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  • (Click to enlarge) Canada (Mapping Specialists, Ltd.) Canada A country of northern North America. Originally inhabited by various Native American. — “Canada: Map, History from ”,
  • Official Canadian government home page. Includes government services and departments, tourism, immigration, maps, business information, general facts, and more. — “Government of Canada”,
  • Traders are increasing their bets that Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney will resume raising interest rates as soon as next quarter on speculation that pessimism about the global economic recovery is overdone. — “Traders Increase Bets on Early Carney Rate Rise: Canada”,
  • It would probably come as a surprise to most people to learn that Canada deserves credit for being one of the world's leading financial contributors to the cause of Palestinian freedom and a functioning Palestinian state. You'd never know it from. — “Terry Glavin: Canada In Palestine, fascists on campus. | Full”,
  • Island MLAs voted late Thursday afternoon to remove restrictions on Sunday shopping, the last province in Canada to do so. — “CBC News - Prince Edward Island - Canada's last Sunday”,
  • VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Randy Quaid said if it weren't for Canada's refugee system, he and his wife would be dead. The actor made the comment Tuesday as he entered his immigration and refugee board hearing in Vancouver, where he and. — “Randy Quaid: My Wife & I Would Be Dead Without Canada”,
  • Canadian Minister says his country "lost faith" in Durban process because it "actually promotes racism rather than combats it. — “Canada boycotts UN racism conf. that targeted Israel”,
  • Canada AM brings you the latest local, national and international news, business, weather, sports and entertainment. — “Canada AM”,
  • Facts about the land, people, government, political conditions, economy, foreign relations of Canada. — “Canada”,
  • Includes news, business, and editorial features covering Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the world. — “Toronto Star”,
  • Canadian newspaper family with national, world, business, sports, and lifestyle news. — “”,
  • News from across Canada. Breaking news, national news and local headlines: — “CTV News - Canada - National Headlines and breaking news”,
  • World news about Canada. Breaking news and archival information about its people, politics and economy from The New York Times. — “Canada News - Breaking World Canada News - The New York Times”,
  • User-created and edited article containing a range of information on Canada. Includes history, government info, quick facts, and more. — “Canada - Wikipedia”,
  • At Yahoo! Canada Finance, you get free stock quotes, up to date news, portfolio management resources, canadian and international market data, financial tools, rates, and calculators that help you manage your financial life. — “Yahoo! Canada Finance”,
  • XM Canada and & Sirius Canada are finally merging their satellite radio operations (pending CRTC approval): The move follows longtime speculation about the two combining their operations to save costs and build two audiences into one of about 1.7 million. — “XM Canada & Sirius Canada Merge. Huh? What?”,
  • Information for tourists traveling to Canada, at the official Canadian Tourism Commission web site. — “Welcome to Canada”,
  • Open source travel guide to Canada, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more. Free and reliable advice written by Wikitravellers from around the globe. — “Canada travel guide - Wikitravel”,

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  • Travel Guide - Vancouver, Canada A look at the beautiful city of Vancouver and its famous sites and features.
  • Eugene Mirman - Canada Eugene Mirman on Canada. Learn more about Eugene Mirman and his full-length albums here: /artists/eugene_mirman
  • Canadian National Anthem (lyrics) Oh Canada Canadian National Anthem
  • Talking Beaver on the Highway Your typical friendly Canadian. A beaver on the highway at the Canada US border, welcoming drivers to Canada. He got away fine (and he's not rabid!). facebook: twitter: Nicoalbumphoto shot the original footage and saved the beaver (yay!): As you can see in the original videos, the beaver got away fine. :) For more talking animals, see Talking Cat Translation:
  • CANADA'S REALLY BIG! IT a amv I made that... well I just finished so I appogise for the animation, it sucks. but I had to get it done tonight so there you go... it is now 2:10 am... yeah anyways the song is Canada's really big and I love this song even though I dont live there (from USA) yeah, and the song is by arrogant worms, so hope you enjoy (this is my second movie, thingy *Warning* if you swear or bash any country in the comments I will simply delete your post. (Yes there were that many people being simply rude that I am posting this)
  • South Park The Movie - Blame Canada watch the full movie free here: /the_movie.html
  • Canada Day - July 1st Canada Day - July 1st Breaks in falls: None 2009: Dominoes used: 6560 in two projects Flags: 316 (I put 247 before but missed a bunch when counting) Music: O Canada For more domino videos by many others please check this YouTube group: Higher quality:
  • RMR: A Message From Transport Canada Please arrive three days prior to your flight
  • Canada has gone to pot In the industrialized world, Canada ranks number one— in its use of marijuana, that is.
  • Canadian, Please Canadian, Please! Help us oot and share this video to spread Canadian pride, eh! NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES! Turn on Closed Captioning for lyrics. Thanks, Daniel! Song & video produced by Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie Find us on here: Twitter:
  • Blame canada blame canada
  • Toronto - Capital of Province of Ontario, Canada Toronto is both the political capital of Ontario, and the commercial capital of the province, as well as being the largest city in Canada. It is to Canada what New York is to the United States, with a population of nearly 4 million people. Designated by the United Nations as "one of the world's most multicultural cities," Toronto is a place where you can travel around the world without ever leaving town.
  • Happy Canada Day! ...What IS Canada? Ever wanted to know about this country called Canada? Well it's your lucky day! This video will tell you everything you need to know! ps Canada Day is Canada's Birthday and it is on July 1. --- music- Kevin MacLeod
  • Canada vs. America Who has cuter kittens? Canada or America. Weekly show at . Thank-you for subscribing!
  • ObamaCare Yay Or Nay? The Truth About Canada! Subscribe! New video every Thursday Featured Sites: www.barking-
  • Oh Canada! I realize I'm a little late for Canada Day which was on July 1st, but I'll post it now, let me know what you guys think of this compilation. 1. Any other compilation topics you want me to cover?
  • Introducing Pixar Canada Pixar comes to beautiful Vancouver! Learn more at /
  • Obama Visits Canada President Obama traveled to Ottawa for his 1st foreign trip in office. As Chip Reid reports, Obama reassured the Canadian people that trade between the two countries will continue to grow.
  • Edmonton Oilers Fans sing O Canada 'O Canada' as sung by the Rexall crowd before the Oilers' Stanley Cup playoff game vs. The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, 05/23/06.
  • Arctic Cold War - Canada Sep 2007 As the scramble for Arctic resources intensifies, Canada is stepping up its military presence in the region. It's determined to protect its national sovereignty. "We will not compromise the defence of Canadian territory", vows Prime Minster Stephen Harper, announcing plans for more polar patrol ships. As the Arctic warms up; "major corporations are waking up to the fact there is going to be tremendous economic opportunity", explains Prof Huebert. Canada, Russia, Denmark and Norway all have claims to the Arctic seabed, where vast mineral reserves are thought to lie. There's concern that this scramble for resources could spiral out of control. "The worst case scenario is one of a regional area where hostilities are the norm and co-operation the exception", warns Huebert. The other main dispute is the legal status of the North West passage, which could dramatically shorten shipping times between Europe and Asia. "Canada considers all of the waters within the Canadian arctic archipelago to be internal waters", explains Prof Donat Pharand. But other countries see the passage as an international strait. "This is a dispute between Canada and the world", claims US Ambassador David Wilkins. A summit is planned for next year to discuss the future of the region. Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • Jim Carrey - Canada funny stand up of Jim Carrey talking about canada
  • Boards of Canada - Music Is Math audio: "Music is Math" by Boards of Canada, from their album "Geogaddi". video sampled from "The Big Bounce", "20000 Leagues Under the Sea" and amateur film footage of the 1939 New York World's Fair.
  • Travel Guide - Ottawa, Canada presents... A handy travel guide for anyone planning on visiting the capital city of Canada, Ottawa.
  • Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada At the outflow of Lake Erie into Lake Ontario and a 90 minute drive from Toronto, the natural wonder of Niagara Falls is one of the most famous places on earth, and about half of it lies in Canada. With its thunderous curtain of cascading waters that you can see from beside, on top or even from underneath, the incredible uniqueness and panoramic beauty of Niagara Falls are two of the main reasons why most visitors hop aboard the Maid of the Mist boat to ride right up close to the action.
  • 2010 Canada Cup Toronto - Mike West - Circle of Excellence.mp4
  • Classified - "Oh... Canada" [Official Video] Official video for "Oh Canada", from Classified's 2009 album 'Self Explanatory'. Directed by Cazhmere in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Become a fan of Classified on Facebook: /classifiedmusic
  • RMR: Canada Explained Everything you wanted to know about Canada but were afraid to ask.
  • Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans Tom Brokaw explains the relationship between Canada and The United States, in a pre-recorded short film that aired on NBC, prior to the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Feb. 12th, 2010. *** i saw others take it upon themselves to put TomCanAm video on themselves. and i thank them. they can't silence us all. everyone should post it. i'm serious. i put it back up. if i disappear you know why. thanks all of you. the video is even more inspiring when you think about how we can unite to fight big business and erase imaginary copyright borders. here's to freedom. cheers.
  • O Canada The old signoff from CBC TV. Sorry, but I cannot send original copies to everyone who requests it. I just don't have the time.
  • California On Canada Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about Canada. FIND ME ONLINE: ******** Watch the UNCUTS Asian Geniuses: Shower Time: John The Boxer: ******* SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL! SEND ME LETTERS: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #511 Santa Monica, CA 90404 ******** Graphic Design by: http
  • Fox News Bashes Canada Watch more at .
  • Dave Foley- USA and Canada First, about the quality. This is a 12 year old VHS transfered to DVD then rendered to computer. The quality isn't top notch, but under the circumstances..... This is a monologue from Mad TV season 1 where "Kids in the hall"'s own Dave Foley explains what Americans don't know about Canada. Enjoy.
  • boards of canada - dayvan cowboy brand new video by boards of canada from "the campfire headphase" album
  • O Canada The national anthem of Canada. O Canada. O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free! From far and wide, O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. You can download this and a few other versions at:
  • REEL CANADA at the Woodlands School - Student Set-Up Documentary (Short) Students at the Woodlands School, Mississauga, take part in setting up for their own REEL CANADA festival day! Film created and edited by Taylor Barras, Woodlands School student
  • Canada Is A video of images captured during the 14500 kilometre, Vendramin Family Cross-Canada trip during the July and August, 2007. Music by Roger Whittaker.
  • The sound of Vancouver, when Team Canada wins gold. From across False Creek.
  • Boards of Canada - Everything You Do is a Balloon Video sampled from "One Got Fat" (1963) bicycle safety movie
  • testnewsfeed: bbc #3 - Fears grow as US flooding worsens
  • davidmetcalfe: RT @blandcouver: Our plan to open a beachfront cafe on No. 3 road is a go. “@CBCNews: B.C. warned ocean will rise by 1 metre by 2100”
  • WelcomeWellness: Bunk bed recalled over risk of collapse: OTTAWA - Health Canada is recalling a children's bunk bed due to a stru...
  • PurpleeZebra: norway - canada tomorrow! ICEHOCKEY! and norway ftw! :-)
  • etiennemgagnon: @DaveRamsey Why isn't your book available for preorder on the Kindle in Canada?
  • HomeImprovers: April’s Canada and U.S. employment numbers were very strong, maybe: Based on its payroll survey, the U.S. Bureau...
  • DrillingBlotter: Pipeline that caused Canada oil spill had been on regulators' radar. In 2006, pipeline spilled 7,840 barrels of oil.
  • HaloReachBoard: canada pharmacy VigRX cheap medication in Wales at http:///Thread-canada-pharmacy-VigRX-cheap-medication-in-Wales.
  • LovingMyCelebs: @pierlu25 i hope so! *cross fingers* btw, my mom & i will live in Canada soon :) sooo near to Italy right?
  • MrACP1911: Hehe my first speeding ticket in Canada
  • medicalcumulus: Canada 3.0 Teaches Us The Path to Mobile Innovation
  • mattlarouche: Wonder how long b4 Canada follows suit? RT @HHMINEWS @drugmonkey blog about restructuring biomedical research labs:
  • CheerForBiebs: @redbull_aholic ok ;o i dunn think he'd delete his twitter though.....if he did....GODDDD CANADA IS IN THE OTHER DIRECTION IM WALKING -.-
  • MalakJaaphar: RT @azkaaHass: The Canada Act 1982 was a provision for a new Canadian constitution. However it took away rights of the indigenous Indian people of Canada.
  • Dancer3481: @ali_loves_biebs haha, twice a week? sometimes i dont go at all, its upsetting :P where in canada do u live?
  • RoofTop_Roofing: New Westminster wants residents to be prepared for emergencies ...: Jones has spoken to the p...
  • MrACP1911: First speeding ticket in Canada Location sent from navfree://niZJRtAO. Don't have Navfree? http:///ff/niZJRtAO
  • Papers0nlyK: Canada then detroit now almost home! Time to medicate
  • ecritsdeHol: Catching up on @ConanOBrien! I miss the beard. Just sayin'. Also: <3 John Krasinski. Why does Conan have to come on so late?!? #Canada
  • canadajobsearch: Consultant, information technology Calgary, AB #job #canada #fresher #career
  • _NinaBeliebs_: RT @TheJDBNavy: RT if you think about Justin when you hear "Canada". ♥
  • ninojeans: @GoodBookShopJO needed any books to be ordered and delivered from Canada let me know. I will be in #Amman in July. Will be happy to help :)
  • skdadl: RT @DalydeGagne: RT @kabayan2010: Tories quietly killed an access to information registry used by journalists #journalism #cdnpoli
  • KISSopolis: "KISSteria" Re-Airs On Much More Music In Canada Today.
  • gerryhayes: Sweet Mother of Odd Beverages, I just got a craving for a Canada Dry. Don't think I've seen one for 20 years. Do they even still make it?
  • Janschbern: It has always been a wonderment.... Jordan, Israel and lost opportunities: via @addthisIt
  • SharonDGriffin: #AppleBlossomFestival - Prettiest festival in Canada May 25 - May 30 Annapolis Valley NS see clouds of apple blossoms
  • jah08: RT @RANKIS: Condi Rice Includes Canada In The Coalition That Supported The Iraq War via @thinkprogress
  • VPGSecurity: World's First Flexible Smartphone Invented in Canada via @pcmag
  • jjauthor: RT @MedvedSHOW: Conservatives won BIG in Canada cuz conservativism works!Their economy topped US recently thanks to PM smart,Harper's tax-cutting leadership
  • RF_Canada: Needle exchange office coming to Montague: A new needle exchange office will open in Montague ... #Montreal #Canada
  • RF_Canada: WADA suspends Tunisian lab for 6 months: MONTREAL (AP) — The World Anti-Doping Agency has susp... #Montreal #Canada
  • RF_Canada: European cruises hit troubled waters - Montreal Gazette: This is a discussion on European crui... #Montreal #Canada
  • gr8link: Scuba Sales Associate Dive In! at Sport Chalet (La Canada Flintridge, CA): active lifestyle to join our retail s...
  • breakingtonews: Section of Front St. W. closed for police investigation: Toronto police have closed a section of a major downtown...
  • TonyRomull: @lurkey Do you really live in Canada ?
  • DrewMcParland: @FBezy I thought it would be you to be singing my praises #countdown to Canada is getting smaller bro, we need to #blaze
  • rdaigneault: @raysadad Bonjour comment ça va! In Wpg with a classroom of students using Twitter in a national project with 5 other schools in Canada.
  • Jen_p_: RT @CarmelCB: Check out the @CdnTulipfest from the air courtesy of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum! #Ottawa
  • livelovescrap: Craft Beer Week: How to taste beer that tastes good: By Randy Shore 6 May 2011 COMMENTS(0) The Green Man Craft b...
  • LeftWing_Pinko: RT @min_reyes: COURTESY OF HARPER: NOW we have no access to information... OUTRAGEOUS!!! Some1 plz stop this madness #cdnpoli
  • mexmariejeanne: RT @admirabletweets: @DKellyMiiblah THEY do in Canada. haha. i loooooooove sunny D.
  • Alex_Carrick: With revisions, April's jobs figure in the US was 300,000 higher than March #economy #construction
  • DannaCatalan: Student Loans Faq .au: CSLP- short for Canada Student Loan Program-is a loan funded by federal g...
  • ReannaGibney: Student Loans Faq .au: CSLP- short for Canada Student Loan Program-is a loan funded by federal g...
  • MikiDonato: CSLP- short for Canada Student Loan Program-is a loan funded by federal government to Canadian citizens. However...
  • ShirleneSawicki: CSLP- short for Canada Student Loan Program-is a loan funded by federal government to Canadian citizens. However...
  • AdelaCreighton: CSLP- short for Canada Student Loan Program-is a loan funded by federal government to Canadian citizens. However...
  • CristinaKnupp: Student Loans Faq .au: CSLP- short for Canada Student Loan Program-is a loan funded by federal g...
  • TheMadZoner: RT @min_reyes: RT @metrolens: Tories kill access to information database #cdnpoli #canada
  • UsedTOSynths: eBay Canada: Novation UltraNova Synth NEW: C $676.68End Date: Monday May-09-2011 13:21:54 EDTBuy It Now for only...
  • LeftWing_Pinko: RT @DalydeGagne: RT @kabayan2010: Tories quietly killed an access to information registry used by journalists #journalism #cdnpoli
  • UsedTOSynths: eBay Canada: DSI Prophet '08 PE Synthesizer - Custom: C $1,700.00 (0 Bids)End Date: Monday May-09-2011 11:50:54 ...
  • Isaiah_48_17: RT @cbccanada: B.C. warned ocean will rise by 1 metre by 2100
  • BradfordStuff: RT @cbcnb2011PHOTO GALLERY: Capturing the start of lobster season
  • TBRandBTR: RT @AllStarWeekend: We are officially in Canada. Boom.
  • 4evrmomof4: Canada @adamlambert fans Request virgin953 AftermathRemix here
  • LocalToronto: Section of Front St. W. closed for police investigation
  • KpProV1: I'm at Huntingdon/Sumas Border Crossing (2-26 HWY 11, at Canada/US Border, Abbotsford) http://4/lRDxqa
  • meeimeez: Canada Gold Coins: Canadian Gold Maple Leaf – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Canadian Gold Coins For… << read more
  • Aussiemandias: Tories kill access to information database - Canada - CBC News via @AddThis
  • AllForNothingTV: RT @MRPltd: For more BHC, keep watching DIY Network Canada Sunday, Apr.8 at 6:30PM for Episode 2012 "Re-Face It":
  • Abbyshot: New lower-priced shipping option added to for US & Canada (souped-up UPS truck not included ;)
  • heinzyrugby: @TonyGonzalez88 wow. that is truly great...if only you guys shipped to canada :(
  • ALOttawa: RT @cbccanada: B.C. warned ocean will rise by 1 metre by 2100
  • AllForNothingTV: RT @MRPltd: Tune in to DIY Network Canada Sunday (Apr.8) at 6PM for Broken House Chronicles Episode 2011!! Watch the sneak peek:
  • eglambert: RT @ParamoreCanada: The best thing about Canada though is the Ice Caps from Timmies. They're just amazing ;) Agree?
  • mortgagepro10: If you are out & about this Saturday please stop by any M+M Meats shop across Canada for a charity BBQ in support...
  • nygfansteve: @SteveSmithNY happy birthday steve from your fan in toronto canada
  • PrincessRauhll: NOOOOOOOOOOOO. they might be adding tour dates to the my world tour. I WANT JUSTIN BACK IN AMERICA OR CANADA.
  • angel_leigh: Condi Rice Includes Canada In The Coalition That Supported The Iraq War: Last night, during a contentious interv...
  • jonosaldanha: Off to the US of A! I'm going to miss you Canada :(
  • iLatinGurl: #BieberFact #KatyFact Katy Perry and Justin Bieber are going to sing together during a musical ceremony in Canada in June.♥
  • LeeJishi: @YesungFacts hi... it's the same with my country too :) (Canada :)
  • Sharagim_Habibi: RT @TopTorontoLaw: This can't be good for the divorce rate... Married moms big on cheating, poll finds | Canada | News | Toronto Sun
  • iMarryBiebs: RT @Biebers_Angel: @AdamBraun & @justinbieber We R in England & The Competiton 4 #PencilsOfPromise is only for America & Canada but We R still gonna raise #NSN
  • jwe3: @gretawire What's your source on oil? I thought Canada supplied more to U.S.
  • _NewsReleases_: Three Huskies named to Team Canada @_a_University
  • iAmJeremyKay: #NowPlaying The entire The Suburbs album - Arcade Fire. They are Canadian. Canada beat USA today. YAY.
  • imadamian: sweet. onion. chicken. teriyaki. #rejoicethetruth (@ Subway (Canada place)) http://4/mthm7v
  • iHeartDemiiii: RT @TheJDBNavy: RT if you think about Justin when you hear "Canada". ♥
  • _a_University: Three Huskies named to Team Canada #university
  • InvestOntario: Ontario, Canada-based PCI Geomatics Provides High Flying Satellite Imagery to Global Geomatics Community
  • MLindaa: "Mean" comes out TONIGHT in the USA & CANADA but on SUNDAY for the rest of the world #CantWaitToSeeMeanMusicVideo thks @SussiFearless13
  • canadacoupons: The always-travelling Bond, James Bond would love our exclusive #coupons for 10% off:
  • Ftanmore: Latest Computer Technology News :: Canada Sets 5 Mbps As Broadband Minimum :: Author The_Hatta: _Country to Deliver...
  • Cportman2: Airport is huge in London Ontario canada love it here. .. birding the plane in 20 mins to toronto. . #respect
  • klfvilla: Hey Canada! #win 10 Wholly Guacamole FPCs from @eatwholly ($60 value) http:///3goyqr9 @theonlygirl #giveaway 5/14
  • Frank_McG: prev two tweets - PRC nowhere like UK, USA, Canada or Oz - in fact, PRC hemorrhaging talent/motvation out of their country eh?
  • soulfya: RT @azkaaHass: The Canada Act 1982 was a provision for a new Canadian constitution. However it took away rights of the indigenous Indian people of Canada.
  • montreallisting: Ink Pro Canada : Quality Toner & Ink Cartridges, Printer Supplies Montreal Canada : Computer Hardware #montreal
  • xTheBousx: @Skrillex hey sonny how longs it usually take for one of your iPhone shields to reach Canada?
  • VJGreenTeam: Canada's Latest Gardening Trends
  • GoldBuyerKit: London Fix Silver Price. $34.2USD/ozt, $33.11CAD/ozt. Bank of Canada Exchange Rate: 0.9682 USD/CAD, 1.0328 CAD/USD.
  • GoldBuyrInsider: London Fix Silver Price. $34.2USD/ozt, $33.11CAD/ozt. Bank of Canada Exchange Rate: 0.9682 USD/CAD, 1.0328 CAD/USD.

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