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  • Census taker visits a family living in a caravan, Netherlands 1925 The census can be contrasted with sampling in which information is obtained only from a subset of a population, sometimes as an Intercensal estimate. — “Census - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Information on the 2010 census survey including access to data by geography, comparisons, and publications. — “United States Census 2010”, 2010.census.gov
  • 16. 7618. 2010 Census: ACS and the 2010 Census. 17. 8519. GPS coordinates Death. 23. 7401. 2010 Census: Differences in counting big cities and small rural towns. 24. — “Find Answers”, ask.census2010.gov
  • The United States government conducts a census every ten years to study demographics of the population. The current census is scheduled for the year 2010 Earlier, during its preparation phase in 2009, the census drew a fair bit of criticism. — “2010 Census”,
  • The FREE 2010 Census: It's About Us program offers K-8 lessons aligned with national standards in mathematics, geography, language arts, and social studies. It's About Us is organized around four strands: About the Census, Map Literacy, Managing. — “2010 Census: For Kids”,
  • American FactFinder is your source for population, housing, economic and geographic data from Census 2000, the 1990 Decennial Census, the 1997 and 2002 Economic Censuses, the American Community Survey, and the Population Estimates Program. — “U.S. Census Bureau: American FactFinder”, factfinder.census.gov
  • Definition of census in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is census? Meaning of census as a legal term. What does census mean in law?. — “census legal definition of census. census synonyms by the”, legal-
  • e-.ph - Apply online for your birth and other civil registry documents from the National Statistics Office (Philippines) Civil Registry System. Find the Census Serbilis Center nearest me!. — “Apply for Birth and Other Civil Registry Documents Online!”, .ph
  • Census Nepal, nepal census, national population, central bureau of statistics An official census website www.census.gov.np has also been launched on the occasion. — “NATIONAL POPULATION AND HOUSING CENSUS -2011”, census.gov.np
  • The 2010 Census will provide a snapshot of who we are in Delaware; information that is key to efficient government. It is important that all Delawareans are counted. — “2010 Census in Delaware”, laware.gov
  • American Community Survey · Estimates · Projections · Housing · Income | State Median Income · Poverty · Health Insurance · International · Genealogy · Census 2000 · More. Business & Industry. Economic Census · Get Help with Your Form · Economic. — “Census Bureau Home Page”, census.gov
  • The next census will take place in 2011. This will be Anguilla's 6th full census after having previously conducted censuses in 1960, 1974, 1984, 1992 and 2001. There is a lot more to come on this website, so thank you for visiting and do stop by again. — “Anguilla Census 2011”, gov.ai
  • The Census is used to determine how more than $400 billion in federal funds are allocated On a state and local level census data is used for determining funding for everything. — “Minneapolis Census 2010 Neighborhood Toolkit”, ci.minneapolis.mn.us
  • Chart - FY 2007 Distribution of Federal Funds Based on Decennial Census Population for Top Ten Program in Maryland. Chart - FY 2007 Per-Capita Federal Funds Which are Distributed Based on Decennial Census Population, Maryland and Jurisdictions. — “Census 2010 - Home Page”, census.state.md.us
  • It is not too late to turn in your Census Questionnaire. If you did not receive a questionnaire or lost yours, please call 1-866-872-6868 or visit one of the Questionnaire Assistance Centers here in Fremont. What is the United States Census?. — “City of Fremont Official Website - Census 2010”, fremont.gov
  • Answers to frequently asked questions to the 2010 Census in Massachusetts. — “Massachusetts Census 2010: Frequently Asked Questions”, sec.state.ma.us
  • census n. An official, usually periodic enumeration of a population, often including the collection of related demographic information. — “census: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,

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  • Voto Latino Presents: Be Counted Census PSA 1 Directed by: Ross Novie Starring: Rosario Dawson, Wilmer Valderrama, Demi Lovato, Luis Guzman, Ana Ortiz, Jorge Garcia, Malverde, Graciela Beltran and Gustavo Vazquez.
  • Ocean Census Scientists searching the depths of the ocean for undiscovered marine life off the coast of Maine get help from a well-equipped robot. See All National Geographic Videos
  • Ron Paul on the Census 2010 Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. For more information visit the following sites http www.house.gov http
  • UK CENSUS 2011 This video is in support of the current campaign by the British Humanist Association (www.census- ) and we wish to acknowledge the BHA's agreement to use their graphics and references in our video.. The census data on religion produced by the 2001 census gave a wholly misleading picture of the religiosity of the UK. The BHA campaigned for an improved question on religion; however, now the same flawed question has been approved again for use in the 2011 census, our objective is to raise awareness of the importance of responding carefully, to give an accurate picture of religious afflilation in the UK. You can follow The Census Campaign on Facebook and Twitter. We are asking like-minded people to support the advertising for the Census Campaign on public transport and in public places. See For information about CENSUS 2011 campaigning in Lancashire - please see also
  • The 1940 Census - Introduction A general overview of the 1940 census as the "permanent inventory of the nation," this film emphasizes the responsibility of all citizens to participate. It review the three main parts of the census, including the population, agriculture, and housing schedules, and delves into the background of the census and the reasons behind the questions. The duties of the enumerators are also reviewed, highlighting the three major principles of accuracy, complete coverage, and confidential answers. Transcript (PDF): archives.gov The 1940 Census will be released on April 2, 2012. For more information on the 1940 census, visit www.archives.gov
  • Census Video Part 2, Clarifications PLEASE, before you tell me how "short" and "non-invasive" your Census form is, see the "long" Census form at: You may receive that form even if you have sent in the short form. Many people seem to miss the fact that there is a longer, more invasive form. Comments like "I just filled out my form and it didn't have any of the questions you mentioned" are generally withheld from posting. This video answers the most common questions and objections to the original video "The Census Is Getting Personal". Addressed in this video are the following points: 1) My position on the mistreatment of Census Workers. 2) Even more information on the "long form" that many people refuse to believe exists. 3) The Constitutionality of Title 13. 4) How the Census relates to the distribution of Federal resources. 5) Why we should protect our personal information. Because the original video attracted a huge number of shills, brownshirts, agitators, disruptors, impostors, and boiler room attacks the comments on this page are disabled. If respectful and reasonable messages are sent to me I will try and respond. This video is not expert legal advice or a paid professional service. It is layman's opinion.
  • Census Shows Slowing US Growth, Brings GOP Gains Republican-leaning states will gain at least a half dozen House seats thanks to the 2010 census, which found the nation's population growing more slowly than in past decades but still shifting to the South and West.
  • D12 - Census Bureau From DJ Kayslay's Streetsweeper Vol. 2 mixtape.
  • The US Census and the Amazing Apportionment Machine Apportionment is the process of dividing the seats in the House of Representatives among the 50 states based on the population figures collected during the decennial census. The number of seats in the House has grown with the country. Congress sets the number in law and increased the number to 435 in 1913. The Constitution set the number of representatives at 65 from 1787 until the first Census of 1790, when the it was increased to 105 members. But how does apportionment actually work? Through animation, the US Census Bureau helps explain how the apportionment formula is used to ensure equal representation for all, just like the Founding Fathers planned.
  • World Statistics Day and the Canadian Census Wednesday October 20, 20.10.2010 has been declared by the United Nations as the first World Statistics Day, (see an opportunity to celebrate the role of statistics and official statistics in the development of the world. In particular "The celebration of the World Statistics Day will acknowledge the service provided by the global statistical system at national and international level, and hope to help strengthen the awareness and trust of the public in official statistics. It serves as an advocacy tool to further support the work of statisticians across different settings, cultures, and domains." We in Canada are in a unique position in this celebration, having boasted (according to the Economist magazine) one of the pre-eminent government statistical agencies in the world. Of course certain events, including cancellation of the long form census, this past summer have cast a shadow on this celebration. This is the subject of this video.
  • David Bryan New Jersey Arts Education Census Project David Bryan en el la gala New Jersey Arts Education Census Project
  • Bachmann Warns Of Link Between Census, Japanese Internment more at June 25, 2009
  • US Census Worker Visits to get GPS & Yells At Me For Filming Him On My Porch A US Census worker came to my house today in Greenville SC to give me a piece of paper and punch in the GPS coordinates. He would have not told me about the GPS unless i asked. Then his explanation was to "matchup" the house better. I thought I was very nice to him. Then as he walked around the neighborhood i shot some video as is my right even on a public street muchless my own porch. He then came back and rang my doorbell to interrogate me on why i was taking his picture. Particularly interesting is how he yelled he worked for the Federal Government. And I was invading his privacy even though he was just at MY front porch punching in a GPS to my front door. He didnt walk away until I informed him it was MY constiutional right to film him. He wasnt happy at all. My neighbors were alarmed at his tone with me as they were walking by. They couldnt figure out why he was freaking out. This is really disturbing. It seemed as though my camera was a gun to him. Even before i came back out to film he was staring at me as soon as i walked out. He was watching me before i even filmed him. I think it was because I asked about the GPS which he wasnt going to explain.
  • Bachmann Talks Cap-and-Trade and Census Rep. Bachmann appears on the Glenn Beck show to talk about the looming economic fallout if cap-and-trade becomes law, as well and the 2010 census and American Community Survey.
  • Alex Jones Breaks Down Census Workers Using GPS
  • The Census Is Getting Personal Uninformed Census Workers who want to post "We don't ask those questions" will be omitted from comments. You have not done your homework. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND the difference between the short and long forms watch this video: "The Census Part 2, Clarifications" Many people seem to miss the fact that there is a longer, more invasive form called the "American Community Survey". It is given to 3 million people by the Census Bureau EVERY YEAR. Comments like "I just filled out my form and it didn't have any of the questions you mentioned" are generally withheld from posting. Comments will only appear after approval to keep the page civil, intelligent and relevant. If you want the straight scoop, a great online resource of all kinds information about the Census is at: Many people have requested the list below: QUESTIONS THAT THE CENSUS BUREAU REFUSED OR FAILED TO ANSWER (from Jerry Day's Matrix News Network segment: "The Census Is Getting Personal"): 1) The Constitution authorizes government to count people but it does not authorize the taking of private information or even the names of individuals. From where does the Census Bureau derive authority to demand our private information? 2) Is there any limit to the amount and type of private information that the Census bureau may demand and collect? 3) Under what Constitutional authority does the Census Bureau collect information now from 250000 people per month of every year? 4) The ...
  • The US Census (Part 1) Hi everyone! So I have had multiple requests for a video about the US Census. So I began to research to get some more specific information about the US Census and realized how detailed it really is. So this will be a multi-part series dedicated to the US Census. So this first part of the video includes a brief mini-history lesson as to how the US came to be and it gives some general guidelines about the US census. These general guidelines include: - The first federal census took place in 1790 and a new one is taken every 10 years (or every year ending in a "0") -Most of the 1890 census was destroyed in a fire, although there is still some images out there. - Different census years will give you different information. - There is a 72 year privacy law that makes it so that a census cannot be released to the public until 72 years after the census was taken. This is why the latest census that is released is the 1930 census. Enjoy and please rate and review! I always enjoy hearing from you guys!
  • Census Visits Providing Shut-Ins Once-A-Decade Chance For Human Interaction On Today Now!, 87-year-old Beverly DeAngeles gives tips for trapping a census worker in your home for as long as possible.
  • Bye bye Census, Hello Unemployment! Video commentary about the latest news including Michelle Obama's speeh at the NAACP, the NAACP's attack on the Tea Party, the unemployed workers losing Census jobs and Obama's fiscal cancer. Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning 'Racist' Elements of Tea Party End of Census, and for Many, End of Job No extension of unemployment benefits in sight for the long-term jobless 560 layoffs at West Coast's last big shipbuilder Mosaic Warns 221 of Layoffs Long Beach school board votes to lay off 357 employees Obama's debt commission warns of fiscal 'cancer'
  • Census Count will be Controlled by Obama's White House. Congress (Pelosi) will make DC a State We were warned that Chicago style politics would be brought to Washington DC, and now its there; Chicago politics 101. This is getting serious. The Democrats are after total control. They are in the process of passing this buy Democrat votes Bill (stimulus). After that they will pass the Amnesty for Democrat voting Illegal Aliens Bill. Then they will pass legislation that equates Washington DC with the States, therefore granting it one voting member of the House and two voting members of the Senate. And then finally to top it off, the White House is going to for the first time in history be in charge of the census. They will use the estimation system of counting the inner city (Democrat voting) population thereby giving them an even greater edge than they already have in the up coming Presidential election. We are in serious trouble; our country is in peril, we need to wake up. jbranstetter04 White House control over census worries Utah GOP Washington » Utah's Republican members of Congress are none too happy about a plan that would have the Census Bureau report to White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, the former head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Utah lost out on a fourth House seat after the 2000 Census by a few hundred people and argued unsuccessfully all the way to the US Supreme Court that the bureau should have counted Mormon missionaries from Utah serving abroad. That legal fight has made Utah officials wary of the 2010 Census, and news out ...
  • 2010 US Census Warning: Authorities Seizing Personal Property, Issuing Code Violations inflation.us Breaking News: George4title and VisionVictory uncover the dark side of the 2010 US Census. Federal and Local Authorities are using the census as an excuse for implementing "river sweeps"on to issue code violations and seize personal property. inflation.us George4title is Sponsored by NIA
  • Ron Paul fights Census abuse (2010, US Constitution, Federal) Sponsor: Mail-To- - 3 message from Ron Paul...illustrated same day. Text of this broadcast: house.gov Video from htttp:///details/prelinger How you can buy an advertisement on the Ridley Report: Many images from: - please donate to them at Images and/or info from and others census 2010 ron paul american community survey ridleyreport federal threats fine 5000 new hampshire survey staters fed contractors free state project door-to-door nh census workers dave ridley report privacy real id id liberty us constitution united states live free or die surveillance libertarian gps pass pass
  • Bristol Census 2011 Bill Clark, of the Office for National Statistics, talks about preparing for the 2011 census in Bristol.
  • Rahm Emanuel Makes You Fill Out The Census The Census Bureau is bringing out their biggest attack dog: Rahm. Starring Jared Bloom, Mike Winton, Marc Georges, Brendan Collins, Eric Cunningham and Zara Findlay-Shirras. Written by Eric Cunningham.
  • US Census Bureau and GPS Targeting big brother isn't just watching you he's GPS'ing you also
  • Exploring US Census Records What can you learn from a census record? Watch our video to find out how to read a 1930 US Census record and learn how this record can help you discover more on . Then search for your ancestors in census records at
  • Bachmann Rails Against Census On Beck From the June 25 edition of Fox News' Glenn Beck
  • Jedi Census According to the 2001 Census, 70509 Australians declared their religion was Jedi. Lawrence interviews one of them.
  • Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves on Celebrating World Statistics Day Dr. Robert M. Groves, Census Bureau Director, explains how statistics help synthesize the huge amount of data available in the modern world, and the Census Bureau's role as a creator of key statistical tools.
  • Census worker, resident clash our cameras were rolling when an argument between a census worker and homeowner prompts a police response. the homeowner claims the worker was intimidating... and got too aggressive. the worker showed us a ripped up census form. here's jeremy jojola with an example of how some people really don't like the census. jeremy. we can use this opportunity to show you what census workers can and can not do when they approach your home. and what should not happen if people refuse to answer the census. in this case, the cops were called. the arugment already started before our photographer showed up to the home of rooney o'brien near san mateo and lomas. she says this census worker put his foot into her door without her permission. 4:13, yes, i called the police because you threatened me i didn't threaten you your foot was in my door, sir no, no, no. if you look at where my foot was...." the worker says o'brien ripped up his census form...and then continued to argue 4:24 here's your paper... please get off my property... excuse me. please get off my property. the census worker believes he can stay. 5:08 i told you-- i asked you to get off my property-- you id i don't have to i don't have to, i have a federal right to be here. eventually the cops came and took down a report after roony called police. "sorry that the police had to get involved, so it's a waste of their time. not real happy because my name is now on the report. i just really wanted to get....i was intimated threatened ...
  • Fun With The 2010 Census! When it comes to filling out the 2010 Census, this is how I roll.
  • Undercover Census Fraud Investigation - New Jersey 2010 Census supervisors in NJ systematically encourage employees to commit payroll fraud in the 2010 Census. Song "That Day" Used with Permission Copyright 2009 Anthony Dini Music bit.ly Produced by James O'Keefe and co-produced by Christian Hartsock.
  • US Census Bureau - American Community Survey 2010 Did you know that you could be fined for not completing the American Community Survey distributed by the US Census Bureau? The government is getting too personal and using heavy-handed tactics to get people to fill it out. The government agency not only wants to know who lives in your home, but how much you earn, the amount of your mortgage or rent payment, and even what time you leave for work. For more information, visit the following website: www.census.gov ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to a YouTube viewer, I've discovered that WYFF 4 gave out misguiding information pertaining to fines for not filling out a census bureau American Community Survey form. You can only be fined up to $100 for not completing a census form, NO jail time. If you answer questions untruthfully on a census form you can be fined up to $500, still NO jail time. If you are an EMPLOYEE of the census bureau and you release information on a form then the EMPLOYEE can be fined up to $250000 and/or up to five years in prison. This link provides the details regarding fines and jail time: uscode.house.gov Look under Chapter 7 Offenses and Penalties, subchapter II, Section 221 - Other Persons Unbelievably, a church could be fined up to $10000 for answering falsely on a census form according to Section 224. Thank you to our YouTube viewer for this information :) I still think the government is going too far and invading our personal space! My mother ...
  • Write in "Taiwanese" - US Census 2010 [PSA Full Version] WATCH THE FULL LINE OF VIDEOS, LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN, AND MEET THE CAST & CREW AT Director Karen Lin Producers Slideshow Pictures - Jonathan Lee, Howard Chen, Alex Yang, Kev Yau Director of Photography Byron Werner Editor Rachel Tejada Gaffer Steven Lundgren Sound Mixer Greg Cosh Boom Operator Nora Cosh Hair & Make-Up Yuriko Bondies Production Assistants Vince Huang, Adam Wang, Jon Shen Graphics & Titles Warren Fu Sound Post Production Kent Road Productions Translations Freeman Huang Web Designer Anna Wu Special Thanks Ho Chie Tsai, Ben Ling Filmed at KCW Studios SPONSORS Taiwanese American Citizens League Taiwanese American Foundation TACL-LYF: Leading Youth Forward Taiwanese American Professionals - San Francisco Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California Taiwan Center-LA Purchase t-shirts at census2010 More information at census2010 Donate to the campaign at http For the "I Heart TW" tshirt, e-mail: [email protected]
  • Iranican Census 2010 PSA with Maz Jobrani - Zero Iranican teamed up with Maz Jobrani to create this multi-part Public Service Announcement. Look out for the next ones to come. Based on Stand-Up Comedy by Maz Jobrani Created by: Iranican ( ) Starring Maz Jobrani, Azine Davoudzadeh, Ken Muse Produced and Directed by: Borhan Oskoorouchi Director of Photography: Kayvon Emady Written By: Maz Jobrani & Borhan Oskoorouchi Logistics: Eiman Zolfaghari, Maral Behnam, Kayvon Emady Boom Operators: Soroush Rahimian, Eiman Zolfaghari Graphics: Ali John Sandossi Set: Rastegarpour Family Residence, Santa Clara University Studio Costume: Behrang Barzin, Milad Emadi, Hani Pourshahbazi, Mahvash Jafarinejad, Ahmad Reza Fattahi, Alicia Romanenka Music: Kiosk, Album Global Zoo, Song Livanha, Botriha, Galonha Sound Effects: Special Thanks: Hamed Rastegarpour, Elnaz Eilkhani, Alireza Rahimi, Niku Sharei, Bita Milanian, Parisa Defaie, Yahia Mahamdi, Craig Gower, Sahand Rastegarpour News Studio facility provided by Santa Clara University Department of Communication With the Support of: Iranians Count 2010 Census Coalition () Sponsored by San Francisco Foundation through ICCNC
  • 1889 Herman Hollerith Census Machine by TMC which became IBM 1889 Herman Hollerith Census Machine The American Government requirement of conducting a Census every ten years leads to the development of Hollerith Census Machine by Tabulating Machine Company (TMC) which later change its name to International Business Machine - IBM. Computer History Museum Tour 13 See more video Tours at TilTuli Playlist : TilTul LinksYouWantToRemember Visit http 1401 N Shoreline Blvd Mountain View, CA 94043 (650) 810-1010
  • Census I have more ridiculous mail.
  • Census That was easy :/
  • SimaaaronENw: SimaaaronENw: Ethnic Background Definition Ethnic Background List About Ethnicity Ethnicity Census Ethnic Violence http://t.co/JAL3C4JR ethnic grants
  • jurylady: jurylady: RT @suhas_patel: Now, activists slam state's BPL census: The poverty line cut-off figures submitted by the Planning Commission to... http://t.co/vAwptUye
  • MuseumofCityNY: MuseumofCityNY: New New Yorkers: The 2010 Census & the City @MuseumofCityNY Tues. 10/18 @ 7:00 pm Tix: http://t.co/KrSV3ALM
  • sonnylebythebay: sonnylebythebay: RT @slouey: Free multimedia presentations about how to mine 2010 Census data to write the stories out there. http://t.co/O9sJ7o89
  • LeoUzych: LeoUzych: According to the U.S. CENSUS BUREAU, in 2010, 46.2 million persons in the United States lived in poverty: http://t.co/UKnnUaln
  • Pourghassemi: Pourghassemi: RT @uscb_seattle: Census: Highly Educated Women Delaying Childbirth http://ow.ly/6zYzF
  • PkJackson2: PkJackson2: 49.9 million in US have no health insurance? US Census reports and we just had to have ObamaCare. NOT
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  • donflowers16: donflowers16: So who is really "poor?" Here is how the Census Bureau makes that determination. Can a family of 4 live on $27,000? http://t.co/coScknF8
  • christlog: christlog: RT @ProfHerring: Just reprinted: my classic anthropological work 'Yasser, That's My Baby: The Palestinian Census of 1991'.
  • lpstickndtattoo: lpstickndtattoo: Nearly 1 in 6 Americans in poverty, Census says http://t.co/cQVy8BSW via @sfgate
  • MadisonnBX: MadisonnBX: @lel42424 fun fact, bored in class looking at census info... your county grew the most (pop.) this past year, rising over 84% in growth. fml
  • TheBaltoGroup: TheBaltoGroup: For those who missed it... Census Shows Nation's Hispanic Population Grew Four Times Faster Than Total U.S. Population http://t.co/5lbMC6lQ
  • bucktowntiger: bucktowntiger: @Startide i have - also Chi-Pitts - but this is the first time the US Census Bureau has connected New York and Philly...
  • TAPATx: TAPATx: RT @JAAPAcom: RT @papronow: AAPA Census/Salary reports say PAs in RI, SD and MO saw the highest salary increase in 2010. #aapa #physicianassistant
  • Lohan_2608: Lohan_2608: @khutchisson001 it differs... Depending on the census... But today I had 22 pt
  • TOIMumbaiNews: TOIMumbaiNews: Now, activists slam state's BPL census http://t.co/CKSD5Ssm
  • RobertAHarris1: RobertAHarris1: Kids say :A census taker is a man who goes from house to house increasing the population.
  • German_Dida: German_Dida: @DavidTocks you dont make any difference #census
  • TweeetYourCash: TweeetYourCash: Beware the Wrong Lessons from Poverty and Income Data: The Census also revealed that median household income w... http://t.co/ghULm690
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  • DispatchVitale: DispatchVitale: Is the Columbus commute getting better or worse? Latest census estimates in tomorrow's Dispatch.
  • Senate2018: Senate2018: The Census Bureau's definition of poverty for a family of four is a threshold of $22,314 in annual income.
  • Lil_Minogly: Lil_Minogly: Next census I'm going to put minogueism as my religion. Or fsm.
  • 4As: 4As: [Meeting Minutes] 4A's Media Measurement Committee meets w/ Nielsen to talk Census, hybrid audiences (mbrs-only lnk) http://t.co/DxpJtIBG
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  • CharlesJWare: CharlesJWare: according to the 2010 Census and the book, "The Immigration Paradox: 15 Tips for Winning Immigration Cases"
  • Z_SaveThePlanet: Z_SaveThePlanet: Solar now employs more than 100,000 workers domestically, the Solar Foundation census found, a 6.8 percent gro... http://t.co/zPDt1x50
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  • bucktowntiger: bucktowntiger: The 2010 US Census has New York and Philadelphia as one giant "urban agglomeration." Philly is now a suburb of New York http://t.co/1QqTkE9H
  • JourneyHomeBook: JourneyHomeBook: Solar now employs more than 100,000 workers domestically, the Solar Foundation census found, a 6.8 percent growth fro… http://t.co/py653i0s
  • JourneyHomeBook: JourneyHomeBook: Solar now employs more than 100,000 workers domestically, the Solar Foundation census found, a 6.8 percent growth from the same time last ye
  • StrngeFruit: StrngeFruit: Our sins revealed by 2000 and 2010 census data: http://t.co/rTAatL7d
  • NativeChildren: NativeChildren: Child Poverty Reaches an All-Time High! "The United States Census Bureau released its poverty and health insurance... http://t.co/xwumk9Qe
  • NativeChildren: NativeChildren: Child Poverty Reaches an All-Time High! "The United States Census Bureau released its poverty and health... http://t.co/yxRbCnIw
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  • SXCMotherPuffin: SXCMotherPuffin: #wdytya watching this tv show gives you a reason to fill in your census Can't wait to fillMine in
  • Integrital: Integrital: @CorinaCorina Having baby birth premonition dreams is useful if you work for the Census Bureau! #fact
  • Famlyhstryalive: Famlyhstryalive: RT @mjnrootdig: The anonymous 1865 census entry. Literally. http://ht.ly/6B4LM #genealogy
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  • Colonel_Bubp: Colonel_Bubp: Still in session in Cbus and just approved Senate amdmts to HB 319, the congressional redistricting plan required by the census! 60-35!
  • Remotenews: Remotenews: Martin: Poverty invisible in GOP race - When the U.S. Census Bureau reported last week that a record number of peopl... http://t.co/3az5bEva
  • bdorcutt: bdorcutt: RT @martynchristian: #Kofax solution for Indonesian #census will process 700mn docs for worlds 4th largest population #capturetheenterprise http://t.co/fWvhLSWu
  • JAAPAcom: JAAPAcom: RT @papronow: AAPA Census/Salary reports say PAs in RI, SD and MO saw the highest salary increase in 2010. #aapa #physicianassistant
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