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  • canary n. , pl. , -ies . A small finch (Serinus canaria) native to the Canary Islands that is greenish to yellow and has long been bred as a cage. — “canary: Definition from ”,
  • Producing innovative connectivity products, specializing in the Ethernet local area network market. Canary Communications is moving! Please contact us at our new address and phone/fax numbers listed below. — “Canary Communications, Inc”,
  • Canaries: Comprehensive information on this bird species, including origin and distribution, their care requirements, diet / nutrition, breeding, housing, health concerns and general set-up suggestions. — “Canaries: Species information and Photos”,
  • Architecture not the only challenge for London skyscraper's owners as it outgrows Canary Wharf Tower In pictures: London's tallest buildings. — “Shard to become EU's tallest building – but will the market”,
  • Canary - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Canary”,
  • 435 South Huntington Ave. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130. P: 617 524 2500. F: 617 524 2510 " [email protected] " visit us on Facebook. NOW HIRING: " send us your résumé. ICS. — “CANARY SQUARE " RESTAURANT IN JAMAICA PLAIN " BOSTON " OPEN”,
  • Canary Labs, the recognized leader in Trending and Historian products Canary Labs is the solution that organizations turn to when their existing historian can't meet the scale or complexity of their environment. — “The Recognized Leader of Trending and Historian Products”,
  • View details of the Landmark Apartments in Canary Wharf, London and make an enquiry today. SilverDoor is an independent serviced apartment agent for corporate housing and temporary serviced apartments in London, United Kingdom and worldwide. — “London Serviced Apartments from SilverDoor Landmark”,
  • The Water Canary is an affordable, networked water testing device that can instantly tell users whether water is safe to drink. Water Canary™ | 160 Varick St. 12th floor | New York, NY 10013 | USA. — “Water Canary”,
  • Thanks to all the generous sponsors and talented vendors for your kindness and support the past several years! Due to some logistical issues and some personal projects, the bird will be taking a break this year. We hope to bring Tiny Canary back in future holiday seasons!. — “Tiny Canary *indie design market*”,
  • Canary Promotion just wrapped up our publicity campaign for Museum Without Walls: AUDIO, a public art project by the Fairmount Park Art Association. Canary is very excited to be working with the museum – a long-time media relations client – to share the news of these culturally significant portraits. — “Canary Promotion + Design | Smart Art”,
  • We provide quality Finches, Canaries and exotic birds for sale at affordable prices. Shipping birds is available when weather permits. Our website provides lots of great bird photos and species information. — “Canary”, singing-wings-
  • The Canary (Serinus canaria), also called the Island Canary, Atlantic Canary or Common Canary, is a small passerine bird belonging to the genus Serinus in the finch family, Fringillidae. It is native to the Canary Islands, the Azores, and Madeira. — “Canary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • eBay: Find Amazing 2 hour Canary Tutor CD of Continuous Songs in the Pet Supplies , Bird Supplies , Other category on eBay. — “Amazing 2 hour Canary Tutor CD of Continuous Songs - eBay”,
  • Canary Islands: Construction threatens Lanzarote's biosphere status. Unesco has threatened to strip the island of its prized biosphere status because of a rash of illegal NOUAKCHOTT - At least 47 migrants died trying to reach Spain's Canary Islands after drifting for more than two weeks off. — “Canary Islands News - NZ Herald”,
  • Scuba diving lessons in the marine reserve of El Cabrón in Gran Canaria Island (Canary Islands). Accommodation rental in Arinaga. — “Scuba diving in Gran Canaria, Canary islands”,
  • Canary definition, any of several Old World finches of the genus Serinus, esp. S. canaria See more. — “Canary | Define Canary at ”,
  • Canary Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to the goal of identifying cancer early through a simple blood test and then isolating it with imaging. The Canary Journal site is up and running! Please visit to view our repository of published scientific papers and news, as well. — “Canary Foundation”,
  • Still under construction the Shard's concrete core has topped Canary Wharf's 770 feet - and is going to get much bigger. — “The Shard tops Canary Wharf to become Britain's tallest”,
  • Research, compare, and shop for Canary Treat. Save on Canary Treat and more at Canary Egg Sticks contain a natural blend of seeds and egg, specifically selected for their high nutr. — “Find Canary Treat at ”,
  • Canary Wharf Ice Rink Sponsored By Thomson Reuters at Canary Wharf Ice Rink, London: Find event lineups and buy tickets in our 'What's On at Canary Wharf Ice Rink London' events Guide. — “Canary Wharf Ice Rink Sponsored By Thomson Reuters | Canary”,
  • Washington, DC — In Europe, the Canary Islands may be best known as a nearby vacation Americans may have heard in history class that the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus provisioned and repaired his three ships in the Canaries before setting off on the journey that led him to Cuba. — “: Africa: U.S. Firms Should Invest in Canary”,

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  • Canary Bay - Indochine en lima (AMAUTA) Indo en el Coliseo amauta
  • Canary Wharf station - Dreamspaces - BBC Comedian Dave Gorman takes us around his favourite London building, Canary Wharf Tube station! Designed by none other than Norman Foster. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:
  • Indochine - Canary bay
  • Song by Canary ① Thank you for all people watching this video. His name is SANKICHI. He is pleased to bathe with. He is pleased to sunbathe with. He is pleased to share a song with her. He is is pleased to make love. Happiness to you.
  • The Police-Canary in a Coalmine The Police video of canary in a coalmine
  • Doller Da Dustman Feat. Ghetts & Mercston - Canary REMIX [HD] Doller Da Dustman feat. Ghetts & Mercston - Canary REMIX (Prod. By Zdot) "GO GETTERISH EP - OUT NOW" 'CANARY' Instrumental On iTunes:
  • Mickey Cartoons — The Wayward Canary (Nov. 12, 1932) Mickey's bought a canary to give Minnie as a pet, but doesn't know that the bird has a bunch of hatchlings in her cage, too. When they get away and fly around Minnie's house, an old cat tries to catch them and Mickey destructively tries to keep that from happening. Characters — Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto Credits: Director — Bert Gillett Cut Scenes — Mickey uses a cigarette lighter with a design of a backwards swastika on it. This scene seems to have since been restored.
  • The canaries - Red Dwarf - BBC comedy Lister doesn't have the best knowledge when it comes to choosing tasks in prison. Luckily he has Rimmer to educate him. Classic comedy clip from the BBC
  • Toy Spot - Justice League: Unlimited Batman, Black Canary and Joker 3 pack Looking for great toys online?, there's only one spot and that's Big Bad Toy Store, click the link to see more! On today's Spot, we'll be having a look at the Justice League Unlimited Batman, Black Canary and Joker 3 pack Music for The Review Spot's Intro provided by http a thank you to Bjorn Lynne who composed this piece You can now follow the Review Spot on Twitter at Myspace at
  • Sunny the canary singing his heart out
  • canary singing - Mr. Peterman Peter sings his beautiful song UPDATE DECEMBER 2007...PETER HAS STARTED SINGING AGAIN! It's been almost 2 years since Peter sang fully. I had tried everything and it came down to a box of Hagen song treat for canaries that got him going again! Amazing. Rock on Mr. Peterman!
  • Russian canary Russian canary 4
  • Cloud Control - Gold Canary Like it? Share it, with a tweet or a post. Twitter followers get access to hidden videos @watchlistentell !
  • Canary's Eco-Island: VC2 El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands (a chain of Spanish islands off the coast of Africa), and it is incredibly beautiful. Previously its mainly been known as a chic and exotic European tourist mainstay. Now, it's becoming famous for something a bit more virtuous as part of the eco crazy revolution----it is the world's first island to run on 100% renewable energy. This small island is basically a blueprint for a sustainable future on planet earth. We will travel to the island and get a look at el Hierro's design, something that may just end up saving the world.
  • hand feeding baby canary hand feeding a baby canary, a nest reject, rescued from certain death at the bottom of the cage, now happy and healthy ,
  • Our singing Red Factor Canary We're a loud family -- the bird competes with our noise and sings ALL THE TIME! It's really quite cute.
  • Polunin Blue Canari polunin Blue Canari
  • Canary islanders seek to revive art of whistling - 11 Apr 09 Residents on La Gomera in the Canary Islands once communicated in a special language called Silbo Gomero, which consists only of whistling. The sound is carried easily across the island's valleys. Al Jazeera's Tania Page says the language is making a comeback thanks to compulsory school lessons. The regional government has also applied to Unesco to have the tradition protected.
  • Canary Islands This video show the diferents views about the islands.
  • The Liberation of Canary Wharf (2 of 2) Part 2 When the slaves wake up and see they are being used to control other slaves, the spell is broken.
  • Built Britain - Canary Wharf (London) David Dimbleby explores Canary Wharf and then goes back to his hometown, Polegate in the last episode of BBC1's brilliant 'How We Built Britain' series
  • Singing Canary This is my bird singing
  • Hot Canary - Brian Lewis @ Annie Moses Band FASA Guest teacher and performer Brian Lewis playing "Hot Canary" - one of his grandmother's favorite pieces. Ever hear a violin sound like a bird? :-) A very fun piece and very well performed!
  • Cloud Control - Gold Canary The first single from their upcoming album due out early 2010. Directed by: @samferrisbryant Concept: Andy Cassell Editor: @hugooconnor FX - VJzoo Dancers - Hotbeat Productions Stylist - Viktoria Ing
  • Canary Wharf Semi 2007 - amazing Squash -Watch these rallies In the 3rd game, 88 minutes into the ISS Canary Wharf Classic 2007 Semi final between Thierry Lincou and John White, as requested by the commentators at the time (Malcolm Willstrop and Wael El Hindi), here's one of the best rallies that we've ever seen on! PSALIVE.TV produce live webcasts of the PSA World Tour from all the big events around the World - You can watch "as live" replays of the matches and even download high quality DivX files. We also have a fantastic shop with all the best matches over the years available to purchase at really cheap rates. It costs nothing to be a member and we already have over 30000 squash loving members.
  • The Canary Aviary at the House that Contains Upwards of 50 Canaries At your house, attached to a back portion, is a canary aviary that has upwards of 50 canaries that sing such lovely moning songs and all during the day. They are breendig every year and their numbers do increase all the time. Care for the aviary is minimal, but we have to vaccinate them every year and keep ticks and mosquitoes in check.
  • American Singer Canary with Waterslager Sounds Please feel free to post feedback good or bad (just be polite, ha ha ). I invite the American Singer community to become an ACTIVE voice around the world! This is my '08 varigated male.
  • King Size Canary A mangy cat on the verge of starvation finds a tiny canary and a bottle of 'Jumbo-Gro' fertiliser, which gives him an idea that leads to giant cats, dogs, mice and canaries.
  • Canary Sing -Freak Show Canary Sing Freak Show Dir: Wes Goodlife /wes_goodlife /canarysing
  • Blue Canary Blue Canary by Licedei, Polunin
  • singing canary Cooper singing on the top of my bed while out flying in my bedroom
  • Liz Phair - Canary
  • Squash - John White givesit his all at Canary Wharf John White, aged 33, is in the fifth set and shows his commitment to the sport he loves by not giving up. Enjoy! Footage from check it out for great quality full length squash matches!
  • THE CANARY ISLANDERS IN LOUISIANA. LOUISIANA, SAINT BERNARD. NEW ORLEANS. DELACROIX ISLAND SEAMOS AMIGOS EN FACEBOOK, HAZ CLIK: es- "Canarians of the Mississippi: The Canary Islanders In Louisiana" is the lastest work by Manuel Mora Morales, for his unfinished series "La Ruta del Gofio: History of the Canarian Immigration." The documentary was filmed around the marshes of the Mississippi river in Louisiana, USA in 2005 and 2006. It tells the story of the Canarian Islanders who immigrated to Louisiana in the 18th century in order to establish colonies and to defend Spanish territories from the British and French forces in the area. "Canarians of the Mississippi" is produced by Amazonas Films and is being released in Spanish and English versions. To this day there are descendants of the first Canarian immigrants, known as "islenos," that continue speaking the Castilian language with the same accent as their ancestors. During the last 200 years the islanders have been subject to perhaps the most unusual story of the Canarian Migration; while it is full of unusual tales and events the story of the islanders is the least known inside and outside the archipelago. Mention could be made of their important contributions to the American War of Independence, the islander battalions under General Lee and their presence in the American congress, as well as other numerous political figures whom have influenced politics in the United States government. Many traditions and folklore in the islander community that exist today came from the Canary Islands over two ...
  • Indochine - Canary Bay
  • canaries Phoebe and Gansett feeding chics
  • Black Canary - The Five Faces Project BLACK CANARY is a story in the day in the life of Dinah Lance. By day, she tends bar to the police of Star City, but by night it's Dinah who really keeps the streets safe. Living up to the legacy of her policeman father in a different way, she takes on the identity of the Black Canary. But as Dinah soon finds out, her activities haven't gone unnoticed... * Spelling Correction - Heather was played by Ella Metuki* THE FIVE FACES PROJECT is a new venture for Super Unofficial, an anthology of separate stories, each a stand-alone short film exploring the stories of five different, lower-level heroes in their own breakout stories. In five different cities, crime takes on five different forms and it will take five different heroes to battle it. Five heroes: The Shadow, Black Canary, Booster Gold, Robin, and Captain Marvel. Four unique and action-packed tales. One choice: Yours. ‪‬ ‪http ‪ contact(at) Subscribe for updates on all things Super Unofficial!DISCLAIMER: What you are about to see is an independent, non-profit fan-film and the product of SUPER UNOFFICIAL. SUPER UNOFFICIAL is not affiliated with DC ENTERTAINMENT or any others holding rights to BLACK CANARY. Our products are not intended to undermine or compete with any existing or forthcoming material. BLACK CANARY created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino SUPERMAN created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster Special Thanks to the Sly Fox / Lys Mykyta Pub in New ...
  • singing canary Cooper in his cage singing
  • warrenkingphoto: Photographing the band #VintageTrouble at Boinsdale, Canary Wharf for @rexfeatures tonight
  • Joe_Travel: Playa de las Conchas and Playa Francesca are known to be the most amazing beaches in the Canary islands. #travel
  • Clotildevsp: Canary Keeping for Beginners Package-51% Payout: The worlds No.1 canary keeping kit. Cheap ppc traffic, no compe...
  • ItsYaanii: @KellyBieber904 Canary Island :). Wait, Portugal is next to Spain, but it isn't in Spain
  • CarloBottini143: Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canarys Overnight Death: High Conversion. 2 products available.
  • MATTYB00SH: @jamesbird Perhaps it's a beta build like Canary Chrome that I'm using?
  • CarolMorley1: @ZaraMartin Reebok gym spa in Canary Wharf.lovely place + brilliant massage . x
  • Mundyrc: anchor in coves - trips, vacation, leisure and tourism in Tenerife - Canary Islands.
  • fuzbucket: I'm at Leon Canary Wharf (Cabot Place West, Promenade Level, London) http://4/kLajsi
  • djgarethm: Just slid on the escalator at @DLRLondon Canary Wharf... And @Bohemian_Rebel just laughed at me... #fail
  • DukeStJournal: Westbury: Prices of oil, gold are "canary in the coal mine for inflation." Because they MUST BE driven by fundamentals, eh Bri? #BuyGold
  • mongotime: <-- the canary in the goldmine
  • TeeJ94: @Karen4Australia @iamseaniec I went to Vigo & Ferrol, Spain.. Gran Canaria & Tenerife, Canary Islands.. Lisbon & Madeira, Portugal :D
  • DonMeech: RT @mycoolsuave: @DonMeech canary wharf sides - What's the venue, I kno I kno sorry about 21 questions lol
  • AtteNoda: justinbieber Concert in Canary Islands! http:///25p9e
  • paperflies: I'll die manually capping The Canary Murder Case, Pandora's Box and Diary Of A Lost Girl. >.<
  • v1dz: RT @techiebuzzer: Update: Google Chrome 13 Hits Canary Build; Stable Version Bumped to Chrome 11
  • carlotitatoa: justinbieber Concert in Canary Islands! http:///25p9e
  • CB2LincolnPark: Our canary tealight holders just flew back into stock!
  • HotRecruitJobs: Customer Service Account Manager in Canary Wharf, East, London Rate: £19,000 per year (10% bonus on basic salary)
  • alexkofitwinb: This man just stopped me in Canary Wharf & said "Can you tek me photo please" so I did, that's all. Thank you http:///p/96454837
  • NaviAlya: Google Chrome 13 Hits Canary Build; Stable Version Bumped to Chrome 11: Google has just released Google Chrome 1...
  • nubian_nike: Posh geezer :p RT @Ek0ne: @nubian_nike on the thames canary wharf
  • hoodoouthinkur: @chriscolfer So proud of you. I feel like a momma bird, except I'm not a canary. Anyways, BTW was amazing. Blew. Me. Away.
  • techiebuzzer: Update: Google Chrome 13 Hits Canary Build; Stable Version Bumped to Chrome 11
  • yasingeelani: Google Chrome 13 Hits Canary Build; Stable Version Bumped to Chrome 11
  • techiebuzz_FH: Google Chrome 13 Hits Canary Build; Stable Version Bumped to Chrome 11 #internetbrowsers
  • iWilFollowU: Google Chrome 13 Hits Canary Build; Stable Version Bumped to Chrome 11: Google has just released Google Chrome 1...
  • TechBlogger4You: Google Chrome 13 Hits Canary Build; Stable Version Bumped to Chrome 11 @techiebuzzer
  • pcguys: Software Google Chrome 13 Hits Canary Build; Stable Version Bumped to Chrome 11: Google has just r...
  • Charlotte_Fiona: you know you live in a mad house when you mum comes in and starts having a full on conversation with the canary.
  • johnnyolly: @LegalBizzle *empties wallet, raids piggy bank & looks down back of sofa* err... £6.27, a couple of Euros & a Canary Wharf carpark token?
  • Ek0ne: @nubian_nike on the thames canary wharf
  • CorleyonthShore: @murrderdith I was going to suggest Black Canary, but I don't think that would work either. Nor would The Huntress #birdsofprey
  • favringstime: Canary & White Diamond 18k Two-tone Gold Vintage Antique Style Engagement Ring: Canary diamond carat weight: 1.1...
  • Expats_United: @Expats_Mexico Good news!! Last night it was reported that tourism in the Canary Islands has... @ShipCruiseLines
  • mycoolsuave: @DonMeech canary wharf sides
  • _dillonbh: @rooooomel canary yellow sundress? or is that too perfect?
  • BluefieldsSOTB: New From @offthepost Video: Norwich fan’s celebration FAIL after injury time winner against Derby: Canary in fli...
  • nijafriends: The history of the Canaries: The Canary Islands are a volcanic archipelago situated just northwest of the coast ...
  • DayDreamThis: RT @pdiva74: Bring back Melissa Claire Egan and David Canary! #AMC
  • BurrowsAbout: @NathanRous It's unusual to hear a Canary at this time of year normally
  • Heather_xo88: RT @pdiva74: Bring back Melissa Claire Egan and David Canary! #AMC
  • MarleyakaTroy: RT @pdiva74: Bring back Melissa Claire Egan and David Canary! #AMC
  • BarrelSelect: #KenWright #Pinot 08 Canary Hill about to release in YYZ, with half the PO already s/o! IWC 92 WS 93 RP 92 WE 94! He who hesitates no gets.
  • CJOLars: This behavior of Copper (as mentioned below) is a "Canary in the coal mine" <> Take Note <>
  • FXtradingMentor: This behavior of Copper (as mentioned below) is a "Canary in the coal mine" <> Take Note <>
  • Archtype: Donald Trump is the canary in the coalmine for the corporate media. He plays the media game on his terms. Genius. Otherwise, he's terrible.
  • DaniiCronin: #wegottogether because a canary died and i sang about it... #KLAINE
  • MedCruises: West #Mediterranean & Canary Islands #Cruise:
  • vtpx: RT @softinfo: Google Chrome Canary 13.0.749.0 for Windows | http:///article/126181640.html
  • PhutureLaFait: Work w/ a girl who JUST discovered leggings. Has em in ALL colors. 2day, canary yellow. Let's keep in mind: she's built like Martha Stewart.
  • JBeebsLovers4E: justinbieber Concert in Canary Islands! http:///25p9e
  • investmentaides: Campus Recruiter - Investment Banking - Canary Wharf: Our client a global investment bank has an exciting opport...
  • _gmh_: @ThePeterJEvans None in Canary Wharf, Whitecross St or Oxford Circus. A couple left in the Brunswick Centre. After I'd left, that is.
  • DanPatheos: The Canary in the Mineshaft: Kermit Gosnell and the #Abortion Industry via @Patheos
  • EastLondonStuff: Excellent Value Two Bedroom Apartment In Private Development Just A Short Distance To Canary Wharf (All Saints, B...
  • slickmoney510: @jus_say_canary wass good with my "canary" potna? Where its at this mourning? Lol
  • boisdaleCW: RT @nicolalatham: Lovely chat with my friend Reuben who sings regularly @Boisdale in Belgravia just tellling me about new branch in Canary Wharf - fab!
  • boisdaleCW: Tonight Anthony Strong will perform at Boisdale in Canary Wharf tonight at 9 p.m.
  • softinfo: Google Chrome Canary 13.0.749.0 for Windows | http:///article/126181640.html
  • boisdaleCW: Boisdale of Canary Wharf #jazzinCanaryWharf @boisdaleCW
  • amit_scabal: "@Miss_Shelina: All Bar One, Canary Wharf with a friend having drinkies"< I'd love to be there!!! Sun and a drink - chillin in heart of city
  • Splinteredones: A baby sparrow can't figure out to work the finch feeder hah! Oops baby canary he turned. Ok think he's gotten it mnow
  • pazperazo: MileyCyrus in Canary Islands (from CeliaIndhira) http:///k4kh6
  • conceptexcel: Wetin be dis tweet sef? Una be canary?
  • 12thPrezOutLoud: How in the hell did no one tell me yesterday was "They Might Be Giants Awareness Day" ??? Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch...?
  • Miss_Shelina: All Bar One, Canary Wharf with a friend having drinkies
  • daniiloveMILEY: MileyCyrus in Canary Islands (from CeliaIndhira) http:///k4kh6
  • _lovemegaskarth: MileyCyrus in Canary Islands (from CeliaIndhira) http:///k4kh6
  • Herminiagy98: Yorkshire Canary (Know Your Canaries S.):
  • thorncoyle: Brothers and Sisters of Michigan, you are a canary in the US coalmine. We pray you keep breathing strong!
  • thisbigcity: @katelockhart maybe London sways it - so many cycle from the city to canary wharf, and they certainly have the cash for a car.
  • andymountney: I have an office to myself on 29th Floor of Canary Wharf! Odd but amazing view, thanks #Regus great customer service when lounge full
  • a_marie2424: Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch who watches over you.....
  • Ichasyahranie: Owh.. Can u follow me? :) RT @CeliaIndhira: @Ichasyahranie This is to get Miley in Canary Islands.
  • lukefieldwright: @JackBAnderson let's do it canary wharf it is
  • StrictlySteven: @iamCJHeap City worker are you!? Work in Canary Wharf do you!?
  • mycoralvintage: Vintage 1940's Canary Yellow Beauty Sz L by coralvintage via @Etsy
  • zonemc: Canary Build版がChrome13に突入してた
  • CanaryFound: Get 5 friends to register by April 30th and you’ll receive Canary Century rider’s jersey and shorts!
  • CanaryCentury: Get 5 friends to register by April 30th and you’ll receive Canary Century rider’s jersey and shorts!
  • CeliaIndhira: @Ichasyahranie This is to get Miley in Canary Islands.
  • BodyBreathe: Come to "Pop Up Shop at Canary Wharf Bikram Yoga Studio" Saturday, May 14 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. We will be...
  • E14_Lettings: New Instruction - Three bedroom house in Canary Wharf - £450 per week. Available 1st July 2011. Call now to arrange a viewing - 7512 9955
  • HCOOH_1: Canary Buildのバグェ
  • MileyCyrus_MCS: MileyCyrus in Canary Islands (from CeliaIndhira) http:///k4kh6
  • WApharmGirl: RT @hollybmartin: Horrifying: The Canary in the Mineshaft: Kermit Gosnell and the Abortion Industry via @Patheos
  • jackbanderson: @lukefieldwright orange wednesday right? and if we go can we go at canary wharf??
  • dudestein1958: Think of the NFL as a Canary in the Coal mine because it is a Labor battle between a Union and Uber-rich Tyrannical Robber Barons.
  • KrakenKane: There is a blue canary in the outlet by the light switch who keeps staring at me! It's kinda creepy.
  • Ichasyahranie: MileyCyrus in Canary Islands (from CeliaIndhira) http:///k4kh6
  • meandeanwriter: History mystery: The Guanches of the Canary Islands - by Dean Traylor - Helium
  • KIS_Cars: Coming Soon! New Sales Offices in Canary Wharf & Chelmsford #kiscars -
  • _ellajane: 68 days til the canary islandssssss @LauraMcadam_xo
  • khaikhairin: MileyCyrus in Canary Islands (from CeliaIndhira) http:///k4kh6
  • hollybmartin: Horrifying: The Canary in the Mineshaft: Kermit Gosnell and the Abortion Industry via @Patheos
  • bmds20: @ALISON_HTV I love miley, I would like to come to the Canary Islands, is sure to love it, and we love here.

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