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  • Castrated cartoons from the CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. — “Castrated Cartoons and Comics”,
  • Definition of castrated from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of castrated. Pronunciation of castrated. Definition of the word castrated. Origin of the word castrated. — “castrated - Definition of castrated at ”,
  • Synonyms for castrated. Other words for castrated. Different words for castrated. Antonyms of castrated. — “castrated - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • A selection of articles related to castrated castrated: Dream Interpretations Dictionary - Castration. Dream Interpretation Castration. It is a very disturbing dream for any man, and more likely it relates to impotence or fear of it, or anxiety that he might not be able to satisfy a particular woman. — “castrated”,
  • Castrate definition, to remove the testes of; emasculate; geld. See more. — “Castrate | Define Castrate at ”,
  • castration ( ka′strāshən ) ( medicine ) Removing, or inhibiting the function or development of, the ovaries or. — “castration: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • castrated (comparative more castrated, superlative most castrated) Having had the castrated. Simple past tense and past participle of castrate. — “castrated - Wiktionary”,
  • Learn about Castration on . Find info and videos including: How to Castrate a Bull, What Is Chemical Castration?, How to Castrate a Horse and much more. — “Castration - ”,
  • We found 19 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word castrated: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "castrated" is defined. General (16 matching dictionaries) castrated: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of castrated - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Origin of CASTRATE. Latin castratus, past participle of castrare; akin to Greek keazein to split, Sanskrit śasati he slaughters. First Known Use: 1554. — “Castrated - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Castration is when the testicles are removed or their function is inhibited. The need for castration is based on the management of the farm and demands of the market place. — “Sheep 201: Docking and castrating”,
  • Find castrated articles at a free articles directory. Submit your articles for free distribution and find content for your website, Ezine or newsletters. — “Castrated Articles from ”,
  • I think when a person has been found guilty of rape he should be castrated. They made me sound as if I'd been castrated. Tallulah Bankhead. Photographs are still being taken but aren't being shown. There's one of a skeleton bound at the wrists with pants still around its ankles; if it. — “Definition of Castrated”,
  • However, the term also is used in a broader sense to refer variously to any domesticated form of large bovid (family Bovidae), including buffalo and bison, or any large, usually horned bovine animal (subfamly Bovinae) used for draught, or to the castrated male of any member of the Bos genus. — “Ox - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of castrated in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of castrated. Pronunciation of castrated. Translations of castrated. castrated synonyms, castrated antonyms. Information about castrated in the free online English dictionary and. — “castrated - definition of castrated by the Free Online”,

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  • Russia plans to castrate paedophiles. Russia's Investigatve Committee wants paedophiles to be chemically castrated. The draft law is aimed at reducing the number of repeat offenders.
  • The Big Fight: Should rapists be castrated? The Big Fight: With the incidents of rape rising by the day in our country, one is forced to contemplate about whether laws on rape are adequate in India. A survey recently placed India as the fourth most dangerous place for women in the world. So should rapists be accorded a form of punishment as extreme as castration or is a 7-year-long jail term good enough? We debate.
  • Dog Castration Detailed Surgical Video HD Dog Castration (neutering) full operation in hd video. Barr and MacMillan Veterinary Surgeons, Mauchline, Ayrshire
  • Castrating Pigs This was Kerry Keys first time castrating a pig. The pigs name was Doug. I was there to hold and to walk him though. The scalpel was not the right one. The first one does not look pretty, but he got the hang on the second one. I was a great experience.
  • Guy gets castrated by Potato Cannon The title says it all. . .
  • Would You Go Blind or Be Castrated to Save a Life? 1000? A Million Lives? --Morality with Motamedi questions what personal punishments he would endure to save the lives of others. --On the Bonus Show Surgically implanted bombs, July 4th fireworks accident & Louis' fireworks mishaps, Atlanta teachers caught cheating, more. The David Pakman Show is an internationally syndicated talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman http 24/7 Voicemail Line & Studio Number: (219)-2DAVIDP Broadcast on July 7, 2011
  • Bull castration.mp4 bull castration
  • Dear ti: Should child molesters be castrated? In this video i'm talking about child molesters, i was sent a letter by one of my subs who wanted my opinion on the subject...
  • Baby bull getting branded, castrated, and de-horned
  • Let's castrate him OMFG, I'm so dying right here :p credits again to
  • Castrated on the sled race track ! Bud Light A 2001 US commercial for Bud Light. Eunuchs on the race. The devil's curve. More commercials : .. All rights reserved. For all inquiries, please mail to [email protected]
  • Lukas Apollon is getting castrated =) Lukas Apollon gets his balls cut off =P If you don´t like blood - don´t watch!!
  • Banding Buckling goats for bloodless castration. This method of castration bands the testicles and they wither and drop off. We Bought 3 Bucklings..two will be raised as whethers ( castrated) for meat..and one will be raised to stud our females.
  • Bayou People..! Wild hog castrated. Trapped a wild boar and now cuttin' dat sack off to get rid of dat wild taste. We'll raise em to be fat alot! Den cook dat. Anthony Lemoine is the surgeon. Landon Smith assisting. Shane camera man. Chris Smith wit da snout snare. Marksville,LA Enjoy da coonass experience!!
  • Dirty Jobs Castrate Horse A gelding is a castrated animal — in English, the term specifically refers to a castrated male horse or other equine such as a donkey or a mule. As a verb, it also refers to the castration procedure itself. The word comes from the Old Norse geldr ("barren").[1] Castration, and the elimination of hormonally-driven behavior associated with a stallion, allows a male horse to be calmer and better-behaved, making the animal quieter, gentler and potentially more suitable as an everyday working animal.
  • Hog castration I castrate all male hogs big or sm. I did five on this day.
  • Greg Pritchard - Castrated Singer? - Britains Got Talent 2009 Ep 5 [Best HQ] 23 year old - "Greg Pritchar" daudition for the judges on Britains Got Talent 2009. [ Press HQ For Best Audio Video ]
  • Castrating wild hog Pork Wellington.MOV I castrated Pork Wellington, this big boy was flippin pissed. My two year old had no fear of what was happening and I think she will be quite the farm girl some day. Again this is something that has to be done so that the meat is of a better quality when it is harvested
  • Severe Torture - Castrated(Cover) HD Well.. This is me playing SEVERE TORTURE!!, Pliz sorry the mistakes I learned the song By ear :) Leave Comments, Sub, Rate and all that Crap Keep It Brutal
  • TIM CONWAY gets Castrated!...Almost. Timmy in a compromising position with blonde sweetie... RUN, TIMMY, RUN! (If'n you stare closely, down her cleavage, you can see her black heart.) From the BEST horse wagering movie ever, "THE LONG SHOT". Find it & buy.
  • How to castrate a pig American Mulefoot piglet being castrated for better growth. We bought three and made two into barrows.
  • Male Model Detained in NYC Castration Death A male model who had recently been a contestant on a reality TV show was taken into police custody hours after his companion, a celebrity Portuguese television journalist, was found castrated and bludgeoned to death in a New York City hotel. (Jan. 9)
  • castration In the Autumn, lots of stallions will be gelded (castrated). They are, as a gelding, a lot better to handle and to keep together with mares. Young stallions up to 2,5 yrs old are quite often castrated in a standing position. Older ones we lay on our operation table. Dangerous ones too. The stallions can scratch behind their ears with their hindlegs, so I am an easy target. When all is done, the gelding will not behave testosteron-regulated anymore, and can go out in the field with other horses, without fighting eachother.
  • Spider-man the Musical FAIL,Castrated Firetruck the veed Thank for watching spider-man turn off the dark ,turns in a epic fail , and a firetruck castrated SAY WHAT !!! news spider-man musical robot6 firetruck balls
  • Our Horse named Cowboy being castrated becoming a gelding Horse named Cowboy getting castrated and becoming a gelding
  • Alpaca Castration My alpaca Buster getting castrated. Not much to listen to besides small talk and one very whiny llama.
  • Castrated!!! Medical Malpractice. Hillarious interview. You must see.
  • Bull castrated We castrate a day old bull
  • Castrate paedophiles: Russia gets medieval on child abusers Convicted paedophiles in Russia could soon be chemically castrated. Parliament is set to discuss the law, which supporters hope will stop the high-level of child molesters re-offending. But critics suggest the measure could also have unwanted effects.
  • Carlos Antonio de Castro murdered and castrated NYC www.carlos-
  • Canine Castration - Educational Lab. Video Canine Castration ( Orchiectomy ) with Open covered Method (Closed Tunics) - Prescrotal Site By : Dr.Jafar T. Shokri - BVSc , DVM -- SAMS (Small Animal Medicine & Surgery ) Course College Of Veterinary Medicine - An Najah National University Tulkarem - Palestine For Further Info. Visit :
  • Pig Castration part 1 Pigs being castrated
  • Lil_cute_ish: Cc em"@KordyHormone: Castrated Cows!!!"
  • KordyHormone: Castrated Cows!!!
  • lesmartin7: If "Q" were castrated, would he become "O"?
  • _MelissaTexas: @Bighayes7771 or be castrated
  • JayneMCox: @Alpaca_Annie @thebisson @noraanddora @lisamsettle @benp1972 @jackie495 Lovely, least I can't be castrated! :-)) x #thebreakfastclub
  • Bernettaakvy: Is a castrated pig disgruntled?
  • splurgioo36: RT @Apollosaurustex: Any nigga spelling any variant of come, cum, when addressing another male deserves to be castrated with a spork on Christmas eve.
  • Apollosaurustex: Any nigga spelling any variant of come, cum, when addressing another male deserves to be castrated with a spork on Christmas eve.
  • tonyadams86: @levijones_ not many men could do what you do after the crash that left you castrated. it shows heart and determination
  • BStoned258: I did the right thing & sent a promising "hope for the future" response. But best believe you'll be castrated on twitter.
  • NelsonLopes27: Monday morning just got worse already.. I see a black cat chasing ONE crow.. Im going 2 die or get castrated :(:(:( #WhatIsLife
  • 0xSegfault: #Thomas Hardy's #Cottage <--> Oh my, castrated a ghost -anagrama
  • appPAULling: @chadcolopy if I read this tweet before seeing the episode I would have castrated you.
  • AdamAljabry: i dont care if speaking my mind will get me castrated!i'd rather be level wit everyone!how can some1 actually advise me to "lie sometimes":s
  • jbuckz: @FWhit_ never YOLO ever again unless you would like to be castrated
  • Costello1993: RT @dustinblomme: RT @JustinMesser4: LOST DOG: 3 legs, blind in one eye, missing right ear, tail broken, recently castrated #luckyishisname
  • ViceEnigmatic: The gentrified castrated male has no desire to make you accountable because he has been striped of his manhood & self worth
  • natums: The more I read about politics, the more I think politicians should be castrated, and not chemically.
  • KailinBOSS: @trinityEjones hahahaha. Exactly! Where in the lorax does dr Seuss get castrated?!
  • ViceEnigmatic: Todays male is one who is castrated. Emasculated.
  • Annenigmatic: @Castrated_Bean Lolol! *virtual 12 year old high-fives* Homeboy king-jouster was asking for it. We can only resist so much ;D Thx for the @!
  • oceaneyes96: RT @KingFredWeasley: Math needs to be killed. Murdered. Slaughtered. CASTRATED.
  • ShivChakravarty: @jkinlosangeles Castrated.
  • MW3_DVUS_CLAN: @tdog91184 @TeamPwnage Damn boosters need to be castrated. Smh. There are so few clans we have run across. We appreciate u guys!
  • ImNancyNIKnowIt: Human trafficking is so sad. Some men deserved to be castrated.
  • amritlionel: Haters of messi shuld be castrated...
  • prkchopexpress: @RealCliveBarker you will make something so awesomely different, it won't have mass appeal. as a fan of yours, I'd take uncut over castrated
  • D1CKFLEX: castrated
  • omojayd: A member of a herd of violent, castrated bovines is a GANGSTEER #gafollowers #imaginarywords #teamfollowback
  • dustinblomme: RT @JustinMesser4: LOST DOG: 3 legs, blind in one eye, missing right ear, tail broken, recently castrated #luckyishisname
  • JustinMesser4: LOST DOG: 3 legs, blind in one eye, missing right ear, tail broken, recently castrated #luckyishisname
  • Amerissa896: @HaleyFae i don't think girls can be castrated.....maybe im just stupid. but...
  • superguts: @talmadgewilliam @RandiRadio GWH Bush owns a ton of stock in CNN and he is very good at scrubbing reports, CNN Headline News was castrated.
  • DamonHusky: @overzen These are eunuchs systems! I know these! My daddy had them castrated for me! #JurassicPark #furriesruineverything
  • jasmarlee: Oomf is going to come up missing if he keeps playing with me. By missing I mean castrated o__O
  • shes_superbad: Idk how some ppl have the balls (or no balls) to be castrated because of religion #ouch!
  • TVPatrolBicol: At least 70 pet dogs and cats, rabies vaccinated, castrated and/or spayed in ABS-CBN Bicol's Lingkod Kapamilya in Legazpi City.
  • Chizmatic_NC: "@Birgitn965: @Chizmatic_NC Hey belieber!! follow @justinbieliebe please :D" Id rather get be castrated. No thank
  • chadsandi: RT @MoziJustAte: Tries to castrated you? -_- RT @chadsandi: “@RCFSloth: Wait she jumping? But she cant dance so never mind” Its true...but at least she tries
  • MoziJustAte: Tries to castrated you? -_- RT @chadsandi: “@RCFSloth: Wait she jumping? But she cant dance so never mind” Its true...but at least she tries
  • hooligan_369: @kelsproff that individual should be castrated for talking down on Bon Ivor's sweet melodic harmonies made by synthesizers and auto-tune
  • Christianguyy: Castrated men live an average of 13 years longer than non-castrated men.
  • AcidJack_: @bot106 i feel u. im sick of being castrated the second a "big tune" gets played.
  • Mahogany004: OMG this guy is getting castrated!
  • nitramluap: @BicycleAdagio @bikepeacenyc We have two bulls... but they've been castrated & neglected. ;)
  • valeriecgo: Castrated : Adolf Alix vs the President
  • SimoneAlexa: @FukDatNiggaKyle threatened to break my spacebar. All I heard was I want to be castrated with a katana.
  • Jos_Ros_: “@mckooley: #ImWeakFor guys who are castrated” #winning oh hey
  • mckooley: #ImWeakFor guys who are castrated
  • oliviaaaleee: RT @pamelam777: @theknockout7 @annecysmith I randomly threw in the fact that the man in my story was castrated... Why does she choose these words
  • pamelam777: @theknockout7 @annecysmith I randomly threw in the fact that the man in my story was castrated... Why does she choose these words
  • TarynCosette: @AshtonLovely lol. Ashton you deserved the egg. You about castrated Kyle with a damn crutch. Lol.
  • dbgsky: via @billingsgazette - HE NEEDS TO BE CASTRATED!!!
  • PaulCooper79: @GreenvaleFarm @tammois @onetui @essjayeff @tomatom older male birds have very stringy flesh, if castrated,this wont occur to the same level
  • taylem: Oh dear. Someone just castrated rap music. Is this for real or just really, really clever gentrification satire?
  • whyhelloryan: go follow @h0gwartss or you will be castrated
  • GilesMcK: @x0x0robinXoXo The ppl who came up w/ it, & those who do it, need to be castrated, sterilized, maybe even shot. @jswifty250 @stevendumas
  • C_CaptainHook_: @Aneil26 mmmm. Pretty sure that aint gonna fly with my babe :p you'd be castrated
  • uh_lawn_druh: RT @seraphicgoddess: If a man lays a hand on a woman violently, he deserves to have his balls castrated.
  • seraphicgoddess: If a man lays a hand on a woman violently, he deserves to have his balls castrated.
  • Luke_McFarlane: RT @Y3llowSubmarine: Getting castrated #ThingsBetterThanWakingUpEarly
  • Lilah86: I'm used to princes like Arthur. The little prince in #GameofThrones I want to see castrated! Ugh!!!
  • iamthe_walrus93: RT @Y3llowSubmarine: Getting castrated #ThingsBetterThanWakingUpEarly
  • Y3llowSubmarine: Getting castrated #ThingsBetterThanWakingUpEarly
  • PaulCooper79: @tammois @onetui @essjayeff @tomatom castrated or not?
  • Emily2797: RT @HomeRunReesy: @walkingdis4ster boys that call girls frigid deserve to be castrated
  • walkingdis4ster: RT @HomeRunReesy: @walkingdis4ster boys that call girls frigid deserve to be castrated
  • HomeRunReesy: @walkingdis4ster boys that call girls frigid deserve to be castrated
  • Godfred159: if kwao kesse calls himself abodam again,he shd be castrated- @wanlov koraa tinks he is normal
  • JoeRutter94: @BeeEsEye By the sound of your other tweet it sounded about as funny as the sound of someone being castrated
  • benjii_O8: @shaunARM well, just to establish, spoil ANYTHING and your boyf will be forced to turn straight after I've castrated you :) x
  • dnsdogtraining: @ItsMeOrTheDog before my jack russell was castrated if you stood still for to long he would wee on your leg imbarasing if someone came round
  • GinaTheMinPin: @Barney_Dog Wow, I definitely think I'm 2 dainty 4 da farm life...watchin' calves bein' castrated & huntin' skunks & stuff. Ewww......
  • LauraLorraine_: RT @JoelPoultney: the Go Compare man needs to be castrated.
  • Vince_Clyde: RT @JoelPoultney: the Go Compare man needs to be castrated.
  • Sam_AlleyOop: RT @JoelPoultney: the Go Compare man needs to be castrated.
  • Manda_ASDFGHJKL: ...So I was talking to someone about Doctor Who, and it ended up being a conversation about castrated sheep...okay then.
  • 2tricks: ma mind's castrated 4rm pointless views..I D G A F
  • Wayin_love: RT @iman_said: @Salma_Tweets @Gsquare86 no, he has to to undergo a "virginity" test first! or at least be castrated!
  • Gsquare86: RT @iman_said: @Salma_Tweets @Gsquare86 no, he has to to undergo a "virginity" test first! or at least be castrated!

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  • “Richard Reece writes about how primary care is powerless and impotent in every facet of health care, from medical school to the health insurers to the legal”
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  • “We have just taken in a rescue labrador which came from Ireland. He is a 1yr old golden lab and a really nice chap. He wasn't abused but more neglected and arrived with fox mange (although we were told these were hot spots) and we were also told”
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  • “My Baby Boy Rusty has gone to the vet's to have his bit's removed i have been so worried about him all last night thinking he would be so upset having me leave him , but guess what He didn't even bother just went off with the Nurse and never”
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