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  • Definition of cabbagy in the Medical Dictionary. cabbagy explanation. Information about cabbagy in Free online English dictionary. What is cabbagy? Meaning of cabbagy medical term. What does cabbagy mean?. — “cabbagy - definition of cabbagy in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • This dish, known in our family as "cabbage casserole" or simply "cabbagy stuff," is one of our favorites. The "cabbagy stuff" is always a hit at family reunions, and when I don't have much time to cook I often turn to this quick and tasty solution. — “How to Cook a Delicious Cabbage & Carrots Casserole”,
  • color; slight herbaceous/cabbagy light floral/pineapply bit pungent riper nose; much lusher bit pungent/cabbagy slight metallic light floral/pineapple/honeysuckle slight stoney. — “Wines of Bokisch & Spain - August 12, 2009”, grape-
  • cabbage n. Any of several forms of a European vegetable (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) of the mustard family, having a globose head consisting of Still other cabbagy plants include: cabbage rose (also moss rose, pale rose or Provence rose, Rosa centifolia), a fragrant garden rose having full. — “cabbage: Definition from ”,
  • Cabbagy. Wikipedia [edit] Alternative forms. cabbagey [edit] Adjective cabbagy" Categories: English adjectives | English uncomparable adjectives. Personal tools. — “cabbagy - Wiktionary”,
  • Tea : Upton Tea Imports : We import and sell over 420 varieties of fine loose tea from India, China and more. Our selection includes black, green, white, oolong, pu-erh and herbal teas. We also offer tea pots, electric tea kettles, infuser mugs "Thin; cabbagy". — “Upton Tea Imports: Our Dictionary of Tea Terms”,
  • This interesting species has large, almost "cabbagy", leaves, with delicate white flowers held above the The temporary name 'New York' has been assigned to allow for systematic identification, as it was first distributed from the New York chapter of the. — “Chirita sp 'New York' plant”,
  • Search our premium domain names for sale at ImpressiveDomains. $250. com. $1,000. com. $2,000. com. $180. com. $2,000. com. .in $100. other. — “Domain Name Search. Browse Domain Names by Extension or”,
  • Despite unfavorable reviews from one former U.S. president, broccoli remains tremendously popular.That's good news, since the flavorful vegetable is packed with nutrients and provides significant amounts of vitamins A and C. Avoid broccoli that is limp, yellowing or has a strong, cabbagy smell. — “Put some broccoli on your plate | Concord Monitor”,
  • Cabbagy definition, having the characteristics of the cabbage as in odor, taste, or color; cabbagelike. See more. — “Cabbagy | Define Cabbagy at ”,
  • They will probably be almost all rape seed oil plants. Mustard seed plants are grown much less commercially and in areas nearer to the Coleman's At ground level the oil seed rape plant is about 3 feet high with strong almost cabbagy leaves while the mustard is much smaller with softer leaves. — “how can you tell mustard and rapeseed oil fields apart?”,
  • Easy, ready to cook, healthy fresh cut Kale in a bag. Many people think it has a mild cabbagy flavor, and it is often tossed into soups because the hardy leaves can stand up to long simmering. — “Kale - Cut `n Clean Greens”,
  • Sun Advocate, Serving County County, Utah news since 1891 Most natives are not lush and 'cabbagy' like traditional garden plants, and they can look strange if just exposed with such. — “Sun Advocate - Native Gardening, natural choice for waterwise”,
  • This is a very tasty, very comforting soup. I obtained this from a restaurant owner in Greenville, Texas. I had this soup at his house and he serves this at his home cooking restaurant. It is fantastic. Enjoy cabbagy. — “Corned Beef And Cabbage Soup Recipe”,
  • Learn the 411 on the Brassica family of vegetables and how they may lower the risk of cancer. It's this sulfur based compound that gives this family of vegetables that smelly, bitter, "cabbagy" odor. — “Cruciferous Vegetables: What Are They and Do They Really”,
  • During the heating process, some compounds of the milk impart a very strong cabbagy flavor that is most noticeable immediately after heating. I thought that maybe she wasn't used to organic milk, but maybe she got a whiff of that cabbagy smell?. — “Ultra Pasteurized Milk”,
  • Definition of cabbagy in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of cabbagy. Pronunciation of cabbagy. Translations of cabbagy. cabbagy synonyms, cabbagy antonyms. Information about cabbagy in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “cabbagy - definition of cabbagy by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Comments on "Cabbagy Casserole" Acme Instant Food said ( 5/25/2006 5:26 PM) : Misses happen. I made some chocolate chip cookies the other day--totally improvising a recipe as I went because I don't have a REALLY excellent recipe for good choc chip cookies. — “La Mia Cucina: Cabbagy Casserole”,
  • cabbagy. Dictionary terms for cabbagy, definition for cabbagy, Thesaurus and Translations of cabbagy. — “cabbagy in - dictionary and translation”,
  • A relative of cabbage predominant in Asian cuisine, bok choy has a mild, sweet cabbagy flavor and a soft crunch. — “Recipes using bok choy - ”,
  • Big cabbagy blooms are deep verlvety red and come often singly on a stem. What is a Band, a Gallon and Alternate? What is a Custom Root Rose?. — “Our Roses”,
  • They were gross; they tasted like cabbagy radishes. But I grew them! We were going to eat them. I found a recipe for turnip puff This year I planted my turnips very early in the spring, so they would taste mild like good turnips should, and not like cabbagy radishes. — “Be It Ever So Humble: A sad story about turnips”, be-it-ever-so-

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  • Facebook Page Spamming and the vegetable revenge! It is time for talk of Facebook Pages spamming and how vegetables hold a strong chance of cabbagy revenge. [email protected]
  • 7 letter words that start with C www.scrabble-word- Scrabble word list. 7 letter words that start with C : CABALAS, CABANAS, CABARET, CABBAGE, CABBAGY, CABBALA, CABBIES, CABBING, CABEZON, CABILDO, ...
  • Cabbagy candidates These candidates are wierd. One eats cabbage!
  • Pet Beaver Molson I am canadian Canada Another Hilarious commercial from Molson canadian , well poking a bit of fun at our neighbours in the south
  • DanielleFitzyx: @NiallMackrell18 they were like you have an interview today and all this, being all cabbagy.. I hate school..

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  • “Lewes Forum thread. Lewes forum | New message. attitude cafe. On Wed 18 Nov 2009 at: 19:48 coffee lover wrote: I have decided today I walked past the WH yesterday and was nearly sick.Why does the cabbagy and bleachy smell waft through the front entrance?”
    — Lewes Forum - attitude cafe,

  • “Information, guidance and support for readers interested in applying the principles of The Blood Type Diet as outlined by The New York Times best-selling author Dr. Peter D'Adamo”
    — Blood Type Diet Forums: Re: Yummm and ctrlP,

  • “ange dews's blog. Login or register to post comments. Pip's purple haze. Posted Fri, 23/04 stature of the mature plant or the cabbagy taste that attracts him, we do not know”
    — Blogs | a community owned shop for Slaithwaite offering fresh,

  • “Junglerott's First Crottin - Problems > Tossed " Forum " Cheese Boards . . . for Cheese Lovers and Cheese Makers " LACTIC ACID COAGULATED - Soft Penicillium candidum (White) Mold Ripened " Junglerott's First Crottin - Problems > Tossed”
    — Junglerott's First Crottin - Problems > Tossed,

  • “His blog, http://www.fromages-en-, has some great pictures of Rodolphe and his Auvergne, Rodolphe sources the earthy, cabbagy and entirely wonderful Fouchtra de Vache”
    — 2010 June " Murray's Cheese,

  • “One of the very first e-mails from a fellow blogger that I received shortly after opening my lil blog was from a gal named Tania. The Candied Quince is a fabulous story-telling blog. Her creations make my mouth water and her stories make”
    — La Mia Cucina: Blog of the Week May 28, 2006,

  • “Todd Klein on lettering, life, literature and more The green shoot is the beginning of the cabbagy leaves that will spread out much more soon. The plants were already emitting a strong odor, not as unpleasant as a real skunk, but it does get your attention!”
    — Todd's Blog " Blog Archive " Spring Signs,

  • “This new forum is for our two favorite plants, the poppy and cannabis. They never really filled out to a very cabbagy look. Currently they are about a foot tall,”
    — Possible Early Bolting... - Somni-Forum,

  • “Gardening. RSS. Forum. Share. Blogs. Foodwise. Supperclub. Gardening. RSS. Forum. Blogs and forums ( but I never put in anything cabbagy,broccoli,sweed oh blow..I have already forgotten”
    — Jamie Oliver - Forums / Soup's on!! - beta,

  • “Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine UK. News, reviews, stories, photos, trail guides, discussion forums, and more from the mountain biking world”
    — RAF (career advice content) " Singletrack Forum,

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