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  • Learn more about why GE is consistently ranked among the best companies to start your career. — “GE: Employment”,
  • Help wanted ads for jobs in Los Angeles and the rest of the U.S. from the LA Times. High school grad can't get film editing career rolling. By Ronald D. White, Los Angeles Times. Edgar Andres caught the movie bug when he was 16 years old, after a filmmaker came to his high school to talk about. — “Los Angeles Times -- Los Angeles Jobs & Employment - ”,
  • Walgreens is a company where innovation thrives and incredible advancement opportunities await you. — “Walgreens Careers - Walgreens Jobs and Career Opportunities”,
  • We'll challenge you to deliver great customer experiences. Get on a steep learning curve because we take your personal growth and career seriously. — “Philips - Careers”,
  • Build a career with AT&T, the company who's revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. Lean about careers, development programs, benefits and working with an entertainment and communications leader. — “AT&T Careers | Home”,
  • is the #1 guide to career resources, jobs and occupations, online education and degree programs from online schools and universities in the US and Canada. — “”,
  • Careers. Don't waste your time and efforts. Visit and find career opportunities of your dream. — “Careers”,
  • This is the Careers Homepage. Make a difference in your career. Consider the global employment opportunities at the CIA. — “Careers — Central Intelligence Agency”,
  • Visit Highlights. Virtual Student Foreign Service. Virtual Student Foreign Service Internships are part of a Home " Careers. State Department Ranks in Top Ten in 2010 Best Places to Work. The Department of State has once. — “Careers”,
  • Job search service with listings across the U.S. Search by industry, company, type, and location, or post your resume for employers to view. Also includes links to career advice and fairs. — “ Jobs - The Largest Job Search, Employment”,
  • Join a company where people are the competitive advantage. Careers. Join a Company that Values You. Take your career as far as your ambition and desire carry you. Learn. — “Wells Fargo Careers”,
  • As the nation's largest nonprofit health plan, we are continually growing, expanding, adapting, and innovating—in all ways and in all fields. — “Kaiser Permanente Careers - Discover Careers with Room to Grow”,
  • Find Careers articles at a free articles directory. Submit your articles for free distribution and find Careers content for your website, Ezine or newsletters. — “Careers Articles - Find Careers Related Articles on”,
  • hot jobs, careers, careerslb, careers lebanon, career, job-hunting, jobs, job-search, jobsearch, recruitment agency, recruitment agency Lebanon, recruitment agencies, recruitment agencies Lebanon, jobs in lebanon, recruitment, recruitments, head. — “Careers”,
  • Careers: Take your career to new heights with little help from the experts. From getting ahead, to honing effective work habits, to getting along better with your boss, our career. — “Careers - How To Information | ”,
  • Search Jobs on MSN Careers and apply today. Find new employment or work by industry. Submit resumes for job recommendations. Read resume and job search tips. Local career opportunities added daily. — “MSN Careers”,
  • Contribute to our success through various exciting career opportunities and be part of the world's leading logistics company. As a graduate or career starter, you will be given the chance to make a difference, right from the beginning. Find out more about. — “DHL | Careers | English”,
  • Research a wide range of occupations by browsing our occupational profiles by career field. Find job descriptions, educational requirements, earnings, outlook, and video profiles all at one place. — “Occupation Profiles - Descriptions, Earnings, Outlook”,
  • Individuals who want to positively impact their career--and the world at large. If you have a disability and difficulty using Yahoo! Careers, please contact: [email protected]“Welcome to Yahoo! Careers”,
  • Search 1000's of new hospitality jobs in Canada, hotel jobs, restaurant jobs, resort jobs for Free. Canadian hospitality industry employment. Job search for careers in casinos, cruise ships, chef, management. — “Hcareers Canada”,

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  • Oscar Roundtable: Alternate Careers Who owned a candy shop? Who wanted to be a radio reporter? Hugh Jackman, Mickey Rourke and the rest of our Oscar roundtable actors tell us what they'd do if they weren't making films.
  • Design Our Future- A Career in Engineering (Promo for ACEC-CA) Promotional video exposing high-school students to the benefits of a career in engineering. Written/Directed by Justin Viar for Next Movement Entertainment (
  • Careers in Psychology : Average Income of Psychologists The average income of a psychologist is largely dependent on the type of work they do and the setting, but in general, psychologists can expect to make between $45000 and $80000 a year. Find out how longevity can affect a psychologist's salary withhelp from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on psychology. Expert: John Bosworth Bio: John Bosworth is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain and stress management. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
  • Career advice - Qi - BBC Stephen Fry helps the teams to understand some more Quite Interesting facts in this clip from the popular panel show. From BBC Worldwide.
  • Careers Produced by Nancy Christy Heinen for Pathways to Independence. Becky recalls her guidance counselor advising her to look into secretarial jobs, "So I could sit behind a desk all day," assuming that was all she was capable of. David recounts how he bristled when people told him to be "reasonable" in his expectation s for the future. Melvin remembers sitting in a chicago hospital with other kids who were victims of gang violence, realizing that if he wanted to be taken seriously, he'd have to earn it-- but how? Low expectations throw up barriers for a woman with muscular dystrophy, a man with cerebral palsy, a black man with paraplegia. Studies show that students with disabilities are filtered from exposure to opportunities for higher education and vocational training. And yet, these and two other individuals featured in "Careers" demonstrate how higher education is the key for an individual with a disability to break through the barricades that traditionally block disabled professionals from entering the career world. The video illustrates that a wheelchair-- or any other disability-- does not prevent a person from pursuing higher education and a future more rewarding than simply performing a job. We hope it will inspire, and educate, those with crucial influence on young people with disabilities, and that it will spark the imaginations and aspirations of students to the real world possibilities that can-- and should-- open the door to finding a path to a career. Tell us ...
  • The Clash - Career Opportunities Blinding :-)
  • Unseen Skins 102: Careers Advice unseen 102
  • EA Programming Career Paths This is a basic overview of software engineering / programming career paths at EA.
  • Civil Engineer Career Information : Civil Engineer Pros & Cons Pros of being a civil engineer include working in an exciting, well-respected career that pays well, while the cons include the stress of meeting deadlines. Weigh the pros and cons of being a civil engineer with tips from the manager of an engineering company in this free video on career information. Expert: Jerry Eliott Bio: Jerry Eliott is a managing partner of Weber Eliott Engineers in Eugene, OR. Filmmaker: max koetter
  • Pharmacist Career Information : Pharmacist Pros & Cons The good and bad things about being a pharmacist both involve working with people because although some wonderful relationships develop many people are there because they are sick and not happy. Learn some of the good and bad things to expect as a pharmacist with tips from a veteran pharmacist in this free video. Expert: Kate James Bio: Kate James is the principal pharmacist at Broadway Apothecary. She graduated from Oregon State Universitys College of Pharmacy. Filmmaker: max koetter
  • Career In Land Surveying California Land Surveyors Association Information on a career in land surveying
  • Most Interesting Man on Careers The Most Interesting Man Discusses Careers.
  • Green careers High school graduates still deciding on a major may want to consider pursuing a "green" career. Ivy Tech Sustainable Energy Program Chair Isaac Slaven joins us in the studio to explain why there's a growing demand.
  • EA Game Design Career Paths A basic overview of game design career paths at EA and how we define a 'great' game designer.
  • Accountant and Auditor Careers - Career Videos, Accountants and Auditors. What's the difference between an accountant and an auditor? Basically accountants keep track of the money, and auditors check their work. But there's much more to the work that simply balancing the books.
  • Music Career Guru on Becoming a Professional Musician How you can be mentored to become a professional musician. Success in the music industry is attainable. More than simple music business advice.
  • Best Careers 2009: Occupational Therapist Job Description Occupational therapists help people with physical issues return to their occupation. Occupational therapy jobs include working in hospitals, homes, and schools. For a full occupational therapist job description go to
  • CalCPA presents: Bring It On - CPA Careers A short film produced by the California Society of CPAs to encourage students to pursue a career in accounting. Being a CPA is a lot cooler than people think!
  • Career in Accounting Terri Albertson, CPA, talks about a career in accounting on CBS-3.
  • 01 Career Advice from Jack Welch IM101 Management Winning Career Advice from Jack Welch
  • Monty Python - Careers Advisory Board from Monty Python's Flying Circus Season 1 - Episode 05 - Man's Crisis Of Identity Recorded 03-10-69, Aired 16-11-69 I'm slowly uploading the entire Flying Circus series... Got any requests?
  • IT (Information Technology) Career Path Guideline Based on my experience in IT, I'd like to give a guideline on which career paths you may choose. I made this presentation as the part of my IT series cause I've had many chances to see people who wanna know which jobs in IT are suitable for them. I hope my guideline can give some help for IT colleques in other countries as well as in Korea. Best Regds, CHOLHO, JONG
  • Navy Careers - Lifestyle LT Tenisha Finley discusses her lifestyle in the Navy.
  • How to Choose the Right Career Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from deathmonkey and more videos in the General Careers category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at With some effort, perseverance, and guidance, you'll be able to choose the right career for you. To complete this How-To you will need: Reflection Research A belief in yourself Step 1: Figure out your interests List your passions and interests. Do you like working with your hands or sitting at a desk? Working with numbers or managing money? Teaching or helping people? Selling or creating things? Step 2: Identify strengths, skills, and talents Identify your strengths, skills, and talents -- things that come easily that you enjoy doing. Tip: Don't let lack of skills limit your choices. You can always increase your knowledge and develop new skills. Step 3: Make a list List your personal preferences and needs. What is the lowest income that you will accept? Are you willing to commute or relocate? Can you go back to school for additional training? Step 4: Take career and self-assessment tests Get professional advice by taking career assessment tests and tests that evaluate your personality and temperament. Tip: Some career assessment tests are free; others are available from a career counselor. Step 5: Research the job market ...
  • Writer Career Information : How to Become a Writer Becoming a great writer involves understanding and communicating with a target audience in a unique voice. Learn how to become a writer with tips from a published writer in this free writing career video. Expert: Richard Neumann Contact: Bio: Richard Neumann has more than a decade of combined experience in publishing. Neumann is also the executive editor for Over The Wall publications. Filmmaker: Bing Hu
  • Is Software Programming a Good Career? Some people wonder if computer programming is still a good career to pursue. Here are five reasons why this is still a good profession and five reasons why you might want to consider something else.
  • Career Profile - Veterinarian Dr. Lisa Harrenstien talks about her job at the Oregon Zoo.
  • Electrical Training for a New Career Looking for a new career? Consider electrical contracting. For more information about IEC's electrical apprentice training program visit
  • Best Careers 2009: Pharmacist Job Description A pharmacists job isn't limited to a pharmacy. A pharmacist career might entail working with doctors in a hospital or with researchers in a pharmaceuticals company. For a full pharmacist job description go to
  • Your Career in Information Technology starts with Many people aspire to a career in IT. The pay is high. The jobs are abundant. But too often they start out working in a skill set that is dead or dying: they are extinct before they even get their start. "Breaking Into IT," by Jim Stewart at is a direct response to the threat of IT Extinction. The online training is not about what you know, it's about how you learn and how to survive in the new global economy. Please visit for more information about Breaking Into IT and keeping of the list of endangered species.
  • Psychology - Career Opportunities Information for people considering a career in psychology. psychology psychologist psychological career careers
  • Eddie George on Careers in Landscape Architecture Eddie George, ASLA, talks about how he became a landscape architect and his career after the NFL.
  • EA QA (Games Tester) Career Paths A basic overview of the role of a games tester (QA), career paths and the skills needed
  • Physical Therapist Career Information : Physical Therapist Pros & Cons Being a physical therapist has pros and cons ranging from the joys of helping people, to the annoyance of dealing with paper work and insurance companies. Weigh the pros and cons of being a physical therapist with tips from an experienced physical therapist in this free video on career information. Expert: Drew Norwood Bio: Drew Norwood has been a physical therapist for more than eight years and works in South Jordan, Utah. Filmmaker: Michael Burton
  • On Girls, Boys, and IT Careers Google TechTalks April 06, 2006 Dr. Cornelia Brunner Associate Director, Center for Children & Technology Education Development Center Dr. Brunner has been involved in the research, production, and teaching of educational technology in a variety of subject areas for thirty years. In addition to conducting research projects about the relationship between learning, teaching, and technology, she has designed and implemented educational materials incorporating technologies to support inquiry-based learning and teaching in science, social studies, media literacy, and the arts. ABSTRACT Research over the past two decades has pointed to a strong, persistent, gendered difference in technological desire...
  • Information Technology IT Careers This video explains what soft skills are needed in information technology (IT) careers.
  • Love Your Job! Careers in Health-System Pharmacy Thinking about what to do after graduating from pharmacy school? Watch this video to find out why pharmacists in hospitals and health systems love their jobs. Brought to you by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.
  • Veterinarian Career Information : How to Become a Veterinarian The best way to become a veterinarian is to attend college and veterinary school with the intent of helping animals. Become a veterinarian with tips from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on career information. Expert: Dr. James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Aircraft Maintenance -Careers in Aviation Song Copyright 2008 Mayberry Mountain Music Lyrics by: Porter Mayberry For more info contact [email protected] Aircraft Maintenace Careers in Aviation Somerset Community College Aviation Maintenance Program Please feel free to contact us at : email: [email protected] tel: 1-606-451-6772 Or online at
  • Careers in Information Technology An Exploration of why you should, and why you shouldn't consider a career in Information Technology
  • USA_Internship: #Internship Full Time Careers & Internships Available ASAP: Smithtown, NY - , restaurant experience,... #NY #Intern
  • NY_internships: #Internship Full Time Careers & Internships Available ASAP: Smithtown, NY - , restaurant experience,... #NY #Intern
  • iphonedevnews: RT @Wisestepp #jobs #careers IPhone Application Development Opening For Freshers with Bluew...
  • Emirati_Careers: Are you a good fit for this job? Photographer - UAE National in Dubai, United Arab Emirates #job
  • MicrosoftWE: #jobs CoE CRM Architect (Swedish) Job (Sweden - Non Location Specific, SE): Job Category: Services ... #MicrosoftWE
  • ewanmcintosh: RT @edabs: Want to join the best (& most inspiring) global design firm? @ideo is looking for a stellar marketing lead in London:
  • findmjob: Senior Software Development Engineer - AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS) #hadoop #server #jobs #hiring #careers
  • kp_fairenergy: RT @BictonCollege: Teachers get a taste of Bicton life - #schools #careers
  • findmjob: Domain Architect (Digital) #InformationTechnology #Retail #jobs #hiring #careers
  • ruben_vl: RT @edabs: Want to join the best (& most inspiring) global design firm? @ideo is looking for a stellar marketing lead in London:
  • RelientHealth: Physical Therapist - PT - Perm Opp... - Clinton, MD
  • jamericangal1: Oracle PL/SQL Developer - Alpharetta, GA
  • Strativia: Race to the Top SAS Programmer - Baltimore, MD
  • CareerPro: Major Account Manage... - Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • tomabba: I am talking about post-PhD careers at @_SpikeIsland today.. And, by coincidence, there’s a book fair for small presses… #temptationtospend
  • LunarlineInc: Mid-level Security Engineer (D... - Arlington, Virginia
  • Ramsgrl17: Network Engineer Level 2 - Linthicum, MD
  • julinejnvld: With the change in careers, this twitter page will be taken down shortly. Thank you all for your support. Hope we cross paths again. Cheers!
  • RyanEberhard: Sales Executive, storage and retrieva... - Phoenix, AZ
  • bbgmanagement: IT Specialist (Bilingual) - Montreal, Quebec
  • ThePeoplePlace: Senior I&E/PCT Engineer - Baytown, TX
  • KSEnergySearch: Operations Engineer - Dallas, TX
  • panpjobs: Physician Assistant / ... - Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • APRecruiters: Contract Recruiter (6 months) - Juno Beach, FL
  • KeraHernandez: bankers, estate agents, tax collectors ~ unsavoury careers without doubt, no?
  • carenational: Modesto LOCUM Nurse Practitioner (NP) Part ... - Modesto, CA
  • pjcunningham: User Interaction Specialist - Bethesda, MD
  • zengotalent: Digital Media Account Executive (General B... - Austin, Texas
  • KJMSTAFFING: Retail Client Director - IL - Hoffman Estates, IL
  • searchcreatives: Added new #ProjectManagement #JobListings in Bromley, England, United Kingdom: #careers
  • Ahoyjobs: Substation Engineer - Dallas - Bedford, Texas
  • AlecChristy: RT @AFL: Nine AFL coaches moved clubs at least once during their playing careers, changing their career paths forever
  • IER_Recruiting: Lead Engineer (m/f) - Vehicle Control Systems - Hannover, Nds
  • slightedge: ETL-DW Testers - Jersey City, NJ
  • Hound_JobSearch: #jobs #careers Software Development Engineer- AWS New Service: Want to build a new business in the Cloud? Amazon...
  • Hound_JobSearch: #jobs #careers HEALTH CENTER ADMINISTRATOR: Occupational Summary Level I: Provide overall administrative direct...
  • Hound_JobSearch: #jobs #careers Loader / Unloader: Loader / Unloader','10119792','!*!Cintas is currently looking for a Loader/Unl...
  • thedanishchef: RT @dogfishbeer: We're on the hunt for a brewing supervisor to add to our top-notch team! Check our career pg to learn more: #jobs
  • andreaaahhhh: Just found out that asos do careers in operational research, literally would be my dream job
  • MicrosoftHR: Staffing Manager Job (Redmond, WA, US): Job Category: Human ResourcesLocation: Redmond, WA, USJob ID: 810362-933...
  • SmartHireinc: Growing Home Care Company Seeks Mark... - Burbank, CA
  • PetroStaffing: Sr. Completions Supervisor - Area, North Dakota
  • DMProConsultant: Physician – Emergency Medicine - Weslaco, TX
  • wisestepindia: #jobs #careers Sr. HR IT Recruiter/ Non –IT Recruiter - Should have hands on experience in Recruitments.Must have ex...
  • Wisestepp: #jobs #careers IPhone Application Development Opening For Freshers with Bluewhale Solutions
  • Wisestepp: #jobs #careers Opening for PHP Developer- Pondicherry - Job Description:Qualification: B. E/ MCA/ M.ScExperience: 2-...
  • Wisestepp: #jobs #careers Sr. HR IT Recruiter/ Non –IT Recruiter - Should have hands on experience in Recruitments.Must have ex...
  • starrecruiting: Diesel Specialis... - Weifang, Shandong Province
  • NRGYJobSolution: Development/Operations Geologist - Midland, TX
  • CareerStaffRX: Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator - St. Louis, MO
  • Medsourcecorp1: PRIMARY CARE CLINIC Family Nurse P... - clifton, TN
  • TheStayClub: How international study can boost your CV and broaden your horizons
  • mksinsa: RT @pattybsoto: @ALPFAatUCF Please #RT and help @Orley_J_Pacheco spread the word that there are #Careers for #Veterans
  • OsirisProjects: Osiris Projects are seeking Geotechnical Equipment Operators -
  • TWDS_Careers: HOT JOB: Teaching Artist ~ The Walt Disney Studios (New York, NY) #disneystudioscareers #disneyjobs
  • ITCareerNet: #Network #Careers Network & Security Architect - Presidio, Inc. - Woburn, MA: The Network & Security Architect ...
  • CareerIT: #Network #Careers Network & Security Architect - Presidio, Inc. - Woburn, MA: The Network & Security Architect ...
  • siyanteng: @Alynfreekiee @starqal_kavitha idk but must interview. Go their web see the section under "careers" !!
  • MyAmbition_3: I hope my nigga @YoungJeezy comes back at these nigga's , hopefully he got some @50cent in him and ends niggas careers with his bars
  • MrTBakerGHS: Not sure if the Korean Society we are playing this morning are from the 'good' Korea or the 'naughty' Korea - I'll ask my Careers advisor...
  • titadu10: One Direction: A flashback in photos on their careers during the release of their book! On 08 November. Who will buy it?
  • theadsgroup: Regional Drivers - Mansfield, TX
  • SouthernCascade: Physician - Internal Me... - Vernal, UT
  • LetsFindYouAJob: Tired of your dead end #job? New #careers start here at GameStop Texas Ltd. in Thibodaux, LA. #startover
  • Orley_J_Pacheco: RT @pattybsoto: @ALPFAatUCF Please #RT and help @Orley_J_Pacheco spread the word that there are #Careers for #Veterans
  • LantraCareers: Question time again! What do you think of our careers information?
  • LeeSkinner1: RT @NickAnimation: ART DIRECTOR: Nickelodeon is currently seeking an Art Director to design work and provide design leadershi... #jobs
  • samuese: New manager program in Amsterdam. Great way for our #EY new managers across EMEIA to celebrate this important milestone in their careers.
  • careerwhiz: RT RT @DeeVeezy760: RT @DeeVeezy760: I've noticed the ppl with successful careers don't bother with social networking sites often. Pl...
  • careerwhiz: RT @Tilaurin quick work is in there. Careers that can have it are : storm blades, pirate, Mage hunter and duelist,
  • careerwhiz: RT RT @YouPost_ORG: RT @YouPost_ORG: PTC #(PAID TO CLICK) JOB - Ads ID: 1168500 - #Jobs & Careers
  • virdy_v: @r_zetteee yes! eh, new hires are getting paid well, we're hiring alooooot, its only online apps though, go on gap inc. careers
  • MelissaCole: RT @dogfishbeer: We're on the hunt for a brewing supervisor to add to our top-notch team! Check our career pg to learn more: #jobs
  • socialmedia464: Social media, gaming skills new criteria in spy recruitment drive - Times of India: Social media, gaming skills ...
  • Giaa_Manek_: RT @RahimaKhat: @Giaa_Manek_ @ruchahasabnis miss the old days of saathiya :-) bless you both & hope you guys get more & more successful in your careers x
  • lindajwest23: 2012, Nursing #careers #opening, Starting from $77K/year, #in apply via: #teamfollow #hiring |2012-10-20T08:11:34Z
  • ck7even: Allied Cash Advance Careers - Quick Cash in UK - Apply Now!
  • Emirati_Careers: Are you a Top Recruiter? in Dubai, United Arab Emirates #job
  • tulmeister: @TonyBarretTimes I think most players careers are finished when they go to Everton!!
  • cloudmsft: Program Manager, Principal Job (Redmond, WA, US): Job Category: Software Engineering: Program ManagementLocation...
  • EnnieVo: Social media, gaming skills new criteria in spy recruitment drive - Times of India #socialmedia
  • CZ32: Here is the 1996 model skyline GTR. This car knows all my careers. When touching this, I return at the moment of
  • ArticleInfo: Social media, gaming skills new criteria in spy recruitment drive - Times of India
  • BzzzSolutions: Social media, gaming skills new criteria in spy recruitment drive #socialmedia
  • CashCats: RT @findmjob: Online Marketing Specialist #marketing #facebook #jobs #hiring #careers
  • FranxoLymon: Diddy had some great artist with horrible vices and short careers
  • akinkumy: Niccur hasn't tweeted abt FIFA since our last game....iruin pple's FIFA careers like that !!
  • Tweet_Jobs_Expo: HEALTHCARE CAREERS - $27K-$42 Per Yr + Great Benefits - To Interview Within 24 Hrs With Us @
  • PJ_Careers: Locum Band 6/7 Hospital Pharmacist required for dispensary, ITU and Surgical wards:-Central London-Labmed Recruitme
  • Rowan_Draper: @markjenk Exactly right. We need a progressive alternate to careers and jobs.
  • careers_canada: Production Supervisor Assemble & Pre-Assembly Welland Ontario #job #hiring
  • miattia: RT @codorniou: Looking for a Senior Biz Dev, Gaming, in London, to work with the most exciting gaming companies in Europe. Ping...

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