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  • bunged-up adjective - definition from Cambridge Dictionary Online: If your nose is bunged-up, you find it difficult to breathe because you have a cold. — “Definition of bunged-up adjective from Cambridge Dictionary”,
  • bunged use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with bunged. bunged in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “bunged - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Bunged definition, a stopper for the opening of a cask. See more. — “Bunged | Define Bunged at ”,
  • You'll save 30% off the regular price on books which have been returned, slightly bunged or scuffed. You'll save 30% off the regular price on books which have been returned, slightly bunged or scuffed. — “Hurt Books-Woodenboat Publications”,
  • Quote Reply Topic: Bunged-up Flash Card pin on my 7D. Posted: 11 February 2007 at 02:08. Feeling quite blue this afternoon. Was changing flash card in my 7D this morning at -20C and managed to bend a pin which snapped off when I tried to straighten it. OUCH!. — “Bunged-up Flash Card pin on my 7D - Dyxum forums”,
  • Bolte Bridge all bunged up (02:10) Transport report Clay Lucas investigates the state of peak-hour traffic on the new look Bolte Bridge. 01/04/10 http://.au/bolte-bridge-all-bunged-up-1295981.html. — “Video - Bolte Bridge all bunged up - The Age”, .au
  • I bought a wireless router of ebay for 15 pound and it said easy to set up I thought great something easy for once anyway it got here I bunged in the disk set it all up (hardware) i click on setup on the menu on the disk it takes me to internet. — “Wireless router set up problems? I bought a wireless router”,
  • I think I bunged Joe Bennett's knee. Today's Press. And it was then that I came across an article that I've been waiting to read for years. It was about smoking. It announced in clear and ringing tones that the smoker is an economic benefactor. — “Offsetting Behaviour: I think I bunged Joe Bennett's knee”,
  • A bunged vessel of thermoplastic material having outward projections at the upper edge of separately prefabricated carrying and transport rings for the prongs of an engaging handling means. In a bunged vessel of thermoplastic material having a generally. — “Bunged vessel (US4768673)”,
  • bunged. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search [edit] [edit] Verb. bunged. Simple past tense and past participle of bung. Retrieved from "http:. — “bunged - Wiktionary”,
  • Lester Beach - Letters to the Editor - Winnipeg Free Press. Winnipeg Free Press > Opinion > Letters to the Editor > Have your say: Our beaches are bunged up > All comments. — “Have your say: Our beaches are bunged up - Winnipeg Free Press”,
  • While Hull are bunged up, loan deals are made for Robinbo to go Santos, Senderos to join Putting a figure on the sum of the bungs alleged, Paul Kelso announces "the club claims the alleged deal. — “While Hull are bunged up, loan deals are made for Robinbo to”, 101
  • Hubby and I live in Northern Ireland and are going to the Algarve for a week beginning February. He was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) just before Christmas. When it flares up, he is usually bunged up and is very uncomfortable. — “Travelling with IBS - Lonely Planet travel forum”,
  • Click here for more details. B. Bunged. Your source for wine corks! Top Picks. Rabbit Corkscrew. Rabbit Corkscrews. Foil Cutter Corkscrew. Stamp. Fancy. Cork. — “Bunged | Rabbit Corkscrew | Rabbit Corkscrews | Foil Cutter”,
  • Samsung U800 Soul b software applications free download & thousand of java apps & program. Download Samsung U800 Soul b apps & latest softwares for Whenever there is arriving call from a bunged digit, it is showed in the call minute's as customary without any warning of it person bunged. — “Samsung U800 Soul b Software Applications Apps Free Download”,
  • A drug used to treat acne and prostate disease may help sufferers of nasal polyps. This is one of several new non-invasive treatments for the condition. — “Bunged-up nose? Just take these acne pills | Mail Online”,
  • Shabang Express can provide you with low cost pop up displays. We can customize your portable trade show booth. Our high quality exhibit trade show booth is very popular as it can be developed to fit any business needs. 7 - Bunged channel Bars (5 unslotted & 2 slotted). — “Pop Up Displays: Portable Trade Show Booth, Exhibit Trade”,
  • Congested roads. Bunged up. Mar 15th 2010. Tweet. Road pricing makes good economic sense. But But the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which produced the figure in a report on. — “Congested roads: Bunged up | The Economist”,
  • Definition of bunged in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of bunged. Pronunciation of bunged. Translations of bunged. bunged synonyms, bunged antonyms. Information about bunged in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “bunged - definition of bunged by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • English Translation for bunged - dict.cc German-English Dictionary. — “dict.cc | bunged | English Dictionary”, dict.cc
  • Free online English dictionary. We define bunged as NBung \Bung\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Bunged}; p. pr. & vb. n.{Bunging}.]To stop, as the orifice in. — “Definition of Bunged from ”,

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  • lantern fail part one this is the fist of the 3 lanterns that i let of on a saturday night at about 18:45. this is the red lantern that got stuck in a neighbours hedge and got stuck there ha ha lol the wind might have been too strong i suppose. if you are wondering why i sound bunged up, i have a cold!
  • Mini-ITX C2Q [Quad Core] 64GB Vertex SSD I built this PC as I needed a simple PC for the lounge, solely for web-browsing and receiving streamed media (mainly HD movies) from my server. And maybe the odd bit of PhotoShop work. I was amazed just how small Mini-ITX boards really were - smaller than my hand infact! I chucked the SSD in for good measure as I dont need any storage space on this PC (or any of my PCs) as everything is stored on my server and accessable from all the PCs in my house. This is my first experience with SSDs (and ITX) and I was amazed to see this PC boot vista ultimate faster than my i7 rig!! The 9300 onboard gfx is surprisingly good, the only downer is the crappy hd audio. The whole PC is about the same size as a shoe box, but with all the performance of a conventional C2Q Desktop PC. I bunged 4GB of RAM in there also as it was the same price as 2GB. Theres also the option to add a 9" (PCIe) gfx card too, should I want to play (3D) games on it at a later date (I wont - thats what the i7 rig is for). Stunningly, theres even some small OC options in the BIOS of the board!!! Specs: Intel C2Q Q9400 2.66Ghz Zotac ITX 9300 WiFi (wifi not installed on mine intentionally) 4GB Corsair DHX RAM 60GB OCZ Vertex SSD Samsung Slim/Notebook DVDR Drive Silverstone Aluminium ITX Case w/ 300w PSU
  • Bus just pulled out of the ditch You can see the front bumper is bunged up
  • HP DeskJet 1120C repaired A dead 1120C brought back to life after being dumped with a load of new cartridges. I took this beast apart and the cartridge cleaner and sealer were completely bunged up with ink and the positioning strip was black with overspray. After all the stuff I've smashed, I thought it would be nice to redress the balance, albeit, slightly. A free A3 colour printer and cartridges can't be all bad ;)
  • GEEKPack Minecraft Textures v2 You likes? Don't forget to use the HD Texture Pack Fixer when installing this pack (information on the forums)! Forum Post (includes link to patcher) : Pack direct-links (Get patcher from Forum Post) Texture Pack 1.4 Update : Texture Pack 1.3 Original (See Forum for the patcher) Message to my homies - I had an operation friday before last on my nose hence why I couldn't do any video commentaries. I can breath ok now, my nose is still a bit sensitive but I'm also bunged up now too so not many videos this week I think.
  • Stratovarius - Forever FOREVER Album: Episode (1996) Music: Tolkki Lyrics:Tolkki I stand alone in the darkness. The winter of my life came so fast. Memories go back to my childhood to days I still recall. Oh how happy I was then, there was no sorrow there was no pain. Walking through the green fields sunshine in my eyes. I'm still there everywhere, I'm the dust in the wind. I'm the star in the northern sky. I never stayed anywhere I'm the wind in the trees. Would you wait for me forever?
  • The Suspicions The Laughing Policeman ( The Flying Lizards) David Cunningham offered this track to Virgin & they rejected it - soDC took it to Arista, who bunged it out under The Suspicions name
  • Joey all bunged up :-( Aged about 13 months
  • The Original RTE Morning Ireland interview with Taoiseach Brian Cowen 14 th Sept 2010
  • Bolt ~ In the Cold Ok, so, I got the Dvd screener of Bolt [im still gonna buy the proper dvd though] and wanted to make a video as fast as i could. So i bunged this piece of crap together. Sorry about the texture COMPLETELY vanishing during the end part, it was only meant to go away slightly but Vegas rendered is as a half-assed video, so meh. ASK ME WHAT THE SONG IS AND I WILL KILL YOU. MUSIC IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF "FAIR USE" IN TITLE 17 § 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY.
  • Bunged Up (Vlog #10 | 2010-07-09) An update of my current life ongoings. Water challenge update: - Drink a minimum of 1 litre of water per day. *Subscribe if you have not! *Like if you do! *Comment below! Peace out x
  • Tom does Bunged Up Filmed on location in Leysin, Switzerland
  • The One Show - Matt Smith and Karen Gillan [20/08/10] The beginning titles were just something I had lying around so I just bunged them on the video :p
  • Why I stopped drinking Coffee-Mate It wasn't even expired!
  • ROYAL SCUMBAG ORCHESTRA Let Our Only Witness Be The Moon Another bit of RSO fantasy. We bunged in a bit of Russian-style vocal harmonies and a guitar riff that sounds like an Argentinian tango. This is one that I'd like to re-record with a different approach, but the result thanks to Willy's great production is more than presentable. Pablo Lopez-vocals, Miki Pannella-guitar-bass, Jaime Munoz-drums, Rafa Blanco Moreno-piano-accordion
  • Bunged up This is the third episode of my series "The Model Railways"
  • Santa Rosa Apartmentos - Costa Teguise - Lanzarote A view from our Bungalow at the Santa Rosa Apartments in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote. This is Sunday 11/05/2009 at 2pm. Notice no drunk parents, no screaming kids. Only birds, wind and a bunged up nose making me breathe through my mouth. *Cat not included.
  • Angry Megadrive Nerd (Genesis remix) Here's my little Megadrive style remix of Kyle Justin's awsome Angry Video Game Nerd track. Just bunged the intro in there to give you something to watch, sorry the resolution's crap, I had a hard time even getting that to work! Created using the excellent TFM Music Maker!
  • Bo Selecta in the USA clip from the new series, starts 13th Oct. Madonna dancing
  • RC Cornet N - for the physiotherapy of postnasal-drip syndrome and chronic sinusitis Further Information: The RC-Cornet-N® is a therapeutic aid to clear your sinuses. The pressure and flow fluctuations created by the device 'massage' the sinuses and widen the narrow passages so that air can pass into the sinuses. At the same time, mucous that blocks the passages is mobilised and drained. The RC-Cornet-N® thus enhances the natural healing mechanisms of the body. It helps to drain mucous from the sinuses and therefore relieves the feeling of being 'bunged up'.
  • A point about franciscas In which our besweatered presenter shares with the viewer his experience of throwing reconstructions of franciscas. Of course, he never actually threw any at people with any intention of harming them. He just bunged them around and observed how they behaved.
  • The Yardbirds - I'm Not Talking + I Ain't Done Wrong - 1965 45rpm Two of the three tracks off their Five Yardbirds EP. My Girl Sloopy I've bunged up on its own
  • Unwell - Matchbox 20 Cover Quite a funny one here im totally bunged up here and pushed with abit of brandy from my mother to record this one :P it was good fun though and the cold i had seemed to add abit of something to it including me forgetting the words :D ....... brandy to blame ofc ;-)
  • KFC Keep the poop flowin' Keep a bucket in the fridge at all times, and you won't get bunged up. KFC keeps the poop flowin' freely. *Note: Because of the increased oil in your diet, you may experience a smear factor. So be sure to stock up on extra TP at the market. I like the really soft two-ply. It costs a little extra but it feels nice and your finger wont poke through.
  • I'm Bunged Up! At Jack in the Box drive thru
  • YouTube London Gathering Just some clips all bunged together in a video to show some highlights. I had such a great time. Music is by Omgmhazzrocks: Go check out her channel because her music was amazing at the gathering! Sorry for the vid quality..it didn't initally look like this but for some reason, uploading it onto youtube has made the video quality worse. A big hello to everyone I met there! I'll do another video soon of me talking about the gathering.
  • FUNNY Madonna Bunged Up Video by Leigh Francis Keith Lemon Avid Merrion Bo! It will speak for itself !
  • HOT @ Oulton park sep , bunged up part 2 another bunged up session , featuring a m3 csl @ oulten park 09
  • Cough & bunged up nose It looks like I have caught the virus going around that everyone seems to have at the moment. My nose is so bunged up, I keep trying to blow it to help ease things but nothing wants to move ;-( Cough is annoying & making my throat hurt, but hope that those who dont keep making stupid comments enjoy it ;~) ps, sorry about the sound quaility my microphone is playing up
  • HOT @ Oulton park sep 09 bunged up part 1 published I got black flagged for noise so i had to run the bung in my exhaust , the result it sounded nuts i also appologise to the driver of the GTR skyline i was suffering from brain fade and forgot to brake !
  • Singularity Gameplay (PC) First Boss fight ! This bad-ass stick wielding fellow wasnt so talkative anymore after I bunged several red barrels in his face!
  • Door bunged open to Clear Lot I bunged the door open so I can hop in and out of the truck quickly to wrap the chain around the base of the sagebrush bushes.
  • Funny accidents compilation.wmv just some random clips of hilarious accidents bunged together, the song is called justice by genesis
  • james goode stag do the above getting bunged in st aubins harbour whilst on his stag do..look out for steve harben following him,and blair taliban.
  • Worms World Party Mission 22 | Bunged Up | Speedrun Worms World Party (PC version) Mission 22. Aimed for fastest time to get the gold medal. Tips for improvements are welcome
  • Worms World Party - Mission 22 - Bunged Up Worms World Party (Pc version) How to complete the missions with gold medal and be a worm master! By BradVickers89
  • Jarrow Song - Alan Price Jarrow Song by Alan Price over some bitz found on the net bunged together... enjoy.
  • PS3 News 13th March 2011 Even though Im on my death bed, struggling to breathe, bunged up beyond belief......I still forced myself to get out of bed and record the PS3 News just for you guys ! Yep this week Ive had serious man flu...so im sorry for the snorting and general poor quality lol, I really couldnt help it THIS WEEK - Sony's Onlinbe MMO Free Realms, Batman Arkham City release date, Uncharted 3 Villian, Deus EX Revolutions release date, Firmware update 3.60, Sony v LG and much much more Like Comment Subscribe Waterfields1
  • Let's Play (Bonus) - Super Meat Boy - Ch.5 Glitch World I tackle the hardest glitch world yet! And for some reason the audio on this one sounds all bunged up, just imagine I was doing some experiments running the sound back through an old VCR or something. It was a one time glitch.
  • Bunged up giggle fest Joshi in the car
  • Jon Gomm - Gloria Me playing live on Channel M. I've been reluctant to upload this cos I made a few mistakes (especially the guitar fill at the startof the second verse! Mmmm, jazz) and I was a bit ill so I look like death and sound a bit bunged up. But hey. Here you go. It's a fun country waltz about a chav girl I went out with when I was 18. Some of the lyrics might go over your head if you're not British. "Bensons" are a brand of cigarettes!
  • MrsSelfDestrukt: @TimExiled you just made me feel like a bunged up drain. That's hot.
  • johnnyscotia: @4GFBand the huns will claim we bunged him to say that
  • Love_Bang: @saf_1_m I wanted to interrupt your lads night out, but Ben bunged me into the back of white van.
  • _Lozzah_: Bunged up nose = Eucalyptus oil ♥
  • TweetsBySkeet: Sun required. Have had a flu since Wednesday. Bunged ip proper like.
  • SharonHooper: @elocio luv your description...can't type well...bunged up my arm and wrapped...forget how tied we are to typing on computers
  • jordanfleet: @FrauHopkins Ethan is a bit bunged up atm - i put a few drops of olbas oil on the mattress of his moses basket last night & seemed to help x
  • FrauHopkins: Poor M seems to have developed Z's cold since I put her to bed, she sounds so bunged up. Could be a long night..
  • EmmaNinjaNerd: feeling all bunged up and a bit yukky this evening :O(
  • OhYouThegzyHuh: I really wish I didn't agree to work tomorrow. I'm bunged up and I have SOO much cleaning to do before the fam comes round.
  • jessicaacapon: Feeling all bunged up
  • shonilouise: All bunged up and streaming eyes so mum sent me to bed to recover before work tomorrow .. Oh to be home! #ilovemyfamily #homecomforts
  • pantsbum: i am bunged up
  • Sad__Sack: I'm all bunged up, I can't at all even sing, not even badly, I'm terrible ahah!
  • cmfedrizzi23: Hoping @joefofosimon is all good man he bunged up his elbow real bad. Much love kid #nohomo
  • PaulRooke10: @richard_butler yes thats the one, I'm sure the FA and FIFA wouldn't mind as Long as we bunged them a few quid.
  • Effie17: Is bunged up with hayfever and has sun stroke oh the joys of #summer
  • Philmoreorless: England are rubbish. Bet Blatter has bunged himself an extra cream cake to celebrate.
  • LaurenBeau93: All bunged up and feeling rough :(
  • markysharky: Back is killing me. Bunged up & absolutely boiling hot but not weather related. Feel rough :-(
  • JoJo_Poole: I'm gonna have them for this! She's still on her #hotdate and rang to check In! Only realised cos she doesn't feel bunged up!
  • Harry_Flowers: I hope Sepp has bunged this ref a load of money.
  • nickparkhouse: Just semi-enjoyed a National album. I must be bunged up or delirious.
  • xmascigs: @elephantlamp Look, I can see you getting all bunged up for them making you wear these kinda clothes.
  • MUFC_Stuart_NI: @craigni78 Ulster Hall mate. Bunged to the balls, I'm residing in the bar ha
  • BreezyTyga: Hayfever is killinme my eyes are low and my noes is bunged up :( 
  • GeorgeJulian: @janetedavis Yeh, think is cos I hang over tap, and never properly dry unless have bunged in washing machine. Will follow mammy's advice
  • usestoomuch: Bunged up nose not fun #hayfever
  • Chaniiee_Boo: Bunged up :s
  • _JasonRoberts: @Jason_pope much less bunged up now, cycling is a good decongestant!
  • thegeologyshop: @Sarah_Treacy all bunged. slept with my mouth open last night, and feel uber icky today :( chem revision is just not happening
  • annaliesedayes: "@ChynaDesveaux: Same! Hayfever / cold central! RT @AnnalieseDayes My nose is all bunged up!">> I can't take it, feels like I'm dying!! Lol
  • ChynaDesveaux: Same! Hayfever / cold central! RT @AnnalieseDayes My nose is all bunged up!
  • annaliesedayes: My nose is all bunged up!
  • hshurey: Why do I feel so bunged up still? It's so horrible. Urghh, just go away already!
  • danralphmartin: Colds are for wimps. #bunged up
  • mpittam: chest cold has now moved its way north and I'm bunged up something chronic, back to bed me thinks!
  • Jason_Pope: 30 mile bike ride this morning with a bunged up @_JasonRoberts. Sunny but windy out there. The overgrown garden awaits...
  • weepetecole: Class not too bunged today, room for a few nice kicks, weather fab tonight will be fun :-)
  • St_George82: Coffee, Crumpets and a bunged up nose. Result.
  • Lesterbuddy: @IrnStu no im staying home got a cold so a bit bunged up, achey..hoped the sun wud at least come out so I can sunbathe but not so far - u ?
  • Lesterbuddy: @Shellyszoo @HRH_MrHurley i have a cold just bunged up and achey but will stay in today and IF the sun comes out hope to sunbathe
  • immabagel: eurgh, feel really dizzy, bunged up and i'm hungry. bye.
  • lordmuttley: @MarkySharky feeling bunged up as well mate but guessing it's hayfever. I work in a magistrates court as part of the security team.
  • markysharky: @lordmuttley Where is you work or what do you do? I'm pretty good although feeling a bit bunged up today for some reason. You good?
  • simon_price01: @MeanPoppaLean I instinctively bunged it in the micro. Currently trying to eat it. It's not great, but I demand my money's worth.
  • Spankymio: Morning - my head is banging and I'm all bunged up. Head cold ftw! Even an a4 sheet impregnated with LSD would not tempt me #WhoAmIKidding
  • Jonhinio: @FitnessfreakPav @pinkcycling yep still bunged up
  • jllybeans: Morning. Feel like poo. Bunged up and not enough sleep, again. Good excuse to sit outside in the sun all day.
  • laurasheedy: @NeilEdwards83 Hayfever ned. I feel like am full of a cold. Can't breathe, bunged up, achin, sore throat.......#overdosingonpiriton2day
  • Lesterbuddy: I havent had a cold for years but now I do ! all bunged up,coughing and achey n had a crap nights sleep oh well - man up ...
  • plonkymiff: @nobby2009 ive got man flu. horrible sore throat, head ache and bunged up :(
  • Jonhinio: @danwalkerbbc yep can empathise, up for 3 hours with a bunged up 4 monther
  • ErinTalia1964: At least I managed to make it home before I bunged my nails up. #grumble
  • ChrisNebel: All Sortsa Bunged Up Wit #Cetan
  • beeurd: I've been bunged up and sneezy for the past 12 hours solid now. I think that's enough to be honest.
  • lisarokusek: @JeffSmithMO Cuz it was bunged up. You were careless, (arguably naively or arrogantly stupid)but the prosecution was a hatchet job.
  • KiranPanesar: I find it hella weird that it's summer yet I have the flu!! bunged up like a mofo :| not attractive lool!
  • pattersonimages: @Proctogon going to get bunged up...
  • djnickyp: god i sound bunged up... if it aint hayfever i'm in for a 6week cold recovery. i'm always ill for ages.
  • sophieissmall: @XxbabycazzaXx arggh I hate hayfever! I get so annoyed when my nose is bunged up :(
  • sophieissmall: @XxbabycazzaXx got a cold and its all bunged up :(
  • ArmyCrow: @Willothwoods as long as you don't get an arse cold. You don't want to be all bunged up. @ashcoates @chopmunky
  • Laaauryn: so tired and bunged up with frigging hayfever :( might go to bed, long day tomorrow <3
  • stephenr2: Still suffering with bunged up head so bike and me having a rest
  • Nigelhseymo: The weather has been good today...so I bought a bottle of wine and some bangers and bunged the bangers on the Barbie!! Wow!!
  • trueblu93: RT @Emilieeee_x: Is all bunged up :S Hayfever, go and die.
  • Emilieeee_x: Is all bunged up :S Hayfever, go and die.
  • emeriin: Oh come on, I've had a small tub's worth of sweet chilli sauce as a snack. How am I still bunged up?
  • djdharms: @free2fly sorry feeling a bit Tom dick. Got headache, bunged up and eyes are smoked up. :( hopefully just need an early nite n be ok tmrw x
  • brianmountain35: @specialJ233 i feel like i am on another planet in a summer, dizzy thick head, bunged up, eyes ache, legs like jelly and no energy.
  • IanMawer: #ff She's been tested by @MadameTigerLily and a bunged up nose, but come through smiling, @LilMissFickle
  • tsoprano8: @The_Globe it was last year-sure u aware when yr website went down?absolutely massive unbelieveable queue for tickets foyer was bunged
  • lizp30: @JonCudby In a couple of days. Absolutely incredible. What courage and strength of character. Bunged him a tenner, least I could do.
  • chloe_sedgwick: great, weathers banging and i get bunged up with a cold talk about being #unlucky
  • CheekyG: ARGH!!! I have one nostril that is bunged up... it will NOT clear!!
  • asaelliott: @ERG1008 yeah :-( feel ok but bunged up stupidly, had no voice at all this morning. Not good
  • BlackpuddleRock: I hated the late tea I just bunged in the oven, as did everyone else. Boxed fish and cod at that. Bleugh :(
  • L4NGERS: @bournejimi nice! Bunged up nose in a hospital bed for me #sucks
  • FUBARquotes: Terry, my face is totally bunged up
  • nuttylotte: @tiny_ratty maybe he's bunged up, or bein a ‘typical’15 year old :P
  • xmascigs: @elephantlamp Look, I can see you getting all bunged up for them making you wear these kinda clothes.
  • FANTASTwittIC: After 5 days of spluttering, sneezing, blowing, coughing and general bunged-upness, I feel human again! This deserves a glass of wine? YES.
  • Malcs10: lovin city life.. not only did i show up late and bunged up but they bought me a huge cake to celebrate it! #partyon
  • JimmianB: @bighomeless Laving do?Group ablutions? *giggle* OJ,where ye's for?Good day for the Duke but it'll be bunged.Go somewhere with a beer garden
  • ps3mutt: @CallumHxcore I threatened to leave when they lost Sky channels a while back (in the middle of 24 & Lost!) They bunged me a deal to stay :)
  • andyov: Our lass is always using my razor. I've now bunged her's up too, with my arse hair.
  • norn_ironman: @KesiaHosking thanks. The worst is over but still sounding like a bunged up Barry White at the moment :-)
  • BreeEstsince86: Currently sat have citrus coolers and tapas with one of my long standing friends.. Tooth ache, bunged up but its all good :)
  • McleveyArtist: Any purchases before Monday will get some of those hand made stickers bunged in. http:///
  • EmziiW: I might have hay fever - causing runny eyes, sleepless nights, bunged-up nose and headaches - Yep got all them!! Seriously, developed now :(
  • Swimsuit_Issues: Still bunged up from lawn mowing. #bloodyhayfever

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  • “THE Corrado Forum. Them bunged up blues”
    — THE Corrado Forum, the-

  • “foolfillment: the blog. Posts Tagged bunged-up-head' bunged up. 11:00 am on the 20th of January, 2006. No matter how much green tea and fresh veg and other healthy stuff I consume today I think I'll still feel rotten all day. bah. Everytime I come back to Glasgow after time away I get ill”
    — bunged-up-head " Stuart Meldrum,

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