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  • CHIP Magazine - the best selling IT magazine in the market. It is the only local IT magazine with free CD in each issue. — “CHIP Malaysia”, .my
  • Offering Parental control tools and software that help the parent control the media in their home. The V-Chip is an electronic chip which works in conjunction with your television, VCR, or cable box. — “V-Chip”,
  • The Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) is a simple 30-day worldclass lifestyle education program where you can discover how to take charge of your health by making safe, simple, painless, and deliberate lifestyle choices. — “Coronary Health Improvement Project | CHIP Health”,
  • Check out whats New in CHIP DEC! HALO REACH. A gorgeous shooter that plays as good as it looks. Diet N Routers. With wireless G routers being phased out and N routers still on the higher side of the Rupee scale, 150 MB/s "entry N" routers are easy on the pocket and do almost the same job. — “Chip - India's Most Trusted Guide To Gadgets And Technology”,
  • The high-risk health insurance pool for the State of Illinois Letters to CHIP enrollees from Chairman of Board, Michael McRaith (Updated 7/7/2010). — “Illinois CHIP”,
  • CHIP investigators work at the intersection of information science, healthcare and biomedical discovery, advancing the state-of-the-art in functional genomics, Since 1995, CHIP researchers have worked to set the highest standards for patient autonomy and privacy. — “CHIP”,
  • Chip definition, a small, slender piece, as of wood, separated by chopping, cutting, or breaking. See more. — “Chip | Define Chip at ”,
  • Providing a better real estate buying and selling process with our free reports, local listings, and years of experience. Let Chip Glennon take care of all your real estate needs in the Kearney, Missouri area. (816) 628-6060. — “Kansas City MO Real Estate- Chip Glennon - Covering Kansas”,
  • or the Canadian Home Income Plan, we don't know jack about health insurance or health care initiatives like the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), we don't publish a magazine or have anything to do with Chip Online or. — “Chipster's delusion”,
  • CHIP Online - online services from CHIP Magazine-Indonesia, official website of CHIP Magazine-Indonesia, hardware, software, gadgets, linux, macintosh, windows, networking, news, reviews, test, forum, photo gallery, review center, classifieds ads. — “Home - CHIP Online Indonesia”,
  • Middle English chip from Old English ċipp "log, beam, small piece of wood" from Proto A damaged area of a surface where a chip has been broken off. — “chip - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of chip in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of chip. Pronunciation of chip. Translations of chip. chip synonyms, chip antonyms. Information about chip in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. poker chip, potato chip,. — “chip - definition of chip by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Navigational home for CMS information on the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), with links to the Children_ s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA), CHIP Dental Coverage, and other important topics. — “Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)”,
  • MySpace virtual community site allows users to create profiles and network, meet people, browse their friends' profiles, and make friends from all around the world. Also contains pages for music bands to share their songs and videos and. — “MySpace”,
  • Definition of chip from Webster's New World College Dictionary. to lose or be inherently subject to losing a small part or parts of itself: the plate will chip easily. — “chip - Definition of chip at ”,
  • This page describes the term chip and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is chip? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer”,
  • chip n. A small broken or cut off piece, as of wood, stone, or glass. A crack or flaw caused by the removal of a small piece. — “chip: Definition from ”,
  • chip use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with chip. chip in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. I want to use their refusal to meet our terms as a bargaining chip in future negotiations. — “chip - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • CHIP perinatal coverage, offers health services for unborn children of women who qualify. Events where you can get free help filling out the CHIP/Children's Medicaid application. Upcoming Events. Need Free Help? Search. You also can call toll-free 1-877-543-7669 (that's 1-877-KIDS-NOW) to start an. — “CHIP | Children's Medicaid”,
  • This technology is known as the "V-Chip." The V-Chip reads information encoded in the Pursuant to the Commission's rules, half of all new television models 13 inches or larger. — “FCC V-Chip Page”,
  • Chip may refer to: [edit] Food. Potato chips (Canada and USA usage), a snack food made from potatoes, also known as crisps in the UK and some other English-speaking countries Chocolate chip, small chunks of chocolate, used for making chocolate-chip cookies, among other things. — “Chip - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • How do they make Silicon Wafers and Computer Chips? This shows how computer chips are made from silicon crystal, to wafer to chips. If you like this video, you should also see the future of diamond based computer chips at
  • Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten (US Version) Music video by Natasha Bedingfield performing Unwritten. (C) 2005 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (UK) LIMITED
  • Hot Chip - One Life Stand Hot Chip - One Life Stand Astralwerks - Caroline (P) 2009 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd
  • Poker Superstars Interviews Chip Reese An interview with David "Chip" Reese, the best cash game player in the world. :} RIP, Chip. We'll miss your game.
  • NWO, ID Card and "The Chip" (Causes Cancer!) Studies show "The Chip" causes cancer! The FDA approved VeriChip's RFID implantable identification device in 2005, despite studies since 1996 showing a large percentage of lab animals developed cancerous tumors surrounding the chip. Currently the chip is being placed in children and Alzheimer's patients in the US, Brazil and Mexico. Read more at my blog - post on January 12, 2008 deals with this topic: Red Pill Reich I am a nurse who is exposing the Illuminati's use of modern medicine to poison millions in their pursuit of a New World Order. This is a clip from Zeitgeist, which you can see at:
  • How They Make potato Chips The porductionline of potato chips.
  • Donald Duck and Chip 'N' Dale - Working For Peanuts Chip 'N' Dale Don't post any stupid comments like swearing or spamming. 1m views!!! Thanks.
  • The Adventures of Chip 'n' Dale opening musical sequence from 1959
  • Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Intro The intro to the 80s cartoon Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers.
  • Chip's Story
  • Hot Chip-Keep Quiet (New Album) NEW!
  • Golf Tips & Lessons : How to Chip a Golf Ball Chipping a golf ball is done by putting the ball back in the stance and leaning forward. Chip a golf ball with tips from a master golf instructor in this free video on golf. Expert: Julio Nutt Contact: Bio: Julio Nutt played in the best tournaments of Division I college golf, including three trips to the NCAA's. He's played in the Amateur World Cup and other international tournaments around the world. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
  • Bernard Sumner, Hot Chip, and Hot City - "Didn't Know What Love Was" - Converse The video to accompany the collaborative track "Didn't Know What Love Was" by Bernard Sumner, Hot Chip and Hot City presents the artists and their music with different visual techniques, body doubles, live shadows. And an ostrich and a monkey.
  • Tv Theme Chips (Top Quality) Two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers- Ponch & Judy
  • Chip and Dale: Two Chips and a Miss HQ 1952. High quality, english version. The song intepreted by Clarice is "My Destiny" by Billy Eckstine.
  • Tiger Woods - Famous Masters Chip in Still a classic video clip. Licensed by . Please email us at [email protected] with licensing questions or problems.
  • Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Theme Song Please subscribe if you'd like me to post Episodes ^_^ Old time classic
  • Poker Chip Tricks - Tutorial 2 - The Chip Twirl A Video in the SKD1337 tutorial series. Rough and Unedited but it gets the job done, check the rest out on my page!
  • CHIP's Ponch and John assist some idiot motorcyclist
  • poker Chip Tricks - Tutorial 1 - The Shuffle Part of the SKD1337 Tutorial series. rough and un-edited but it gets the job done. Check out the rest on my page!
  • The Simpsons - Space Chips Homer rips open a bag of chips in the spaceship.
  • hot chip - crap kraft dinner (music only, no official video out yet) crap kraft dinner artist: hot chip album: coming on strong year: 2004 i like this song,
  • Nigella Feasts - Comfort Food - Choc chip muffin Simple and Lovely!!
  • chip manufacturing process 3D animation
  • Dave Chappelle about his white friend Chip Dave Chappelle talking about Police and White people. Adventures of Dave and his friend Chip
  • From sand to chip - How a CPU is made AMD shows how a CPU is made with all major steps of the process. Source: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ THERE IS NO HQ VIDEO AVAILABLE. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
  • Hot Chip - And I Was A Boy From School Hot Chip - And I Was A Boy From School EMI UK (P) 2006 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd
  • Happy Tree Friends - Chip Off the Ol' Block Episodes, games, merchandise & DVDs visit: HTF on Facebook HTF on Twitter:
  • Hot Chip - I Feel Better Music video by Hot Chip performing I Feel Better.
  • Machine Gun Kelly - "Chip Off The Block" Viral Video Download: Here the video to MGK's "Chip Off The Block" from his upcoming project, Lace Up! Check out cameo's by Travis Porter, BoB, and multi-platinum producer LT Moe, along with other crazy footage from the trip to ATL. Cleveland stand up!
  • Slipknot - Before I Forget © 2007 WMG - Purchase Volume 3 from iTunes - Slipknot - Before I Forget
  • Chip n' Dale - Chicken in the rough (HQ) 1951. Best possible quality*, given Youtube limitations, of this episode. Enjoy! *well, Youtube's compression algorithm increases the contrast, which makes the picture look darker than the original. Improving the brightness before uploading would have meant compressing twice, plus the picture would have looked old and colors would have been less vivid. That technique was used in another version that was uploaded on youtube, maybe you'll prefer that. The point of this upload was to show the video in the best possible quality - with minimal alteration.
  • Golf Instruction & Swing Tip - How To Chip the Ball This is a video segment taken from the Tees2 Virtual Golf Pro featuring Stuart Smith as he discusses how to hit the perfect chipshot. www.tee2
  • Donald Duck and Chip and Dale - All in a nutshell episode Funny funny.. delicious big nutshell ;)) enjoy. Please rate and comment.
  • Nigella Lawson...Totally Chocolate Chip Cookies... These are indeed totally chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, probably the very best chocolate cookies in the world?
  • When the chips are down pokerchips
  • poker Chip Tricks - Tutorial 3 - The Thumb Flip A Video in the SKD1337 tutorial series. Rough and Unedited but it gets the job done, check the rest out on my page!
  • Chip tha ripper- Feel Good Chip tha ripper - The Cleveland Show - Feel Good - Download at
  • Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor Music video by Hot Chip performing Ready For The Floor.
  • Golf Lesson: How to Chip in Golf Karen Tucker, Teaching Professional at Tustin Ranch, shows how to chip in golfing.
  • ganwuiliem: @syahirahsj =) Oh yeah Syah, iPhone 4S is gonna be released in September. Rumours at least. 8mp camera, faster chip. Same screen size though
  • MollieisOKinUK: Really, there are tons, just tons of disappointed people globally. They didn't get what they wanted...lets all chip in for a sympathy card.
  • CDJLAW: RT @chipesajian: “You’re going nowhere new, if you do nothing different” – Chip Esajian #quote
  • herbert3rd: How to Win One Step at a Time: Chip Sawicki, 'The Gift of Success and Happiness' | Getting Ahead | Express Night Out
  • grahamneedham: @MuteUK Moshi=1st 2 Hot Chip 7"s.R&S=James Blake colour 12".XL=Prodigy acetate. Where were the Depeche Mode signed/acetates/promos? ;-) #ilm
  • StopDemiLHate10: have you ever made a wish on a chip shaped like a taco? — not recently.
  • Jimmypugh33: @brucemillington Not off the top of my head but there is a cracking chip shop on the corner that do great battered sausages. #immense
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  • Clounie: Already ate 3 scoop Haagen Dazs and like to add more choco chip ... Yummy ~~ @ Park Royal Chatz Restaurant
  • jrandrews79: Chip was txting & driving the golf cart!
  • LesCroft442: @RadioWDON good luck and hope you're enjoying your chip muffins.
  • AndersonO_: RT @_TheTerminator_: @AndersonO_ There is another chip. And it must be destroyed also.
  • Plaify: RT @OfficialJaden: Cheetos be My Choice Of Chip #BAK
  • DaniGrimes7511: Yes chocolate chip cookie. I will eat you. Don't worry, I'll eat you friend oatmeal raisin too. Lets have a party.
  • thetowntalker: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Average Betty: Add baking soda, salt and cinnamon. Add vanilla and...
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  • VinceLeedy: When you begin your online stock trading career, I suggest sticking to blue chip stocks and working with a full ...
  • KidPoker2011: . I am almost at a FT. Chip leader right now. I am PokerKid2011
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  • GeorginaJLS: I swear the woman in the fish & chip shop just went 'bye Georgina...' How the hell does she know my name?! :|
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  • WorldGenesis: o_o Eating a nice stack of Chocolate chip pancakes, drinking OJ, and eating buttered toast, yum :D the breakfast of WG!
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  • LemonFancy: RT @bedevilishh: Still time to win a £250 Holiday Voucher and luxury hamper with DeviliShh and Blue Chip Holidays here!
  • John_Gillis: Just confessed my love for chocolate chip muffins on live national television.
  • Lynns_Life: Getting ready to bake. Banana Choc Chip Loaf, Orange Cranberry Mango Loaf & Oatmeal PB Choc Chip Cookies.
  • RunnyTheBabbit: @tosh_man_69er d'awwwwhhh poor you! Chip paedo.
  • notalkingg: Eating a chocolate chip bagel....
  • philipnolan: @Castletonian @HaloCafe I'll have a chip butty with mayo, a four-egg omelette and full-fat Coke. Hardly matters anymore, does it...? :-)
  • HayleyJelley: @Hollie_Avil are you racing tomorrow? My daughter races st loughborough tomorrow. 1st chip timed event...she is excited
  • This_is_JDOG: @Spludge237 Agree. Hey @Sir_Fancy Brisbane won. Give me my chip, b!tch! Sorry, it's been a while since I won anything #mancvavebookie
  • anettekreipke: Chocolate chip pancakes and hamburgers on the menu for today. 150 or so of each should feed my "family".
  • vakerrie: RT @onkaki mint chip, the best flavour for ice cream.
  • _HeyyYou: Making chocolate chip pancakesssss 
  • FelineNetwork: Please share - June is national Microchipping month and Feline Network will chip your animal for a special price...
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  • EarlieKammerzel: This boy is dumb!!! Lmfaooo "let's get this milk bath goin, cuz you my little chocolate chip cookie." This what I live with!!
  • evilsnoofy: @bajopants I just had 10pm chip and dip.
  • concair: No Chocolate chip bagels or apple strudels. Everyone will have to like what I got @ Einstein Brothers Bagels
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  • sweetyaby: Pepsi, Kraft stocks offer temporary safe haven Market Extra ...: Shares of blue-chip consumer staples could shel...
  • mohit700: Microsoft, Intel at odds over Windows 8 - International Business Times: International Business TimesMicrosoft, I...
  • varshashoray: Pepsi, Kraft stocks offer temporary safe haven Market Extra ...: Shares of blue-chip consumer staples could shel...
  • Hussle24Seven: RT @chipesajian: “You’re going nowhere new, if you do nothing different” – Chip Esajian #quote: RT @chipesajian:...
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  • VIAmkt: VIA Launches New Low Power QuadCore, Nano CPU connects two dual-core Nano cores in an MCM (multi-chip module).
  • rodbramos: RT @chipesajian: “You’re going nowhere new, if you do nothing different” – Chip Esajian #quote
  • keentoes: #myraptureplaylist made in the dark by hot chip #nowplaying
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  • yummy_shoulaziz: Press to Title to see the content إضغط على العنوان لمشاهدة المحتوى
  • Grandma_Juice: Barnes and Noble will be arresting my husband soon... anyone want to chip in for bail money? http:///
  • May_Adamthwaite: RT @EmmaMunkJM: RT @SazCMJM: @EmmaMunkJM imagine chip got your pin off that & added youu :P « LOOOOL omg :o
  • chipesajian: Changing You! by Chip Esajian
  • LeVeL_13: RT @chipesajian: “You’re going nowhere new, if you do nothing different” – Chip Esajian #quote
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  • IngridAnderson2: Indianapolis 500 - Drivers' “Fast Friday” Post Practice Quotes: “Novo Nordisk Chip Ganassi Racing had a good day...
  • tomshaputra: need chip mann....
  • douglasrmac: @MsNoetiCat there's supposed to be 2 and one of them will have a quad core tegra3 chip that's 5x faster than the Tegra2
  • pcauthority: @Microsoft, Intel at odds over @Windows 8 - @ibtimesnews : http:///43qsj3j
  • OnlinCasin: World poker rankings, poker chip prices: Tbs poker! crown casino melbourne aussie millions: casino ho
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  • truth_blogger: New post: Sugar-Free Recipes: Potato Chip Chicken | Submitted By: Larry
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  • chipesajian: “You’re going nowhere new, if you do nothing different” – Chip Esajian #quote

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