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  • Definition of ceremony in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ceremony. Pronunciation of ceremony. Translations of ceremony. ceremony synonyms, ceremony antonyms. Information about ceremony in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “ceremony - definition of ceremony by the Free Online”,
  • Save up to 75% on wedding supplies. Visit our site for a wide range of wedding supplies and wedding favors to make your wedding day special. Great Low Prices, Free Shipping, Quick Service, Most orders ship in 2-3 business days. Rush Service. — “Wedding Ceremony Information”,
  • Definition of ceremony from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of ceremony. Pronunciation of ceremony. Definition of the word ceremony. Origin of the word ceremony. — “ceremony - Definition of ceremony at ”,
  • Speak with your fiancé about the mood you want to create at your ceremony. Do you both want a traditional feel, or are there some popular songs that have an emotional resonance for you—perhaps a tune that didn't make the cut as your first-dance choice?. — “Wedding Ceremony Questions | Wedding Planning, Ideas”,
  • Ceremony Manufacturers & Ceremony Suppliers Directory - Find a Ceremony Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Ceremony Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Ceremony-Ceremony Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • a : prescribed procedures : usages b : observance of an established code of civility or politeness Examples of CEREMONY. There will be a ceremony honoring the town's veterans next week. — “Ceremony - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Wedding Ceremonies - Get help writing wedding vows and planning your wedding ceremony at . Get the latest on wedding ceremonies and browse through inspiring wedding vows. — “Wedding Ceremonies - Wedding Ceremony - Wedding Vows - By”,
  • Having a wedding sand ceremony? Here are some sample sand ceremony vows and a wedding officiant who has performed countless sand ceremonies in California. — “Wedding Sand Ceremony | Sand Ceremony Vows, Wedding Officiant”,
  • ceremony n. , pl. , -nies . A formal act or set of acts performed as prescribed by ritual or custom: a wedding ceremony; the Japanese tea ceremony. — “ceremony: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Sometimes, a ceremony may only be performed by a person with certain authority. Ceremonies may have a physical display or theatrical component: dance, a procession, the laying on of hands. — “Ceremony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The only comprehensive wedding manual online, have questions? get live answers by accredited certified wedding consultants, its the only place to find complete information on your wedding ceremony. — “Wedding Ceremony Information”, foreverwed1.com
  • Contains a collection of civil and Christian marriage ceremonies, wedding vows, and readings. There is a huge collection of ceremonies, texts & vows - religious and non-religious. — “”,
  • Ceremony. Pulling Teeth "Rohnert Park" LP - Out Now - B9 Store. Webstore "Still Nothing "Violence Violence" CD/LP - Deathwish, Inc. We do not have a Twitter,. — “ceremony - 2010”,
  • Ceremony definition, the formal activities conducted on some solemn or important public or state occasion: See more. — “Ceremony | Define Ceremony at ”,
  • Ceremony pictures, videos and albums that take you on an armchair tour of the world we live in. — “ceremony pictures, videos and albums”,
  • This Christian wedding ceremony guide contains a complete outline covering each of the typical elements of a Christian wedding ceremony. It is designed to help you plan and understand each aspect of your Christian wedding ceremony. — “Christian Wedding Ceremony - Complete Outline of a Christian”,
  • Listen to Wedding Ceremony Music, Classical Wedding Songs, Chamber Music, Ensembles, Wedding Songs including The Wedding Song. — “Wedding Ceremony Music, Classical Wedding Songs, Chamber”,
  • Directed by Max Winkler. With Uma Thurman, Lee Pace, Michael Angarano, Rebecca Mader. Magnolia Pictures is Master of Max Winkler's 'Ceremony'. — “Ceremony (2010) - IMDb”,
  • Wedding Ceremony accessories including flower girl baskets, ring pillows, wedding programs, unity candles and more. Quick Delivery & Discount Prices. — “Wedding Ceremony Accessories”,

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  • New Order - Ceremony (live 1984) Estoc De Pop, Barcelona, 7-7-1984 Ceremony - New Order Source... all the good 'weeding' people of NOOL. Thank you :)
  • New Order - Ceremony I shot this for my mate Robin, with my mate Tony on Super 8mm film, must be 20 years ago! I edited it entirely with a super 8 editor/splicer and sticky tape. All the transitions were done in camera. No fancy video FX then!
  • China State Visit Arrival Ceremony President Obama welcomes President Hu Jintao to the White House for a state visit in an arrival ceremony on the South Lawn. January 19, 2011.
  • Hero Con 2009 - Opening Ceremony Keynote - 02 Part 2 of 3 The second and longest part of the Opening Ceremony Keynote, where all the juicy Going Rogue info and footage is delivered.
  • Radiohead - Ceremony (New Order cover) Radiohead's cover of New Order's Ceremony during the Thumbs Down Webcast on 9 November 2007.
  • ceremony !! EARTH Marathon official website :http//www.earth-/
  • Joy Division - Ceremony ceremony joy division
  • Normandy Speech: Ceremony Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, D-Day 6/6/84 President Reagan's Address at the Ceremony Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, D-day at Point-du-Hoc - 6/6/84. For more information on the ongoing works of President Reagan's Foundation, visit us at
  • IPL 2010 Final: Awards Ceremony Watch the Chennai Super Kings lift their first IPL title
  • Moscow Olympics 1980 Closing ceremony with Misha!! Москва Олимпиада. Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες Μόσχα Final part of the closing Ceremony of the 22nd Olympiade in Moscow, Soviet Union. Misha, the most favourite mascot of all times, leaving to the air. Video restored and copyrighted by IOC.
  • BEIJING OLYMPIC GAMES OPENING CEREMONY 2008 The world watched in wonder as the glittering and astonishing curtain raiser to the 2008 games burst into the night sky of Beijing. Watch the official video of the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
  • Ceremony-Kersed Ceremony at the Gilman, 11-1-08
  • Galaxie 500 - Ceremony (live) @ club lingerie cover of Joy Division
  • Inside Gaming Award Ceremony 2010 Coverage - Best Indie Game! Click here to watch Inside Gaming Awards 2010: Winners Recap! Inside Gaming Award Ceremony 2010 Coverage - Best Indie Game! Check out IG's blog! Check out our Facebook app at Join the Respawn Army! bit.ly Click out now to visit the Inside Gaming Awards page! bit.ly Click here to watch our new zombie series, "Bite Me"! bit.ly - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: Inside Gaming IG news machinima dead pixel Kovic twitter youtube facebook yt:quality=high Sark Awards Winners Recap Viewers Choice Best Animation God War Weapon Just Cause Grappling Hook Music Score Red Dead Redemption Innovation In Game Design Reach Halo Forge Indie Game Mincraft Compelling Character John Marston Rockstar DLC Mass Effect Lair Shadowbroker Bioware Original Sound RDR Trailer Deus Ex Control Call Duty Black Ops COD Art Direction Kirbys Epic Yarn Nintendo Narrative Cinematography
  • CEREMONY @ Sound and Fury 2007 Ceremony @ Sound and Fury 2007
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony: Tea At Koken WITH SOUND Tea At Koken: A Japanese Tea Ceremony By Joy Mari Sato in the Wet Mountains of Colorado • Produced by Smokemuse • Cameras by Don Goede & Justin Kovach • A beautiful edit by Justin Kovach
  • Joy Division - Ceremony (performed by New Order) to all of you who have watched this video,especially those people out there who took their time to post some comments, thank you very much, i really appreciate it. :-)
  • Joy division - Ceremony Ceremony (vocal:Ian Curtis)
  • New Order - Ceremony [Live in Glasgow] © 2008 WMG Ceremony [Live in Glasgow]
  • Opening Ceremony Olympic Games 2004 Athens The spectacular opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Olympic Games, welcome home!
  • Ceremony by Joy Division For Ian Curtis, in remembrance...
  • Beijing Olympics drummers performance HD version Honors for this video (1) #12 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Travel & Events - Canada
  • Ceremony - Joe Satriani - Live in San Francisco Most inspired song ever
  • Commitment Ceremony - Julie Goldman Kate McKinnon The most rockin'' comedy-right-to-marry-political-music video ever!
  • Michael Palin at the India-Pakistan border ceremony - BBC Fascinating footage of a traditional ceremony that takes place on the Pakistan India border. From the BBC
  • India Pakistan Wagah Attari Border Closing Ceremony (By Sanjeev Bhaskar - The Longest Road). India-Pakistan Wagah Border Flag Lowering Ceremony. (By Sanjeev Bhaskar - The Longest Road).
  • Joe Satriani Ceremony MIG-29 Fulcrum Sagittarius Productions MIG-29 Fulcrum is one of the greatest flying machines in the world. This clip in sounds of Joe Satriani music is brought to you by Sagittarius Productions ---Disclaimer--- This video was made only for fan and non commercial purposes --- Video Is originally Copyrighted by Videoage productions in association with Wings of Russia Co. and MAPO MiG (C) 1996 Music originally written,arranged and performed by Joe Satriani; Album:Crystal Planet Track:8 Ceremony (4:53) Written by Joe Satriani. Joe Satriani: Guitars, Stuart Hamm: Bass, Jeff Campitelli: Drums and Percussion, Eric Caudieux: Programming and Editing, Elk Thunder: Percussion; Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Mike Fraser, Mix Assisted by Zac Allentuck, Assistant Engineers: Kent Matcke and Kevin Scott, Recorded at The Plant Studios and The Site, Mixed at Coast Recorders
  • New Order: Ceremony @ NYC 1981 Gnu Odour playing Ceremony live at the Ukrainian National Home in New York on November 19th 1981. This is why events unnerve me They find it all a different story Notice whom for wheels are turning Turn around and turn towards this time All she ask's the strength to hold me Then again the same old story World will travel oh so quickly Travel first and lean towards this time Oh I'll bring them down, no mercy shown Heaven knows it's got to be this time Watching her the times she cried The times she cried Too frail to wake/walk this time Oh I'll bring them down, no mercy shown Heaven knows it's got to be this time Avenues all lined with trees Picture me and then we'll start watching Watching forever Forever, watching love grow Forever, letting me know Forever. This is actually New Order's 11th concert in the United States, almost a year and a half after Ian Curtis' death... ...and yes, Gnu Odour. Huzzah for being random.
  • 20th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony The 2010 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony took place on Thursday, September 30th at Sanders Theater, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ceremony details: Winners: Other participants: How & Why to Write a Bacterial Opera: TIMECODES FOR PARTICULAR IG HIGHLIGHTS (NB: YouTube does not currently support timecodes past 60 minutes. Our apologies.) Pre-ceremony concert of depressing Russian classical music (DEBORAH HENSON-CONANT) (0:00) The ceremony begins (7:00) Parade of the audience delegations (introduced by KAREN HOPKIN) (11:00) Introduction of the Nobel Laureates and Other Personages (MARC ABRAHAMS introduces SHELDON GLASHOW, ROY GLAUBER, FRANK WILCZEK, JAMES MULLER, WILLIAM LIPSCOMB, JEROME FRIEDMAN, et al.) (17:00) Traditional Welcome Welcome Speech (23:00) Microbial concert (EVELYN EVELYN — AMANDA PALMER & JASON WEBLEY, with NEIL GAIMAN) (24:00) Return of Past Ig Nobel Prize winners( CHRISTOPHER CHABRIS, TOSHIYUKI NAKAGAKI & ATSUSHI TERO, DON FEATHERSTONE, FRANCIS FESMIRE, DAN ARIELY, KEES MOELIKER, ELENA BODNAR, DR. NAKAMATSU) (34:00) Keynote Address (RICHARD LOSICK) (46:00) Engineering Prize (50:00) Medicine Prize (52:00) The Bacterial Opera — Act 1 (MARIA FERRANTE, BEN SEARS, ROBERTA GILBERT, THOMAS MICHEL, JENNY GUTBEZAHL, BRANDEN GRIMMETT, MAESTRO DAVID STOCKTON) (54:30) Transportation Planning Prize (64:00 / 1:04:00) The Bacterial Opera — Act 2 (67:20 / 1:07:20) Physics Prize (71:00 / 1:11:00 ...
  • Joy Division - Ceremony Tribute to joy division Song: Ceremony ( Gig Version ) this is the one by joy division not the one by New order Pics of ian curtis and rest of the lads IAN CURTIS GOD !! Joy division AWESOME
  • Ceremony- New Order Marie Antoinette Short tribute to Marie Antoinette with one of my favourite songs: Ceremony by New Order. Enjoy :) I OWN NOTHING
  • Stripes (1981) - Ceremony Parade "Platoon! Just like last night, only bettaah!" One great scene from the movie Stripes.
  • Radiohead - Ceremony from live webcast Nov 9 2007 Ceremony by New Order (Joy Division) sorry for the watermark, but flip4mac is nice.
  • New Order - Ceremony (Original Version) + Lyrics The original version of "Ceremony" recorded in March 1981. (The better version, in my opinion. Hahaha.) There are subtle differences between the two versions of the songs, but I believe the differences in this version make it better than the re-recorded version. :) NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. New Order - "Ceremony" This is why events unnerve me They find it all, a different story Notice whom for wheels are turning Turn again and turn towards this time All she asks is the strength to hold me Then again the same old story Word will travel oh so quickly Travel first and lean towards this time I'll break them all, no mercy shown Heaven knows, it's got to be this time Watching her, these things she said The times she cried Too frail to wake this time I'll take them down, no mercy shown Heaven knows, it's got to be this time Avenues all lined with trees Picture me and then you start watching Watching forever, forever Watching love grow, forever Let it be known, forever
  • noonanjo: RT @petergodwin: Mugabe welcomed at Vatican beatification ceremony - reprehensible! Unmasking Mugabe's evil http://t.co/NcfIAb5 via @AddThis
  • Noa_BossBabie: RT @Saar1o1 At @Emily_ER graduation ceremony!<~~~~ YAY!!!!!
  • GLamOLAnd: @rickdees definitely set this ceremony off on the right note..LOL and he's tweeting during? #real #TeamJournalism
  • thechiefsteve: Law officers to hold ceremony Sunday: Dunn's family will receive an American flag flown over the US Capitol in h... http://bit.ly/kTdbWm
  • ladyash62: http:///3fssj3q Birthday ceremony party tips f;o;r; 1 t;o; 10 Ages kids only 1) People's Party Themes Kids - E
  • VickiDJL: @ange_walters1 so...I just realized I can't come to guild next wk. 5th grade promotion ceremony is the same night. So sad to miss it again.
  • andreaweigl: RT @beardfoundation: @ruthbourdain on #jbfa: “I just want to zest you all and smoke you right now. Absinthe smoothies for everyone after the ceremony!”
  • FoolsOnHorses: http://bit.ly/jz4geP - the report is up @rt_com! Wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in #Moscow #Russia #WWII
  • Omega_Boi: RT @queerlywedweb: Windy City Times - Civil-union ceremony with 30 couples to take place June 2 - 70 http://fb.me/XtFpSmlr
  • my3k1z: @Rachooey Reception should be 3pm or so. Ceremony is 2pm.
  • mellanoey: hey! monday = flag ceremony . go sleep! Gnight ppl:)
  • tolver: Attending the Divisional Recognition Ceremony for the Farmer School of Business at Miami University. Lots of proud parents in the stands!
  • OMDEMOFR: NY: 2011 Ellis Island Medals Of Honor Ceremony & Reception http://om.ly/BTyYg ...
  • hankedwards: At son's MBA graduation ceremony at Georgia Tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • charlieisaacs: RT @profptj note to self: iPad2 w/camera would make live tweeting of a ceremony more engaging.Next year. #2011augrad > wife made me leave it
  • anaa_17: RT @aggyaln: Best graduation ceremony ever. YEAH
  • MegEdmondson: @theallyfbaby I hope you're going to the big university ceremony as well. It was a lot of fun...even if it was early!
  • richardphillips: Yesterday I attended the Commendation Ceremony that ushered in the New Feudalism in Painting.
  • USArmy_vet: So, we cannot have #USA flag flown at #WTC ceremony because WHY? - *uck sensitivity! - Take Back America - #tpp #sgp #tlot
  • bigpeaceblog: The PLO’s Desperate Defenders: By most accounts, the Fatah-Hamas unity deal signing ceremony Wednesday was a gra... http://bit.ly/msq3Tu
  • Liddles15: I'm watching my sister's Grad ceremony online.... thats my mothers day gift to mummy... if u knew my sister and me u'd understand...
  • SoonerNews: Oklahoma commencement ceremony May 13 - Norman Transcript http:///3bmv7uz #Oklamoma #Sooners
  • CharDog1: Usher sighting at Opening Ceremony. Literally trembling.
  • PurpleMinnieS: Short day at school tomorrow, just 3 hours and 2 of them are a really sad ceremony :(
  • LordSupreme: Photo: artwork inside the vinyl version of Mexicans With Guns - Ceremony http:///xse2ftdjgn
  • profptj: note to self: iPad2 with camera would make live tweeting of a ceremony much more engaging. Next year. #2011augrad
  • pdxJapaneseGdn: If you missed the koi ceremony and activities yesterday, check out our video! More photos coming soon. http://fb.me/F51fwHBH
  • AlmaLovesVilla: @VillaLovers_ oooh.. and now? haha the ceremony is now over..
  • agfletch: @wafletch this is a Carolina ceremony right???? #tooclassy
  • ayymeer: Scholarship ceremony and then brunch for Mother's Day.
  • jewishideasorg: RT @maozisrael: LIVE VIDEO of memorial day ceremony at the Kotel: http://omy.gd/0okBd (Hebrew) @TheKotel
  • HQ_Shark2th: Arrived for Jessie's graduation ceremony. (@ Fed Ex Forum w/ 4 others) http://4/mbUJMs
  • ValleyFriends: Grand Canyon University Marks First Ceremony of Commencement Season: Grand Canyon University held its 2011 gradu... http://bit.ly/kD0nkB
  • _ArrogantMFer: @BullwinQle2 I know you are. It was nice ceremony. Winnie spoke for like 45 minutes tho lol.
  • LaBellaVita103: I'm burning up out here!! This ceremony needs to move faster!!!
  • _thabang_m: Graduation ceremony @ Church!!!!!!
  • collaboratorvic: at graduation with a hangover.... This is going to be a long ceremony.
  • billynotha: Always dislike the ceremony on this monday at my school ! that's so long for me to standing like stupid statue ! ;(
  • sarahkover: This gonzaga ceremony is reminding me of how lucky I am to be here I am now, with my college friends emerging as life friends. #youguysrock
  • MaozIsrael: LIVE VIDEO of memorial day ceremony at the Kotel: http://omy.gd/0okBd (Hebrew) @TheKotel
  • philipscheidt: Chuckling at the nerds at Tech's grad ceremony. Look down to find The Lord of the Rings in my own hands. I'm a happy hypocrit.
  • DiplomatXTina: At my friend's initiation ceremony for AKA and these things are emotional! Got me up in here crying.
  • Pussinabox: And soon the Closing ceremony. I want to take Aaron home with me ;) #fb
  • party_mattters: The #Party Channel: Epeigné-les-Bois: 8th May remembrance ceremony http://bit.ly/mdkDvJ
  • sharagrif: I'm at the TLV memorial day ceremony. I always get here 2 hours early to get a seat. This is one day I actually really feel Israeli.
  • GregSigmon: @kenanflagler graduation ceremony. Congratulations to the #classof2011 and @MGoff121 !
  • avimayer: And with the singing of #Israel's national anthem, Hatikvah -- "The Hope" -- the ceremony has come to a close. A meaningful Day to all.
  • therealalyshea: About 700 grads getting diplomas in first CLAS ceremony at UConn.UC planned for about 500 more, based on all the empty reserved seats.
  • yasly: @clarkorr @mikeroy cue awkward award ceremony laugh (infinite loop)
  • MoeAngari: At Riyadh School's graduation ceremony.
  • aggyaln: Best graduation ceremony ever. YEAH
  • philipscheidt: I find myself chuckling at the nerds at Tech's grad ceremony, then look down to find The Lord of the Rings in my own hands. I'm a happy ...
  • tweddingTips: RT @CorneliusConsta2011Wedding Ceremonies Book and Wedding Planning Book Affiliates.: Largest Wedding Ceremony B... http://bit.ly/lhA2Dx
  • BWKeefer: @shanecarley who is the key note speaker for the sis #2011AUGrad ceremony?
  • AccessPasses: RT @davePrater: Loading into @thejointlv for the 2011 @MonsterEnergy #Supercross Awards Ceremony! http://t.co/1mnkBa2
  • SatmohanV2: @EdizIbrahim88 men's tennis, gymnastics, beach volleyball, swimming and the opening ceremony.. you?
  • ichaindprasti: Almost 1am. Hai ceremony flag, can I skip it?
  • gershonbaskin: At the memorial day ceremony of combattants for peace in tel aviv, the room is much too small for the hundreds who r here.
  • LhyAdityaRizky: #Np => people of ceremony : gag jelass .
  • RoyalCeremony: RT @SayRoyalWedding: The Royal Wedding Ceremony at Westminster Abbey
  • beca_87: @fat_jenzo cos we'll be charged and no leavers ceremony apparently :(
  • KidPandaa: I slept on Mary , Alicia and Karen during some of the super quiz and most of the award ceremony.
  • yovelenlaweb: RT @TheKotel: LIVE VIDEO of memorial day ceremony at the Kotel: http://omy.gd/0okBd (Hebrew)
  • leinthalexander: Off to some honors ceremony or other. Truth be told, it'll probably be extremely boring. :/
  • eric_wheeler: Hooding ceremony in 30 minutes in the Cascade Room! (@ Atwood Memorial Center) http://4/ikKprf
  • djoy7: @NarcissistMas Well, I graduated from TCC in December. I didn't go to the ceremony tho. I start FSU in the fall.
  • Shirlee85482: Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony - What To Expect
  • MikeRocks88: City of Chicago using TAX DOLLARS to host a giant GAY & LESBIAN CIVIL UNION CEREMONY at Chicago's Millenni... http://bit.ly/jH1E8x #tcot
  • Fearlessevents3: Great way to spend Mothers Day, little Quinn was Baptized this morning! Beautiful ceremony and she was so cute! I am a proud aunt!
  • Elmaha: Aww ppl here travelled especially to attend the ceremony :) #ksu2011
  • Lenziranvideo: The hard liner Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami Hint to Ahmadinejad and warn: Speaking in a ceremony… http://goo.gl/fb/8vLHC
  • sistersofihm: Attending the Commencement Ceremony for Marywood University. LEAD ON #fb
  • IsraelRightGirl: RT @IDFspokesperson: President Shimon Peres and Chief of Staff Lt.Gen Benny Gantz to speak @ ceremony after minute's silence at 20:00
  • Roliby: Haiti - Humanitarian : Opening Ceremony of the Mission «New Horizons Haiti 2011» -
  • IsraelRightGirl: RT @IDFspokesperson: Ceremony @ Western Wall to commemorate Israel's fallen soldiers and victims of terror to begin shortly
  • dcod960: The Etiquette of Engagement and Marriage – Describing Modern Manners and Customs of Courtship and Marriage, and… http://goo.gl/fb/mUTvc
  • tominwindsor: RT @TheKotel: LIVE VIDEO of memorial day ceremony at the Kotel: http://omy.gd/0okBd (Hebrew)
  • jackieandjack: Photo: Sen. Ted Kennedy and mother at ground breaking ceremony for JFK Memorial Library Left photo: Sen.... http:///xw12ft6img
  • leqodada: Fallen Colorado Firefighters Remembered At Annual Ceremony: Source: --- Sunday, May 08, 2... http://cbsloc.al/jiAg4D
  • McConnellKM: More emotional at the SIS ceremony than my own. #notarealkogodkid
  • EllaCandie: *same [email protected] d saloon*RT @MsBevlyn: @EllaCandie Natting much,just watchn BBA eviction ceremony
  • kathryn_kubin: PERSON DOWN AT CEREMONY!!!!! #drama
  • Ragins: Even tho my mom has always been an extremely hard worker...she's never missed a recital/show/ceremony
  • jpinma: Wedding yesterday. Happy couple looked stunning. Family all there -all had a great time! Couple did a unity sand ceremony - fun to watch.
  • KY_Headhuntr: RT @tjholthaus: Naval Burial Ceremony Contains a Curse on Jews and Christians | Culture Wars Right Side News - http://goo.gl/iJe3I
  • TalSz: RT @IDFSpokesperson: Ceremony @ Western Wall to commemorate Israel's fallen soldiers and victims of terror to begin shortly
  • Lornais: Fab wedding yesterday. Big thanks to @TowcesterTea for feeding us before the ceremony. Bride was beautiful & weather miraculous #perfectday
  • brettdierker: Wouldn't be a graduation ceremony without mentioning OJ Simpson.
  • joshuacampaign: RT @thekotel: LIVE VIDEO of memorial day ceremony at the Kotel: http://omy.gd/0okBd (Hebrew)
  • jcmission111: RT @thekotel: LIVE VIDEO of memorial day ceremony at the Kotel: http://omy.gd/0okBd (Hebrew)
  • vmagzs: [yNet] Peres at Memorial Day ceremony: Not giving up on peace - http://bit.ly/kmeOGw
  • 14kristinnicole: @theartofclassy. dealski. mom doesnt want me to go to the ceremony now though:( tweet me when thats over and youre party hopping?
  • SarahForTheWin: Can we get on with this ceremony...i want to go out drinking already!!!
  • NWtoSE: RT @ABC7News: D.C. Police Week kicked off on Sunday morning with the annual Law Ride and a ceremony at the Law Enforcement Memorial. http://wj.la/m88mNq
  • Carinajoy: Graduation Ceremony!! Wow cannot believe it's today. Such a huge blessing! I feel so honored! http://img.ly/3VrJ http://img.ly/3VrL #fb
  • reglash: watching #israel #remembranceday ceremony and feel overwhelming sadness for those who lost their lives for this country... #peace
  • pofGrande: Well, got the classes done, the commencement ceremony done, and now I just need that diploma! #Graduated
  • prathitaa: Can't wait for watching 12th grade video at the graduating ceremony on june 9th <3
  • alanoudfahad: At nawafy's graduation ceremony <3

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