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  • The Internet Chess Club (ICC) is the longest running, most popular, Nowhere else can you find as many chess enthusiasts ready for a quick round of blitz, a short chat, an impromptu tournament, or simply enjoying the wealth of Chess.FM shows and live event coverage. — “Internet Chess Club”,
  • The Illinois Chess Association is the official USCF Affiliate for Illinois. It organizes major tournaments like the Illinois Open and the Illinois Class Championships and helps bring national and international tournaments to Illinois. — “Illinois Chess Association”, il-
  • Play free chess and get the best information about chess tactics and openings of the chess. Chess news, GM players info, chess tournaments, childrens and chess, chess games, and much more info about chess. — “ - Chess Tactics, Chess Games, Play Chess”,
  • Chess of all kinds. Chess Sets, Chess Pieces, Chess Computers, Chess Books, Chess DVDs, Chess Tables, other board games. — “Chess Sets from America's Largest Chess Store, Chess Pieces”,
  • - the unique free chess school online. Free chess books, games, chess software. Chess is the game for everyone!. — “Free Online Chess School - Download free chess software”,
  • Sometimes called Western Chess or International Chess to distinguish it from its predecessors and other chess variants, the current form of the game emerged in Southern Europe in the second half of the 15th century after evolving from similar, much older games of Indian origin. — “Chess - WikiPilipinas: The Hip 'n Free Philippine Encyclopedia”,
  • Place where users can download or play chess games online, interact with other players, and train with Grandmasters. — “”,
  • Free, searchable chess game database and community. — “Chess Games”,
  • Play chess online, learn new chess strategies, tactics and rules, study chess games and openings - all FREE on - the #1 online chess site!. — “Play Chess - Free Online Chess Games - ”,
  • Research, compare, and shop for Chess. Save on Chess and more at Chess by Melissa and Doug. Weve enhanced these favorite board games with nostalgic flair! Each of these heirloom-quality, solid wood games is painstakingly hand-crafted, to hang on game-room walls or. — “Find Chess at ”,
  • A chess site featuring tournaments, games and history as well as many fun stories about chess. — “Chessdom - Chess”,
  • Play free online chess, correspondence & blitz chess against international players, tournaments, teams, championships, chess database, chess forums. — “Online Chess”,
  • A chess set in the starting position. In a competitive game, a clock Chess is a board game for two players.[1] It is played on a square board, made of 64. — “Chess - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Includes the rules of chess, some fairly easy lessons, and an introduction to strategy. — “Chess is Fun”,
  • Play tons of FREE board games! Everything from the classics to the hottest new hits! Featuring online, multiplayer and downloadable games. Learn and improve your chess game at every level with Chessmaster Challenge -- your teacher, mentor, and ultimate opponent. — “Board Games on Yahoo! Games”,
  • Sometimes called Western chess or international chess to distinguish it from its predecessors and other chess variants, the current form of the game emerged in Southern Europe during the second half of the 15th century after evolving from similar, much older games of Indian and Persian origin. — “Chess”, schools-
  • Official site of FIDE, the World Chess Federation. Features news, calendar of events, handbooks, and more. — “World Chess Federation (FIDE)”,
  • Chess is a game of skill and strategy that takes a little practice and knowledge to get good at, but once you have learned the game it is a fun and relaxing pastime that you will be hooked on. If you are looking for the right chess board set this information will help you out. — “Chess”,
  • Play chess online! The premier online chess battleground - play a friendly chess game online or compete in chess tournaments, chess teams, solve chess puzzles, FREE!. — “Play Chess Online - ”,
  • Chess definition, a game played by two persons, each with 16 pieces, on a chessboard. See more. — “Chess | Define Chess at ”,
  • Information about chess in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. chess set, chess game (Group Games / Chess & Draughts) a game of skill for two players using a chessboard on which chessmen are moved. — “chess - definition of chess by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • chess n. A board game for two players, each beginning with 16 pieces of six kinds that are moved according to individual rules, with the objective. — “chess: Definition from ”,

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  • Battle Chess - Game Play This is from a non-playable demo released by Interplay in 1988.
  • K9 plays chess - Dr Who - BBC sci-fi The Doctor and K9 are engaged in a pleasant game of chess. It can't last long! This BBC clip is taken from 'The Sunmakers' and stars Tom Baker as Doctor Who.
  • Tata Steel Chess 2011 - Magnus Carlsen vs Anish Giri FACEBOOK: TWITTER: MYSPACE: This is a game from round 3 of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2011 held in Wijk aan Zee. Magnus Carlsen with the white pieces is upset by the very talented and confident 16-year-old Anish Giri in just 22 moves.
  • Chess Traps #1: Ruy Lopez Mortimer Trap This video explores the Mortimer Trap which is attributed to the player James Mortimer. This trap can be played by black in the Ruy Lopez opening. If white falls for the trap, the white player will be subject to a positional nightmare.
  • Chess Tactics: Edward Lasker - G. Thomas (London, 1912) Interesting chess game presented by Serguei Vorojtsov. Subscribe to my channel & newsletter at High resolution videos are available here --- Edward Lasker (Kempen, December 3, 1885 -- New York, March 25, 1981) was a leading American chess and Go player. He was awarded the title of International Master of chess by FIDE. Lasker was an engineer by profession, and an author. Edward Lasker published several books on American checkers, chess, and Go. He won five US Open Chess Championships (1916, 1917, 1919, 1920, 1921). His best result was his narrow 8.5--9.5 loss in a match with Frank Marshall for the US Championship in 1923. For that, Lasker was invited to participate in the legendary New York chess tournament in 1924, facing world-class masters like Alekhine, Capablanca, Rubinstein, Emanuel Lasker (a distant cousin), and Réti. --- His most famous game is probably the queen sacrifice and king hunt against Sir George Thomas. Thomas said, "That was very nice", and Lasker was touched by his sportsmanship when it was translated into German (he had yet to learn English). But in his account, he gave a position missing the white pawn on d4, so Lasker contrasted Thomas's reaction with a typical reaction that other opponents would have given, "You were lucky ..." --- He was friends with former World chess champion Emanuel Lasker. Some controversy exists as to whether they were related. Edward Lasker wrote in his memoirs of the New York 1924 ...
  • Chess Lesson: The English Opening Explores the English Opening book lines, along with possible variations.
  • Chess Lesson: Benoni Defence An opening strategy used by black to have a strong attack against white queen pawn openings. The Benoni Defence and variations have been used by the likes of Bobby Fischer and Kasparov to name a few.
  • Kosteniuk World Chess Champion Kosteniuk World Champion Video. The story of how I became the 12th Women World Chess Champion.
  • A great chess tutorial - Two knights opening www.5 Watch Igor and Gleb, the two Fide Masters explain how to play the two knights opening
  • Chess Lesson: Basic Opening Principles This must watch 5 minute lesson goes over the basic chess opening principles that any beginning chess player needs to know. See more free video lessons at
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Wizard's Chess Scene Harry,Ron, and Hermione play Wizard's Chess in the Dungeons
  • Penalty Chess- Mans worst creation? A brand new game has surfaced... An evil game! AND YES IT IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK FAKE etc.. if you want better quality, check out my other videos! Thanks to Brad for the feature! You rock Brother!!!!
  • Chess Traps #2: Sicilian Magnus Smith Trap This video explores the Magnus Smith Trap, coined after the three time Canadian Chess Champion Magnus Smith. It's a trap that white can play in the Sozin (also known as Fischer variation) of the Sicilian Defence.
  • Chess Openings: Danish Gambit One of the most aggressive openings played, the Danish Gambit focuses on sacrificing material for rapid development and a huge spacial advantage. Here we discuss the key concepts to know when playing this opening. Chess Software used in the video can be found at http and
  • Derren Brown beats 9 chess players simultaneously. This is a video cut from "Trick of The Mind" series aired in the UK. The clip here is taken directly from Season 1 -- Episode 1. This is one of my favorite segments done by Derren. It explains for the most part how he did achieve the feat, and the trick is quite clever. Don't get too hung up on the ending though; it's merely a trick. I've got all of Derren's work on my computer, and if you're interested in somehow obtaining the information, email me at [email protected] and we'll talk. Cheers
  • Chess Lesson: Alekhine Defence Exploring the Alekhine's Defence played by black in countering the king's pawn opening, one of the most common openings used by white in online and over-the-board play.
  • Aronian Loses to Kosteniuk At the Moscow 2009 World Blitz Championship, Chess Queen® Alexandra Kosteniuk beats Chess Grandmaster Levon Aronian. Sample of the DVD "Chess Blitz Fever" by Alexandra Kosteniuk.
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  • Kasparov - Simultaneous chess game Kasparov plays a simultaneous chess game.(Video with Greek subtitles)
  • The Wire - Season 1, Playing Chess D'Angelo teaches Wallace and Bodie how to play chess. Season 1 of the Wire.
  • Gary Kasparov: Making Mistakes in Chess Reflecting on his career as a chess Grandmaster and a member of Russia's political opposition, Garry Kasparov found that the same strategies used to win his game can lead to success at the office. He talks with WNYC's Leonard Lopate. You can hear the whole interview here:
  • Speed Chess Game Two top grandmasters, Maxim Dlugy and Hikaru Nakamura, battle it out in a 1-minute blitz game after the US Championship. IM Ben Finegold comments on the side.
  • Monster Chess - One Game One short game of chess with our MONSTER CHESS game More at:
  • NBA Chess The games of chess and basketball are more similar than we may think.
  • How to Play Chess : Chess Games for Beginners Beginner chess players need to learn how to attack with all of their pieces and how to safeguard their king. Find out how to take advantage of players who leave their king in the center of a chessboard with help from a chess teacher in this free video on chess games for beginners. Expert: Fritz Gaspard Bio: Fritz Gaspard has been teaching chess to children and adults for the past 12 years. Filmmaker: Steve Anthony
  • World Chess Boxing Championships - 1 of 2 Highlights of the World Chess Boxing Championships from Germany, July 2008.
  • Monster Chess A very large chess game using LEGO MINDSTORMS(R) robots for EACH piece. More at:
  • Chess Tactics #1 Posting a tactical position from a recent match of mine on FICS. I am planning on posting these types of videos when I get interesting positions from my matches. It's black to move - see if you can find the mate before I go over the answer!
  • Attacking Chess #1 - The Dutch Defence Stonewall Variation Explores a couple of attacking chess games in the the Dutch Defence Stonewall variation opening (ECO A95). The Dutch Defence in general creates a very dynamic and tactical game for both sides of the board as the position is imbalanced very early in the opening. Feel free to visit my personal chess site at for a variety of chess resources.
  • Feynman :: Rules of Chess Richard Feynman on the rational scientific method; increments and revolutions and castling.
  • Chess! Download mp3:
  • Inmates Take on Undergrads in Chess Game A group of undergraduate chess players from Princeton University took on the best chess players at a maximum security prison in Trenton, New Jersey. The 'ivies versus the inmates' competition has been going on since 2002. (Nov. 19)
  • US Chess Phenom - IM Ray Robson IM Ray Robson is an amazing 14 year old chess player from the United States of America. He already has many chess accomplishments, including being the number 1 ranked under 16 chess player in the Americas, and top 10 under 16 players in the world, not to mention his International Master designation. Just recently at the Arctic Chess Challenge 2009 he achieved his first Grandmaster norm, tying for first overall in the tournament. Visit my personal web site for a variety of free chess resources and training materials. jrobichess on Twitter
  • Chess Lesson: Scandinavian Defence A look at the book lines for the Scandinavian Defence played by black, exploring variations and also including a grandmaster game between Karpov and Larsen for illustration.
  • Chess love story Felipe Jose Ramirez composer,live orchestra. This is a raw video version of "Ballade del Cid Campeador" edited for this animation film

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  • “Delhi Chess Association- Official Blog (Affiliated to All India Chess Federation) Monday, October 11, 2010 Besides the title winning states, the emergence of Orissa is clear in chess. The tournament was smoothly and nicely”
    — Delhi Chess Association- Official Blog,

  • “posted in Janosik's Blog. 389 reads | 8 comments. Chess in the Old North State. Submitted by batgirl on Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:46pm. THE GREAT STATE of North Carolina, one of the original 13 colonies, compared to even much later developed areas, was a little slow in embracing chess”
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  • “ChessBaron Blog. The Zacharus staunton chess set. Chess design that almost seems as if Chess sets are excellent collector items that can last for several”
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  • “How to play chess and keep getting better at it”
    — Kebu Chess Blog | How to play chess and keep getting better at it,

  • “ chess discussion forum”
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  • “Up to my neck in a new project so I this is the first time I've thought about chess in a long time. Excel Academy is having their November No Frills Nationally Rated Rapid Chess Tournament at their centre in OUG this Sunday (7th November 2010)”
    — GilaChess Blog,

  • “Watch online chess games live, play chess, follow chess tournaments free and view chess results, replay expert rounds, view chess masters ranking, learn new chess strategies or buy our products to record your chess games”
    Chess Blog,

  • “So it goes with two of the city's chess stores, the Village Chess Shop and the Chess Forum, which sit just yards apart on Thompson Street in Before he opened the Chess Forum, Imad Khachan worked at the Village Chess Shop, then owned by George Frohlinde”
    — New York City Chess,

  • “Botswana Chess Federation is gearing up for its FIDE tournament in a few weeks and is issuing a call to all chess players to vie for top honors. The tournament will be held in the capitol of Gaborone from December 10th-12 that Chess Blog. Malyasian Chess Federation. Nigeria Players Forum. NotiChess”
    — The Chess Drum,

  • “Chess Right Chess Blog. October 2010. What's New for October? Several fun calendar dates There are plenty of other chess competitions and tournaments coming up”
    Chess Right Chess Shop,

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