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  • chinji is using Twitter. Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Join today to start receiving chinji's tweets. chinji. Is rusty venture ever going to make stuff that shows he's a. — “chinji (chinji) on Twitter”,
  • Download [Funny Cut] SNSD Sunny & Sungmin SJ - Dancing Wonder Boy @ Chinji Radio video on . Download videos in flv, mp4, avi formats easily on . — “Download [Funny Cut] SNSD Sunny & Sungmin SJ - Dancing Wonder”,
  • Find any location in Pakistan, Detail cities maps of Pakistan Chinji. Chishtian Mandi. Chitral. Chor. Chunian. Dadhar. Dadu. Dalbandin. Daraban. Darband. Dargai. Darkhana. Darkot Pass. Darra Pezu. Darya Khan. Dasht. Daska. Dattakhel. Daud Khel. Degh. — “Pakistan Road Maps, Maps of Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi”,
  • Paleoenvironments in the earlier Chinji Formation. appear comparable to those at locality The fossil specimens from the Chinji Formation (C), locality. — “The paleoenvironment of Sivapithecus parvada”,
  • allAfrica: African news and information for a global audience "The project has been bungled in terms of approach. As a result the two governments have failed to execute this project which should have been done a long time ago. — “: Zambia: M'chinji Railway Project Still Viable”,
  • Ramonburg's Chinji Tahi-Reme Zoe. Intermediate class. V 1 Iram Les Deux Peupliers. Varras d. Rheinaue. SG Baccara v. Kunststadt. Ramonburg's Chinji Tahi-Reme Zoe. Intermediate class. — “Show > 2009 > Europasieger Dortmund, Germany 2009-05-02”, dobermann-
  • Results tagged Chinji on Quibblo. Chinji quizzes, surveys, polls, and personality quizzes. Take a fun, free Chinji quiz!. — “Chinji Quizzes, Surveys, Polls, and Personality Quizzes on”,
  • Report on Mammalian Fossils of Chinji Formation, Dhulian, Pakistan Chinji Formation of Dhulian, Pakistan. The remains desribed in this study are all teeth. — “Report on Mammalian Fossils of Chinji Formation, Dhulian”,
  • gomcha lotang tralwar chinji-lop. namto ngowo chökur sungpa-shin. chi-yang ma-yin chiryang cho'chü sang-jé chang-sem tam chéji gekmé drup-par chinji laptu sol. — “Teachings”,
  • Chinji. Mera Watan. Home. Images. Contact. About. News. Sitemap. Search: Home. Home. Under Construction News. Website created! 18-08-2009. This website is still under please visit us later! Search. Copyright (c)2009 | Design by styleshout. — “Chinji - Mera Watan”,
  • Hanaukyô meido-tai S01E03: Hatsumeikko to manatsu no chinji. Hatsumeikko to manatsu no chinji Visit MovieWeb for Episode Guides, Photos, Reviews, Pictures, Interviews, Profiles, Recaps, Comments, Discussions, TV Spots, Commercials, Videos and Fan. — “Hanaukyô meido-tai S01E03: Hatsumeikko to manatsu no chinji”,
  • Talagang is a city of Martyrs that why we called Talagang Information Postal. Talagang City is located in Distt Chakwal Qaderpur, Chinji, Adlaka, Thoha Mehram Khan, Jhatla, Lawa, Dhurnal, Pichnand,. — “Talagang Information Portal”,
  • Zong China Cellular Telecom Company in Pakistan, Official website Address is here. Zong service in chinji chakwal (Talagang)zong is the best services provider in pakistan.we well come zong pakistan to spread their network throughout the country. NAEEAM CHINJI. Mehsum Malik says: January 11,. — “Zong China Cellular Telecom Company in Pakistan | Pakistan Speaks”,
  • yellO will be launching in other cities of Pakistan soon. You can help us by becoming a By signing up you indicate that you're over 13 years of age & have read & agree to the. — “ | News, Reviews, Events & Classified Ads in Karachi”,
  • Chinji is located in north of Khushab and south of Islamabad The Chinji National Park exhibits the biome of deserts and xeric shrublands and falls in the ecoregion of 'Baluchistan xeric woodlands' (PA1307). — “Chinji National Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Chinji Town , Salt Range Chinji Town , Khabeki Village Chinji Town , Dhurnal Chinji Town , Kufri Chinji Town , Naushehra Chinji Town , DHOKE MUSTAFA Chinji Town , ANGA Chinji Town , Uchhala Chinji Town , Sabhral, Soon Valley, Pakistan Chinji Town , MALIK GHAZANFAR ALI Chinji. — “? Chinji Town”,
  • chinji44 on Dailymotion His profile. nagao chinji. Subscribe. More info. Male, 47, Koga, Japan. Registered 5 December 2008. Offline Now. 5 fans, 0 favorites, 0 comments. Website: http:///user/chinji44. add to friends. promote chinji44. create a jukebox. create a videowall. Profile Comments (0). — “nagao chinji - chinji44 on Dailymotion”,
  • In the suid collections, I found an isolated upper canine (from a Dhok Pathan locality) that is nearly identical to the atypical Chinji canines in every respect, differing only in being strongly compressed bucco-lingually (Figure 5). Like the. — “Attribution of the Chinji Atypical "Hominoid" Canines”, palaeo-
  • View Cuthbert Chinji Jnr's (South Africa) professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Cuthbert Chinji Jnr discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry. — “Cuthbert Chinji Jnr - South Africa | LinkedIn”,
  • List of all the questions and answers posted by 'Chinji sy' on Yahoo! Answers. — “Chinji sy's Activity - Yahoo! Answers”,
  • MIOCENE (CHINJI BEDS) OF PAKISTAN AND ITS. PALAEOBIOGRAPHICAL The fi rst fossil crocodylian egg from the Upper Miocene the Chinji Formation of the Si. — “A COMPLETE CROCODYLIAN EGG FROM THE UPPER MIOCENE (CHINJI”,

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  • Chinji Talagang Chinji Town 24 kilometers from Talagang (the biggest tehsil in Chakwal) A martial area most of the peoples are Zamindar or working in Pakistan Army
  • 【UTAU連続音源配布】Love Potion / ラブポーション 【Hekine Chinji x Saki】+Ust Hekine's VCV is finally complete, and it's only 50.78MB! And this ust was really fun to make too c: I know i said her VCV was going to have both romaji aliased and hiragana otos, but i just did the romaji aliases. I'm sorry, i kept missing stuff and miss-aliasing, so yeaaah. I WILL HOWEVER LINK TO WHERE YOU CAN FIND A ROMAJI CV TO ROMAJI VCV CONVERTER! Anyway, this is also my entry for united utau's rankings! wish me luck! ; u ; EDITEDITEDIT: I FIXED UP HEKINE'S OTO AND SOME SAMPLES, DOWNLOAD THE NEWNEW BANK HURR: Yesi-chan's blod w/ romaji vcv converter! : Saki belongs to Fawkesy (I LOVE YOU BABY) ( Ust (PLEASE CREDIT ME IF YOU USE!) : Love Potion by INOSON ft Gumi x Hatsune Miku Art + Mix by me NICONICO LINK: Woot! ; u ; I actually did so much work on this lol, thank you for watching!
  • [UTAU] Just Be Friends [Hekine Chinji] PLEASE HELP SUPPORT MY GALACO CONTEST ENTRY! HELP ME REACH 1K VIEWS! I LOVE DIS SONG!!!! I've had the art for this ready since i MADE Hekine, and i've been slowly getting closer to making this. i hope you all like~ EDIT: I want to thank you all for giving me my first 1k viewed video! UTAU+Art+Ust Edit+Mixing by me Download Hekine here~ Vsq by Sango312 Originally sung by Luka Megurine Hope you like~
  • 【UTAUカバー Secret Santa】INNOCENCE【Hekine Chinji】 VSQ: Sango312 Pitchbends by me. uvu UTAU by TheSnowSongstress --- SNOW BBY THIS IS FOR YOU. I GOT YOU FOR SECRET SANTAAA --- omg three uploads in one day. I need to sit my ass down holy sh--
  • [UTAU UPDATE] Mr. Wonder [Hekine Chinji] + Act2 DL Yayyyy, her Act is up for download finally! 8D I hope you all like ;w; Her act2 includes end breaths, extra consonants (ex "k", "b", etc), clearer samples, and better pronunciation with an improved oto~ Also, her hoodie has it's own panda sound 8D Hekine by me, download her act 2 here: Art, subs, and mixing by me Originally sung by Hatsune Miku APPEND music: takamatt texture by italianaussiehottie ust by utaureizo
  • [UTAU] Mishira Romeo and Cinderella [Hekine Chinji] I just love this song....The ust was iffy, but i edited it and everything, and I honestly love how Hekine sounds... I was going to add English subs, but Subtitle Workshop didn't want to work UTAU by me, can be downloaded here~ Art by me. Also, i was asked this on DA, and so we are all clear, I DID NOT USE A BASE :C Ust by Nmasao Hope you like~
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  • 【UTAUXMMD】Hekine Chinji X Saki X Kuro Fuhyo (Act 2) - Dream Fighter [1080 HD!] Song belongs to Perfume. No copyright infringement intended! I am not making any form of profit from this. Please support the original! Hekine belongs to TheSnowSongstress Saki belongs to Fawkesy Kuro belongs to me(HiddenVeniaStudios). UST by RakuenIvy Stage by ShikaneNara Kuro's voicebank: I hope this turned out well.
  • Nakka Kahut to Chinji Chowk Landcruiser 80 series 8
  • chinji talagang
  • [VB RELEASE] Last Song [Hekine Chinji CHERISH Append] +VB HER APPEND IS FINISHED! YAY! Okay, my mic is not very good, so PLEASE use the flag in the read me. if you do, the voice will be substantially smoother and clear. Also, you can refer to Hekine as Hekine Chinji, or Hekine Tsuyoikoe, since she is married to Kaika Tsuyoikoe now. UTAU by me, download her Append here~ Art by me Ust by Umbrellaguns Originally sung by Luka Megurine Feel free to show me anything you do with her append~
  • Luddi Chinji-After winning Match(By Mudasar Riaz).3gp Luddi in Nakar Ground Chinji, after winning match from Shakeel Ahmed (Shoe Store Owner) on Eid ul Fitar 2011 2nd day...
  • 【MMD】 Bad Apple【Hekine Chinji】 OH IT WAS ACTUALLY WORKING Sai showed that everything fudged up timing wise ; u ; This is actually the vid i will be using for when i finish Hekine's Tritone VCV, and i cover bad apple with it : 'D Shady ending with Shadow Hekine looking at you lol I thought'd be nice to keep to the bad apple shadow tradition here, so i put her behind the bars ovo worked well with a lot of the camera shots in my opinion Model by AkaneAi, can be downloaded her: Motion by Walker Ghost Camera by 2Popcorn9000 Stage from ??? (I got it on nico a while ago) Arrangement by Masayoshi Minoshima Lyrics by Haruka Vocal by nomico. MME Effects: Diffusion 7 Adult Shader NCHL Shader
  • Chinji Polanco Carlos' dog Chinji. Sooo cute.
  • 【MMD NEWCOMER】 Nee 【Hekine Chinji x Gumi Extend x Aoki Lapis】 + DL OKAY WELL HEKINE GOT A NEW MODEL AND IT'S TOO AWESOME AND I HAD TO USE IT *sob* I god to honest love eeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Hekine Model by AkaneAi, get the download here: Lapis model by Saboten Gumi Model by Myth-P Motion+Camera by sm17476373 Stage from PD Dreamy theatre Music by Perfume Effects used: Diffusion7 Kirakira Rainbow Ring Falling Heart Adult Shader Hope you like~ ; u ;
  • Chinji Talagang Pass Through Talagang City
  • How the Roses glow even when there is dark, Chinji, Talagang Pakistan This video is related to family memories at Karachi, during November 2010
  • Govt Higher Scandary School Chinji Tehsil Talagang Chakwal result 2012 part 2 by ahsan
  • [MMD] Kotobatoraborato [Hekine Chinji] I had to do this dance XP It's too cute! Anywayyy, this is just a rough draft video, a WIP of what SHALL be made using Hekine's soon to be ready Cherish Append MMD Model and her singing this, instead of Miku's original vocals. awliejrl, i editted EVERYTHING on this. each little detail of the lighting, colors, lines, the effects themselves! I even re-drew and colored the butterflies ; 3 ; Motion by ogatakehikky Camera by tehkhar Cherry Blossom Stage by Yudiki Hekine belongs to me, Model by LilliaDiamond Vocals by Miku Hatsune Effects Used: Butterflies Rainbow ring Diffusion7 Key Luminous
  • 【UTAU Newcomer!】Trick and Treat【Hekine Chinji x Kyashakoe Chinji】 THIS IS THE FIXED VIDEO. I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT SONY RENDERED THE VIDEO WITHOUT THE AUDIO. And i recommend watching in HD ovo Anyway, happy late happy halloween everyone! Sandy knocked out my power, so i'm sorry i'm a few days late Kashakoe is finally all done ; u ; i hope you like her~ Download Hekine's VCV here: Download Kyashakoe's Act1 here: Art and mix by me Ust by HaruVampire, edits by me (The ust was fabulous! I just played with the timing, pitchbends, and added endbreaths) Original by Oster project ft Rin and Len Kagamine PV from Happy Late Halloween!
  • [MMD x MME x UTAU] Galaxias! [Hekine Chinji] +DLs My first mmd video.....and her model has a spaz at one part. LOL anywaaaay, omg this soooooong. I've had the parts rendered, but i was too lazy to mix Oh, and if you couldn't tell, i did those whispers in the cover. like "Let's get down," "Let's go," "Come one," and "One more time" :U UTAU Credits: Hekine by me, her act 2 can be downloaded here Ust by Misha MMD Credits: Model: Model: LilliaDiamond, can be downloaded Hair: MMDfakewings18(bangs and back) & ImmaAweshumBanana(sides) Hair Texture: MMDFakewings18 Hoodie: MonochromeAgent & MMDFakewings18 (edited by Lilia) Shirt: Shioku-990 Bracelets: MMDFakewings18 Shorts: mmdmiki Belt: Meibel Shoes: amiamy111 Motion from: Camera by . . . I honestly don't remember, and i can't find where i got it from. okay, camera not by me. Pic for background is from google MME: KiraKira Diffusion7 Key Luminous
  • chinji talagang umair -ul-hassan
  • Chinji Talagang CG 125 Deluxe King of The Road with 5 Gears, excellent look King of The Road with 5 Gears, excellent look ,The CG 125 Deluxe is the unique combination of power & style, a new addition in the company as 125 cc. The new power up 4 stroke engine gives same fuel economy as CG 125. An ideal model for youth and high income segment. Honda CG 125 Deluxe has heavy duty front absorbers and 130 mm brake drum with environment friendly non-asbestos brake shoes, Elegant contoured seat for better riding posture. Special designed bigger impressive wheels.
  • 【UTAUカバー】 Coward Montblanc 【Hekine Chinji Cherish Append】 I haven't uploaded in a while ; v ; well, i hope this is worthy as a come back! I love this song to death, and i just have been meaning to cover it for like...EVER XD I think it really suits her ouo Plus i like how i mixed and added little tweaks :D UTAU, Art, and Mix by me View art here: snow- Download Hekine's cherish append here: Vsq by CircusP, ust conversion by Rave DECO*27-Yowamushi Mont Blanc feat. GUMI, sound recording administered by The Orchard Music Also, please come support my galaco entry! I'm stuck in the 200s...again lol
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  • Govt Higher Secondary school chinji talagang chakwal result day speechs.flv Speeches subject is Parents day ////// very nice comparing by Master Safi ud Din EST teacher in GHSS Chinji.....Mobile No. 03445624732
  • [UTAU Demo] Hymn Of The Fayth [Hekine Chinji Cherish Append] Woot! I finished one of the 3 pitches that Hekine's cherish append act2 will have :3 That's right, it's a tri pitch bank :D Anyway, yes. XD This is only her C4 bank though, i'm recording C5 and G3 still ; 3 ; And i apologize that the effects make her sound a little muffly, i have making her sound less scratchy from a different effect i used ouo; Hekine Chinji (c) me Vsq by TheBasementScene, HEAVY editing by me. the lyrics were off time with the video for it, off tempo, and some of the lyrics were improperly placed too ; ___ ; Music Video in back by katethegreat19 Hekine Chibi by my Amo-nyaaaaaaaaaaa~ *goes uber desu mode*
  • [Iwakura Sakura & Hekine Chinji] Trick and Treat [UTAU] You have no idea the hell I've gone through to upload this. I'm not kidding. =n= Anyway, this is my first duet. I'm so happy~! And TheSnowSongstress is apparently my new best friend. XD Hekine Chinji belongs to her. All other information is in the video.
  • chinji talagang chinji talagang waqar -ul-Hassan
  • Adeel Chinji's Marriage- Luddi at Chaniot by Waseem Chinji.3gp Chanyoti Luddi
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  • chinji Sultan mehdi visit 2
  • [UTAU] Sky High [Hekine Chinji]+UST I tried to base the "a"s off the ones on Matt's Vsq, but they sound bad.... UTAU, Art, and Ust by me (I didn't like the other ust so much, but mine sucks more so...) Originally sung by Teto Download the Ust here~ whatever
  • azmat marriage (chinji)
  • Govt Higher secondary school chinji talagang result day funny tarana and aaqib zaman speech.flv
  • [VB RELEASE!] Senbonzakura [Hekine Chinji Cherish Append] OMFG YES HER APPEND IS DOOOOOONNNNE THIS TOOK TOO LOOOOONG ; 3 ; anyway, i decided to make it a dual pitch instead of tri pitch because what was meant to be her low set was only like 3 notes lower than the mid range, so, yeah XD Anyway, i really hope you guys like her append's new bank! i'm really happy with how it came out ; w ; Btw, i'm sorry for my sucky little mixin XD;; Ust by dawnbringerz,heavy editing by me Hekine by me, can be downloaded here: (Her icon pic isthe wrong file type, download this as "icon" ) Art (Can be seen here: snow- ) and Mix by me PV images by 一斗まる and movie by 三重の人Music & Lyrics: KuroUsa-P with guitar by Hajime English Translation by Lucy HOPE YOU ALL LIKE ; W ; CRITIQUE WOULD VERY MUCH BE LOVED ; A ;
  • ikari_chinji: 次週「ままならぬ思い」遂に登場!! #八重の桜
  • blackfellamusic: @sirjanjaweedah achana na pope. Lile chinji la juzi mambo mbaya. Lazima nili-actie
  • chinji_ikari: ハンバーグかな。手作りハンバーグ目玉焼き&とろけるチーズトッピング。
  • missx_vip: RT @Criistinaw: [Consejo de una kpoper] Come latas de comida como Chinji si te sientes forever alone.
  • ForeveerAloneee: RT @Criistinaw2013[Consejo de una kpoper] Come latas de comida como Chinji si te sientes forever alone. ):
  • Criistinaw: [Consejo de una kpoper] Come latas de comida como Chinji si te sientes forever alone.
  • chinji: adult swim changes it's schedule more often than Fox...
  • chinji: @nien_nunb I like that word, it sounds funny... diddled...
  • Nien_Nunb: @chinji who knows. maybe the 'mj is a saint' movement is over and everyone remembers he diddled kids.
  • chinji: @nien_nunb why has everyone been talking about mj today?
  • chinji: @yuusharo I haven't made it past Naruto since they moved Eureka Seven
  • chinji: of course when I need to go to bed, they show the episode featuring one of my favorite traps, Haku. #Naruto #Toonami
  • chinji: what is that, like a 24 pack abs? #Bleach #Toonami
  • chinji: damn, take steroids much? #Bleach #Toonami
  • yuusharo: @chinji She ain't dead yet ;) Hang in there, girl!
  • chinji: oh come on, I liked Hiori, but it was that attitude I liked, that we all knew would kill her. #Bleach #Toonami
  • chinji: @yuusharo you mean A-Ko and B-Ko? I love those two!
  • chinji: I should be in bed, but I'll watch Bleach because... well... #Bleach #Toonami
  • supersanico: @the_condesce SUPER HIGH LEVEL AKIHIKO/MINATO woah i like that sound of that. but i guess chinji and akuhiko??? and junpei and akihiko,,,,,,
  • Nien_Nunb: @chinji but my tauntaun died before i reached the first marker!
  • chinji: SPOILER######## look at all those Markers! it's beautiful! ########/END SPOILER
  • chinji: the next tweet carries a Dead Space 3 Spoiler Alert...
  • House_of_S: @chinji yeah ... but ... uhm .... and yeah... 35 years in March. Interesting, isn't it?
  • chinji: @house_of_S 35 years? you have a wife and kids, so no, doesn't count. and I didn't text you cause I hear from you plenty...
  • House_of_S: @chinji I got no text. Here's to 35 years!
  • chinji: @House_of_S really
  • House_of_S: @chinji ....... really?
  • chinji: here's to 30 miserable years!
  • chinji: sigh, I send out a bunch of texts and get no replies...
  • chinji: this is why I wear my 10 Reasons Kirk is better than Picard shirt (even though I disagree) just met a guy who was named after Sisko...
  • utautube: UTAU Alice 2 Alice Duet [Hekine Chinji VCV X Tonyu Tasamuki VCV] (by LetyVoice) [word:UTAU]
  • chinji: and tonight... I'll be lucky if I get even an hour tonight...
  • chinji: I think it's cause of dead space. and today is not going very well cause I barely got an hour of dead space last night...
  • chinji: yesterday was amazing; I actually felt rested when I woke up, and I was happy, which made my calls go by fast, and well...
  • chinji: @yuusharo iTunes says he's 19
  • chinji: RT @DavidBlue: I needed to clean my living room, but instead I built a living room in Minecraft. That counts, right?
  • yuusharo: @chinji Almost looks like jailbait even at 21.
  • chinji: don't know who Hunter Hayes is, but he's cute...
  • Verenaa94: Heerlijk groot rondje gelopen met chendo chinji &Marcel..
  • bakadetsu: Torrent Update : [Chinji-Fs] B Gata H Kei - 02 (BD 1920x1080 x264 FLAC TH).mp4
  • bakadetsu: Torrent Update : [Chinji - FS] To Love-Ru Trouble - Darkness OVA - 01V4 [1280x720 x264 AAC]
  • chinji: RT @Nien_Nunb: You can go nowhere but you can't go yeswhere.
  • chinji_ikari: 結構混んでる電車でベビーカーを開いとるバカがいてウザい。空いてる時ならまだしも。非常識にも程がある。死ねばいいのに。
  • ikari_chinji: RT @KIYOSAKU_no_pro: ところで日本時間の16日の夜23時〜NHK SONGSのモンパチさんの放送です‼ 詳しくはこちらから♪( ´θ`)ノ♬
  • the_xym: เยี่ยมเบย Admin : ChinJi
  • ikari_chinji: 冬だ!!雪だ!!スノボーなう☆
  • the_xym: ดูซะ เดี๋ยวตกข่าว Admin: ChinJi
  • chinji_ikari: ランチわず。オキニの居酒屋さんに行ってきたよ。今日は趣向を変えてアジのフライの定食を。^_^ 魚自慢の居酒屋さんだからまいうー。(≧∇≦)
  • chinji_ikari: RT @55_kumamon: 今日から湊町リバープレイスで開催される第3回 くまモンファン感謝デー くまもと逸品縁日 に来ているモーン!
  • chinji_ikari: RT @harukazechan: ままがキャーキャー言ってたのはこれか…(ω) RT @tera_tama @harukazechan 真っ先にはるかぜちゃんママ思い出したw→痛いニュース(ノ∀`【画像】 モスクワに出かける麻生副総理が渋すぎると話題に まるでマフィア
  • chinji: RT @OcelotBabu: [email protected] @codenameduchess What’s the over-under on @PamFromHR pushing people out of the way to suck the poison out?
  • Asiaticosforeve: aew ame demasiafo i love tee. top i love song i love vifeo i love chinji q hermosa cancionn la (@YouTube
  • ikari_chinji: いざ、スノボーへ!! だが、大渋滞(>_<) Snowscape(Dragon Ash)#NowPraying
  • chinji: dreamt of Mercersburg last night. woke up thinking about the Markers, with the Into the Wasteland track from Tron...
  • chinji: @CaseyTheVA sounds like the inquisition XD
  • chinji: 2012DA14 is moving away...
  • tall_n__skinny: hahahhaahhahahah chinji hahhahahahahahahaha (chunji)
  • tall_n__skinny: chinji dengan rochyun / rockhyun comel
  • byungboo: @leebyunghuns MORE LIKE CHINJI X SWALLOWING SHIP
  • chinji: I see 2 large piles of health and ammo and I conclude one this... I'm about to face a massive assault.
  • chinji: seriously, how does each episode of Archer manage to be better than the last?!
  • chinji: #Archer!
  • friedtopeu: "chinji is the ace" -shots a 5-
  • chinji: apparently the dlc is not currently available on the store though...
  • chinji: so the update they did today: the trophies for the new dlc. if this were any other game I'd be cussing out the developers/publishers now...
  • chinji: the dead space OST is available in the iTunes Store! tomorrow, when I hey paid, I shall have it... it's sooo good!
  • chinji: but I still don't fully understand the supply bots.
  • chinji: I've finally started getting the hang off creating new weapons... you actually don't get any, you have to build them all...
  • chinji: I'm doing pizza again tonight. it actually going to be my very first meal today; I've been too busy killing necros...
  • ikari_chinji: おめでとうございますm(_ _)m RT @KIYOSAKU_no_pro: Happy birth day to me‼
  • chinji_spark: Watchin [email protected] entertainment
  • chinji: RT @NotTube: Who has four thumbs and a homicidal psychosis? THAT guy!
  • chinji: RT @Ron_White: Even the nicest bouquet of flowers can be made sweeter if the card attached says I'm gonna slurp you like a gogurt.
  • Nien_Nunb: @chinji a zombie that can take any shape is the most dangerous zombie of all
  • chinji: RT @Nien_Nunb: @chinji but there needs to be an Odo zombie!
  • Nien_Nunb: @chinji but there needs to be an Odo zombie!
  • chinji: @nien_nunb I don't know for sure, but 3 should be the end... and I bet it'll be epic!
  • ikari_chinji: RT @takuma10feet: 感情に任せて怒ったり、反射的に本音で話す人に憧れたり軽蔑したり。色んな人の気持ちが解る人は時に傷つき、十人十色の良し悪しに一喜一憂する。真っ直ぐさと自分勝手さは紙一重。そこに気づく人は誰かの幸せばかり考えてる人が多い。たまには息抜きせなアカンよ(*´ω`*)
  • ikari_chinji: RT @Draemon_CREW:新撰組三番隊組長 斎藤一いざ、出陣!第08回2/24「ままならぬ思い」O.Aの予告動画に一瞬。ただならぬ殺気発しておりやした
  • chinji: Dear EA and the characters of Dead Space 3, what I'm standing in right now is called a "space station," not a "ship." Thanks...
  • Nien_Nunb: @chinji maybe for Dead Space 9, they'll fight zombie Deep Space 9 characters.
  • chinji: uh... I'm doing play through one on casual difficulty, and aiming for their limbs ISN'T WORKING. I've come so close to dying many times...
  • HemediKulesh: @mwanafa kk wakristo wananyonga hawa chinji
  • chinji: now back to Dead Space, which is quite terrifying already...
  • chinji: well, it's midnight, so happy 30th completely alone valentines day to me! and now you know why death is so very sweet to me...
  • chinji: Ha! I saw that coming... kudos to FX for making great TV.
  • chinji: Mother isn't the only one that misses the Cold War; I really miss it, too... I'm counting on you, Putin, to bring back the good times.

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