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  • California ( Abbr. CA or Cal. or Calif. ) A state of the western United States on the Pacific Ocean. — “California: Map, History from ”,
  • California Board of Accountancy mandate is to regulate the accounting profession primarily through its authority to license. — “California Board of Accountancy - Welcome”,
  • Regulates health care organizations (HMOs), securities transactions, franchise transactions, investment advisers, broker-dealers and various financial institutions. — “California Department of Corporations”,
  • Laguna Hills MEGA Millions® Player has 500,000 reasons to be thankful more Last updated: November 10, 2010 4:53:02 PM ©2010 California State Lottery. — “California State Lottery Home Page”,
  • Official site of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation offers in-depth coverage of Canadian and international news, arts and entertainment, and sports, as well as radio and television programming guides. — “”,
  • Information for consumers and the insurance industry. Includes brochures, tips, forms, FAQs, insurance rate information, and public notices of rate filings. — “California Department of Insurance”,
  • CA offers the best in AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software. State of the art features protect your home and office computers from the latest Internet threats. — “CA | AntiVirus & AntiSpyware Software”,
  • Get Sacramento political coverage of California elections, California budget at The Sacramento Bee. — “Election - Sacramento Bee”,
  • California High School Varsity Lady Pintos to Play First Game of Season Dec. 2 1 day, 9 hours ago The California High School varsity girls basketball team will start off the 2010-11 season with participation in the Eugene Invitational Thursday. — “California Democrat”,
  • A majority of the Supreme Court on Tuesday seemed prepared to uphold a court order that California reduce the population of its overcrowded prisons by more than 40,000 inmates, despite dire warnings that "people are going to die on the streets of. — “High court hears California prisons case”,
  • Governor Schwarzenegger Delivers Remarks at California Gridiron Gala 10/20 - The Governor signed multiple legislative bills, formally implementing comprehensive pension reform for the people of California. — “California Office of the Governor”,
  • Official site for the State of California. Includes government resources, links to DMV and tax information, and a guide to travel in California. — “State of California”,
  • Daily snapshot of California public policy and politics. — “Rough & Tumble”,
  • Official travel guide to California. Includes maps, region profiles, popular activities, major attractions, and information on lodging. — “California Tourism”,
  • Local California news. No one covers California better than the Los Angeles Times. Alan Bernstein led a group that recently issued a highly positive review of the California agency. — “Los Angeles Times -- California, Southern California News”,
  • A member of the USRA and sponsors sanctioned tournaments around the state. Provides announcements, board members and meetings, club listings, and rankings. It is my hope that we in Northern California can make the trip down there to insure their tournament is as successful as our 2010 was. — “California State Racquetball Association”,
  • Welcome to the California Building Standards Commission website. California Building Standards Commission Meetings are now webcast - Please wait to link until 5 min. before meeting start time as. — “California Building Standards Commission”,
  • California (pronounced i /k æ lɪˈfɔr n jə/) is the most populous state in the United California is also the most populous sub-national entity in North America. — “California - Wikipedia”,
  • The purpose of the Commission is to ensure integrity and high quality in the preparation, conduct and professional growth of the educators who serve California's public schools. Its work shall reflect both statutory mandates that govern the Commission and research on professional practices. — “California Commission on Teacher Credentialing”,
  • California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Undercover sting and sweep operations are conducted on an ongoing basis throughout all of California. — “Bureau of Security and Investigative Services”,
  • CA Technologies offers it management software and solutions for all of your business needs. — “CA Technologies IT Management Software and Solutions”,

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  • S2pandapple's Entry for the Video Essay Contest **EXPAND FOR MORE INFO PLEASE** Daily voting will begin on their website in July? but right now every view counts =) I forgot to add an picture of her LOL : Our fundraising group (Cure For The Win) Thank you so much guys for all of your love and support and together we can win this! and kick cancer in the ass WOOOOOTTT!!! CURE FOR THE WIIIINN! **for you guys wondering HOW my grandma could even be sold twice, her brother sold her to some randoms the first time and she up and left on her own. then he took her and sold her again (luckily to a very caring woman) mtrinh91 [email protected]
  • California On England Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about England. ******* FIND ME ONLINE: ******** Watch the UNCUTS Jello Bones: Dragon Nips: ******* SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404 ******** Graphic Design by: http
  • Twin baby moose in sprinkler Twin baby moose and mother playing in sprinkler in Anchorage, AK. June 2008
  • California On Spring Break Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about spring break. FIND ME ONLINE: ******** Watch the UNCUTS Milf & Kids: Lindsay Lohan & Co: Koreans FTW!: Watch My other CALIFORNIA ON videos here: ******* SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404 ******** Graphic Design by: http
  • California On Drugs SUBSCRIBE!! Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about drugs. Watch my other California On videos here: ALSO, a Best Of California On! __________________________________________ Follow Me on TWITTER! DAILYBOOTH: Add me on Facebook! Add me on Myspace! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • California CHP Car Chase Redux A crazy car chase this morning prompted me to make this video... I originally saw the video on Ryan Seacrest .com (gotta love Twitter), where he posted the video, but I couldn't embed the video on my blog (shameless plug: ) So I decided to 'grab' the video to share with you. But the original video has no sound, so I added 'Yakety Sax' aka The Benny Hill Theme... The rest, as they say, is history... Please note I do not own the footage, nor the music... A Film. The first film from the SLIGHTLY ILLEGAL FILM FESTIVAL This is where I post up a bunch of my stupid videos on youtube every day for the next couple of weeks... Please follow along by CLICKING SUBSCRIBE !!Please and Thank You. Here is the original article from KTLA LONG BEACH -- A 47-year-old Signal Hill woman was arrested after leading police on a bizarre high-speed chase across several local freeways this morning (Friday April 10, 2009). The incident began about 6:05 am when officers went to Orange Avenue and Bixby Road in Long Beach in response to a report of a "woman screaming," said Long Beach police Officer Jackie Bezart. It's believed the woman was involved in some kind of domestic dispute. She allegedly tried to run over arriving officers with her gray Scion crossover and then sped off.The chase went onto the southbound San Diego (405) Freeway and then onto the eastbound Garden Grove (22) Freeway, the Costa Mesa (55) Freeway, SR 91 and onto SR 241 tollway in Rancho ...
  • Lady Ponce - CA LA BOMBE A
  • JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK California Approximately 230 kilometres east of Los Angeles and close to Palm Springs is the Joshua Tree National Park. Founded in 1994, this nature preserve, near to the Little San Bernardino Mountains, covers an area of around 2000 square kilometres. It consists of 2 different types of desert. In the southern part, the Sonora Desert extends to the neighboring state of Arizona. The northern section of the park forms part of the Mojave Desert and, being in California, is located within a cooler climatic zone 1000 metres above sea level. Even its rocks can be divided into 2 different geological forms. The powerful, dark scree mountains are called Pinto Gneis. The distinctly bright rock of the Monzogranite is the opposite of the Pinto Gneis that can be found in 6 different mountain ranges within the national park. The bulbous roots of the Joshua Tree were used by the Serrano Indians. Chopped and pounded, they were transformed into soap, string and mats where baskets were made from the plant's leaves. At the end of the 19th century, when the gold mines in the northern part of California had been abandoned, the region's rocky terrain became a focus of attention. Gold diggers began to travel to the south of the state and in 1865, the precious metal was discovered in this region. The most successful gold digging area was Lost Horse Mine, in the foothills of the Little San Bernardino Mountains. Each evening, fantastic sunsets cover this precious, untouched world with a fabulous light while ...
  • Redding, California Jump a wave wakeboarding, experience the thrill of waverunning, and enjoy BBQ cooking in a hot tub while houseboating on scenic Lake Shasta in Northern California. Tour one of the United State's largest dams, enjoy the incredible mountain scenery of the Lassen Volcanic National Park, walk among giant ancient stalactites in Shasta Caverns, explore the wildlife of Turtle Bay and catch a rainbow trout while enjoying a fishing float trip.
  • California On Tattoos Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about Tattoos. Latest AsKassem: **** FIND ME ONLINE: **** Watch the UNCUTS Maria, Alex, & Leah: Shonnah & Kristen: **** MAIL: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes In California Causing Major Slut Spill Clean-up crews are hard at work after a VH1 bus carrying reality show contestants overturned, spilling 2000 pounds of highly concentrated slut.
  • Moonwalk One, ca. 1970 ARC Identifier 1257628 / Local Identifier 255-HQ-199. This film details the comprehensive coverage surrounding the July 1969 launch of Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the moon. The film details activities of both the astronauts and mission control during pre-launch and launch sequences, daily activities aboard the spacecraft and the moonwalk, and provides a view of the historical and cultural events of the time. The footage includes clips from science fiction television shows such as "Flash Gordon" and "Buck Rogers," as well as a lengthy segment on American rocket pioneer Robert Goddard. The film also explores some of the critical preliminary stages of the Apollo program, including medical testing of the human body in space conditions, as well as the assembly and testing of space suits as worn by the astronauts. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. (10/01/1958 - ) Made possible by a donation from Shawn Masters
  • CALIFORNIA USA For some, San Diego, a coastal city with a wonderful climate, is California's southernmost city, for others it is the northernmost city in Mexico. This is where we begin our tour of California, the most populated state in the USA, the Promised Land! The red tram, known as the San Diego Trolley, leaves Amtrak Station and travels south to Seaport Village on the Mexican border, while north of San Diego is Joshua Tree Park, a huge nature reserve that is located between the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. The Mormons who came to this region during their search for the 'Promised Land' gave the Joshua Tree its name, as it reminded them of the holy prophet of the same name. Las Vegas appears like a mirage in the desert, awake night and day, THE entertainment capital of the world! Guarded by a sphinx that stretches its paws out toward the Strip, a pyramid looms above the desert paradise, the Luxor Hotel, one of many theme hotels in this incredible city. The MGM lion guards one of the largest hotels in the world with over 5000 rooms whereas, the Bellagio is a return to the exclusive nature of the casino hotels of the past, here, luxury is at its zenith, an investment of 1.8 billion dollars speaks for itself! Only two and a half hours by car to the west of Las Vegas is the USA's most recent national park that extends to the opposite side of California's border, Death Valley! It was through here that thousands of pioneers took a short cut while journeying west, many of them perishing in ...
  • California On America Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about America. ******* FIND ME ONLINE: ******** Watch the UNCUTS D-Boy & El Negro: Talis Laughs: US History Majors: ******* SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México Living in paradise From Los Cabos CVB: Los Cabos... Leave it all behind. Relax your mind. Revive your Spirit. Rejoin the World... Discover Los Cabos, rediscover yourself. Mèxico, Beyond your Expectations. Los Cabos. Two small and very different towns -- San José del Cabo to the northeast, Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip -- bracket a twenty-mile seacoast 'Corridor,' home to a range of elegant hotels, and to a collection championship golf courses. Los Cabos is at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula. Approaching by air across the Sea of Cortés (which separates the Baja from the rest of Mexico) the visitor first sees contrast the craggy peaks of the Sierra de la Laguna form a backdrop to miles of golden beach, blue water and dramatic red rock formations; saguaro cactus, palms and cultivated gardens cover the pale gold desert landscape. Cabo San Lucas is best identified by the image of the world famous rock arch formation "El Arco" where the Pacific meets the warm water of the Sea of Cortes.
  • Carolina Camera: The Sling Shot Man This is the story of a man who makes sling shots and shoots them like an expert marksman.
  • RUN FROM THE CURE - The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1 of 7) Series (Part 1 of 7) Go to my homepage to watch the full version of "RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story" uninterrupted by breaks. "They let the genie out of the bottle with this one, and the big money can't put it back in." A Film By Christian Laurette - After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of THC) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge - curing and controlling literally hundreds of people's illnesses... but when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine - leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments - and leaving Rick with unconsitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana! Canada is in the middle of a CANCER EPIDEMIC! Meet the people who were not allowed to testify on Rick's behalf at the Supreme Court of Canada's Infamous Rick Simpson Trial on September 10, 2007... INCLUDING A MAN WHO WAS CURED OF TERMINAL CANCER USING HEMP OIL! IF YOU SEE ONLY ONE DOCUMENTARY THIS YEAR... MAKE IT THIS ONE! Download the whole movie for free and share it... at VIEW ALL 7 FILES AT http Please make a donation in any amount using the donate button on and together we can CRUSH CANCER without government support. The world deserves a cure for ...
  • Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On - Lyrics Titanic Theme Tune My Heart Will Go On By Celine Dion With Lyrics
  • California On Twilight SUBSCRIBE!! What should the next topic be? Let me know in the comments and your suggestion could be the next "California On" video. Check out my new web series HOT GIRLZ! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me on TWITTER! DAILYBOOTH: Add me on Facebook! Add me on Myspace! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404 Thank You For Subscribing!
  • California On Self Service Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about masturbati0n. FIND ME ONLINE: - NEW! ******** Watch the UNCUTS Kage Dancer: Chelsea, Mia, & Jessica: A Hung Hound: Watch My other CALIFORNIA ON videos here: ******* SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404 ******** Graphic Design by: http
  • Judge Testifies for Marijuana Legalization in California Retired Superior Court Judge James P. Gray testifies in favor of a marijuana legalization bill in the California Assembly on October 28, 2009. Judge Gray is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, which any citizen can join for free at .
  • Phantom Planet - California Phantom Planet California (c) (C) 2001 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
  • California On Virginity Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about virginity. SUBSCRIBE!! UNCUTS from this video: The Ginger: Lawn Chicks: Gaggle Of Virgins: Watch My other CALIFORNIA ON videos here: ********************************************* SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! Follow Me on TWITTER! DAILYBOOTH: Add me on Facebook! Add me on Myspace! My Website: SEND ME LETTERS 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404 ******************************************** Graphic Design by: http
  • California On YouTube Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about YouTube. FIND ME ONLINE: ******** Watch the UNCUTS Britney Flower Top: Stephanie the Lesi: Melissa & Chelsea: ******* SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404 ******** Graphic Design by: http
  • California On New Years SUBSCRIBE! Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about New Years. QUESTION: What's your New Years Resolution? Watch my other California On videos here: SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! __________________________________________ Follow Me on TWITTER! DAILYBOOTH: Add me on Facebook! Add me on Myspace! My Website: SEND ME LETTERS 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Helmut Fritz - ça m'énerve Helmut Fritz ça m'énerve (c) (C) 2009 Dust In Music
  • cau ca to (lionenuk powa) ca carpe 15 kg cau ca to 15 kg lionenuk ca carpe
  • Jabbawockeez [HD] | World of Dance 2010 (Pomona, CA) Jabbawockeez performance to close the show for World of Dance Pomona 2010.
  • 2Pac - California Love California Love
  • California On 2012 SUBSCRIBE!! Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about the end of the world. Watch my new VLOG: ALSO, a Best Of California On! __________________________________________ Follow Me on TWITTER! DAILYBOOTH: Add me on Facebook! Add me on Myspace! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • National Geographic Bee 2010 - Geographic Bee 2010 - CA Finalist Alekwill be competing at the National Geographic Bee championship in Washington, DC Watch on the National Geographic Channel May 26 at 6 PM or check local public television listings. National Geographic Bee:
  • California DMV - CA Driver License #1-Making a Bad Decision Save Time! Go Online! Renew driver licenses and vehicle registrations, buy personalized plates, file change of address and vehicle transfer forms, request refunds, find nearby offices and hours of operation, make office and testing appointments, study driver handbooks and other testing materials, take interactive exams and more. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) tests and licenses drivers, maintains driving records, registers and issues titles to vehicles and vessels, investigates auto and identity related fraud, issues disabled placards, licenses vehicle dealers, salespersons, dismantlers, driving and traffic violator schools, and issues permits to commercial truckers. Visit us online at Copyright 2007 California Department of Motor Vehicles
  • California On Comic-Con 2 Comedian Kassem G talks to convention goers about Comic-Con. Again. Join Jessica Nigri on Facebook: FIND ME ONLINE: ******** Watch the UNCUTS JESSICA NIGRI: NICKI HUNTER: INGRID: ******* SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404 ******** Graphic Design by: http
  • Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist ------------- Buy Dvd Here -------------
  • Adventure Golf California Our host Ian Cross travels to Southern California, the most populous and ethnically diverse state in the United States, which also offers some of the most varied golfing experiences in the country - from parkland to desert to seaside courses. He starts his journey at the renowned La Quinta resort, a haven for movie stars, in the desert near Palm Springs which was established in the 1920s. Nowadays you can live like a star in one of your own personal casitas and swim in one of the 41 swimming pools. More importantly, La Quinta offers a staggering 90 holes of championship golf. Ian plays the PGA West Stadium Course with Mhairi McKay who has been playing the LPGA Women's Tour for the last seven years. Designed by Pete Dye to be one of the most difficult courses in the world, the Stadium Course has lots of water, tricky bunkers and undulating greens, but it's also a very rewarding and beautiful round to play. Before heading out of the Coachella Valley - the golfing capital of Southern California with over 100 golf courses - Ian stops off at the Twin Palms Estate, an ultra modern house built for Frank and Nancy Sinatra in 1947 and now available to rent for a mere $15000 per week! Three hours down the highway, Ian takes a rest in one of LA's hippest hotels on Sunset Boulevard, The Standard Hollywood, frequented by the likes of Rob Lowe and George Clooney. Up early the next morning, Ian tries to get a tee time at Rancho Park, but finds he hasn't come early enough for a course ...
  • Ca Hue Ca Hue tren song Huong

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