ( saying that in my British ascent)
  • CarpentersKeys: Young boy with a british accent. "Aii knao yew.. from tha spayce!" Would I feel as validated if he didn't have the perfect accent?
  • jordyn_blake94: @amber_jamber8 and @mballard18_xoxo are arguing in their British accents. #Mylife
  • British_Q8: بين تأكيدي و مابين إحتمالي كم كشفت أشياء مابي أكتشفها الأمـور اللي تنقـص قـدر غـالي والله إن ودي آموت ولا أعرفها !
  • dtgurl12: RT @Fact: One Direction are the first British-Irish band to debut at No. 1 in the U.S:
  • _Diamonit_: I really miss these British shows. #Lewis
  • the_only_lash: Emma Watson this is an American movie your British slang is humorous but not widely understood here
  • isCJW: Photo: Mum’s arrived! And I get lots of British swag!
  • boutBOXING: RT @mikey_rhino: Ahhhhhhh told you all price isn't what he's made out to be its all about @Tyson_Fury best British heavyweight !!!!
  • CharleeCannonx: Faulty towers is one of the best british sitcoms ever made, so so funny.
  • Teachric: stalker is too old to turn pro, should have stayed amateur. Might win a British title if he is lucky.
  • JDMAttire: @ToyotaPR '93 Top Gear on the 'new' British built Toyota Carina E to sounds of Seal - very different to today's TG
  • craazycaleb: RT @stats_canada: The average British Columbian will spend 19 years of their life waiting for the ferry
  • kirkdiedrich: @Natalie_Ames After 3 drinks I slip into a British accent just to piss my friends off and turn the ladies on.
  • marcam999: @British_Airways thanks for the holiday to bahamas
  • issyhillebrandt: Our family is so british sitting here at 10:30 drinking tea
  • Georgina950: Joss Stone went from having a British accent to having an American accent to having a very British accent all over again
  • KellyDaisyX: “@johnbarc86: Joss Stone decided on the British accent today. A solid choice.” @alfstar04
  • TheForexFeedCom: British pound slides under radar in world currency spat #forex #fx
  • PluisFlor: RT @horanmystrength: "Physically spanish, sentimentally british."
  • brooksbrothaz: I'm really sorry if I offended any British fans with my rant, it wasnt all of you guys and I did say thanks to the calm ones..
  • AboriginalPress: "As a nation, Sikhs are extremely proud of our own anti-colonial struggle against the British. Yet we..."
  • DanielMc1993: @BourgieGurl @frank_ocean @Tinthepark fair but please refer to T as Scottish, not British. Roll on #2014
  • x_Cryss: i wish i had a British accent
  • SoaringTheAngel: I'm proud of these British actors that no one knew except only those watching the BBC series, basically. They deserve their success now.
  • RefinedBarb: Yea, Nicki said its worldwide on USTREAM :) RT @JackoHumphreys: @RefinedBarb ah i see ill need to get hang of it. Can british people use it?
  • Pcje69: Sort of agree but he's an embarrassment to British boxing #noheart
  • shoowyourteeth: I'm gõnna stãrt to trãin my british accent
  • SayuriMatsuri: RT @RealTimeWWII: After a day of fierce debate with UK Generals, Greek Premier Alex Korizis agrees to let British troops assist in fighting Italian invaders.
  • ThatPiperGirll: So I just found out that my nickname from @LikeAFinalBoss is common British slang for semen... Thank you Mat.
  • KarlJCompton: I hate joss stone 1 time she's got an American accent the next a British make up ur mind she hasn't had a good song since 2004 "you had me"
  • calvintaplay: @slocanslim British Columbians deserve transparency from all of their political parties. #bcpoli
  • signisafwa: The 1st British PM under Queen Elizabeth II is also not so widely known. Honestly I've never heard about his name before.
  • Zazarainyday: RT @WORLDPlCS: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Mask498: @johnbarc86 I enjoy laughing at her American/British cross accent. That's the best! BTW great performance last night! #Warriornation
  • wispywinds: Today: snowy trail, early meadowlarks, snowy owl in a field, American Scientist magazine, a good British mystery novel, pizza.
  • gazdownes: @marchingon81 Bad night for British Boxing!
  • Kris_the_Mus: @adam_canavan It wasn't a big shot though, Price is British level at best. Fury has dropped him as an amateur too, this time he'll end it.
  • JosephLovell2: A british new high cataclysmic bride collapsed in re the bridal inasmuch as jejunal pitifulness.: .GeJ
  • LawyerNexus: Muslim missionaries blast British ‘mosquebusting’ lawyer’s message: ‘Mosquebusting’ techniques espoused by a w...
  • srslyjennn: @amihipsteryet since when were you british. Could have sworn you were from Jerusalem.
  • kirstensaidwhat: RT @stats_canada: The average British Columbian will spend 19 years of their life waiting for the ferry
  • yousifabdullah: I'm working on my accent, should I lean more toward British or American pronunciation?
  • stupidju: british dklçsad~sa~]dça~]d[´qw (@JennelGarcia live on
  • British_Q8: ‏​هـنـاك شـئ اسـمـه الـثـقـه بـالـنـفـس ..♥ فـكـلام الـنـآس آرآء ولـيـسـت حـقـيـقـةُ ..
  • 1nappropriate2: @t33mg33k That really made me laugh! How British!
  • r_moyer: Beautiful British Columbia!
  • elsymarineroo: RT @horanmystrength: "Physically spanish, sentimentally british."
  • MilayaHanson: I WILL marry someone with a British accent
  • Nadine_London3: @jtimberlake on #JonathanRossShow <3<3 ''let's not be british and twist me words around'' haha #AdultBoboImpression x_x =D
  • LaceUpBoxing: British fan where telling me this dude was the next champ?
  • billbennettnz: @HarryBStard he has a future in British Steel. (How dated is that?)
  • AskSpain: Ask Spain: British and non Spanish registered vehicles consid...
  • danielkemp6: The British are here “A Masterful Thriller.” $30,000,000 budget on a FILM this year. (UK) (US)
  • anTOYquity: 1982 Britains Metal-Models Hand Painted British Soldier Set number 7248 Value : Approx. $12 - $17 (MIB) based...
  • MJanovic: RT @RealTimeWWII: After a day of fierce debate with UK Generals, Greek Premier Alex Korizis agrees to let British troops assist in fighting Italian invaders.
  • camillelukaesko: RT @dieg0ubz: I realllllly want a british accent
  • LadyChelington: I just entered Dollybakes Great British Bakeware competition to win £55 worth of goodies!
  • suddenlyjamie: Animals that talk with British accents #funny #BBC
  • kanorcarboo: "@VeryRudeTweets: What's the difference between a British man and his girlfriend? His girlfriend has a higher sperm count."
  • paulaerwe: @Tanni_GT They might do a British reboot called National Trust set around David Dickinson travelling the UK looking for intriguing coppices!
  • _curtis16: @elliottlister97 @matthewrowles @katiefenton_x @aidanwilliams97 he's like a British mourinho
  • andysamuels32: @JoeyGraecffa Don't you live in america, pal? I'm british..
  • Geda2468: RT @RealTimeWWII: After a day of fierce debate with UK Generals, Greek Premier Alex Korizis agrees to let British troops assist in fighting Italian invaders.
  • SteelersTide74: RT @RealTimeWWII: After a day of fierce debate with UK Generals, Greek Premier Alex Korizis agrees to let British troops assist in fighting Italian invaders.

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